Log of Logs by Ian Nicholson
Log of Logs by by Ian Nicholson

 Vol. 1. Cover: The ship La Hogue, 1878, well known on the England - Australia run from a painting by J.G. McGredie.      Vol. 2. Cover: The famous Cutty Sark from a painting by J.G. McGredie.   Vol. 3. Cover: Painting of the barque William Bryan 

"It is felt that the great age of sail and the transition to steam last century, covering emigration to the Antipodes, the Colonial era, the heyday of whaling, and the opening of the Pacific and Indian Oceans to navigation and trade is the period of paramount interest to researchers and genealogists. Acknowledging that many logbooks and journals of that period have not been preserved, it is considered that a good proportion of what has been saved has now been catalogued in these volumes."
Ian Nicholson. Dec. 1998.

A catalogue of logs, journals, shipboard diaries, letters and all forms of voyage narratives, for Australia and New Zealand, and surrounding oceans, Vol.1,1788-1988 ISBN 0-7316-6534-1 630p; Vol. 2, 1788-1993,Vol. 3, 1788 to 1998, author & Roebuck Society, Canberra, 1990, 1993 ISBN 0646 09182 4, 1998
Ship entries, types of voyages and maritime activities and incidents are in alphabetical arranged. Vol. 2 contains information from collections not previously listed in Vol. 1 e.g. Canterbury Museum Archives, Otago Settlers Museum, Taranaki Museum Archives, Wellington Maritime Museum, West Coast Historical Museum. This compilation was a twenty year undertaking by Mr Nicholson. The Auckland Maritime Museum holdings have not been included. Newspapers have not been covered. Ships, are in alphabetically order. A separate index of private log keepers and authors of personal narratives follows the key list.
Illustrations in Log of Logs Vol. 1  with a NZ connection only.
Aquitania, RMS
Blue Jacket
Egmont, SS
Havannah, HMS
Kaikoura, SS
Lancashire Witch
Ngatore, SS
HMS Ophir
Pacific, SS
Rona ex Polly Woodside
Salamander, HMS
William Bryan

Captains Index from "Log of Logs" Vol. 1
Illustrations in Log of Logs Vol. 2 with a NZ connection only. Covers over 5000 ships' names, with references to 20,000 narratives. 220 illustrations. 620pp
Aorangi, MV
Aquitania, RMS
Diver, HMS
Earl of Zealand
Empress of Canada
Fly, HMS
James Craig
Jessie Craig
Kaikoura, SS
Lachlan, HMNZS
Maheno, TSS
New Zealand, HMS
Penguin, HMS
Philip Laing
Port Townsville, MV
Rotomahana, SS
Ruapehu, SS
Star of India ex Euterpe
Log of Logs Vol. 3
500 p. : ill., 25 cm. Includes index. Roebuck Society publication ; no. 52
ISBN: 0958523207 (pbk.) : I. Nicholson, 18 Wunnunga Cres., Yaroomba, Queensland 4573, Australia. Contains:
1. Inadequate listing in previous volumes for the Alexander Turnbull Library and Hocken Library. 
2. NZ sources updated
3. Relevant overseas museums
4. Many Australian collections
5. Have include more general references i.e. ship and company histories
6. More comprehensive notes and references for crew and immigrant lists
Illustrations in Log of Logs Vol. 3 with a NZ connection. 
Aldinga 1862
Aorangi (1883)
Arawa 1885
British King 1883
Claude Hamilton 1862
Coptic 1884 (lower image)
Crusader 1865
Deborah 1840
Dunedin 1874
Euterpe 1874
Fanny 1836
Governor Macquarie 1827
Huia 1900
Invercargill 1874
Lady Jocelyn 1852
Lady Nugent
Margaret Galbraith 1871
HM Colonial Cutter Mermaid
Nieuw Amsterdam 1938
Nelson 1850s
HM schooner Pandora
Rangatira USSCo. 1930s
SS Rimutaka
SS Ruahine 1892
Soukar 1864
Wild Duck 1859
Navigational index for Vol. 2, * Vol. 1, and teal Vol. 3 additional topics.
Actions, Naval Battles, & Wars*
Aircraft Carrier Narratives, etc.
Antarctic Voyages & Exploration*
Astronomical & Chronometrical Observations, Sight Books & Logs
Boat Voyages & Boat Surveys, etc.*
Births & Deaths at Sea
Cable Laying and Repair Ships
Canoe, and other Native Craft Voyages
Cargo Manifests etc*
Catamaran Voyages
China Station, Royal, and the USN in China
Clipper Ships*
Collisions at sea, and in Harbour
Companies/Shipowners and Shipping Line Records and Histories*
Convict Transportation
Convoys and Ships in Company*
Crew Lists and Agreements
Customs & Ceremonies at Sea; Sailor's Superstitions*, legends, and Myths: Sports & Entertainment Afloat
Desertions from ships
Dhrow Voyages
Discoveries & Exploration
Docks, Dockyards, & Docking Records, Slipway Diaries, etc.
Dredges, Barges, Hoppers, & support craft, etc.
Drunkenness at Sea
Dutch ships
Earthquakes, Volcanoes at Sea in Harbour and Tidal Waves
East India Company Ships 's Logs, and US merchantman in the East
East Indian Station, Royal Navy
Engineer's/Engineroom Logs & Registers. etc.*
Fairmile Motor Launches/Patrol Craft
Falls from Aloft and Other Accidents
False Logs, etc and False and Fictitious Ship Names
Ferry Logs
Fire at Sea & in Harbour, Explosions in Ships
First Fleet*
Fishing Voyages/Trawling/Fishery research etc.
Fur Trade

Hospital Ships & Ambulance Transports
Hurricanes, or Tropical Revolving Storms
Icebergs; Reports of Same; and Collisions
Imaginary Islands, Reefs, & Vigias
Immigrant/Emigrant Ship Voyages*
Improper or Immoral Conduct Afloat
Incomplete Shipboard Diaries and Journals
Japanese Navy WW2 Subs & Ships.
Junks and Junk Voyages
Juvenile Journals, Letters, & diaries
Labour Trade*"Coolie" & "Kanaka" Trade, Blackbirding etc
Landing Ships and Craft, Amphibious Vessels etc.
Lifeboat, Liferaft, and Survival Voyage Logs, etc.
Liberty Ships
Lighthouse Keeper's Logs and Records etc.
Lightning Strikes on ships; and St. Elmo's Fire
Liners of the World
Livestock Voyages and Trade; Animals and Pets Afloat, etc.
Loch Line Records
Marine Archaeology
Marriages at Sea*
Merchant Ship Logs*
Meteorological Logs & journals, and Cloud Observations, etc.*
Missing Ships, Mysterious Maritime Incidents*
Missionary Ships & Voyages*
Motor Launches (NL's & HDML's) in Naval Services
Motor Torpedo Boats (MTB's/PT Boats)
Mutiny, Refusal of duty, & Misbehaviour, etc*
Naturalists Notes, Journals, and Collections, etc. of Voyages
Newspapers and Journals published afloat, Ship Magazines, etc.*
North West Coast of America Voyages
Oceanographic Cruises
Official Log Books
Pacific Voyages
Passenger Lists, Tickets, Contracts & Agreements, etc.
Pearl Fishery/Pearling
Pilot Stations & Vessels, and Pilots' Personal Logs or Diaries; also Port and Harbour Records, etc*
Piracy, and Anti-Piracy Patrols. etc*.
Plunder of Ships; Massacre of Crews, etc.
Privateers and Letters of Marque
Punitive Voyages and Expeditions:
Quarantine; and Epidemics on Passage*
Races, Regattas, etc*
Radio Logs/Wireless Logs
Raft Voyages*
Record Passages, Fast Voyages, Significant Ships and Events, etc.*
Refugee and Evacuee Voyages
Remark Books of HM Ships*
Repatriation Voyages
Reports of Proceedings of her Majesty's Ships and Squadrons
River Voyages, and Trade etc.
Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)
Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Ships*
Royal Fleet Auxiliaries
Royal Navy (RN) Ships
Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) Ships
Russian Navy
Sailing Directions, Navigational and Hydrographic Information, Pilotage, and recommended Ship Routes, etc.
Salvage of Ships & Cargoes, and Marine diving, etc.
School Ships, & Training Vessels; and School aboard ships, etc
Schooners & Scows
Scientific Voyages and Expeditions, Magnetic Surveys, etc*
Scuttling of Vessels
Sea Serpents, & Monsters, etc.
Sealing Voyages etc.*
Seizure of Vessels
Sickness Afloat
Signal Logs of ships, and Signal station records re Ships, etc*
Slave Trade, and Suppression of it*
Solo Voyages
Speakings, & Visits between Ships at Sea, etc.
Special Service Squadron (RN)
Strikes by Crews
Submarine Voyages and wartime Operations
Surgeons' Journals, Medical Logs and Diaries, etc.
Survival Voyages
Temperance Ships
Third Fleet*
Towing Voyages, and Tugs, etc.
Troop Transport Voyages*
Unidentified Ships/Voyages by Unknown or Unnamed Vessels*
United States Navy / America warships
Victory Ships
Warship Logs &  Records*, War Diaries
Wartime on the Wharves & at Sea
Waterspouts, and Whirlwinds*
Whaling Voyages*
Women in Warships*

Women in Whalers  & Traders
Wrecks, Wartime Losses, and shipping Casualties, etc.
Yachts/Yachting Voyages/ Pleasure Cruises, etc*.

Index *Vol. 1

"Like most true "islanders", New Zealanders and Tasmanians have the sea in their veins..."
Ian Nicholson

21/11/2000 Sydney Morning Herald
Ian Nicholson, CBE
RAN commodore, 1928-2000

One of the Royal Australian Navy's high achievers, who is widely acclaimed for his research on nautical records, Commodore Ian Nicholson, CBE, has died in retirement at the age of 72.  He started his career in spectacular fashion, when in 1946 as a midshipman in his first ship HMS Newfoundland, a British cruiser, the ship ran aground in the Yangzi River when on passage from Shanghai to Nanjing. This was the cause of some embarrassment to the Royal Navy for on board was the Fleet Navigator, the Yangzi pilot and the Commander-in-Chief British Pacific Fleet, Admiral Sir Bruce Fraser.

Another extraordinary sequel occurred in January 1947, when Midshipman Nicholson was posted to HMS Bonaventure for return to Australia. HMS Bonaventure was a submarine depot ship, coming to Australia to return those RN sailors in Navy detention or civil prison to finish their sentences in Singapore. The ship ran aground for 24 hours when transiting the Great Barrier Reef and once again the young Nicholson learnt at an early age the importance of safe navigation.  The sea was in his blood: Nicholson was the great-great-grandson of John Nicholson, Master, Royal Navy, who was Sydney's first Master Attendant (1821-42) and after whom the harbour of New Zealand's capital city, Wellington, was named (Port Nicholson).

Born in Cobargo, NSW, he was educated at Albury Grammar School and the RAN College. In his later naval service he attended the Royal Naval Staff College (Britain), Armed Forces Staff College (United States) and the Australian Administrative Staff College in Victoria.  After completing sub-lieutenant's courses in England in 1948 he served in HMA ships Gladstone, Sydney (during the Korean War), Murchison and Fremantle. He also served during the Cyprus Emergency and the Suez Crisis in 1956.  As a specialist in communications he was the RAN Fleet Communications officer in 1960-62 and Director of Naval Communications in Canberra on two occasions.

His commands included HMAS Anzac (1964-65) as a Commander and HMA ships Hobart and Perth in 1972-74 as a captain. He was also Commanding Officer of HMAS Cerberus, the Navy's principal training establishment in Victoria.  Commodore Nicholson was Australian Defence Adviser in Singapore in 1976-77. An Honorary Aide to the Governor-General, Sir Zelman Cowen, Nicholson was made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1982. Nicholson was a devoted naval history scholar, always seeking to set the record straight. His membership of the Naval Historical Society of Australia saw many examples of his research appear in the society's publication the Review, the last completed just before his death addressed the loss of HMAS Sydney in 1941.

His books include Shipping Arrivals and Departures (1826-1840), Gazetteer of Sydney Shipping (1788-1840), Shipping Arrivals and Departures Tasmania (1803-1833), three volumes of Log of Logs and Via Torres Strait. Nicholson is survived by his wife, Brenda, son Peter, daughters Helen and Jenny and six grandchildren.

D. W. Leach, J. B. Snow
Nicholson, Ian Hawkins (1996) Via Torres Strait: A Maritime History of the Torres Strait Route and the Ship's Post Office at Booby Island. QLD: Roebuck Series. 418pp. A maritime history of the Torres Strait shipping route, including the inner passage and along the Great Barrier Reef and the outer one through the Coral Sea.  It is the complete story of Australia�s most strategic seaway. Limited edition of 1,000 copies. Index. 150 maps and illustrations.

"His books will be a living memorial to his boundless knowledge of all things maritime. He was one of the Australian Navy's most senior officers before his retirement - hence his abiding interest in ships. Though I didn't meet Ian Nicholson, like thousands of others I'll be forever grateful for his marvellous work which has helped me and others further our research." GENANZ

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