The "Maori" to Nelson, N.Z. in 1855.

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New Zealand Bound
1855 to Nelson

Reference: 'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website.

(Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 27 October 1855, Page 2)

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 27 October 1855,
Arrived. October 23, ship Maori, 1,000 tons, Petherbridge, 107 days from London.

Passengers —

Mr Baring
Miss Ellens  (Geo. Ellins)
Mr. William and Mrs. R.L. France
Mr. and Mrs. France
Miss Kinross (John G. Kinross)
Mrs. Latter and 2 daughters (M.C. Latter and Sophia C.Latter)
Mr. and Mrs. Mackenzie
Mr Numan
Miss Price
Rev. W. and Mrs. A. Ronaldson
Misses J. and F. Smith (John Smith Jr)
Miss I.M. Stuart
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Jane Struthers
Mr Storey
Miss Sutton

Steerage passengers —

Mr. Isaac and Mrs. Aroa and 3 children
M. A. Aroa
Mr Robert Aroa
Mr Banceman
(E.A. Baring)
Mr Peter Campbell
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Clarkson
Mr. and Mrs Clarkson and 2 children
Mr Cockburn
C. Courtney
Mrs. Jane Cox and 3 children
Mr. George and Mrs. Davidson and 5 children
Mr William Denholm
Mr William Douglas
Mr. Jocken and Mrs. Ebert
(Robert and Eliza France)
Mr. William and Mrs. Gibson and 3 children
Caroline Haines
Mr. Herus and Mrs. Hammerich and 2 children
Mrs. E. and C. Horn
Mr. and Mrs. Ireland and 4 children
Mr Johan Jordan and wife
Mr. Johan and Mrs. Sophie Lange
Mr Thomas Littlewort
Mr. John and Mrs. Lodge and 2 children
Mr Charles Lucas
Mr. Alexander and Mrs. Jessie Macdonald, Thomas Macdonald, Jessie Macdonald, jun
Mr. James and Mrs. M'Leod
(Mrs. Mckenzie)
Mr. Mair and 4 children
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Neale and 1 child (Neal)
Mr. John and Mrs. Georgina Oughton and 3 children
Mr James Page
Margaret Pettie (Petrie)
Mr. Edward  and Mrs. Rabon and child (rabone)
Mr Christian Rose
Isabella Sharp
Mr. John and Mrs. Sheppard and 2 children
Susan Stoneham
Mr. and Mrs. Stellie and 1 child
(G. Storey)
Mr. and Mrs. Strutt and 2 children
(Ann Sutton)
Mr Ludwig and B. Tiedehen  (Lernhardt Tiedehem)
Mrs. Henry Wastie and child, Mary L. Wastie
Mr. and Mrs. Webster
Mr. John Withers and 3 children
(John and Mary Winder)
C. and M. Ziemfs

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 31 October 1855
Sailed October 27, Maori, 799 tons, G. Petherbridge, for Wellington, with part of original cargo from London.

Passengers —

Mr. and Mrs. Struther, Alex. Struther, Mary Struther
Mr. James. Donaldson,
Mrs. Mary Donaldson
Mr. George Elliers
Mrs. Rosina France
Mr. William France
Mr. John Kinross
Mrs. Latter and two daughters
Mr. Robert Price
Mr. James Stuart
and 26 in the steerage.

THE MAORI. She left London and arrived Nelson 8 June 1853 -  93 day voyage.

 Sir Henry Brett "White Wings" Vol 1.,
The old Maori, as she was familiarly called, made several successful voyages to New Zealand in the early days. She was one of Willis, Gann and Co.'s ships, and made several voyages under the company's flag to Auckland, Lyttelton, Nelson, Wellington, and Dunedin, and in the sixties was chartered by the Shaw, Savill Co., to bring out immigrants...... the Maori was a ship of 800 tons, but for her size was a very slow sailer, her average passages occupying about 120 days. On one occasion, however, on her second voyage to Nelson, she reached port in 93 days, land to land 88. This was described by the Nelson paper as an extraordinarily quick passage, and, compared with other ships arriving in the fifties, it was remarkable."

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle,  11 June 1853, Page 62
Arrived June 5, barque Belle Creole, 269, Hinton, from Melbourne. Passengers, Captain Gascoine and 6 children, Miss Sutherland, Mr. and Mrs. Humphries, Mr. and Mrs. Mason.' Messrs. Tinline, Gray, Daniels, M'Donald, Robthason, and Munifte.
8, schooner Necromancer, 16, Askew, from Port Cooper. Passengers, Mrs. Smith and 5 children.
— , ship Maori, 900, Petherbridge, from London.

The ship Maori, Captain Charles Petherbridge, from London, arrived in port on Tuesday last. She has made the extraordinary quick passage of ninety-three days from Plymouth, or eighty-eight days from land to land. Very few heavy gales have been experienced, and during the voyage four births and two deaths have taken place. The Maori has brought a large cargo of general merchandize, and one hundred and five passengers, the greater part of whom, we understand, are for this place, and comprise many of the relatives of Nelson Settlers who were sent for by their friends under the Government Regulations, and being principally mechanics, and persons of the labouring class, will prove a valuable addition to the Settlement in these times of scarcity of labour. Testimonials, signed by nearly all the passengers, were presented to the Captain and Surgeon of the Ship, and will be found printed in another part of to-day's paper.

Passengers :


Mr. and Mrs. White and 3 children
Dr. Robert Sutton
Messrs. D. and J. Kay
Mr Northwood,
Mr  M'Kellar
Mr  Fulton
Mr  Every
Mr Bailey
Mr Bolton
Mr Trolove
Mr  and Drummond.

Intermediate —

Mr. Mrs. and Miss Street, Mrs. S. Street
Miss A. Headlam
Mr. and Mrs. Baker and 3 children
Mr. and Mrs. Leaper
Mr. and Mrs. Rout
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Saxon and 10 children
Messrs. Bullen, Pinniger, Clark, Whitehorne, Cleland, Hassill, and Hope.


Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong and 3 children
Mr. and Mrs. Allcock and 9 children
Mr. and Mrs. Baigent and 4 children
Mr W. M. Basket
Mr M. Blackall
Mr H. and E. Bullard
Mr D. Baigent,
 J. Cameleon, wife and child
J. Connor
T. Crisp
W. Cross
H. Gill and 3 children
T. Gold, wife and 3 children
L. James, wife and 4 children,
R. Kenneth
D. and C. Leahy
S. Marriott and 2 children
R. M'Donald
J. M'Kenrie
E. Ritchinger
Mr. and Mrs. Robson and child
Mr. and Mrs. Ross
S. Sheat
E. Shepherd
J. Walker, wife and 3 children
Mr. Warmington

THE MAORI. She left London and arrived Nelson 8 June 1853 -  93 day voyage 

List of Passengers. Assisted by Her Majesty's Government, landed at this Port, from the Ship "Maori" from London.
[Headings: Names / Ages etc. / Trades] Archives New Zealand

ARMSTRONG James Married 29 Quarryman
Anna Married 32
Mary Jane child 10
Bridget child 7
James child 2

ALLCOCK James Married 32 Labourer
Charlotte Married 40
Henry Seth Single 18 -do-
Esther Single 17
Isaac Single 15
Jane child 13
Eliza child 11
Lucy child 5 [twin]
James child 5 [twin]
David child 3 months
[margin note: Philip Alcock age 20 not arrived]

BAIGENT Isaac married 34 -do-
Jane married 32
Amos child 7
Eliab child 4 [male]
Isaac child 2
Daniel single 27 Sawyer

BLACKALL Mary single 35 Governess

CAMELON John married 27 Shepherd
Alice married 27
Elizabeth child 1

CONNER James single 22 Labourer

GILL Henry married 33 -do-
Edward child 8
Emily child 6
Mary child 4
[margin note: three Children were mentioned in the undertaking to pay]

GOLD Thomas married 29 Carpenter
Ann married 30
[margin note: This Name does not appear amongst any applications in this Office]
Mary Ann child 2.1/2
Thomas child 1.1/2

JAMES Levi married 29 Labourer
Mary married 32
Mary child 6
Amy child 5
Carried forward 7 married men; 6 married females; 4 single men; 2 single females; 8 male children; 11 female children

[2nd page]
JAMES Daniel child 2
John 3 months

LEAKY Daniel single 22 Laborer
Catherine single 14

MCDONALD Roderick single 30 Shepherd

MCKENZIE James single 24 Tailor

ROSS George married 25 Carver & Gilder
Jane married 20
[margin note, unfortunately illegible but reads Jane Ross ....."]

SKEATE Stephen single 17 Labourer

SHEPHERD Elizabeth single 22 None

WALKER John married 26 Labourer
Becky married 25
Mary Maria child 5
Ellen child 3. ˝
Jane child 2

Totals: 9 married males; 8 married females; 8 single males; 4 single females; 9 male children;  14 female children.

Signed: Chas. Logie, Immigration Officer
Custom House
This 18th day of June 1853.

Letter ref 17/53. UD191d
Custom House Nelson
18th June 1853

I have the honor to report for the information of your Honor, that the Passengers as per inclosed Lists, assisted by His Majesty's Ggovt, have been safely landed with their baggage at this port, from the Ship "Maori" Petherbridge ex London, and on inquiring it appears that Captain Petherbridge has treated them well and kindly throughout/ throughout the voyage -
I have the honor to be
Your Honor's
Most obedient Humble Servant
Chas Logie
Immigration Officer.
The above information on  'The Old Maori' courtesy of Rosie. Posted 10 Sept. 2000

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 27 December 1851, Page 174
Arrived. Dec. 95, ship Maori, 799, Petherbridge, from London Sept. 10. Passengers, Mr. and Mrs. Seymour, Captain and Mrs Blundell and eight children, Dr. and Mrs. Richardson and three children, Mr. and Mrs. Mason and child, Mr. and Mrs. Wildman, Miss Isaacson, Messrs. Pasley, Cox, Turner, Tmibrell, Harris, Shepherd, A. Seymour, Whitbread, Washbourne, Eliza Hughes, Maria Dolman, and eighteen in the steerage.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 3 January 1852, Page 178
Arrived Dec. 9, schooner Mary, 40, Taylor, from Wairau.
l Jan. S, brig Spray, 100, Scott, from Sydney ; sheep. Passengers, Captain Fraser and Mrs Scott.
— brigantine Comet, 100, Clouston, from Sydney: sheep and general cargo.
SAILED. Dec. 31, brig Sisters, 200, Clarke, for Hobart Town.
Passengers arrived by the Maori, and bound for Otago :-— Mr and Mrs Gillon, family, and servants.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 17 January 1852, Page 185
Sailed. Jan. 12, ship Maori, 799, Petherbridge, for Wellington.