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The Labuan, barque, 547 tons reg. by new Act, 456 tons reg. by old Act, arrived Lyttelton 11th and berthed 12th August 1851, under the command of Captain Walter Scott with 137 early settlers.  A list of Chief and second Cabin Passengers per Labuan from the port of London to Canterbury, New Zealand. April 8th 1851.Surgeon W. Chapman.

Chief Cabin Second Cabin
Chapman, Mary (should read Sarah, 41) )
  "  Alice 17
  "  Mary 18
Cutliffe, Charles
Dobbs, A.A.
Denne, Thomas
Dudley, Charles MD, 40
  "  Agnes Jane 38
  "  Charles Edward 5
  "  Agnes Margaret 4
Dudley, John   48,  farmer
 "  Ellen  30
 "  Ellen  5
 "  Emily Maria  3
  " Edward John  2
Greaves, Robert
  "  Sarah Ann
 "  Cecil
Murray, John
 "  Frances Wilmot
 "  Augusta
 "  Charles Frederick
 "  Martha Coffin
Murray, Frank Simeon
  "  John George
  "  Frances
 "  William Arthur
Murray, Martha


labuanccpass.jpg (117462 bytes)Carew, William George
  "  Frances
 "  Beth
  "  Ponsonby
  "  Anna Mary
  "  Robert L.
Chapman, William  13
  "   John  12
 "   Ann 9
 "   George 7
 "   Amy 5
Finnimore, Thomas    schoolmaster
 "   Elizabeth
 "   Mehetable
 "   Joseph John
Greaves, Cyril
Harding, James
Hetherington, Ruth
Hodgson, Grace
Hodgson, Paul H
Laine, Thomas, L
  "  Julia
Leach, Francis GP
Jones, Tuyford
 "  Mary
 "  John
Studholm, John
Studholm, Paul
Studholm, Michael
Wedge, Charles
  "   Mary

Paying Steerage

Alley      Charles  20   M                                                        
Best       Edith    5    F      For New Plymouth                                  
Best       Hannah   33   F  Y 2 For New Plymouth                                  
Best       Walter   3    M      For New Plymouth                                  
Best       William  32   M  Y 2 For New Plymouth                                  
Best       William  16   M      For New Plymouth                                  
Birks      Henry    23   M      For New Plymouth                                  
Dickinson  George   22   M  Y 1                                                   
Dickinson  inf      0           sex unk.                                          
Dickinson  Mary Ann 23   F  Y 1                                                   
Dobbs      Joseph   28   M  Y                                                     
Dobbs      Sophia   27   F  Y                                                     
England    Charles  25   M      For New Plymouth                                  
Gaskell    Martha   3    F                                                        
Harris     James    30   M  Y                                                     
Harris     Mary     29   F  Y                                                     
Harrison   William  26   M                                                        
Kennison   George   27   M                                                        
McLaren    John     30   M  Y 1                                                   
McLaren    Mary     29   F  Y 1 and 1 child five years                            
McLaren    H. ?     27   M                                                        
Mollett    Thomas   25   M                                                                                                            


Barker     Joseph    22   M      Farm Servant                                                         
Basler     George    22   M      Ag. Labourer                                                         
Bayliss    William   22   M      Man Servant        Acted as Constable on the voyage                  
Blackbee   Charles   19   M      Farm Labourer                                                        
Blackbee   Charles   44   M  Y 4 Domestic Servant                                                     
Blackbee   Eliza     14   F      Domestic Servant                                                     
Blackbee   Sarah     48   F  Y 4 Monthly Nurse                                                        
Blackbee   Sarah     9    F                                                                           
Blackbee   Susannah  16   F      Domestic Servant                                                     
Blaine     John      22   M      Ag. Labourer                                                         
Broadhurst Harriet   40   F  Y 1                                                                      
Broadhurst Joseph    43   M  Y 1 Weaver             Use to spade & dairy work                         
Broadhurst William   17   M                                                                           
Clarkson   David     23   M  Y 1 Carpenter                                                            
Clarkson   Esther    23   F  Y 1                                                                      
Clarkson   Joseph    1    M                                                                           
Darby      Charles   22   M      Ag. Labourer                                                         
Derrett    William   22   M      Farm Labourer                                                        
Duncan     Margaret  22   M  Y                                                                        
Duncan     Robert    20   M  Y   Gardener                                                             
Edmondson  Margaret  17   F      Domestic Servant                                                     
Eveleigh   Alice     17   F                                                                           
Gardner    James     26   M      Survey & Instrument Maker                                                 
Gaskell    Edward    8    M                                                                           
Gaskell    Harriett  inf  F                                                                           
Gaskell    James     11   M                                                                           
Gaskell    Mary      5    F                                                                           
Gaskell    Sarah     35   F  Y 4                                                                      
Gaskell    Thomas    41   M  Y 4 Ag. Labourer                                                         
Hartnelt   James     16   M      Ag. Labourer                                                         
Hewart     Isabella  23   F  Y 2                                                                      
Hewart     James     5    M                                                                           
Hewart     William   inf  M                                                                           
Hewart     William   29   M  Y 2                                                                      
Jones      Mary      24   F      Domestic Servant                                                     
Kennison   Anna      26   F  Y 2                                                                      
Kennison   Susannah  inf  F                                                                           
Kennison   William   34   M  Y 2                                                                      
Kennison   William   4    M                                                                           
Matthews   John      20   M      Ag. Labourer                                                         
Matthews   Joseph    19   M      ag. Labourer                                                         
Picking    Ann       20   F      Domestic Servant                                                     
Rees       Lewis     26   M  Y   Plumber & Painter                                                    
Rees       Susan     30   F  Y                                                                        
Reeves     James     19   M      Wheelwright                                                          
Searle     Susan     19   F      Domestic Servant                                                     
Sharp      John      24   M      Ag. Labourer                                                         
Smith      Ann       27   F      Domestic Servant                                                     
Smith      Elizabeth 24   F  Y                      m. to Robert Smith                                
Smith      Robert    24   M  Y   Ag. Labourer                                                         
Smith      Sophia    31   F  Y                                                                        
Smith      Thomas    27   M  Y   Blacksmith                                                           
Stuckey    Ismael    22   M      Farm Labourer                                                             
A family of three adults, in steerage, no names listed.

Burial at sea, April 30. Susan Rees, 30.

Reference: Canterbury Association Shipping Office (London, England) Lyttelton Shipping List  Published: Salt Lake City, Utah : Genealogical Society of Salt Lake City, 1973. Copy of passenger lists of some Canterbury Association emigrant ships held in the Canterbury Museum.  Available on microfilm at Family History Centres worldwide through their loan programme. Item #1066515 

Canterbury Association Shipping Papers for the "Labuan"

CHAPMAN : Dr William CHAPMAN was the second son of John CHAPMAN and Mary (ROBINSON) who were married in the parish of Romaldkirk, (Yorkshire  North Riding, England) on 8 April 1795 and baptised in Cotherstone on 24 September 1797.  The family moved to Headlam, Co. Durham, in 1804, where John was a schoolmaster at a boarding establishment in Headlam Hall, a position later taken up by the first born CHAPMAN, John Robinson.

William took and passed 'The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries' qualifying examination in medicine on 20 December 1821 in London, and on 3 January 1823 duly gained his Diploma of Membership to the Royal College of Surgeons. He practised in London till his departure for NZ in 1851. During this time he became interested in Homeopathy and was associated with the Hahnemann Medical Institution.

During the passage to New Zealand, William travelled as Ship's Surgeon, his wife Sarah, and his two eldest daughters Mary Sarah Robinson 18 yrs, and Alice Margaret Robinson 17 yrs accompanying him in the Chief Cabin. His other five children William Robinson 13 yrs, John Alwent 12 yrs, Ann Isabella 9 yrs, George Carr 7 yrs, and Amy Maud 5 yrs, travelled in the Intermediate Cabin.

The family settled in Christchurch, where in 1852 Dr William had a dispensary initially in Cathedral Square, then in Manchester Street, where he practised as 'Surgeon and Accoucheur' until he left Chistchurch for the then thriving settlement of Waikouaiti, in Otago. His eldest two daughters had both married sons of the whaler/farmer Johnny JONES, who was based in Waikouaiti at this time. The eldest son, William Robinson, died very shortly after the family's arrival in Christchurch. John Alwent, moved to Dunedin where he was a Mining and Shipping Agent. Ann Isabella at this time is unaccounted for. George Carr was appointed Postmaster of Waikouaiti in 1863. And Amy Maud married my g.grandfather Denis Jones COCKERILL 28 Dec 1871 in Waikouaiti.  William born 1797, died 20 November 1867, and Sarah (LISGO) born 1809, died 1896, are both buried at St John's Church, Beach Street, Waikouaiti.  Information courtesy of Garth Cockerill  Please contact Garth if you have further information on the Labuan and the CHAPMAN family or you would like information.

CUTCLIFFE : Charles Cutcliffe was born in Ashburton, Devon in 1821, the son of George Cutcliffe, a surgeon,  and Mary Sophia Spilsbury.  He studied at Oxford gaining a BA Oxon  and was ordained as a Church of England minister and, so the story goes, came under the influence of the Oxford Movement and Cardinal Newman.

He arrived in Sydney, Australia on the ship Pauline in April, 1852.  The ship came from Lyttelton in New Zealand - so what was he doing there?? He came to New Zealand with members of the Canterbury Association as a Chaplain. His stay in New Zealand obviously only lasted a year. When he arrived in Australia he went to Bathurst, NSW where he helped conduct a Grammar School - 1853.

In 1855 he married Mary Jane Poingdestre in Sydney and in 1858 - 1860 he conducted the Classical and Commercial School in Goulburn.  They then went on to the country town of Yass where they opened their own schools.  Charles conducted the Yass Grammar School and Mary Jane a preparatory school for boys. In 1866, during their time in Yass, they converted to Roman Catholicism. Charles no longer received a stipend from the Church of England, all the children were removed from the schools and they were ostracised by their former friends and associates.  They returned to Sydney and he supported his family of wife and ten children by tutoring. Obviously times were tough, and he wrote to Sir Henry Parkes, the Premier of NSW and one of the founding fathers of the federation of Australia, pleading to be given a position to support his family and finally due to the influence of some leading members of the community who he had taught, he was appointed as the Clerk of Petty Sessions in Murrumburrah in 1875. He remained in Murrumburrah until his death in 1897. Information courtesty of Ruth Slater. Please contact Ruth if you have futher information on Charles Cutliffe. Posted 30 April 2000.

DUNCAN: Robert was born 15 August 1830 in Scotstoun, Renfrew, Scotland and married Margaret DALZIEL, 3rd daughter of William Dalziel and Margaret nee CURRIE. The marriage on the 4 April 1851 was in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire and had the family address for Margaret as Craufurdland Mains.  We are uncertain why they left Scotland but with their marriage only four days before the ship "Labuan" sailed from London for New Zealand it must have been a hectic time to celebrate and also say goodbye.

They first settled in Heathcote Valley on a small holding and their first two children were born there. Robert had been a gardener in Kilmarnock and this occupation was expanded into farming in the new land.  In 1855 they moved to "Bealeys" farm at Styx which he managed for several years before obtaining a Crown Grant of land, east of the North Road (Belfast) where he build the first Spring Grove, on the corner of Blakes Road and Belfast Road beside the Kaputone Creek . There were thirteen in the family, seven boys and six girls and five were first day pupils of the Main School when it opened April 1878. It was renamed latter as Belfast School. He moved to a large holding in 1883 at Roundhill, Loburn which he farmed until his death 7 May 1901. Robert and Margaret are buried in the East Belt Cemetery, Rangiora. Ref : The Styx Story and B B Roberts A History of the Belfast Schools.

Margaret was a sister to James and Matthew Dalziel whom all came to New Zealand. Not sure what boat James came on but have been told he came via Ballarat, Australia. (abt 1856). Matthew was said to have come on the GAINSBOROUGH in 1868 to Lyttelton but still have to find that out this as yet, have only been told about this by family. If he was not a passenger may have been a "crew member" as his trade was a carpenter, could he have worked his passage as a ships carpenter. Posted 19 Sept. 2005. Information courtesy of Denise Lang ( we come from Matthew)

DUDLEY: Charles and John Dudley (1808-1861), brothers, came out to Canterbury while another brother, Walter, went to Canada.
John DUDLEY  m. Ellen Scott of Pedmore, Worcestershire. Death notice, Lyttelton Times 20 June 1861, at Broom Farm [99 acres], Avonside, John, the third son of the late Rev. Edward Dudley, Rector of Broom, Staffs., aged 53. John's rural section was #182 on the Lower Avon, North Bank east of Christchurch and Charles #183, both of 50 acres.  John gave his address to the Canterbury Association when he applied for a land order as Sidmouth, Devon and Chas as Stourbridge, Worc.  John was the first lessee of the Clent Hills run up near Lake Heron and in patnership with Leach in Snowdon. Buried in the Holy Trinity Churchyard at Avonside, Christchurch.  The Press 4 Jan. 1913 "he brought out servants, Library and Plate."  After Dudley died in 1861 his widow married Wm De Troy a schoolmaster in 1864.  Both died at the Ashley Roads Board Office 14 October 1894. No report of inquest in paper.

Chas DUDLEY was educated at Edinburgh, Paris & London for the medical profession. He presented his medical papers which were approved 3/12/1853.  Married 1844 Agnes Jane dau. of Capt E Scott of the 20th Light Dragoons. Agnes died 28/2/1896 age 79. Chas practiced at Lyttelton for five years and then moved to Kaiapoi in 1848. Mayor of Kaiapoi in 1871 & 1872 and served three periods as mayor and about 20 years as councilor, was registrar and coroner for 25 years, died 16/9/1881. Reference: G. R MacDonald Canterbury Obituaries, Canterbury Museum, Christchurch, NZ. Information courtesy of John Dudley  GG Grandson of John Dudley.  Please contact John if you have further information on the Labuan and the DUDLEY family or you would like information.

FINNIMORE: The Finnimore family eventually finished up in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The father, John Thomas, was baptised 24th March 1822 in St Pancras Old Church, London and died in Brisbane on the 15th October 1874.  His wife was Elizabeth Butler. They were married 16th May 1843 in St Pancras Old Church, and she died on the 12 May 1892 at Marburg, Queensland. The two children listed here were born c1844 (Mehetable) (m. Patrick McAllister) and c1848 (Joseph John). The death record for a William Whittington Finnimore, buried at Wondai in Queensland, indicates this family, and gives his birth date and place as 13th October, 1851 in Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand, but no record of the birth can be found in New Zealand records. The death certificate for John Thomas says that he was '23 years in the colony' and for Elizabeth '40 years in the colony' indicating an arrival date of approximate 1851. While the 'colony' here usually refers to Queensland, they might use it to mean 'out from England'. The year of their arrival in Queensland has not been established. The father of John Thomas was also John Thomas and his mother Sarah Eastmore. The father of John Thomas Snr was John Finnimore who married Mary Rexford on 3rd September 1775 in London. There are quite a lot of Finnimore's who have Rexford as a first or second given name, and presumably can be traced back to this Rexford marriage, and are related to the Finnimore's who arrived on the Labuan. The son, Joseph John Finnimore, died 15th December 1924 and is buried at Nundah cemetery, Brisbane. Information courtesy of Phil Finnimore. Please contact Phil if you would like any information or have any information Finnimore family line.

Lyttelton Times, Volume I, Issue 41, 18 October 1851, Page 4
Births. October 13th, at Christchurch, the wife of Mr. John Finnimore, late elementary schoolmaster on board the Labuan, of a son.

LEACH: John Dudley was a partner with G. P Leach in Snowdon. Dudley died while Leach was away in England and Mrs. Dudley tried to carry on but without much success and most of the partnership money was lost. Reference: G R MacDonald Canterbury Obituaries quoting Acland.  Snowdon was advertsied for sale in May 1863, 40 000 acres carrying 7,000 to 8,000 sheep. In 1859 the first recorded race meeting to occur in South Canterbury occurred on the MacDonald run at Orari. Officials included G. P. Leach and Michael Studholme. Reference: Gillespie's "South Canterbury A Record of Settlement".

John George Murray born in Surrey, England came out on the Labuan, landed in Canterbury in 1851. He married Mary Gebbie in 1864 and settled at Halswell. They had four sons and three daughters.
1869 Murray Marion
1866 Murray George
1867 Murray Frances Mary
1870 Murray Charles Frank
1872 Murray Ellen
1874 Murray Arthur John

George Murray (1866-1943), runholder 40 years Mackenzie Country, aged 77. Buried at St. Mary's Churchyard Cemetery, Halswell, Canterbury, NZ.
Mary Murray (1869 -1954), aged 84. A gentle and courageous pioneer of the Mackenzie Country.

Sun, Volume I, Issue 78, 8 May 1914, Page 5
P.R., 335, Run No. 79, Mackenzie County, Roma Hope to Herbert Nalder, 36,900 acres

Photo taken March 2015 by Bev. E.

STUDHOLME : The Studholme brothers took up a run, "Te Waimate",  South Canterbury, NZ in July 1854.   Michael Studholme, at age seventeen reached Lyttelton on the Labuan from Cumberland in 1851 with his two brothers, John, who had just left Oxford University, and Paul, not yet twenty.  They first purchased a small property at Governers Bay, in Lyttelton Harbour, sold it, went to the Australian gold fields, returned to Canterbury.   Paul left New Zealand in 1858 and never returned.  Descendants still own the original Te Waimate homestead block, over a century of unbroken succession. Reference: Gillespie's "South Canterbury A Record of Settlement".

Labuan (La-boo-an)
Island of Sabah off N.W. Borneo now part of Malaysia, was a Britsh Territory in 1846, 35 sq mi.
Small shopping square in Geelong, Victoria

The Labuan sailed from London / Plymouth to Geelong, Port Phillip, Australia in 1849. 
Labuan Goldfield, Australia
HMAS Labuan 1949 -1951 Landing Ship Tank

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