'Otago Witness' arrivals 1883 -  July

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Shipping News  to Otago - July 1883 
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Transcriptions Otago Witness Saturday July 7th 1883. Page 15.  transcribed by Helen
Thursday. Departure.

Per Tarawera for Melbourne-

_agan 		Mrs and 2 children
_eith 		Mr
Anderson 	Mr
Bond 		Mr
Brookes 	Mr
Cre[e?a?]d 	Mrs
Cunningham 	Mr
Dodgshun 	Mr
Evans 		Miss
Gibson 		Mrs
L[e?o?]we 	Mr J E
M'Bain 		Mr
Quick 		Mr
Simpson 	Mr

Friday. Arrival.
Per Hawea from the North-

Anderson 	Mr
Cottam 		Mr
Fisher 		Miss
M'Laren 	Mr
Mills 		Mr J
Nathan 		Mr
Nugent 		Mrs
And 2 steerage
Saturday. Departures.
Per Hauroto for Wellington-
Bennett 	Miss
Gilchrist 	Miss

Per Hauroto for Auckland-
R__kruge 	Mr and Miss

Per Hauroto for Sydney-
Bates 		Mrs and 2 children
Fraser 		Mrs
Hunt 		Mrs
Imrie 		Mrs
Kelloway 	Mrs
Mitchell 	Mrs
Moore 		Mrs
Murdoch 	Mrs
O'Connor 	Mrs
Robinson 	Mrs
Todd 		Mrs A B

Per Hauroto for Brisbane-
Lucas 		Mrs

Monday. Departures.
Per Hawea for Lyttelton-
M'Donald 	Mr
M'Lellan 	Mr and Mrs and family (4)

Per Hawea for Wellington-
Richardson 	Mr
Shepton 	Mr

Per Hawea for Taranaki-
Chambers 	Mr
Vickers 	Mr (8?)

The steamship Ionic, which during her stay in port has been the great centre of attraction, left for London, via Lyttelton, at 9.40 a.m. on Saturday, in charge of Senior-pilot Kelly. Amongst other gentlemen who went down the harbour in her were Captain Boyd (manager of the New Zealand Shipping Company), Captain Thomson (harbourmaster), and Mr J. Mill (member of the Harbour Board). She was attended by the tugs Koputai and Plucky, and crossed the bar in splendid style at 10.20 a.m., her draught of water being 18 ft 9 in aft, and 18 ft 1 in forward. Captain Hallett and his officers have gained golden opinions from everyone who has visited the ship, by the courtesy they have displayed. The Ionic takes the following cargo:-
510 bales wool 		 10,480 0 0
88 bales sheepskins 	   380 0 0
97 bales rabbitskins 	 2,231 0 0
18 bales leather 	   360 0 0
26 bales basils 	   280 0 0
10 casks tallow 	    50 0 0
2181 sacks wheat 	 2,181 0 0
384 sacks oats 		   384 0 0
476 sacks flour 	   952 0 0
80 casks sperm oil 	 4,900 0 0
36 pkgs sundries 	   360 0 0
6 boxes gold 		32,852 10 0
9591 sheep and 100 legs mutton 16,800 0 0

Total value 72,210 10. 0.
In addition to the above she took 1 bag of ducks, 1 bag of hares and a case of trout. The latter are forwarded to Dr Day, editor of Land and Water, by the Acclimatisation Society; while among the sheep was a very fine one for H.R.H. the Prince of Wales.
Our old friend Captain Brown, of the ship Forfarshire, was on Saturday presented with a handsome ebony inkstand, in which a silver plate had been let in, bearing the following inscription:-"Presented to Captain Brown by the single girls, in token of his fatherly kindness to them, June 30, 1883."

Tuesday. Arrival.
Per Rotomahana from Melbourne-

Allan 		Miss
Good__t 	Miss
O'Neill 	Mr B.
Pickersgill 	Mr J
Portal 		Mr
And 9 steerage

The ship Indian Empire is clear of all cargo and will sail about the end of the week for San Francisco.
The s.s. Maori is to undergo her periodical overhaul, and meanwhile, her place in the Oamaru trade will be taken up by the Beautiful Star.
The dredge No. 222 was taken into the Graving Dock yesterday, in order that her hoppers may undergo an overhaul.
The ship Caesares has only about 400 tons of cargo left on board. her port of destination is at present unfixed.
The barque Alastor has taken in 20_0 bags of wheat. She will meet with quick despatch.
The brig Ibar has put out about 140 tons of cargo.
The ship Lyttelton has put out two thirds of her cargo. The refrigerating chambers and 'tween-decks are all clear; the fore hold is also clear, and a start was made on the after hold yesterday.
The ship Forfarshire has put out about 500 tons of cargo, which is turning out in capital order. She is under orders for San Francisco, for which port she has a quantity of dead-weight cargo.

Wednesday. Arrival.
Per Wairarapa from Sydney-

Bray 		Mr
Brown 		Mrs
Gibson 		Mrs
Glover 		Mr
Jones 		Mr
Mendershansen 	Mr
Raymond 	Mr
Raymond 	Mrs
Ri_dell 	Mr
Rich 		Miss
Richardson 	Mr
Robottom 	Miss
Scrymgeour 	Miss
Wright 		Mr
And 5 steerage
Wednesday. Departures.
Per Rotomahana for Lyttelton-
Cook 		Mr and Mrs
Gilkison 	Miss

Per Rotomahana for Wellington-
Grace 		Master

Per Rotomahana for Picton-
Redwood 	Master (2)

Per Rotomahana for Gisborne-
Botterworth 	Mr
France 		Mr
Guthrie 	Mr
In_lis 		Mr
M'Carthy 	Miss (2)
Newman 		Mr and Mrs and 3 children
Richards 	Mrs
Sievwright 	Miss
Sievwright 	Mrs 2 children and servant
West 		Mr
Per Rotomahana for Tauranga-
Fenwick 	Mrs

Per Rotomahana for Auckland-
Reid 		Mr (2)

Per Rotomahana for Sydney-
Davies 		Mr
M'Leod 		Mr
Porter 		Mr
Porter 		Mr and Mrs
Ramsay 		Mr
Stevenson 	Mr

A barquentine to the southward was signalled from the pilot-station yesterday morning. She was tendered by the s.s. Plucky, which towed her across the bar at 11. a.m., taking her past Port Chalmers at 11.45 a.m., and proceeding up to the harbour to Dunedin.
The P. and O. Company have ordered the construction of four steel steamers at Glasgow for the Australian trade.
The barque Wild Wave, which left Port Chalmers on May 1[3?], was 4[3?8?] days on her passage to Adelaide where she arrived on June 25. She met a constant succession of head winds throughout the passage.
We are informed that the s.s. Wairarapa arrived at Lyttelton at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, and although only drawing 16 ft 8 in of water, she was not able to get alongside the steamboat pier until 10 a.m., thereby suffering a detention of two hours.

Transcription Otago Witness Saturday July 14th 1883. Page 15

Thursday. Departure.
Per Wairarapa for Melbourne-

B__k 		Mr
Barnes 		Mr
Barr 		Mr and Mrs, 2 children and servant
D?H?ardy 	Mr
Dundon 		Mrs and family
Edwards 	Mr (2)
Simpson 	Mr
Stephens 	Miss
Wi_son 		Mr

Saturday. Arrival.
Per Wakatipu from Sydney-
Boldlini 	Mr
Garr__t 	Mrs
Liggins 	Mrs
Meres_ 		Mr
Rattray 	Mr
Roseby 		Mrs
Solomon 	Miss
Thornton 	Mr
Vaughan 	Mrs and infant
Weston 		Mr
And 8 steerage

Tuesday. Departures.
Per Wanaka for Akaroa-
Batchelor 	Master

Per Wanaka for Lyttelton-
Disber 		Mr

Per Wanaka for Wellington-
Furlong 	Mr and Mrs and family
Johnson 	Mr
Lanagan 	Mr

Per Wanaka for Picton-
King 		Mr A V

Per Wanaka for Nelson-
Simpson Mr

Wednesday. Departures.
Per Te Anau for Lyttelton -
Chalmers 	Mrs

Per Te Anau for Wellington -
___olan 	Mr
Evans 		Miss
Jones 		Miss
Kennedy 	Mrs
Martin 		Mr
Wiston 		Mrs

Per Te Anau for Napier -
Abrahamowitch 	Mr
Baxter 		Mrs
M'Phail 	Mr

Per Te Anau for Auckland -
Al_n 		Mr and Mrs and 2 children
Burt 		Mr and Mrs
Connal_ 	Mr
Crawford 	Miss
Duncan 		Mr
Isaacs 		Mr
Jones 		Mr
Kirton 		Miss
Mitchell 	Mr
Moon 		Mr
Murray 		Miss
Newman 		Mr and Mrs and child
Ross 		Mr
Per Te Anau for Sydney -
Gath 		Mr
Jenkinson 	Mr

Wednesday. Arrival.
Per Hauroto from the North-

B[a?e?]ill 	Mr
Brophy 		Mrs
Bucholz 	Mr
Cross 		Mr
Fenton 		Mrs
Hawell 		Mr
Hood 		Mr
James 		Mr
Kennedy 	Mr
Lachman 	Mr
Mackerras 	Miss
Marti[n?] 	Mr
Mills 		Mr
Robinson 	Mr
Smaill 		Mrs
Stenhouse 	Mr
Underwood 	Mr
Underwood 	Mrs
And 7 steerage

The ship Lyttelton has commenced taking in frozen meat, and has about 400 carcasses in her refrigerating chamber.

Transcription Otago Witness Saturday July 21st 1883. Page 15.
Thursday. Departures.
Per Waihora for the Bluff-

Brown 		Mr
Martin 		Mr

Per Waihora for Melbourne-
Banner 		Mr
Birth 		Miss (2)
Chudley 	Miss
Gibson 		Mr
Haughton 	Mr
Hayward 	Mr
Lyons 		Mrs
MacDermitt 	Mr
Murray 		Mr T
Payne 		Mr
Trapp 		Mr

Tuesday. Arrival.
Per Tarawera from Melbourne -
Bryant 		Mrs
Craig 		Mr J
Dalgety 	Mr F
M'Glanchy 	Miss
Sutherland 	Mr D
Webb 		Master
And 12 steerage

Wednesday. Departures.
Per Tarawera for Lyttelton -
Barkley 	Captain
Delona 		Miss C
Lewis 		Miss E

Per Tarawera for Wellington -
Aldridge 	Miss
Ful_on 		Mrs
Gunn 		Mr
Haggitt 	Miss
Robinson 	Mr S
Ward 		Mr J

Per Tarawera for Napier -
Adamson 	Mrs
Gow 		Miss
Malcolm 	Mr
Moore 		Miss

Per Tarawera for Auckland-
Browning Mrs and 2 children
Cavanagh Miss
Wales Miss
Wales Mr
Williams Miss

Per Tarawera for Sydney-
Ballard 	Mr
Gibson 		Mr
Hunter 		Mr
M'Neill 	Miss
Nayler 		Mr
Nicolson 	Mrs
Ross 		Mr

Per Tarawera for Fiji-

Logan 		Captain
Weber 		Mr and Mrs and 9 children

Wednesday. Arrival.
Per Manapouri from Sydney-

Balbany 	Mr
Baxter 		Miss
Baxter 		Mr
Biss 		Miss
Bliss 		Mr
Bradley 	Mr
Butterworth 	Mr
Dickson 	Mr
Fothergill 	Mr and Mrs
Kelly 		Mr
Nelson 		Mr
Pilkington 	Mr
Rockort 	Mr
Rountree 	Mr
Rutherford 	Mr and Mrs
Strathearn 	Mrs
Townsend 	Mr
White 		Rev J
Willmott 	Mr
And 5 steerage

Transcription Otago Witness Saturday July 28th 1883. Pages 14 & 15.

Thursday. Departure.
Per Manapouri for Melbourne-
Brent 		Mr W J
Douglas 	Mr J
Hudson 		Mr
Kerr 		Mr A
Reynolds 	Mr W
Sime 		Mrs and infant
Wheeler 	Mr J W
Wilson 		Mr W

Friday. Arrival.
Per Hawea from the North-
Boddington 	Mr
Dutton 		Mr
Gilknson 	Miss
Haggerty 	Mr
Malcolm 	Captain
Montagu 	Mrs and child
Ollenshaw 	Miss
Waldis 		Mr
Will 		Mr
And 5 steerage

Saturday. Arrival.
Per Waitaki from Timaru-
Bell 		Mrs
Low 		Mr
Mondy 		Mr
Newton 		Mr
Wing 		Mr
Wood 		Mr
And 4 steerage

Monday. Departures.
Per Hawea for Akaroa-
Lack 		Miss
Leong Sing 	W_ng

Per Hawea for Lyttelton-
Henderson 	Mr
Hume 		Mr
Mitchell 	Master

Per Hawea for Wellington-
Lamberton 	Mr

Per Hawea for Sydney-
Hyman 		Mr T J

Tuesday. Arrival.
Per Wairarapa from Melbourne-
Fenn 		Master (2)
Fenn 		Miss
Fenn 		Mrs
Fraser 		Mr A J
Herman 		Mr M
Playford 	Miss and attendant
And 7 steerage

The whaling barque Othello is in a forward state, and will proceed to the whaling grounds at the latter end of the week.
The s.s. Suva, having been thoroughly scraped, cleaned, and painted, was floated out of the graving Dock yesterday.
Several oversea vessels should soon put in their appearance at Port Chalmers- the barque Aurauco from Liverpool, being 90 days out; the barque Glen_ffer, from Glasgow, 89 days out; and the ship Auckland, from London, 80 days out. A strong south-west wind setting in should bring all of them up in the course of the next few days.
The barque Cooleen put out the last of her general cargo yesterday. She has about 80_ tons of deadweight left in as stiffening.
Captain Glazebrook, of the barque Alastor, was presented on Saturday with a massive electro-plated salver bearing a suitable inscription, from a family who were passengers with him from London to Otago, in appreciation of the unwearied attention and kindness he displayed towards them.
The ketch Kestrel, that got aground on the breakwater on Friday (says the Christchurch Press), was towed off by the tug Lyttelton on Saturday afternoon, after both the steam launches (Lyttelton and Waiwera) had tugged their utmost at her fruitlessly. The steam tug towed her across to Peacock's Jetty, the vessel lying on her beam ends. Yesterday Mr M'Intosh, the owner, had succeeded in getting her "on the hard", close in to the breastwork, between Peacock's Jetty and the Tunnel-mouth Wharf, and in righting her once more. Her timbers are said to have suffered very slightly, but the planking on one of her sides is reported to be badly broken. The damage she has sustained is by no means so extensive or serious as had been feared. With reference to this vessel we are requested to state that this is not the Kestrel owned by the Dunedin Iron and Woodware Company. Their vessel is at present loading at Owaka for Timaru.
The brig John Wesley returned to port on the 15th inst., after cruising amongst the South Sea Islands for a period of five months. During her cruise she picked up a boat containing four men and three women, natives of Vavau, which had been blown off the land. They were in a very prostrate and exhausted condition from want of food and exposure, and would probably have perished miserably had they not fallen in with the John Wesley. After they had recovered somewhat they stated that they had left Vavau for the purpose of attending a great native feast at Habai, where the women intended to take part in the dancing, but lost themselves when land disappeared from view.

Wednesday. Departures.

Per Hauroto for Sydney-
Duthie Mr J
Fullerton Mr
Halpin Mr J
Hegarty Mr H
Marshall mr T
Medes Mr and Mrs
Muirhead Mr D
Parker Mr J
Sutherland Mr

Per Te Anau for Northern ports-
Ashcroft 	Master
Brodie 		Master
Guthrie 	Miss
Guthrie 	Mr
Guthrie 	Mr and Mrs
Heeding 	Mr
Kerr 		Mr
Langlands 	Mr
M'Dowell 	Miss
Markham 	Mr
Monk 		Mr H D
Puddy 		Mr
Sievwright 	Mr
Williams 	Mr
And 8 steerage

Per Wairarapa for Lyttelton-

Isaacs 		Mr (2)
Kelsey 		Miss
Ridge 		Mr

Per Wairarapa for Wellington-

M'Kay 		Mr J
M'Kenzie 	Mr
M'Kenzie 	Mrs, nurse, and infant
Mahon 		Mr H
Watt 		Mr C

Per Wairarapa for Napier-

Adams 		Miss
Campbell 	Mr L
Driscoll 	Mr T J
Kettle 		Mr J
Shos_mill 	Mr C

Per Wairarapa for Gisborne-

Doull 		Mr D

Per Wairarapa for Auckland-

Cameron 	Mr
Carr 		Mr H
Helvey 		Mr J
Ledlaw 		Mr and Mrs
Lewis 		Mr
Parker 		Mr
West 		Mr and Mrs and family

The barque Alastor was towed to sea yesterday morning by the p.s. Koputai, and sailed for London with the following cargo:-

7660 	sacks wheat 		  7560
10 	casks pelts 		    100
298 	casks tallow 		   1480
547 	sacks oats 		    547
22 	bales wool 		    440
43 	bales rabbitskins 	    989
42 	bales sheepskins 	    840
162 	bales hides 		   1620
4	 bales leather 		     80
1241 	cases meat 		   2482 
1260 	sacks flour 		   2520

Total value 			18,658 

The Alastor left the port in splendid trim, and we expect to hear from her having made a good passage Home.

The following is a list of the passengers for Port Chalmers by the Catalonia-

Hooper 		Mrs 
Sewell 		Mr and Mrs and son

Second saloon:
Bruce 		Mr
Cairns 		Mr J F
Carmichael 	Miss
Claridge 	Mr

Adams 		Emma
Boaden 		J
Brown 		G H
Bull 		Fred and John
Calverly 	E
Calverly 	Mary B
Duncan 		Mr and Mrs and family (2)
Enim 		R
Grant 		H
Grant 		J
Hanson 		Mr and Mrs and family (4)
Martin 		Mr and Mrs and family (6)
Milne 		Sarah
Mund[i?l?]e 	E
Runciman 	S
Sadow 		G
Sarney 		F J
Skeogh 		Mr and Mrs and family (2)
Westacott 	Elizabeth
Wood 		A

Gorse and some tussock in the foreground near the airport near Aberdeen, Scotland sure reminds me of the landscape near West Otago, New Zealand.