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Otago 1872  Shipping News
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did not transcribe the trans-colonial trade except Nov. & Dec.

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Otago Witness, 6 January 1872, Page 14
By the ship Christian McAusland, which arrived in harbour on Thursday week, has arrived a machinery plant to the order of Mr James Oliver White, for stocking, shirt, drawers, and other weaving from our native wool. The plant was made at Hawick, in Roxburghshire, Scotland, and on receipt will be erected by Mr White in Hanover street off George street, Dunedin, where the manufactory is in the course of construction. The native industry will no doubt prove a great benefit to the community at large.

Otago Witness, 13 January 1872, Page 12
Shipping. Port Chalmers, arrivals

Jan. 5 — Tararua, s.s, Hagley, from Melbourne, 30th December. Dalgety, Nichols, and Co., agents. Passengers: Mr and Mrs Findlay, Mrs Hatwood, Mrs Knox, Mr and Mrs Martin, and 5 children, Messrs Carr, Murphy, Lemon, Sharp, Reynell, Durand, Barnet, Leftler, and 21 steerage ; 16 saloon and 11 steerage for Northern. Ports.
Jan. 6 — Wallace, p.s., 56 tons, Edie, from Oamaru. J. Mills, agent. Passengers— Mr Thomson and 4 children, Messrs Delaney, Clair, Rose, and 7 in the steerage.
Jan. 7 — Maori, s.s., 118 tons, Malcolm, from Timaru, J. Mills, agent,
Rangitoto, S.S., 449 tons, Mackie, from Melbourne 23rd ult. , via West Coast and Northern Ports. Dalgety, Nichols, and Co., agents. Passengers : From Melbourne — Hon. J. J. Casey, Messrs It. A. Billing, Moore, Thompson, Maurice Moran, W. J. Moore, Frewin, Thompson, J. Wilson, Drummond. From Coast Ports — Mrs Truman, Messrs C. E. Haughton, Rae, Gresley, Nivet, C. Bonnington, Thomas, Lakeman, McLeod, and 11 in the steerage.
Ocean Bird, schooner, 32 tons, Judge, from Wanganui 3rd inst. Master, agent.
Jan. 8— Wallace, p. s., from Oamaru, J. Mills, agent. Passenger : Mr Shields.
Freetrader, barque, 206 tons, Robinson, from Bluff Harbour, 6th inst. Gibbs and Clayton, agents.
Jan. 9— Beautiful Star, s.s., Hart, from Lyttelton 7th inst., via intermediate ports. J. Mills, agent. Passengers : Mrs Sherring and child, Messrs Shenan, Davidson, Brown, and 8 in the steerage.
Pretty Jane, twin screw, 89 tons, Christian, from Port Molyneux. J. Mills, agent. Passengers : Messrs Cotton and McMillan.
Jan. 10 — Albion, 591 tons, McLean, from Auckland, 3rd inst., via East Coast ports. Dalgety, Nichols, and Co., agents. Passengers : Mr, Mrs, and Miss Hill and servant, Mr and Mrs Reeves, Messrs McGregor, McKinlay, Sidey, Ackland, Macnamara, Wallis, Inglis, Blackett ; and 7 in the steerage.
Storm Bird, s.s., 68 tons, Fraser, from Southern ports. H. Houghton and Co., agents. Passenger's : Rev. Mr Stevens, Messrs Mitchell, Boss, Brunton, Blackwood, McFadyen, McPherson, and Murdoch.
Wallace, p.s., 56 tons, Edie, from Oamaru. J, Mills, agent. Passengers : Mrs and Miss Bum, Miss Price, Messrs Henderson and Holmes ; and 2 in the steerage.
Jan. 11 — Wallace, p.s,, 56 tons, Edie, from Oamaru. J, Mills, agent. Advance, cutter, 15 tons, Andrews, from Waikouaiti, Master, agent.
Hope, cutter, 21 tons, Gay, from the coast, passed up.
Jan. 12. — Pretty Jane, twin s.s., S9 tons, Christian, from Kakanni. Mills, agent. Samson, p.s., 101 tons, Stevens, from Invercargill. C. Clarke and Co., agents.
Wellington, s.s., 261 tons, Kennedy, from Onehunga, 8th inst., via Taranaki and East Coast ports. J. Mills, agent. Passengers : Mr and Mrs Gordon, Mrs McGregor and child, Miss Evans, Misses Tewsley (2), Mrs Dowling. Messrs Robertson, A. L. Von Blacon, Spreet, B. Kaye, Stevenson, McKenzie, Spalding, Tewsley, James, and two in the steerage.

Jan. 5 — Geelong, p.s., 10S tons, Sinclair, for Oamaru. Mills, agent. Maori, s.s., 118 tons, Malcolm, for Timaru. J. Mills, agent.
Wallace, p.s., 56 tons, Edie, for Oamaru. J. Mills, agent.
Jan. 6 — Annie W. Weston, American barque, 740 tons, Crowell, for Sydney. W. and G. Turnbull and Co., agents.
Storm Bird, s.s., 68 tons. Fraser, for Southern Ports. H. Houghton and Co., agents. Passengers — 18.
Jan. 7 — Wallace, p.s., 56 tons, Edie, for Oamaru. J. Mills, agent.
Tararua, s.s., 522 tons, Hagley, for Melbourne, via Northern and West Coast Ports. Dalgety, Nichols, and Co., agents. Passengers — Mr and Mrs Shanks and 2 children, Mr Coote, and 5 in the steerage.
Jan. 8 —Samson, p.s., Stevens, for Southern C. Clark and Co. , agents.
Glenhuntly, barque, 547 tons, Lange, for Napier. W. and ft. Turnbull and Co., agents. Passenger : Mrs Lange.
Jan. 9 — Wallace, p.s., 56 tons, Edie, for Oamaru. J. Mills, agent.
Rangitoto, s.s., 449 tons, Mackie, for Melbourne, via Bluff Harbour. Dalgety, Nichols, and Co., agents. Passengers : Mr and Mrs Perry, Messrs E. White, Manchester, Reeves, Herman, James Muir, and 25 in the steerage.
Jan. 10— Annie, ketch, 26 tons, Haswell for Moeraki. K. Haswell, agent.
Jan. 11 — Wallace, p.s., 56 tons, Edie, for Oamaru. J. Mills, agent.
Stormbird, s.s., 68 tons, Fraser for Southern ports. H. Houghton and Co., agents.
Jan. 12. — Wallace, p.s., 56 tons, Edie, for Oamaru. J. Mills, agent.
Beautiful Star, s.s., 125 tons, Hart, for Lyttelton, via intermediate ports. J. Mills, agent.
Albion, s.s., 591 tons, McLean, for Melbourne, via Bluff Harbour. Dalgety, Nichols, and Co., agents. Passengers : For Melbourne — Mr and Mrs. Langeville and six children, Miss C. C. Douglas, Messrs Kelly, Clarke, Amery. For Bluff— Messrs Ackland, D. Mason, Murdoch, Barr, M. Holmes, Menlove, McPherson, and 22 in the steerage for both ports, including seven Chinese.

Otago Witness Saturday 27 January 1872 page 12

Port Chalmers - Arrivals
Jan. 24 - Warrior Queen, ship, 988 tons, Wilson, from Gravesend 26th October, Downs 29th, and Isle of Wight 30th. Passengers: 12 in steerage. The frigate-built ship, Warrior Queen, under command of her veteran master, Captain Wilson, arrived off the Heads on Tuesday evening. She stood off and on until receiving her pilot on board at 1 p.m. on Wednesday. The Warrior left Gravesend on 26th October, the Downs on the 29th and parted with her pilot off the Isle of Wight on the 30th. Passed the meridian of Greenwich on the 21st December in lat. 45 S. and the Cape on the 25th, in lat. 47.33S. On the previous day, and next, sighted several icebergs. Sighted Boyne Island on the 3rd of January. Sighted the Snares at 6.30 p.m. on Sunday, the 21st instant, and was off the Nuggets the next day. A. N.N.E. wind setting in, she stood out to the eastward, and was caught in the late S.W. gale; on standing under close-reefed topsails she carried away her maintopsail. This gale was the heaviest breeze met with during the whole passage. This noble ship comes into port in first-class order, both alow and aloft. After discharging, she will load for London. Her passage is 83 days from land to land, and 87 days from anchorage to anchorage.

Agnes Muir, ship, 851 tons, iron clipper ship, Anderson, from Glasgow. Messrs Patrick Henderson and Co.'s ship had a splendid passage of 83 days from the Tail of the Bank, Greenock, arrived off the Heads Wednesday, and was boarded by Mr Pilot Kelly, who had previously brought up the Warrior Queen and Florence, and towed up by the Geelong to the vacated berth of the James Nichol Fleming. She left Greenock on the 2nd November and crossed the Equator on the 26th, in long 28W. In fact the voyage was more of a pleasure trip than anything else. Made the Snares on the 21st. After inspected the authorities reported 'Ship inspected and passengers mustered. compartments found well fitted, and all single females, married people, and single men very clean;'

Passengers: - 
Cruikshank 	Mr W.B.
Johnston 	Mr C.A.
Kerr 		Miss
Kerr 		Mr S
Millar 		Miss
Millar 		Mr J
Millar 		Mr S.F.
Muir 		Mr W
Ormiston 	Mr J
and 91 steerage.

LIST OF IMMIGRANTS, DEBTORS TO THE PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT OF OTAGO FOR PASSAGE MONEYS, - (Assisted Immigration Passage Money Account.") Corrected from Treasury Books, 30th Sept., 1872 inclusive.

Agnes Muir arrived January 25 1872 - and 91 steerage. 
[only 14 listed still owed money]
Brown    	John
Burnett    	Charles
Burnett 	Archibald
Cumming 	Alexander
Haugh 		James
Kirkness 	James
Kirkness 	John
McDonnell 	Abigail
Moffatt 	Robert
Paterson 	Elizabeth
Porter 		Seaton
Ross 		David
Scott 		Isabella
Wilson 		Ellen

Otago Witness Saturday 27 January 1872 page 12
Jan. 18 - Carrick Castle, ship, Peters, for London. 
Saloon -
Clayton 	Mrs
Gundry 		Mr

Second cabin
Brock 		Mr
Morell 		Mr and Mrs and child
Owens 		Mr
Shepherd 	Miss

James Nicol Fleming, composite clipper ship of Messrs Patrick Henderson and Co.'s fleet, 992 tons, Logan for London. passengers - 23 in the steerage. The tug Geelong towed her to sea, passing clear of the shipping amidst the usual dipping of the ensigns, cheers, and salutes. She cleared the Heads for London four days and one hour and a half astern of the Carrick Castle.

Otago Witness Saturday 24 February 1872

Feb. 23 Jessie Readman, ship, 961 tons, Strachan, from Gravesend, 30th November. Passengers - Messrs Weber, Watson, Weld, and 20 in the steerage. She made a splendid passage of 84 days from Gravesend, deeply laden with plant for the Port Chalmers Railway. Left Gravesend on November 30th 1871. She lost her jib-boom in a heavy gale. Her passengers will be brought to Dunedin by the golden Age this foernoon.
Voyage account 2nd March 1872

May Queen, ship, 773 tons, Leslie, for London.
Mr and Mrs C.Y. Biss and 2 children
Miss Cathcart
Mrs, Miss, and Master Law
Mrs Fenn
Miss Wright
Miss Preston
and 3 in the steerage

Otago Witness July 6 1872 pg 10 English mail.
Arrived - May Queen (2 May) from Otago.

Feb. 17 - Stranger, brigantine, 249 tons, Walkley, for Newcastle. G..S. Brodick, agent.

Otago Witness Saturday 2 March 1872

E.P. Bouverie, ship, 887 tons, Stevens for London.
Miss Edwards
Mr Edwards
Mr and Mrs Halliday
Miss Robertson
Miss Sewell
and 15 in the steerage

Agnes Muir, ship, 851 tons, Anderson, for Lyttelton.

Feb. 28 - Whirlwind, ship, 868 tons, Graham, from Hong Kong, 22nd December. Neill and Co., agents. Passengers: Mr Small; 2 Europeans and 350 Chinese.

The Chinese element in New Zealand.
In 1881, when a poll tax was first imposed, there were 5004 Chinese in the colony. The numbers in New Zealand on December 31 of the years 1898, 1899, 1900, 1901, 1902, and 1903 were respectively 3463, 3263, 3077, 2846, 2792 and 2800. The arrivals during 1898, numbered 28, and during 1903, 132. The arrivals during the first 11 months of 1904 were 199.

Otago Witness Saturday 9 March 1872 pg12

March 7 - Margaret Galbraith, ship, 841 tons, Cowan, from Glasgow, 8th Dec. 1871. Passage of 90 days from anchorage off the Tail of the Bank, Greenock, to the Port, or 79 days from land to anchorage. She is commanded by Captain Cowan, who was in charge of the ship Helenslee, in this port last year. Passengers - 47 all told including 34 assisted immigrants.
Rev. Cameron and wife
Rev. Robert Ewen
Mr Andrew Hamilton
Rev. John McAra
Miss C. Russell
Mr James L. Tenerty
and 40 in the steerage.

Otago Witness Saturday 16 March 1872 pg12
Testimonial in advertising column and on page 12 Voyage account for the
Margaret Galbraith

LIST OF IMMIGRANTS, DEBTORS TO THE PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT OF OTAGO FOR PASSAGE MONEYS, - (Assisted Immigration Passage Money Account.") Corrected from Treasury Books, 30th Sept., 1872 inclusive.

Margaret Galbraith arrived Port Chalmers March 8 1872
[only six still owed money]
Chisholm 	Marion 		s/b William Clark
Craig 		Robert John
McRobie 	William
Ross 		Donald
Tuack 		Rodrick
Tahe 		John

Otago Witness Saturday 16 March 1872 pg12

The Clairellen - a strong and substantial barque, built by Mr John Gil, at Sunderland, in 1871, and now on her second voyage - arrived from Cardiff on Monday morning with a cargo of railway plant for the Port Chalmers Line &c. Left Cardiff on Dec. 2nd, and landed her pilot at Lundy island on the following day. She shipped several heavy seas. A quantity of water also got into a cabin through a broken window, which was covered with canvas. She comes to the port clean and tidy.

Otago Witness March 16th 1872 pg 8

Otago Railways
The first shipment of plant for the Otago railways arrived by the Jessie Readman, and consisted of 250 tons of rails, 12 tons of rail fastenings, and three station signals. The second consignment came by the Margaret Galbraith, which arrived on Thursday, and consisted of 151 tons of rails and 7 tons of rail fastenings. The Warick, which is expected to arrive in six weeks, has on board 150 tons of rails, 38 tons of rail fastenings, ten sets of switches and crossings, and a quantity of platelayers tools. The same vessel is to bring a large quantity of material for the Waitaki Bridge.

The Caversham tunnel is progressing rapidly. It is now in a length of sixteen chains and is cut under the industrial school.

Otago Witness Saturday April 6 1872

Departure April 3 - Warrior Queen, ship, 988 tons, Wilson, for London.
Passengers: Dr Crawford, and 9 in the steerage.

Otago Witness Saturday 13 April 1872 pg12

Pakeha, 173 tons, Paterson, from Le Vasse Bay, W.A., 2nd ult., Master, agent. Passenger: Mr Properjohn. She berthed close handy to the Railway Jetty, in order to discharge her piles (jarrah sawn timber). She brings news that the brig Our Hope was to leave Western Australia the day after her for Otago also, with piles for the jetty. The barque Midas was to sail in about three weeks afterwards, from the port of Bunbury, for Lyttelton, with jarrah timber for the jetty there.

April 10 - Warwick, ship, 1005 tons, Skinner, from London, 12th January; Start Point, 20th January. Bright Bros., agents. Passengers: J.S. Gray, S.E. Evans, and 5 in the steerage. Voyage account. col 2. Cargo consisting principally of railway plant. The p.s Geelong proceeded outside and towed her in at half-flood to the Quarantine anchorage, where she brought up until the powder portion of her cargo to be lightered.

H.M. s.s. Rosario, 673 tons, from Wellington, on a cruise, arrived in harbour on Wednesday at noon. She crossed the bar under steam at almost dead low water, in charge of Mr Moore, of the Pilot Service. She was met by Mr Pilot Louden, and brought up close to the port jetty, handy to all. Her officers comprise
Captain Henry J Challis
B. Watson, Senior Lieutenant
F.W. Sanders, Lieutenant
J. Brown, Navigating Lieutenant
S.C. Hill, Paymaster
J.W. Whitney, Surgeon
A. Cummins, Assistant-Paymaster
AO. Hill, and G. Wilson, Sub-Lieutenants
H. Collier and J.R. Cooper, engineers
G.S. Wemyess and J.S Daly, Midshipman
Mr Wilson, one of the Sub-Lieutenants, visited our port in the Brisk a few years ago. Her stay in Port Chalmers will be at least a week. The vessel is in fine order and will be thrown open to the public every day except Saturday. The officers and crew of the vessel are principally part of those wrecked in the Megaera at St. Paul's Island. The Rosario left Wellington on the 5th, and made the passage under canvas. Off the Heads, he got up steam and came in.

[In 1871 the British frigate "Megaera" was wrecked at St. Paul's Is. and most of the 400 persons on board had to remain upwards of three months on the island.]

Otago Witness Saturday 13 April 1872 pg12
Arrived April 12 - Mendoza, barque, 494 tons, Howeson, from Liverpool, 22nd December, 1871. Passengers:
Mrs Howeson
Mr Charles Stewart
Archibald Blair

Otago Witness Saturday 20 April 1872 pg12
Voyage account of the Mendoza. A rather lengthy passage. She sailed from Liverpool on the 22nd December. She comes to the port in good order and brings three passengers and a large cargo.

Otago Witness Saturday 13 April 1872 pg12
Departures -April 9
City of Dunedin, ship, 1088 tons, Curry, for London. Sailed Tuesday afternoon. She was towed to sea by the p.s. Geelong. The City takes the largest number of passengers that have gone home in any ship this season. Passengers:
Mr and Mrs Bamford
Misses Bamford (2)
Masters Bamford (3) and servant
Mrs Camine
Misses Cumine (2)
Mrs Felton
Miss Flexman and servant
Miss Harrison
Mrs Hocken
Mr Langlands
Miss Linson
Mr Martin
Miss Meighton
Mr and Mrs Nelson
Mrs Pollos
Miss Richmond
Miss Smith
Mrs Ulph and child
Miss Weir
and 12 in the steerage

Otago Witness, 13 April 1872, Page 14

The quarterly return to March 3lst of immigrants landed at the Port of Dunedin gives 135 males, 91 females from the United Kingdom, 144 males, 39 females from Australian Colonies, and from other British ports, 474 males, being a total of 753 males, 130 females inwards. 62 males, 42 females left for United Kingdom, 211 males, 52 females, and for United States, America, 3 male's 2 females, or a total outwards, 372, males, 96 females, being a balance in favour of the Province of 477 males, 34 females, or 511 souls.

Otago Witness Saturday April 27 1872

Arrival -April 20
Our Hope, brig, 237 tons, Payne, from Geographe Bay (Western Australia), 15th March, via Melbourne, 4th inst. Proudfoot, Oliver and Ulph, agents. Passenger: Mr Crosbee. Voyage account. Rode out a gale in Geographe Bay which proved disastrous to the Midas on Sunday, the 10th March. Mr Stevens, who had been sent by Mr Connor and Mr McKay to Western Australia to select the cargo of the Midas, and who intended to return by that vessel, was a passenger, along with Capt. Cummings, of the ill-fitted vessel, by the Gothenburg - informs us that after the wreck he with others had to travel through a bush track to Perth, from thence back by another track to King George's Sound, 260 miles, thus forming a triangular route. Three or four vessels had gone on shore in Champion Bay during the same gale. The wreck of the Midas was sold at auction, her load of timber for NZ was just completed. Sold for 400 to residents there. Her cargo consisted of 100 piles, each 70 feet long and a quantity of sleepers and other timber. The Twilight and Wild Wave were also driven aground. No lives were scarified.

Otago Witness Saturday August 3 1872 page 20
Wreck of the brig Our Hope.
Oamaru Times, July 19th
This brig has again been exposed to danger and disaster. For some time she has been lying in the Roads discharging her cargo of girders for the Waitaki bridge. Early on the morning of yesterday, being exposed to a strong N.E. wind, and having parted her chain at 9 a.m., she let go her second anchor with 90 fathoms of chain. She still kept dragging until half-past three when she struck heavily twice. The captain concluded to go on shore. At 10 o'clock Capt. Sewell, the Harbour past signalled her to go to sea. She was unable to do, the swell being too great and the wind contrary. The Jane Ramsey, schooner, laden with timber, observed the signal and put to sea. Towards four o'clock the brig hoisted colours signifying her intention of coming on shore. The Rocket Brigade proceeded to the spot, fired a line and those on board were landed safely. The crew consisted of the captain, and mate, six able seaman, one ordinary, cook and steward, and a boy. A female was on board. The cargo is insured for £4000 and the brig for £1200.

Departure - April 23
Jessie Readman, clipper ship, 962 tons, Strachan, for London. Passengers - Miss Stringer, Mr J.F. Mitchell and 25 in the steerage. The Geelong left the ship with a four-mile offing and a light N.N.E. wind, to which she set sail, and sped her way towards the Horn. A number of friends of Captain Strachan and passengers, accompanied him outside; and which were responded to those on board the ship in true nautical style.

H.M.S. Rosario left anchorage inside the Heads about noon on Tuesday, for Auckland. Previous to leaving she practised gunnery on the remains of the wreck of the Revival, which came to grief about 15 years ago on the Hayward Point Sandspit.

Saturday May 4 1872

Captain Henry Hill, left Napier in the Jubilee' a top-sail schooner and three years later was seen on a  street in Belfast, Ireland. He was not the vessel's owner. See article. He stole the vessel.

May 11 1872

Arrived - Wild Deer, ship, Whitson, from Glasgow, 9th February.
Passengers - Captain Brown, Messrs Brown, Martin, Caldwell, and 28 in the steerage.

May 18 1872

Departure May 13 - Margaret Galbraith, ship, Cowan, for london. Cargills and McLean, agents. Passengers: Mr and Mrs E.B. Cargill, family and 2 servants. and 13 in the steerage.

May 25 1872

Arrived - May 20 - Sir William Wallace - ship, 967 tons, Colville, from Gravesend, February 6th, Start Point, February 10th. H.J. Gibbs and Co., agents. Passengers - 14 second class. A powerful looking ship. The tug Geelong towed her to the Quarantine ground, where she brought up until the powder portion of her cargo is lightered.

June 15 1872

From English papers: The James Nicol Fleming and Carrick Castle, both from Otago, arrived in England on April 9th - the former at Plymouth and the latter at Gravesend. The Fleming reached Gravesend three days later. The William Davie sailed from the Clyde for Port Chalmers on April 12, but subsequently arrived in the Downs with her maintopsail yard carried away.

We clip the following from the Glasgow Herald of March 23rd:- "We observe the arrival at London of the Otago, Captain Stuart, from Otago, N.Z., after a very fast passage of 75 days. She brings a full cargo of wool, preserved meats &c. The Otago is a composite ship of 1000 tons, built three years ago by Messrs Robert Duncan and Co., Port Glasgow, and forms one of Messrs P. Henderson and Co.,'s line of New Zealand packets. Under the command of Captain Stuart she proved herself one of the fastest vessels in the trade, her two previous passage home from New Zealand having been made in 81 days and 75 days, and her last run out in 78 days." The James Nicol Fleming made the passage home in 78 days.

The Crusader, 1100 tons, cleared the Customs yesterday for London, was loaded for the New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company, by Messrs Cameron Brothers, discharged the last of her inward cargo in 15 working days. This is the quickest work ever done in this or any other port in New Zealand. It is due to the facilities afforded by the new stores erected in Lyttelton by the Loan and Mercantile Agency Company, and shows their great value in giving despatch to large vessels loading for London and elsewhere. Lyttelton Times, 8th inst.

Otago Witness, 6 July 1872, Page 12

June 29 — Beautiful Star, s.s., 125 tons, Hart, from Oamaru. J. Mills, agent. Passengers : Messrs M'Millan, Meek, and 4 in steerage.
June 30— Nevada, U.S.P.S., 2143 tons, from Honolulu, 3rd June, via Auckland and East Coast ports. Driver, Stewart, and Co., agents. Passengers : Mrs Nichols and family (4), Messrs Barker, Snook, Gressner, and Smith.
Phoebe, s.s., 416 tons, Worsp, from Oamaru. J. Mills, agent. Passengers : Mr Aitken, and 4 in the steerage.
Maori, s.s., 118 tons, Malcolm, from Lyttelton, 27th ult., via intermediate Ports. J. Mills, agent. Passengers : Mrs Brown (2 children), Messrs Speight, Harvey, M'Lean, Thompson, 5 in steerage.
Eliza M'Phee, ketch, 39 tons, Peterson, from Catlin's River. Keith Ramsay, agent.
Lloyds Herald, ketch, 48 tons, Henry, from Catlin's River. Keith Ramsay, agent.
Emulous, brigantine, 157 tons, Paterson. G. S. Brodrick, agent.
July 2 — Result, Kelly, from Waikouaiti. Master, agent.
July 3— Maori, s.s, 118 tons, Malcolm, from Oamaru. J. Mills, agent. Passengers : Mr and Mrs Spey, Mr Fenwick, Masters Fenwick (2), and two servants ; 2 in the steerage.
July 4 — Huon Belle, ketch, 44 tons, Saunders, from Port Molyneux.
Keith Ramsay, agent.
Storm Bird, s.s., 68 tons, Fraser, from Southern Ports. H. Houghton and. Co., agents. Passengers : Mr and Mrs Lovett and child, Miss Pidheon, Miss Barber, Miss Lawson, Messrs Matheson, Pain, Gill, Acland, Lockhart, and 4 in the steerage.
June 5 — Aurora — Aurora, schooner, from Catlin's River.

Otago Witness October 26 1872 pg13
Marriage. On the 17th October, at the residence of the brides father, by the Rev. Alex Grieg, Janet, eldest daughter of Mr R.H. Munro, North East Harbour, to William Cunningham, of Nugget Point Lighthouse, Molyneux, Bay.

Otago Witness Nov. 30. 1872
Laying the Foundation Stone of Knox Church. page 2 & 3 & 4

Otago Witness Dec. 21 1872 pg6  & Jan. 11 1873 pg17
Mr Alfred Domett's Poem "Randoff and Amohia" critiqued.
The poem fails. Who is going to wade through five and twenty cantos which have positively nothing in them!...

Otago Witness March 16 1872 pg7
The Lighthouse at The Nuggets

Otago Witness Saturday 12 December 1872 pg 11
The Death of Mr James Kennedy a respected settler.

Otago Witness December 28 1872 page 3  and  Jan. 4 1873 pg6
Inquest on the Death of Rev. Mr John Williams on Dec. 20. Aged 55 years. Coach accident. Son - Henry Havelock Williams.
Otago Witness January 4 1873 page 20 Obituary
Born in 1817 in Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire, of pious parents.  In January 1868 he sailed with his family to New Zealand....

Otago Witness Jan. 4 1873 
New Zealand Birds pg 8

Otago Witness Jan. 25 1873  pg3
New Zealand Birds Part II by Mr Buller

Otago Witness January 11 1873 pg25
Opening of the Port Chalmers Railway by His Excellency the Governor and Lady Bowen. A short stoppage was made at Burke's Brewery. Mr Rolfe the station master. Luncheon was provided in style at the Club Hotel. Music by Mr G. R. West (violin), Mr Sykes (piano) and Mr Linn (cornet)

June 22 1872

Arrived - June 18 - Ironsides, ship, 898 tons, Vaux, from Gravesend, March 7th; Isle of Wright, March 10th. Voyage account. Towed by the p.s. Geelong and anchored in the Quarantine Ground. Several of the crew ailing. Dr O'Donoghue came out on the steamer Peninsula. The doctor found no infectious disease on board, and the vessel was cleared at once. Rheumatism, sore heads &c., caused through bad weather, all the illness to 5 or 6 of the crew. A powerful looking ship, a good model. Passengers: -
Mrs Vaux and child
Miss Fraser
Miss Armstrong
Mr Bowden
five second class and two in the steerage.

June 29 1872

We learn that the ship Hydaspes is loading at London for this port. She is a vessel of over 2000 tons, and is commanded by Captain Babot, who unfortunately lost the Water Nymph, ship, at Oamaru, at the time the famed clipper Star of Tasmania came to grief.

July 6 1872

Emigration from Scotland. Letters Dr Featherston and James Galbraith of Patrick Henderson  and Co.


July 13 1872

Arrived July 7
William Davie, clipper ship, 840 tons, Peacock from the Clyde, Glasgow, 6th April, Cape Clear, 16th April. Voyage account. Adverse weather. Crossed the line on May 6th. A congratulatory testimonial will appear in a future issue. One child died from measles. Passengers:
Rev. Thomas and Mrs Stewart
Mr and Mrs McLaren
Misses McLaren (3)
Master McLaren
Mr Shanks
Mr G. Ingram
Mr H.M. Murray
Mr E. Hollis
Mr Robert McKay
and 112 in the steerage.

August 10 1872 Arrived

Aug. 3 - Rangitoto, s.s., 449 tons, Mackie, from Melbourne, 20th ult. via West Coast and Northern Ports. Passengers: Mrs Hore and 3 children, Miss Orbell, Dr Hammond, Messrs Jones, Loughnan, Sinnott, and 3 in the steerage.
Storm Bird, s.s., 68 tons, Fraser, from Southern Ports. Passengers: Mrs Duncan, Mrs Roberts, Miss McLean, Rev. Mr Carden, Messrs Cross, Beattie, Reid, Watson, Burnside, Conner, Penmor, and 4 steerage.
Pretty Jane, twin-screw, 89 tons, Christian, from Port Molynex.
Aug. 4 - Wave Queen, iron clipper ship, 853 ton, Sinclair, from Bristol, 27th April. Laden with plant for the Port Chalmers railway. The first signal made was "a ship to the southward," on which the p.s. Geelong at once got up steam and proceeded outside in search. The Queen, considering being loaded deep, has made a fair passage of 98 days. Seas braking onboard.  Passengers: Messrs Amos and Thomas, and Gatwood. Voyage account.
Dagmar, schooner, from the Coast.
Aug. 5 - Redcliffe, 22 tons, Urquhart, from Moeraki. master, agent.
Aug. 6 - Beautiful Star, s.s., Hart, from Lyttelton 2nd inst. Passengers: Judge Ward, Messrs Moore, McDonald, Duncan, Bole, Fenwick, and 4 in the steerage.
Advance, cutter, 19 tons, Latimer, from Waikouaiti. Master, agent.
Albion, s.s., 591 tons, Rouse, from Melbourne 29 ult, via Bluff Harbour. Passengers:
From Melbourne - Mr and Mrs Charles, Mrs and Master Dodd, Mr and Mrs Cox and family (2), Mr and Miss Tolmie, Misses Waldie (2), Messrs G. and Master Wilson, Sutherland, Shanklin, Ritchie, Hastings, T. Margetts, L. Ferrie, prince, Heath. From Bluff - Mrs Henshaw, Messrs Macintosh (2), Fraser, Coote, Moody, Captain Brown; Japanese Troupe, and 40 in the steerage.
Aug. 7 - Albyn's Isle, barque, Brown, from Newcastle, 25ult.
Otago, composite clipper ship, 993 tons, Stuart, from London 14th May, landed her pilot at Torquay 17th May. Patrick Henderson's ship. A fast sailer, passage of 82 days.  Powder to be lightered. Passengers: Mrs Clayton, Mr and Mrs Devaynes, Mr and Mrs Evans and 20 in the second cabin and steerage. Voyage account.
Hope, cutter, 21 tons, Gay, from Allday Bay. Master, agent.
Defiance, ketch, from Kakanui.
Ottawa, brigantine, from the coast.
Aug. 8 - Napier, 1424 tons, Hatfield, from London, Nore April 13th. Passengers: Mrs, Miss and Master Hatfield (2), and 14 in the second cabin. Passage a long one. A good deal of dead weight on board. Cargo of railway plant.  Powder to be lightered.  Voyage account.
Pakeha, brig, 173 tons, Paterson, from Wangaroa, 25th ult. master, agent.
Storm Bird, s.s. from Southern Ports. Passengers - Mrs Coyle, Messrs McIndoe, Russell, Birss and Thomson.

Aug. 3 - Ironsides, ship, 899 tons, Vaux, for Newcastle. Passenger: Mrs Vaux.

Otago Witness Saturday 17 August 1872

August 10 - Wild Deer, ship, 1016 tons, Whitson, for London. Passengers:
Mrs Forbes and 3 children
Mr Hall and 2 children
Mrs Gordon, family (5), and servant
Mr and Mrs Low
Capt. and Mrs, and Master Macfarlane
Mrs Urie and 2 children
and three in the steerage.

August 24 1872

Aug. 22-  James Nicol Fleming, clipper composite ship, 993 tons, Logan from Glasgow belonging to Messrs Patrick Henderson and Co.'s Clyde packets has returned under the veteran master in the Otago trade of that firm, made the fastest passage of the season. 75 days from land to land, or 82 days from anchorage at the Tail of the Bank, Greenock. She left on the 1st of June. The ship comes into port as clean as a new pin, tidy alow and aloft. No sickness. The p.s. Geelong towed the vessel to port, where she brought her up in a close berth to Observation Point. Voyage account. Passengers:
Mr, Mrs, and Master Bean
Mr H.C. Brown
Mrs and Misses Burns (2)
Mr Byron
Mr C.S. Dalgliesh
Mr R.W. Hedley
Mr H. Lippert
Mr S. Ludway
Mr Neilson
Miss Stout
Mrs Traill
and 24 in the second cabin

August 31 1872 pg2

Foreign V. British Emigrants

31 August.
The boilers of the locomotives for Dunedin and Port Chalmers railway were safely landed from the ship Wave Queen on to the railway pier at the port on Wednesday, as were the bogie engines. [The Josephine and Rose came out on the Warick. The Josephine was a double-sided Fairlie locomotive. Today at the Early Settlers Muesum]

September  7th 1872

The ships Warrior Queen and City of Dunedin, from this port arrived at Gravesend on the 9th July. The ship Hydaspes, 2093 tons register, sailed for Otago from Gravesend on June 22nd, and from Deal on the following day. The ship Peter Denny sailed for Otago from Greenock on the 9th July.

September 14 1872

Departure -
Sept. 7 - Otago, ship, 993 tons, Stuart for Newcastle. Passengers: Mrs Stuart and 6 in steerage.

September 21 1872

Sept 15 Elderslie, 3m schooner, 202 tons, Sherlock, from Foo-Chow-Foo, 3rd July.
Sept. 20 - Hydaspes, ship, 2023 tons, Babot, from London. Master, agent. Passengers:
Mr Bing
Mr and Mrs Butler
Mr Chambers
Dr Cotterill
E. Cotterill
J. Cotterill
Miss Downey
Rev. W. Horner
Mrs Horner
Mr and Mrs Money
Mr Pearpoint
Mr D. Robb (purser)
Miss Taylor
Mr Winthrop
and 194 in the steerage

Sept. 14 - Wave Queen, ship, 853 tons, Sinclair, for Newcastle.

pg 20 Article on steamers in Dunedin.

September 28 1872 pg12

Sept 27 - Ironsides, ship, Vaux, from Newcastle 18th inst. Passengers: Mrs Vaux, child and servant.

Sept. 26 - Napier, ship, 1177 tons, Hatfield, for Lyttelton

Hydaspes, a splendid iron clipper was formerly one of the General Screw Steam company's line of trading from London to Melbourne. The emigrants and passengers were brought to Dunedin next morning by the p.s. Golden Age. Voyage account. The largest ship that has ever arrived in this port from London. Left Gravesend on the 23rd June. Parted with the pilot off the Owers. On the 31st August, Mrs M. Ramsey was confined of a female child. At 7.30 am on the 19 Sept. Bessie Coffey died of rapid consumption. Spoke to Lightning, City of Cashmere, Dutch barque Else, Natai, True Briton, Norwegian barque Velocity, Akyab, American ship James Drake, Lady Bird from Concepcion to Cork, 97 days out jury rigged, Carrick Castle, Dutch barque Jonge Jan, Mary Ann Wilson, Tiverton.

The Glenmark and the Zealandia.
No word whatever of the Glenmark. The Zealandia condenser leaked. The leak was excessive and all hands and the passengers included had to take their turn at the pumps. 400 miles from Valparaiso, had to turn around. Got back alright. The Zealandia was to sail again from Valparaiso for London on June 4. Mr Gordon, was the chief mate on the Glenmark. Mother lived at Diamond Harbour.

October 5 1872

Departures Sept. 29 - William Davie, ship, 841 tons, Peacock, for London. Passengers - Mr and Mrs D'Chaynes, and 7 in the steerage.

October 12 1872

Arrived -
Oct 5 - Claud Hamilton, s.s. 522 tons, Clark, from Melbourne, 28th ult., via Bluff Harbour. Passengers:_ Mr and Mrs McDonald, 3 children, and 2 servants, Mrs Price, 2 children, Mrs Reynolds, Miss Quick, Miss Lamb, Messrs Nichols, Holmes, De Beer, Barlow, Parker, Gessner.
Stormbird, s.s., 69 tons, Fraser, from Bluff Harbour.
Waratah, barque, 202 tons, Passengers: - Messrs Richard Simmons, Robert Simmons, Master Simmons, and two grooms.
Beautiful Star, s.s., 125 tons, Hart, from Lyttelton, 3rd inst., via intermediate ports. Passengers:- Mrs and Miss McMillan, Miss Terrys, Captain Gibson, Messrs Barker, J. Black, Marshall, E.P.L.S. Maude; and 6 in the steerage.
Oct 7 - Result, cutter, 14 tons, Kelly, from Moeraki.
Cora, schooner, 42 tons, Russell, from Havelock.
Maori, s.s., 118 tons, Malcolm, from Lyttelton, 7th inst., via intermediate ports.
Passengers: Messrs Peacock, Thomson, Velvin, Paterson and 4 in the steerage.
Albion, s.s., 591 tons, McLean, from Melbourne, 25th ult.
Passengers: Mrs Beal and child, Miss Brown, Miss Froud, Messrs J. McEwan, Bell, Jackson, Coote, Hallenstein, Bunny, Smythies, Luxton, Robb, Caldwell, Murray and 10 in the steerage.
Jane Anderson, schooner, Peterson, from Bluff Harbour.
Peter Denny, ship, 997 tons, Adams (an old and esteemed friend), from Glasgow, 9th July. Passengers: Messrs Walls, Wallace and 11 in the steerage. Voyage account. Of Messrs Patrick Henderson and Co.'s fleet. Made a good passage of 91 days. The Denny brings a full cargo and 13 passengers. She comes into port clean and tidy, staunch and strong and without a rope-yarn sprung. The master and officers deserve a meed of praise for bringing the ship into harbour in such fettle after so long a voyage.

Oct. 5 - Keera, s.s., 158 tons, Andrew, for Auckland, via East Coast ports.
Wellington, s.s, 261 tons, Carey, for Northern Ports.
Passengers: - Mr and Mrs McDowall and child, Miss McDowell, Mr and Mrs Nichol, Mrs McClinchy, Miss Bassett, Rev. W.P. Turner, Messrs Heywood, Prince, Bentley, Norman, Kerr, Taylor, Shields, Johnson, Austin, North, Miller, Morrow; and 7 in the steerage.
Strathnaver, schooner, 53 tons, Mackay, for Auckland.
Florence, schooner, 54 tons, Laurenson, for Napier.
Oct. - 6 Wallabi, s.s., 101 tons, Best, for Oamaru.
Oct. 8 - Helena, barque, 603 tons, Snow, for Melbourne.
Storm Bird, for Southern ports. Passengers: Mr Justice Ward, Messrs Menzie, Toms, Taylor and 8 in the steerage.
Claud Hamilton, s.s., 532 tons, Clark for Melbourne, via Northern Ports and West Coast. Passengers: Mr and Mrs Weir, Messrs B. Kimberley, Murison, Wilson, Lawrence, Steele, and 7 in the steerage.
Albion s.s., 591 tons, for Melbourne via Bluff Harbour.
 Passengers for Melbourne: Miss Alan, Miss McNeill, Miss Buchanan, Mrs Gurthrie and child, Captain Hutchinson, Messrs W. Kennedy, W.L. Lees.
For Bluff - Mrs McGregor, Miss K. Deck, Messrs J. Shand, A. Young, Brunton. McIntosh, C. Eva, A.J. Smyth, Spencer, and 40 steerage for both ports.

October 19 pg 16
Melbourne Daily Telegraph 23rd ult
By the steamship Rangitoto, which sailed for NZ on Monday last, there were shipped five splendid rams, selected and purchased by Mr William C. Yuille for the Hon. John McLean, Redcastle, Otago. These animals for carcass, length and excellence of staple, reflect the greatest credit of the breeders as well as the gentlemen who selected them. ....

October 26 1872

Oct. 19 - Tararua, s.s. 522 tons, Rouse, from Melbourne, 5th inst., via West Coast Ports and Northern Ports. Passengers: Miss Peck, Messrs Testrail, Dowald, 16 in steerage and 39 for Melbourne.
Alhambra, s.s., 497 tons, Pearce, from Melbourne. Passengers: Mr and Mrs Lyster, Mrs Leary and infant, Mrs Beetham, Mrs Cuthbert, Messrs Smith Goldsmith, Eva, Mussen, Jobberns, Shand, and 37 in the steerage, 12 saloon for other ports and 31 Chinese for Hokitika.
Oct. 20 - Stormbird s.s., Fraser 69 tons, from Bluff. Passengers: Mr and Mrs Swale, Mr and Mrs Cook, Messrs McIndoe, Saddler; and 3 in the steerage.
Oct. 21 - E.P. Bouverie, 997 tons, fine clipper ship, Steven, from London.
Passengers: Miss McPherson, Messrs Mereweather (2), 3 second class and 7 steerage. Voyage account. Formerly belonging to Patrick Henderson and Co. and now belonging to a London firm, and chartered by Messrs Shaw, Savill and Co. Having powder on board she was towed by the Geelong  to the Quarantine Ground. She left Gravened on the 13th July. Protracted passage.
Oct. 23 - Pretty Jane, Christian, from Lyttelton.
Passengers: Mr Calder, Mr Kelly, Mrs Bennett, Miss Bennett, Miss Haldane, Mr Johnston, Mr Henderson, Mr A. Fraser, and four steerage.

Oct. 17 - Byron, brig, 174 tons, Llewellen for Hokianga. Master, agent.
Oct. 18 - Mary Cumming, 108 tons, Wigmore, for Allday Bay.
Oct. 13 - Dover Castle, ship, 1003 tons, Kerr, for Lyttelton.
Wallabi, s.s. 1010 tons, Best, for Invercargill. Guthrie and Gresswell, agents.
Passengers: Mr Gresswell and 2 in the steerage.
Oct. 21 - Phoebe, 416 tons, for Northern ports.
Passengers: Mrs Williams and four children, Mrs Rattray and child, Mr and Mrs W.H. Jones, Messrs McLeod, Galbraith and 12 in the steerage.
Tararus, s.s., 522 tons, Rouse, for Melbourne.
Passengers: Miss Morton, Messrs Marryatt, Abbott, Gordon, Holmes, Coote, Anderson, Plummer, and 44 in the steerage.
Alhambra, s.s., 497 tons, Pearce, from Melbourne via Northern Ports and West Coast ports. Passengers: Miss Birch, Miss Lucas, Mr and Mrs Robertson, Miss Hutchison, Bagley, Clendinnen and 5 in the
Oct. 22 - Stormbird for Southern ports.
Passengers: Dr Cotterell, Messrs Nutter and Philp. steerage.

October 26 1872

The ship Palmerston sailed from Hamburg on the 29th July last, with 228 emigrants for Otago. She anchored in the Downs on the 7th August, and left the following day. The Palmerston is a four-masted iron ship of 950 tons register, built by Laird, of Birkrnhead, as a steamer, and about six years ago converted into a sailing ship.

November 2 1872

Oct. 25 - Maori, s.s., 118 tons, Malcolm, from Lyttelton, via intermediate ports.
Passengers: Mrs Schmidt, Mr and Mrs Le Cren, family (3), and servant, Miss Knowles, Miss Mills, Messrs G.G. Russell, Bury, Crosby and 8 in the steerage.
Oct. 25 - Stormbird for Southern Ports. Passengers: Messrs Nichol, Spencer, Tennett and 3 in the steerage.

Wellington, s.s., 261, tons, Carey, from Onehunga, 18th inst., via Northern Ports. Passengers:
Mr Acland
Mr Ah Tong
Mr Ah Foy
Mr Bonar
Miss Bolin
Mrs Butters
Mr and Mrs Campbell
Mr Connor
Mr Graham
Mr Manning
Dr Menzies
Mr McGlashan
Mr Miller
Mr Graham
Miss Paterson
Mrs Pitt
Mr Reid
Mr Stokes
Mr and Mrs Strange
Mr Stringer
Miss Taylor
Mr and Mrs Thomson and child
Miss Young
and 9 in the steerage

Oct. 27 - Harriet Armitage, barque, 235 tons, Mailer, from Sydney, 18th inst.
Oct. 29 - Rangitoto, 449 tons, Mackie, from Melbourne 17th inst., via West Coast and Northern Ports.
Mr J. C. Brown, Taiaroa, M.H.R.
Mr Inward
Mr Menzies, M.L.C.
Hon. Major Richardson, M.L.C.
Mr and Mrs Roberts
Mr Scoular
Mr J. Stewart, M.H.R.
13 in the steerage
and 80 navvies for Messrs Brogden, for the Bluff

We clip the following from the Tuapeka Times : Mr Ah Tong, Mr Brogden's Chinese emissary, accompanied by a few of Celestial friends. Induced his fellow countrymen to work as navvies on the Clutha Railway. pg 16. Also see pg 13.

Otago Witness January 18 1873 pg 7
Mr John Ah Tong writes.

Oct. 31 - Albion, s.s., 591 tons, McLean, from Melbourne, 24th inst., via Bluff Harbour.
Mr R. Allan
Mrs Brodrick
Mr Brunton (2)
Mr Coote
Mr Crawther
Mrs Fox
Miss Jeffrey
Mr and Mrs D. McKay
Mr J. McKay
Miss McKenny
Mrs Owen
Miss Welsh
and 17 in the steerage
Otago, ship, 993 tons, Stuart, from Newcastle, 22nd. inst. G.G. Russell and Co., agents. Passengers:- 9 in the steerage.

Oct. 29  - Stormbird, 69 tons,  for Southern Ports. Passengers -
Mr Brown
Mr Findlay
Mr and Master Grieg
Mr and Mrs Hyams
Mr Law
Mr Tennant
and 4 in the steerage

In Sydney the seamen have struck for 7 per month wages and on the condition that work in harbour shall only take place from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.. In consequence freights freights and passage money have advanced.

November 2nd

The iron clipper ship May Queen, with Government immigrants on board, arrived off the Heads at daylight on the 24th ult., and signalled all well. She was boarded by Mr Pilot Kelly and brought up to anchorage off Deborah Bay by the tug Geelong in the forenoon. The immigrants number 102, including 29 single females, were brought to Dunedin in the afternoon by the Harbour Company's steamer Golden Age. Dr Besby looked after their health on board. Captain Leslie is still in command but we will miss Mr Williams her old chief officer, who has been appointed to command the Queen Bee, which is expected daily into Auckland. The May Queen's passage has been a smart one, not with standing 7 days detention in the Bay of Biscay by S.S.W. gales. She has accomplished her run out in 87 days from Gravesend, and 81 days from land to land. She left Gravesend on the 29th of July..... She comes into the harbour in fine order.

pg14 Auckland. Oct. 22. The ship Queen Bee has arrived from London with 55 adults and 22 children as passengers.

A sign of progress. The ship May Queen is to be discharged at the railway Pier at Port Chalmers (as the Wave Queen did before her), and her cargo is to be forwarded to Dunedin by railway, "at the rate of 4s 6d per ton in full"

pg 20 By Rail to Port Chalmers.
The Dunedin and Port Chalmers Railway is now so near completion, that locomotives will run this evening. The rails were laid as far as Stuart Street jetty yesterday. The Railway pier is complete to the extent , in length, of 725ft. The lower portion of the structure including the piles, walings &c. is built of carefully selected jarrah timber, the upper portion of the structure of the best Oregon; the beams are 80ft to 100 f t long, the planking is of black pine and totara. The Josephine has been employed for some weeks conveying sleepers, rails and other material long the line, will be shortly be assisted in the transit or goods and the work of ballasting by the Rose, the other locomotive. Great progress has been made between Curle's Point and Port Chalmers with ballasting the line. The tunnels were particularly difficult to pierce. The goods station on the Railway Reserve will measure 200ft by 80ft. The railway will open in a month or six weeks at the latest and the journey will be performed in about twenty-five minutes.

Nov. 9 1872

Nov. 1 - Taranaki, s.s., 299 tons, Wheeler, from Manukau, 26th Oct. via Northern Ports.
Hon. Dillon Bell
Mrs and Miss Bell
Mrs and Master Day
Mrs Bird
Hon. J. Bathgate
Messrs Nichols, Louden, Levien, Gibbs and
one in the steerage.

Stormbird from Southern Ports. Passengers:
Mr and Mrs Ogilvie and 5 children
Miss Gray
Miss Crow
the Misses Smith (2)
Master Ekensteen
Mr Ekensteen
Mr Ackland
Mr Jaggers
Mr Laing
Mr Taylor
and 22 in the steerage
Wanganui, s.s. 165 tons, Linklater from Lyttelton.
Passengers: Messrs Taylor, Barr and Bell.
Rangatira, s.s., 174 tons, Hepburn, from Bluff Harbour.
Passengers: Messrs Button, Low, McGibbon, Mathewson and one in the steerage.
, s.s., 416 tons, Worsp, from Manukau, 1st inst., via Northern Ports.
Passengers: Messrs Murdoch, Wise, Batkin, Monahan, George Mackay, Williams, Master Myer and 7 in the steerage.

Nov. 1 Albion, s.s, for Melbourne via Northern Ports.
Passengers for Lyttelton:
Master Cotton
Mr Humphrey
Mr, Mrs, Misses (2), Russell and servant
Mr Salter
Mr and Mrs Strange
Mr Whitcombe
For Wellington:
Mr Harding
For Melbourne:
Mr Blackadder
Mr Sessions
and four in the steerage

Nov. 2 - Hydaspes, ship, 2093 tons, Babot, for Melbourne.
Mr, Mrs, Master and Day
Mr and Mrs Draper and child
Dr Irvine
and 4 in the steerage

Stormbird for Southern Ports.
Passengers: Dr Cotterell, Misses McLean (2), Miss Crow, Mr Coote and 3 in the steerage.

Pretty Jane s.s., 97 tons, Christian, for Oamaru.
Passengers: Mrs Loonie
Capt. Andrews
Lieut Andrew
Corpl. Murdoch
D. Andrew
J. Brown
D. Brown
A. Cameron
D. Christie
J. Christie
R. Dickie
W. McLeod

James Allan
John Allan
D. Clark
Jacob Fogel
W. Hepburn
M. Johnston
H.J. McLean
J. Marshall
H.C. Moore
K. Ramsey
A. Robertson
J. Robertson
R. Sharp
A. Smith
W.D. Stewart
A. Todd
W.C. Todd
W.C. Towsey
J.S. Webb
G. Wilson
and 5 in steerage.

November 16 pg13

Nov. 9 - Storm Bird from Bluff Harbour. Passengers:
Captain Brown
Mr and Mrs Burston
Misses Finch (2)
Mr Findlay
Mr Henderson
Mr McDonald
Mrs Murdoch
Mrs McGregor and two children
Mr Simpson

Nov. 10
Maori, s.s., 118 tons, Malcolm from Lyttelton via intermediate ports.
Passengers: Miss Wall, Miss Child, Miss Mcleod, Messrs Oakden, Lamb, Lanseigne, Carey, Mathews, Corrigan, Ashton
and 8 in the steerage.
Nov. 12 - Oreti, topsail schooner, Bartlett, from Havelock
Tararua, s.s., 522 tons , Rouse, from Melbourne via Bluff 11th inst.
Mrs E. Duxbury
Rev. L. Mackie and Mrs Mackie
Mr, Mrs, Miss and Master Watson.
Messrs Lees, Schilfield, Burnet, Waddell
[also see pg 16. Arrived, Bluff, passengers for Dunedin. Mrs Mackay, Miss Pascol, Mr S. Brearley, C. Hamilton, W.L. Lees [wool and produce broker], J. Scholfield, Gaisford, Trestrail, Cowell, Le Crlore, Barnett
and 49 in the steerage]
and 34 in the steerage;
19 for Northern Ports.
She brings 305 tons of cargo, 59 horses and 157 rams.

Nov. 13 - Ziska, 199 tons, Scaplehorn, from Foo-Chow-Foo, Aug. 15.
Claud Hamilton, s.s. 530 tons, Clark from Melbourne, 31st via West Coast and Northern ports.
Mr Espie
Mr McNeill
Mrs and Master Rattray
Mrs Shepherd

Oct. 14 - Wellington, s.s. , (mail steamer), 261 tons, Carey from Onehunga, 9th inst. via northern ports. Passengers:
Bishop of Dunedin
Mrs Nevill and child
Rev. Mr Penney, Mrs Penny and 5 children
Rev. Mr Smith and Mrs Smith
Mr and Mrs Jackson and child
Miss Brandon
Miss Rickards
Miss King
Messrs Copeland, Harker, Edwards, Barker, Adams, Lesson, Gordon, Hesketh, Hutchinson, Rickards, Hallam, Monaghan, Mackay, Master Malone and J and T. Cotton
and 15 in the steerage
and 60 for the Bluff.

Nov. 8 - Taranaki, s.s. 299 tons, Wheeler, for Northern Ports passengers; Prof. Sale, Messrs Barton, Jones, Stephenson, Smythies (3), Chapman, Dryden, Wells (2), McGrag, Hyde, Mrs Forrest, and 10 in the steerage.

Nov. 12 - Storm Bird for Bluff. Passengers; Mr and Mrs Teviotdale, Mrs Christie and four in the steerage.
Nov. 12 - Waipara, s.s. 69 tons, Rascand for Lyttelton, Greymouth and Hokitika.
For Lyttelton: Rev. Mr and Mrs Shaw, Master martin.
For Hokitika - 7 in the steerage.
Nov. 12 - Tararua, s.s., 522 tons, Rouse, for Melbourne, via Northern and West Coast ports.
Passengers: Rev. Messrs Bull, Beck, Isitt, Rushworth, Mrs McDonald, Mrs Shapter, Mr and Mrs Winstanley and five in the steerage.
Oct. 14 - Claud Hamilton, for Melbourne via Bluff.
Miss Nicholas, Judge Chapman, Messrs Quick, North, Holmes, Waddell
 and 27 in the steerage.

Nov. 23 1872.
Port Chalmers Arrivals.
Wellington, s.s. from the Bluff.
Passengers: Messrs Watson, Morrison and four in the steerage.

Storm Bird from the Southern Ports.
Passengers: Miss Kennedy, Messrs Cootes, Bearly, Lindsay and five in the steerage.
Nov. 17 - Maori, s.s. from Lyttelton.
Mr Brewer
Mr Burrowes
Captain Clark
Miss Franklin
Mr Hill
Mr Jacobs
Master Keaton
Mr Johnson
Mr McCallum
Mrs and Miss Moffatt
Mr A. White
Nov. 18 - Glenshee, barque, 317 tons, Jenkins, from Newcastle.
Nov. 19 - Dagmar, schooner, 44 tons, Walker, from the Catlin's River.
Nov. 20 - Samson, 134 tons, Hart, from Oamaru.
Passengers: Mr and Mrs Bell and son and 4 in the steerage.

Nov. 18 - Coronet, schooner, 95 tons, Robinson, Auckland, via Oamaru. Master, agent.
Nov. 19 - Ironside, ship, 898 tons, Vaux. for Bluff Harbour.
Passenger: Mrs Vaux.
Nov. 20 - Wellington, 261 tons. for Northern Ports.
Passengers: Messrs Campbell, Copland, Dickson, Derritt and 6 in the steerage.

Nov. 23 1872 pg 15
Bluff, Nov. 20th.
The s.s Rangitoto, Captain Mackie, arrived here this evening. She left Melbourne on the 14th.
Passenger list for Dunedin:
Mr Blythe
Mrs Guthrie and child
Mr Holland
Mr Hughes
Mr Hutchison
Miss Holmes
Mr Marryatt
Mr Moody
Mrs Roberts
and 20 in the steerage
For Lyttelton:
Mr and Mrs Langdown
For Wellington -
Mrs Gibson and Mrs Shepherd

November 30 1872

Nov. 22 - Rangitoto from Melbourne via Bluff Harbour. Additional names
Mrs Black
Captain Hutchinson
Mr Blyth
Mr J. Cowell
Mrs Roberts
and 20 in the steerage.

Nov. 24 - Storm Bird from Bluff.
Mrs Cargill
Mrs Marshall
Miss Gallagher
Miss Dunn
Mr Laidlaw
Mr Seaward
Mr Mothersew
and 6 in the steerage.

Nov. 24 - Maori, from Lyttelton.
Mrs Hall
Mr and Miss Waugh
Messrs parsons, Jeffries, Dubb, Clayton, Miller, Isssac, Goldsmith, Lippert, Beattie, Richardson, Reid, McArthur, Costa and 8 in the steerage.
Nov. 25 - Swordfish, brigantine, Harvey from Hobart Town via Port Esperance, 13th inst.
Nov. 26 - Taranaki, s.s., Wheeler from Manukau 20th inst. via Northern Ports.
Rev. Mr and Mrs Shaw
Revs. Messrs Bull, Beck, Izitt
Mr Adam
Mr Burdett
Mr Collins
Mr Dixon
Mrs Haines, Messrs Haines (2)
Mrs Hill
Mr Hill
Mr Holmes
Mr Jobberns
Mrs Metcalf
Mr Metcalf
Mr McIntyre
Mr Maben
Mr Martin
Mr Merritt
Mr O'Brien
Mr Parlam
Mr Pavitt
Mr Whitlock
Mr Williams
and seven in the steerage.

Nov. 22 - Alhambra, 497 tons, Pearce for Melbourne, via Bluff.
Passengers: Mr Flanagan, Mrs James Brown, Miss Nye, Lieutenant - Colonel Cargill, Mrs Cargill. For Bluff - Mr and Mrs Neill and daughter, Mrs Taylor and 35 in the steerage for Melbourne, including 23 Chinese.
Nov. 24 - Rangitoto for Melbourne via Northern and West Coast ports.
Passengers: Miss Moore, Messrs Brealey (2), Houghton and 15 in the steerage.

Otago Witness 7 December 1872

Nov. 30 - Storm Bird from Southern Ports
Mr and Mrs McNeill and child
Mr Pritchard
Mr Frazer
Mr Galt
and 4 in the steerage.
P.C.E., barque, 291 tons, Sampson from Newcastle. 16th Nov.
H.M.S. Dido, 1300 tons, 8 guns, Captain W.C. Chapman, from a cruise.
Dec. 1 Maori - from Lyttelton.
Mr Best
Mr Bullock
Miss Briton
Mr Clark
Mr Cramond (2)
Miss Duncan
Mr Duncan
Miss Green
Mrs McLean
Mr McLean
Mr and Mrs Williams
and 7 in the steerage.

Dec. 1 - Bulwark, ship, 1332 tons, Kelly, from Auckland
Dec. 2 - Cyrene, barque, 474 tons, Wood, from Newcastle 21st inst.
Helen Burns, ship, 798 tons, Malcolm, from Greenock 14th August.
Rev. Mr and Mrs McCallum
Mr Findlay
Mr Williamson
and 21 in the intermediate.

Otago Witness, Issue 1097, 7 December 1872, Page 12
The Helen Burns, an iron clipper ship which has not previously visited our harbour, and which belongs to Messrs Patrick Henderson and Co.'s Line of Clyde Packets, arrived off the Ocean Beach on Monday morning. On her being observed, instructions were given for the tug Geelong, after towing the Cyrene up, to proceed in quest of her. The Geelong at once proceeded down and picked up the vessel off the Heads, and towed her up in the afternoon to a berth off the lower part of Deborah Bay. The Helen Burns comes into port quite light and brings 26 passengers, all told, who are in good health.

Dec. 5 - Claud Hamliton, 530 tons, Clark, from Melbourne.
Mr Acland
Mr Bagley
Mr Bannerman
Mr Blackadder
Mr Button
Mr Cunningham
Mr Gellibrand
Mr Graham
Mr Herdman
Mr Hesketh
Mr and Mrs Larnach
Miss and Master Larnach
Miss Morse
Mr Nancarrow
Mr Simmons (2)
Mr and Mrs Solomon
Mr Tully
and 20 in the steerage, 15 for other ports.

Dec. 5 - Christian M'Ausland, ship, 992 tons, Tilly, from Glasgow. One of Messrs Patrick Henderson and Co.'s line of Clyde packets. Passenger list offsite
Tuapeka Times, 5 December 1872, Page 5

The following is the list of assisted immigrants per Christian M'Ausland, which left London for Otago on September 5 : Jas , Sarah, Wm. J. Jessie, Geo., Jane Hay
Jas , Lydia, Mary, Charlotte, Robert York
Peter, Elepat, James, William, Alexander Brebner
Robert, Elizabeth, Mary, Margaret Thompson
John, Margaret, Mary Thomson
William, Marion, and Christina Dandker
John, Margaret, Arthur, Margaret Angus
George, Gcorgina, George Hall
Gilbert M'Lean
Donald M'Intyre
Adam D. Tait
Richard Findlay
William Lindsay
James Oall
George Chalker
Charles Brown
H. C. Mote
W. D. Duthie
G. Courtier
Thos., Martha, Mary A., Francis Leddington
John Warnock
Mary E. M'Lean
Jane Robinson
Catherine, Margaret, Anne Hayes
Phillipa Parsons
Eliza, Susanuah, and Thos. Brinson
Caroline, Henrietta Williams
Bessie Coleman
Isabella Robertson
Ann Jack
Catherine Johnston
Jane Williamson
Agnes B. Thompson
Grace Grams
Letitia Warnock
Mary Nisbel
Grace Nicolon
Bessie Snell
Celia Johnson (2)
Catherine, Mary A. Carter
Elizabeth Cooper
Mary Forbes
Charles, Louisa Love
James, Ann Upton
Michael, Sarah, Louisa, James, Caroline Bristow
Peter, Mary Hutson
George, Emilie, Maria Crosweller
John, Martha, Jane, John Harrcott
William, Louisa, William Wilson
George, William Felgar
John, Mary, Emilie, Grace Brown
George, Anne Neal
George, Sarah Budd
John Doidson
Jno. Washer
Walter Buramerton
R. Lusted
James King
John Horscroft
Thomas Philips
Alfred Bridger
W. Mockford
Ben Hutson
W. Maskell
W., Sarah Lings
W., Caroline, Mary, Eliz. , Will. Trevlecock
R., Eliz. Harris
Jno., Emma, W., S., T. Herfort
W. H., Grace Edward, Mary Moyle
John Opie ....

Otago Witness Dec. 14 1872 pg 16
Many persons having relatives and friends on board the Christian M'Ausland, being naturally anxious to ascertain whether any of those they knew died or were seized with scarlatina, have called at the labour-officer. A list since received there we learn that those who died were:-
Mrs Sarah Jane Sings, 22 years
Mary Barret 18 months
John Trebelcock 3 months
Thomas Herfoot 10 months
___ Charles 8 months
John O'Connor 2 years
None of the deaths were from scarlatina

The suffers from scarlatina were:
Christina Kerr, 2 years
Lizzie Sims 4 years
Amelia Crasweller 5 years
George Sims 2 years
Mary Jane Trebelcock 5 years
Bessie Trebelcock 3 years
William Williams 12 years
Mary Jane Moyle 8 years
James Burke 2 years
John Herfoot 5 years
George Hay 3 years
John Herriot 22 years.

Dec. 5 - Albion, s.s., Mclean, for Melbourne.
Mr Harry and Miss Carrie Rickards
Mr, Mrs and Miss Jackson
Mrs Howard
Mrs Spedding
Messrs Hallam, Robert Low, Beattie, Mackerras, Goldsmith, Sly
and 19 in the steerage.

The Helen Burns, an iron clipper ship, which has not previously visited out harbour, and which belongs to Messrs Patrick Henderson and Co., Line of Clyde Packets, arrived off the Ocean Beach on Monday morning. The Geelong picked up the vessel. The Helen Burns comes into port quite light and brings 26 passengers, all told, who are in good health.

Dec. 14 1872

The Palmerston, 130 days out from Hamburg, arrived yesterday. She brings 220 immigrants.
Passenger list offsite image  LDS film

Dec. 14 1872
The Christian M'Ausland from London, and the Palmerston from Hamburg, both with a large number of immigrants, arrived at the Otago heads, the former on the 5th inst., and the latter on the 6th. There was a case of scarlatina in board the Christian M'Ausland, and she was placed at once in quarantine. On the arrival of the Palmerston, it was found that a number of deaths from typhoid ever and scarlatina had occurred during the voyage. The vessel was towed to the quarantine ground to allow any sick being placed in the hospital on the island; and afterwards removed to an anchorage off the heads Spit till admitted to pratique. As there is no accommodation on the small island, bunks for the single men have been fitted up in several lighters, which are moored off the island. The Health Board resolved to have the lighters fitted up with sleeping apartments, and to take the whole of the Palmerston's passengers to the Spit, the lighters to be grounded at high water, and the people to have easy access to the shore, so that they could ramble about. Tents have also been provided for any ailing ones, so to keep them apart from the healthily passengers.

Otago Witness January 11 1873 pg15
The following prisoners were received into the Gaol on Saturday afternoon:
Henry John Weeks, sentenced at Palmerston on the 2nd, inst. to six months imprisonment with hard labour, convicted of stealing at said place from the store of Michael Fagan - tobacco, value 3 10s. and Alfred James Styles to three months imprisonment with hard labour, for the same offence. Both prisoners are recent arrivals by the Christian M'Ausland, sent out by Messrs Brogden and Son.

Otago Witness January 11 1873 pg16
A new arrival by the Christian M'Ausland who was employed by Mr Edmund Ducksbury, railway sub-contractor, Green Island, was found dead in a gully on Sunday. the deceased was employed as a waggon driver in a cutting on the railway. Stables at Mr Smith's farm. It seen that the deceased missed the track, taking the horse which he was riding to the edge of the precipice, when it walked or slipped over, carrying him with it. The horse is alive.

December 14 1872 pg 12 Arrivals
Dec. 6 - Palmerston, shipintine, 950 tons, Kφhn, Hamburg 30th July, via the Downs. Government Agents. Passengers: 265 diary

Otago Witness Saturday 28th Dec. 1872 pg12 col. a
The German and Scandinavian passengers per Palmerston were admitted to pratique on Monday, and brought to town by the first trip of the p.s. Golden Age. They look a fine, tall, and healthy lot. The families from this ship who have been infected with scarlatina are located at the small island, the two cases affected being looked after in isolated tents on the island, while the others are located in lighters in attendance. Those sick on the large island, ex Christian M'Ausland, are progressing favourably, and expect to be admitted to pratique in a few days.

Otago Witness Dec. 14 1872
Dec. 8 - Maori, 118 tons, from Lyttelton.
Mr and Mrs Wilson, Mrs Curthern and child, Mrs Mitchell and child, Mrs Perriman, Miss Gardiner, Miss Sly, Miss Valpy, Miss Reid, Messrs Kay, Grierson, Morris, Pacton, Anderson, Hodson, Glendining, Reefer and 7 in the steerage.
Dec. 9 - Storm Bird from Bluff. Passengers: Mrs McKay, Mrs Rogers, Mr and Mrs Grant, Messrs McCulloch, Mackerras, Bruton, Helm, Waldie and six in the steerage.

Dec. 9 - Samson, 124 tons, Hart, from Oamaru.
Passengers: Captain and Mrs Clark
Mrs Hart
Mrs Williams
Hon. M. Holmes
and 4 in the steerage.
Dec. 10 - Warrior Queen, ship, 988 tons, Wilson, from London, 24th August; Lizard 1st Sept. Passengers: 12 in the steerage. Voyage account. The old favourite frigate-built ship, in command of Veteran Captain Wilson left the London docks on the 24th of August, and took her final departure from the Lizard on the 1st September. She brings 9 adults and 3 children as intermediate passengers. Captain Wilson is accompanied by his old chief officer, Mr Painter, and his old steward. The vessel comes into port in first-class order alow and aloft.
Dec. 11 - Wellington, s.s., 261 tons, Carey, from Manukau.
Passengers - Mr and Mrs Jones
Mrs Wood and 2 children
Mrs Kennie
Mrs Mckay
Miss Patrick
Captain Crouch
Messrs Hartman, Clinton, Douglas, Nosworthy, Barnes, McVicar, Taylor, Robson, Coombes, Gould, Turner, Lawless, Dickenson, Forest
and 10 steerage.

Dec. 8 - Claud Hamilton, s.s., 530 tons, Clark, for Melbourne via Northern and West Coast ports.
Mr and Mrs W.P. Gordon
Mrs Kirkwood
Misses Kirkwood (2),
Miss Welch
Rev. W. Watt
Professor Black
Messrs R. Burrows, Cohn, Gillon, Dixon, Gill, Ackland, Stace, and 9 in the steerage.
Dec. 9 - Sara Dreyus, barque, 332 tons, Bennison, for Lyttelton.
Dec. 9 - James Nicol Fleming, 992 tons, for London.
Passengers: Mr and Mrs Whiteway, Messrs A.D. Burns, J.D. Burns and nine in steerage. James Nicol Fleming alias the Balic Nicol Jarvie, took her departure from London as the first wool ship of the season. The ship is in fine trim, and under the command of Capt. Logan, the veteran of Messrs Patrick Henderson and Co.'s fleet.

Dec. 11 - Wellington, s.s., 261 tons, Carey, for Northern ports.
Rev. and Mrs McCallum
Mrs Downes
Mrs Bachelor
Miss Watt
Messrs Deck
A.J. Burns and son
Rusell, Turner, Grierly, Master Martin
and 6 in the steerage.

21 December 1872 pg 13
Nominated Immigration

Otago Witness Saturday December 21 1872 pg13

Dec. 13 - Lloyd's Herald, 48 tons, Henry, from Catlin's River.
Dec. 14 - Alhambra, s.s., 497 tons, Pearce from Melbourne.
Passengers -Rev. A.K. Boyd McKay, Messrs Sessions, Beaver, Day, John Williams,  [S. Williams, Mr Lillico, McArthur], Alexander, Mr and Mrs Collier and daughter, Mr Sillico, Mr Thomas Williams, Mrs Bell, Miss Bell, Miss Cornwell, Miss Gibson, Mrs Loney, Mrs Wilson.
From Bluff: Captain Greig, Mr Beattie, Mr Fincher, Mr Goldsmidt, Miss Manders; and 18 for other ports; 25 in the steerage. see pg16 col. a

Dec. 14 - Tararua, s.s., 522 tons, Rouse, from Melbourne 2nd inst., via West Coast and Northern ports. Passengers:
Mr Scott, Mr and Mrs Van Blacom, Mr Lyons, Mr and Mrs Johnstone, Mr Denniston, Mr Cootes, Mr Higgins.
Dec. 14 - Taranaki s.s., 299 tons, Wheeler from Northern ports
Bertha, brigantine, 134 tons, Stephens from Newcastle, 27th, Master, agent
Anne, ketch, 29 tons, Haswell, from Moeraki.
Maori, s.s., 118 tons, Malcolm, from Lyttelton.
Mr and Mrs Broad and four children
Mrs Rounson
Miss Elder
Messrs A. Wilson, Derratt, Duncan, Coote, Watkins, Cunningham, J. Elder, Blair, H. Wallace, Battcock, Shannon, Buchanan and 4 in the steerage.
Storm Bird, 69 tons, Fraser, from Invercargill. Passengers: Messrs Herriot and Walter and 2 in the steerage.
Dec. 19 - Pakeha, brig, 173 tons, Paterson, from Wangaroa. Master, agent.
Samson, p.s., 124 tons, hart, from Oamaru. J. Mills, agent. Passengers: The Rev. Mr Stanley, Messrs Fleming, Church, Thomson, Ferguson and Collis.

Otago Witness Saturday 28th Dec. 1872 pg12 col. a

Dec. 20 - Wanganui, s.s., Linklater from Onehunga 13th inst., via Wanganui, Wellington and Lyttelton. Passengers: Mrs Campbell, Mrs Monk, Mr and Mrs Miles, Mr and Mrs Richards, Miss Roberts, Rev. Mr Watt, Messrs Austin, Bridge, Cooper, Davis, Ferrall, Jobberns, Morton, Reed, Collins and Professor Sale.
Dec. 21 - Woodville, barque, 362 tons, Hodge, from Newcastle, 7th inst., Passengers: Mrs Hodge, family and servant.
Luna, p.s., Colonial Depatch Steamer, 196 tons, Fairchild, from Northern Ports. Passengers: His Excellency Sir George Bowen and Lady Bowen, Misses Bowen (2), Major Pitt, Captains Maichell, Edwin, Dr Hector and servants.
Storm Bird from Bluff. Passengers:
Mrs Porter, Mr and Mrs Lind, Miss Bailey, Miss Rogers, Messrs Rogers, Simpson, Tomes, Wadie, Hughes, Bell, Greives, Sutton, Allen, 8 in the steerage.
Albert Victor, barque, 384 tons, McLauchlan, from Newcastle, 11th inst.
Dec. 23 - Phoebe, s.s., 416 tons, from Onehunga, 16th inst.
Passengers: Mrs Dixon, Mrs Ireland, Mrs McConnell, Mrs Loyal, Misses Aitken (2), Miss Pollen, Misses Parkham, Miss Ashwin, Miss Wilway, Misses Warren (2), Miss Edwards, Hon. W.H. Reynolds, Rev. Mr Martin, Messrs Ireland, Grant, Dixon, Murray, McIlwraith, Boag, Mein, Gray, Mackay, Burne, Clark, Stevenson, Walden, Speight, Chew chong, Ireland, Carter, Tayler, Ick, Sutcliffe, Allan, Templar, Boag, Grainger (2), Ford, Edwards, Wilkin, Chapman, McConnell, Engel, Loyal, Gilchrist, McKay, Jenkins, Masters Lemon, Burne, Seed; and 14 in the steerage.
Dec. 24 - William Ackers, barque, Greenwod, from Newcastle, 7th inst.
Dec. 25 - Thomas and Henry, brig, 253 tons, Francis, from Bluff Harbour.
Rangitoto, s.s., 449 tons, Mackie, from Melbourne.
Passengers: Mrs McKever, Mrs Bluett, Misses Allen (2), Hon. Julius Vogel, Messrs E. Fox, Myers, Anderson and 6 in the steerage.
Wallabi, s.s., 1010 tons, best from Bluff.
Passengers: Messrs Salomon, Grimby, Massey, Smith, Tracey and 7 in the steerage.
Sampson, 124 tons, Edie, from Oamaru.
Passengers: Mrs Derritt, Mrs Chisholm, Miss Calder, Miss Parton, Miss Derritt, Miss Simpson, Messrs John McLean, Hassel, Chisholm, Derritt, Calder, McJennett, Budge, Miller, Whitfield, Orr, McColl, Parton, Gibson, Connell, Le Grand, Stephenson, Mathieson and 6 in the steerage.
Jane Anderson, schooner, 95 tons, Paterson, from Lyttelton.
Dec. 26 - Albion, s.s., 591 tons, McLean, from Melbourne 19th inst. via Bluff.
Mrs Wood and 2 children
Mrs and Miss Dick
Mrs and Miss Godfrey
Mrs Holmes, Mrs Cobb, Misses Rae, Simmonds, Allen, Mcneill, Kidd, Dobson, Lieutenant -Colonel Cargill, Messrs Howorth, McGeorge, J.M. Coote, W. Kennedy, C. Brown, Morrison, J. Baker, R. Lowe, J.H. Rowland, Masters Lamond, C. Purchase
and 10 in the steerage.

Dec. 21 - Wallabi, Leys, for Bluff.
Passengers: Captain Greig, Mr and Mrs Disshalt, Messrs Salamon, Cross and 3 in the steerage.
Dec. 23 - Queen of the South, 396 tons, Adair, for Wellington
Dec. 26 - Rangitoto, for Melbourne. Passengers:
For Melbourne:
Hon. Julius Vogel
Mr E. Fox
Hon. W.H. Reynolds
Dr Blackwell
Messrs Towsey
Thomas Wingfield
W. Gregg
Mr Brotherston
Mr and Mrs Connor.
for Bluff:
Miss Young
Mrs A'Analy and 2 children
Messrs Thomas Morton, Thomas Fleming, Burton
and 19 in the steerage, for both ports.

Otago Witness Saturday 28th Dec. 1872 pg13 col. d
Within the the last few months three ships have narrowly escaped foundering while on their way from London to this Colony. The Napier bound for Otago; then the Bulwark, bound for Auckland, which had the narrowest possible escape from going down, all on board, women included, pumping for bare life. Now a telegram from Dr Featherston, the Glenlora bound for Wellington has put into the Mauritius dismasted. Why the sudden increase in causalities? The cause is easily discovered. It is owning to the ships being now so heavily laden with plant for railways and other public works in the Colony, that they make such bad weather of it. In each of the three cases particularised the ship has been carrying a large amount of dead weight. Another consideration now arises. Is it right to send immigrants by these heavily laden vessels? Economy, falsely so called, may reply in the affirmative, but humanity will probably dictate a very different answer. If a hundred or two hundred immigrants go to the bottom because the ship they are in has too much iron on board, there will be an outcry against New Zealand all over the world. We shall be pointed to as hardened unfeeling wretches, to submit human life to such a risk, and the people in Britain will naturally decline to trust themselves on board vessels bound to our shores. The tide of immigration will thus be checked.

Otago Witness, 19 August 1871, Page 15
The Chinese invasion continues, The "Mongolian hordoa" received a fresh accession to their ranks of 332 heathens on Monday by the Noonl Brabant, and 250 more are reported to be on their way. In the three weeks, the 25th July to August 14 inclusive, 1,126 Chinese have landed at Port Chalmers, or an average of 45 a day, Sundays included

"We're homeward bound,
heard them say,
Good-by, fare ye well.
Good-by, fare ye well.
We're homeward bound."
sung by seamen as they marched round and round the capstan