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Shipping News
Otago Witness Jan. 19th 1856

Arrived. Jan. 9th Gazelle, brig, 285 tons, Downie, master from Sydney. Passenger - Messrs McClymont, Logie and Scott.
Jan. 13. Zingari, 149 tons, Milton, master from Port Victoria. Passengers - His Excellency the Governor lady and suite.

Jan. 26. 1856

Arrived. Jan 23, Dunedin, 208 tons, McNeur, from London; T. Jones agent. Passengers, Mr and Mrs Mason, Mrs Blair and Mr John Blair, Mr and Mrs Wilser and 3 daughters, Mr and Mrs Hardy, 4 sons and 2 daughters, Mr and Mrs Green and 4 sons.
Same day. Challenger, 175 tons, Lowndes, from Melbourne, Macandrew and Co. agents. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Piguent, Mr and Mrs Jenkins and family, Mr and Mrs Haughton and child, Mr and Mrs Benwick and family, Mr and Mrs Palser and family, Mr and Mrs Martin and family, Messrs: Plunkett, Richards, Cassilly, Price, Burt, Waldhamer, Tootal, Cole, Fisher, Smith, Wain, Gourlay, Carter, Duncan, Kirkwood, Miss Hind.
Same day, Endeavour, 20 tons, Staniford, from Mataura, in ballast, Macandrew and Co. agents. Passengers, Messrs McNaster, O. Musson, H. Musson, J. Brown.
Cleared Out. Jan 24, Thomas and Henry, 234 tons, Thomson for Sydney, Jones agent. Passengers, Mrs Valpy, Messrs. Murray, Griffin and Calder.

Quick Passage of the "Dunedin," England to Otago. The "Dunedin" which arrived on the 21st., made the passage from port to port in 84 days, the quickest passage which has ever been made to this port. She is a smart little vessel of 208 tons, and has brought 25 passengers and some cargo for this place. We understand that her owner is on board, and may probably settle in Otago. Should such be the case, the "Dunedin" will be a valuable addition to our native shipping.

Otago Witness  Feb. 2nd. 

Arrived. Feb. 1 Isabella Hercus, 568 tons, Sewell, master, from London, via Port Cooper. Passengers. Mr and Mrs Edwards and 5 children, Mrs Duncan, James Duncan, Miss Binney, Mrs Baker and child, Mr and Mrs Alexander, Job Dabinett, wife, and 5 children, J. Brown. - J. Jones, agent. [22 passengers]

Otago Witness  Feb 16th

Arrived Feb 10th, Velox, 150 tons, Holford, master, from Sydney. Passengers - Messrs. Buchanan, Wallace, and Pincott, Mrs Pincott, Miss Criehton, Mrs and Mrs Miles and 2 children, Mrs Holfold. - Carnegie, agents.
Sailed. Feb. 1, Challenger, 175 tons, Lowdnes, for Melbourne. Passengers - Messrs. Fisher, and Saunderson
8th, Camilla, 201 tons, Rossiter, for Hokianga. Passengers - Messrs. Philip and Henry Mussen and John Thomson. 
Same day. Alice Brown, Cole, for Sydney via Bluff. Passengers for Bluff - Collector of Customs and Mrs Logie, Messrs, Smith, Sidey, and M'Kinon. For Sydney, Messrs. Dyer, Griffiths and Legatt.
14th, Velox, 150 tons, Holford, for Port Victoria. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Miles, Mrs Holford. 

Otago Witness Feb. 23rd

Arrived Feb. 21 Star, 40 tons, Blackie, from Wellington & Pt. Victoria. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Walker, child and female servant, Messrs. Aldridge, Smith and Bentleys.

Otago Witness  March 1st.

Arrived. Feb. 26th, Gil Blas, brig, 175 tons, Nicol, for, Melbourne. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Begg and family, Mrs Feger, Mr and Mrs Lind, Mr and Mrs Clifford, John Badsen, Mr and Mrs Downs and family, Messrs. Flynne, Downs, Dallas, Thomas, Jones, Shafe, M'Intosh, Cameron, Cassell, Ross, Macauley, Farron, wife and family, A. Cameron and 2 children, John and Mrs Cooper, Messrs. John Smith, George Smith, Ford, Scott, Dodd, M'Farlane, Davis, Golmer, Macauley, Mash, Kelly, Cavanagh, Galway, Walker, Mrs Paton and child.
Same day, Southern Cross, ship, 600 tons, Charlton, from London, 
Passengers - Cabin: Mr and Mrs Whitehead, Mr Hollingshead, Mr La Trobe, Mr and Mrs Dobbs, Mrs Haynock, Misses Dukes, James, Mary Ann Dobbs, Margaret and Jessie Dobbs. 
Intermediate and Steerage: Mr Frazier, Miss Edwards, Mr and Mrs Clarke and family, Mr Duff, Mr Warnock, Messrs. James and George Proudfoot, Misses Ann and Helen Bell, Mr and Mrs Ayson and family, Mr and Mrs Bridger, Mr and Mrs Healey, Messrs, Reader, Stack, Richardson, M'Glashan, Mr and Mrs Waters, and family, Mr Christie and family, Mr and Mrs Buchanan and family, Mr and Mrs Hunter and family, Mr and Mrs Robertson and family, Miss M'Intosh, Mr and Mrs Provand and family, D, Falconer, Mr and Mrs Muir and daughter, John Bruce, John M'Intosh, Mr and Mrs Ferguson, Peter Stewart, Mr and Mrs Anderson and family, Marion Smith, Mr and Mrs Gower and family, Mr and Mrs Foord and family, A. Thomas, Miss Baine, John Dick and Angus Cameron.

Cleared Outwards. Feb 23rd, Star, schooner, 40 tons, Blackie, for the Bluff, Passengers - Messrs. Proudfoot, Crown Commission, Reynolds, Garvie, Mr and Mrs Wilson, Rev. Alexander Beuthune, Mr and Mrs Piguenia, Messrs. Ritchie, J. Wilson, E. Carter, Scott, Ferguson, Miss carter, Macandrew & Co. agents.

Otago Witness April 5th. 

Sailed March 31st, Thomas and Henry, 235 tons, Thompson, for Melbourne. Passengers - Messrs. Robinson, Jones, Matthews, Mr and Mrs Downs and family, J. Jones, agent.
April 1st, Polly, 171 tons, Plant, for Port Victoria in ballast. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Haylock, Messrs Smith and Monroe. Macandrew & Co., agents.

Otago Witness April 12th. 

Sailed. April 5, Star, 70 tons, Blackie, for Auckland, passengers - His Honour the Superintendent, Messrs. Cargill and Macandrew.
Same day, Endeavour, 20 tons, Stantiford, for Bluff Harbour. passengers- Sub-Collector of Customs, Bluff Harbour, and Messrs. Walker and Clarke.
Same day, Anne Jane, 40 tons, Paton, for Bluff Harbour, with stores for the settlers. Passengers- Mr Robinson and family, Mr and Mrs Clifford, Mr and Mrs Lind.

Otago Witness  May 17th

Arrived. May 3, Endeavour, 20 tons, Stantiford, from bluff Harbour. Passengers - The Collector of Customs, Otago, Mrs Logie and son.
May 14th, Amherst, 180 tons, M'Intyre, from Sydney via Bluff Harbour. passenger - Mr Pinkerton. Macandrew & Co. agents.
Sailed. May 15th, Amherst, 180 tons, M'Intyre, for Port Victoria. Passengers - Mr Pinkerton, and Mr Thompson, wife and 3 children

Otago Witness  May 31st.

Arrived. Star, schooner, 40 tons, Blackie, from Auckland. Passenger: Mr Thomas.
Same day, Gil Blas, brig, 180 tons, Nicol, from Melbourne, Passengers - Mrs Barrett, Olivia Malcolm, Messrs, Lloyd, Clough, Doulan, France, Webster, Kershaw, and James Malcolm, Mr and Mrs White, Charles, Mary Ann, Ellen, and John White.

Otago Witness 7th June 

Arrived June 4, Camilla, 201 tons, Rossiter, master, from Sydney via Twofold Bay. Passenger - Mr Wilson.

Otago Witness  June 14th

Arrived. June 11, Marmora, 136 tons, Moffat, from Sydney via Port Cooper. Passengers - Mr Pitcairn, Mr and Mrs M'Dermott.
Sailed June 10, Star, 40 tons, Blackie, for Bluff Harbour. Mrs Elles and 2 children, Miss Burns, Mr Wilson and 2 children, Mr A.T. Clarke.

Otago Witness  21 June

Arrived. June 16, Grafton, 60 tons, Evringham, from Port Victoria Mrs M'Gill, Mr Swain, Mrs Grindly and child, Mr and Mrs Payle and child.
June 17, Kate Kearney, 90 tons, Punch, from Wellington. Passengers -Messrs, Clarke and M'Clymont.
June 19, Thomas & Henry, 234 tons, Thomson, from Sydney. passengers - Mrs and Miss Valpy, Mr and Mrs Mackworth and servant, Mr and Mrs Kedzlie, Mr and Mrs Kemp, son, and daughter, Mr Reynolds.
Sailed. June 17, Gil Blas, 175 tons, Nicol, for Melbourne. Passengers - Mr Scott, Mrs Thomson and 3 children, Mr and Mrs Pincott, Mr Ritchie, A. Cargill and female servant.
June 19, Camilla, 201 tons, Rossiter, for Twofold Bay, with part of original cargo from Sydney. Passengers- Messrs Allan and Alexander.

Otago Witness June 28. 

Arrived. Gratitude, 154 tons, Roger, from Port Victoria. Passengers- Mr Peel and son, Messrs. Douglass, Mr and Mrs Martin, Mrs Jackson and son, Messrs. Blakiston, Niall, Read, Evans, and M. Kaiheno.
Sailed. June 23, Kate Kearney, 90 tons, Punch, for Wellington. Passengers- Messrs, M'Clymont, Smythe, Mrs Seed, and Mr Hamilton.

Otago Witness July 5.

Arrived July 3, Thomas & Henry, 234 tons, Thomson, for Melbourne. Passengers- Miss Drew, Mr A. Logie [postmaster for Dunedin], John Eppson, and John Bain.
July 3, Gratitude, 170 tons, Rodgers, for Port Victoria. Passengers-Mrs Jackson, Messrs. Layman, Blaiston, and Jones. - Carnegie agent.

Otago Witness August 16th. 1856 page 2

Arrived. August 12, Star, 40 tons, Blackie, from Bluff Harbour, with part of original cargo and stores transhipped ex the William Hyde from Sydney. Passengers-Capt. M'Indoe, Messrs. Bennett, Carnegie, and Hay, and 7 in steerage.
August 15, Sir Edward Paget, 481 tons, Wycherly, from London via Port Victoria. Passengers-David Kilgour, wife, 3 sons and 1 daughter, Mr and Mrs Watson and son, Alexander and Mrs Kilgour, 3 sons, and 2 daughters, Mr and Mrs Leckie and 3 sons, Mrs Stantiford, 1 son and 2 daughters, Mr and Mrs John Barr, Mr and Mrs James Barr, son, and daughter, William and Mrs Fisher, son, and 3 daughters, George Anderson, Mr and Mrs Bayne, 4 sons, and 2 daughters, James Dunn, Mr and Mrs Dunn and daughter, Mrs Ann Stewart and 2 sons, Christina Reid, Mrs Dixon, son and daughter, Mr and Mrs Geary, John Geary, Charles Trail. [60 passengers]

Otago Witness, 30 August 1856, Page 2

Arrived. August 16, Barry, 23 tons, Sancto, from Lyttelton. Passengers � Mr. and Mrs. Davidson and child, Messrs. Schwartz and Barnard.
25th, Spec, 15 tons, Simpson, from Taieri.
26th, Melpomene, 378 tons, Lamensom, from London. Passengers� Mr. and Mrs. Ross, Miss and Master Johns, Mrs. Seed and infant, Master Seed, Mr. Archibold.
26th, Endeavour, I5 tons, Pearce, from Molyneux.
28th, Content, 148 tons, Robertson, from Melbourne. Passengers� Messrs. Macandrew, John Cargill, Glendinning, W. Wilson, and Mrs. Abbennit.
28th, Sybil, 108 tons, Foyle, from Melbourne. Passengers � Mr. and Mrs. Steele and 4 children, H. Ward, Mr., Mrs., and Miss Cook, W. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton, Miss Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Gaurie and 2 children, Master Cook.

Otago Witness September 6th

Arrived Sept. 1 Thomas & Henry, 235 tons, Thomson, from Melbourne. Passengers-Mr M'Kenzie, Mr Stewart, Mr D. Lamont, and James Wiseman.
Sailed. Sept. 3. Sir Edward Paget, 481 tons, Wycherley, for Calcutta.

Otago Witness Sept 13.

Arrived. Sept. 6. Gil Blas, 175 tons, Nicol, from Melbourne. passengers-Captain Cargill, Mrs F. Cargill, Misses and masters C. and W. Cargill, John, T.R. and Mary M'Lean, Stephen Smith, James How, Mary How, Alex. Livingstone, James Robertson, John Shields, Andrew Shields, David Sinclair, Mrs Carberry.
8th, Favorite, 10 tons, Wilson, from Lyttelton. Passengers- S.T.W. Winter, John Thomson, W. Jones, Mr and Mrs Small, Mrs Wilson

Otago Witness  Sept. 27

Cleared Out. Sept. 25, Gil Blas, 175 tons, Nicol, for Melbourne. Passengers- John Kay, Mr and Mrs John Cooper, John Smith, George Smith, Richard Forrest, Wm. Hepburn, George France, Samuel Lloyd, Mr and Mrs Walker, Mrs Barrett, Miss Burridge, Mr and Mrs Howe.

Otago Witness Oct. 4 1856  Page 2

Arrived Oct 2, Strathmore, 450 tons, J Mann, from London. Passengers - Cabin....
Sailed Sept 27, Melpomene, 378 tons, Lawrenson, for Nelson, with part of original cargo from London.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 18 October 1856, Page 1
Arrived. October 16, barque Melpomene, 378, Lawrenson, from London, via Otago, with part of original cargo. Passengers: Mr. and Mrs. Ross, Miss Johns and Master Johns.  [see
Otago Witness, 30 August 1856, Page 2]

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 8 April 1857, Page 2
Cleared Outwards. March 2, barque Melpomene, 378, Lawrenson, for London ; 1,043 bales wool.

Otago Witness Oct. 11 1856

Arrived. 7th Queen of Perth, 93 tons, Sturley, from Auckland. Passengers-Mr and Mrs Davidson and family, Mr and Mrs Lambert and family, J. Bennett, and J. Low.

Otago Witness Oct. 18th

Sailed. Oct. 13th, Star, 38 tons, Davidson, for New River, with stores. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Bethune, Mrs Ferguson and family, James Macandrew, J.P. Taylor, C. W. Ligar, Geo. and Henry Howorth.
Cleared out. 16th, James Daly, 42 tons, Nicol, for Bluff Harbour and New River with stores. Passengers- E.V. Briscoe, Geo. Howell, James Bennett, Hugh Ward, Daniel Ross, A.T. Clarke and family.
Same day, Endeavour, 14 tons, Abbinett, for Moeraki and Molyneux, with stores. Passengers - Mrs G.B. Wright and Mrs E. M'Glashan.

 Otago Witness Nov 22nd

Arrived Nov. 19, Star 38 tons, Davidson, from Bluff Harbour, in ballast. Passenger - James Ritchie.
Cleared out. Nov. 18, Ocean Queen, 19 tons, Porter, for Lyttelton, Passengers - Edmund Peel and Archibald Williamson

Otago Witness  Nov. 29th

Arrived Nov. 24, Shepherdess, 40 tons, Scott, from Wellington. passengers - Mr and Mrs Witherby and two children, Miss Carkeek, Mr and Mrs Baggot and two children, Mrs Millar and four children, Messrs. Harris and Mr Cockroft.
Sailed. 28th, Star, Davidson, for Bluff Harbour, with stores. Passengers- Mr and Mrs Barclay and 4 children.

Otago Witness Dec. 20th 

Arrived. 17, Gil Blas, 175 tons, Nicol, from Melbourne. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Blacklock and child, Mr A. Jackson.

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