"Mooltan" to Dunedin 1849

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The Mooltan (640 tons), built in Dumbarton SCT, only came to NZ once, on its maiden voyage. It is not the Mooltan referred to in other documentation according to the Greenwich Maritime Museum, England. There is nothing recorded except that it was sold and renamed shortly after the voyage to NZ. Other ships have held the same name, however. Arrived in Dunedin on 26 Dec 1849 from Greenock. F.S. Pillans diary is held by the Otago Settlers Museum. 120 immigrants, approximately 13 deaths, 9 having died from cholera.

Contributions to the Early History of New Zealand by T.M. Hocken, page 294. Includes the end of the Pekin passenger list.

Contributions to the Early History of New Zealand by T.M. Hocken, page 295
For rest of The Mariner passenger list standing with Twelftree.
The Reid passengers are off The Pekin.

Compiled by Dell Purdie, Descendant of Ship's doctor, William PURDIE. 30/6.
Contact: Dell Purdie: Phone +64-07-346 3091
Mail address: C.L. Purdie. 5/11 Mckee Ave. Fenton Park. Rotorua. 3201 [at 30 Jun, 1998]
This file, MOOLTAN.CSV, I have made available to the NZSG Genealogical Computing Group for general distribution and access for genealogical research only. [CLP] The origin was from a photocopy of the Emigration Register held at the Alexander Turnbull library.

Ship - MOOLTAN - arrived in Dunedin on 26 Dec 1849

No 	  NAME 				OCCUPATION  	M F-age 
Chief Cabin
FERGUSON  William  			Gentleman      25    
McADAM    Caroline   			Spinster       39    	Anderson's Bay
OATTS     Henry & Ann 			Gentleman      30 25 
OATTS     Ann                                      	   4 
OATTS     Maurice 		      	       	       10m   
PILLANS   Francis S.			Gentleman      38      settler, Molyneux
PURDIE    William & Elizabeth M Robertson Ship's Surgeon 52 36 
PURDIE    Margaret H.				  	  15 
PURDIE    Jessie Don 			        	9 
PURDIE    John William Mitchel		        	7	  
PURDIE    Henry Wight 					6 
PURDIE    Jane 					          3   	m. -_Gibron, Ashley Downs
PURDIE    David Robertson 				1 	bank clerk
PURDIE    Elizabeth Rose 			   	   2m 
TODD      Alexander & Mrs 		Accountant      46 37  	ag. Anderson's Bay; E. Taieri
TODD      Cornelius 					16 	ag. Cave Valley
TODD      James 					14 
TODD      Jessie 				 	    8
TODD      Archibald              	         	 6 
TODD      Alexander				         3 
TODD      William 				 	 2
Fore Cabin, Paying
3936 PLUMPTON  C.C (To Wgn)	        Gentleman * 	 29
3937 BELL      A H 	        	Spinster            35
3938 BLACKIE   William & Jane  		Shipmaster       35 36
3938 BLACKIE   William				 	 11
3938 BLACKIE   John				  	  9
3938 BLACKIE   Mary Jane			     	     6
3938 BLACKIE   Jessie 				     	     4
3938 BLACKIE   Catherine			             2m
3939 McDOIG    Andrew 			Farmer           21
3940 McDOUGAL  Thomas 			Farmer           21
3941 McGIBBON  John & Mrs       	Grocer 	         40 30
3941 McGIBBON  Thomas				   	  9
3941 McGIBBON  Jessie				  	     6
3941 McGIBBON  Jeannie				      	     3
3941 McGIBBON  John				   	  5m
3942 McGIBBON  Margaret				     	    24
3892 AITCHISON William			Groom 		 16

Steerage, Assisted
3893 BARR      Jean 			Servant 	   22
3894 BARR      John & Mrs		Mason		 47 48
3895 BEATOR    Malcom			Ploughman	 25		
3896 BERRIE    Janet 			Servant 	    24
3897 BISSETT   William & Agnes 		Mason 		 32 17
3898 BOYD      Allan	                Shepherd	 22
3899 BOYD John Shepherd 28
3900 CAMERON   David			Ploughman	 24
3901 CARLE     John & Elizabeth  	Labourer	 24 28
3901 CARLE     James					  3
3902 DUNCAN    Agnes			Servant		 14
3903 DUNCAN    George & Elspeth		Shepherd	 23 20
3904 DUNCAN    John & Mrs 		Gardener	 39 37
3904 DUNCAN    Henry 					  8
3904 DUNCAN    John					  6	
3904 DUNCAN    William 					  2
3905 DUNCAN    John			Labourer	 20
3906 DICK      Mary			Servant             18
3907 FERGUSON  Donald			Shepherd	 32
3908 GEBBIE    Alexander & Isabella	Agricultural	 46 38
3909 GEBBIE    James & Mrs		Gardener	 32 33
3909 GEBBIE    James					  3
3909 GEBBIE    Jeannie 					     1
3909 GEBBIE    John					  3m
3910 GRANT     Alexander		Shepherd	 28
3911 KIRKLAND  John & Margaret		Ploughman 	 34 26
3911 KIRKLAND  William					  2
3911 KIRKLAND  Agnes 					     5m
3912 LUMSDEN   Andrew & Jane		Blacksmith       26 30
3913 McDONALD  John			Ploughman 	 24
3914 McINDOE   Ann			Servant		    17
3915 McLACHLAN Donald & Catherine	Shepherd	 32 20
3916 McLACHLAN Duncan			Ship Carpenter	 26
3917 McLAY     Thomas & Margaret	Ploughman 	 29 28
3917 McLAY     John					  8
3917 McLAY     James					  6
3917 McLAY     Janet					  4
3917 McLAY     Mary					     2
3918 McMASTER  Alan & Jane		Ploughman	 22 22
3919 McMILLAN  Angus & Margory		Shoemaker/Plghmn 31 19
3920 McMILLAN  Janet			Servant		    33
3921 McNIEL    Margaret			Servant		    34
3922 McNIEL    Alexander & Mary 	Blacksmith	 26 24
3922 McNIEL    James					  2
3922 McNIEL    Ann					     5
3922 McNIEL    Mary					     4m
3923 McNIEL    James & Ann		Ploughman	 46 48
3923 McNIEL    John					 13
3923 McNIEL    Robert					 11
3924 MILLER    David			Mill Wright	 18
3925 NICHOLSON Donald			Ploughman	 23
3926 NICHOLSON John			Shepherd	 23
3927 SINCLAIR  Georgina			Servant		    28
3928 SINCLAIR  Grace			Servant		    25
3929 SMITH     Alexander & Jean		Labourer	 31 27
3930 STEPHEN   John			Joiner		 20
3931 STEPHEN   John & Mary		Butcher		 20 18
3932 STUDART   Alexander & Isabella	Labourer	 36 38
3933 TORRENCE  Margaret			Servant		    21
3934 TORRENCE  Isabella			Servant		    14
3935 WRIGHT    James & Mary		Labourer	 23 32
Steerage, Paying

3880 BEATTIE   Margaret			Widow		    67
3881 BEATTIE   Mary 					    13
3882 GILCHRIST Isabella			Widow		    34
3883 HALL      Margaret				  	    30
3884 HARRISON  Peter & Martha		Gentleman	 45 25
3884 HARRISON  Harriet 					     6
3884 HARRISON  Joseph					   5
3884 HARRISON  Edward					   4
3884 HARRISON  William					   2
3884 HARRISON  Clorinda					    6m
3885 McGREGOR  David & Magdalin				  21 21
3886 PATERSON  Janet					     30
3887 PATERSON  Mary					     42
3887 PATERSON  Mary					     18
3887 PATERSON  Roseanna					     14
3887 PATTERSON Jessie					     12
3887 PATTERSON Mina					      9
3887 PATTERSON Peter					   7
3887 PATTERSON Agnes 					      5
3887 PATTERSON Edward					   3
3887 PATERSON  Florence 				      6m
3888 PERKINS				Widow		  67
3889 PERKINS   George & Catherine	Gentleman	  42 40
3889 PERKINS   William				          16
3889 PERKINS   John					  13
3889 PERKINS   James					  11
3889 PERKINS   Charles					   9
3889 PERKINS   Catherine				      6
3889 PERKINS   Clorinda					      4m
3890 PROUDFOOT Jane			Widow		     25
3891 SMELLIE   William			Gentleman	  42
* = CLEMISON, P.C. in J. MacGibbon's book.

Otago Witness, 7 December 1899, Page 43

In connection with the reunion held by the Otago Early Settlers' Association to celebrate the jubilee of the arrival of the ships Larkins, Cornwall, Kelso, Pekin, and Mooltan, we have already published a list of the passengers and descendants who were present, and now correct the following mistakes : Misses Margaret Gibb and Jessie J. Shand are descendants of the late Alexander Todd (Taieri), not of Geo. Duncan ; and Mrs Higgins should be Jessie Duff, not Jane. Mrs Lambert, Kensington, is sister. Mrs M. J. Smith, Caversham, is a daughter, and Henry J. Duncan, Dunedin, is son of Henry Duncan, North-East Valley. We now publish a full list of the surviving passengers, and also of descendants and the secretary will be glad to be notified of any errors or omissions, so as to have correct entries in the annals of the association : 

Larkins, September 11, 1849,
Survivors. �

Mrs Salmond, Tokomairiro
Joseph Bower, Hillend ; Mrs Mathew Marshall (Julia Bower), Hillend;
Charles Brotherston, Dunedin; Mrs Wm. Grey (Jane Brotherston), Roslyn ;
Mrs Lewis Edwards (Margaret Duff), N.E. Harbour;
Charles Grey, Milton;
Mrs Robertson (Mary M'Master), Anne M'Master, Fassifern ;
Mrs Thompson (Mary Miller) ; Dunedin ;
Mr and Mrs Nicolson, Mahono ;
James Robertson, Melrose; William Robertson, Maori Hill; Mrs Hutcheson (Jessie Robertson) ; Mrs Mathieson (Margaret Robertson), Dunedin;
Peter Smith, Clutha; Mrs Robt. M'Kenzie (Agnes Smith), Dunedin;
Miss Taylor, Dunedin ;
John Stevenson, Henley ;
Mrs James Brown, Dunedin. Total, 21.

Descendants.  Late John Bain, Halfway Bush. John, Halfway Bush ; James, St. Leonards ; William, Dunedin ; Andrew, South Dunedin ; George, Dunedin ; Mrs John Muir (Kate), Hokitika ; Mrs Wm. Nicol (Helen), Dunedin ; Mrs Trivas (Marion), North Island.  Joseph Bower, Hill end five sons and three daughters. Late Hugh Bower, Balclutha; Mnthew, John, and Francis, Balclutha; Hugh, Christchurch ; Mrs Ramage (Julia), Balclutha ; Mrs Manly (Agnes), Dunedin.  Mrs William Grey (Jane Brotherston), Waihola and Roslyn. Mrs Jas. Mollison, Mrs Walter Gow, Mrs Gibb, Miss Grey.  Late Donald Cameron, Halfway Bush. Hugh and Donald, Halfway Bush; Mrs Campbell (Jessie), Taranaki. Late Thomas Grainger, Anderson's Bay. Mrs Donald Edwards (Jane) ; Mrs Isabella Duckworth, Highcliff; Thomas, Anderson's Bay; James Broad Bay; William, Kelso; Edward, Tapanui; Mrs Walker (Margaret), Anderson's Bay.  Late Walter Miller, Roxburgh. Andrew  Dipton; John Cargill, Oamaru; Mrs Thompson (Mary), Dunedin ; Walter, Hawke's Bay ; William Hope, Dunedin.  Late William Smith, Clutha. Mrs Anderson and two sons.  Peter Smith, Clutha  family, six.  John Stevenson, Henley  two sons.  Mrs Higgins (Jessie Duff), Dunedin. William Robertson, Maori Hill  five sons, three daughters.  Late James Brown, Dunedin  numerous descendants.

Cornwall, September 23, 1849

Survivors. �
John Borton, Oamaru;
Francis G. Laing, Dunedin;
Mrs M'Donald (Catherine Short), North Island; Mrs Thos; Anderson (Margaret Short), Kurow; Mrs Meo (Janet Short), Maheno
John Walter Stoddart, Manaia ;
David Muir, Palmerston ;
Mrs M'Leod (Margaret Cornwall Muir), Palmerston ;
Mrs Mary Hepburn (Marshall), Roslyn ;
William Mathieson,
Robert Murray, Clarksville;
James Strain, Mary Ann Strain, and Mrs Finch (Elizabeth Strain), N.E. Valley. Mrs Hance Strain (aged 81 years) died at, N.E. Valley on 20th November, four days before the reunion was held.) Total, 14.

Descendants. Late J. R. Johnston, Dunedin. Henry Augustus, London; Alfred Bruce, Dunedin; Mrs Helen Saunders, Christchurch ; Misses Annie Rose and Catherine Cargill, Dunedin. Francis G. Laing, Dunedin. Percy, Charles, Mrs Jeffreys, Misses Nellie, Flossie, and Winnie, Dunedin.  Late Peter Proudfoot, Geo. C. Proudfoot, Dunedin.  Late Robert Short, N.E. Valley and Maheno. Mrs Catherine M'Donald, North Island ; Mrs Margaret Anderson. Kurow; Mrs Janet Mee and Annie Short, Maheno; Mrs Isabella Short, N.E. Valley; Mrs Agnes Black, Christchurch; Mrs Jemima White, Riversdale. Late William Sanderson, Anderson's Bay. Mrs Helen Stewart and Mrs Alex. M'Donald, Tomahawk; John and William, Highcliff; Misses Elizabeth and Jane, South Dunedin. Late John Muir, Kaikora. David and Mrs C. M'Leod, Palmerston ; Mrs Mary Matheson, John and William, Shag Valley. Late James Marshall, Halfway Bush. Mrs Mary Hepburn, Lewis Irvine Marshall, Roslyn. William Mathieson,  Clarksville. Agnes, Fanny, and Walter.  Robert Murray. John and Catherine, Clarksville.

Kelso, November 20, 1849

Survivors.  Robert Shanks, Gisborne;
James S., William, Andrew, Henry, Ellen, and Harriet Shanks, Mataura.
Total, 7. (James Smith, Dunedin, passenger, died 20th October, 1899.)
Descendants.  Late James Smith, Wakari, James Park Smith, Mrs Elizabeth Cahill, and Ann Mollison Smith, Dunedin.  Late Margaret Smith. William, Joseph, and Mrs Agnes Anderson, Stirling.

Pekin, May 12, 1849

Survivors. Mrs Thomas Brookes (Isabella Johnstone), Milton.

Descendants. Mrs Thomas Brookes, Milton, four sons seven daughters ; Mrs Edward Martin (Annie Reid), Milton; Mrs Moore, Milton (daughter, six sons and four daughters)

 Otago Witness 31 Dec. 1896Mooltan, December 26, 1849

Survivors.  James M. Todd, Oamaru ; Mrs Alexander Shand (Jessie Todd); William Todd and Mrs Dr McCaw (Jane McAdam Todd), Taieri ; Mrs Mac Gibbon, sen (83) ; Mrs J. S. Shanks (Jessie Mac Gibbon ); Thomas and John (of Mac Gibbon and Sons), Mataura and Gore; John M'Lay, Hawksbury; Mrs James Stevenson (Ann M'lndoe), Limestone Plains; Mrs Robert Millar (Georgina Sinclair) and Mrs William Millar (Grace Sinclair), Invercargill ; W. R. Perkins, Invercargill ; James Perkins, West Coast; Mrs J. C. M'Gregor (Charlotte Perkins), Mataura; Mrs George Duncan. Melbourne; Mrs James Pollock (Agnes Duncan), Dunedin ; John Duncan, Corner Bush, Merton ; John Kirkland, Gisborne; William (son), Elmgrove, Taieri ; Mrs Dr Purdie, Waiwera; William M., Tauranga; Henry M., Christchurch; Mrs Gilison (Jane Purdie, Waiwera; David R. Purdie, Wellington ; Mrs Johnston (Jessie Jones Blackie), Dunedin; Joseph and Edward Harrison, Pukerau; Petersen. Mrs Clemison (Mary), Sawyers' Bay; Mrs Walter (Rosanna), Berwick ; Jessie ; Mrs Grey (Florence), and Edward Love Peterson, Mornington ; Peter Peterson, Ahuriri ; William Aitchison, Kaitangata. William and Agnes Bissett, Oamaru ; Allan Boyd, North Taieri; James Curie, Mornington; Henry Duncan, North-East Valley; Jas. Gebbie, sen., Dunedin; James Gebbie, jun., Oamaru ; John Gebbie, Greymouth ; James and John M'Neil, Balclutha; James M'Neil, Caversham. Total, 46; and 88 survivors in all.

Descendants.  Late Alexander Todd, Taieri. Mrs Alexander Shand (Jessie), four sons, three daughters; Mrs Dr M'Caw (Jane MAdam), three sons, two daughters.  Late John Mac- Gibbon, Mataura. Ebenezer of (Mac Gibbon Bros., Mataura and Gore); Archibald Alexander (manager National Mortgage Company and Colin Mac Gibbon (manager Bank of New South Wales), Gore.  Alexander SniitaJ Taieri. Mrs Low and Mrs Falconer, Mosgiel (daughters). Late James Wright, Balclutha, John, North Island; Sinclair, James, and Simon, Balclutha; William and Mrs Georgar Anderson (Henrietta), .Stirling; Mrs George Wilson (Catherine), Milton. Late George Duncan (died at Ian Francisco, January 13, 1879).  Mrs Elspeth Duncan (wife); James W. and George S., Melbourne; Peter (solicitor) and Mrs Isabella S. Shand, Dunedin; Mrs Mary, D. Hume, San Francisco; Mrs Priscilla B. Smith, Greenfield; Mrs Emma A. Dudvit, Alfred J. and Edwin H., Victoria ; and Arthur L. Duncan, San Francisco.  John Duncan, Corner Bush � James, Palmerston ; Mrs Margaret Shand, Keith Hall; Mrs Mary Jeffries. Flag Swamp; Charles, Alexandra; and Graham, Dunedin. Mrs Pollock (Agnes Duncan), Dunedin. James, Mrs Thorn, and William, Mornington; Mrs Mary Kerr, Roslyn; George and Andrew, Dunedin. William Kirkland, Elmgrove (three sons and five daughters). Late Dr Purdie, surgeon of Moolton.  Mrs Purdie (wife), Waiwera; Henry, Christchurch: (one son four daughters) ; Mrs Gibson (Jane), Waiwera (three sons and one daughter) ; David R., Wellington (one son, one daughter); Mrs F. W. Isitt (Mary C), Christchurch (one son, two daughters). Late Captain William Blackie, Caversham.  Late Mrs John Allan, Bellfield (two sons, three daughters); Mr Johnston (Jessie Jones Blackie), Dunedin; Mrs Willoughby (Sarah Johnston), Auckland; Mrs Munro (Louise Ethel Johnston), Dunedin; William James Johnston, Taranaki; Isabella Johnston, Dunedin; Waiter Blackie, Taieri (five sons, three daughters).  Late Peter M'Gill, Milton. Allan, Donald, John, Duncan; Neil Duncan, John M'Donald, Mrs M'Intosh, (Mary), Mrs Chisholm (Katherine), and Jessie.  James M'Neil, James, jun., Caversham ; Alexander, Balclutha ; Eliza. Stuart, Wellington; Duncan, Melbourne; Andrew, Dunedin; Mrs Guthrie (Annie), Palmerston; Robert, Balclutha; Mrs Hay (Jessie Chalmers), Hawera; Mrs Newman (Mary. Christina), Clinton; Thomas Chalmers, Dunedin; John Douglas, North Island.  John M'Neil. Balclutha. James. England ; John, jun., Balclutha; Peter, Wairarapa; Annie, Feilding ; Margaret, London ; Miss Douglas, Wellington ; Duncan, Oamaru ; Mary, Balclutha; Jessie, Christchurch.  Mrs Cross (Jane Petersen), Mornington. Misses L. M.-and Florence Cross, Mornington.  Mrs Lambert, Kensington (Duncan); Henry Duncan, North-East Valley; Henry John, Dunedin; Mrs M. J. Smith, Caversham; Mrs W. G. Lumley, Dunedin.

Cholera was prevalent in Greenock, from which port the Mooltan sailed on 12th September, 1849, and it broke out on board on the 21st September, and continued until the 15th October. It was brought on board in the bedding of a passenger. There were about 20 cases altogether, of which nine died (Dr Hocken). On arrival at Port Chalmers on 26th December, Mr L. Langlands, then boarding officer at Port Chalmers, had the yellow flag hoisted and the ship isolated until Dr Manning, health officer, was communicated with. On consultation with Dr Purdie, and finding there had been no deaths for over two months Dr Manning decided there was no occasion to place her in quarantine, and the passengers, were allowed to land at once.