Extracts from the 1845 Newspaper, "New Zealander."

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New Zealand Bound
Extracts from the 1846 Auckland Weekly Newspaper -
January and October done

Reference online:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. spelling sic.

Saturday January 3rd 1846
Inwards - Foreign
Dec. 30 - Portenia, brig, Kersopp, master, from Sydney, with sheep and sundries. Passengers, Messrs Boyd and Sewell.

Outwards - Foreign
Dec. 27 - Coolangatta, schooner, Walker, master, for Sydney, with gum, spars, wheat.
Dec. 31 - Hazard, cutter, McLeod, master for Toobooai, in ballast.

Abercrombie	Mr
Barstow 	Mr
Dunning 	Mr
Leathes 	Mr

Saturday January 10th 1846
Inwards - Foreign
Jan. 3 - BonAccord, schooner, Wilson, master, from Sydney.

Hector 		Mr
Whatford 	Mr
Clayton 	Mr

Jan. 6 - Terror, schooner, Dunning, from Sydney.

Dacre 		Mr
Gales 		Mr
Graham 		Mr
Hall 		Mrs and 3 children
Hall 		Mr
Henning 	Mr
Hunt 		Mr
Jones 		Mr
Keesing 	Mr
Stark 		Mr

Outwards - Foreign
Jan. 3 - Perseverance, barque, Corkhill, master, for Sydney with sperm oil, spars &c.

Carleton 	Mr
Cording 	Mr
Holmes 		Mr
Langdon 	Mr
Lewis 		Mr
and 3 in steerage

Jan. 9 - Portenia, brig, Kersopp, for Tahiti. Passengers: Messrs Boyd and Sewell.

Saturday January 17th 1846
Inwards - Foreign
Jan. 10 - Elizabeth, American whaling barque, Gifford, master, from whaling grounds, with 1100 barrels black oil, and 1000lbs bone. J.S. Polack, agent.

Jan. 14. - Isabella Anna, Rogers, master from Sydney.

Johnson 	Mr
Ninnis 		Mrs and child
Ninnis 		Mr
Simmons 	Mr
Taylor 		Mr
Steerage 8

Outwards - Foreign
Jan. 14 - Terror, schooner, Dunning, for Sydney, with copper ore, timber.

Campbel 	Ensign 96th Regt.
Charles 	Mr
Gimble 		Mr
McInnes 	Mr
McLennan 	Mr
Stark 		Mr

Inwards - Coastwise
Jan. 13 - Victoria, Government brig, Richards, master, from Hokianga, via Bay of Islands.

Day 		Dr. 
Day 		J.
Matthews 	Dr R.
Matthews 	J.
Matthews 	Mrs R. and 4 children
St. Aubyn 	R. Esq.
St. Aubyn 	Mrs and 3 children
White 		W.
White 		Mrs and 2 children
Woon 		Rev. W.
with others in steerage, in all 72 persons.

Saturday January 24th 1846
Inwards - Foreign
Jan. 20 - H.M. Steamer Driver, 4 guns, Commander Courteney O. Hayes, from Hongkong, 27th Sept., Battan Island, 3d Oct., Singapore, 6th Nov., Saurabaya 16th Nov., Allas Straits, 23rd Nov., Swan River, 16th Dec., Hobart Town, 2nd Jan., and Sydney 12th January. She is the first steamer to arrive in the Colony. She is 1058 tons, and 280 horse-power, carrying four large guns -two 68 pounders, and two 84 pounders, with a crew of 175 men, including maries and a party of marine artillery for bomb and rocket exercise. The names of the officers are: Lieutenants Kisbee, Marcuard, Connolly, and Bromley, Dr Houghton, Dr. Costello and Mr Crisplin.

Crawford 	Mr and Mrs
Busby 		Mr
Henderson 	Captain
Yelverton W. 	Honble Lieutenant
1 Sergeant
1 Corporal
and 24 rank and file Royal Artillery

Jan. 20 - Waterlilly, schooner, Ramsden, master, from Norfolk Island, with sundries. W. S. Grahame, agent.

Arney 		Major
Hardy 		Captain
Ballantyne 	Assistant Surgeon
Simmons 	Adjutant
and 101 rank and file, 58th Regiment
Arney 		Mrs
Hardy 		Mrs and child

Jan. 21, Russell, American whaling ship, Soule, master, from whaling grounds, with 200 barrels black oil, and 1000lbs bone.
Jan. 23 - Frolic, English whaler, Lewis, master, from whaling grounds, with 815 barrels sperm oil, out 21 months.
Jan. 23 - ______________  schooner, McCook, from Sydney. Passengers: Mr Norman and Mrs Roy.

Promotion Lieutenant Francis P. Egerton, late of the First of the Agincourt, 72, Flag-ship on the China station, appointed by Rear-Admiral Cochrane to command the Hazard, at New Zealand, vacant by the death of Commander Bell, has been confirmed in his rank of commander by the Admiralty.

Birth: On Saturday morning, 17th instant, at Government House, Auckland, the Lady of Major Bridge, 58th. Reg., of a son.

The blockade will be removed the 1st February. Two hundred troops will remain there, with the Racehorse and Osprey men of war.

Return of killed and wounded of the Force under the command of Colonel H. Despard, 99th Regiment, acting colonel on the Staff, during the assault on Kawiti's Pah, on the 11th Jan. 1846.
H.M.S. Castor , Killed - 7 Seamen, Wounded - 10 seamen and 2 Marines. ........
Mr Murray, midshipman of H.M.S. North Star severely, wounded but not dangerously.

Saturday January 24th 1846
Inwards - Foreign
Jan. 24 -Vanguard, schooner, Thompson. Passenger: Mr Tuckett.
Jan. 26 - Lloyds, barque, Lewis, master, from Sydney with Commissariat stores and sundries.

Last 		Major
Armstrong 	Captain
Lieut. 		DeWinton
Smith 		Dr
Marlow 		Mrs and 3 daughters
Macky 		Mr
Braithwaite	Mr
and 100 rank and file, 99th Regiment. 

Jan. 26 - Adelaide, brig, Ellis, master, from Launceston.

Ashdown 	Mr
Rogers 		Mr and Mrs
Rowcroft 	Mr

Jan. 27 - Soloman Sallus, barque, Fales, master, from whaling grounds, with 100 barrels sperm and 75 barrels black oil, 500lb bone.

Jan. 26 - H.M.S. North Star, Captain Sir Everard Hone, for Sydney, Falkland Islands, Rio Janeiro and England. Passenger: E. Shortland.
Jan. 26 - H.E.I.C.S. Elphinstone, Captain Young, for Sydney, and Bombay. Passenger, Colonel Despard.

Jan. 28 - Maukin, brig, Pringle, master, for Sydney.

Smith 		Dr
Lieutenant 	O'Connell
Gale 		Mr
Jones 		Mr and Mrs and child

Inwards- Coastwise
Jan. 29 - David Malcolm, barque, Cabel, master from Wellington with Colonial produce.

Bentley 	Mr John
Duncan 		Mr and Mrs and 2 children
Garrod 		Mr and Mrs and 2 children
Gibbes 		Mr James
Hight 		Mrs and 2 children
Irwin 		Mr A.
Murray 		Mr John
Paddock 	Mr C.
Popplewell 	Mr and Mrs and child
Prady 		Mr 
Reed 		Mr A.
Roat 		Mr J.
Ronald 		Mr J
Rowe 		Mr and Mrs
Stacey 		Mr and Mrs
Wallace 	Mr J.
Young 		Mr George

The French corvette, Le Rhin, 26 guns, Commodore Berard, arrived in the harbour on Wednesday last. She proceeds shortly to Tahiti, on her way to France.

The brig Nelson, Captain Sedgwick, on her passage to New Zealand, met with the following curious accident. While crossing the line September 23rd, the Nelson was struck by a large sword fish in the counter, about 10 inches from the stern post, the vessel then going at the rate of 6 knots per hour. The sword passed through her copper (which was new), and a 4" plank. The size of the hole was about three inches. Some time elapsed before the hole was found out, and they were assisted in the discovery from the unusual noise made by the rushing of so large a stream of water through the side of the vessel. After moving several tons of stores &c. they fortunately succeeded in stopping the leak from the inside. Wellington Spectator.

Saturday August 15th 1846
Inwards - Foreign
August 11 - Maukin, brig, Cooney, master, from Sydney.

McCleverty 	Colonel and Lady
McLerie 	Lieut., 58th Regt.
Mitchell 	Mr
Owen 		Mr
2 in steerage

The Maukin accomplished her trip - She left Auckland on 3rd July, Sydney on the 2nd August and arrived here again on the 10th. The Ralph Bernal will load here for and then proceed to England via New Plymouth and Wellington. The Mary will load at this port for England. The Strathisla is expected daily from Kaipara, when she will meet with immediate despatch for England. The Mary Catherine after undergoing trifling repairs will be laid on for England. The Deborah, Capt. Wing, sailed from Sydney for Otago, on the 31st July.

Aug. 11 - Ralph Bernal, barque, McLean, master, from London, via Wellington and Nelson, with sundries. J. McDougall, agent.

Brodie 		Mr and Mrs and child
Lowry 		Mr
Meacher 	Miss
Sutton 		Miss
Taylor 		Mr

Saturday September 5th 1846
Outwards - Foreign
Sept. 2 - Sir John Franklin, Wright, master, for the Fegee Islands. Passenger J.B. Williams, Esq.
Sept. 5 - Maukin, brig, Cooney, master, for Sydney, with copper ore, oil, flax, wheat, &c.

Bartley 	Mr
Other 		Mr
Rumboldt 	Mr
Spain 		Mrs and family
Wright 		Mr and Mrs

Married: On the 1st inst., at St. Paul's Church, Auckland, by the Rev. J.F. Churton, William Plummer, Esq, Barrack Master, to Sophia Sewell, fourth daughter of Capt. Marlow, Commanding Royal Engineer, New Zealand.

Saturday September 12th 1846
Inwards - Foreign
Sept.5 H.M.S. Carysfort, 26 guns, from Sydney.

Outwards - Foreign
Sept. 9  - H.M.S. Carysfort, for Valparaiso.
The barque Mary, has now completed her cargo, and will sail for England direct in a few days. She is a full ship, and has been loaded at this Port in the short space of three weeks. She carries black and sperm oil, whalebone, flax, wool, copper ore, sarsaparilla, &c. all the produce of the colony.

The Madras, 450 tons,  Hilbery, from Gravesend on the 24th March, arrived at Nelson on the 12th August.

Passengers - 
Montgomery 	Dr
Robertson 	Dr
Cook 		Mrs
Green 		Mr and Mrs
Taude (Trude)		Mrs

She sailed for Wellington, where she arrived on the 3rd September, and was advertised for Auckland and Valparaiso; she may be expected here in a few days.

Saturday September 26th 1846
Inwards - Foreign
Sept. 21 - Terror, schooner, 95 tons, Dunning, master, from Sydney.

Johnson 	Mr and Mrs and 4 daughters
Simms 		Mr
Skinner 	Mr
and 9 in steerage

Sept. 21 - Auckland, American barque, 204 tons, Cutter, master, from Boston, with sundries. J.S. Polack, agent. The Auckland made her passage from Boston in 132 days, calling at no intermediate port. She was built at Lynn, and called after the capital of New Zealand. this is her first trip, and she will in all like hood become a constant trader. After discharging her cargo, she is to take in copper ore, flax, &c. for the American market.

The Robert Pulsford is expected in January next, from Boston. She is to call at the Cape of Good Hope, Hobart Town and Sydney.

Outwards - Foreign
Sept. 19 - Mary, barque, 343 tons, Levens, master, for London, with flax, oil, bark, wool &c.

Littlewood 	Mr
O'Neil 		Mr
Pott 		Mr
Skevington 	Mrs and 2 children
Sweeny 		Captain
and 14 steerage

The Cecilla has completed her cargo of spars at Kaipara, and is hourly expected in Auckland. She will sail for London direct two or three days after her arrival.

Loss of the Coolangatta. She was driven ashore from her anchors in a gale a short distance to the northward of the River Tweed. The captain and some of the crew were ashore for a supply of water, when a gale from the S.E. suddenly sprung up. Captain Steele, and crew, after the vessel stranded and bilged stripped her, and leaving the rigging, &c. in charge of the second mate, repaired overland to Amity Point, a distance of seventy miles, where they fell in with the steamer Tamar, from Moreton Bay to Sydney and they were kindly taken by Captain Allen. - Sydney Herald, Aug. 30.

Saturday October 3rd 1846
Outwards - Foreign
Sept. 26 -Lord Hobart, brig, 161 tons, Johnson, master, for Twofold Bay in ballast. Passenger, Mr Hector.

Sept. 28 - Sam Slick, schooner, 24 tons, Pringle, master for the Feegees.

Cleared Out
The barque Auckland, Cutter, master for Wellington and the Feegees. J.S. Polack, agent. The Auckland proceeds tomorrow morning to Wellington and thence to the Feegees from whence she will return to this port to load for the United States.

Polack 		J.S., Esq, U.S. Vice Consul
Norton 		A.D.
Stockman 	A.
Sweet 		E.

The Strathisla is to sail on Monday for London with a full cargo of spars, plank, bark, dye woods, copper ore and kauri gum, the whole of which has been procured and shipped in this district.

Saturday October 10th 1846
The fine fast barque, Madras, Francis Hilberry, master, will sail in 10 days.

Saturday October 17th 1846
Inwards - Foreign
Oct. 8 - Gypsy, barque, 390 tons, Garwood, master, from London, with general cargo. J.A. Smith, agent.

Garwood 	Mrs
Irvine 		Mr
Piercy 		Mr
Smith 		Mr

Oct. 8 - Bandicoot, schooner, 56 tons, Bowden, master, from Hobart Town.

Bear 		Mr and Mrs and 2 children
Clarke 		Mr and Mrs and 2 children
Collyer 	Mr
Hart 		Mr W

Oct. 9 -  Madras, barque, Hillbury, master, from London, via Wellington and Nelson, with general cargo. J. Mavdougall, agent.

Blathwayte 	Mr
Cooke 		Mr
Frood 		Mr
Robertson 	Dr.
and 27 in the steerage

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 29 August 1846
ARRIVED. August 28, Government brig Victoria, 200, Richards, from Wellington. Passengers, the Rev. J. Aldred and Miss M'Rae.
SAILED. August 22, schooner Mary Ann, 35, Murphy, for Taranaki.
August 27, barque Madras, 450, Hilbery, for Wellington and Auckland. Passengers Drs. Montgomery and Robertson, Mr. Cook, Mrs. Frude, Mr. and Mrs. Green, and several in the steerage.

Oct. 15 - Maukin, brig, 106 tons, Cooney, master, from Sydney. Left Sydney on the 3rd and arrived after a fine run of 10 days.

Beeson 		Mr
Parkinson 	Mr
Purchas 	Dr and Mrs

Outwards - Foreign
Oct. 6 - Strathisla, barque, 387 tons, Heale, master, for London, with spars, timber, bark, copper ore, gum &c. D. Nathan, agent.

Passengers - 
St. Aubyn 	Mr and Mrs and 3 children
Taylor 		Mr

Oct. 14 - Adelaide, brig, 259 tons, Ellis, master, for Launceston, with timber, spars, flax &c. Master, agent.

Blackett 	Mr and Mrs
Clarke 		Mr G.
Wilmot 		Captain, R.A.
and 4 in the steerage.

The William Hyde, had arrived at Sydney from London, and was to sail for Auckland and Hokianga on the 11th October.

Saturday October 24th 1846
Inwards - Foreign
Oct. 17 - H.M. B. Childers, from England, via Hobart Town
Oct. 19 - John Bull, schooner, 71 tons, Twohey, master, from Sydney, 25th Sept..

Passengers - 
Alderdice 	Miss
Brown 		Mr and Mrs and 2 children

Outwards - Foreign
Oct. 19 - Cecilia, barque, 247 tons, Pearse, master, for London, with spars, timber, copper ore &c.

Passengers - 
Howlet 		Captain and Mrs
Nattrass 	Mr