'Countess of Kintore'  to Nelson, N.Z. in 1866

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'Countess of Kintore'

New Zealand Bound
1866 to Nelson

Reference: 'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 16 October 1866, Page 2
Arrived. October 14,
— brig Prince Edward, from Newcastle.
— ship Countess of Kintore, for London.

Our magnificent bay presented a scene on Sunday last, such as we do not often witness, in the arrival of no less than foursquare-rigged vessels, besides two steamers. One of these, the Countess of Kintore, perhaps the finest vessel that has ever entered our harbour, having made a splendid run of eighty-six days from the Downs, a veritable Aberdeen clipper, was the admiration of all who saw her as she come down the bay with all sail set, and a strong breeze on her quarter. We understand it is intended that this line vessel shall load at Port Underwood, as the first wool ship of the season.

Arrival of the Ship Countess of Kintore, from: London — The fine new Aberdeen clipper ship Countess of Kintore, Captain Catto, arrived here on Sunday evening, from London, after a splendid passage of eighty-seven days. She left London on the 18th July; passed through the Downs on the 19th ; experienced light winds to the equator, which was crossed on the 20th August, thirty-three days out from the Downs. The weather continued light to the Cape, which was made on the 10th September, when squally weather, attended with a heavy hail-storm, was experienced: on the 18th, encountered a gale from the W.N.W. ; passed the island of Tasmania on the 4th instant, when she experienced line easterly winds, and made Cape Farewell on the 13th ; arriving here as above. The following vessels were spoken by the Countess of Kintore on the voyage out:—
August 7, Empress, from London, bound for Sydney, twenty-four days out;
August 10, ship Phillip Van Murnix, from Rotterdam, bound for Batavia, twenty-seven days out;
August 13, British barque Sharpshooter, from Liverpool, bound to California, thirty days out;
August 14, barque Currier, from Cardiff to Ceylon, thirty-seven days out— had been in collision, having lost her main and mizen topmast.

The following are the passengers per Countess of Kintore :
— Cabin-

Mr. J. Auguard
Mr. M Auguard
Miss Bath
Misses Black (2)
Mr. Black

Steerage —

Mr. and Mrs. Palmer
Mr. Stewart.