'Otago Witness' arrivals 1883 - January

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Shipping News to Otago 1883 
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All transcribed over first three months in 2007 by Helen L. ex Merton, Otago. Thank you Helen.

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Westland 	01/01/1883 36 pass. 
Mennock 	04/01/1883 29 pass.
Oamaru 		29/01/1883 63 pass.
Philomone 	01/02/1883 
Queen of Cambria 10/02/1883 
Benan 		22/02/1883 12 pass. 
Invercargill 	01/03/1883 37 pass.
Wellington 	12/03/1883 378 immig.  
Waitangi 	26/03/1883 51 pass.
Waihora 	02/04/1883 51 pass.
Rossdhu 	08/04/1883 24 pass. 
Parsee 		15/05/1883 
Caroline 	23/05/1883 244 immig.  
Indian Empire 	02/06/1883 
Alastor 	05/06/1883 22 pass.
Ionic 		June 1883
Lyttelton 	20/06/1883 10 pass.
Forfarshire 	26/06/1883 273 pass.
Bencleuch                   6 pass.    
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Cooleen 	12/07/1883 Cargo only  
The Auckland 	31/07/1883  19 pass.
British King 	09/08/1883 150 immig. 
Waimate 	16/08/1883  14 pass.
Gleniffer	18/09/1883  13 pass.
Dunedin 	30/08/1883  28 pass.
Embleton 	24/09/1883 
Helen Denny 	09/10/1883  21 pass.
British Queen ss 11/10/1883 509 pass. 
Jessie Readman 	15/10/1883  35 pass. 
Hurunui 	17/10/1883 cargo only
Nelson 		19/10/1883 305 immig  
Pareora 	01/11/1883 21 pass. URL 
Canterbury 	09/11/1883 50 pass. URL 
Marlborough 	16/12/1883 
Victory SS	23/12/1883 
Trevelyn 	30/12/1883 Invercargill pass


Otago Witness Saturday January 6th 1883 
Monday. Arrivals

Passengers per Westland from London- (October 13)

Beath     	Messrs (2)
Biggs 		Mr
Brown 		Mr T 
Cockburn 	Misses (4)
Cockburn 	Messrs (4)
Cockburn 	Mrs
Deacon 		Mr
Frye 		Mr
Hill 		Miss 
Hill 		Mrs
Johnson 	Misses (8) 
Johnson 	Mr (3)
Johnson 	Mrs
Letts 		Mr
M'Laren 	Mr
Nisbett 	Mr
Roper 		Mr
Second-class and steerage: 
Swaney 		Mr
Wood 		Misses (2)
Yorke 		Miss
Yorke 		Mrs
Passengers per Manapouri, from Melbourne via the Bluff - 
Bell 		Mrs
Bellett 	Mr
Corpe 		Mrs
Davies 		Miss
Dodd 		Mr & Mrs H and family 
Frere 		Mr & Mrs G E
Henderson 	Mr
Hotop 		Mr
Langham 	Miss
M'Clean 	Mr
Miller 		Mr
Mollison 	Miss 
Patterson 	Miss 
Peake 		Mr
Peebles 	Mr
Pickersgill 	Mr
Quick 		Mr
Ross 		Mrs
Runting 	Mr
Strachan 	Miss
Tuff 		Mrs
and 22 Steerage.

Tuesday. Departures

Passengers per Wakatipu for Lyttelton-
Eager 		Master
Martin 		Mr F H 
Rhind 		Mr
Wood 		Miss

For Wellington -
Chinese 5

For Sydney - 
M'Glashan 	Mr A
Matthews 	Mrs W
Robertson 	Mr R
Rook 		Mrs and family (4)
Smith 		Mr C
And 19 Chinese 

Wednesday. Departures

Passengers per Manapouri for Lyttelton-
Fuller 		Mr
Guy 		Mr
Herdland 	Miss
Morrison 	Mr

For Wellington -
Briggs 		Mr
Harrop 		Mr

For Napier -
Clark 		Mr and Mrs and 4 children
Grant 		Mr
White 		Rev. J

For Auckland - 
Cavanagh 	Mrs
Grieve 		Mr
Jacobsen 	Mr
Kerr 		Mr
M'Lean 		Mrs
Macmillan 	Mr
Templeton 	Mr
Tracey 		Miss

For Sydney
Gray 		Mr

Passengers per Te Anau from the North-

Boyd 		Mr
Dalgleish 	Mr S M
Drake 		Mr
Drake 		Mrs
Falconer 	Mr
Findlay 	Miss
Greenup 	Mr
Hall 		Mr
Harrye 		Mr and Mrs
Heakstone 	Mrs
Jones 		Mr H S
Kelly 		Mr
Kennedy 	Mr
Lloyd 		Mr
Murray 		Mrs and child
Robertson 	Mr and Mrs
Sim 		Mr
Sim 		Mr W A
Sorrenson 	Mr
Stanford 	Miss
Stanford 	Rev and 3 children
Warbeck 	Mrs
Wilson 		Mr F J
Wilson 		Mrs D
And 14 steerage

Thursday. Departures.
Passengers per Rotomahana, for Melbourne-

Alberte 	Mr and Mrs 
Baldwin 	Mr
Carey 		Mr
Cross 		Mr 
Foersterman 	Miss
Purvis 		Mr and Mrs
Ulrich 		Mr
Valentine 	Mr and Mrs and child

Passengers per Wairarapa, for Lyttelton-

Horder Mr and Mrs
Livingstone 	Mrs
Livingstone 	Miss

Passengers per Wairarapa, for Wellington- 
Blanchard 	Mr
Dunbell 	Mrs
Goudie 		Mr 
Hislop 		Mr S.
Mason 		Master
Mason 		Miss
Wilkinson 	Mr 

Passenger per Wairarapa, for Picton-
Dickson 	Mr A

Passengers per Wairarapa, for Napier-
Craig  		Messrs (2)
Garner 		Mr
George 		Mr

Passengers per Wairarapa, for Auckland-
Bennett 	Mr 
Titchener 	Mr

Friday. Arrival.
Passengers per Rotorua, from the North-
Baxter 		Mr
Griffiths 	Mr
Kitchen 	Mr and Mrs
M'Neil 		Mr
Noel 		Miss
Thomson 	Miss
Tylee 		Mrs
Weber 		Mr
White 		Mr
and 3 steerage.

Otago Witness 6th January 1883 pg 9

A shipment of grapes consigned to a firm of Melbourne importers recently arrived from England by the steamer Aberdeen (says the Age), and in view of spreading phylloxera throughout the Colony, steps were taken to prevent their being landed. The grapes were transhipped to New Zealand in the steamer Ringarooma on the 13th inst. In that Colony there is no phylloxera Act and it is believed the grapes would be allowed to land, in which case the importer will not lose the value of his shipment.

Otago Witness 6th January 1883 pg 9

The Union Steam Ship Company are sustaining a loss in the retirement of Captain Underwood, of the Rotomahana, who leaves after the completion of the present voyage. Captain Underwood has accepted a position in connection with the New Zealand Shipping Company, and leaves by an early opportunity for London.

Otago Witness 6th January 1883 pg 9

Auckland, Dec. 28th. A woman named Olson was asleep in her bed, when her husband attacked her with an axe. She may recover. Olson, who committed the assault is a Norwegian, and seaman on the schooner Christina. The woman Elizabeth Olson, age 37, has been married twice, her first husband (by whom she has several children) being named Brown.

Otago Witness 6th January 1883 pg 12

Letter by W. Maples, Jun., Morley House, Bournemouth who seems to have had pleasant experiences in the Colony. I have just returned in the Wairoa from New Zealand, after spending five years in Christchurch, Auckland and Dunedin; also I have visited Melbourne and Sydney last year. If you area an adept in your profession, be not afraid, but start for Christchurch, where there are only three dentists. You must understand "drink" destroys about one-half of the folks who go to the Colonies. I regret to say it is thrust down your throat, as it were, every step one goes; for the flaunting gin-palace is thee to catch unwary miners, and we are killing the poor Natives - the Maoris - with bad rum as fast as is it possible to do it, which is a disgrace to any civilised community like England. All I can further say to you here is, Go out like a man, as I did; have courage; if you are clever get yourself talked about, and success will soon follow. Christchurch , where the thermometer never goes lower than 45, and leavers are off the trees during five weeks only in winter. Besides the residents of Canterbury are all principally of a superior class, and here the finest corn, potatoes, &c. in the world are grown. Mr Rose, of 79 Leadnehall street, will corrorabrate all I say. If you go out don't go by sailing vessel, as they are abominable, but go by steam direct if you can to Port Lyttelton, Christchurch, Canterbury; if no steamer direct, go via Melbourne, and thence you go by the splendid steamers of the Union Company of New Zealand, which take some four and a-half days coming and are grand boats, second to none anywhere.

Transcriptions from Otago Witness, Saturday January 13th 1883 pg14
Thursday. Arrivals.

Passengers per Mennock from London (Oct.3)-

Bate 		Mr
Cavanagh 	Mr
Cowley 		Miss
Cowley 		Mrs and 3 children
De Latour 	Mrs and 8 children
Fuller 		Mr
Hoghton 	Miss
Levisham 	Mr and Mrs and child
Smith 		Miss
Sullivan 	Messrs (2)
Woodward 	Mrs and 3 children
Thursday. Departures.
Per Te Anau for Bluff-

Beal 		Miss
Beal 		Mrs 
Buck 		Mr and Mrs and infant

Per Te Anau for Hobart-
Wilson Mr

Per Te Anau for Melbourne-
Baker 		Mr
Briggs 		Mr
Campbell 	Mr
Churchward 	Mr
Fitchett 	Miss
Henderson 	Mr
Loft 		Mr
Sanderson 	Mr
Senior 		Mr
Turner 		Mr
Turner 		Mrs

Friday. Arrivals.
Per Wanaka from the North-

Black 		Mr
Halliwell 	Mrs
Herbert 	Mr
Jones 		Miss
Rowe 		Mr
Smallpage 	Mr
Stevenson 	Mr
And 1 steerage.

Tuesday. Arrivals.
Per Waitaki from Timaru-

Bainbridge 	Miss
Dunlop 		Miss
Kiddie 		Mrs and 3 children and servant
Melville 	Mr J
Pearson 	Miss
Plante 		Mr
Stansell 	Miss
Stansell 	Mr J R
Stumbles 	Mr G
And 4 steerage

Tuesday. Departures. 
Per Wanaka for Lyttelton-
Bate 		Mr
Carmichael 	Miss
Fuller 		Mr
Hodge 		Mr

Per Wanaka for Picton-
Weatherman 	Miss

Per Wanaka for Nelson-
Train 		Mr J R

Per Wanaka for Greymouth- 
Morwood 	Mr
Spear 		Mr W

Per Wanaka for Manukau-
Hawkins Mr

Per Wanaka for Auckland-
Carter 		Mr

The ship Piako has taken in 2700 bales wool, 157 bales sheepskins, 33 bales rabbitskins, 2452 sacks wheat, 78 casks tallow and 308 packages sundries.

The ship Taranaki has taken in 1600 bales wool, 15 bales skins, 1971 sacks wheat and 24 casks tallow.

The ship Dunedin is rapidly filling up, and will sail for London this week. She has taken in 7481 sheep, 21 quarters beef, 1800 bales wool, and 60 kegs butter.

Wednesday. Departures.
Per Arawata for Lyttelton-

Freeman 	Mr
Grouse 		Mr
Hinchcliffe 	Mr
Hughes 		Mr
Pegg 		Mr

Per Arawata for Wellington-
Broham 		Mr
Calcott 	Mr

Per Arawata for Napier-
Smith 		Mr
Williamson 	Mr and Mrs and 2 children

Per Arawata for Auckland-
Brennan 	Mr
Dowdall 	Miss
Eaton 		Mrs and family (3)
Low 		Mr
Moncrieff 	Mr
Reach 		Mr
Riley 		Mr
Speight 	Mr

Per Arawata for Sydney-
Ahmed 		Mr
Flowers 	Mr

Wednesday. Arrivals.
Per Wairarapa from the North-
Aitken 		Miss
Aitken 		Mr
Allan 		Master (2)
Andrews 	Master
Armour 		Mr
Baird 		Mrs
Bell 		Master
Boyle 		Captain
Caul 		Master (2)
Delamain 	Master
Dixon 		Mr
Douglas 	Mrs and family (3)
Elton 		Master
Elton 		Rev Mr
Embling 	Mr
Fillen 		Mr
Fothergill 	Mr
Galloway 	Mrs
Gordon 		Captain and Mrs
Gray 		Mr
Gray 		Mrs
Greenup 	Mr
Harper 		Mr and Mrs
Izard 		Mr
King 		Mr and Mrs
King 		Mrs
Kitchen 	Mr
Lake 		Master (2)
Lovett 		Mrs
Lyall 		Mr
M'Cardell 	Mr
M'Cormack 	Mr
M'Grath 	Mr
Macfarlane 	Mrs
Martin 		Miss
Mathews 	Miss
Merton 		Mr (2)
Mitchell 	Mrs
Nicholson 	Mr
Palarett 	Master
Reeves 		Master
Reid 		Mr D and family
Reid 		Mr
Rex 		Miss
Rex 		Mr
Robertson 	Mr
Rose 		Miss
Stringer 	Master (2)
Styche 		Master
Taylor 		Mr
Walters 	Mr
Wardrop 	Mr
Watson 		Master
Wells 		Mr
Wilkinson 	Mr
Windward 	Master
Worster 	Captain
And 20 steerage.

Wednesday. Arrivals.
Per Arawata from Melbourne, via Hobart and the Bluff-
Armstrong 	Miss
Armstrong 	Mrs
Chamberlain 	Mr and Mrs
Dodgshun 	Mr
Douglas 	Miss
Douglas 	Mrs
Freeman 	Mr
Haughton 	Mr
M'Donald 	Mr and Mrs
Minty 		Mr
Stitt 		Dr
Tyndall 	Mr
Williams 	Mr

The ship Zealandia was towed to sea on Tuesday and sailed for London. The following is a complete list of her cargo:-

4698 bales wool 		 93,690 0
13 bales sheepskins 		     260 0
16 bales rabbitskins 		     368 0
50 bales leather & basils 	     500 0
13 bales rags 			      65 0
19 casks tallow 		      99 0
2039 sacks grain 		   2,039 0
103 drums glycerine dip 	     51 10 
10 packages sundries 	            100 00

Total value 			97,172 10

Otago Witness, Saturday January 13th 1883 pg13
Considerable activity is being displayed in forwarding emigrants to New Zealand. On December 9th the Wellington will sail from the Clyde for Otago with 250 emigrants, of whom 100 will be single women. Four days later the Crusader will sail from Plymouth for Canterbury with 340 emigrants, including 160 single women. During January three vessels will be despatched, each averaging 200 emigrants. Some may be sent out in the steamer British King, which sails for Canterbury about the end of January.

No shipping details Otago Witness, Saturday January 20th 1883

Transcriptions from Otago Witness Saturday January 27th 1883, page 14.

Thursday. Departures.
Per Ringarooma for Hobart-
Gemmell         Mrs
Goosburn     	Mr and Mrs

Per Ringarooma for Melbourne-
Bower 		Mrs
Buchanan 	Mr
Butler 		Mr
Davies 		Miss
Drummond 	Mr
Fyfe 		Mr
Holgate 	Mrs
Lawrence 	Mr
O'Meagher 	Mrs
Ruxton 		Mr R
Wheeler 	Mr and Mrs

Friday. Arrivals.

Per Taiaroa from the North-
Jones 		Miss
Moorhouse 	Mr
Newman 		Mr and Mrs
Wilson 		Mr
And 2 steerage

Saturday. Arrivals. 

Per Waitaki from Timaru-
Allen 		Mr
Colney 		Mr
Hepburn 	Master
Hitchcock 	Miss
Jones 		Mr
M'Carthy 	Mrs
Menders 	Master
Plante 		Master (2)
Pring 		Mr
Stubbon 	Master
Stumbles 	Mrs
Urquhart 	Mrs
Webbern 	Miss

Saturday. Departures.
Per Piako for London-
Smith 		Mr H E

Second cabin-
Malcolm 	Mr and Mrs and son
Marshall 	Miss
Marshall 	Messrs (2)
Ness 		Mr and Mrs and 2 children
Welsh 		Miss
Monday. Departures.

Per Penguin for Akaroa-
Paul 		Master
Pyke 		Mr
Simpson 	Mr

Per Penguin for Lyttelton-
Chapman 	Mr
Corbett 	Mr
Hawkins 	Mr
Ingham 		Mr (2)
Pyke 		Miss
Simpson 	Miss
Sunde 		Mr

Per Penguin for Wellington-
Bennett 	Mr
Kahlenbury? 	Mr
M'Dougall 	Mr
M'Pherson 	Mr

Tuesday. Departures.
Per Taranaki for London-
Adamson 	Mr R G

Second cabin-
Hickey 		Mr T

Fyffe 		Mr
Middleton 	Mr
Welby?	 	Mr and Mrs and 2 children
Tuesday. Arrivals.

Per Te Anau from Melbourne via Hobart and Bluff-
Allison 	Mr
Andrews 	Mr J H
Applebee 	Mr
B[?]gg 		Mr
Begg 		Mr
Bransg[?]ove 	Mr
Browne 		Mr
Chisholm 	Mr
Claridge 	Master
Currie 		Mr and Mrs
Gibson 		Miss
Gibson 		Mrs
Gosteatoter 	Mr
Green 		Mr and Mrs
Hicks 		Mr and Mrs
Johnson 	Mr W C
Lusk 		Mrs and 2 children
M'Lean 		Mr
Montserra 	Miss
Oliver 		Messrs (2)
Reid 		Miss
Rothschild 	Mr
Sinclair 	Mr
Sinclair 	Mrs D
Wakefield 	Mr
Younger 	Miss
And 32 steerage

Tuesday. Arrival.

Per Wakatipu from Sydney, via the Coast-
Ancell 		Mr
Buchanan 	Miss
Cameron 	Miss
Cook 		Mr
Duncan 		Mr
Grey 		Miss
Hermann 	Mr
Lakeman 	Mr
Mercer 		Master
Muir 		Mrs
P[?]pe 		Mr
Porteld? 	Mr
Turner 		Miss
Waddington 	Dr
Wilson 		Major and Mrs
And 15 steerage

Wednesday. Departures.

Per Te Anau for Lyttelton-
Roy 		Mr
Waterfield 	Mr

Per Te Anau for Wellington-

Ramsey 		Mr
Withers 	Mr

Per Te Anau for Greymouth-
Hoare 		Mr
Hooper 		Mr

Per Te Anau for Auckland-
Gourley 	Mr H
M'Glashan 	Miss
Mitchell 	Mrs and child
Skilton 	Mrs and 2 children
Walls 		Mrs
Walls 		Master
Wednesday. Arrival.

Per Arawata from the North-
Anderson 	Mr
Ba_n_ter 	Miss
Bonett?		Mrs
Bennett 	Mr
Chapman 	Mr
Cuorie?		Mr
Cox 		Mrs
Cu[?]rie 	Mr
Daneghar 	Mr
Di[?]k 		Mrs
Forwa? 		Mr
Glasgow 	Mr
Harkway 	Mr
Hart 		Mr
Hart 		Mrs
Hill 		Miss
Jones 		Misses (2)
Low 		Mrs
Maytell 	Mr
Modgridge 	Miss
Rutherford 	Miss
Smith 		Mrs
Staines 	Mr
White 		Mr
Whittington 	Miss
Wood 		Mr
And 9 steerage

The ship Piako was towed to sea by the s.s. Plucky and sailed for London, taking 12 passengers and the following cargo:-

3,885 bales wool 		77,700
136 bales sheepskins 		  2,720
45 bales rabbitskins 		  1,020
7 bales carpets 	  	    280
[?]49 casks tallow 		    745
18 bales leather 		    360
245[4?] sacks wheat 		  2,452
29 packages, sundries 		    290

Total value 			85,567
She also had 280 bags of antimony.

The ship Taranaki left Port Chalmers on Tuesday afternoon in tow of the s.s. Plucky, and after gaining an offing, sailed for London, with eight passengers and the following cargo:-

5187 bales wool 	103,540
21 bales rabbitskins 	     529
8 bales sheepskins           160
8 bales sheepskins           160
1 bale goatskins              25
2 bales basils                20
1971 sacks wheat           1,971
27 casks tallow              135
3 packages sundries           65
22000 ounces gold         88,000 

Total value             194,745 

Otago Witness 6th January 1883 pg 24

The Old Log Hut
Deep in the forest's sombre shade that lonely cabin stood,
Where Arahura's foaming tide rolls onward to the flood,
The only roof that rose to view, in that primeval wood.
But now no social charms invite the stranger to the latch,
Mo curling wreaths of smoke appear above the rotting thatch;
While the wild weeds spring luxuriantly within the garden patch.
Among its old and crumbling walls clings fast the prickly vine,
While thither from its parent skies the scented eglantine
Diffuse its fragrance sweet, beneath the totara and pine.
Why silent all and tenantless? why hushed the sound of mirth?
And why for ever quenched the firs that blazed upon the hearth?
What ghastly mystery surrounds this narrow piece of earth?
It chanced that Albert Herman's steps had tracked the azure foam,
And to the antipodean isles from Germany had come,
Where, in the lonely wilderness, he reared his cottage home.
For many a long and weary year he dug for golden ore,
Until by industry he gained an independent store:
An soon with him the gallant barque speeds for his native shore.
To other realms, 'neath other skies, his ruptured visions flew:
Fond memory flings her magic spell athwart the ocean blue.
And fancy brings on wizard wings his father's home to view.
Young Albert is a child once more, and breathes his native air:
Again beside his mother's knee, he knelt in evening prayer,
Her hallowed spirit in the skies seems now to linger there.
Though distant, he again surveyed the vineyards of the Rhine;
Again, like a dream, in the sunset gleam, old Frankfort's turrets shine;
Once more he clasped the little hand of lovely Josephine.
Together through the flowery vale their truant footsteps strayed.
They pledged anew the sacred troth, which they in youth made;
What time pale Luna's silvery beams the silent groves arrayed.
Dear days of youth! thy hallowed hours pass swiftly o'er our heads'
But yet the memories of the past a glittering halo shed
Around out path. They speak to us like voices from the dead.
In musing mood young Albeit sat, before his cottage flor,
As evening's purple splendour spread, the hills and valleys o'er.
And tipped the gleaming waves that dashed on Okarito's shore.
Then he, as sunset's golden tint gleamed o'ver the forest pine,
Drew from his breast, with pious care, the holy Book divine;
It was a parting gift to him from dark-eyed Josephine.
He read those holy words so dear to every trouble breast.
A solace to the suffering, a balm to the oppresses;
"Come unto me ye weary ones, and I will give you rest."
Cheered by that gospel light divine, imparted from on high,
In childlike faith and confidence, he sought his couch of rest;
That night the assassin's steel was plunged in Albert Herman's breast,
Baptised in blood his spirit soared to mansions of the blest.
When morning came the tempest swept the wild dissonant sea,
But Albert's ransomed soul had burst ten bonds of slavery
And now, before the throne he sings the anthems of the free.
Long years have passed, but still the hut, all desolate remains,
But yet, nor summer's scorching heat, nor' winter's pouring rains,
Have nevermore from off the floor effaced the chrisom stains.
'Tis said the hut is tenanted by gloomy phantoms grim.
And oft as evenings shadows fall athwart the river's brim,,
A silent spectre glides along the forest arches dim.
Albert! on thee life's morning star a baleful influence shed:
Youth's morn so fair, at evening closed disastrous o'ver thy head.
But now you shine like Hesperus, a star amongst the dead.

Alexander Garrick Harold
Pukenil?, December 1882.