The "George Canning" arrived at Port Chalmers, Dunedin November, 28, 1857.'

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"George Canning"

New Zealand Bound

Otago Witness Saturday December 5, 1857 page 4

Shipping News 

Arrived, November 28, George Canning, 411 tons, barque, Captain Sims, from London to Port Chalmers. Sailed on 23rd August. Made a good passage of 97 days, port to port.  She was the first in a series despatched by the emigration agent, James Adam, who had been sent home from Otago. 131 Passengers:�

Buskin		Mary A and 2 children
Blair		Robert age 46 b. Ayrshire 1810.  Agnes Dick (wife), Robert, Agnes, Margaret, Janet and John (Robert farmed East Taieri Dunedin)
Borrow		Mr and Mrs T and 3 children 
Butler		John Geo.
Calder		C
Cahill		Thomas
Carless		John, Patience, Patience, Emily, Hannah, William, John, and Frederick
Cassells	Thomas, Janet, Margaret, Mary and Caroline
Cavanagh	John and Anna
Chittock	Mr Fred and Mrs
Chittock	George and Emily and 4 children
Clarke		Mr
Cockrill	Richard
Dunkley		Dennis
Fairmaid	Mr
Finlay		Helen, Marion, Jean, and James
Ford		Mr J
Ford		William
France		Mr and Mrs C and 3 children
France		Mr and Mrs J and child
Gough		Mr and Mrs R
Hammond		Charles, Sarah, Dinah, Martha, Richard Lates and Thomas Herbert Hammond
Hepburn		Mr and Mrs A
Hepburn		W
Jago		John, Mary Ann, Maria, John, Mary Ann, Charles, Julia, Sydney and Alfred
Leckie		Stewart, Agnes, Stewart, Archibald, John, Elizabeth, Agnes, Helen, and James William
Lewis		Mr
McKenzie	Mr
McCree		J
McVey		Joseph
Mathie		Alexander, Priscilla, Agnes, Helen, Emy, Catherine, Alexander
Morris		Aaron
Morris		William, Ann, Sarah  Maria, Thomas, Elizabeth, and William 
Nairne		Mr
Paterson	D
Paterson	James
Perry		Edward, Elizabeth, Edward Jas., and Wm
Prime		H.G.
Russell		Mr
Senior		J
Shand		Mr and Mrs, Misses (2) and 3 children
Sinclair	George, May, Alexander, May, Agnes and John
Small		Mr
Smith		Miss
Stewart		Miss
Stone		F
Tilly		Chas. and Barbara
Wain		John, Mary Margaret, Frederick, Margaret Elizabeth
Wain		Ann Sophia, Joseph William, and Suhannah
Watson		Mr   
The foregoing list includes 2 tailors, 2 storekeepers, 1 servant, 9 farmers, 1 clerk, 1 butcher, 1 carpenter, 20 labourers, 1 engineer, 3 shepherds, 1 dairymaid. 
Per George Canning, from London: 
   2 cases books
   1 ditto apparel
  20 ditto glass
100 cases Geneva
 20 bundles square iron
 20 do. hoop iron
  51 camp ovens
  51 lids for ditto
    1 coil rope
    1 case seed
    1 box books
    2 casks whiskey
    1 case clothing
  42 tons coal
    6 hhds. rum
 83 cases soap
 20 kegs arsenic
   4 bars iron
   4 bundles ditto
   6 ploughs
   2 wheels
    1 axle
    3 parcels
112 casks
209 cases
  30 barrels
   6 trunks
 10 bales
 30 kegs
   4 boxes

Saturday 26 Dec., 1857 Otago Witness

Sailed Dec. 18, George Canning, 411 tons, Sim, for Callao, in ballast, with one passenger.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 13 April 1861, Page 2
Arrived - April 12, barque George Canning, 411, Captain Sim, from London. Passengers  Captain Carthew, Mr. Fulton, and Miss Buckeridge.
Imports. In the George Canning, from London  24 camp ovens, 200 bags salt, 30 grindstones, 12 anchors, 1.8 bars 6 bales iron, 4 bales scoops, 36 wheels, 8 boilers, 668 packages merchandise, 22 camp-ovens, 65 pots, 42 packages, 7 cases, Morrison, Sclanders, and Co....

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 31 January 1863, Page 2
Arrived January 28, barque George Canning,411, Harris, from London. Passengers - Mr. and Mrs. M'Cready and five children, Miss Green, Mr. Dickinson. This vessel, after a run of 118 days, arrived in our harbour on Wednesday last. She brought nine passengers, and a large general cargo for this port and Napier. There was one birth on board during the voyage.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 11 February 1863, Page 2
Died. On the 7th February, at his residence, Haven-road, Nelson, from an accident received on board the George Canning, Mr. William Thompson, late of Taranaki, aged 31 years. The deceased has left a wife and young family.

Otago Daily Times 18 April 1911
Mr J. G. Butler, of Cumberland street, Dunedin, arrived in Otago with the ship George Canning in 1857. He went to Gabriel's Gully three weeks after Gabriel Read struck good gold. Read had been working with Mr Butler's cousin, Mr John Hardy, of Helensbrook, Tokomairiro. Mr Butler had a long talk with Read, and was asked by the latter whether it was true that Black Peter had found gold in the country. Mr Butler replied in the affirmative, and was able to add that he had been told Black Peter got his gold from Munro's Gully.

Sir George Canning (1770-1827) British statesman. Educated at Eton and Oxford.  Foreign secretary in 1807 and 1822.  When Liverpool resigned in April 1827 he became Prime Minister of Great Britain but Canning died a few months later, August 8, 1827.

Another George Canning.
Sometimes you'll see the George Canning reported as a "ship" which is okay, because just by adding square sails to a barque (bark) it then
becomes "ship-rigged." Erroneously, during this period (the 1820's) you will sometimes see it reported as a brig. Probably the GEORGE CANNING was the ship of 482 gross tons, built at Montreal in 1812, Official No.: 9009855, re-registered at Greenock, Scotland at Port No. 61 on December 24, 1816.  There was another ship of that name built in France in 1807 and several others built in Canada in later years. [Ref.: Ships List. Nov. 2006]