"Chariot of Fame" to New Zealand

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'Chariot of Fame'

New Zealand Bound

The Chariot of Fame was a three-masted, square-rigged 'medium clipper' ship, built at East Boston, Massachusetts, by Donald McKay, for Enoch Train & Co., Boston, for their White Diamond packet line between Boston and Liverpool, and launched in April 1853. Dimensions 220'43'27'6" and tonnage 1639. For the first year the Chariot of Fame sailed out of American ports as a packet vessel. After this the vessel was chartered by the White Star Line of Australian packets and made a number of good passages to Australia from England in 1854 and 1855. In 1862 the vessel was sold in London and the vessel came out to Australia and New Zealand on several more voyages. She left Queenstown on 7 October 1863 and arrived at Auckland 8 January 1864 with 520 troops for the  Maori War. She London 29 October 1862 and arrived in Lyttelton 29 January 1863 with 430 Government immigrants and 30 passengers. The Chariot of Fame was reported abandoned at sea in January 1876 when bound from Chincha Islands to Cork. Ref.

To Otago from Melbourne in 1862

Otago Witness Saturday March 1 1862 page 5

Arrivals: Feb. 22 - Chariot of Fame, 1640 tons, Kerr, from Melbourne, with 160 passengers. Lloyd, Taggart, and Co.

Otago Witness 2 March 1862 pg5

To Lyttelton with Immigrants arriving January 1863
She left London 29 October 1862 and reached Lyttelton 29 Jan. 1863 with 430 Government migrants and 30 passengers, 92 days out from the docks. She had
spent several days in the Channel and sighted the Snares on the 81st day, but had light winds and calms off the coast of NZ. May 5 1863 departed .
Otago - Chariot of Fame, 1640 tons, Robert A. Kerr, for London with passengers and gold and wool. She arrived back in England from Otago July 25 1863.


"Chariot of Fame" and any stories of the voyage to NZ. My GGF John Burgess and his wife Isabella were on the voyage and they settled in Canterbury,
farming in Templeton, Dunsandel and ending up in Mayfield. They had four sons.

Charles Carter with family from Cornwall arrived on the ship 'Chariot of Fame' sailed 25 Oct 1862 and arrived 29 Jan 1863.

Carter Charles 	42
Amelia 		35
Samuel 		13
Charles Hy 	11
Rebecca 	10
John 		 9
Emma 		 7
Amelia 		 5
Eliza 		 2
Mary J inf

HAMPTON, David Orr born 1841 Ballymagarrick parish of Knockamuckly Co. Down. Died 05 Nov 1924 Wellington buried Karori cemetery; 1863 arrived a schoolmaster aged 21 Lyttelton 'Chariot of Fame.'

Mary O'Sullivan (also known as Mary Sullivan) single woman, domestic servant aged 25, assisted passenger from Armagh, sailed on the "Chariot of Fame " leaving Britain 21 October 1862 and arriving at Lyttelton 29 January 1863 in the company of Bridget O'Sullivan (also known as Amelia Sullivan) a domestic servant from Armagh age 19 years

Voyage account in the Lyttelton Times 31 Jan. 1863 and The Press 4 February 1863.
'Chariot of Fame', a clipper ship 1639 tons, of White Star Co. Made a trip to Lyttelton with 430 Government immigrants and 30 passengers. She sighted the Snares on the 81st day. Delayed by calm winds and reached Lyttelton on the 92 day out from the docks.

"Chariot of Fame" departed London ?21 ?29 Oct 1862, arrive Canterbury, NZ 29 January 1863
Mrs ROWENTREE of a boy in lat. 1.2.N., long 31.15 on Nov 23rd
Mrs MURPHY of a boy in lat. 46.25., long 15.40 on Dec 23rd
Mrs SMITH of a boy in lat. 45.30., long 173. on Jan 24th
Mrs CURRY of a girl on 27th Jan.

Dahlia PARISH 16 Nov from sea sickness, debility, eryalpelas, and congestion of the lungs
J. JENKINS aged 1 yr and 8 mths 27 Nov of diarrhoea
J. SPARKS aged 13 mths 27 Nov of diarrhoea
S. SAVILLE aged 2 yrs 6 Dec of gastric fever
E. BROWN aged 3 mths 12 Dec of astrophy
J. PAGE aged 20 mths 16 Dec of diarrhoea
E. MURPHY aged 9 days 1 Jan of diarrhoea
A. CARTER aged 5 yrs 13 Jan of diarrhoea
E. McDOWELL aged 16 mths 17 Jan of diarrhoea
J. SMITH 1 hour after birth 24 Jan

The Central Public Library in Christchurch will have:
1. There is a passenger list appeared in The Press (Christchurch), 4 Feb. 1863.
2. On microfilm - Canterbury Association (London, England) Emigration to Canterbury: shipping lists, 1856-1874 listing passengers.
The embarkation list is probably at the Archives in Christchurch.
3. Ship painting