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July 6 1861 page 4

July 1 - Omeo, McLachlan, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Mrs McEwen, Messrs. Low, Sullivan, Watson, Hamlet, Wedge, Steir, Everett, Smith, and Welford.
Same Day - Victory, s.s., Toogood, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Cabin: Messrs. Duppa and Wood. 2nd Cabin: Mr and Mrs Giles and family (6), Messrs. Brown, McGregor, and Meyers.
July 3 - Don Pedro II, George Mathew Evans, from Hobart-Town. Passenger- G. Clarke.
July 4 - Lalla Rookh, 147 tons, Greig, from Auckland, with 60,000 ft. timber.

Cleared Out
July 2 - Omeo, McLachlan, for Melbourne. Passengers - Cabin: Mrs Isles and child, Messrs. Beattie, McAllum, and Knapp.  Steerage: R. Forrest, J. Kennedy, and James Campbell.
Same day - Wild Wave, Tonge, for Stewart's Island, with stores. Passengers - Messrs. Bullock, and Lemon. T.W. Bamford, agent.
July 3 - Victory, s.s. Toogood, for Melbourne.  Passengers - Cabin: Rev. J.A. Slaman, Messrs. Ewan, Lawrence, Wood, and Duppa.
July 4 - Prince Alfred, Bowden for Lyttelton, with original cargo from Melbourne, for Northern Ports. Passengers - Messrs. Lawrence, and Cain.

July 4 - The Oberon sailed at 9 30 a.m. from Port Chalmers, but returned to Heads to Pilot station reporting Victory ashore.

July 6 1861 page 4
Steamer "Victory"
We regret to learn that the Inter-Colonel Royal Mail Company's fine s.s. "Victory," met with an accident on Wednesday night. She left Otago about an hour before dark with a strong gale blowing from the N.E., and ran ashore soon after 6 o'clock in Wickliffe Bay, this side of Cape Saunders. Fortunately she went ashore on a sandy beach; the passengers and mails are safely landed. We understand the vessel is so high upon the Beach, there being only 4 feet water at low tide, and so embedded in the sand, that there is no prospect of her being rescued from her present unfortunate position.

July 6 1861 page 4
Gold, Gold, Gold, is the universal subject of conversation. The number of persons leaving town each morning is quite surprising. The fever is running to such a height that, if it continue, there will be scarcely a man left in town. On the last Sunday, the congregation at church consisted of the minister and precentor.  In Dunedin, everything is rising in price - that is to say, everything in demand or which involves the employment of labour.  About three weeks since there appeared in our columns a letter from Mr Gabriel Read, addressed to the Superintendent, informing him of the discovery of a paying gold field in the neighbourhood of the Tokomairiro.  Mr Read stated he obtained, in ten hours, seven ounces of gold, working with inferior tools.  Mr Read stated a party of three, who worked with proper tools, that Mr Read's party (Read, Brookes, and Hardy) had obtained seven pounds weight of gold in eleven or twelve days.  The Gold has chiefly been worked in a small creek or rivulet falling into the Tuapeka, which latter stream is a tributary of the Clutha. and all of the adjoining small creeks and gullies of a similar character, are found to yield Gold in equally paying quantities. The spot is on Run 137 near the station of Davy and Bowler.  This is about 20 miles from the Tokomairiro Plain in a straight line, but 30 miles have to be traversed to reach the place. From Dunedin the shortest road to the Diggings is by the range at the back of the West Taieri, and Waihola. No person should start for the Diggings without taking supplies with him.

Pick and Shovel Monument

Gabriel's Gully - Rush commenced on or about the 24th June 1861.
See article on the Otago Witness Dec. 2nd and 23rd 1883.

The major 19th-century gold rushes were a stampede of young men from all over the world to the goldfields of California in 1849, then across the Pacific to Australia in 1851, on to New Zealand with four major goldfields: Otago (1861), West Coast (1864), Thames (1867 - 1971) Waihi (1880s) and then culminating in a rush to the Klondike (Canada) in 1899-1901.

August 3 1861
On the 4th June, Mr Gabriel Read [Mr Thos. G. Read], a miner of considerable experience in Australia, wrote to the Superintendent, informing him of the discovery of a paying gold field at Tuapeka, about 30 miles from the Tokomairiro, but about 50 by the West Taieri. Mr Read reported that he had, with a butcher's knife and a tin dish, obtained 7 ounces of gold by ten hours; work. [Gold Mining Towns]
History of Gold Discoveries Otago Witness Feb. 3rd 1866 pg1
Otago The total area of the country in which auriferous rock appears at the surface is 9000 square miles and the actual working extends over only 31 square miles. The diggings have now lasted four years, and the population has fluctuated from 5,000 to 20,000 actual miners. The total yield of gold has been 1,821,475 oz. Within four months of discovery, with a population of 10,000 miners, the yield reached 75,000 oz in one month.

How Gabriel Read was enabled to make his dramatic discovery of gold which started the Gabriel's Gully rush 'n 1861, is told by a resident of Dunedin, Who has furnished some interesting de tails of an expedition made by three men in the Tuapeka district for the purpose of finding crossing over the Molyneaux River. Instead, they found some gold, which is still in existence in a shape of a ring, while their discovery was made known to Read, who soon afterwards imparted the knowledge to the whole province. The Dunedin resident is a grandson of one of the men.  Mr. William Dawson, together with Edward Peters and another mail, were Bent by Mr. William Anderson, of Inchclutha, with a mob of sheep to find a crossing of the Molyneaux. They were unsuccessful in their quest and on the return journey the party camped one night at the mouth of a gully. Mr. Dawson went to a nearby creek to obtain water and on his return stated that there was some good "hearth" clap in the stream, and had he been nearer home he would have taken some home. Peters or 'Black Peter," as he was commonly known, had had considerable experience of gold mining in Victoria and California and realised at once that the type of clay was a gold bearing one. After tea he took the basin in which the dishes had been washed up, and walked down to the creek, the others following later. He worked for some time, but as it commenced to rain the other members of the party returned to the camp. About half an hour later Peters came back to the tent, and, holding out his hand, said: "I got 'im." The other men had not seen raw gold before and were inclined to be incredulous, but Peters assured them that he had found the precious metal, and he gave his "find" Mr. Dawson to have a ring made for his wife.  This ring of pure gold, was worn by Mrs. Dawson up to the time of her death in 1915, and it is now in the pos-| session of her son, Mr. G. T. Dawson, of Timaru. Peters and the third member of the sheep had been taken [back to Inch party returned to the locality after the Clutha, and secured more gold. They then left for Dunedin and while staying at an hotel in Milton they showed their specimens of gold to a man who was also a guest, at the same time telling him where they had discovered it. The man proved to be Gabriel Read, who lost no time in using the information given, and after prospecting the district thoroughly he made a report to the Superintendent of the Province (Major-'Richardson), and within a few weeks there had commenced the great Gabriel's Gully rush.

The Times, Wednesday, May 14, 1862; pg. 6
Gold received at Dunedin by the escorts from the first discovery until the 13th of the present month.
Total up to January 9 229,893 ounces.
Total to March 13th 1862 323,122 and 50,000 ounces must have found its way into Dunedin by private hands.

Total exported up to March 15 330,380 ounces.
Gold in the Escort office 33,275.
Gold in banks 10,686.
Total 374,341. (is the produce of the goldfields for the first eight months)
It is probable that some gold may have been taken out of the colony privately, but it cannot be estimated.

Otago Population
A net increase, by excess of arrivals over departures, during the first six months of this year, amounting to 4,257, of which Victoria furnished 3,614.
Customs' returns of Victoria
        Departures for Otago to the present time 22,120
        Arrivals from Otago 5,275
        Net gain 16,845.

Grey River Argus, 4 July 1910, Page 7 OBITUARY
ROBERT LOCHORE. Died June 28th 1910, in his 80th year.
The late Robert Lochore who passed away reentry at his home, Alexander Terrace. Greymouth, had in the' days gone by an interesting- career. He was a son of the Manse, his father being the late Rev Alexander Lochore M.A., D.D., minister for over fifty-three years of the parish of Drymen, Church of Scotland, Stirlingshire. Robert Lochore was educated at the Glasgow Grammar School, and Glasgow University. He was engaged for a short time in mercantile pursuits, but this work proving neither remunerative nor congenial he decided to leave it and go to Australia. With his brother James (still living) he sailed from Greenock in December, 1848, in the sailing ship "Quintin Leitch," (Captain Louis Potter) for Port Phillip, and landed at that port in April 1849, i.e., two years before gold was discovered in Victoria. For several years he was engaged in pastoral pursuits and worked on various cattle and sheep stations on the Murray River, and made a study of stock breeding. He became a splendid horseman, and, considering he was not an Australian native, a first-rate bushman. When gold was discovered in Victoria, like everybody else, he, took the "gold fever" and went to the diggings and was at the Bendigo rush in 1851, but only stayed about a year. During the following six years he worked on and sheep stations for Messrs John and Henry Wedge, a very old Victorian family. In 1857 he came to Port Chalmers in the brig "Thompson and Henry" [sic Thomas and Henry(Captain Thompson) with the late Mr Hogue, who chartered the ship and brought over a shipment of sheep to stock new country on the borders of Southland and Otago. This country Mr Lochore and Mr Hogue explored on foot. This reads very simple on paper, but when it is remembered that this was before there was a road or track in the country, the difficulties and dangers can be better appreciated. Mr Lochore met and knew personally nearly all the prominent men who have helped to make Otago what it is to-day. Amongst them was Gabriel Reid, the man who, with Peter ___nson (an Australian half-caste) first discovered gold in Otago. The famous Gabriel's Gully was named 'after Gabriel Reid. Lochore with four mates were amongst the first twenty men on Gabriel's Gully. He happened to be going to Dunedin and met Mr Hardy at the Taieri Ferry, who had persuaded Gabriel Reid to allow him to lay his discovery of gold before the Provincial Council. These live men with a bullock dray containing all the gear necessary for digging, picks and shovels, timber for sluice boxes, toms, etc., were well on their way to the Gully twenty-four hours after Lochore's meeting with Hardy. On arriving at the Gully, Lochore, knowing Gabriel Reid, went to see him at his camp. After a friendly chat, in which Reid gave him the lay of the country  a valuable hint  and just as Lochore was leaving the tent, Reid pulled out from 'beneath the rough mattress' on which he laid a bag with 121bs weight of gold in it. Lochore and his party struck excellent gold in their claim taking out 1000 pounds  worth of gold a man in three months. Unfortunately for Lochore, this was the only really good patch he struck in gold mining, though he dug and worked at this calling for over forty years. In 1865 he came with a big party to the West Coast. They travelled to Nelson by boat, coached it from there to Foxes Hill, and then overland on Shanks' pony through dense bush, over mountains and valleys, fording numberless creeks, with a heavy swag for company until they struck Mackley's station in the Grey Valley. He, with others, came down the Grey river with a party of Maoris in a canoe in which they "shot" all the rapids. Maori Gully was at its height and storekeepers were offering men 10s for carrying a 501b bag of flour from the Arnold river to the Gully. Lochore worked at this slavery for some time, and then went to Hokitika and on to Liverpool Bill's Gully near Stafford. For the long period of forty years, with odd intervals he dug for gold in that gully, and though he worked like a Trojan fickle fortune near gave him a pile claim, but only hope, beautiful boundless hope the digger's perpetual friend. Mr Lochore was married at Milton to Isabella Wright a worthy member of a well known Otago family. The Rev. Wm. Wright of Oamaru is her brother. Eleven children, five sons and six daughters, were the result of that union. In politics Mr Lochore was a Liberal, and was not only a personal friend, but also, an admirer of the work accomplished by the late Premier, the Rt. Hon R. J. Seddon. He was always a great reader and a keen student of English and Scottish history. He knew Scott, and Dickens and Byron and many of the plays of Shakespeare very thoroughly. He vowed that the average Colonial didn't care a button about English and Scottish history which he thought a great shame. A very happy childhood and boyhood in the old Manse at Drymen, where the facts of the Gospel of Christ were first impressed upon him, made what they ought always to made a beautiful and lovely impression, and remained with him an abiding possession. Mr Lochore was a faithful member of the Church of Christ. Although ailing for the last eighteen months he suffered no great pain and just panged away to his eternal rest in the long quiet sleep of a tired child. Peace be to ashes.

Otago Witness, 16 June 1860, Page 4
The business before the District Court was finished on the 6th inst. The only case was that of Lochore v. Hogue, in which the plaintiff sought to recover for work and labour done (collecting and driving cattle), and 25 pounds the value of a horse, which, as alleged, had been so much injured while being used in the service of the defendant that it was found necessary to kill it. Defendant objected to the demand for wages, on the ground that, by plaintiff's carelessness, a valuable colt had been lost. He also pleaded that the horse which had been injured was not necessarily employed in his service, as he had a sufficient number of his own for the work. Judgment was given for the plaintiff, for 44 pounds 5s. The demand on account of the injured, horse, was not allowed.

July 13 1861 page 4 

July 9 - Oberon. McWilliam from Invercargill.  Passengers - Rev. McGilvary, Messrs.  Redmayne, and Bridges.

The S.S. Victory. An investigation has taken place as to the cause of the loss of this fine steamer. A charge has been laid against the chef mate of being intoxicated at the time of the disaster, and of deserting his post. The accident arose from the compasses being wrong, the vessel having been steamed right into Wickliffe Bay, where now lies high and dry at low water, and is little damaged; but it is impossible, in the state of the colony and from the want of proper appliances, to get her off. She is therefore to be sold by auction on an early day.

July 27 1861 page 5
Sale of the Wreck of the Steam-ship "Victory"On Wednesday, the 24th inst., the wreck of the mail steam-ship "Victory," and the sails, rigging, stores, furniture, &c., and cargo, were sold on the spot by Messrs. Young & McGlashan.  The ship was sold as she lay, with all machinery complete and 300 tons coal on board, for 570, pounds Mr R.B. Martin being the purchaser.  The total gross proceeds of the ship and cargo was about 1900 pounds - a miserable return for the property which stood a few days ago at a valve of 25,000 pounds.

Otago Witness Saturday August 10 1861 page 5
Loss of the S.S. "Victory"  Letter to the Editor of the 'Otago Witness' by James Toogood, Master. Dunedin August 2 1861.

July 13 1861 page 4  Provincial Gazette notices.
Charles Logie, Esq., to act as Provincial Treasurer pro term
Mr Colin Allan to be Immigration Agent, in room of Mr James Adam resigned.

July 20 1861 page 4 

July 12 - Geelong, Boyd, from Oamaru with 156 bags lime, 27 bags wheat, 1 ton luggage. Passengers - Cabin: Mrs J. Thompson, Messrs. Rattray, Gleeson, Allen, England, Hay, J. Millar, Campbell, McLean, Thomson, Howden, Cumber, and Orbell.
July 15 - Anne Jane, Stevens, from Oamaru with 24 bags lime, 108 picks. Passengers - James Gibson, J. Alexander, R. Webster, J. Mahone and A. Barnacles.
Same Day - Mountain Maid, 192 tons, from Lyttelton. Passenger - Mr Buchanan, Master, agent.
July 17 - Oberon, McWilliam, from Taieri, with 100 bags wheat.
Same Day - Prince Albert, Spence, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Messrs. Greer, Walton, A. and J. Short, Bamber, Bone, Davies, Kerr, Wilson, Hutchinson Walker, Crimp, Bowling, Walter, and Nelson.
Same day - Airedale, Johnson, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Cabin: Whitley, Clark and Parkinson. 2md Cabin: Messrs. Robinson and T.B. Tomkins.

July 27 1861 page 4

July 22 - Geelong, Boyd, from Oamaru. Passengers - Cabin: Messrs. Holmes, Andrews, Inglis, England, McLean, Paterson Palmer, Legett and MacKay.
July 25 - Prince Albert, Spence, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Cabin: Miss Armstrong, Messrs. T.S. Duncan, E.A. Hargreaves, Quick, and Fraser.  Steerage: Misses Spencer (2), Miss Armstrong, Messrs. Spencer, Thomas Brookes, J.R. Wood, James Wood, Self, Ford, Procter, Hamlet, Percy Beauchroot, Raddon, Goodland, Hind, Cowan, McKenzie, Heywood, Bently. James Sanderson, Flowrence, Bell, Walsh, Buckley, O'Connor, Coles, Fraser, Ross, Burns, McCarthy, Dew, Duke, Graham, Kircent, Pekham, R. Oalagan, Williams, Richards, Smith, Howard, Whitley, Greenwood, Kirk, Lester, Leacock, Rodney, Rainer, Reilly, and Broomes.
Same day - Juno, Green, from Lyttelton. Passengers - G. Cope, Ellis, Skinner, Curnbrook, Hart, Logan, and Elliot.

Cleared Out 
July 18 - Airedale, Johnson, for Lyttelton. Passenger - Mr C. Webb
Same day - Lalla Rookh, Greg, for Guam, in ballast.

The Juno - This vessel of only 47 tons, has made a quick passage from Lyttelton, having left on Sunday morning, and anchored in our harbour on Tuesday noon. She left Kaiapoi on the 17th, and has brought 14 passengers, chiefly for the diggings and 17-00 bushels of wheat.

A large vessel in full sail, supposed to be the Velore or Storm Cloud, was seen yesterday off Ocean Beach, making for the Heads. The Velore sailed from Gravesend on the 13th, and from Portsmouth on the 28th March. She had a general cargo and about 30 passengers. The Storm Cloud was to sail from Glasgow on the 1st May with upwards of 200 passengers.

August 3 1861

July 26 - Geelong, Boyd, from Oamaru, with 22 bags lime, 4 bales sheepskins, 3 drays, and 2 tons luggage. Passengers - Mrs Williams, Miss Anderson, Mr and Mrs Daly, Mr and Mrs McGillivray; Messrs. M Lean, Borthwick, and Mayo.
July 30 - Storm Cloud, 797 tons, Campbell, from Glasgow, with general cargo. Webb 7 Co., agents.  Passengers - 324.
July 31 - Lyttelton, p.s., Tooney, from Lyttelton. Passengers- Messrs. Grey, Wood, Rowell, Mallens, Johnston, Nathan, Jackson (2), Laoghton, Wiggins, Dyble, and Knowles.
Same day - Omeo, s.s., McLachlan, from Melbourne. Passengers - Cabin: Messrs. Coghill (2), Mr and Mrs McIntosh, Capt. and Mrs Kenset, Mr Bing, Mr and Mrs Douglas and child, Miss Jane Green, Messrs. Prints, Greig, Beatie, G. Andrews, Day, Townsend, and Mrs Mansford. From Bluff - Cabin: Miss Redmayne, Messrs. F. Greer, Aylmer, Green, Campbell, Hodges, McKellar, H. Blacker, and Capt. McWilliam.  Steerage 7 hands late of the s.s. Oberon.  Landed at Invercargill Mr and Mrs Pring and child, Mr and Mrs Caughlan, Mrs Bootheroyd and family (2), Messrs. Heath, Vixen, Illingworth, Ott, Higgins, McTurket, Rance, Gillespie, Tweedale, Tyler, Shannon, Morris Griffiths, Hughes, Ogilvie, Heron, and Red.
Lord Ashley, Kennedy, from Sydney, via Wellington, with general cargo and 70 passengers. The Lord Ashley brought many diggers from the North fully equipped, who are off to the diggings.

Wreck of the S.S. "Oberon"
That in entering the Bluff Harbour at about four o'clock in the morning of the 23rd July, she struck upon the sunken rock which lies almost on the mid-channel, and upon which there was no break that morning, the weather being very calm. The screw became partly disabled with kelp and Captain McWilliam thereupon deemed it most prudent to run her further up on the rocks, as she might have otherwise sunk in deep water. The after-compartment had almost immediately filled with water, but this having been got under by pumping, and the tide ebbing the hole was discovered, and stopped with a bag of tallow. Another rock burst through the engine-room. Fires were speedily extinguished. The vessel now began to grind heavily on the rocks, and the forehold to fill. Every effort was then made to save stores, &c. and to lighten the vessel. She was surveyed and condemned.

She now lies fore-and aft on the reef known as Hell gate, full of water, with a rock against her starboard-bow, two feet above the water at dead low water, with a strong list to port. She will be sold Saturday afternoon.

Otago Witness Saturday August 10 1861

August 3- Geelong. Boyd, from Oamaru. Passengers - Cabin: Mrs Richardson, Mr and Mrs Asher; Messrs. Roxly, Wilson, and Fraser. Steerage - 32.
Aug. 5 - Prince Albert, Spence, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Cabin: Messrs. Hassel, Heywood, and Oatney. Steerage: Messrs. Luke, Robertson, Denham, Smellie, Sinclair (2), McAdam, Wade, Fowler, Dale, Peckham, Fisher (2), Mills, Marsh, Lucas, Card, Lutton, Hawkins, Roonan, Brown, Sillwood, Machin, Smith (2), Waters, Ashman, Lynch, Seaward, Hawke, Pierce (2), Gilmore (2), Holman, Restreaux (2), Courtenay, Baker, and Anderson.
August 7 - Brothers, 30 tons, Hibberly, from Wellington. Passengers - Messrs. Burgess, Linch, Menchin, H. Connell, and Saxby.
Same day - Cosmoplite, Lewis, from Hobart Town. 
August 8 - Velore, 484 tons, Hayes, from London, with general cargo. Passengers - Cabin: Mr and Mrs Mackean and family (2), Mr and Mrs Nodding, Miss Mathieson, Messrs. Hudson, Charles Smith, Robert Smith, W.H. Whalley, John Ross, and R. Duncan. 2nd Cabin: Mr and Mrs Kilgour and family (5), Jas. Scrimigeour, and Maclanchan. John Jones, agents. Aug. 6. The Velore anchored at Otaheite Point at 5 p.m.

[Otago Witness September 7 1861 page 5
Steam Threshing Machines - Now that the gold diggings of Otago are a fact, and labour has become short, it is of great importance that labour-saving machines should be introduced. By the "Velore" have arrived two steam engines of 8 horse-power each, with threshing machines - one for Mr E. Martin, Tokomairiro, and the other for Messrs. George Shand, W. Blackie, and other Taieri farmers. They were ordered through Mr James McIndoe. As a compliment to the captain of the "Velore" one engine has been named the "Hayes" and the other the "Velore."]

August 9 - Geelong, Boyd, from Oamaru. Passengers - Cabin - Mrs Hastie, Messrs. Millar, Robison, Nelson, Russel, Jones, and 37 passengers in steerage.
August 9 - Omeo, McLachlan, from Lyttelton.

Passengers - Cabin: 
Bignell		Mr E
Bormington	Mr C
Campbell	Mr John
Dalgety		Mr R.B.
Hasker		Mr
Knyvett		Mr E
Lloyd		Mr
Macintyre	Mrs and child
Marks		Mr M
Oldham		Mr W
Rayner		Mr W.H.
Skellicorn	Miss
Walker		Mr
Webber		Mr
Wigley		Mr W

2nd Cabin
Barrett		F
Clunie		A
Clunie		Miss Sarah
Coatt		Mr E
Donald		Mr
Elbourne	Samuel
Elbourne	Mary
Faulkner	Mr J
Fisher		Mr A
Goodall		Mr J
Hall		Mr
Hanley		Thomas
Hooper		Thomas
Hughes 		Mr E
Jones		Mr J
Ketcher		Mr
Lucas		Mr J
Macormick	Mr A
McCartby	Mr
McIntosh	Mr
Macintosh	Henry
Malone		Mr
Matthews	Mr F
Methven		Cathcart
Mitchell	Mr
Morris		Rosetta
Nicholl		Mr
O'Brien		Mr T
Parsons		Mr
Pearson		Mr E
Rogers		Mr E.
Robinson	Mr 
Simmonds	Mr
Speight		Mrs and Mrs and daughter and infant
Stewart		Mr R
Waddell		Mr J
Watson		Mr
White		Mr

Cleared Out
August 2 Spec, Heywood, for Clutha with stores. Passengers - Miss F. Smaill, Mr and Mrs Tilson and child. Master, agent.
Aug. 8 Prince Albert, Spence, for Invercargill. Passenger - Hector McIvor.

Otago Witness Saturday August 10 1861 page 4
The Chrysolite from London with immigrants, arrived at Canterbury on Saturday the 27 ult., after a fair passage of 97 days. She has brought out a number of passengers and 636 packages for Otago. The names are:- Chief Cabin: Messrs. Campbell and Raynes. 2nd Cabin: Mr and Mrs Elbourne, Miss Morris, Messrs. Simmonds, McIntosh, Rogers, Barnett, Hopper, Methven, and Bournington. Steerage: A. Clue and wife, James Speight, wife and child, and J. Waddle. The Chrysolite seems to have been particularly fortunate in securing the services of Dr. Cooksedge. Herbert Flower, a cabin passenger, about 17 years of age, while in lat. 16.55.S., long. 36.31 W., with the vessel going about 3 knots, died. Mr Flower immediately after dinner walked forward to the forecastle with a companion; laying hold of a rope which hung over the bows of the vessel to let himself down with the object of touching the water; as he was attempting this feat a second time his strength failed him, and he called out for help, but before this arrived he let go his hold and was swept against the stern of the ship. One of the sailors bravely jumped over the side after him, and a life-bouy was thrown over the side. The ship immediately hove-to and a boat was lowered, but no trace of the unfortunate young man was discovered, except a cap floating on the water. Three births and two deaths occurred during the voyage; of the latter, one was a young woman named Bridget McEntagart, who died of consumption within two days of the arrival of the vessel; the other was a newborn infant. Captain McIntyre will be remembered by some of the old settlers of the colony as having commanded the Amherst, brig, trading between Australia and New Zealand.

The "Pladda." This vessel was to sail on the 31st May from the Clyde for Otago. The following are the names of those who had secured their passage previous to the departure of the May mail.  Passenger list.....

August 17 1861 page 4

August 13 - Emerald Isle, 40 tons, Oates, from Heathcoate river. Passengers - Cabin: Messrs. Bruges, Trelwan, Ashworth, Millar, Snead, Spriggs, Bailey, Harper, Garlick, Irvine, Broome, Rowell, Sandy, Herbert, and Hynd; 5 in steerage.
Same day - Emu, 27 tons, McIvor, from Heathcote river. Passengers - Henry Hope, William Free, A. Beasley, and James Gulliver.
Same day - Storm Bird, s.s. 105 tons, J. Malcolm, from Wellington.
Passengers - Cabin Messrs. Worthington, Justice, A. Brown, G,. Yates, A.W. Nicholson, J. Dixon, Mr and Mrs Tully, A.W. Nicholson, J. Dixon, Mr and Mrs Tully, E.L. Inkpen, Pilcher (2), H.G. Ibbotson, J. Short, J. Simpson, J. Kirwan, C. Eastbourne, and J. Bidmeal; 63 in steerage.
August 14 - Ada, 20 tons, Ifwersen, from Akaroa. Passengers - Anderson, H. and J. Watkins, J. Lynch, W. Grainger, J. Wattle, Clark, and Hans. Master, agent.
Same day - Margaret, 30 tons, Clifford, from Heathcote river. Passengers - Messrs. Hamlett, Everset and Hineman. Master, agent.
Same day - Mid-Lothian, 20 tons, Marshall, from Heathcote river with 7 tons flour, 24 cwt cheese, 396 bushels oats, 17 dozen shovels and 12 doz. picks. Passengers- J. and R. Martin, T. Groves, William Johnston, and James Brown. Master, agent.
Same day - Pirate, Robertson, from Melbourne via Invercargill. Passengers - Cabin: Messrs. James Smith, C.J. Stevenson, R. Coghill, W. Walsh, W. Sibbond, J. Brooks, D. Sharp, E. Wentworth, T. Cheyne, H. Martin, T. Robertson and Bunton. Second Cabin: Mr and Mrs Cross and family (5), Betsy Fairweather; Messrs. Macmaniman, J. Nash, J. Menogue, J. Stewart, G. Brett, A. Titkins, T. Flowrence, and A. Stewart. R.B. Martin and Co. agents.
August 15 - Lyttelton, p.s. Tooney, from Lyttelton. 57 passengers in steerage.
Same day - James Daly, Flight, from Akaroa. Passengers - Mrs M. Jenkins and child; William Joseph and A.B. Tueson. Master, agent.
August 16 - Prince Albert, Spence, from Invercargill with 5 pakgs mutton birds. Passengers - Mr Surman.

Wellington Independent August 1861, page 2
The I.C.R.M. Company's ss. Airedale, Captain Johnston, arrived in Wellington harbour on Friday 23 August 1961. She sailed from Wellington on the 14th instant, arrived at Lyttelton on the 16th, and sailing again the same day, arrived Otago on the 17th. Left Otago on the 19th, arrived at Lyttelton on her return on the 20th, left Lyttelton on the 21st, at 4 p.m., and arrived at Wellington at 2. pm. She laded exactly 1200 passengers at Port Chalmers, 60 of whom were from Lyttelton.      

Cleared Out
August 10, Omeo, McLachlan, for Melbourne with 1 box gold dust (780 ozs) Passengers - Cabin Mr and Mrs McIntyre and infant; Mrs Shaw; Messrs. Thomas Watson, J.W. Manley, E. Bignell, R. Mitchell, Henry Beattie, J.S. Ewen, Dalgety, Wigley, Clark, Grey, and Haynes. Second Cabin: Mr and Mrs Giles and 4 children; Mrs Pearson and child, and Henry Burn.
August 15- Storm Bird, Malcolm, for Wellington via Lyttelton. Passenger - His Honour Judge Gresson.

August 24 1861

August 16- Petrel, 22 tons, Scott, from Wellington. Passengers - W. Bevan, C. Howard, J. Robinson, and J. Henderson
August 19 - Mary Jane, 30 tons, Gibson, from Nelson. Passenger - T.W. Cook and 2 sons and Mr Simpson. Master, agent.
Same day - Airedale, s.s, Johnson, from Lyttelton. Passengers- Cabin: Mrs Macgregor, Miss Hughes, Messrs. McGlashan, Dick, Kettle, Williamson, Taylor, C.F. Beeby, Whittaker, Canning, Suisted, Horner, Balday, J. Campbell, Dr. Martyr, Captain Fraser, and Daldy. 82 in steerage. Young and McGlashan, agents.
Same day - Salopian, 40 tons, Beveridge, from Wellington. Passengers - John Mitchell, John Collins, D. Cook, J. Deadman, George Grindland, John Green, W. Eaton, A. Lang, Peter Jones, J. Porter, A. Thomson, and J. Tomkins. 

We, the undersigned passengers by the schooner Salopian from Wellington to Otago, on arriving at our destination after a successful but rough passage cannot separate without rendering our united thanks to Capt. Beveridge for his undeviating attention during the voyage, and especially for the liberal provisions provided. Bidding him farewell, find wishing him every success, We are, sir, &c
Wm. S. Mitchell
S. Greenland
J. W. Davidson
Wm. Bannister
Wm. Tompkins
W. S. Collin
Patrick Laing
Jas. Cooke
Jas. Porter
Wm. Wood
Wm Gunn
Edward Farrell
John Jackson

August 22 - s.s. Wonga Wonga, 103 tons, Renner, from Wellington. Passengers - Cabin: Messrs. Bowden, Brown, Duncan, and Beachamp. 50 in steerage.
Same day - Henrietta, 181 tons, Allan, from Newcastle. Passenger - P. Fulton.
August 23 - Reliance, 118 tons, Smith, from Lyttelton, with 287 pkgs. merchandise transhipped ex "Chrysolite" MacIntyre from London, and original cargo from Hobart Town, 28 harpoons. Passengers - James Heather, C. McLauchlan, J. Hill, C. King, G. Lees, H. Pennyfather, H. Graynor, J. Aitkinson, J. Suckling, J. and G. Mills, E. Howard, W. Evans, J. White, C. Poole, F. Cox. J. Mainwaring, J. Mann, Jas Thomas, W. Gard, W. Isles, and Elliot. William Hepburn, agent.
Same day - Pryde, 60 tons, Buxton, from Heathcote River. Passengers - Messrs. Simpson, South, Roberts, Hunter, Louden, Scott, Brown, Wade, Granger, and Allison.

August 31 1861

August 24 - Spec, Heyward, from Clutha. Passengers - Mrs Lee and Peter Mc Vickers.
Same day - Prince Albert, Spence, from Oamaru in ballast. Mr and Mrs Moorhouse and family (2), Messrs. J. Jones, and Lemon.
Same day  - Fanny, Garrignes, 189 tons, Woodcock, from Auckland. Passengers - Messrs. Somersett, O'Halloran, Cunningham, Emery, Wood, Lonsdale.  Steerage - Mr and Mrs Ross, Mr and Mrs Burrows and Boy, Mr and Mrs Brown, Messrs, Munford, T. Smart, Duguid, Woodcock, Eves, Westman, Horton, Drake, Batman, Saddhir.
August 27, Oscar, s.s. 459 tons, Stewart, from Melbourne, with general cargo and 190 passengers.
Same day  -  Lyttelton, p.s. Tooney, from Lyttelton, 68 passengers.

Cleared Out
August 27 - Prince Albert, p.s. from Lyttelton via Oamaru. Passengers for Lyttelton - Cabin: Messrs. Daldy, Beeby, and Clifford. Steerage: Messrs. Horman, and H. Whellan. For Oamaru - Miss Valpy, and Mr Lemon.
Same day - Reliance, 118 tons, Smith, from Hobart Town, with 55 hides. Passenger - R. Robin. William Hepburn, agent.
August 28 - Cosmopolite, Lewis, for Hobart Town. Passenger - Mr Crichton.
Same day - Margaret, Strickland, for Clutha. Passenger - James White.
Same day - Star, Davidson, for Waikava with stores. Passenger - Mr Haldane. William Hepburn, agent.

September 7 1861

Sep. 2 - Lord Worsley, s.s. Kennedy, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Cabin: Mr and Mrs Nathan and family (3), Capt. Keensett, Messrs. Mocatta, Wentworth, Wright, Krull, and Roy. Steerage 83 passengers.
Same day - Satellite, 30 tons, Buddocs, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Messrs. Cuthbert, Westby, Edwards, Whitham, Morrison and Browne. Master agent.
Sep. 3 - Julia Anne, 20 tons, Swanson, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Messrs. Smith, Johnson, Mason, Mann, Allen, Cook, Hornby and Chenney (2). 
Same day - Zillah, 67 tons, Williams, from Auckland. Passengers - Messrs. Chisholm, Harris, Hill, Galloway, and Orange.
Sep. 5 - Prince Albert, Spence, from Lyttelton. Passenger - Cabin: Mr Harrison.

Capture of Allen and Mrs Edhouse. The prisoner Allen and Mrs Edhouse, who lately escaped from the Dunedin gaol, were retaken at Mr Baler's hotel, Oamaru. Mrs Edhouse was dressed in male attire, which attracted suspicion. they were brought back to Dunedin in the Prince Albert on Thursday.

Same day - Omeo, s.s., McLachlan, from Melbourne. Passengers - Cabin: Mr and Mrs Horner, Mr and Mrs Lodge and 2 children, Mrs Branigan and family (2) and servant, Mr and Mrs Morse and family (2) and servant, Mrs Fairhurst and family (2),  Mr and Mrs Fenwick, Miss Baird, Dr. Steel, Messrs. Teschmaker, Gardner, Schamarnn, Kerr, Casper, Driver, Harris, Jones, Falrley, Lazarus, Scott, Miles, Nathan, McKenzie, Lawrence, Courtenay, Bartholemew Andrews, 173 in steerage
Sept. 6. ____ Burnett, from Sydney, with 26 passengers.

Cleared Out
Sep. 2 Oscar, s.s., Stewart, for Melbourne, with 5827 ounces gold dust. Passengers - Cabin: Mrs Andrews, Messrs. P.M. Napier, and W. Darling.
Sep. 4. - Lord Worsley, Kennedy, for Lyttelton. Passengers - Cabin: Miss Nathan, Messes. Nathan, Beamish, Honner, Gillies, Black, Sexton. 2nd Cabin: Mrs Henry and family (5), Mary Driver, R. Johnston, F. Auld, J. Levy, W. Tini, M. Waigfield, and Thomas Ward.

The clipper ship Arabia cleared out to-day for Otago, with 350 passengers, and the Ocean Chief is on berth and already has 200 passengers engaged. Melbourne Age, August 27.

September 14 1861

Sep. 7 Pladda, 982 tons, Dunlop, from Glasgow with 369 passengers. 
Sep. 9 - Albatross, 86 tons, Clarke, from Auckland. 19 passengers.
Sep. 9-. - Maori, 288 tons, Muir, from Newcastle via Wellington. 18 passengers

Wellington Independent September 3 1861, page 2
James Walker, John Thomas, Harry Watson, James Castle, James Ryan, John Wallis, John Hartley, John Jones, Frederick Jones, George Hall, Edward Garner, Henry Emens, Charles Crocker, D. McKenzie, James Williams, William Williams, George Greathead, Joseph Vial. Left Wellington on 31st.     

Sep. 9 - Arabia, 998 tons, Forrest, from Melbourne. 350 passengers. Young and McGlashan, agents.
Sep. 10 - Ocean Chief, 1025 tons, Brown, from Melbourne, in ballast. 345 passengers. Young and McGlashan, agents.
Sep. 10 - Lady Bird, s.s., 220 tons, Rolls, from Melbourne, in ballast. 104 passengers. Dalgety, Rattray & Co., agents.
Sep. 11 - Tyne, 36 tons, Larklater, from Wanganui. 25 passengers. (J. Lett, E. Snellgrove, ?Dyke, C. Parker for 24 passengers)  Turnbull, Bing & Co., agents.
Same day - Wonga Wonga, Renner, from Wellington. Passengers - Cabin: Messrs. Nixly, Brown, Walker, Mr and Mrs Newbold and family (2). 76 in steerage
Sep. 12 - Tommy, Gibson, from Melbourne. 3 Passengers - Messrs. Hardwick, Curran, and Gibson.
Sep. 12 - Thetis, 27 tons, Lyons, from Lyttelton with merchandise transshipped from Chrysolite, from London. Passengers - Thomas Packson, William Smith, A. Lamb, F. Pearce, Nicholson, and Orchard.
Sep. 13 - Versailles, 545 tons, Sherburne, from Melbourne. 203 passengers.
Sep. 13 - Policeman, from Melbourne, with 5 passengers. 

Cleared Out
Sep. 11 - Omeo, John McLachlan, for Melbourne with 7 boxes gold dust (6900 ozs. 16 dwts) Passengers - Cabin: Mrs T. J. Boyd and two children, Mr C.C. Cole. Steerage - Ann Matheson, John Bevillion, J. Stanley, J. Riddell.
Sep. 12 - Lady Bird, Rolls, for Lyttelton. in ballast. Passengers - Cabin: Mrs Fairhurst and 2 children, Mr Allen, Mrs McIntyre, Mrs Clements, Mr and Mrs Boiner, and Mrs James Williamson. 19 in steerage.
Same day - Ocean Chief, W. Brown, for Point de Galle, in ballast.

To Captain Benj. F. Sherburne.
We the undersigned passengers by the ship "Versaillies," of Boston, under your command beg to congratulate you on the successful voyage from Melbourne to this port....

Desertion of Crews - The crew of the "Pladda" made a most determined effort to escape from the ship on Monday night. Eighteen of the crew had been apparently watching an opportunity, and upon the officer of the watch turning his back, made for one of the boats. The first officer, who was on the poop, fired a pistol to arouse the captain and assistance. The men, alarmed, cut the tackle of the boat, but in so doing let the stern down before the boat was free at the bow, when she capsized, and the whole of the men were precipitated into the water. Fifteen were rescued and taken on board; three were, however, missing, but whether they were drowned or not cannot be ascertained. That some one or all escaped is assumed from the boat of a vessel; lying astern of the "Pladda" having been cut adrift and left on the beach. The whole of the men taken have been convicted of desertion, and sentenced to six week' imprisonment

The most serious complaints have been made of the desertion of crews from their ships. We are informed that the "Arabia" and the "Ocean Chief" are both lying at the lower port deserted, the crews having got off. In one case, we are informed, they constructed a raft, on which they managed to reach the shore.

September 21 1861 page 5

Sep. 16 - Lady Bird, Rolls, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Cabin: Messrs. Mollison, Black, Buckley, Moorhouse, and Peters. 52 in steerage.
Same day - Storm Bird, Malcolm, from Wellington. Passengers - Cabin: Messrs. Warburton, Colqhoun, Backhouse and Auckland. 50 passengers in Steerage.

Wellington Independent September 17 1861
Sailed from Wellington Sep. 14 s.s. Storm Bird, 107 tons, J. Malcolm, for Dunedin. 

Passengers, cabin - 
Ackland		A.C
Backhouse	J
Colquhoun	J
Warburton	A

Armstrong	George
Barton		R
Bird		Mr
Bowler		W
Bradey		Alfred
Brown		James
Bruce		Alex.
Bullen		Thomas
Burt		F
Burnett		W
Coleman		Thomas
Copeland	W
Craighead	W
Fox		W
Harris		H
Hartley		Thomas
Hartley		Thos.
Hebberley	T
Hobbs		G
Holmes		J
Holmes		John
Jones		J
Knight		H
Kreft		T
McIntosh	W
Paterson	H
Pettil		J
Sackey		J
Sansom		H
Speedy		D
Trask		George
Tyre		A
Valentine	John
Warburton	T.K.
Wilson		R
Yule		A

3 from Wanganui, 6 Picton

Same day - Aurifera, 436 tons, Jack, Melbourne. 182 passengers. William Hepurn, agent.
Sep. 17 - Aldinga s.s., McLean from Melbourne. 170 passengers.
Same day - City of Hobart, 363 tons, Darby, from Melbourne. 193 passengers.
Same day - Airedale, Johnson, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Cabin: Mr and Mrs Sutcliffe, Messrs. Fairbairn, Cameron, Campbell, Graham, Heale, Richmond, Knowles (2), Dorset, Ross, Riddiford, Collins, Love, Gillies, Craig, Kerr, Nathan, Levy, and Preston. 62 in steerage.
Sep. 18 - Ann Jane, 38 tons, Stevens, from Oamaru, with 45 bags lime. 11 passengers.
Same day - Bella Vista, 166 tons, Paisley, from Melbourne. 79 passengers.
Sep. 19 - Emerald Isle, 35 tons, Sedcole, from Lyttelton. Passenger - T. Sims. Master, agent.
Same day - Anna Kimball, 844 tons, Marsh, from Melbourne with 325 passengers and 286 cases whiskey, 10 hhds brandy, 140 firkins butter, 109 chest tea, 190 boxes candles, 6 cases shovels.
Sep. 20 - Canterbury, 50 tons, Burton, from Lyttelton. 6 passengers. Master, agent.
Same day - s.s. Oscar, 459 tons, Stewart. from Melbourne, in ballast: 386 passengers.

Cleared Out
Sep. 16 - Spec, Heywood, for Clutha with stores. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Shepherd and child. Master, agent.
Sep. 17 - Gill Bas, Langley, for Melbourne. Passenger - Mr T. Mills.
Same day - Arabia, Forrest, for Melbourne, in ballast. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Raymond; 8 in steerage.
Same day - Lady Bird, Rolls, for Lyttelton in ballast. 23 passengers.
Sept. 18 - Airedale, Johnson, for Lyttelton. Passengers - Messrs. Larg, McLachlan, Radcliffe, Harrison, Ker, and Waymack.
Sept. 19 - Aldinga, Mclean, for Melbourne with 2 boxes gold dust, 2400 oz., Passengers - Cabin: Messrs. Fairly, Glendinning, Jenkins, and Harris. 61 in steerage.

The subjoined list of vessels which have arrived since the 15th ult, gives some idea of the amount of population flowing into this province. It is however, below the actual number, there having been as many as 50 "stowaways in one vessel, and many passengers are entered upon the ships' articles, and do not therefore appear in the Customs list as passengers. We understand that 25 vessels are laid on at Melbourne for this port.





Aug. 15




Aug. 19




Aug. 22

Wonga Wonga



Aug. 23




Aug. 24

F. a Garrigues



Aug. 27




Aug. 28




Sept. 2

Lord Worsely



Sept. 3

Julia Ann



Sept. 6




Sept. 5

Prince Albert



Sept. 6




Sept. 9




Sept. 9




Sept. 9




Sept. 10

Ocean Chief



Sept. 10

Lady Bird



Sept. 11

Wonga Wonga



Sept. 11




Sept. 11




Sept. 11




Sept. 12




Sept. 12




Sept. 13




Sept. 16




Sept. 16 Don Pedro Hobart Town 27

Sept. 16

Storm Bird



Sept. 16

Lady Bird



Sept. 17




Sept. 17 Aldinga Melbourne  176

Sept. 17

City of Hobart




Many more came not entered on. the manifest, probably 1500 additional

The steamer Oscar left Melbourne on the 14th, and arrived here yesterday, with 386 passengers. She returns to Melbourne this afternoon.

From the Argus of the 14th, inst. we observe that the "Empress of the Sea," with 684 passengers, and the "Lightening," with 703, cleared out on the 13th for Otago.

In addition to the above, the "Anna Kimball" arrived here on Wednesday with upwards of 400 passengers, and the "Bella Vista." Yesterday the steamer "Oscar" brought 390, and the "Giant Causeway" was reported at the Heads with 430.

September 28 1861 page 4

July 23 - Zephyr, 58 tons, Lawrie, from Napier. 19 passengers.
Same day - Christina, Williams, from Napier. 12 passengers.
Same day - Time and Truth, 536 tons, Slater, from Melbourne. 197 passengers.
Sept. 24 - Wonga Wonga, s.s., 444 tons, Walker, from Melbourne, in ballast. 226 passengers.
Same day - Giant's Causeway, 1231 tons, Robertson, from Melbourne, with 420 passengers.
Same day - Comet, 92 tons, Davies, from Sydney. 31 passengers.
Same day - Hydra, 499 tons, Brown, from Melbourne. 208 passengers. Master, agent.
Same day - Bright Planet, 165 tons, William McPherson, from Geelong, 62 passengers.
Sept. 26 - Lorenzo Sabine, 173 tons, Divine, from Melbourne, with 55 horses, 3 drays, 6 wagons, 15 cwt hay. Passengers - Cabin: Mr and Mrs Muir and infant, and Mr Dickson. Henry and Driver, agents.
Same day - Lightning, 1769 tons, Clark, from Melbourne, in ballast. Passengers - Cabin: Messrs. Edwards, Gibson, March, Downing, Chapman, Riddell, Farrely, and Blackley. 717 in steerage. Young & McGlashan, agents.

[The clipper Lightning in Geelong 1862-69', by Jack Loney, 24 page book with lithographs of  the 'Lightning' and some artifacts from the remains of the burnt ship, a plan of the ship etc. 
     Built at Boston in 1853-54 by Donald McKay, for the James Baines and Company of the Black Ball Line, she was a wooden vessel of  2096 tons gross and 1468 tons register, measuring 244 x 44 x 23  feet and drawing 22 feet of water. Timbers used in her construction included oak, elm and selected hard pine. 
   An extract:  The Lightning left Liverpool on 6 April 1862 and entered the tropics on 17 April. On the 26th she was abreast of the Rowan Tree, bound for Calcutta, which sailed from Liverpool on 27 March; and on 29 April she crossed the Equator, passing out of the tropics on 11 May.  Port Phillip Heads was entered on 30 June, 85 days out, and she proceeded up the bay to Sandridge to unload cargo before sailing for Otago in New Zealand on 16 September with almost 1000 diggers and 2000 sheep for the first gold rush to Gabriel's Gully gold field in the South Island.]

Same day - Oriental, 500 tons, Macey, from Melbourne, in ballast. 173 passengers. Young & McGlashan, agents.
Same day - Killermont, 160 tons, Stevens, from Newcastle, with 800 sheep.
Same day - Tarberet Castle, 189 tons, Beale, from Launceston, with 201 bags flour, 177 bags bran, 4 drays, 18 horses. 40 passengers. T.W. Bamford, agent.
Sept. 27 - Genii, 974 tons, Murray, from Melbourne, with general cargo. 299 passengers. Dalgety, Rattray, and Co., agents.

Cleared Out
Sep. 21 - Oscar, s.s., John Stewart, for Melbourne, with 3 boxes gold dust 3000 ozs. 78 passengers.
Sept. 23 - Wild Wave, Tonge, for Stewarts Island, with general cargo. Passengers - Cabin: Messrs. John and Joseph Bullock: - 14 in steerage. Master, agent.
Same day - Pryde, for Waikouaiti, with timber and stores.
Same day - Aurifera, Jack, for Melbourne, in ballast. 25 passengers. James Paterson & Co., agents,
Sept 24 - Emerald, Sedcole, for Wellington, in ballast. 16 passengers. Master, agent.

Wellington Independent October 4 1861
Arrived Wellington on Oct. 2, schooner, Emerald, 35 tons, J. Sedcole, from Otago. Passengers - J. Carriage, R. Evans, D. May, John Pettiti, George Hobbs, Charles Symons.

Sep. 25- Wonga Wonga, Walker, for Sydney, with 3 boxes gold dust, 3000 ozs.
Sep. 27 - Anna Kimball, Marsh, for Melbourne, in ballast. 124 passengers.
Sep. 27 - Burnett, Toulman, for Lyttelton, in ballast. 30 passengers. Webb and Co., agents.

According to the Customs' list, 2249 persons from the other colonies have arrived here [Dunedin] during the week, and 301 have left. Otago Witness

The exodus to New Zealand, which received a check for a day or two by the advance in passage rates, has again set in with stronger force than ever, and several large ships are rapidly filling up, no less than 1400 having cleared out this day in the "Lightning" and the "Empress of the Sea."  The number of persons arrived by sea at Melbourne this week has amounted to only 237, of whom 132 were from the Untied Kingdom, and 105 from the neighbouring colonies. The departures for Otago alone have numbered 3297, while 300 Chinamen have been cleared for Hong Kong. - .Argus Sept. 14. 
During the past week, from the 9th to the 14th inst., eleven vessels, containing 2925 passengers, have left for Otago, making a total from the 20th ult., of 5800 adults.

Section 29 of the Passengers' Act Amendment Act. 1855
"No 'passenger ship' shall clear out or proceed to se if there shall be on board as cargo horses, cattle, gunpowder, vitriol, lucifer matches, guano, or green hides; nor if there shall be on board any other article or number of articles, whether as cargo or ballast, which, by reason of the nature or quantity or mode of stowage thereof, shall, either singly or collectively, be deemed by the emigration officer at the port of clearance likely to endanger the health or lives of the passengers or the safety of the ship...In case of non-compliance with any of the requirements of this section, the owner, charterer, or master, or any if them, shall each offence be liable to a penalty not exceeding 300 pounds, nor less than 5 pounds sterling.

Resident Magistrates' Court
(Before J.H. Harris, Esq., R.M.)
John Stuart, master of the steam-ship "Oscar," from Melbourne, was charges on or about 27th day of August, of unlawfully clearing out from the port of Melbourne and proceeding to sea, having on board a quantity of lucifer matches. The charge was admitted. Fined 5 and costs 16s, 6d.

Thursday September 18
(before John Gillies, Esq., R.M.)
George Mathew Evans, master, of the barque "Don Pedro II.," was charges, with having cleared out from the port of Hobart having on board 29 horses, the said ship being a passenger ship. Defence set up was ignorance of any breach of the law. Convicted and fined 100 pounds and costs 16s.6d 

September 9th. John M'Lachlan, master of the steam-ship "Omeo" from Melbourne, was charged, on information of C. Logie, Esq., Collector of Customs, with having been guilty of a similar offence and a similar fine indicated.

John Scott, of Melbourne, was charged by the master of the ship "Hydra," with having unlawfully secreted himself on board the "Hydra" without having paid his passage, contrary to section 258, Merchant Shipping Act. Charge proved, and sentenced to four week' imprisonment, with hard labour.

Thomas Roderigo, late of Geelong, seaman, was charged, upon information of the Mr St John Brannigan, Commissioner of Police, with unlawfully and willfully absconding from Geelong with the cutter "Fly," 22 tons register. Cutter being the property of one John Baker, of Geelong.

Melbourne Duty on Our Gold
The Executive have determined that Otago Gold cannot be transhipped at Melbourne without being subject to a duty of 2s. 6d. The idea of charging duty upon gold brought from New Zealand is so monstrous.

October 5 1861 page 5

Sep. 27 - Empress of the Seas, 1649 tons, Bragg, from Melbourne. 684 passengers.
Sep. 28 - India, 202 tons, Lucas, from Geelong with 2 cases saddlery, 6 wagons, 9 carts, 2 spring carts, 1 coach, 1 buggy, 2 wool presses, 1635 palings, 408 stakes, 54 horses, 4 passengers. Henry Driver and Co., agents.
Sept. 30 - Clarenden, 157 tons, Dobb, from Newcastle with general cargo. 10 passengers. Master, agent.
Same day - Dart, 24 tons, Webster, from Auckland. 6 passengers. Master, agent.
Same day - Surprise, 55 tons, Brand, from Napier. 30 passengers.
Same day - City of Melbourne, Brown, from Sydney, 78 passengers.
Same day - Benjamin Heape, Hughes, from Melbourne. 
Same day - Emerald Isle, Dixon, from Lyttelton. 7 passengers.
Same day - Jane Lockhart, 81 tons, Howard, from Sydney. 35 passengers.
Same day - Prince Alfred, Bowden, from Lyttelton. 140 passengers.
Same day - Lady Bird, Rolls, from Lyttelton. 62 passengers.
Same day - Vieuna, 319 tons, Wilson, from London. Passengers - James and John Carstairs, Thomas Wright, Robert Galloway, Alexr, Monro, and Edwin Cheslyn. Dalgety, Rattray, and Co., agents.
Same day - Oscar, 297 tons, Matthew, from Melbourne. 115 passengers.
Oct. 1. Reliance, Smith from Hobart Town with 1 case nuts, 100 bags flour, 1 wool press, 5 cases eggs, 1 pkg. trees, 1 chaise cart, 2 boats and gear, 25,00 palings, 65,000 shingles, 5000 feet timber, &c 47 passengers
Same day - City of Nelson, 50 tons, Hooper, from Nelson, with 75 tons potatoes, and 2 tons lime. 22 passengers. master, agent.
Same day - Choice - 177 tons, Walsh, from Melbourne, with general cargo. 3 passengers.
Same day - Isabella, 195 - Coppinge, from Hobart Town with 8800 palings, 4 sets harness, 30 bags barn, 20 bags oats, 160 bags potatoes, 75 sacks corn, 32 horses; 64 passengers.
Same day - Dart, 128 tons, Samson, from Hobart Town, with general cargo. 54 passengers.
Oct. 2 - Sylph, 50 tons, Morris, from Auckland. 37 passengers.
Same day - Result, 1465 tons, Cowe, from Melbourne in ballast. 664 passengers.
Same day - Brothers, 30 tons, Croucher, from Wellington. 4 passengers.
Same day - Juno, 50 tons, Green, from Heathcote River, with a cargo of New Zealand produce. 21 passengers.
Same day - Warren Goddard, 186 tons, Ruhl, from Melbourne, with general cargo. 8 passengers.
Oct. 3 - Mullogh, 45 tons, Symonds, from Lyttelton. 6 passengers.
Same day - Tasmania, 285 tons, Clinch, from Melbourne. 185 passengers.

Wellington Independent September 27 1861
Sailed from Wellington Sept. 25 s.s. Storm Bird, 220 tons, J.H. Rolls, for Otago. Passengers, cabin - Mr James Martin, Mr and Mrs Martin, Mr Grimstone, Mr J.J. Taine; steerage p -Mr and Mrs McKay and four children, H. Kilminister, T.L. Lowe, W.J. Williams.
Sept. 26, s.s. Prince Alfred, 704 tons, I.C.R.M. Co. agents, J. Bowden, for Lyttelton and Otago. Passengers - Mr Small, 13 saloon and 125 steerage passengers for Dunedin.

Cleared Out. 
Sept. 27 - Anna Kimbell, Marsh, for Melbourne in ballast; 124 passengers. R.B. Martin and Co., agents.
Same day - Burnett, Toulman, for Lyttelton, in ballast; 30 passengers. Webb and Co. agents.
Oct. 1 - Giant's Causeway, 1231 tons, Robertson, for Melbourne; 15 passengers. Dalgety, Rattray, and Co., agents.
Same day - Lightning, 1769 tons, Clarke, for Melbourne, in ballast; 128 passengers. Young and McGlashan, agents.
Same day - Tarbet Castle, 189 tons, Beale, for Melbourne, in ballast; 18 passengers. Master, agent.
Oct. 2. Lady Bird, 220 tons, Rolls, for Melbourne, via Lyttelton, in ballast. Passengers - Cabin: 24; steerage, 197.

Oct. 12 1861 page 4

Oct. 3 - General Jessup, 198 tons, Noon, from Melbourne, with general cargo; 55 passengers. H. Driver and Co. agents.
Oct. 4 - Wellington, 40 tons, Elmsley, from Lyttelton, with general cargo; 15 passengers. Master, agent.
Same day - Maxwell, 28 tons, Sellars, from Auckland with New Zealand produce; 12 passengers. R.B. Martin and Co., agents.
Same day - Aldinga, 268 tons, McLean, from Melbourne, in ballast, 169 passengers
Oct. 5 - Natal, 178 tons, McAlpine, from Melbourne, with general cargo, 1000 sheep, and 5 horses; 19 passengers.
Same day - Jane, Mitchell, from Geelong, with general cargo; 62 passengers. Master, agent.
Oct. 7 - Kembla, s., 205 tons, Mailler, from Sydney, with general cargo, 11 horses; 156 passengers. Cargill and Co., agents. 
Same day - Active, 136 tons, Cummings, from Melbourne, with 600 sheep, 2 tons bread, 25 tierces beef; 2 passengers. Master, agent.
Same day - Esther Ann, 41 tons, Strachan, from Melbourne, with general cargo; Passenger - Mr Caldwell. 
Same day - Dunedin, 208 tons, Walker, from Melbourne, with general cargo; 20 passengers.
Same day - Tyne, Riddle, from Hobart Town, with general cargo; 20 passengers. T.W. Bumford, agent.
Same day - Ellen Simpson, 297 tons, barque, Poole, from Newcastle, with 2 cases drapery; 121 passengers, including William B. Black, Alfred Dyer, and W.E. Flower.
Same day - Success, 289 tons, barque, Macallister, Mr Dawson - Chief Officer, from Melbourne, with 10 tons coal, 150 bags flour; 130 passengers
Same day - Shamrock, 23 tons, Joiner, from Auckland, with general cargo; 8 passengers.
Same day - Cosmopolite, Lewis, from Hobart Town.  8 passengers.
Same day - Lord Ashley, 290 tons, Wheeler, from Lyttelton, with general cargo. Passengers - Cabin: Mr and Mrs Turner, and 5 children, Mr and Mrs Wilson, Mrs Watt, Miss O'Connell, Messrs. Graham, Morris, Conway, Kyon, Birkett, Powell, Bransfield, Taylor, Burgess, Lesile, Chittenden, Hewson and Laxmote; 83 in steerage.
Oct. 8 - Robert Henderson, 552 tons, Logan, from Glasgow, with general cargo. 369 passengers
Same day - Wonga Wonga, s.s., 103 tons Renner from Wellington; 60 passengers. John Jones and Co., agents.

Wellington Independent October 8 1861
Sailed. Oct. 5 from Wellington, s.s. Wong Wonga, 103 tons, Renner, for Otago. Passengers, cabin - Messrs. W. Powell, C. Campbell, Mrs Freeman; steerage 23 from Wanganui. 

Bartlett	 Joseph
Devereaux	 W.C
Hackett		 D
Hirons		 William
Nelson		 Thomas
Weston		 J
Wilson		 G
Woodman		 William, John, Thomas and Richard

Same day - Helen McGaw, 666 tons, Hanson, from Melbourne in ballast; 251 passengers.
Same day - Netherby, 944 tons, Hudmann, from Melbourne, in ballast; 292 passengers.
Oct. 8 - Susanna, 188 tons, brig, Moller, from Melbourne, in ballast; 105 passengers.
Oct. 8 - Tamar, 102 tons, Pie, from Melbourne with general cargo; 6 passengers. J. Paterson and Co. agents.
Oct. 8 - St. Jean, 534 tons, Sargent, from Melbourne, in ballast; 289 passengers.
Oct. 9 - Mary Ann Wilson, 944 tons, Smith, from Melbourne. 443 passengers. Webb and Co., agents.
Oct. 9 - Yarron, 291 tons, Scott, from Newcastle, with 275 tons coals; 28 passengers.
Oct. 9 - Caroline, 40 tons, J. Duncan, schooner, from Melbourne, with a general cargo; 6 passengers.
Oct. 9 - Indus, 368 tons, Mackinnon, from Melbourne with 1500 sheep, 35 horses; 18 passengers.
Oct. 9 - Ceres, 861 tons, Cochrane, from Melbourne, with general cargo; 316 passengers.
Oct. 9 - Mary Jane, 30 tons, Gibson, from Wellington, with 18,000ft. timber, 1 ton bacon. Master, agent.
Oct. 9 - Commerce, 72 tons, Pratt, from Melbourne, with general cargo. 21 passengers.
Oct. 9 - John McVicar, 614 tons, A1 clipper ship, J. Flannery, from Melbourne, in ballast; 231 passengers. Wright, Robertson, and Co., agents.
Oct. 9 - Rainbow, paddle-steamer, 75 tons, Warner, from Sydney, with 25 bags coals, 1 case tobacco, 1 pony, and 2 horses. 50 passengers. Wright, Robertson, and Co., agents.
She put into Lyttelton on Monday, short of coals, and started the following day at 11 a.m. for Otago. [Lyttelton Times 9 Oct. 1861 says 60 passengers]

Cleared Out
Oct. 3- Zephyr, 58 tons, Lowrie, for Lyttelton; and part of original cargo shipped at Napier. 21 passengers.
Oct 3 - Sarah, 15 tons, Johnson, for Lyttelton in ballast; 4 passengers.
Oct. 3 - Reliance, 188 tons, Smith, for Lyttelton, with part of original cargo from Hobart Town. 19 passengers. Cabin: Mr Sargent, Mrs Jones and 3 children, Mrs Anderson and 1 child, Mr James Mann. and 12 in the steerage. Paterson and Co., agents.
Oct. 4 - Prince Alfred, 704 tons, Bowden, for Lyttelton; 11 passengers.
Oct. 5 - Result, 1465 tons, Dow, for Melbourne in ballast.
Oct. 5 - Aldinga, 268 tons, McLean, for Melbourne, with 2,400 ounces gold dust. 170 passengers.
Oct. 5- Maori, 288 tons, Muir, for Newcastle, in ballast
Oct. 7 - Bella Vista, Paisley, for Melbourne, in ballast; 29 passengers.
Oct. 7 - Wellington, Elmsley, for Lyttelton, in ballast, 9 passengers.
Oct. 8 - Lord Ashley, 293 tons, Wheeler, for Lyttelton. 19 passengers.
Oct. 8 - Isabella, 195 tons, Copping, for Hobart Town, in ballast; 7 passengers.
Oct. 9 - Netherby, 944 tons, Hulmann, for Melbourne, in ballast; 107 passengers.
Oct. 11 - The King of Italy, for Melbourne with 529 passengers.

The Rush to Our Shores.
The arrival of diggers in great numbers, their passage to the Gold Field, their success and disappointment, the return to Australia of some, and the continued arrival of others in still great numbers are the principal events of the past month.
    The arrivals during the quarter have been 8451 souls; the departures, 750; and during the past ten days we have had a further cession to our population of 2687. 34 ships with 2957 passengers having arrived.  Day after day splendid ships and the finest steamers of the Australian colonies arrive filled with passengers. Our streets are thronged for a day or two, but somehow the people disappear; most of them going to the diggings, whilst some return to Australia immediately. Up to the end of September 10,000 persons had left Hobson's Bay for Otago.

The Hound cleared on the 16th July for Otago direct, with a full cargo, and seven head of cattle and horses, taken out by Mr Nimmo, a gentlemen who proceeds as passenger in the ship, with his family.

October 19 1861 page 5

Oct. 9 - Content, 127 tons, Gallois, from Melbourne, 3 passengers. W. Smith agent.
Oct. 9 - Indus 360 tons, Kennon, from Melbourne - 18 passengers. T.W. Bamford agent.
Oct. 9 - Ceres, 861 tons, Cochrane, from Melbourne with general cargo. 294 passengers. Webb and Co. agents.
Oct. 9 - Causlins, 40 tons, Duncan, from Melbourne. 6passengers. Young and McGlashan, agents.
Oct. 9 - Yarrow, 226 tons, Scott, from Sydney with general cargo, 28 passengers.
Oct. 9 - Mary Ann Wilson, 244 tons, Smith, from Melbourne. 433passengers.
Oct. 2 - Vistula, Cuthbert, from Melbourne. 2 passengers.
Oct. 9 - Flying Hand, 45 tons, Simpson, from Melbourne. 2 passengers.
Oct. 10 - Omeo, 605 tons, John McLachlan, from Melbourne. 245 passengers. Dalgety, Rattray, and Co. agents.
Oct. 10 - Sampson, 122 tons, Dove, from Melbourne in ballast. 12 passengers.

Oct. 10 - Elizabeth Seldon, 100 tons, McAvency, from Sydney. 32 passengers.

Oct. 10 - Flying Fish, 36 tons, from Auckland. 11 passengers.

Oct. 11 - King of Italy, 1863 tons, Morris, from Melbourne, in ballast - 329 passengers.

Oct. 11 - Rebecca, 38 tons, Souter, from Auckland - 38 passengers.

Oct. 12 - Spray, 103 tons, Cummins, from Geelong - 2 passengers.

Oct. 12 - Atrevida, 457 tons, C.H. Bisset, from Melbourne - 168 passengers.

Oct. 12 - Juno, 27 tons, Smiyh, from Sydney - 2 passengers.

Oct. 14 - Remark, 306 tons, Duncan from London with general cargo. R.B. Martin and Co., agents.
Oct. _   - Hirondelle, 95 tons, Linney, from Sydney - 21 passengers.

Oct. 14 - Indus, 617 tons, Allsop, from Hobart Town - 290 passengers.

Oct. 14 - Fanny, Harrold, from Taieri, with general cargo. Master, agent.
Oct- 14 - Tiger, Haggart, from Taieri, in ballast.
Oct. 15 - City of Hobart, steamer, 363 tons, Alfred Darby, from Melbourne, in ballast - 205 passengers.

Oct. 15 - Daniel Watson, 144 tons, Young, from Hobart Town. - 51 passengers.

Oct. 15 - Lucknow, 402 tons, Lesile, from Launceston, in ballast - 177 passengers.
Master, agent.
Oct. 15 - Maid of the Mill, 26 tons, Grundy, from Onehunga. - 15 passengers.
Master, agent.
Oct. 16 - Planet, p.s. 26 tons, McDonald, from Lyttelton, with general cargo. - 8 passengers.
Heywood and Co., agents.
Oct. 17 - Salcombe Castle, 115 tons, schooner, Jones, from Auckland, with general cargo. 44 passengers.
Bamford, agents.

Daily Southern Cross, 27 September 1861, Page 3 CLEARED OUTWARDS  COASTWISE.
23 Maid of the Mill, 25 tons, J Grundy, for Otago, with 6 casks pork, 1 box candles, half chest tea, 1 case sardines, 1 do hams, 1 do axes, 6 bags sugar, 1 cask cheese, 1 case herrings, 11 bags biscuit, 4,000 feet timber, 4 cases bottled porter, 1 cask beef, 10 cwt potatoes Passengers  James Tattenall, George Humphries, Wm Rogers, W Taprell, W. Brimmer, Thos Pollock, James Simpson, Chas Weston, Chas Wing. John Copland, agent.

Wellington Independent October 1 1861, page 2

Arrived Wellington. Sept. 27 - schooner Tyne, 36 tons, Linklater, from Otago. Passenger - Mr Kinniburgh.
Sept. 28 -brig Fanny A. Garriques, 189 tons, A. Woodcock, from Dunedin. Passenger - Mr S. O'Halloran.

Cleared Out
Oct. 10 - Kembla, paddle steamer, 204 tons, Mailler, for Sydney, with gold dust - 17 passengers. Cargill and Co,. agents.
Oct. 10 - Velore, 484 tons, Hays, for Callao, in ballast. John Jones and Co., agents.
Oct. 11 - King of Italy, 1866 tons, Morris, for Melbourne in ballast.
Oct. 11 - Dart, 128 tons, Samson, for Hobart Town, with general cargo. 13 passengers. Paterson and Co., agents.
Oct. 11 - Surprise, 53 tons, Brand, for Lyttelton in ballast - 19 passengers.
Oct. 11 - Active, 136 tons, Cumming, for Wellington, in ballast  4 passengers.
Oct. 12 - Ellen Simpson, 297 tons, for Melbourne - 102 passengers. Wright, Robinson, and Co., agents.
Oct. 12 - Eliezer, 62 tons, Blair, for Napier in ballast.
Oct. 12 - Benjamin Heape, 262 tons, Hughes, for Melbourne, in ballast. 104 passengers.
Oct. 14 - Omeo, s.s., Mclachlan, for Melbourne, with gold dust - 124 passengers.
Oct. 14 - Genii, 974 tons, Murray, for Melbourne, - 46 passengers.
Oct. 15 - Wonga Wonga, s.s. 103 tons, Renner for Wellington 103 passengers.

Wellington Independent October 22 1861, page 2
Arrived Wellington Oct. 18 - s.s. Wonga Wonga, 105 tons, F. Renner, from Otago and Lyttelton. 

Passengers Cabin-
Beauchamp	C
Dransfield	J
Evans		W
Evans		W
Tuchen		D

Barnes		George
Carley		J
Copeland	W
Francis		Charles
Harney		Edwin
Herblet		F
Hudson		W
Hudson		D
Kirwan		John
Knight		Thomas
Lewis		G
Longhurst	J
Lowry		J
Mahon		J
Martin		W
McGregor	John
Meager		H
Membery		W
Moodie		W
Pearce		R.E.
Quin 		J
Rodgers		T
Sansome		Henry
Smith		J
Thomson		H
Walsh		R.K.

Oct. 15 - Indus, 368 tons, McKennon, for Melbourne. 10 passengers.
Oct. 16 - Susanna, 188 tons, Muller, for Valparaiso.

Oct. 26 1861 page 5

Oct. 11 - Jessie Brown, 621 tons, Downward, from Melbourne, in ballast. 240 passengers. Thomas Dick, agent.
Oct. 18 - Maid of Yarra, 97 tons, Ashton, from Melbourne, with general cargo.
Oct. 18 - Storm Bird, 103 tons, Mundle, from Wellington; 13 passengers.
Oct.      - Breadalbane, 215 tons, Bairon, from Auckland; 32 passengers
Oct. 21 - Sisters, 25 tons, Cobleday, from Sydney. 4 passengers.
Oct. 21 - Surprise, 15 tons, Garnes, from Picton, in ballast.
Oct. 21 - Airedale, 286 tons, Johnson, from Lyttelton. 79 passengers.
Oct. 22 - Clutha, Anderson, from Auckland. 7 passengers.
Oct. 22 - Heron, 91 tons, Laing, from Lyttelton. 9 passengers.
Oct. 23 - Lochiel, 676 tons, Haldon, from Sydney. 300 passengers.

Cleared Out
Oct. 16 - General Jessup, 194 tons, Noon, for Melbourne, in ballast. 41 passengers
Oct. 17 - Ceres, 861 tons, Cochrane, for Melbourne. 55 passengers
Oct. 18 - Indus, Allsop, for Shanghai in ballast.
Oct. 19 - City of Hobart, 363 tons, Darby, for Hobart Town, in ballast. 113 passengers
Oct. 19 - Success, 289 tons, Macalliater, for Melbourne. 118 passengers
Oct. 19 - Robert Henderson, 532 tons, Logan, for Shanghai, with original cargo.
Oct. 21- Pladda, 982 tons, Dunlop, for Moulmain, on ballast.
Oct. 22 - Comet, 92 tons, for Lyttelton, in ballast. 16 passengers
Oct. 22 - City of Melbourne, 176 tons, Brown, for Sydney, in ballast; 2 passengers
Oct. 22 - Helen McGaw, 656 tons, Hansom, for Melbourne, in ballast; 6 passengers. Driver and Co. agents.
Oct. 22 - Jane, 142 tons, Mitchell, for Newcastle, in ballast; 3 passengers. Master, agent.
Oct. 22 - Breadalbane, 215 tons, Barron, for Sydney, in ballast; 11 passengers.
Oct. 22 - Atrevida, 457 tons, J. Bisset, clipper barque, for Melbourne in ballast; 107 passengers
Oct. 22 - Wild Wave, 40 tons, George Eaton, for Auckland, in ballast; 6 passengers.
Oct. 22 - Flying Fish, 35 tons, Lellam, for Auckland, in ballast, 11 passengers.

Wellington Independent October 22 1861, page 2

Arrived Wellington Oct. 25 s.s. Airedale, 280 tons, R. Johnston, from Lyttelton and Otago. Passengers - Messrs. Simpson, Hartman, Alan, Worsley, Bowler, Mrs Richardson, Mr and Mrs Ward and two servants, Mr  and Mrs martin, Mr Whittaker, Mr Coates.
Same day - s.s. Wonga Wonga, 104 tons,  George Mundle, from Otago. 

Cardor		R.D
Duffy		S
Hemmie		John
Holt		Thomas
Loader		J.A.
Shaw		W
Smith		J

Saturday November 2 1861 page 5

Oct 26 - Sea Nymph, 44 tons, Stephenson, from Melbourne, with cargo. 4 passengers.
Same day - Macquarie, 126 tons, Greeves, from Melbourne,, with horses and cattle - 18 passengers.

Same day - Sopbia, 140 tons, Thompson, from Melbourne, with horses and cargo - 7 passengers.

Oct. 28 - William Buchanan, 163 tons, Aldred, from Melbourne, with 2 passengers. A. Carter agent.
Oct. 26 - Latonia, 692 tons, Sedgwick, from Melbourne, with 237passengers.

Same day - Picard, 165 tons, Briggs, from Hobart Town, with cargo - 51 passengers.

Oct. 30 - Prompt, 86 tons, Hiscox, from Melbourne, with 1passenger.

Same day - Alma, 541 tons, Kross, from Melbourne, with cargo. 225 passengers.

Same day - Golden Spring, 170 tons, Noren, from Melbourne, 11 passengers.

Oct. 31- Star of Tasmania, 662 tons, Samuel Tulloch, from Launceston 166 passengers.

Same day - Vision, 18 tons, Rowley, for Auckland - 8 passengers.

Same day - Frederick, 174 tons, Lormi, from Geelong.
Same day - Lord Worsley, 291 tons, Kennedy, from Sydney via Lyttelton, with cargo 78 passengers.

Cleared Out
Oct. 25 - John Vicar, 414 tons, Flannery, for Melbourne, 131 passengers.

Oct. 26 - Lochiel, 274 tons, Haddon, for Sydney - 24 passengers.

Same day - Jessie Brown, 688 tons, Woodward, for Melbourne, 13 passengers.

Oct. 26 - Vieuna, 319 tons, Wilson, for Valparaiso
Came day - Marwell, 28 tons, Letters, from Lyttelton, with 5 passengers.

Same day - Thetis, 27 tons, Lyons, for Lyttelton
Oct. 30 - Tamar, Pie, from Hobart Town, in ballast - 30 passengers.

Wellington Independent November 8 1861, page 2
Arrived Wellington. Nov. 5, ketch, Petrel, 22 tons, W. Scott, from Otago.  Passengers - Messrs. W. Bannister, F. Dorsett, W. Allen,. J. Moxson, C. Revel, C. Parker.
Nov. 7, s.s. Lord Worsley, 291 tons, A. Kennedy, from Lyttelton and Otago. 

Passengers - cabin:
Bishop		Mr and Mrs and two children
Buller		Rev. J
Mantell 	Hon. W.
Smith		James
Taylor		T
Vickers		Rev. T

Second cabin:
Bower		Mr and Mrs
Duncan		A
Greaves		J
Scrimgeour 	Mr and Mrs
Short		J
Udy		S
Wesley		Mr and Mrs
2 Natives

What is the future of Otago?
It is scarely five moths since the announcement by Mr Reid that he had discovered rich diggings in Gabriel's Gully on the Tuapeka was made public. During that brief period no les than 74,453 ounces of gold have been brought into Dunedin by the Escort, and the total brought into town both by Escort and by private hands is estimated at 80,000 ounces, which may be roughly calculated as worth 288,000 pounds.

The progress made in the material wealth, and in the business of Otago for the past six months far exceeds the progress made in the preceding three or four years and the probable acceleration in the onward movement we dare scarcely attempt to guess. The Customs revenue alone for the past month amounts to 13,607 pounds 15s 5d, a sum, which a year or two since, we thought a satisfactory receipt for the twelve months. In another year, when the news of the productiveness of our gold field has begun to tell upon immigration to these shores, and when the harbours improvements, and other extensive public works, which our revenues will enable us to carry out are completed, the progress of Otago will be such as the most sanguine of us never contemplated.

The "Winged Arrow" from Glasgow, arrived in Port yesterday. On board some four or five hundred Cotswold and Leicester sheep, imported for the purpose of trying, of growing the long combing wool for the home market.

November 9 1861 page 5

Arrivals and Departures.
During the month of Otago the arrivals exceeded the departures by 5659. 
Arrivals: 8130
Departures: 2471

The Pirate appears to have been a total wreck. She was advertised for sale for benefit of the underwriters. [The iron steamship Pirate, 404 tons, built in the UK in 1848, Master Robertson,  was lost October 16 1861. Had on board 12 passengers wrecked and sank, carrying general cargo from New Zealand to Melbourne, Victoria. Went ashore during a dense fog between Long Point and Falmouth. Attempts to refloat the vessel were unsuccessful before gales destroyed the wreck.
Port Registered: Melbourne
Official Number 32127
Registration number 20/1859
Owner : J.Clough, J. Bigg, J.Learoyd
Builder :Smith & Roger]

November 16 1861 Saturday page 5

Wool Ship for London
To sail about 20th January.
The celebrated A.1 clipper "Star of Tasmania", S. Tulloch, Commander, 652 tons register, will be dispatched from Port Chalmers, with Passengers, Wool and Gold about 20th January next, and may be relied on to arrive in London not later than 15th April. This fine vessel was built by Messrs Hall of Aberdeen, at greater expense than any other out of their yard. She is fitted up for passengers more handsomely and commodiously than a steamer. Her two voyages from Launceston to London were done in 74 days, Dalgety, Rattray, & Co., Agents.

November 16 1861 Saturday page 5
Nov. 9 - Oscar, s.s. from Melbourne, with 165 passengers.

Nov. 9 -  Omeo, s.s. from Melbourne, with 123 passengers.

Nov. 12 - Brilliant, from Melbourne, with 43 passengers.

Nov. 12 - Jessie - from Melbourne, with general cargo.

Nov. 11 - Oscar, s.s., for Melbourne with 102 passengers and 22,000 ounces gold.
Nov. 13 - Omeo, s.s., for Melbourne with 51 passengers and 10,000 ounces gold.

Saturday Nov. 23 1861

For sale. The Dutch Galliot REINAUW ELGELKINS, 96 tons register, 180 tons burden; draws 7 feet of water when fully laden, suitable for, and now engaged in the Lightering trade.

Also for sale, half-share in the Lighter Governor Arthur, 35 tons register, 60 tons burden.  For further particulars apply on board to Duncan McDougal or to Thomas Norton & Co., Shipping Brokers, Jetty.

Notice is hereby given that William Carr Young and Edward McGlashan have mutually agreed to dissolve partnership on the 31at December next. The business will thereafter be conducted by William Carr Young.

Wellington Independent November 15 1861, page 2
Sailed from Wellington Nov. 12 s.s. Lord Worsley, 291 tons, A. Kennedy, for Lyttelton and Otago. 

Brown		J
Buller		Rev. J.
Campbell	Capt.
Duncan		Rev. J
Hogg		Rev. D
Holdsworth	Mr and Mrs
Innes		Mr
Moir		Rev. J
Spiers		C
Standen		E
Standen		J
Stiffe		Mr
Turnbull	George Mr and Mrs and servant
Vicars		Rev. R.L.
Worsley		Mr
and 16 saloon and 124 steerage passengers from Nelson.

November 30 1861 page 5

Entered Inwards
Nov. 26 - Derwentwater, London.
Nov. 27 - Ocean Chief, from Melbourne, with stock. Passengers - E. Bignell, J. Sunderland, J. Scott, George Henderson, Thomas Robertson, Richard Cox, E. Wilson, Thomas Howie. 
Nov. 27- Eureka, 1041 tons, from Melbourne, with cargo, and 233 passengers. H. Houghton, agent.
Nov. 27 - Alcyon, from Melbourne, with 263 passengers.

Inwards Coastwise
Nov. 23 - Geelong, from Lyttelton, with general cargo. Passengers - Messrs. Milton, Salem Mathews, Bishop, Wadsworth, Hurley, Silburn, Rev. C. Fraser, Sanderson, South, Blanchard, William Stack, J. Marks, and 13 passengers in steerage.
Nov. 27 - Hermine, from Wellington. Passengers - B. Ling, W. Rowland, and 3 stockman.

Entered Outwards
Nov. 23 - s.s. Aldinga, Maclean, for Melbourne, with 40,101 ozs gold. Passengers - Cabin: H. Lipscombe, A.B. Smith, J.J. Boyd, John Weir, Capt. Lovett, N. Nolle, H. Adams, Mrs Adams, H. Miller, H. Reynolds, Jno. Bing, A. Bing, Jno. Cairns; and 78 in steerage.

Nov. 27 - Derwentwater, for Lyttelton, with original cargo. J. Jones, agent. 
Nov. 28 - Maid of Yarra, for Lyttelton. Passengers - Captain Milton, Messrs. Henderson, Snell, Davis, Somerville, Leary, Hobbs, S. Diamond, J. Diamond, Giles, and Mr and Mrs A. Boyes.

Arrivals Port Chalmers

Nov. 29 - Ellen Simpson, Poole, master, from, Melbourne 13th, with 52 passengers and general cargo.

The whole of the Derwentwater cargo was consigned to Lyttelton; she has brought, however, an addition of 93 souls to our population. Her passengers for Otago are as fellows:
1st Cabin: Mr E.R. Anderson, John Murdoch, David Garrick, Mr Thomas Birch and Mrs Birch (returning to their adopted home), James Ogilvie. 
2nd Cabin: R. Worthington,  J. Worthington, D. Glasgow, wife and 4 children, H.C. Burns, W.E.D. Bigsley, David Girdwood, J.B. Carlisle. Steerage: Mary Norton, B. Johnstone, wife, and five children, A. Thompson and wife, M. Winter, G. Green and 75 assisted passengers. 

Otago Witness 12 October 1861, Page 5
The Derwentwater cleared from London on the 1 5th July, with about 120 passengers, for Otago and Canterbury. The following are the chief cabin passengers Major and Mrs. Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Birch, Rev. W. F. Oldham, Mr. P. Oldham, Mr. Williams, Mr. E. R. Anderson, Mr. John Murdoch, Mr David Garrick, Mr. F. N. Bruce, Mr. F. W. Scott, Mr. Woodward, Dr. Michell, and Mr. James Ogilvy.

The Derwentwater, owning to a succession of contrary winds, has made a long passage, being 115 days from land to land. The passengers speak highly of the ship and Captain Thompson, her commander, to whom they presented a flattering testimonial.

Otago Witness Oct. 12 1861 page 5
The Derwentwater cleared from London on the 15th July, with about 120 passengers, for Otago and Canterbury. The following are the chief cabin passengers: Major and Mrs Cook, Mr and Mrs Birch, Rev. W.F. Oldham, Mr P. Oldham, Mr Williams, Mr E.R. Anderson, Mr John Murdoch, Mr David Garrick, Mr F.N. Bruce, Mr F.W. Scott, Mr Woodward, Dr. Michell, and Mr James Ogilvy. 
    Among the passengers proceeding in the Derwentwater to Otago we observe the name of Mr Thomas Birch, who with Mrs Birch, is returning to his adopted home.

Saturday Dec. 7 1861

Entered Inwards
Nov. 30 - Lorenzi Sabine, 172 tons, Devine, master, from Melbourne 15th Nov., 3 passengers.
Nov. 30 - Ellen Simpson, 297 tons, Poole, master from Melbourne 12th November. 52 passengers. 
Dec. 1 - Oscar, 297 tons, Matthien, master, from Melbourne, 29th Nov., 92 passengers.

Inward Coastwise
p.s. Geelong. 108 tons, Boyd, master, from Oamaru, Moeraki, and Waikouaiti. Passengers - Messrs. Mitchell, Rasper, McLellan, Mr and Mrs Jones, and 3 in steerage.
Dec. 2 - Planet (s), 47 tons, McDonald, from Taieri. 
Dec. 3 - Julia Ann, cutter, 20 tons, Swanson, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Cabin: Messrs. Hannett, Elliot, Jones, Smith, Logan, Boyd, Susan Strahan, Mr and Mrs Pellsgren. 

Entered Outwards
Nov. 30. Jessie, 119 tons, Law, Master, Newcastle, in ballast.
Dec. 2 - Ocean Chief, 1026 tons, Brown, master, for Melbourne, with 74 passengers.
Dec. 4. Versailles, 580 tons, Sheborne, for Melbourne: 50 passengers and Gold.

Outwards Coastwise
Nov. Shamrock, 23 tons, cutter, Jones, master, for Auckland, in ballast. Passengers: Messrs. Williams, Leithart, Ken, Hill, Whittaker, Brown, Phillips, Ken, Steel, Tuorp, Crawford, T. Williams, Wallace, Nichol, Brown, Cranford, Sprout, Caldecut.

Dec. 14 1861 page 3

Entered Inwards.
Dec. 7 Chile, 878 tons, from London. J. Jones & Co. agents. Passengers per "Chile"

Entered Coastwise
 Dec. 9. Friends, 90 tons, Holmes, from Wellington, with 8 passengers. Messrs. Pudney (2), Morrison, Murphy, Grace, Connor, Buckle, Mitchell.

Dec. 12 - Eureka, 1046 tons, Cutler, for Melbourne, with 135 passengers and 304 ozs. 2dwts. gold.
Dec. 12 - Jane Lockhart, 80 tons, Clulow, for Sydney. 32 passengers and 136 ozs. gold.

Passengers by the Silistria. Another listing.

Arrivals at Port of Dunedin during the month of November





From places out of New Zealand




From places in New Zealand








Departures at Port of Dunedin during the month of November





For places out of New Zealand




For places in New Zealand  








December 21 1861 page 2

Entered Inwards
Dec. 14 - Star of Tasmania, 632 tons, Tulbert, from Launeston.
Dec. 18 - Dunedin, 208 tons, Walker, from Melbourne, - 14 passengers.
Dec. 18 - s.s. Omeo, 605 tons, McLachlan, from Melbourne, 76 passengers.

Inwards Coastwise
Dec. 14 - Matlida Hayes, 20 tons, Falconer, from Oamaru, with 300 bags lime. Master, agent.
Dec. 16 - Wellington, 46 tons, Elmsley, from Lyttelton; 3 passengers.
Dec. 17 - Albatross, 87 tons, Clarke, from Auckland, with 4 passengers - Master, agent. Passengers - Mr Parr, Mr Johnson, Mr Phillips, Mrs Donovan.
Dec. 19 - s.s. Guiding Star, 49 tons, Fraser, from Invercargill, with 1 bag rice, 1 bale woolpacks, J.R. Mills; 1 parcel gold dust, 184ozs., Union Bank of Australia. Passengers from Invercargill - Mr and Mrs Baldy. Passengers - from, Melbourne - Mr Steel, Mr Seabright, Elizabeth, George, Lucy, Elizabeth Ann, and George Seabright, George Asherwood, Messrs. Deele, Prosser, Wilson, McKeiven, Atikens, Barnes. 

Entered Outwards
Dec. 16 - p.s. Geelong, 103 tons, for Lyttelton with 31 passengers.
Dec. 19 - Nora, 30 tons, Hayward, for Molyneux. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Dale, Mrs Smaill, Mr J. Smaill.

Total Wreck of the S.S. Oscar in the New River, Invercargill. The Captain is perfectly free from blame as the vessel was in charge of the Pilot. The agents, Messrs. Dalgety, Rattray, & Co., with praiseworthy promptitude chartered the s.s. Guiding Star to call at Invercargill, and the Omeo will leave the Port this morning to take the passengers, mails and gold on to Melbourne. There was eight feet of water in the hold. Everything was saved out of the vessel. Dr. John Forster, one of the passengers, forwarded the following particulars.

Invercargill, 3. A.M.
Wednesday, December 18, 1861.
I left the s.s. "Oscar" Port Chalmers, about 5 p.m. on Monday, and had a fine run to the entrance to the New River, where we arrived about 11 a.m. on Tuesday. The pilot came on board just after we had crossed the inner bar, and took command. I heard him give orders first to starboard and them port the helm. Before he had been in charge of her a quarter of an hour, the pilot ran her on the sandbank just opposite the pilot station; the captain made every effort to get her off, but the tide being about to ebb, it was useless. The captained examining her, it was discovered the steamers back was broken, and some plates opened, and many of her ribs bent 3 or 4 feet, She is therefore a complete wreck. The weather being was fine all the while.
    The Superintendent (Dr Menzies) has promptly and obligingly sent off a trooper with all despatch to the agents in Dunedin, to send the "Omeo," which passed here on Sunday last, as it is impossible to house the passengers and crew - 200 in all.
    Captain Stewart has the sympathy of every passenger, not being in the slightest way implicated, the steamer at the time being in the hands of the pilot. Thomas S. Marks and John Thomson were also passengers.

The vessel was sold as she lay for 80  pounds  - her "effects" having been got ashore and sold by auction, realising about 1000 pounds. See Jan. 11th 1862 page 5.

December 28 1861 page 5

Entered Inwards
Dec. 21 - Bessie, 262 tons, Gay, from Newcastle. Master, agent.
Dec. 21. Hargreaves, 171 tons, Henderson, from Huon River, Tasmania. Young and McGlashan, agents.
Dec. 21 - Traveller's Bride, 45 tons, Orr, from the Chatham Isles, with 37 tons potatoes. Master, agent.
Dec. 22 - General Jessup, 193 tons, from Melbourne,
Dec. 24 - Warren Goddard, 186 tons, Ruhl, from Launceston; 4 passengers. Henry Driver & Co. agents.
Dec. 24 - Helen McGaw [?Helen McGar], 635 tons, Huntoon, from Melbourne; 246 passengers. Henry Driver & Co. agents.

Inward Coastwise
Dec. 21. Highlander, 93 tons, Tolmic, for Lyttelton
Dec. 23 - S.S. Expert, 19 tons, Thomas, from Lyttelton. Master, agent.
Dec. 24. p.s. Geelong, 108 tons, Boyd, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Messrs. Duff, Watkin, Gibson, Burke, Brayshaw, Waters, Grant, Lockyer, Garde, Patten, Miss Muirson, Mrs Thompson 2 children, Mrs Blanchard and child, Mr and Mrs Pavitt and child, Miss Cowan, Mrs Elmsley, Miss Gillard, Mr and Mrs Johnson, Mrs Royal. Cargill and Co., agents.
Dec. 26. Fanny A. Garrignes, 189 tons, Woodcock, from Wellington. Master, agent.
Dec. 26 - Clutha, 150 tons, Anderson, from Auckland with 104,000 feet timber, 90 bags bran, 1400 cocoa nuts, 7 casks oranges, 80 chesses, 8 bags arrowroot, half-ton rope. R.B. Martin, agents.

Entered Outwards
Dec. 23 - Benjamin Heap, 261 tons, Hughes, for Melbourne, in ballast. 80 passengers.
Dec. 23 - Bella Vista, 106 tons, Pasley, for Newcastle, N.S.W. in ballast.

The Silistria sailed from the Clyde for Otago on the 5th October. The Eleanor, for Otago sailed from the Downs on the 15th October. She left Gravesend on the 12th Oct. She is one of Messrs. Willis, Gann and Co.'s, liners.

The "Alma" with 256 passengers cleared out for Otago on the 19th Dec.; The "Queen of Perth" sailed from Hobson's Bay, for Otago, Dec. 19th; the "Frowning Beauty" sailed from Sydney, for Otago, 19th December.

Arrivals for the year ending 31 December 1861


 Adults Male

Adults  Female

 Children Male

 Children Female
















Great Britain





Ports of New Zealand






Departures  for the year ending 31 December 1861 


 Adults M


 Children Male

















Great Britain





Ports of New Zealand





Showing a balance of immigration over emigration of 13,776 adult males, 1029 female adults, 458 male children and 356 female children - in all 15,619 souls.

Number of vessels and amount of tonnage entering the Port of Dunedin, 1861

From Ports Out of New Zealand

Quarter ending  

Ships Tons

March 31

  28    9,660

June   30

  14    5,559

Sept.  30

  51 21,553

Dec.  31

164 47,916
From Ports in New Zealand

Quarter ending



March 31



June   30



Sept   30



Dec.   31



This is an enormous increase upon the previous year, the number of vessels entered inwards at the Port of Dunedin for 1860, exclusive of coasters, having been only 69, and the tonnage 24,721.

The first escort from the gold fields arrived in Dunedin on the 12th July 1861, bringing 500 ozs. of gold. Total until end of December was 206.445 ozs. Exports total 187,695 ozs. 9 dwts. Representing a total valve of 727, 426 pounds 7s. 10d. The export duty of 2s. 6d. per ounce paid upon this quantity of gold, was no less a sum than 23,461, 19s 10d. "there is nothing so delusive as facts except figures,"

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People crossed back and forth between Australia and New Zealand for gold.

This could be Otago, New Zealand with its rolling hills covered with gorse but it is Dyce, near Aberdeen, Scotland, in 2006.