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Trafalgar Cemetery (1851 -1910) aka Fairfield Park, top of Trafalgar St., Nelson - N.Z.

Fairfield has been designed as a park where the living mingle with the dead. It is actually a park with paved walkways, a cycle route and a playground. In the actual flower beds are the old headstones, not many, under 40 headstones remaining. Beautiful notable trees and a stream, very much alive, are there amongst the dead. It is a garden cemetery a beautiful place to enjoy the outdoors. It is a serious beautiful place, an inviting place where you can stroll, cycle, picnic and feed the ducks.  During daylight hours there are more living people there than dead ones. It is good to see the cemetery being used as a park, and it is not crowded, it is peaceful. Explore the headstones. There is an information board detailing a few of the headstones clearly visible in the flower beds. There will be many unmarked graves.  The Nelson Cemeteries database lists 242 burials at Fairfield, see keyword, but there is only 35 headstones visible and they have included the headstone inscriptions in the database e.g. Hodgens. Some additional details below in UPPER CASE comes from the city council database. This cemetery has previously been photographed with images online at Find a grave. The city of Nelson has other historic graveyards. Photos taken 30th Dec. 2014 by OW.


Here there is room to breathe and think.
Here there is space for souls to grow,
And life may run as pleasantly
As Maitai's waters flow.
by Rev. David Wright McKee 

The Earlier Settlers database   The Nelson Cemeteries Database

Trafalgar Cemetery - aka Fairfield Park on the corner of Brougham St and Trafalgar St. South (aka Upper Trafalgar St.), Nelson where the gardens are punctured with headstones. Images online. The headstones are under the trees and in the flower gardens and buried under ground by about six inches. Many have fallen flat and buried over time. They are still there, just out of sight. I counted 35 headstones when I walked through in December 2014.  Memorials. The name 'Fairfield' was given to the park in 1963 at the suggestion of the Nelson Historical Society because of the close proximity of Fairfield House [1873], the early home of the Arthur Atkinson family. Fairfield House is open to the public and tree-top views from the reconstructed observatory tower are well worth the climb. The parcel of land that became Fairfield Park was marked as Reserve D on the 1842 Plan of the Town of Nelson by chief surveyor Frederick Tuckett. The six acre reserve was set aside for Military Stations; for barracks and a parade ground. In late 1851 it was decided Reserve D would be more suitable for a cemetery than Hallowell (Reserve B, Shelburne St. access today). A separate area of Reserve D, under control of a group of trustees, were set aside for Roman Catholic burials, Church of England burials and a "general public cemetery for the burial of all persons of all classes and denominations without the imposition of any sectarian creed". After the Wakapuka Cemetery was opened in 1861 burials of close relatives were still permitted but the Trafalgar cemetery was completely closed on January 1, 1910 and the land vested in the City Council.

The Shasta daisy blooming in the park in December, summer time, will bloom for four months.

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Nelson has many fine walks and protected trees. The Melrose House [1878] gardens, across the street from Fairfield Park are open daily for free use by the public as the property is own by the city council, a place to go for a Devonshire tea and view a Californian Redwood, Camphor Tree (heritage tree), Moreton Bay Fig, Lawson Cypress, Totara, Evergreen Magnolia and Common Lime, see garden walk map. The Queen's Gardens has 17 heritage trees and Church Hill [Trafalgar Sq in 1842 map] has 10 heritage trees, where the cathedral is situated, are all nearby.  In 1841 when swamp still covered much of the surrounding lowland, surveyors had deemed the hill , Church Hill, to be the centre of Nelson.  Isel Park, Stonger St., Stoke contains many remarkable trees. Japanese cherry trees at the Miyazu Garden flower in spring. Heritage trees means best in the district. The NZ tree register. Fairfield Park has five heritage trees:
Sequoia sempervirens Californian Redwood - group 3
Eucalyptus obliqua Messmate Stringybark
Quercus palustris Pin Oak - group 4
Sinngle Quercus robur English Oak -single
Sequoia sempervirens “pendula” Weeping Redwood

There is room at the top, but there are shade and rest at the bottom.

Who is buried here?

Of the over 230 listed in burial records for the Trafalgar Cemetery, that later became Fairfield Park, less than half are recorded on the remaining legible headstones. Full burial lists of all Nelson cemeteries are found on Council's website. A map with names against existing stones is available from the Nelson City Council Customer Services Centre, 110 Trafalgar St. on request. In the archived City Council records an engineering field book #10 was drawn up in October 1933 before the cemetery was made into a park, showing original positions of existing headstones at that time. By 1983, when another survey was done, 22 headstones originally listed were no longer there or legible. Because it is the responsibility of relatives of the deceased to maintain headstones, rather than the City Council, some have been refurbished, relatives have been added to existing stones at later dates, family milestones have been recorded and new memorials have been installed. Names recorded below are found on existing headstones. However bodies might not be buried here as burials ceased in 1910.

James Palmer Black 1807 -1889 and his wife Joan 1811 - 1861 arrived by ship Eden 1850. Fairfield Park, Nelson. A lovely park bench is on top of grave.



Dorothie Kathleen BELLINGHAM
1896- 1980
How lovely are thy dwellings.
E. Miller, mason. 

headstone was in quite a shady area - actually most of them were

A lovely place.


Arthur William Scaife d. Oct. 16 1880 

Samuel Stephens - a Quaker, arrived in 1841 as first assistant to the chief surveyor. He was a MHR at the time of his death.
Samuel Stephens born 1803. His gravestone is now illegible, but contained the following:
Sacred to the memor of Samuel Stephens Esq., who died at Nelson, N.Z. 26th June 1855. He was one of the first Englis settlers and ever took the warmest interest in the progress of colony. This tomb is erected in affectionate remembrance by his widow. Requiescat in Pace."  





Some of the more informal memorials added to the Park more recently include the Gazebo in memory of Myrtle Newman, donated by her husband Sir Jack Newman. The Newman family were well known in Nelson for founding the transport, tourism and freight business Newman Brothers. A drinking fountain with a mosaic surround commemorates Nelsonians Mick and Jocelyn Allison.


Daniel Moore, was single, 26, a steerage passenger on the Martha Ridgway when she arrived 7 April 1942.
Helen Alexander, was single, 17, when she arrived on the Sir Charles Forbes 22 August 1842

In memory of pioneers Daniel Moore and his wife Helen ALEXANDER who arrived in Nelson April 7th 1842. It is under a tree. They married in 1845.

In sacred to the memory of Charlotte the beloved wife of Henry ADAMS died June 16 1865


Sacred to the memory of Chas. John BARTLETT late of Bristol died March 22nd 1860 aged 37 years. [DRAPER IN TRAFALGAR STREET]
In the midst of life we are in death: of whom may we seek for succour, but of thee, O LORD. The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.


To the memory of Alziers wife of William Gordon BELL died 12 /12/1854
also William Gordon BELL born at Heathall, Dumferies Scotland on Sept 29th 1781
Died Bellview, Nelson 19/4/1864

To the memory of Alziers, born Carriacou, West Indies 1776, wife of William Gordon BELL died 12 /12/1851
also William Gordon BELL born at Heathall, Dumfries Scotland on Sept 29th 1784
and infant daughter

Sacred to the memory of Thomas BLICK who died November 28 1860 aged 58 years
also his wife Hannah who died December 21 1871 aged 78 years.
Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Matt. XL28

In memory of the beloved children of George & Harriet BLICK
Sarah Jane died March 26 1851 a years
James died June 9 1861 6 years
Charles died April 18 1866 aged 5 days
James died Sept. 27 1879 aged 9 years
also George BLICK died May 10 1891 aged 68 years. At rest.
also of Harriet BLICK wife of the above
died 3 March 1899aged 73 years.
her end was peace.
[The mason's name is in the far right lower corner ?Clutten]

Dec. 2014

In this cemetery are buried William Stewart CHILDS, who was drowned 6th May 1862 at Wakapuaka pa, and his infant daughter Agnes Letitia Childs, who in 1861, aged 3, of diphtheria. William "Bill" Childs was the master of the ship "Grace Darling." A slate gravestone.

Otago Daily Times 20 June 1862, Page 6
Colonist 6 June 1862, Page 2
A sad accident has just occurred here. During a rough night last week, a small cutter, the cargo boat Seagull, broke her moorings and drifted out of the harbor. The next morning, two men named W. Childs and O. Crowhurst, started in a small boat, and it now appears that after securing the cutter, they must have been capsized in a squall and drowned, for both their bodies were found on the beach of Wakapuaka. Childs for some time was late master of the cutter Grace Darling, he belonged to Southend in Essex. Both men will be known to many travellers on the coast as the watermen that generally landed passengers from the steamers when outside the harbor. Mr Charles William Crowhurst we believe formerly belonged to Gravesend.

Sacred to the memory of Wm. S. Childs died May 29th 1862 aged 31 years also Agnes Letitia, daughter, died 18 July 1861 aged 3 years and 3 months. Mother Agnes. Now unreadable. A new stone was erected since 1983.

Jane Ching 1855
Jane (Harris) Ching
From Cornwall to Nelson by the ship Lloyds 1842
First wife of Richard of Stoke
Mother of John Harris; William; James; Charles and Henry
150th Ching Reunion 1992


In memory of
Thomas Rollison 1822 -1858
Margaret Dallas 1813-1858
drowned at Awaroa
Thomas Greig 1810 -1878
Isabella Greig 1808 - 1873
From Edinburgh August 8, 1855

'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 27 October 1858, Page 2 It appears that on Friday afternoon, the deceased and his sister, accompanied by a man in their employment named Trelawney, left the shore at Awaroa in a boat, in order to meet the steamer and come on to Nelson. The sea was running very high at the time, and the boat was in rather a shaky condition but in spite of the misgivings of the men, Mr. Rollison's sister strongly urged that they should proceed, and they did so accordingly. On nearing the bar at the entrance to Awaroa, a sea was shipped that half filled the boat the next wave filled and capsized it, throwing the whole party into the water. Trelawney, with great bravery, caught the female by the arm and swam ashore with her (a very considerable distance), but although she did not appear to be dead on reaching the shore, every effort to restore animation was unsuccessful. Trelawney states that shortly after the party were upset, Rollison called out, Save my sister, if you can and it is supposed that he then sank, as no more was seen of him until his body was washed ashore the next morning.

Colonist, 29 October 1858, Page 2. Accident at Awaroa. The friends of the late Mr. Rollison proceeded to Awaroa in the Australian Maid on Tuesday last, for the purpose of bringing over the bodies of the sufferers by the late sad accident for, interment. The vessel returned to Nelson on-Wednesday evening, and the funeral will take place this day (Friday), at two o'clock, from the residence Mr. Greig, Waimea-road.

Frederick Erasmus EDWARDS died July 19th 1858 aged 3 weeks.
George died June 30th 1861 aged 2 years [TWIN SON OF NATHANIEL EDWARDS]
Arthur died July 29th 1861 aged 2 years and 3 weeks
Charles Grant died February 26th 1862 aged 7 months
Edwin Allen died September 16th 1876 aged 6 months.

Sacred to the memory of Nathaniel EDWARDS died July 15th 1880 aged 58 years.
Frances Augusta daughter of the above died January 6th 1881 aged 18 years.

The stonemason approx. 1870s -1891, Nelson.   R. Simpson of Hardy St..

Nelson Evening Mail, 1 December 1891, Page 2
Simpson. December 1st, at his residence, Russell street, Robert Simpson, monumental mason, aged 64 years

In loving memory of William Fields who departed this life December 19th 1889 aged 78 years. Also of Sarah his beloved wife who departed this life December 12th 1889 aged 80 years.
Their voice, their touch, their smile those love spring flowering o'er earth for its little while shall never see them more. Arrived Nelson 1842 on the Lord Auckland. 

Holden Hamerton died Feb 27th 1862 aged 65 years.


Josephus Hargreaves died April 14 1856
also Ann the fourth daughter (1837 -1845) [PLAQUE ONLY AT FAIRFIELD. BURIED AT HALLOWELL]
Jane Hargreaves who died 1888 aged years 


To the sacred memory of Charles Herbert HAYNES died 3 March 1880 aged 15 years
______ ________ _________  ________ by his youth. Respect.

In loving memory of Sarah Ann Haynes who died Oct. 23rd 1902. Aged 69 years. At rest
also infant children of the above.
Mary Ellen died May 1st 1860 aged 1 year and 9 months
Frank died March 5th 1871 aged 3 months.
also Frank died March 27th 1873 aged 4 months. [AGED 17 DAYS ACCORDING TO ANGLICAN RECORDS]
and Walter Ernest died June 28th 1873, aged 9 years. Simpson.

In memory of Michael & Elizabeth Casey HODGENS.
Elizabeth born 1854 CoLouth, Ireland. Died 3rd October 1860, Nelson
John born 14th November 1863 accidently killed Dun Mountain Line 19th December 1864
Elizabeth born 5th October 1865 died 5th April 1897


The old Dun Mtn Line track.

Fairfield is a historic cemetery. The style of burial plot has also changed over the years from traditional monument cemeteries and graves with concrete tops and wrought iron balustrades to memorial parks with rows of back to back headstones and mown grass between them. Ironwork around the Henry McGee plot.
Ironwork around the McGee plot.

In memory of Catherine wife of Charles McGee died 20th Sept. 1889 aged 56 years.
Also of their children
Modeste (Maud) died 1867 aged 5 years
Anna, died 1869 aged 5 years
Mrs Macuire (Amy) died 1891 aged 26 years  [w/o James McGUIRE, d/o Charles & Catherine McGEE] [Amy Ethel McGee married James McGuire in 1887, died Wellington]
Alice, died 1882 aged 22 years
 ___d of Charles McGee died 19th July 1915 in his 89th year. R.I.P.

Henry McGee Alice McGee
Attentive husband
Good father

In the memory of Alexander McGee died Oct. 16th 1855 aged 55 years
Also Henry McGee son of the above died Dec. 13 1857 aged 27 years (from an accident at Massacre Bay)
Catherine wife of Alexander McGee died 23rd Dec. 1883 aged _ years
also Ann Ryan died August 26th August 1900 [SISTER OF CHARLES MCGEE] [Death Place: ST MARY`S CONVENT, NELSON] aged 68 years
Alice Kate died 5th August 1892 daughter of Charles & Catherine. R.I.P. 

The Blick marker to the right has moss on top. 

In memory of Neil McVicar nursery man born at Glasgow 24 April 1808 died Nelson 20 September 1853.

Neil's birth date was 26 March 1808. The new headstone has his baptism date instead of his birth date. The original headstone had only the year 1808 and Nurseryman as one word.

In 1849 Neil arrived in Nelson from Bath on the "Cornwall," with sons John and William from his his first marriage to Mary (Nessmith). His second wife Margaret and infant son Wishart died, aged 10 months, during the voyage. William was knocked overboard by the jibsheet near New Plymouth and rescued by a passenger. In 1850 he established a substantial pioneer nursery and orchard named "Neilson" Neil's original home surrounded by the nursery was situated where Fairfield House now stands. John married Marion Burns in 1864. Children Bessie, Gordon and Neil.
William Robert C. McVicar married Emma Coles in 1866. Children: Fred, Gertie, Frank, Minnie, Leonard and Maude. Neil's descendants gathered to celebrate the restoration of his headstone, 28th February 2010. Three silver birch trees were planted in the grounds of Fairfield House on the day on the unveiling in their memory, it was a lovely day.


Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 8 September 1849, Page 110
Courageous Conduct at Sea. An incident occurred on board the Cornwall, shortly before reaching Taranaki, which merits to be recorded. A child named M'Vicar, about five years of age, belonging to one of the emigrants on board, while standing on the forecastle, was knocked overboard by the jib-sheet. A Mr. C. Taylor, one of the passengers, who witnessed the accident, with great promptitude threw off part of his clothes and jumped into the sea to save the life of the child, which he fortunately succeeded in doing by seizing it before it finally sunk, and, by the aid of the life-buoy which had been cut adrift, he was enabled to support his charge until picked up by the boat, and both were again safely landed on the deck of the ship.

In loving memory of William MOORHOUSE died Sept. 8th 1896 aged 44 years
also Alice, his wife, died April 2nd 1878 aged 66 years
also Thomas Stuart, their son died July 15th 1847 aged 11 years

In loving memory of William Stuart MOORHOUSE died 30th Sept. 1981 aged 70 and his wife Joan Violet (nee Tatton) 6.9.1910 - 11.10.2009

Stonemason. R. Simpson, Nelson

In memory of Henry Otterson, C.M.C. son of Francis and Jane Otterson. Born 12th August 1846. Died 6th August 1929 in his 83rd year. R.I.P.

In memory of Francis OTTERSON October 1854 aged 57 years
also Mary wife of the Venerable Lonsdale Pritt, Archdeacon of Waikato, Auckland and daughter of the above died August 13 1872 aged 30 years.

Francis Otterson drowned crossing the Wairau River. Otterson was a leading member of the Roman Catholic Community. Jane Heveningham was bap. 5.2.1807 at St. Peter & St. Paul R.C. church, Wolverhampton, d/o Thomas H. and Sarah Turton nee Fleming (widow). She married Francis Otterson 13.9.1838 at St. James, Westminster. They emigrated Nelson in 1841. Francis drowned whilst crossing the Wairau River, Marlborough on horseback, his foot was caught in the stirrup and he couldn't free it, 10.10.1854 and was buried in the family vault at the Trafalgar Cemetery in Nelson. Jane d. 11.1.1888 and was also buried in the family vault. Arrived Lord Auckland 23 February 1842
Otterson, Francis (age 44) a cabin passenger
Otterson, Jane (age 28)
Otterson, May (age 1)

In memory of Alice the wife of J.T. Lowe and d/o Francis Otterson. Died August 30 1876 aged 36 also Jane w/o Francis Otterson and d/o Thomas Heveningham died Jan 11 1888 in her eightieth year.

Evening Post, 1 September 1876, Page 2 Lowe — On the 30th August, at Nelson, Alice, eldest daughter of the late Francis Otterson, of Rostrevor, Nelson, and wife of James Townsend Lowe, of Nelson, aged 36 years.

Colonist, 2 February 1878, Page 6 Otterson — Gould. January 10, at Christchurch, Canterbury, by the Rev. J. Aldred, Alfred S. Otterson, second son of the late Francis Otterson, Rostrevor, Nelson, to Lydia, second daughter of George Gould, Esq., Hambleden, Christchurch.

Colonist, 12 January 1888, Page 3 Otterson. January 11, at Blenheim, Mrs Jane Otterson, widow of the late Francis Otterson, of Nelson

In loving memory Sarah
beloved wife of the late W.R. Parmenter
died Aug 1865. Aged 36. R.I.P.

There is about 100 of these numbered posts throughout the gardens. What is the purpose of the posts? has someone gone through with a ultrasound machine and marked gravesites?


In memory of Mary the beloved wife of W. J. Rogerson and second daughter of the late Anthoney Beitt Esq. of Durham died 27th Feb.  1864
[w/o William JAMES ROGERSON, married 1861]


Erected by the Catholics of Nelson to the memory of the Revd. Charles Sarda, Catholic Priest born at Carcassone, France 1839. Died in Nelson Oct. 22nd 1867 at age 28 on his journey from Auckland where he had impaired his health by his Evangelical labours amongst the natives to a new mission. De profundis

Every one that In or left house, or brethren or sisters, or fathers, or mothers, or wife, or children, or lands for my name's sake shall receive an hundred fold and shall possess life everlasting. Matt. XIX.29
Let my soul die the death of the just. Numbers XXIII.10 [He was on his way to take up new work in Akaroa but died at the Catholic Station in Nelson of TB] 

In loving memory of Robert Shallgrass late jailor of Nelson who died 27th May 1888 aged 68 years held in tender affection by his bereaved wife and family and respected by all who knew him and Annabella Williamson wife of the above who died 31st March 1893 aged 61 years
also the beloved children of Robert & Annabella W. Shallgrass
William Frederick died 21st Aug. 1861 aged 3 years & 2 months
Robert died 15th Sept. 1861 aged 11 months.
Until the day break and the shadows flee away

A police sergeant, later Nelson's gaoler.

Charles SHALLGRASS 1866 - 1944
Arthur W. Shallgrass 1868 - 1949
Frederick W. Shallgrass 1875-1960

In memory of Joseph STEWART who died March 23 1896 aged 68 years
also of Hannah his wife who died Nov. 16 1891 aged 62 years.
What joys are lost, what promises are given as through this death-struck world we roam. Awhile we think that home is heaven, at last we find that heaven is home.

In memory of Joseph TAYLOR 1814-1896
and Dinah his wife 1814-1877
Arrived in Nelson 1842

Sacred to the memory of Benjamin Walmsley died in Nelson January 20th 1883 aged 62 years and his daughters Georgina and Emilie and of Mary Ann his wife died in Nelson October 30th 1892. In loving memory of Caroline Walmsley, Ivy Anne Hyde Sharp. Daughters of Benjamin Walmsley who lie nearby. C. Munro, Dunedin, mason.

 In loving memory of Mary Caroline Walmsley died 27th December 1899.
and also their daughter Ivy Ann Hyde Sharp died 16th August 1899 aged 44 years.
[d/o BENJAMIN & MARY ANN WALMSLEY and wife of John Sharp] [There is no e after Ann on the original headstone to the right]

Colonist, 22 January 1883, Page 3 DEATH OF CAPTAIN BENJAMIN WALMSLEY.
He joined the Army at the early age of 16, and was stationed with his Regiment (the 56th), amongst many other places, in Canada when it was ordered down to Madawoska to try conclusions with the Yankees when they threatened the Canadian frontier, about the year 1841. Soon after Captain Walmsley, in consequence of ill health, proceeded on leave to England, and shortly after sent in his papers. He remained in Europe about three years. About 33 years ago he landed in Nelson, and farmed at Motueka for a time, but being offered the Chief Postmastership of this province shortly after Sir George Grey's visit here, he accepted the office, and retired on pension from the post about 19 years ago. Captain Walmsley was the son of an old Peninsula officer Major John Walmsley, 82nd Regiment, who was present at the fight of Nivelle. For this he was awarded the medal. Deceased lived to a great age of 83.

Arrived on the Larkins 12 November 1849
Walmsley, Captain Benjamin, gentlemen, aged 52, forecabin
Walmsley, Mary Ann, 38, wife
Walmsley, Caroline, 12
Walmsley, Maria, 10
Walmsley, Emily, 8
Walmsley, Morton, 6
Walmsley, Felicia, 3
Walmsley, Charlotte, 2
Walmsley, Frederick, 1

Some of the names associated with the cemetery:

Other people buried here include: William Hale, his wife Eliza and daughter Hannah headstones were damaged beyond recognition by 1948 and were buried along with others in the north eastern area of the cemetery. William Hale was one of the first to establish a nursery in Nelson.

That Garrya elliptica (Silk Tassel Bush) in the right hand corner (149 Milton St.) was cut down in 2014.

 A couple of small cottages still standing today, January 2015, at 147 and 149 Milton St., in The Wood in Nelson were commissioned to be built for William Collins in 1866. Note the door to the outside. The stairwell inside is very tight so to get furniture upstairs it was taken through this door. Many homes in Nelson have fretwork and a finial. Mr. Collins actually had five cottages built and a church built on his town acre section. William Wrangham Collins was born in India in 1779 and arrived in Nelson on the "Pekin" from London on the 15 January 1850 with his wife Henrietta nee Shuckburg and a 17 year old son, Arthur Shuckburgh Collins, their only child. At least three sketches and paintings of Henrietta survive - see Christies and the UK National Portrait Gallery. William died 31 January, 1880 and Henrietta in 1861 and both are buried at the old Fairfield Park Cemetery, Trafalgar St. Nelson. Arthur Shuckburgh Collyns is also on the cemetery database - died aged 78 years on 26 September 1911 and buried at Wakapuaka Cemetery block 21 plot #1 014. Arthur married a couple of times and produced at least a dozen kids. Grace Emily Collins, a daughter of Arthur, married Charles James Drummond Sharpe in 1896. They had two sons and one daughter: Phyllis Drummond Sharpe Bethune (1898-1983), the artist, from Woodbury, Geraldine. Rupert and Archibald. Rupert started at Woodbury school in 1915 and his brother Archibald in 1916. Rupert James Drummond Sharpe, a journalist, was a keen fisherman and good tennis player and was buried at Woodbury in 1963. Archibald, a clerk, was cremated and his ashes are in the Nelson Cemetery. Charles, Grace, Rupert and Archibald (1971) all have wills at Archives.

149 Milton St.

Today many cottages still stand in The Wood in Nelson in excellent condition. From the rate books William Collins built about three or four cottages on Milton Street, Nelson c. 1866. There is a street full of cottages near the Rutherford Hotel area, South St. There are also two cottages in Tasman St. that may be 1860s plus a group of five on Rutherford St (Old Waimea St). Elliot St. has some one story homes. No. 28 Elliott Street dates back to 1876. William Collins and his wife, Henrietta are buried in the Fairfield Cemetery but their headstones no longer exist. No. 18 Collingwood Street, an early settlers cottage built, it is thought, in 1850. 

Nelson cottages abound with finials and fretwork. Two story houses have chimney pots and iron work. The narrow house on the end, 12 Nile St., with its elegant facade with its high-pitched roof and ornate and delicate carving is of recent origins built in 1983 and is one Nelson's most frequently admired photographed and sketched buildings. Floor area: 200m2. Land area:  126m2. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom. New buildings are also at 2 South Street and 8 Nile Street to complement this Heritage Precinct status. No 8 Nile St. west was lost to fire in 1971 and the site became a car yard. South Street was officially named in 1928. It was fully developed in 1868.


Elliott Street was surveyed in 1912 and known as the Winearls Settlement. The land had been acquired by the Government for the purpose of housing. The plan clearly shows the same layout as the street has today. It is unique in Nelson, being the only workers housing development originating from the Seddon Governments Dwelling Act of 1905 and 1910. Eight houses were built between 1913-1916 to an Edwardian villa design (Nos 33, 35 Trafalgar Street; Nos 2, 4, 6, 8, 14, 16 Elliott Street).
Three others were built by the end of the First World War to an identical design (Nos 10, 12, 18 Elliott Street).
Four houses Nos 24, 25, 26, 27 Elliott Street were built in the 1920s.
Nos 20 and 22 Elliott Street were built in an early Bungalow style by 1926.
Of the original 24 houses from the Winearls Settlement, 23 still remain, giving this street special heritage value. The remaining four houses on the north side of the street continue the integrity of the street with their modern bungalow style. Nelson's heritage precincts.

The small size of the cottages and the closeness to the street gives South St. its wonderful character.  South St., Nelson Dec. 2014 pdf