The R.M.S.S. Doric - London & Plymouth to New Zealand 1886.

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"R.M.S.S. Doric"

Reference online:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. Images online. NZ National Library. 

During 1886 the Otago Witness, a weekly newspaper, was published on Saturday's until April 24 when the  publishing day became Friday.  Index (opens in new window)

Otago Witness Shipping News 11 June 1886 page 12

Arrived Port Chalmers 3 June 1886
, s.s., 4741 tons, Jennings, from Plymouth, via Teneriffe, Capetown and Hobart. NM and A. Company, agents
s.s. Doric from London on 22 April and from Plymouth on 24 April [1886]

Doric, s.s., 4741 tons, Jennings, from Plymouth, via Teneriffe, Capetown and Hobart. NM and A. Company, agents

Passengers: Saloon, for Otago - 
Haycraft 	Mr WJ
Hogg 		Mr J

Second saloon:
Grimes 		Mr
Norton 		Mr

For Lyttelton, saloon - 
Lucas 		Mrs WS

For Wellington, saloon - 
Middleton 	Mr and Mrs and child (there is a Master Middleton in the London list)
Second saloon - 
Gambriel 	Misses (3) (maybe belongs in the London list)

For Auckland, saloon- 
Boyes 		Captain R.N.
Pearson 	Mr
Second saloon- 
Ashcroft 	Mr and Mrs and three children
Cousens 	Mr and Mrs and six children
Craven 		Miss
Ledger 		Mr and Mrs and child
Lodger 		Mr
Parker 		Mr
Webb 		Mr
130 third class, and 110 immigrants for all ports

The Plymouth list is transcribed above but with the exception of the following, all passengers listed from Plymouth are included in the London sailing list.
Saloon :
Hogg Mr J
Middleton Mr and Mrs and child but there is a Master Middleton in the London list
Savage Mrs
Gambriell Misses (3)
In the London list there are a Miss J Gambrill, Mrs E Gambrill and family (9) and I suspect these three belong there!

First Saloon

Amp? 		Mr
Boyes 		Capt G (R N )
Dezoete 	Mr R
Hamilton 	Mr J J
Haycraft 	Mr W J
Latham 		Miss
Lucas 		Mrs W S 
Mayhew 		Mr Percival S
Middleton 	Master James
Middleton 	Mr and Mrs J W
Pearson 	Mr John E
Selmes 		Mr J H
Singer 		Mr P E
Stowell 	Sir W
Stowell 	Miss
Thomson 	Colonel J C

Second Saloon
Armishaw 	Mr Arthur
Ashcroft 	Mr and Mrs Henry and family (3)
Brown 		Sergeant
Chamberlain 	Mr
Clout 		Mr R V
Cousins 	Mr and Mrs and family(6)
Craven 		Miss Alice
Grimes 		Mr
Hartmann 	Mr C L
Ledger 		Mr B
Ledger 		Mr and Mrs C M
Ledger 		Miss M
Norton 		Mr H
Parker 		Mr E
Pywill 		Mr and Mrs A W
Savage 		Mrs
Waters 		Miss
Watson 		Mr F E
Webb 		Mr
Woodman 	Mr and Mrs G S and family(6)

Third Class

Adams 		Mr J
Allen 		Miss Agnes
Allen 		Mr and Mrs R
Allrecht Mr and Mrs G and sons (2)
Aldis 		Mr A
Aldis 		Mr E
Anderson 	Mr J
Anderson 	Mr T

Baker 		Mr G
Bell 		Mr D
Blamey 		Mr J C
Broadhurst 	Mr G 
Broadhurst 	Mr J
Broadhurst 	Mr Jas
Bruce 		Miss M
Bryan 		Mr P
Burke 		Mr T
Burn 		Mr J
Burns 		Mr J F
Busham 		Mr H
Cashman 	Mr P
Charlesworth 	Mr D
Clarke 		Mr J
Clarke 		Mr J [there are two]
Clancy 		Mr R
Clay 		Mr and Mrs John
Clee 		Mr J
Cocker 	Mr and Mrs J and family (3)
Conville 	Mr J
Crichton 	Mr A
Crofts 		Mr H
Croft 	Mr and Mrs J and family(4)

Desmond 	Miss A
Desmond 	Miss M
Desmond 	Miss N
Doig 		Mr J
Dumster 	Miss M
Dunball 	Mr R
?belein 	Mr R
Erikson 	Mr L
Erwin 		Mr A
Evans 		Mr J
Evans 		Mr W
Evans 		Mr W [there are two]

Fee 		Mr W S
Gallivan 	Mr J
Gambrill 	Mrs E
and family (9)
Gambrill 	Miss J
Gillhooly 	Mr M
Gilman 		Mr M
Gore 		Mr F W
Gore 		Mr T
Gore 		Mr W
Green 		Mr and Mrs J H
Green 		Miss L
Greenwood 	Mr W
Grove 		Mr E

Hansman 	Mr C
Harper 		Mr J
Haslam 		Mr T
Hinton 		Mr H
Hudner 		Mr R
Hunt 		Mr B W

Israng 		Mr C
Jackson 	Mr A
Johanson 	Mr A
Jonsson 	Mr C

Kemp 		Mr J

Matheson 	Mr G A
Matthews 	Mr and Mrs H
M'Aughen 	Mr W
Aughen 		Mr J
[Appears immediately after M'Aughen]
McCammon 	Mr T
McLean 		Mr D M
Maynard 	Mr and Mrs J
Milton 		Mr G R
Milverton 	Mr and Mrs W S
and family (6)
Morrison 	Mr A
Murdock 	Mr W

Nelson 		Mr
Ness 		Mr J
Newell 		Mr J
Nicol 		Mr M
Niehans 	Mr H
Niehans 	Mr J
North 		Mr and Mrs G
North 		Miss S
North 		Master W
O'Donnell 	Mr J
Over 		Mr G

Patrick 	Mr J
Paul 		Mr A W
Pengelly 	Mrs
Poole 		Miss A
Posner 		Mr C
Potter 		Mr A

Reeve 		Mr C
Renton 		Mr D 
Rushen 		Mr and Mrs T
Ryle 		Miss C

Savage 		Master G
Savage 		Mr H
Shannon 	Mr A 
Shea 		Mr P
Sidwell 	Mr T
Sidwell 	Mr and Mrs W
Smellie 	Mr R
Smellie 	Mr W
Smith 		Mr H
Smith 		Mr J
Snelling 	Mr J
Squire 		Mr C A
Sydenham 	Mr and Mrs J
and family (4)
Taylor 		Miss B
Taylor 		Mr J
Taylor 		Mr J [there are two]
Thompson 	Mr R
Thompson 	Mr G
Torrington	Mr and Mrs J
Torrington 	Master J
Tranter 	Mr J
Trenham 	Mrs H

Ward 		Mr A
Waters 		Mrs B
and family (3)
Whale 		Mr and Mrs S H
Whearly 	Mr P
Wiggins 	Mr E
Willis 		Miss T
Wilson 		Mr R
Woodcock 	Mr J
Wren 		Mr J

And about 150 emigrants

Otago Witness June 18 1886.
Departures. June 11 - Doric, s.s., 4474 tons, Jennings, for London via Lyttelton and Wellington. NM and A Co., agents

The Star
20 June 1886
Arrived June 20 - Doric, s.s. from Napier. Dalgety and Co. agents.

The Star Saturday 26 June  and 28th June1886, page 2
Lyttelton - Cleared. The Doric left the wharf this morning and anchored in the stream, she is to leave about three o'clock for London. She takes a large cargo of produce, and a number of passengers, about seventy of all classes. Yesterday three ocean-going steamers were in port - the Doric, Kaikoura and Tongariro, representing a tonnage of 13,381 tons.
June 26 - Doric, s.s., 3070 tons, Jennings, for London. Dalgety and Co., agents.
Passengers -

Allan 		Mr
Bird 		Mr
Cameron 	Mr
Ford 		Mr
Haycroft 	Mr
Raphael 	Mrs
Redfern 	Mr
Ward 		Mrs
Ward 		Miss

Second Saloon:
Buchanan	Mrs
Buchanan 	Misses (2)
Buchanan 	Masters (2)
Cairns 		Mrs
Griffiths 	Mr
Knight 		Mr
Martin 		Miss
Munroe 		Mr
Potter 		Mr
Strong		Miss
Tillotson 	Miss
Williams 	Captain
Anderson 	Mr
Bemrose 	Mr
Blenary 	Mr (2)
Cooper 		Mrs
Dalgelish 	Mr
Eatons 		Master
Elkins		Mr
Gilton 		Mr
Hayward 	Mr
James 		Mr
Javis 		Mr
Kruger 		Mr
Lindesay 	Mr and Mrs
Lindesay 	Masters (3)
Lindesay 	Miss
Lovell 		Mrs
Lovell 		Miss
Lovell		Mr (2)
McClennan	Mr
McLean 		Mrs
McManus 	Mr
Mackenzie 	Mr
Malkin 		Mr
Mitchell 	Miss
Maynard 	Mr
Mee		Miss
Messenger 	Mr
Renshaw 	Mr and Mrs
Renshaw 	Misses (2)
Renshaw 	Master
Rodgers 	Mr
Russell 	Mr
Sudell 		Mr
Swanson 	Mr
Warren 		Mr
Whalin 		Mr
Wilton 		Mr
For Rio:
Reany 		Mr

The SS Doric, 4,784 gross tons, was built 1863 by Harland and Wolff, Belfast for White Star Line. Purchased by Shaw Savill & Albion. Sold to Pacific Line, 1906 and renamed Asia. Wrecked April 23 1911 on Firapn? Rock, Taichow Island. 

There has been a lot of phonetic spelling on the part of the shipping clerk!