"Nourmahal" from London to Port Chalmer 1858

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Otago Witness Saturday May 8, 1858 page 6 & May 15 pg4

Shipping News 

Otago Witness May 15 1858. We re-publish the following Nourmahal list as we are unable to supply copies of last week's publication. The "Nourmahal" left Plymouth on the 8th February.

May 5, Nourmahal, 884 tons, Brayley, from London. Passengers.

Passengers- 1st Cabin: 
De Troy		William
Gillow 		Edward
Gillow		J
Gold		C
James		William A
Johnson		P
Martin		Robert and wife
Monteflore	Moses and wife
Murray		John
Nurse		William
Robertson 	Charles wife 2 sons and 3 daughters
Roscow 		Arthur
Roscow 		Thomas
Sendall		Henry
Twiss		Thomas
Twiss		Mary
West		August

2nd Cabin
Barton		George
Baxter		James
Edwards		Thomas
Eastgate	Elizabeth
Eastgate	William
Leech		John
Salter		John
Salter		Louisa
Williams	Edwin

Adam		William wife 2 sons and 3 daughters
Alexander	Henry
Arniss		George wife 2 sons and 4 daughters
Bacon		William wife 2 sons and 1 daughter
Baines		John wife 2 sons and 2 daughters (Barnes)
Baker		George wife 1 son and 2 daughters
Bamberry	Andrew
Bamberry	John
Bardsley	Moses wife and 2 sons
Barrett		Henry wife and daughter
Beadle		James wife and 2 sons
Bolton		William 
Borthwick	Eliza
Bowler		Henry William
Bradley		James wife and daughter
Brown		William wife and daughter
Boydom		Adam (?Brydone)
Buckham		George wife 2 sons and 2 daughters
Christie	William wife and daughter
Codling		Charles
Codling		Sarah
Craddock	Michael wife 3 sons and 1 daughter
Crowhurst	George wife and 2 daughters
Cudsden		Thomas wife 1 son and 4 daughters
Diack		John wife and 2 daughters
Dingwall	James
Elliot 		Mary
Field		Eliza
Freeman		William wife 3 sons and 4 daughters
Garthwaite	William wife 4 sons and 1 daughter
Groves		William
Gwyn		James wife and daughter
Hall		John wife and daughter
Holt		James
Hossack		Donald
Hubbard		William
Jeffries	John wife 4 sons and 4 daughters
Kent		Mary Ann
Knott		Thomas and wife Elizabeth Knott
McHamee		James (?McNamee)
McKenzie	Alexander and wife
McLennan	Donald
Marks		John and wife (?Mark)
Mickham		John
Miller		George wife 2 sons and 2 daughters
Morris		Edward
Morris	 	Mary
Morris		Thomas wife 3 sons and 2 daughters
Morton		Andrew
Morton		Daniel
Murray		George and wife
Murray		Robert wife 2 sons and 1 daughter
Neale		John 
Needham		John
Nichols		George wife (Mary) 2 sons and 3 daughters (?Mary Ann)
Nicol		Ann
Outram		John wife 2 sons and 1 daughter
Oxley		Robert wife son and 3 daughters
Preece		William
Redington	Richard
Redpath		Robert
Reynolds	Charles 
Reynolds 	Mary
Ronaldson	Thomas
Savage		Jane
Savage		John
Scarlett	Joseph
Scarlett	William wife and 2 sons
Simpson		Daniel wife 3 sons and 2 daughters
Smith		George wife 3 sons and 2 daughters
Smith		John wife son and 3 daughters
Sounness	Margaret
Sparks		William (?William J. Spark)
Staples		Frederick wife 3 sons and 2 daughters
Tala		John
Tanner		William wife 1 son and 1 daughter
Twaites		James
Walters		John
Ward		Thomas
Wood		Alfred
Wood		Martha

May 15 1858 pg4

The arrival of the "Strathfieldsaye" and the "Nourmahal" has made a very considerable addition to our population. There are: plouhghmen 29, shepherds 6, blacksmiths 4, labourers 72, carpenters 15, butcher 1, saddler 1, domestic servants 64.

May 29 1858 pg5

Resident Magistrates Court.
Henry Barrel sued Robert Hooper, Steward of the ship "Nourmahal," for 4 10ss, for acting as to the defendant, as Steward of said ship. Judgment was given for 1 10s, with half costs.

June 12 1858 Otago Witness

Cleared Out. June 4, Henry, 42, Wallace, for Port Lyttelton, with 2 bales and 5 cases. Passengers - Messrs. Gold, West and Hinnigan

pg6 Brayley v. Jones
The plaintiff, Lewis Cowley Brayley, master of the ship "Nourmahal" sought to recover from John Jones, merchant, Dunedin, the sum of 100, as damage for an assault made upon him by the said defendant at Dunedin on the 15ult. Agreed to a verdict of 5 damages, which the Magistrate ruled to carry full costs.

Warren v Brayley
George Warren claimed from Captain Brayley the sum of  20 as salvage for the recovery of a boat belonging to the ship "Nourmahal." It appeared that early on the morning of the 12th ult. six of the crew and the boat were found to be amissing from the ship. On the same day plaintiff discovered a ship's boat in the breakers on the beach at Blueskin, which proved to be the "Nourmahal" boat. Having placed her in safety, he informed Captain Brayley of the circumstance, who was anxious that the boat should be brought round to Port Chalmers, which the plaintiff, with assistance did. The plaintiff then wished the captain to make some arrangement with him for saving of the boat. He said he had no objection to pay plaintiff and his assistant for their time in saving the boat, but he could not  pay salvage. Judgement for the plaintiff, 15, with 15s. costs.

June 19 1858 Otago Witness

Jones v Brayley
This was an action instituted by John Jones, merchant, Dunedin, to recover from Lewis Cowley Brayley, master of the "Nourmahal" the sum of 4 for the overcharge on freight of goods ex "Nourmahal." The Bench entered a judgment for the debt, together with costs of the summons. Mr Reynolds demanded a copy of the evidence, in order that he might enter an Appeal to some superior Court, which not being a usual course, or provided for by law, was refused by the Bench.

Cleared Out. June 10, Nourmahal, 846 tons, Brayley, for Port Lyttelton with 60 hhds, and 20 barrels beer, 2 bales sacks, 1 cask seeds, 3 boxes charts, 4 cases apparel, 3 boxes seeds and apparel, 1 case ironwork, 1 case stationery, 20 hhds and 15 brls. ale, 7 qr casks branks, 1 box samples, 8 qr casks brandy, 2 boxes printing materials, 249 ends timber, 125 pieces scantling, 1 box books, 100 bags salt, 100 tons coal, 30 barrels cement, 5000 fire bricks, 1 box boots and shoes.. Passengers - Cabin: Mr and Mrs C. Robertson, Sarah, Georgina, Clara, and Gordon Robertson, and 2 children; Mr and Mrs R. Martin, Messrs. Lendall and Detroy. 2nd Cabin; John and Elizabeth Salter, William and Elizabeth Eastgate, George and Eliza Ott, Messrs. Souness and Allan, with 28, including children in the steerage.

pg 7 How to Execute a Will.
Cutting off a Heir with a Shilling.

William and Ann Freeman,  who were c. aged 46, left Southowram in January 1858, to sail from London on the Nourmahal with seven children. There is a diary, the voyage account, by William Freeman original at Otago Settlers Museum, M25 and a copy in Hocken Library, Dunedin. Caroline was probably born about 1853, making her about four or five years old when she emigrated. All the children started their voyage very healthy, according to the migration inspector who checked them before they were allowed to sail. All of them thrived in their new country. The older ones quickly found work and the younger ones attended a primary school within a mile of where the family settled to farm, near Dunedin. Caroline became that school�s dux in 1866 and then worked there as a pupil-teacher until 1872. Her name and subsequent achievements are recorded permanently in the school�s entrance-way. Caroline�s next appointment was as Infant Mistress at a larger school in Dunedin, where her reputation as a gifted teacher grew. From there she was appointed First Assistant at the Girls� High School (the first public girls� secondary school in New Zealand) despite the fact that she herself had no formal secondary schooling. She taught at the secondary school for nearly two years. Meanwhile, she was studying in her own time at the end of each working day to qualify for enrollment at the university. She was the first matriculated woman to study alongside the men at the university, a novel development unpopular with some at the time. In her first year she showed her ability by winning an essay competition open to all undergraduates. Despite a period of illness she passed her final exams for a Bachelor of Arts in 1878.

She is buried at the Linwood Cemetery in Christchurch.
Surname: FREEMAN
First name: CAROLINE
Date of death: Sunday, 16 August 1914
Cemetery: Linwood Cemetery
Date of burial: Tuesday, 18 August 1914
Block number: 20
Plot number: 115
Age: 58 years
Occupation: SPINSTER
Place of birth: ENGLAND
Years in New Zealand: 50
Comments: Died: Embolism of cerebral artery


Mr. Frederic Twiss has been twice married. His first wife died in 1899, and he took as his second wife Miss Mary Jaye Martin, daughter of Mr. James Martin, one of the pioneer settlers of the Tokomairiro district.

Mr. Twiss came to New Zealand by the ship Nourmahal, and took up 500 acres of land at Lovell's Flat, where he was one of the first settlers, and there he farmed till 1870. He then left his property, and bought another farm near Milton, and worked it until 1876, when he retired from active life. Mr. Twiss has been a member of road boards and school committees, and is now, on the Milton Domain Board. Although a Freemason, he is unattached in New Zealand. He is an enthusiastic bowler, and the winner of numerous gold medals and other prizes.

1899 Bruce Herald
Another of the, pioneer settlers of this district has gone to her long home. Mrs Frederic Twiss who died last week and was buried at the public cemetery, Fairfax, was a native of Cambridge, England, and was the daughter of Mr J. P. Lawrence of that city, and was born in 1819, she arrived with her husband in the ship Nourmahal in May 1858, and shortly after settled on their land at Lovells Flat. - At that, early date there Were no other residents in that district and their nearest neighbors were Mr John Carglll, at Meadow Bank, on the one side and Mr Pilans, at the Molyneux, on the other.

West Coast Times 15 November 1866, Page 2 Port of Hokitika
ENTERED IN. Otago, b.b. 457 tons, Wm. Clayton, from Melbourne. Passengers cabin Mrs Twiss, Miss Twiss.

Daily Southern Cross, 24 September 1866, Page 4
PASSENGERS PER S.S. MATAURA, F0R MELBOURNE, SYDNEY, AND NEW ZEALAND. Mrs. Frances Twiss and infant daughter, Miss F. Twiss.

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From Lloyds Register of Shipping.
Official No. 16165.
Built Bridport 1856.
Owners : Prowse & Co.
Port of Reg : Liverpool.