'Otago Witness' arrivals 1883 -  April

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Shipping News  to Otago April 1883 
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Transcriptions Otago Witness Saturday April 7th 1883. Page 14
transcribed by Helen

Thursday. Departures.
Per Te Anau for Hobart-
Mackay 		Mr
Wright 		Mr

Per Te Anau for Melbourne-

Bradbar 	Miss
Briscoe 	Mr
Byrne 		Mr
Duggan 		Mrs and infant
Ebblethwaite 	Mrs
Fergusson 	Mrs
Gibson 		Mr
Gregg 		Mr and Mrs and child
Haworth 	Mr
Heath 		Mr
Johnson 	Mrs and infant
King 		Mr
M'Fadyen 	Mr
Orr 		Mr
Roberts 	Mr

Friday. Arrival.

Per Wanaka from the North-
Bennett 	Miss
Brown 		Mr
Burnett 	Mrs
Carmichael 	Mr
Carrington 	Miss (2)
Charters 	Mr
Gallie 		Miss
Genever 	Mr
Lawrence 	Mr
M'Lean 		Mrs G
Procter 	Mr 
Wetherburn 	Miss

The dredge No. 222 is working at the end of the George street Pier, at which it is proposed to berth the steamer Fenstanton on her arrival. Wool for that vessel has already been taken into the Company's shed at the Port.
The barque Mennock was towed to sea yesterday afternoon, and sailed for London with the following cargo:-

3422 bales wool 	68,440
30 bales sheepskins 	    600
9 bales rabbitskins 	    234
274 sacks wheat 	    274
81 casks tallow 	    405
45 pkgs sundries 	    450

Total value 70,403

The Mennock left the port in splendid trim, and we wish Captain Murray a speedy and pleasant passage Home.

Saturday. Arrivals.

Per Stella from the North-

Allford 	Mr
Chandler 	Mr and Mrs and family (5)
Halse 		Mr
Kershaw 	Mrs
M'Kenzie 	Miss
O'Neill 	Mr
Reid 		Mr and Mrs
Von Dadelozen 	Mr
Waters 		Mr

Per Hauroto from Sydney-

Clark 		Mrs G and infant
Emanuel 	Miss
Isaacs 		Mrs and infant
Muir 		Master (3)
Pritchard 	Mr
And 12 steerage

Per Hauroto from the Coast-

Ringwood 	Mr
Sandilands 	Mrs [B?R?]N
Southern 	Mr J
Monday. Arrivals.

Per Waihora from Glasgow (February 1st)-
Campbell 	Mr
Hume 		Miss (2)
Maguire 	Mrs K
Orme 		Miss
Sleigh 		Mr
Stokes 		Mr

Second cabin:
Bathgate 	Miss
Leitch 		Mr
M'Law 		Mr (2)
Milne 		Mr
Murray 		Miss
Robbie 		Mr
Rodger 		Mr
Scott 		Miss
Stewart 	Mr
Per Waihora from Cape Town-
Burgess 	Mr and Mrs and 2 children
Myers 		Mr A
Second cabin:
Pearce 		Mr W H
Per Waihora from Melbourne-
Eadie 		Captain
Low 		Miss Jeannie
Monkman 	Mr and Mrs
And 1 steerage

From Greenock for Oamaru-
Denholm 	Mr A

For Akoroa-
Henning 	Mr C M

For Lyttelton-
D_dd 		Mr
Hay 		Mr (2)

For Wellington-
Foster 		Miss
Hislop 		Miss
Hislop 		Mr and Mrs J
Howden 		Mr and Mrs and infant
Skene 		Mr A

For Napier-
Findlay 	Mr and Mrs Ellis
Maclean 	Miss (2)
Maclean 	Mr and Mrs J A

For Auckland-
Comins 		Rev Mr and Mrs
Hanson 		Miss
Henderson 	Miss B
Knox 		Miss
Knox 		Mr
Lion 		Mr
Nicoll 		Mr

Tuesday. Arrival.

Per Star of the South from Greymouth-
Briggs 		Mrs
Chapman 	Mr and Mrs and family
Leck 		Mrs
M'Cracken 	Mrs and child
Walton 		Mr and Mrs and family 
And 1 steerage

Wednesday. Arrival.

Per Arawata from Melbourne-

Cousens 	Miss
Edgar 		Mr
Johns 		Miss
Lincoln 	Mr 
Pogg 		Miss
Robb 		Mr
Robb 		Mrs
Sheppard 	Mrs and family
Stevenson 	Mrs
Wragge 		Mrs and child
And 19 steerage

From all accounts from Home we learn that last year has been the most prosperous year for steam freight yet known. This has been doubtless owing in a great measure to the tonnage tied up in the transport service, in an unusually slack time, relieving the market of a very large amount, which doubtless would have had a depressing influence, especially on the long trades, such as out to these Colonies, China &c. The rates paid ranged from 16s to 27s 6d, the major portion being at about 19s or 20s per gross ton, those boats which had the best 'tween decks, giving of course the best accommodation for horses and troops, having a preference. The highest rates was only paid for boats such as the Orient and others like her, fitted in palatial style.

OAMARU April 3rd.

A preliminary inquiry into the stranding of the schooner Friendship was held here today by the Collector of Customs. Evidence was given to the effect that the vessel was driven to this port by stress of weather, and that the accident occurred through a heavy sea striking the rudder and smashing the wheel before the vessel had reached shelter. The Harbour master stated that owing to the heavy sea no boat could go out to render assistance. The vessel was insured for 300.

Transcriptions from Otago Witness, Saturday April 14th 1883. Page 14

Thursday. Departures.
Per Arawata for Lyttelton-

Hardy 		Mrs
Howden 		Mr and family
Hy[a?e?]rs 	Mr
Lynn 		Mr
M'Carroll 	Mr
Patterson 	Mr
Shepherd 	Miss

Per Arawata for Wellington-

Aldrich 	Mrs and child
Campbell 	Miss
Deverell 	Mr
Hislop 		Mr
Hislop 		Mrs
Ho[a?]d 	Mr
M'Gregor 	Mr
Williams 	Mr
Williams 	Mrs

Per Arawata for Napier-

Alston 		Mr
Field 		Mr
Finlay 		Mr
Francis 	Mr
M'Lean 		Miss
M'Lean 		Mr
M'Lean 		Mrs
Mallart 	Mr
Shaw 		Mr
Summers 	Mr
Ward 		Mr
White 		Mr
White 		Mrs

Per Arawata for Gisborne-

Burgess 	Mr
Burgess 	Mrs and family
Comins 		Mrs
Comins 		Rev Mr
Garrett 	Mr
Garrett 	Mrs and family
Harvey 		Mr (2)
Henderson 	Mrs
Leckie 		Mrs
Schwartzb[e?o?]rg Dr
Townsend 	Mr
Webb 		Mr
Webb 		Mrs

Thursday. Arrival.

Per Tarawera from the North-

Broad 		Miss
Brown 		Mr
Corradi 	Mrs
Davis 		Mr
Gray 		Miss
Grindley 	Miss
Lees 		Mrs
Lowden 		Mrs
Lynch 		Mr
Lynch 		Mrs
M'Gill 		Mrs
Malligan 	Mr
Me[i?l?]s_ 	Mr
Mills 		Mr
Murphy 		Miss
Musken 		Mr
Nankerris 	Mrs
P[a?e?]yne 	Mr
Perry 		Mr
Raphael 	Mr
Rich 		Mr
Schartz 	Mr
Stenhouse 	Miss
Stoddart 	Mr
Thorp 		Mrs
Wilson 		Mr

Friday. Departure.

Per Tarawera for Melbourne-

Alexander 	Mr
Allan 		Mr
Bradley 	Mrs
Campbell 	Mr
Fry 		Mr and Mrs Walter and 2 children
Gordon 		Mr
Horne 		Mrs and child
Lewis 		Mr
Robertson 	Miss
Robertson 	Mr
Robin 		Mr
Salmond 	Mr
Shand 		Mr
Shelly 		Mr
Shines 		Mr
Sinclair 	Mrs and child
Smith 		Mr and Mrs J S and child
Topham 		Mr

Saturday. Arrival.
On Sunday- per Rossdhu from London (January 5th)-

Birse 		Mr
Fleming 	Masters (2)
M'Culloch 	Dr J

Second cabin and steerage:
Brown 		Mr and Mrs and 2 children
Dalrymple 	Mr (2)
Howitt 		Mr
Hurd 		Mr (3)
Koier 		Mr and Mrs
Lincoln 	Mr
M'Lean 		Mr
Mee 		Mr
Pridham 	Mr
Pridham 	Mrs and 3 children
Reid 		Mr
Reilly 		Mr
Wilson 		Mr
Winn 		Mr
Saturday. Departures.

Per Omapere for Tauranga-
Burnett Mr

Per Omapere for Auckland-
Jones 		Mr

Per Omapere for Lyttelton-
M'Lellan 	Mr

Per Hauroto for Lyttelton-
Benzi_g 	Mr
Mayer 		Mr

Per Hauroto for Wellington-
M'Ewen 		Mrs
Munro 		Miss

Per Hauroto for Sydney-
Brown 		Mr J [H?]
M'Lean 		Mr J N
M'Niven 	Mr
Moore 		Mr
Watson 		Mr
Wittenberg 	Mr

Wednesday. Departures.

Per Rotomahana for Lyttelton-
Anderson 	Mr T

Per Rotomahana for Wellington-
Brown Chief Detective
Gibb 		Mr

Per Rotomahana for Napier-
Ch__ 		Ah
Chung 		Ah
Farrant 	Mr
Newman 		Mr (3)
Sanders 	Mr
Stronach 	Mr
Tol_ole 	Mr
Wetherspoon 	Mr

Per Rotomahana for Auckland-
Beattie 	Miss
Cattson 	Mr
Downes 		Mrs and family (5)
Jenkins 	Mrs and 2 children
Stevenson 	Mr and Mrs
Stoddart 	Mrs

Per Rotomahana for Sydney-
_utchison Mrs D
Fulton Mr F
Hammett Mr W
Hutchison Mr and Mrs W
Jacques Mrs and family (3?)
Mondy Mrs
Walsh Rev _

Wednesday. Arrivals.

Per Rotomahana from Melbourne-

Cameron 	Mrs
Clark 		Miss
Gibson 		Mr and Mrs
Gordon 		Miss (2)
Keo_h 		Mr
M'Keane 	Mrs
Reid 		Mr
Setter 		Mr
Wilson 		Mr and Mrs W S
Wilson 		Mrs J S
And 12 steerage

Per Wairarapa from Sydney-
Arthur 		Mr and Mrs and family (5)
Ryley 		Rev J and Mrs
Walsh 		Miss

From the Coast-
[M?N?]__s 	Mr
B[e?o?][l?i]eau Mrs
Bollcan 	Mr
Burns 		Mr
Dalrymple 	Miss
Duncan 		Miss
Ellison 	Miss
Hodgkinson 	Mrs and servant
Horne 		Mr
Jeffe__ 	Mr
Lloyd 		Mr
M'_rae 		Miss (2)
M'Cra_ 		Master (2)
M'Crae 		Mr
M'Crae 		Mrs
Mills 		Mrs W
Rowe 		Mr
Wi__en 		Miss
Yaldwin 	Master
And 8 steerage

Transcriptions from Otago Witness Saturday April 21st 1883. Page 14

Friday. Departure.

Per Wairarapa for Melbourne-
Broomhall 	Mr
Cuiss 		Mr
Conolly 	Mr
Goodheim 	Miss
Graham 		Mr J
Hammond 	Mr and Mrs and 2 children
Holworthy 	Mr
Johnstone 	Mr
Mackay 		Mr
Martin 		Mr
Mitchell 	Miss
Moore 		Mr and Mrs 
native ayah
Newman 		Mr
Snider		Mrs
Slesinger 	Mr
Thorley 	Mr
Warden 		Miss
Watson 		Mr
Watts 		Mr

Friday. Arrival.

Per Penguin from the North-
Arnold 		Miss
Burns 		Mr
Dornwell 	Mr
Edgar 		Mr
Evered 		Mr
Malcolm 	Mr
Naylor 		Mrs and child
Pearce 		Miss
Pearce 		Mr
Reid 		Mr
Rowbottom 	Mr
Simpson 	Mr
Wishart 	Mrs
And 2 steerage

Saturday. Arrival.

Per Waitaki from Timaru-
Bremner 	Miss
Clark 		Mrs
Collins 	Mrs
Hart 		Mrs
John 		Mr
P_rkins 	Mr
Storne 		Mrs
And 2 steerage

Monday. Departures.

Per Penguin for Wellington-
Fraser 		Mr

Per Penguin for Picton-
M'Mellish 	Mr

Per Penguin for Nelson-
M'Intosh 	Mr

Per Penguin for Taranaki-
M'Vickers 	Mr

Per Penguin for Manukau-
Hastie 		Mr
Jacobs 		Mr

Tuesday. Arrival.

Per Te Anau from Melbourne-
Bastings 	Mr H

Burns 		Miss
Dodgshun	Mr S
Edmiston 	Mr
Flack 		Miss
Harkness 	Mr J
Jackman 	Mr F
King 		Miss
Mathews 	Mr S
S?__ith 	Mr S
Talbo_ 		Mr R
Thomas   	Mr Julian
Waldeck 	Mr S
and 22 steerage

The ship Invercargill left Port Chalmers yesterday morning for the Bluff, the s.s. Kopatai towing her round to that port, where she will complete her loading for a Home port.

The s.s. Waitaki was floated out of the Graving Dock yesterday morning. She sailed for the evening for Timaru.

The ship Waitangi has only about 50 tons of dead weight left on board, and has taken in a portion of her stiffening ballast. She is in splendid order and reflects great credit on her indefatigable chief officer, Mr Bo_gard.

The s.s. Waihora was taken into the graving Dock yesterday for scraping and painting.

The ship Rossdhu has put out over 660 tons of her cargo, which is in splendid order. She is under orders for Portland, Oregon.

The ship Wellington has still about 150 tons of dead weight cargo left on board.

The ship Oamaru is rapidly filling up. She has already taken in 1518 bales of wool, 28 bales of sheepskins, 28 bales of rabbitskins, 1_ bales basils, 56 casks tallow, 8 casks pelts, 1859 sacks wheat, 420 sacks oats.

Wednesday. Departures.

Per Te Anau for Lyttelton-
Moore         	Mr

Per Te Anau for Wellington-
Bain         	Mr
Pollock     	Miss
Per Te Anau for Napier-
Lanceston 	Mr

Per Te Anau for Gisborne-
Stephenson 	Miss

Per Te Anau for Auckland-
Campbell 	Mr
Littler 	Mr
Waugh 		Mr
Per Arawata for the North
Birch 		Mr
Cook 		Mr
Coward 		Dr
Gardner 	Mrs
Hanna 		Mr
Houghton 	Mr
Luxton 		Messrs (2)
Sime 		Mrs
Sime 		Mr
Wight 		Mr
Per Waitaki from Timaru
Blackwood 	Mr
Bruff 		Miss
Ci_ling 	Miss
Freeman 	Messrs (2)
Goodall 	Mr
Homersham 	Messrs (2)
Jackson 	Mrs and child
Maloney 	Miss
Mitchell 	Mr
Peterson 	Mrs
Sutherland 	Mrs
Towsey 		Mrs
Wilson 		Mrs
Woods 		Mrs
3 steerage

Captain Orkney, who brought out the Waihora from Glasgow, was the recipient of a gold albert chain and locket purchased by the officers and engineers of the boat.

Wednesday. Arrivals.

pg 12
Mr Colin Allan has received advice by mail that the majority of the immigrants who embarked by the Wild Deer re-embarked on February 17th by the Caroline, which sailed from the Clyde on February 20th. A few did not proceed owning to temporary ill health caused by exposure, & c., or because they were deterred by their exposure on board the Wild Deer from attempting the voyage at present. Those who remained behind will be sent on by the Forfarshire. In addition to the Wild Deer's shipwrecked passengers, about 50 others proceeded by the Caroline, making the vessels complement 235 souls, equal to 213 statute adults. Dr Johnston is in charge.

Transcriptions from Otago Witness, Saturday April 28th 1883. Page 14

Thursday. Departure.

Per Arawata for Melbourne-
Ellis 		Mr (2)
Finni[e?] 	Mr R
Gibson 		Mr
Laing 		Mr
Lawrence 	Mr and Mrs
Malcolm 	Mr
Raymond 	Mr and Mrs and 2 children
Roberts 	Mr
Rutherford 	Miss
Rutherford 	Mr
T[u?]tschka 	Mr
Wellsly 	Mr and Mrs

Saturday. Departures.

Per Wakatipu for Lyttelton-
Glyde 		Mrs
Hanna 		Mr
Sharland 	Mr

Per Wakatipu for Wellington-
Friston 	Captain
M'Ewan 		Miss
M'Kay 		Miss

Per Wakatipu for Sydney-
__crof_ 	Mr
Col___ 		Mr
Illegible name 	Mr
Law 		Mrs
and 23 chinese

Tuesday. Arrival.

Per Tarawera from Melbourne-
[R?H?]eymanson 	Master
Bayston 	Miss
Bell 		Mr
Brownhill 	Mr
Edwards 	Mr
Edwards 	Mrs
Hogg 		Miss
MacLellan 	Mr
Scott 		Mr
Westbrooke 	Mr
Williamson 	Mr
And 14 steerage

Wednesday. Departures.

Per Tarawera for Lyttelton-
Condon 		Miss
Kempthorne 	Miss (2)
Krull 		Mrs
Stanford 	Master
Telfer 		Mr

Per Tarawera for Wellington-
Brown 		Mr
Ellison 	Mr
Rankin 		Mr
Taylor 		Mr
Williams 	Mr

Per Tarawera for Napier-
Ford 		Miss

Per Tarawera for Gisborne-
Campbell 	Mr

Per Tarawera for Auckland-
Ahern 		Mr
Carson 		Mrs
M'Lean 		Mr

Per Tarawera for Levuka-
Martin 		Mrs T J

Per Tarawera for Sydney-
Adam 		Miss
Begg 		Miss
East 		Mr
M'Adie 		Mr

Wednesday. Arrivals.

Per Manapouri from Sydney-
Proctor 	Mr J [E?]
And 1 steerage

From the Coast-
Barry 		Miss
Bowler 		Mr
Brien 		Mr H N
Burnett 	Mr and Mrs and [3?8?] children
Cottle 		Mrs
Cousins 	Miss
Cross 		Mr
Crother 	Mr J B
Dannett 	Mrs and family
Duncan 		Miss
Evans 		Miss
Fitchett 	Rev A R
Forbes 		Miss
Hutchison 	Mrs
Isaacs 		Mr A L
M'Kay 		Mr
Nix 		Miss and servant
O'Nei_ 		Mrs
Smale 		Mr
Sullivan 	Mr H E
Thomson 	Mr
Tracy 		Miss
Williams 	Miss
Williams 	Mr and Mrs
Williams 	Mrs
Wilson 		Mr L E
Wilson 		Mrs 2 children and 1 servant
And 11 steerage

The barque Abbey Holme has taken in 5600 sacks of grain.
The ship Rossdhu has put out about 1300 tons of cargo.