The " John Phillips" from London to Nelson, N.Z. 1860.

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'John Phillips'

New Zealand Bound
1860 to Nelson

Reference: 'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website.
Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle
, 22 September 1860, Page 2
Arrived September 20 barque John Phillips, 341, Thomas, from London.

Passengers: Cabin

Mr. Ralph Buckley
Mr. and Mrs. Fell
Mr. W. H. Fell
Mr. Charles Jones
Miss Sarah Murray
Miss Mary Anne Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. W. Young and four children

Second Cabin

Mr G. A. Beere
Mr J. Hambrook
Mr. and Mrs. Kitching and seven children
Mr R. J. Trewavas


Hannah Harrison
Jane Haslam
John G. Lash
Susan Lash
Mary Lash
Samuel Lash
W. Overend
W. C. Thompson
Theodore Thompson

The John Phillips, from London, after a long passage of five months, arrived on Wednesday last. She brings a large cargo, and several passengers.

To Captain Thomas, Commander John Phillips. Dear Sir We, the chief cabin passengers, having been under your charge during an unusually long voyage, a circumstance, we are well aware, most trying, especially to the commander of the ship, feel that you have upon all occasions evinced the greatest consideration for our comfort, for which we beg to tender our sincere thanks. It is superfluous for us to comment upon the working of the ship, since so experienced a commander has long since earned for himself the estimation and confidence of the service in which he is engaged. Wishing you health and success, with more prosperous voyages in future than the one just terminated. We beg to remain, &c., George W. Young, M. C. Wilson, Jane Young, E. Buckley, James Fell, Charles Jones, Mary Fell, William H. Fell. J. G. Murray, September, 1860.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 10 October 1860, Page 3
Dear Sir We, the undersigned, passengers on board the John Phillips, beg to bear testimony to the general satisfaction given by you during our protracted voyage from London to New Zealand. Your gentlemanly conduct, unvarying attention, and skilful treatment of the various cases under your charge, will ever be gratefully and thankfully remembered by us. Understanding that it is your intention to settle in New Zealand, we feel confident that, wherever skill and attention will command success, you will always have that success within your grasp and we sincerely trust that happiness and prosperity may attend your future endeavours, and that you may, with God's blessing, be spared to do great and lasting good in that country.
We beg to remain, dear Sir,
Your well wishers,
Samuel R. Thomas, commander, M. A. Baker, Joseph Hambrook, George W. Young, George Beere, Jane Young, R. Trewavas, James Fell, Susanna Lash, Mary Fell, Mary G. Lash, J.G. Murray, Jane Haslam, M.C. Wilson, John G. Lash, R. Buckley, Samuel D. Lash, Charles Jones, Theodore Thompson, William H. Fell, W. C. Thompson, John H. Kitching, William Overend, Hannah Kitching, Hannah Harrison. September, 1860.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 17 November 1860, Page 2
Cleared Outwards. November 15, barque John Phillips, 340, Thomas, for Callao. Passengers Mr. and Mrs. Hays and son.