The "Mariner" from London to Nelson, N.Z. 1859

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New Zealand Bound
1859 to Nelson

Reference: 'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 27 April 1859, Page 2
Arrived. April 23, ship Mariner, 683, Frazer, from London.

Passengers (first cabin)

Rev. E. G. and Mrs. Edwards
Mr. S. Gaskill
Miss E. Gaskell
Mr. W. Skinner
Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Todd
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace
Mr. J. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson and family

Second cabin :

Newman Boseley
Charlotte Boseley
George Harris
Albert W. Brooks
Charles Harris and wife
William Pithey, wife, and two children
Charles Mousley

Steerage :

Charles Faulkner
Daniel West and two children
Joseph Wood

Assisted immigrants:

Mary Ann Avery and two daughters [Mary Anne Avery and family Nelson Examiner and NZ Chronicle, 20 April 1859, Page 2]
William Avery, wife, and son
Joseph Blaymires, wife, and four children
John Blaymires, wife, and three children
Walter Davidson
Frederick Ebierhardt, wife, and daughter [Eberhard Nelson Examiner and NZ Chronicle, 20 April 1859, Page 2]
Hans Eggers, wife, and daughter [Dorothea Eggers Nelson Examiner and NZ Chronicle, 20 April 1859, Page 2]
Frederick Evers and wife
Johann Heinrich Kruger, wife, and two children
Heinrich Johann Lamp, wife, and five children
Johann Nagel, wife, and child
Wilhelm Heinrich Newman, wife, and five children
Furgen Henrich River, and son
Mrs. Mary Rose
Johann Siggelkow
Heinrich Heintz [Johann Heintz see Nelson Examiner and NZ Chronicle, 20 April 1859, Page 2]

[Henry Rovers see Nelson Examiner and NZ Chronicle, 20 April 1859, Page 2]
[Henry Frederick Rovers Nelson Examiner and NZ Chronicle, 20 April 1859, Page 2]

[Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 20 April 1859, Page 2
Immigration Office, Nelson, April 19, 1859. The under mentioned IMMIGRANTS embarked on board the MARINER, for Nelson direct, on the 27th December last, viz. .. ..list differs slightly from the above]

Total, 48 English, 1 Irish, 41 Scotch, 35 foreign ; in all 125.

SHIP MARINER. The ship Mariner, Captain Frazer a arrived in the bay on Friday, but anchored too late to be reported in our last issue. The Mariner left the Downs on the 2nd January, and thus made the passage rather under sixteen weeks. She brings 141 passengers, including several assisted immigrants who have come to join their friends out here ; among the latter also are a good many Germans. About fifty of the passengers are for Otago, to which port the vessel proceeds when she has discharged her cargo here. The usual average weather has been experienced during the passage out ; and there has been one birth and two deaths the latter being infants who were sickly when they embarked. A personal inspection of the vessel enables us to report very favourably on the cleanliness and comfort apparent on board; and all of the passengers with whom we have conversed speak in high terms of the captain's treatment of them. The Mariner is, we understand, the first of a new line of vessels recently established by Shaw, Saville, and Co.

We have much pleasure in publishing the following testimonials, which were presented to Captain Frazer shortly after the ship came to an anchor : We, the undersigned cabin passengers of the ship Mariner, in congratulating her commander, Captain Charles Fraser, on the prosperous termination of our voyage, desire to tender him our united thanks for the courtesy and kindness he has invariably shown us during our passage. We also take this opportunity of expressing our satisfaction with the energy and skill he has displayed in the management of the ship, and our entire confidence in him in his present responsible situation.
Edward G. Edwards, Clerk
D. Brunton
Richard G. Wilson
Sydney Stridolph
Alexander B. Todd, F. C. Minister
Charles Harris
William Brooks
John N. Wilson
Benjamin O'Connor
Samuel Gaskell
Adam McGlerrick
W. F. Richard
Andrew Hannah
David Wallace
Charles Mousley
W. Pithey
G. Harris
James Finch
 Newman Boseley
  - Nelson, April 22nd, 1859.

To Commander Charles Fraser,
We, the undersigned steerage passengers of the ship Mariner, on our safe and prosperous arrival at Nelson, now unite in expressing our high appreciation of the energy, skill, and courtesy as displayed by you in the management of the ship, and our entire confidence in you, in the high and responsible situation you hold; We have further to tender our united thanks for all past kindness and attention, and be assured you carry with you our best wishes for your future prosperity.
George Mason
Mrs. James Avery
Peter McIntosh
Mrs. Mary Rose
James McIntosh
Friederich Evers
E. G. Lees
Johann Kruger
William Murray
Hans Eggers
F. G. Cairns
Friederich Eberhardt
John Pickson   [John Dickison ref. ; from family diaries, etc]
Johann Lamgy
Joseph Blaymires
Heinrich Neuman
William Jolly
Johann Heintz
David M'Carter
Christurn Nagel
James Laurie Oliver
Johann Kruger
John Blaymires
Daniel West
Walter Davidson
Margaret Stevenson
William Avery
Mary Stevenson
  - Nelson, April 23rd, 1859.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 21 May 1859, Page 2
Sailed May 20, barque Mariner, 680, Frazer, for Otago, with original passengers from London, and seven passengers transhipped ex Robertina, from Sydney, and one from Nelson.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 17 August 1859, Page 3
The Rev. A. B. Todd (who, it will be remembered, was a passenger by the Mariner from England, via Nelson) had been inducted into the charge of the Presbyterian church, at Tokomairiro.