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Printed and published every Saturday morning by D. Campbell, at the Office of the Otago Witness, Printing-house Wharf, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand.

Shipping News
Otago Witness Saturday Jan. 17th 1857 page 4

Shipping News 
Arrivals Jan. 15, Julia Ann, 18 tons, Swanson, from Lyttelton. Part of original cargo transshipped ex Egmont, from London. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Mollison and child, Misses Forsyth and Swan, Messrs. Davy, Bowler, Hornbrook, O'Hara, and Cunningham.
Jan 15, Mariner, 683 tons, Fraser, from London, via Wellington. Part of original cargo from London. Passengers - Messrs. Donald, May & Gaudin

Saturday Jan. 31st 1857 page 4

Cleared out Jan 29, Mariner, 683 tons, Fraser, from London, and Wellington. Part of original cargo from London and Wellington. Passengers - Messrs. May & Donald

Saturday 7th February 1857 

Jan 31 1857
Star 40 tons, Davidson, from Bluff Harbour, in ballast. Passengers- Messrs. A. MacDonald and Gilroy

Feb. 3. William & Jane, 451 tons, Chapman, from London.[104 days] Passengers for Otago - Cabin: Mr and Mrs John Reid. Intermediate: Messrs. Turnbull, Collis, James and Alexander Wilson. Passengers for Canterbury - Cabin: Mr and Mrs Waldon and family, Messrs. William and Henry Waldon, and N.H. Bertraud. Intermediate; Mr and Mrs Hilberd, Miss Hooper, and L.H. Dobbin [17 passengers]

Saturday Feb. 14th 1857 page 3

Barque William & Jane - She experienced light and variable winds during the greater part of the passage, making the voyage tedious and protracted. Taking these circumstances into account, we should have stated that the William & Jane arrived in this port after a fair passage of 104 days.

Sailed for Melbourne. Feb. 11, Gil Blas, 175 tons, Nicol, for Melbourne. Passengers - Mr and Mrs W.H. Reynolds, Mrs G.B. Wright and family, Mr and Mrs Elger and family, Messrs. Bourke, Adam, Watson, Copeland, Seakom, Campbell, and Master Adam. Fed. 11, Star, 40 tons, Davidson, for Bluff Harbour, with stores. Passengers - Mrs Pollock and family, Mrs M'Intosh and family, Messrs. M'Donald, Smith, Craig, Logie, Galbraith, Smith, Thomson, and Kirkwood.

Otago Witness February 21st 1857 page 3

Shipping News: Wreck of the brig "Workington."
We regret to learn the loss of the brig Workington, 150 tons, from Melbourne for Bluff Harbour, with general cargo; she having experienced heavy weather in Foveaux Straits, and having six feet water in the hold, was ran ashore on Stewart's Island, where she became a total wreck. No lives lost. Mr Dyer, the owner, who was passenger by her, is now on his way to town. Details Otago Witness  March 14th 1857,  page 4

Saturday Feb. 28 1857 page 2 

Feb, 23. Ellen, 40 tons, Wedgewood, from Auckland, Passenger - Rev. J. Cartwright
Feb. 27, Eclair, 30 tons, Bryant, from Canterbury, with general cargo and part of original cargo per "Egmont" from London. Passengers - Mr Adnam, Mrs Mountfort and 3 children, J. Mills.

Saturday 7th March 1857

Arrived. March 6, Thomas and Henry, 234 tons, Thompson, from Melbourne. Passengers - Cabin: Mr Lahore,[ LOCHORE,] Mr Hogue, Mrs Hogue and child, Miss Freemont, Mrs Duman, Mrs Feger, Mr Dobbs, Mrs Dobbs and child, Mrs Thomson, Messrs. W. Barnett, J. Barnett. Steerage: Jas Wiseman , T. Simpson, Mrs Simpson and 3 boys, G. Mackay, J. Mackay, Mrs Witting, John Witting, Mrs Paperkoyen, William Forbes, John M'Gee.

IMPORTS. Per Thomas & Henry : 21 bags onions, 20 cases syrup, 10 boxes dried apples, 1 bale paper, 1 cask zinc, 6 doz. American pails, 1 package zinc nails, 10 tons flour, 1 case type, 150 bags sugar, 7 half tierces tobacco, 5 boxes do., 1 case cigars, 49 cases gin, o qr.-casks whisky, 3 boxes apparel, iron boiler, 6 bags malt, 1 pocket hops, 1 bale leather, 1 case grindery, 6 bags barley, 1 box type, 20 cows, 8 horses, 4 rams.

Sailed March 2, William & Jane, 451 tons, Chapman, for Lyttelton, with part of original cargo. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Waldron and family, Messrs. Bertram, Curran, Sidey, Fraser, Mrs Allan and child.
3rd, Eclair, 30 tons, Bryant, for Lyttelton, Passenger - Mr Mills.
6th Ann Jane, 35 tons, Paton, for Ruapuke and Toitoies, with stores. Passenger - Mr Cartwright

March 14 1857

The "Kate" We have to notice the first visit to Dunedin of this small craft the "Kate." This little vessel is 20 tons burden, and was built in the harbour, by Mr Macauley. and is intended to be employed in the coasting trade.

Saturday 28th March 1857

Arrived 27 March, John Masterman, 608 tons, Stewart, from London via Nelson. Passengers - Mr and Mrs T. Reynolds and family, Mr and Mrs Every and family, Messrs. Burnside, Schlolett, Munro, Miss Wallis
Sailed March 21, Thomas & Henry, 243 tons, Thompson, for Melbourne. Passengers - Cabin: Messrs W.G. Filleul, Darby, James and Alfred Jones and W. H. Valpy. Steerage: Messrs. William Smith, John Brown, George and James M'Coy
Same Day, Camilla, 281 tons, Rossiter, for Eden, Twofold Bay, with part of original cargo from Eden. Passenger - Mrs Rossiter.

Saturday 18 April 1857

Arrived April 16
Maori, 799 tons, Petherbridge, from London. Passengers - Cabin:
Lieut.-Col., Mrs, Messrs. and Misses (3) Sillay
Francis Henrison 
Edmund Anderson
John Stokes
John H. Barker
James S. Rusnell
Mr. Mrs, Master and Misses White

Intermediate and Steerage:
Anderson	 Mr	 labourer	 and Miss Anderson
Borrie	 	 Mr	 farmer		 and Mrs Borrie and family (6)
Bowman	 	 George	 baker
Cameron	 	 Mr	 shepherd 	and Mrs Cameron
Clarke	 	 Thomas	 labourer	 and Mary Clarke 
Craig	 	 Mr	 labourer
Davison	 	 Thos.	 boat builder
Dean		 William B labourer
Duncan	 	 John J. gardener
Duthie	 	 Mr	 labourer	 and Mrs Duthie and family (7)
Evans	 	 Mr	 labourer	 and Mrs Evans and family (2)
Flint	 	 George	 labourer
Garydyne	 David 	 labourer	 and Mrs Craig and family (5)
Grant	 	 Mr	 blacksmith	 and Mrs Grant 
Grant	 	 Mr	 labourer	 and Mrs Grant and family (8)
Green	 	 Mr	 clerk		 and Mrs Green
Grimmond	 Robert	 labourer
Huise	 	 Mr	 farmer		 and Mrs Huise
Ingles	 	 John
Kosie	 	 Mr 	 labourer	 and Mrs Kosie and family (4)
Lindsay	 	 Mary	 servant
Lindsay	 	 Wm.	 farmer
McIntosh	 Mr	 		and Mrs McIntosh and family (6)
McNiel	 	 Mr 	 labourer	and Mrs McNiel and family
Marchbank	 Mr 	 labourer	and Mrs Marchbank and family (3)
Miller	 	 David	 labourer
Ostler	 	 William H. farmer
Otts	 	 Elizabeth  servant
Otts	 	 George	 tailor
Park	 	 Thomas	 farmer
Ryatt	 	 Mr	 bootmaker	and Mrs Ryatt and family (7)
Sinclair	 Mr	 farmer		and Mrs Sinclair and family (10)
Strachan	 John	 labourer
Smith	 	 Mr	 		and Mrs
Southall	 Benjamin labourer
Watt	 	 Mary	 servant
Wilkinson	 Richard labourer
Woodford	 Edward	 farmer
Woodward	 Misses	 servants
Wright		 Mr 	 carpenter	and Mrs Wright and family (2)

Otago Witness 18 April 1857 page 5

The Ship Maori from London direct, arrived at the Heads on Thursday morning the 16th instant. She left London on the 1st January, but was detained in the English Channel for fourteen days; she has therefore made the voyage from land to land in 91 days. She has about 80 passengers and a small cargo for this place, the greater bulk of her cargo being for Canterbury and Wellington. The passengers are reported to be all healthy, and two births and one death have occurred during the voyage. The mail she has brought for Otago is small, only a few letters and newspapers. 

Saturday 25 April 1857

Arrived. April 18 - Star, 40 tons, Davidson, from Bluff Harbour, in ballast. Passengers - Messrs Hughes, Blackie, and Crawford.
Same day - Dunedin, 208 tons, McNeur, from London. The Dunedin brings, no passengers but general cargo. She made a short passage of 97 days land to land.
20th Eclair,30 tons, Bryant, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Messrs. Mills, McFarlane, Smith, Sidey, Underhill
Same day - Gil Blas, 175 tons, Nicol from Melbourne. The Gil Blas made the passage in 14 days. By her we learn that there were many failures in Melbourne, and the markets were in general overstocked.
Passengers - Cabin
Burke, Mr
Kain, Mr and Mrs and 2 children
M'Kenzie, Mr and Mrs and child, Miss M'Kenzie
Reynolds, Miss
Simpson, Miss
Stuart, Mr and Mrs

Steerage -
Colley, Isabella (Cully)
Diehl, William
Ellis, George
Ermingham, Thomas
Kaye, Mathew
Robson, Mr and Mrs and 4 children
Webster, Chas.
Uddertin, Ellen

April 20th Spec, 20 tons, Simpson, for Taieri and Akaroa, with stores. Passengers - Messrs. Carnegie, Gibbs, Kennedy, Foster, and Stewart.
22nd Elcair, 30 tons, Bryant, for Bluff Harbour, with original cargo. Passengers. Messrs. Mills, McFarlane, Underhill, and Smith.
Same day. Maori, 799 tons, Petherbridge, for Wellington, with part of original cargo from London. 

Lieut.-Col., Mrs, Messrs. and Misses (3) Sillery
Francis Henrison
Edmund Anderson
John Stokes
John H. Barker
James S. Rusnell
Mr. Mrs, Master and Misses White

Intermediate and Steerage:
Bowman, George
Clarke, Thomas & Mary
Davison, Henry
Dean, W.B.
Duncan, John J.
Evans, Mr and Mrs and family (2)
Huise, Mr and Mrs
George, Flint
Green, Mr and Mrs
Miller, David
Ostler, W.H.
Park, Thomas
Smith, Mr and Mrs
Southall, Benjamin
Wilkinson, Robert
Woodard, Miss
Woodford, Edward

Sailed. 24th, John Masterman, 608 tons, Stewart, for Bombay, in ballast

The London "Australian and New Zealand Gazette" of 6th December, says The "Black Ball" clipper ship Ann WilsonCaptain Sharp, sailed from Liverpool on the 19th ultimo, for Wellington and Otago, with a full cargo and 233 passengers, including the following in the chief cabin; 
Mr Walter Askin, wife and family
Mr James Esdale
Miss Hannon
Mr Robert Kidd
Mr Master
Mr Magee
Mr Morris
Mrs Rutherford
This fine vessel, goes to the consignment of Messrs. Hervey, Smith, and Co. Wellington, and is the fifth ship despatched by Messrs. James Bains and Company for New Zealand, The Montgomery will be the next packet, to sail on the 20th January. 

Saturday 2 May 1857

Sailed. April 24, Ann Jane, 34 tons, Paton, for Bluff Harbour and New River, with stores. Passenger Mr W.H. Calder.

Saturday 9 May 1857

The death of no less than eighteen of the passengers by the "Ann Wilson" from the sheer neglect on part of the charterers of the vessel. Messrs James Baines and Co. Liverpool, to provide the necessary accommodation and provisions for the passengers, who were taken on board in much greater numbers than the Passengers' Act allows.

Saturday May 16th 1857

Arrived. May 12th, Kate Kearney, 85 tons, Dixon, from Lyttelton, with part of original cargo from Sydney. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Atchison, Mrs and Miss Chapman. Mr Fraser, Mrs Thompson and four children. Mrs Allan and child, Mr Harvast, Mr Crook. 
Sailed. May 12, Gil Blas, 175 tons, Nicol, for Melbourne, Passengers - Messrs. J. Tremlow, J. Jamieson, E. Lee, R. Drummond, J. Rowan, W. Bond, W. Smith, Henry Moule.

Saturday 23 May 1857

Arrived May 18, Ann Jane, 40 tons, Paton, from Bluff Harbour, in ballast. Passengers - Messrs Jackson and Johnston
Sailed. May 21, Kate Kearney, 85 tons, Dixon, for Lyttelton, with part of original cargo from Sydney. Passengers - Messrs Jackson, Cox, Thos. Robson and family.

Saturday 30th May

Arrived May 28 Thomas & Henry, 234 tons, Thompson, from Melbourne. Passengers: Cabin- Mr H. Valpy, Mr J. Wishart, Mr J. Jones, Mr A. Jones, Steerage - Mrs Campbell, and child, Mr John Galloway.

page 5 June 6th 1857

In 1857 Toi-Toies or mouth of the Matarua to the Bluff is a fatiguing walk of some 25 miles.  Moc-a-moc, a shallow tidal inlet branching off the basin of the New River. The distance between Moc-a-moc to the head of Bluff harbour is very trifling, (not more than a mile we believe.) The New River at the Ferry is about three quarters a mile in width. Near the head of this basin lies the infant town of Invercargill, the bush extends up the east side of the New River, runs parallel with the Mataura.  Our route is in the opposite direction.  Having crossed the ferry the traveller bound for Jacob's river, at the mouth of the Aparima, may follow the sea beach the entire distance of 20 miles....

Saturday 13 June

Arrived June 5, Spec 20 tons, Simpson, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Edward Cargill, Mr M'Naster
Sailed. June 6, Dunedin, 208 tons, M'Neur, for Melbourne. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Charles Smith and child. Mrs Seed and child; Robert Sidey, Miss Freemont. 

Saturday 20th June

Sailed June 15, Thomas & Henry, brig, 234 tons, William Thomson, for Melbourne. Passengers - Cabin: Mr and Mrs Mieville and child, Mr and Mrs Suisted, Bernadotte, James, Akerman, and Emma Suisted, Mr and Mrs Hogue and child, Master James Richardson, Messrs Willray and Dyer. Steerage: Mr and Mrs Piguenit, Messrs, Johnson and Arlidge.

July 11 1857 Includes population census

Return of Immigration and Emigration to and from the Province of Otago during the year 1856

Males 294
Females 166
Children 211
Total 671

Males 70
Females 26
Children 6
Total 102

Return of Immigration and Emigration to and from the Province of Otago during the year 1857

Males 114
Females 75
Children 76
Total 265

Saturday 18 July

Sailed. July 9, Content, 150 tons, Robertson, for Sydney, with 10 bales wool, 212 bags wheat, 335 bags oats, 4� tons potatoes, 14 coils rope, 2 case ironmongery. Value �1566 10s. Passengers - Messrs. Fuller, Teschmaker, Stewart, M'Master, Carnegie, Payne, and Carter. Mrs John Healey and child, and Miss Carter.

Saturday July 25 1857

Arrived July 23 Gil Blas, 175 tons, Nicol, from Melbourne. Passengers - Mr T. Teschmaker, Mrs Nicholson and child, Mr and Mrs Manson and child.

Saturday 8 August

Arrived Aug 1. Spec. Simpson, from Akaroa. Passenger - Rev. Mr Petitjean
August 3, Eclair, 30 tons, from the Bluff. Passengers - Mrs and Miss Bell, Messrs. Jones, Watson, and Legatt.
Sailed August 6, Eclair, 30 tons, for the Bluff. Passengers - Messrs. Scott, Watson, and Legatt. Mr and Mrs Clapp, and Mrs Burns.

Saturday 15 August, 1857

Arrived. August 7. Star, Davidson 40 tons, from Bluff Harbour. passengers - Messrs Raymond and Johnstone.
August 10, Ann Jane, 40 tons, Paton, from Bluff Harbour, with 4 bales wool. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Pollock and family, Mr and Miss Kelly, and Mr Duckworth. 

Saturday 22 August

Sailed August 18, Gil Blas, 174 tons, Nicol, for Auckland, in ballast. Passengers - Mr and Mrs R.A. Wight. Mrs Nichol and child, Messrs W. Smith, and C. Jones.
August 20, Star, 40 tons, Davidson, for the Bluff with stores for settlers. Passengers - Messrs. Lea and Jacques, Mrs Kelly, and Mrs Jacques.

Saturday 29 August 1857

Arrived. August 28, Ellen, 40 tons, Wedgewood, from Auckland, with 20,000 feet timber, 14 pkgs. rope. 2 casks beer, 10 tons flour - Macandrew and Co. Passengers - Messrs. Kingsford and Halberton

September 5 1857

Arrived. Sept. 2. James Gibson, 140 tons, Minnie, from Sydney, Passengers - Messrs, Chalmers, Davis, Hann, Lothermin, and Gardiner. 
Sept. 3 Julia Ann, 20 tons, Swanson, from Port Victoria, Passengers - Mrs Campbell and 5 children, Messrs Hodge and Gibbs
Sept. 3 Thomas & Henry, 250 tons, Thomson, from Melbourne. passengers - Hitchcock, Theunam, Baird, Mackie, Grant and Capt M'Near.
Sailed. James Gibson, 138 tons, Minnie, for Port Victoria. Passengers. Messrs, Davis, Ring, and Forthermin.

Saturday September 1857

Sailed. Sept. 9. Ellen, 40 tons, Wedgewood, for Wellington, with 40 tons bags of grass seed, 8 packages rope. passengers - Messrs, Alabaster, Sharpe, Barret (2), Farmer, Johnston, Reeder, Hitchcock, and Mr and Mrs Kirk and family.

Saturday 19 Sept,1857

Arrived. Sept. 16 - Star, 40 tons, Davidson, from the Bluff, with 11 bales wool. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Clifford and family
Sept. 17. Kate, 15 tons, Docherty, form the Bluff, with 3 bales wool. Passenger - Mr D. Gibb.

Saturday 26 September

Arrived Sept, 19, Spec 20 tons, Simpson, from Moeraki and Oamaru, with 1 box candles, 1 package butter. Passengers - Mrs Hastie and Mrs M'Cue.
Sept. 21, Ann Jane, 34 tons, Paton, from Port Victoria, with 6 bags flour, 3 bags bran, and 4 casks cheese. Passenger - Mrs Wyatt
Same day, Lord Hardinge, 341 tons, London via Nelson, with 2 bales drapery, 3 chests tea, 7 drums oil paint, 32 boxes soap, 6 bundles spades, 400 bags salt,1 trunk boots and shoes, 8 cases implements, 1 cart body, shafts, and wheels, 1 case books,... 300 sovereigns 

Sailed. Thomas & Henry, 234 tons, Thomson, for Melbourne, with 3120 bushels wheat, 40 trusses hay, 5 bales hops, 14 barrels split peas. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Cargill, Messrs. Stopps and Moore.

The ship Solent, from London via Auckland arrived in Canterbury on the 8th instant, Twenty-one passengers. 

Saturday Oct. 10th

Sailed Sept. 8. Star, Davidson, 40 tons, for Toi Toies with stores for settlers. Passengers - Mr T. Reynolds and family.

Saturday 24 October 1857

Arrived, Oct. 20. Content, 148 tons, from Sydney. Passengers - Mrs Healey and son, Miss Bell, Messrs. Techmaker, Fuller, Madock, Lee, Carnegie, Gowan, and Sommerville. The Content, Captain Robertson, left Sydney on the 20th of September, with a general cargo including horses and rams. Next day she experienced a terrific gale from S. to S.S.E., which continued with unabated violence till the morning of the 25th, causing the loss of 29 horses during that time, lying under a close-reefed maintopsail. On 27th the first mate died, after 4 days of illness. During the remainder of the passage experienced continual head gales, which prevented the arrival of the Content till Saturday, the 17th October. The loss of the horses, most of which, we are told, were heavy draught mares, selected expressly by Messrs. Fuller and Teschmaker, is a serious disappointment to many parties here who were depending on them, was well as a loss of 1500 to those gentlemen, and those interested in the shipment.

Oct. 20 Kate, 14 tons, Doherty, from Molyneux and Toi Toies, with 3 bales wool. 

Saturday 31 Oct. 1857

Arrived. Oct, 26, 1857 Kate Kearney, 85 tons, from Port Victoria with sundry packages transshipped from the Glentanner, from London. passengers - Messrs. Burgh and Henderson, and 20 in the steerage.

The brig: Content is advertised to sail on Monday for Sydney with a cargo of wool, sheepskins, and salted hides. She takes with her a number of passengers, including A.C. Strode, Esq., R.M. and family, in their way to England, Mr Strode has obtained leave of absence for fifteen months.

Voyage accounts for the Southern Cross and the Glentanner.

Saturday 7th November 1857

Sailed. Oct. 30, Kate Kearney, 85 tons, Dixon, for Port Victoria, with sundry packages. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Walden, Messrs, Russell, Masters, Churchill, Doherty, Brown, Lambert, Wilson, Young, Starey, and M'Pherson.

Nov. 2, Content, 150 tons, Robertson. for Sydney, with 21 bales wool, 435 bags wheat, 6 bags potatoes, 136 bullock hides, 2175 sheepskins, 1 case specimens of natural history, 60 boxes candles. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Strode and three children, Messrs. Maddock and Lees. 

Saturday 14 November 1857

Arrived. November 9 - Ann Jane, 35 tons, Paton, from the Bluff and the Molyneux, with 14 bags oats, 9  bales wool. Passengers - Mrs Burns, Mr Lea, and Rev. Mr Petitjean.

Saturday 28 November 1857.

Arrived 26. November. - Bosworth, Turnbull, from London.
Nov. 26. Star, 40 tons, Davidson, from Bluff Harbour, in ballast. Passengers - Mrs Dyer, two children, and servant.

Saturday December 5th 1857 page 4 

Arrived, November 28, George Canning, 411 tons, Captain Sims, from London August 23. - passengers listed. 
The foregoing list includes 2 tailors, 2 storekeepers, 1 servant, 9 farmers, 1 clerk, 1 butcher, 1 carpenter, 20 labourers, 1 engineer, 3 shepherds, 1 dairymaid. 

Sailed Dec. 1. Southern Cross, 591 tons, Charlton, for Wellington, with part of original cargo. Passengers - Messrs. Martello, and Richardson.
Dec. 2, Star, 40 tons, for Bluff and New River, with stores for settlers. Passengers - Mr Baggot and family, Mr Bailey and family, Misses M'Queen (2), Messrs. Lee and Calder.�

The Strathallan, just launched at Dundee, was under charter to leave Leith on 25th September for Otago direct. The Palmyra, we understand, is to bring a number of passengers for this place. List of passengers expected to sail by the "Strathallan." page 5

Saturday 19th Dec. 1857

Arrived. Dec. 16, Eclair, 30 tons, Bryant, from Port Cooper, with 123 pkgs. furniture, 5 brls. currants, 1 tierce tobacco, 10 bags coffee, 10 cases pickles. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Mills, Misses Mills (3), Mr and Mrs LeCren.

We learn with regret that the schooner "Kate" recently built at Sawyers' Bay, was wrecked at the mouth of Toi-Toi Harbour on the 7th inst. When she was in the narrowest part of the channel, a sudden change of wind took place, which drove her on the rocks, Her keel was knocked off, and she immediately filled with water. Her cargo, however, was saved.

Saturday 26 Dec, 1857

Arrived. Dec. 24- Thomas and Henry, 235 tons, Thomson, from Melbourne, via Twofold Bay and Bluff Harbour. Passenger Mrs Thomson. 
Sailed Dec. 18 - Bosworth, 611 tons, Turnbull, for Lyttelton, with part of the original cargo from London and 24 passengers.
Dec. 18, George Canning, 411 tons, Sim, for Callao, in ballast, with one passenger.
Dec. 22, Spec, 40 tons, Simpson, for Akaroa. Passengers Mr and Mrs Gibbs and family, and Mrs Simpson.

Otago Witness 25 August 1883 pg16
The Immigration Barracks in Princes street were built in the year 1857. They were situated, previous to 1857, on the site of the present Gaol.

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