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July 7 1860 Saturday page 4

June 29. Spec. Henry, from Clutha, with 14 kegs butter, and 3 cases cheese. Master, agent.
June 30 - Geelong, p.s. Boyd, from Oamaru, with 175 sheep, 122 bags oats, 5 bundles fish. Passengers - Messrs. McClay and Sutherland. 
July 2 California, Trowton, from Melbourne, with 2500 sheep and 2 tons hay.

Cleared Out 
June 30 Amelia Frances, Soloman, for Oamaru, with 1 ton coals and stores. Passengers - Mrs Lindsay and child, Mr and Miss Rees.
July 2 California, Trowton, for Warnambool, in ballast.
July 5 - Pirate, s.s. Robertson, for Melbourne. Passengers - Cabin: James Thomson, James Wilson, McMaster, Morse, Barker, and Carew. 2nd cabin: Ralph Wilson, Robert Hay, and James Cherry. 

July 14 1860 page 4 & 5

July 7 - Ben Nevis, 270 tons, Turcan, from Leith. John Jones, agent.
July 9 - Geelong, Boyd, from Oamaru. Passengers - Messrs. Baker, Kettle, Campbell, and Julius.
July 10 Kinnaird, 551 tons, Stephens, from London. [Kinnaird sailed March 5] Passengers - Cabin:

Buchanan	 Mr and Mrs
Elphinston	 Mr
Elphinston	 Maria, Thomas, Julia and Charlotte
Vivian		 Mr and Mrs

2nd Cabin:
Carvett		 Mr and Mrs
Carvett		 John
McGregor	 Mr and Mrs
Quertier	 Alfred
Reays		 Margaret
Trompp		 George
Vincent		 Robert

July 13 - Airedale, s.s. Jones, from Lyttelton. passengers - Cabin: Mr and Mrs Barr, Messrs. C. Perry, G. Perry, McAlpine, S.C. Thomson, Geratt, Mr and Mrs Hare and 3 children, Judge Gresson. Second Cabin - Mr and Mrs McCray, Mrs Creswell, Mrs Stewart and two children.

Cleared Out. 
July 10 - Dunedin, Walker, for Lyttelton, with original cargo from Melbourne. Passengers: Miss P. Bourke, Messrs. Nathau, and Rattray.
July 11 - Oberon, Louden, for Invercargill, with stores. Passengers - Cabin: Miss Stobo, Mr George Hately, Mr and Mrs Edhouse and children. 2nd: Cabin: H. Hargan, John Aldred, Wm. Miles, John Coutts, John Dods, Thomas Brookes, George McKay, and Mr and Mrs Petrie and 4 children.

The Kinnaird
, which left London on the 5th March, arrived at Otago on the 6th inst. She brings 21 passengers, 7 horses, 15 cattle, and a large general cargo. Her protracted voyage has been caused by light and variable winds, which obliged the captain to call at the Cape for water for the stock; three of the horses however, died. Nothing particular took placed during the voyage. 

The Isabella Hamilton, from London, arrived at Port Chalmers yesterday morning, 100 days from the Downs.

July 21 1863 page 5
Statistics of the Province of Otago, 1859-60

July 14. Geelong, p.s. Boyd. from Oamaru. Passengers - Messrs. H. Julius, W.H. Dauncey. 
July 14. Isabella Hamilton, 238 tons, Wittleton, from London. Passengers - Cabin - Messrs Francis Henrisson and Cortland Warrington. Steerage - Eliza Brooks, George Fairweather, Robert Gardyne, John Pritchard, and Robert Marchland.
July 18. Wellington, 46 tons, Elmsley, from Lyttelton. Passengers: Cabin Wizard Lumley, Thomas Hughes sen., Thomas Hughes jun., F. Collier, William Numan, Mrs Sawyer. Steerage - Mr Tully, Mr Crouch. Master, agent.

Entered Outwards
July 19 Armin, Somers, for Melbourne. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Thomson.

Saturday July 28 1860

Arrived July 20 - Oberon, Louden, from Invercargill. Passengers- Messrs. Morton, Tarlton, Lind, Riddel, and Longuet. 
July 23. Geelong, Boyd, from Oamaru, in ballast. Passengers- Mrs Jones, Miss Jones, Messrs Fenwick, and Carrick.

Cleared Out July 24. Wellington, Elmsley, for Lyttelton. Passengers: Wizard Lumley, Messrs. Highes, Hewman, and Hagar.
July 21 Oberon, Louden, for Invercargill with stores. Passengers: Cabin: Mr and Miss Galliott, Mrs Sayers, Messrs. Thomson, George Perry, and Charles Perry. Steerage: William Young, and F. Wallschlazer, wife and family.

August 4 1860

Entered Inwards. July 28. Geelong, Boyd, from Oamaru. Passengers - Messrs. Holmes and Hassall. 
July 30 - Lord Worsely, Johnson, from Lyttelton with 1 case drapery, 7 pkgs. mattresses, 4 boxes gold, 20 qr.- chests tea, 10 cases brandy, 1 bale paper, 25 drain pipes, 4 drays, 1 case oranges, 1 bag barley, 6 bags seeds, 3 pkgs. quicks, 1 case plants, 3 pkgs, trees, 2 hhds tar, 67 pkgs sugar, 1 case vestas, 1 case chairs, 1 case glass, 24 firkins butter, 22 bags flour, 36 bags maize, 30 cases mustard, 3 horses. Passengers - Cabin: Mr and Mrs Roy and 8 children, Mr and Mrs Scott, Mr and Miss Few, Messrs. Telford, Pike, Congreave, W.A. Young, Dalgetty, R. Rodes, and Mrs W. Scott. Second Cabin: Mr McMaster, M.W. Scott, Mr D. McEwen, and 2 Maori women.
July 31, Catherine, Duncan, from Oamaru, with 4 cases tallow.

Entered Outwards. July 31. Napi, Alabaster, for Taieri, with stores.
Aug. 1 Lord Worsley, Johnson, for Lyttelton. Passengers - Justice Greeson. Messrs. Thos. Wilson, Robert Wilson, Alex. McJud, McHattie, Chalmers, and J.S. Webb. 

April 26 - Pladda sailed for Otago. 
May 6 - William Miles sailed for Canterbury and Otago.

Otago Witness Saturday August 4 1860 page 4
The agents of the provincial Government of Otago despatched the "Pladda," a first-class ship, from Clyde, on the 26th April, with a full complement of cabin and steerage passengers. In the cabin were two surveyors, the first of a series proceeding to Otago at the special request of the Government, for the purpose of laying off the districts of the province still unsurveyed.

Per Henrietta, Assisted Immigrants. To sail on the 30th May.
Passengers per the Robert Henderson. To sail on the 1st June.

The Mermaid, in which Mr Geo. Duncan and family took their departure, arrived at Deal on the 9th May, after a passage of 83 days.

August 11 1860

Arrivals Aug. 4. Geelong, p.s., Boyd, from Oamaru with 2 tons passengers' luggage. Passengers: Messers: Filleul, Hassall, W. Jones, Thompson, Hepburn, Hutchinson, Rev. Mr Andrews, Captains Hamilton and Fraser. Cargill & Co. agents.
Aug. 4. Pirate, s.s., Robertson, from Melbourne. Passengers Cabin: Messrs. Barker, Wilson, Warren, Campbell, and Edmonds. Second Cabin: T. Murphy, J. Murphy, M. Levesey, A. Alexander, E. McDougal, Mrs Whinham, Ann Murphy. Frederic Greer and Co. agents.
Aug. 6. Oberon, s.s., Louden, from Invercargill. Passengers: Messrs. Vivian, Roebuck, Drocge, McLean, and Payne. F. Greer and Co., agents.
Aug. 7. Star, Davidson, from Invercargill.

Cleared Out. Aug. 7 - Thomas and Henry, Paton, for Newcastle in ballast. Passengers - Mrs Paton and 2 children, George Denham, and David Gilchrist.

The steamer Pirate arrived here on the 6th inst., having left Melbourne on the 26th ult., on her upward passage she met with a N.W. gale and heavy sea, that continued for 48 hours, during which her lifeboat and gangways were washed away. She reached Melbourne on the 18th inst., in time for the homeward mail, which under the new arrangement did not leave the 26th by the Ottawa. The pirate leaves for Melbourne to-day, and barring accidents, will be in sufficient time for the Salsette, which takes the homeward August mail on the 26th.

August 18 1860

Arrivals Aug. 11. Geelong, Boyd, from Oamaru with 180 sheep, 21 bags wheat, 2 tons passengers' luggage. Passengers - Messrs. Gleeson, McBean, Barr, Brown, and Gardner.
Aug. 14 - Ann Jane, Stevens, from Auckland with 34,000 feet timber. Passengers- J. South and W. Brady.
Aug. 16 - Airedale, Johns, from Lyttelton. Mr and Mrs Macfarlane, and three children; Messrs. Raymond, Webb, Judd, Nathan, and Kibson. 2nd Cabin: G.B. Burney, Golding, Morain, and John Price.
Aug. 16 - Gratia, 189 tons, Rogers. from Sydney. Turnbull, Bing and Co., agents.

Cleared Out. Aug. 11. Governor Arthur, McDougal, for Waikouaiti.
Aug. 11 - Pirate, Robertson, for Melbourne. Passengers - Cabin: Messrs. Foulkers, Cooper, Henryson, Greer, McBean, Gardner, and Capt. and F. Morris, 2nd Cabin: Emma James, Alex. Prentice, Wm. Taylor, Wm. Donaldson, Joseph Milne, John Smith, Hearndon and Cox.

August 25 1860 page 4

Arrivals August 20. Oberon, s.s., Louden, From, Taieri and Clutha.
Same day, Geelong, p.s., Boyd, from Oamaru, with 297 sheep and 12 packages luggage. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Fenwick, and servant, Messrs. Roy and Lemon.
Same day, Pladda, 982 tons, Ritchie, from Glasgow.  Passengers 
Aug. 24 Geelong, p.s. Boyd, from Oamaru, with 248 sheep and 1 ton luggage. Passengers - Messrs. Holmes, Pike, and McLean.

Cleared Out August 22. Ben Nevis, Turcan, for Wellington, with original cargo from Leith. 
Aug. 24 - Oberon, s.s., Louden, for Invercargill, with stores. Passengers - Cabin: Mr and Mrs Scott, Mr and Mrs Vivian, Miss Finlay, Messrs. Finlay, Stirling, Roy, Harrold, McDonald(2), and A. Jackson. Steerage: Mr Lockhart, wife, and son, Ann Russell, Messrs. Robertson, Pridham, Fortune, Freill, and Anderson. F. Greer and Co., agents.

Dunedin Saturday September 1 1860 page 5

Arrivals August 26 - Active, 136 tons, Gunn (late of the Drover), from Melbourne. Passengers - Mr and Mrs North, Fanny, Frederick, Thomas, Thos., Harry, Clara, and infant North, Jas., Thos., and Martin, Mr, Mrs and Charlotte Taylor, H. Humphrey, Isaac and William Rome, George Jones, Mary and Jane Dunn. R.B. Martin & Co., agents.
August 28 - Reliance, 118 tons, Smith, from Lyttelton. Passengers - John Cassans, Elizabeth Burrowes and son. F. Walker agent.
Aug. 31 - Salopian, 40 tons, Davidson, from Wellington. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Stephen and 4 children. A. Bing and Co., agents.
August 31. Oberon, s.s. from Invercargill, with 30 hides, 2 tons, potatoes, and 2 tons mutton birds. Passengers - Cabin: Miss Glasson, Mr Reid, and family (6), Capt. Thomson, Messrs. Wood, Ronald, Jackson, Green, Russell, and Thomas. Steerage: J. Crosby, Boniface, Mary Ann Pellit, and Toby the Maori. 
Aug. 31 - Geelong, p.s., from Oamaru, with 295 sheep. Passengers - Messrs. Borton, Jefferys, Jones, Meyers, Morton, Logie, and Gleeson. 

The cutter Napi, laden with goods for Messrs. Mansford, Goodall, and Popplewell, has become a total wreck in the Taieri River, and that the Amelia Francis, with a cargo of timber from Waikava, has gone ashore at the same place.

page 6.

The Inter-Colonial Royal Mail Company steam packet company's ship Victory.
Hull Advertiser - May 9. The Victory this morning (Wednesday) leaves for London. Built by Messrs. Denny, of Dumbarton. She is 215 feet long, with 27 feet breadth of beam, and 16 feet 6 inches depth of hold, 1000 tons. She has three saloons aft; one for general use and two for ladies only. She can accommodate in these 46 passengers. The fittings and furnishings of the main saloon are superb. The seats are covered with rich crimson velvet, and the panels are decorated with oil paintings. These are principally battle scenes. The decorations have been carried out by Messrs. Wright and Dreyer, of this town. All the officers cabins are on deck. The steeple engines, built by Denny, of 350 horse-power, and fitted with Hamilton's patent governor, are fixed. The steam is superheated by Partilge's patent, and a donkey engine, which is fixed to work the machinery on deck, would alone impel the ship at the rate of one knot an hour in case the principal engines broke down. The Victory is also fitted with a patent condensing apparatus for obtaining pure fresh water. The kitchen (galley as the sailor calls it) is a model of economy, cleanliness and excellence. She is under command of Captain Toogood, and is to re-inforce the Company's feet in the Australian waters.

September 8 1860

Arrivals September 3. Lord Ashley, Kennedy, from Lyttelton. Passengers Cabin: Mr and Mrs Franks, Mr and Mrs Noble and servant, Mrs McEwan and infant, Mrs Well, Messrs. Rattray, Ledger, and Capt. Baldwin. Steerage: Messrs. Carswell, Jelly, Halliday, Soames, Johnson, Horsley, Reed, Rich, McKinnon, Corbett, Millichamp, Whiteman, Greer, Graniger, and McDougall. 
September 3 - Robert Henderson, Logan, from Glasgow. Passengers - 

Cleared Out
September 1 Kinnaird, Stephen, for Shanghai, with part of original cargo from London. John Jones & Co., agents
Sept. 4 Lord Ashley. Kennedy, for Lyttelton, with part of the original cargo for Sydney. Passengers: Messrs. Few, Thomas, and Arnell.
Sept. 4. Active, Gunn, for Lyttelton, with part of original cargo from Melbourne. Passengers: James, Thomas, and William Martin, Mr and Mrs Taylor and daughter, Henry Humphrey, Mary and Jane Dunne, Isaac and Wm. Rowe.
Sept.  5. Gratia, Rogers, for Sydney, in ballast. Turnbull, Bing, and Co., agents.
Sept. 5. Ann Jane, Stevens, for Waikouaiti, with stores and luggage.
Sept. 4 - Reliance, Smith, for Twofold Bay. Passengers - Cabin: Mr and Mrs Smith and daughter, Mr and Mrs Donald, Mr and Mrs Kitchen. Steerage: William Johnson, John David, J. Scott, Thos. Couper, J. Keefe, J. Ramsey, J. Mitchell, R. Charles, A. Cooper, E. Rutter, A. Hammond, William Briggs, D. McGuire, A. Drummond, W. Mills, William Franklin, D. Greer. F. Walker, agent.
Sept. 7- Oberon, Louden, for Invercargill, with stores. passengers - Cabin: Messrs. Hare, Sibbald, Burke, Smith, and Everingham. Steerage: John Smith, John McDougall, H. Naughton, J. Pearcy, H. Fuschler, H. Dalleyej, John Huaghey, H. Bowler, John Neill, and John Lampard.

The barque Acasta, Captain Muirhead, (late of the Mary Thompson,) eight days from Wellington put into this port on Thursday last. She was bound for Otago and has on board 129 head of cattle and 22 horses. She will land her stock today and it is probable that they will be sold here. Lyttelton Times Aug. 25.

September 15 1860

Arrivals Sept. 7 - Geelong, Boyd, from Oamaru. 3 pkgs bacon, 4 cases sundries. Passengers - Mr and Mrs F, Jones, and servant, Mr and Mrs Robinson.
Sept. 10 - Dunedin, Stewart, from Auckland, via Lyttelton. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Aitken and 2 children, Jas. Marshall. D. Sinclair, J. McLean, E. Burns. 
Sept. 10 - California, 629 tons, Trowton, from Warrnambool, Victoria. 2,500 sheep. F. Greer and Co., agents.
Sept. 10. - Cosmopolite, Lewis, from Hobart Town, via Nelson. Passengers - Mr Hurst, and Miss Edwards.
Sept. 12 - Bruce, Meiklejohn, from Glasgow. Passengers 

Cleared Out Sept. 8. Salopian, Davidson, for Wellington.
Sept. 10 - Pladda, Ritchie, for Moulmain, Burma. Original cargo from Glasgow,

The schooner Dunedin, Captain Stewart, arrived at Port Chalmers on Sunday, having been seven weeks on her passage from Auckland, caused by the prevailing winds from the south-west, which compelled Captain Stewart to put into several places on his way down, Akaroa being the last port he was in.

The California, which has for some time past been engaged in the cattle trade, been unfortunate in the late gale. She landed a considerable number of sheep at Moeraki, and on her passage from thence to Otago, she struck on a sunken rock, about a quarter of a mile from Vulcan Point. The rock is well known to boatmen and traders on our coast, but does not appear to be lid sown in any chart. The California was for some time on the rock, and after having got off, she was with some difficulty brought into port, the pumps having to be kept constantly going. She has sustained such damage that it is not thought advisable to attempt to repair her. She is therefore been condemned and will be sold by auction on Wednesday next.

September 22 1860

Arrivals  Sept. 15 - Geelong, Boyd, from Oamaru, with 298 sheep, 2 chests luggage. Passengers - Messrs. Gleeson, Campbell, Lemore, and Anderson.
Sept. 15 - Oberon, Louden, from Invercargill with 4 kits potatoes, 1 lb gold. Passengers- Messrs. Pearson, McLeod, Stirling, and Miss Dods,
Sep 15 - Bruce, 1110 tons, Meiklejohn, from Glasgow. M. Holmes, agent.
Sept. 17 - Lalla Rookh, 147 tons, Beer, from Wellington. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Fairbairn, Mr and Mrs Symonds and family, Messrs. Taylor, McDonald, and Birch. Master, agent.
Sept. 20. Pirate, Robertson, from Melbourne. passengers- Cabin: Messrs. H. Parker, W. Paterson, A. West, F. Banks, J.S. Legett, Masters Morse, Blacklock. 2nd Cabin: Mr and Mrs Greenfield and family, Janet Willie, William Willie, W. Lewis.

Cleared Out Sept. 15. Star, Davidson, for Auckland, with 30 casks beer. Passenger - His Honour the Superintendent. J.S. Douglas, agent.
Sept. 17. Spec, Henry, for Clutha, with stores. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Meeking and child.
Sept. 18 - Oberon, Louden, for Taieri and Clutha. with stores. Passenger - Mr Harrold.
Sept. 20 - Robert Henderson, Logan, for Bombay, with original cargo from Glasgow, 29,060 cast-iron railway chairs. Webb and Co. agents.
Sept. 20 -  Lalla Rookh, Beer, for Guam, with original cargo from Melbourne. Passenger - Mr Taylor. Master, agent.

Sept. 20 - Emerald Isle, Oakes, for Lyttelton, with 16 cords firewood. 

September 29 1860

Arrivals Sept. 21. Sarah, Hamylon, from Taieri, with 101 bags oats.
Sept. 24. Henrietta, Cumming, from Glasgow, May 30. Passengers - 

October 6 1860 page 5

Arrived Sept, 27. Dunedin, Stewart, from Oamaru. Passengers - Alex. Adam, Duncan Smith. Master, agent.
Oct. 1. Lord Worsley, Johnson, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Cabin: Mr and Mrs Wilson, Rev. Mr. Wyatt, Messrs. Falkner, Ivens, Teschemaker, Turnbull, Clarkson, Webster, Anderson, Vennell, and Spooner. Steerage: J. Sim, A. Sutherland, Armstrong.
Oct. 1. William Miles, 1103 tons, Wm. Lilley, from Lyttelton. J. Jones and Co., agents. Cabin passengers: Raymond Clacy Beeston, Thomas C. Bowen, L.F. Chapman, E. Letham, F. Pohill


Bolton		 Charles, Mary, Harriet, Robert, and Frances, and 2 children
Cockerill	 Daniel wife and 2 children (Richard Cockerill paid Daniel's �6 passage money to the Provincial Government of Otago on Oct. 11 1869)
Douglas		 William
Dunwell		 John (George Carnell paid John's �12 passage money to the Provincial Government of Otago)
Flint		 Henry W.
Flint		 George B.
Halliday	 John
Morris		 Samuel and Sarah
Norton		 Henry D. wife and family of 5
Nutall		 Daniel, Matilda and John (William Basket paid Matilda's �9 passage money and John's �16 to the Provincial Government of Otago on Dec. 13, 1864)
Reynolds	 Catherine
Roff		 Elizabeth, Thomas, Mary Ann, Samuel, Charles, and Elizabeth and infant
Tuck		 Charles wife and family of 5
Tulloch		 William S.
Teller		 Alex. and wife and son
Wall		 Thomas
Wood		 Amelia and Elizabeth

Otago Witness
August 25 1860
The William Miles, the pioneer ship of the line from Bristol to New Zealand, sailed from her former port on May 5, with a valuable cargo and 300 passengers for Canterbury and Otago. This ship, belonging to the eminent firm of Messrs. Miles Brothers and Co., of Bristol, was loaded by them in conjunction with Messrs. Shaw, Savill, and Co., of London. Her register tonnage is 1220 tons, and she is essentially and in all respects a modern clipper ship with great advantages for passengers. About 200 of the passengers on board consisted of emigrants selected by Mr. J.E. Fitz-Gerald, the representative of the Government of Canterbury, and despatched under a contract between the Government and Messrs. Miles Brothers and Co., There was a fair sprinkling of persons from each of the three kingdoms, stout stalwart men, with blooming wives and healthy children; and if good and hearty health and physical strength are wanted in New Zealand emigrants, there was a really good supply on board the William Miles. We wish success to this new line. The following were chief cabin passengers;- 
Mr and Mrs Noble, 
Mrs Foster
Capt. W. Baldwin
Mr G. Ensor
Mr E.H. Ensor
Capt. G. Harrison
Capt. F. Cox
Mrs Bridge and family (5)
Mr and Mrs Slater and family (4).
We understand that the next ship will sail in July. - New Zealand (London) Examiner.

October 6 1860 page 5

Entered Outwards.
Sept. 29. Oberon, John Louden, for Invercargill. Passengers - Cabin: Mrs Thomas Burns, Miss Elphinstone, Messrs. Newton, Walker, Bullock, and Everingham. Steerage: Mrs Nicolson and 5 children, Mrs Laidlaw, Miss Cadzean, Helen Sinclair, Mr and Mrs Keith and 2 children, George Keith, Mr and Mrs Saddler, Ralph and John Dawson, Mr and Mrs Strang, Robert Sinclair, and Leopold Prosanowsky. 
Sept. 29. Pirate, Robertson, for Melbourne. Passengers - Cabin: Messrs. Mark Lenton, Wm. Ross, James Malcolm, E. Quick, P. Cheyne, Captain Trowton, Messrs. McFarlane and Webb. Steerage: John Waldie, Thomas Greig, and Alexander Chisholm.
Oct. 3. Lord Worsley, Johnson, for Lyttelton. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Hubbard, Miss McAdam, Miss Imrie, Dr. Shaw, Messrs. Wm. Martin, W. Goodrick, Thomas Ayres, and Leggatt.

October 13 1860 page 5

Arrived. Oct. 9 - Oberon, Louden, from Invercargill. Passengers - Mrs Watson, Messrs. Walker, Bullock, O'Toole, Mills, and Gilson.
Oct. 12. Geelong, Boyd, from Oamaru. Passengers - Mrs Barr, Mr and Mrs Hartslett, Messrs. Dick, and Orbell.

Entered Outwards Oct. 8. Armin, Sommers, for Melbourne, in ballast. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Noble, Mr and Mrs Tymond, Mr and Mrs Stephenson and child, Messrs. P. Reyley, McMahon, Burton, and Bourke. 

October 13 1860 page 5
Wrecks. The "Oamaru Lass" a smart little schooner of about fifty tons, built at Waikava, has been thrown up on the beach at Oamaru. She left Waikava, for Oamaru, with a full cargo of timber, and made the passage satisfactory, but whilst lying off Oamaru, a heavy swell set in and she drifted ashore, where she lies high up, with little prospect of getting her off. The "Sarah" has, gone ashore at the Taieri, and is a total wreck. The whole of the cargo lost.

Whether a voyage to New Zealand is to be a pleasant trip, or to be confinement in a floating prison, depends almost entirely on the character of the officers of the ship. The death of one man, whose life might be saved by careful attention, is a far greater loss to the community than would be the amount of the surgeon's remuneration. We the early colonists witnesses the painful sight of children landed orphans in the Province.

October 20 1860 page 4

Arrived October 14 - Evening Star, 811 tons, H.W. Norris, from London. Passengers... 

Oct. 19. Airedale, Johns, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Cabin: Messrs E. McGlashan, Bedborough, Cumming, Pike, Hughes, Owen, Shirley, and McPherson. Steerage: Messrs. Boyd, Eavens, Syers, Hillier, Wilson, McConnell, Coterill, Livingstone (2), McNaughten, Mr and Mrs Phillips, Mrs Clark, and 3 children, Mrs Warrick and 2 children. Mrs Shirley and 5 children; Messrs. Young, Curtoys, and 2 Natives.

Cleared Out
Oct. 16 - Geelong, Boyd, for Oamaru. Passengers - Messrs. Holmes, Rattray and Montford.
Same day - Balmoral, King, for Guam, with original cargo from Hobart Town.
Same day - Oberon, Louden, for Invercargill, with stores. Passengers - Cabin: Mrs Shaw, Messrs. T.S. Watson, J.R. Mills, F. O' Toole, W. H. Pearson and Stirling. Steerage: Mrs Campbell and George McKissack.
Same day - Henrietta, Cumming, for Bombay with 24,220 railway chairs, and original cargo from Glasgow. J.S. Douglas, agent.

October  27 1860, Page 11

The Pirate brings a considerable number of passengers, a full cargo, 1000 sheep, and 4 horses. In leaving Hobson's Bay, she ran into the Ada, and carried away the latter's funnel, and did other damage, which will delay her arrival here. Things were bad in Melbourne. Sheep and horses were coming down in price, although there was an unusual abundance of grass. Otago was much spoken of : and a Melbourne firm contemplates putting on a large steamer, the Omeo, of 1800 tons, to trade to this port; if sufficient inducement be offered.

Saturday November 3 1860 page 4

Arrived. Oct. 27. Father Thames. Carey, from Oamaru. T.W. Bamford, agent.
Same day - Pirate, Robertson, from Melbourne. Passengers: Cabin: R. Gardner, G.A. Chalmers, J. Sanderson, Capt. A.F. Morris, F. Greer, Mrs Nathan and 3 children, and Capt. Caught. Steerage: B. Cholmondeley, M.A. Thomson, M. Cockburn, P. Thomson, A. Mallinson, H. Hughes, W. Wilson, and P. Skalen. F. Greer and Co., agents.
Oct. 29 - Catherine, Duncan, from Oamaru.
Same day - James Daly, Flight, from Waikava. Master, agent.
Same day - Margaret, 30 tons, Clifford, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Mr Abrahamson, Mrs Porsons, and 3 children. Master, agent.
Same day - Silistria, 642 tons, John Mackay, from, Glasgow. Sailed on the 26 July last from the Clyde.
[Otago Witness Sept. 22 1860. List of Immigrants to arrive per "Silistria," from Glasgow, which was to sail on the 25th July.]
Nov. 2. Prince Alfred, Bowden, from Sydney. Passengers - Cabin: Miss Campbell, Messrs. Wilks, Rawlins, McNab, Von Tunselman, Power, Parker, McKay, Chalnerger, Bethel, Sims, and Seal. Steerage - Mrs Aldred and 3 children, Messrs. Gansby, Smith(2), Cassells French, Malcolm, Steward, Clark, Gray, Walker, Quince, Carey, and Grooch.
Nov. 2. Salopian, Davidson, from Invercargill. Master. agent.

Cleared Out. 
October 30. Geelong, Boyd, for Oamaru with stores. Passengers - Messrs Vutten, Short, Lemon, R. Julius, Mitchell; Mr and Mrs Hertslett, and Capt. Caught. 
Same day - Prince Albert, Spence, for Invercargill, with stores. Passengers - Cabin: Mrs Watson, Capt. Chalmers, and Mr Begg. Second Cabin: James Allan, Thomas Roff, John Grant, William Allan Gilkinson, Mr and Mrs Goodwillie, Mrs Tannock, and Mrs Watson. 
Oct. 31. Pirate, Robertson, for Melbourne. Passengers- Cabin: Mrs Campbell, Mrs Ross, Messrs. W.M. Anderson, G. Webster, and McLauchlan. Steerage: Henry Paterson, T. Murphy, T. Cunningham, Hector H. Tause, F.W. Hillier, and Antonio.

Immigrants have been arriving at a rate greater than at any other period of our history. We had 
the "Pladda" in August, with 371 passengers; 
the "Robert Henderson," in September, with 285 passengers
the "Bruce," in September, with 110 passengers
and the "Henrietta" in September, with 627 passengers
the "William Miles," in October with 40 passengers
the "Silistria" is now in port with 312 more.

page 5
The Silistria. This fine vessel, with immigrants from the Clyde, July 25th, arrived here on Thursday the 25 ult., after a pleasant passage of 91 days. The vessel was placed in quarantine for a brief period in consequence of the Captain having reported the occurrence of a case of small-pox on board shortly after leaving the Clyde. Dr Hulme, the Health Office, and other members of the Health Board, from Dunedin, proceeded to Port Chalmers and made the necessary enquiries and they admitted the vessel to pratique. Early on the Monday morning following, the steamer Geelong went down to Port Chalmers and brought up the Silistria's passengers, who were all landed at Dunedin the same afternoon.  Total number of souls 312 equal to 226� statute adults. Officers on the  Silistria - Mr More and Mr Muir.

August 13 Mrs M. Mathieson, of a daughter.
October 12 Mrs J. Brown of a son
October 25 Mrs McInnes of twins, which survived only 36 hours.

Deaths. August 11, Margaret McInnes, aged 80, senile decay
August 12 James Grieve, 7 months, teething
August 21 Elizabeth McLeod, 7 months, ditto
August 26 A.W. Wood, 7 weeks, atrophy
Sept. 6 Jane Mathieson, 3 weeks, bronchitis
Sept. 13 Margaret Grieve, 20 months, dysentery
Sept. 17 Mary Ann Prain, 18 months, teething
Sept. 21 George McDonald 6 months, atrophy
Sept. 24 Christopher Grieve, 20 months, dysentery

The brig "Thomas and Henry" has been purchased by the Government from Mr J. Jones for �1200, for the purpose of being used as a hulk at Oamaru.

Nov. 10 1860. page 4

Arrived. Nov. 3. Geelong, Boyd, from Oamaru, in ballast. Passengers - Messrs. Herslett, Jones, Short, Morse, Docksey, Dyer, Allan, and Captain Caught. 
Nov. 5 Don Pedro II, 150 tons, Evans. from Hobart Town. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Merry, Miss Merry, William Allison, J. White, and Jas. White. Master, agent.
Nov. 6 - Prince Albert, R. Spence, from Invercargill, in ballast. Passengers - Mrs Burns, Capt. A.F. Morris, Messrs. Watson, and Ross.
Same day - Ada, 53 tons, Mason, from Melbourne. Passengers - Misses Mason.

Cleared Out. Nov. 2 - Acasta, Muirhead, for Newcastle, N.S.W., on ballast.
Nov. 3. Oberon, Fraser, for Taieri and Clutha with stores. Passengers- Mr and Mrs McGregor, and 2 children.
Sailed from Invercargill. Oct. 25. Northern Light, Tobin, for Newcastle, N.S.W., in ballast. Thos. J. White and Co., agents.

November 17 1860. page 4

Arrived Nov. 9. Oberon, Fraser, from Clutha, in ballast. Passengers - Messrs. Davies, and Husband.
Same day - Geelong, Boyd, from Oamaru, in ballast. Passengers - Cabin: Messrs. Cutten, Baker, Fulton, and Paterson.
Nov. 14 Dunedin, J. Stewart, from Auckland. Passengers - Messrs. Brown, Carthnise, Ross, and Smith.
Nov. 16 Geelong, Boyd, from Oamaru. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Jones and child, Messrs. Letham, and Gooch.
Nov. 16 Rebecca, 115 tons, Souter, from Auckland, via Wanganui, with 80,000 feet timber.

Cleared Out Nov. 12. Geelong, Boyd, for Oamaru with stores. Passengers - Cabin: Mrs Russell and Miss Prictor. 
Same day. Prince Albert, 192 tons, 100 horse power, A.F. Morris, for Invercargill, with stores. Passengers - Cabin: Messrs. McNab, and Johnstone. Second cabin: Mrs Dawson, Ann Taylor, Jessie McBain, Mr Aldred and 3 children.
Same day - Oberon, Spence, for Melbourne with 165 sheepskins. Passengers Mr and Mrs Monteflore, and Mr Gardner.

November 24 1860

Arrived. Nov. 19. Airedale, Johns, from Lyttelton. Passengers- Cabin: Mr and Mrs Harris, 2 children and servant. Miss Sim, Dr. Menzies, Capt. Morris, Messrs, Few, Gillies, Burr, Moxon, Sherry, Kingston, and Saunders. Steerage: Mrs McFarlane; Messrs. Livingstone, McLeod, Preston, Kerloy, Bond, Skelton, Rogers, McLaggan, Forbes, Webb, and Burrough. 
Same day - Prince Albert, Morris, from Invercargill. Passengers - Captains Thomson and Chalmers; Messrs Bastian and Aylmer.
Same day - Cosmopolite, Lewis, from Hobart Town. Passengers - J. Murdoch, and O. Graham.
Nov. 20. Ada, Fraser, from Taieri, in ballast. Passenger - Miss Gilchrist.

Cleared Out. Nov. 19. Geelong, Boyd, for Oamaru. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Baker and family, Mr and Mrs Jones.
Nov. 20. Airedale, Johns, for Lyttelton. Passengers - Cabin: Mr and Mrs Casement and child, and Mr Paxton. Steerage: John Malcolm, John French and J. Medlyn.
Same day - Prince Albert, Morris, for Invercargill. Passengers - Cabin: Messrs. Hutchison and John McDonald. Steerage: Mrs Heggie and 2 children, Mrs Roff and 3 children, Messrs. Maclagan and Gibbons.

Dec. 1 Otago Witness page 4

Arrived November 22 - Geelong, Boyd, from Oamaru, with 7 bundles sheep-skins. Passengers - Messrs. Luxmore, Walker, Glass, Laughton; Miss McDonald. Cargill and Co.., agents.
Same day - Catherine, Duncan, from Oamaru, with 40 bags lime, and 5 bales sheep-skins. Young and McGlashan, agents.
November 24 - Active, 136 tons, Gunn, from Melbourne. Passengers - Cabin: Messrs. Dagetty, Stoddart, Harris, Sharp, and Thompson. Steerage: Mr and Mrs McGregor and 3 children; Mr and Mrs Boyd; Messrs. Hayes, Valpy, Church, Marsey, Hailley, Farmer, Taylor and Western. R.B. Martin and Co. agents.
November 26- Balmoral, 107 tons, King, from Hobart Town. Passenger -A.A. Pennefather. Young and McGlashan, agents.
November 27 - Pirate, s.s. Robertson, from Melbourne. Passengers - Cabin: Mrs Ross, Mrs Campbell, Mrs Preston, and Captain Bewes. Messrs. Garvie, Lyon, and McBean; Miss Haggart, Mrs Rawlings, servant, and 2 children. Steerage: David Garey, Robert May, John Ramsey, J.R. James, Joshua Evans, John Robert, William Whittaker, J. Smith, Captain Dickie, Mrs Dickie, and Messrs. Smith. F. Greer and Co., agents.
November 29 - Ada, Fraser, from Clutha, on ballast.
Same day - Spec, Henry, from Clutha, with 5 kegs butter, 10 kits potatoes, and 2 bags barley. Master, agent.

Cleared Out 
November 24 - Star, Davidson, for Invercargill with stores. J.S. Douglas, agent.
November 26 - Hawkhead, Grieve, for Oamaru, with stores. Young and McGlashan, agents.
Same day - Don Pedro II., Evans, for Hobart Town, in ballast. Master, agent.
November 27 - Geelong, Boyd, for Oamaru, with stores. Cargill and Co., agents.
November 30 - Cosmopolite, Lewis, for Hobart Town, with original cargo from Hobart Town. Young and McGlashan, agents.
Same day - Pirate, Robertson, for Melbourne. Passengers Cabin: Misses Mason (2), H.R. McAlpine. Steerage: Angus McKay, W. Palmer, Jas. Burrough, Joseph Friend. F. Greer & Co., agents.

Saturday December 8 1860 page 5

Arrived. Dec. 1 - Prince Albert, Morris, from Invercargill, in ballast. Passengers - Messrs. Edhouse, Gibbon, and Green. F. Greer and Co. agents.
Dec. 3. Lion, 216 tons, Sinclair, from Sydney, with 65 horses, 15 tons hay, 1 case saddlery, 35 tons water-casks. Passengers - Messrs. Miles (2), J. Burn, E. King, W. Wallace, and F. Ruther. F. Greer and Co. agents.
Same day - Fanny, 20 tons, McLellan, from Lyttelton. Master, agent.
Same day - Exert, 41 tons, Wallace, from Auckland, with 30,000 feet timber. Master, agent.
Same day - Schooner Ada, 20 tons, Swersen, from Akaroa, with 18,000 feet timber. Master, agent.
Same day - Lord Ashley, Kennedy, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Cabin: Colonel Grant, Mr and Mrs Arthur, Miss Parker, Miss McGlashan, Captain Wilson, Messrs. Burt, Webb, Clark, J. Martin, W. Martin, Bruce, Tudor, Peter, Hodge, and Potter. 2nd Cabin: Mr and Mrs McGaw and child, Mr and Mrs Wells and 3 children, Messrs. Peterson, Butcher, Outram, Whitehead, Cooper, Clark, F. Martin, Shaw, Kay, and Hussey. Young and McGlashan agents.
Dec. 4 Ada, Fraser, from Taieri. F. Greer and Co. agents.

Cleared Out. Dec. 1. - Active, Gunn, for Lyttelton, with original cargo from Melbourne. Passengers- Cabin: Messrs. Stoddart and Smart.  Steerage: Mr and Mrs Boyd, and Mr Western. R.B. Martin and Co.
Dec. 3 - Geelong, Boyd, for Oamaru, with stores, Passengers - Messrs. Dansey, Robison and Every.
Dec. 4 - Prince Albert, Morris, for Invercargill, with stores - Passengers -Cabin: Mr and Mrs Stirling and 5 children, Miss Galliot, Messrs. Green, Logie, Lea, and Hodge. 2nd Cabin: Miss Mary Tnrner, Miss G. Sim. Francis Grant, and Graham McConnochy. Frederic Greer and Co. agents.
Dec. 5. Lord Ashley, Kennedy, for Lyttelton, with original cargo from Sydney. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Hollinshead and family, Messrs. Peter and Dalgety. Young and McGlashan agents.

December 15 1860 page 4.

Arrived. Dec. 6 - Geelong, Boyd, from Oamaru. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Weldon, Rev. Mr. Edwards, Mrs Edwards, Mrs Calcutt, and Mr Davidson. 
Dec. 10 - Prince Albert, Morris, from Invercargill. Passengers - Cabin: Mr White and 2 children, Mr and Mrs Warnock and 2 children, Messrs. Tarlton, Hutchenson, Mollison, and McLaggan. Second Cabin: Messrs. Keith, and McKay. 
Dec. 14 - Munford, 169 tons, Rae, from Hobart Town. Passengers - Messrs. Manning and Rogers.
Same day - Geelong, Boyd, from Oamaru. Passengers - Mrs Fenwick, Messrs Rattray, Pike, and Traill.

Cleared Out Dec. 11. Prince Albert, Morris, for Invercargill with stores. Passengers - Mr White and 2 children.

December 22 1860 page 5

Arrived Dec. 17 Pioneer, John Simpson, from Clutha, in ballast.
Same day - James Daly, Flight, from Waikava. Master, agent.
Same day - Prince Albert, Morris, from Invercargill. Passengers - Messrs. Wilkes, Lee, and Newman.
Dec. 18. - Ada, Fraser, from Taieri with 20 bags flour. Passenger - Mr Wilson

Dec. 19.- Caesar Godeffroy, of Hamburg, 608 tons, Fr�chenicht, from Melbourne, with 2500 sheep. 
Same day - Lord Ashley, 296 tons, Kennedy, from Lyttelton. Passengers- Cabin: Messrs. Wood, Cruickshank, Carter, Smallfield, Mantell, Cockroft, and Houghton. Second Cabin: Messrs. B. Suisted, A. Suisted, John Daly, J. Hill, and M. Tidmash. 
Same day, Indian, 202 tons, Brown from Hobart Town, with 50 horses. Passengers - Cabin: Mr Fage, Steerage: Hall, McQueen, and Brookes.

Cleared Out. Dec. 15. - Caroline, 36 tons, Duncan, for Fiji Islands. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Lee, Miss Lee, Alex. Brown, Robert Duguild, and William McPhie.
Dec. 19 - Caesar Godeffroy, Fr_chenicht, for Valparaiso, in ballast.
Same day - Ada, Fraser, for Invercargill, with stores. Passengers - James Florence.

Otago Witness Saturday December 29 1860

Arrivals. Dec. 24. Fanny, McLellan, from Oamaru, in ballast. master, agent.
Same day - Spec, Haywood, from Clutha, with 27 bales wool, 3 kegs butter. Master, agent.
Same day - Pirate, Robertson, from Melbourne. Passengers - Mrs Bowrie and family of 6, Wm. Wiseman, John Wiseman, Miss J. Delandress. F. Greer and Co. agents.
Dec. 26. Chile, 767 tons, Thomas Turnbull (late of the "Bosworth", ) from London, with large general cargo. Passengers...
Same day- Huon, Peterson, from Waikouaiti with 5 bales wool, 1 cwt bacon. Cargill and Co., agents.
Same day - Armin, Sommers, from Melbourne. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Young, Messrs. Gardner (4.) Young and McGlashan, agents.
Same day - S.S. Storm Bird, 67 tons, Malcolm, from Melbourne. Passengers - Cabin: Mr and Mrs Mollison and 5 children, Miss McLeod, Mr E.C. Quick. Steerage: W. Marcutt, Mary Marcutt, Esther Wood. J. Jones and Co, agents. 
Dec. 27 - Ann Jane, Stevens, from Waikouaiti with 50 bales wool, 4 bdls. sheepskins, 32 bags wheat. J. Jones and Co. agents.
Same day - Sultan, 849 tons, Steele, from Geelong, with 3000 sheep. Passengers - Henry Beattie, James Burke, John Hager, James Rogers. Master, agent.
Same day - Adelaide, 78 tons, Fuller, from Melbourne. Passenger - Peter Aughterson.

Cleared out Dec. 23 - Lord Ashley, Kennedy, for Lyttelton. Passengers - Cabin: Major Richardson, Mrs Popham. 2nd Cabin: John McNaughton. Young and McGlashan, agents.
Dec. 21. - Indian, Brown, for Hobarton, in ballast. R.B. Martin and Co., agents.
Dec. 26 - Pirate, Robertson, for Moeraki, with 30 bags flour, 7 bags sugar, 2 pkgs. ironmongery, 2 half-chests tea. F. Greer and Co., agents
Dec. 27 - Fanny, McLellan, for Lyttelton, with stores. Master, agent.

Immigration The following is a list of the passengers to arrive by the Lady Egidia, which sailed from the Clyde on the 13th October last:-

An addition had been, made to our steam fleet by the arrival of the "Storm Bird," owned in the Province, and the screw steamer "Oberon" is to return immediately. This will make eight steamers owned in the Province, and trading on the coast. The "Omeo," from Melbourne, is expected immediately, as is also a new steamer belonging to the Coleman Company. Steamship "Omeo" 1000 tons, John McLean, commander will steam between Melbourne, Otago and Canterbury.  In September last there were 440,000 sheep in the Province, besides lambs.

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