The 'Golconda' to Nelson, N.Z. in 1862.

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New Zealand Bound
1862 to Nelson

Reference: 'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website.
Lyttelton Times, 11 January 1860, Page 4
The ship Golconda, Captain Montgomery, from London, was signalled on Saturday, and was towed into harbour the same evening, by the steamer Tasmanian Maid. The Golconda is one of; Messrs. Shaw, Saville, and Co.'s line of packets, and has had a fair passage of 110 days from the Downs. The vessel has brought a large cargo, and a considerable number of passengers amounting altogether to 103 statute adults. Amongst the passengers we are glad to welcome back some Nelson settlers, viz., Mr. J. W. Saxton, Mrs. W. R. Nicholson and family, and Mr. Stratford and family. Most of the assisted immigrants have relatives or friends here, arid there are a great many children amongst the new arrivals, who will no doubt soon grow up into useful colonists. Three deaths occurred during the passage, viz., that of Mr. G. Frost, aged 24, who died of-consumption, on the 24th November; Thomas Jones; aged 26, who died of dysentry, on the 6th October, and Charles Jones, aged one year, son of the latter, who died of hooping cough, on the 12th December. Nelson Examiner, Dec. 28.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 17 December 1862, Page 2
Arrived. December 14, ship Golconda, Montgomery, from London.

Passengers: Cabin

Mrs. and Miss Cross
Mr. Frost
Mrs. and Miss Lineker, (2)
and Master Goslin

Second cabin

Mr. and Mrs. Austin
Mr. and Mrs. C. Austin and two children
Mr. Bally
Mr Bisley
Mr Brawson
Mr. and Mrs. Collie and child
Mr. and Mrs. Dent and three children
Miss Friend
Mr Greenwood
Mr Haggan
Messrs. J. and M. Healy
Mrs. Healy
Mr Hunt
Mr Ingham
Mr. Jones
Mr Kendall
Mr Malcolm
Miss Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. Moyes
Mr Park
Mr. and Mrs. Parmenter
Mr. Paul
Mr Palmer
Mr Stewart
Mr. Walker
Mr Watt
Mrs. Wells and two children

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 26 November 1862, Page 2
LIST of IMMIGRANTS who embarked on board the ship GOLCONDA, for Nelson, on the 24th August last.
Charles Austin
Elizabeth Austin
Emma Austin
Francis Austin
George Austin
Mary Ann Austin
John Batty
Ellen Cottier
Hugh Cottier
Isabella Cottier
James Dent
John Dent
Martha Dent
Mary Dent
Ruth Dent
William Dent
Ellen Friend
Joseph Greenwood
Charles Haggar
 Deborah Healy
John Healy
Michael Healy
William Hunter
Elijah Ingham
A. D. Jones
James Kendall
John Palmer
Thomas Park
Sarah Parmenter
Wm. Parmenter
William Stewart

Alfred Greenfield, Immigration Secretary. Immigration Office, Nelson, November 24, 1862.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 13 January 1863, Page 1
On the 23rd October, at sea, on board the Golconda, on her passage to Nelson, the wife of Mr. J.S. Cross, of a daughter.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 7 February 1863, Page 2
Cleared out - February 3, ship Golconda, 688, Montgomery, for Guam, in ballast.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 3 December 1859, Page 2
NAMES of ASSISTED IMMIGRANTS [97]  embarked on board the Ship GOLCONDA, Captain Montgomery, for Nelson, New Zealand, on the 3rd September, 1859 :
Harriet Barry
Elizabeth Berkett
Joseph Berkett
Samuel Berkett
Thomas Berkett
Ann Byrne
Patrick Byrne
Eliza Carroll
Julia Carroll
John Carroll
James Philip Cooke
Mary Ann Davenport
Jas. Warrington Fawkes
Martha Fawkes
Martha Matilda Fawkes
Mary Ann Fawkes
Dennis Fitzgerald
John Fitzgerald
Richard Flower
Elizabeth Freeman
Maria Freeman
Martha Freeman
Louisa Freeman
Philip Freeman
Sarah Freeman
Sarah Ann Freeman
Thomas Freeman
Anna Fredericks Haase
Anna Caroline Haase
Christiana Haase
Frederick Wm. Haase
Henry Otto Haase
Louisa Haase
Jeanette Haase
Ludwig Haase
Ludwig Haase
Morris Hickey
Eliza Maria Hopkins
James Johnson
James Johnson, jun.
Mary Johnson
Mary Ellen Johnson
Matilda Johnson
Matilda Johnson, jun.
Charles Jones
Susanna Jones
Thomas Jones
Thos. Henry Jones
Ann Jordan
Alfred Jordan
John Jordan
Eliza Jordan
William Jordan
Sarah Kelly
Emma Lewis
William Lewis
William Little
Susan Lockyer
Charles John Michel
Grace Michel
John Michel
Mary Ann Michel
William Michel
Benjamin Morgan
Mary Mullins
Ellen Restall
Elizabeth Rourke
Alfred Ruff
Arthur Ruff
Clara Ruff
Elizabeth Ruff
Elizabeth Ruff
Emily Ruff
Gertrude Ruff
Robert Harry Ruff
Sarah Ann Ruff
Eliza Saunders
David Scott
Ellen Scott
Grace Scott
James Scott
Walter Scott
Walter William Scott
Hannah Shaw
John Shaw
Thomas Shaw
Charlotte Smith
Henry Smith
Maria Smith
Thomas Smith
Charlotte Spicer
George Thomas
George Henry Thomas
Mary Ann Thomas
Richard Thomas
Thomas Thomas
Sarah Webley

per Alfred Greenfield, Immigration Secretary. Immigration Office, Nelson.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 18 March 1857, Page 2 MARRIED.
On Tuesday, the 17th instant, at Christ Church, Nelson, by the Venerable Archdeacon Paul, Mr. Alfred Greenfield, to Emma Bessie, eldest daughter of Edmund Knyvett, Esq.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 21 March 1857, Page 3
Provincial Secretary's Office, Nelson, March 17, 1857. His Honor the Superintendent directs it to be notified that he has appointed Alfred Greenfield, Esquire, Secretary, pro. tern., for the Province of Nelson; the appointment to date from the 12th instant. By his Honor's command, Alfred Greenfield, Provincial Secretary, pro. tem.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 9 June 1864, Page 2
BIRTHS. On the 8th June, Mrs. Alfred Greenfield, of a son.