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Shipping News  to Otago - June 1883 
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Transcriptions Otago Witness Saturday June 2nd 1883. Pages 13 & 14.
transcribed by Helen


The ship Beucleuch is meeting quick despatch. Up to yesterday evening over 600 tons of her cargo had been put out.

Monday. Arrivals.

Per Hauroto from Sydney-

Herman 		Mr and Mrs
Lawrie 		Miss
M'Nichol 	Mr
Nancarrow 	Mr
And 1 steerage

The ship Caroline commenced discharging cargo at the George street Pier yesterday.
The whaler Splendid commenced discharging cargo yesterday.
The ship Beucleuch has discharged about 100 tons of cargo into lighters.
The ship Northern Monarch has about 120 tons of her inward cargo to discharge, while she has taken in 4500 sacks of wheat.
The barque Parsoe has put out nearly the whole of her general cargo, some 1100 tons, which is turning out in capital order.
The ship Wellington is rapidly filling. She has taken 680 bales wool, 83 bales rabbitskins, 25 bales sheepskins, 22 bales leather, 4 bales basils, 163 casks tallow, 8 casks pelts, 4567 sacks wheat,1200 flour, 400 cases meats, 29 bags antimony, and 50 pkgs sundries.
The ship Waitangi has taken in 347 bales of wool, 36 bales sheepskins, 14 bales rabbitskins, 3801 sacks wheat, 3917 sacks oats, 770 sacks flour, and 28 pkgs sundries.
The brigantine Enterprise sailed on Monday morning with cargo for Napier.

Tuesday. Departures.

Per Wanaka for Akaroa-
M'Lean 		Master
Simpson 	Mr
Wright 		Master

Per Wanaka for Lyttelton-
Connor 		Mr
Dow 		Mr
Johnson 	Mr
Knight 		Mr
Mathews 	Mr
Motley 		Mr and Mrs
Odell 		Mr and Mrs and family (5)
Secnar?		Mr

Per Wanaka for Wellington-
Cameron 	Mr
Hall 		Mr
Mulligan 	Mr
Powers 		Miss

Per Wanaka for Taranaki-
Chalmers 	Mr D

Per Wanaka for Nelson-
R[e?]gan 	Mrs

Per Wanaka for Sydney-
Wong Chuck 	Mr

Tuesday. Arrival-

Per Rotomahana from Melbourne via Bluff-

Conolly 	Mr G
Ferguson 	Miss
Force 		Mrs
Gotthelf?	Mr P
George 		Mr A S
Lawrence 	Miss
Le Cren 	Mr H S
Massey 		Mr W
Mitchell 	Mr J
Moffatt 	Mr J
Pilkington 	Mr W J
Robin	 	Mr A
Smith 		Mr D A
Sweet 		Mr
Turnbull 	Mr
Young 		Miss
And 26 steerage

Wednesday. Departures.

Per Rotomahana for Lyttelton-
Arundel 	Miss
Sinclair 	Mr
Young 		Mrs

Per Rotomahana for Wellington-
Clarke 		Mr
Davidson 	Mr
Per Rotomahana for Napier-
Campbell 	Mr
Jones 		Miss

Per Rotomahana for Gisborne-
Brown 		Mr
Christie 	Messrs (2)

Per Rotomahana for Auckland-
Livock 		Mr
Miller 		Mr
Robertson 	Mr
Wallace 	Miss

Per Rotomahana for Russell-
Lees 		Miss

Wednesday. Arrival.

Per Manapouri from Northern ports;

Bain 		Miss
Blakely 	Master
Blakely 	Mr
Boyd 		Miss
Campbell 	Captain
Cooper 		Mrs
Evans 		Mr
Fielding 	Mr
Fraser 		Mr
Fraser 		Mrs
Glover 		Mr
Glover 		Mrs and 2 children
Haggitt 	Mr
Hefferman 	Miss
M'Cauley 	Mr
Mitchell 	Mr
Ormston 	Mr
Parker 		Miss
Sherman 	Mr
Turton 		Mr
Whytock 	Mr
Per P. and O Company's Ballarat for Dunedin-
Fergusson 	Miss and maid
Turnbull 	Mr R M

Per Ballarat 
For Port Chalmers-
Raphael 	Mr G
Swete 		Mr

Per Messrs Shaw, Savill's Lyttelton, from London April 2nd, 

Passengers for Otago
MacLaurin 	G S
Scott 		W S

Second cabin:
Ward 		Joseph

Almers 		James
Bankler 	F W
Cruickshank 	Robert
Gilmore 	Margaret
Gilmore 	Mary
Huggins 	George
Paterson 	Robert

Per P. and O. Company's Steamer Rome, to leave London, April 12th
Passenger for Bluff Harbour-

Harvey 		Miss and sister

Per Rome for Wellington-
Medle 		Captain and Mrs
Medley 		Miss

Per Rome for Dunedin-
Bell 		Mr G M
Knox 		Mr and Mrs

Per P. and O. Company's steamer Siam, London May 10th
Passenger for Wellington-
Izard 		Mr

Transcriptions Otago Witness Saturday June 9th 1883. Page 14

Saturday. Arrivals.

Per Indian Empire, from London (March 2)-

Smith 		Mr C O
Wilson 		Mr G

Second class:
Doolaghty 	Mrs and family (7)
Lawrie 		Mr
Masner 		Mr
Tallent 	Mr
Winstanley 	Mr
Per Maori from Oamaru-

Cook 		Mr
Crompton 	Miss
Crompton 	Mr
Mallard 	Mr
Monkton 	Mr
Pocklington 	Mr and Mrs
And 5 steerage
Tuesday. Arrivals.
Per Alastor, from Glasgow, February 13th-

Diplock 	Mr
Dudley 		Mr

Second cabin:
Crawford 	Mr
Drummond 	Miss
Harris 		Mr
Jolly 		Mr
M'Given 	Mrs
M'Lean 		Mr and Mrs and family (5)
Mitchell 	Miss
Petrie 		Mr
Robertson 	Miss
Salter 		Mr
Sayers 		Mr
Stee_e 		Mr
Stewart 	Miss
Wingate 	Mr
Per Wairarapa from Melbourne-

Caldwell 	Mr T C
Foster 		Rev J
Giddes 		Mrs
Gover 		Mr
Jones 		Miss
Knox 		Mr
Knox 		Mrs
Scott 		Mr H B
Vickers 	Mr J N
And 6 steerage

Per Wairarapa from the Bluff-
Christie 	Miss A
Smith 		Miss J H
White 		Miss A

Telephonic communications having been established with Cape Saunders, vessels will now be notified when passing. The first report received at Port Chalmers was that the barque Alastor, from Glasgow, was off the Cape yesterday forenoon.
The ship Wellington has now on board 5000 bags wheat, 1200 bags flour, 840 bales wool, 100 bales sheepskins, 6 bales basils, 27 bales leather, 210 casks tallow, 23 casks pelts, 1200 cases meat, 94 packages sundries.
The ship Caroline has discharged 300 tons of her cargo at the George street Pier.
The ship Waitangi is nearly full, and will sail on her advertised date. She has 370 bales wool, 41 bales sheepskins, 27 bales rabbitskins, about 7000 bags wheat, 1120 bags flour, 5655 bags oats, 14 packages sundries.
The barque Mathieu is discharging cargo at George street Pier.
The steamer Westmeath had put out some 500 tons of cargo (principally dead-weight) yesterday, and is expected to be clear today.
The ship Parsee is nearly clear of her inward cargo. She is expected to be clear by Wednesday.
The ship Northern Monarch is rapidly filling up. She has already taken in 9000 sacks of wheat.
The ship Beucleuch is rapidly discharging cargo. She has already put out over 1200 in splendid order.
There are several oversea vessels now due, notably the Caearea from London, 91 days out; the Ibar, from New York, 105 days out; the barque Bells and brigantine Tarmow, from the Mauritius.

Wednesday. Arrivals.

Per Waihora from Sydney-
Burke 		Mr
C_eland 	Mr
Carroll 	Mr
Coverlid	Mrs
Cowie 		Mrs
Davis 		Mr
Dick 		Mr
Heaton 		Miss
Henry 		Mrs and 2 children
Kitchen 	Mr
M'Kay 		Mr
Noel 		Miss
Nyr 		Miss
O'Cagan 	Mr
Oxley 		Mr
Paterson 	Mr
Perkins 	Miss
Roberts 	Mrs
Ross 		Mr
Stubbs 		Mr
Terrard 	Mr
Terrard 	Mrs
And 9 steerage

Per Waitaki from Timaru-
Colli_s 	Mr
Colville 	Mr
Cuthbertson 	Mrs
Drew 		Mr
Drew 		Mrs
Gabites 	Mr
Healy 		Miss
Jones 		Miss
M'Beth 		Master
M'Beth 		Mr
M'Intyre 	Mr
Roughton 	Mr
Stumbles 	Mr
And 1 steerage

Wednesday. Departures.

Per Wairarapa for Lyttelton-
Nelson 		Mr
Wilkinson 	Mr

Per Wairarapa for Wellington-
Blair 		Mr
Cubbin 		Mr
He_ce 		Mrs
Jones 		Mr
Upham 		Mr

Per Wairarapa for Napier-
Neal 		Mrs and 4 children

Per Wairarapa for Hokitika-
Mathieson 	Mr W

Per Wairarapa for Auckland-
Broad 		Mr
Fraser 		Mr
Knox 		Mrs
Lee 		Mr
Neill 		Mr
Wilson 		Mr

Per Wairarapa for Sydney-

Bennett 	Mr
Harrison 	Mr
Lees 		Mr
Martin 		Mr
N_wton 		Mr
Rattray 	Mr

The New Zealand Shipping Company's ship Waitangi was towed clear of the Heads yesterday afternoon, and sailed for London. She left the port in splendid order, and reflects great credit on her excellent chief officer, Mr Bungard, who we hope soon to hear will be promoted to a command of one of the Company's ships. The Waitangi took the following cargo:

388 	bales wool 		7760
41 	bales sheepskins 	  820
27 	bales rabbitskins 	  611
2 	bales basils 		   20
6862 	bags wheat 		 6862
5665 	bags oats 		 5655
1764 	bags flour 		 3528
17 	pkgs sundries 		  223

Total: 25,479

The British ship Jacob Stamler and the Norwegian ship Zorka were burnt in New York Lower Bay recently.

The chief items of cargo by the British Queen, which sailed from Lyttelton on Friday, are as follows: 5769 carcasses mutton, 62 quarters beef, 9823 sacks wheat, 611 casks tallow, 934 sacks beans, 1623 bales wool, 1303 cases meats, 1486 sacks grass seed, 18_8 sacks oats.

The brigantine Jasper sailed on Saturday for Lyttelton. Discharging the Dunedin portion of her cargo of sugar has been marked with great despatch, and, as usual with that vessel, it has turned out in excellent condition, although the passage from the Mauritius was a severe one.

Forty-one British and foreign actual shipwrecks were reported during the week ending 7th April, making a total of 645 for the present year, or an increase of 205 as compared with the corresponding period of last year, the increase for the week being 13. British-owned vessels numbered 24. Eight were steamers, with an aggregate tonnage of 4327 tons, seven being British steamers, with a tonnage of 4155 tons. Total tonnage lost for the week, 15,671 tons. Total number of lives lost and missing, 88.

During the year 1882 there were built in 19 ports of the United Kingdom, ships having an aggregate tonnage of 1,200,000- an increase of 20 per cent. The tendency is toward the construction of larger vessels than heretofore, the average now being 1347 tons. The largest vessel built was of 7500 tons burden. The cost of building is now 15 per cent greater than in 1880 and 1881, owing to the augmented prices of iron and steel. But to offset this is the great increase in the commerce of the world, especially in the transportation of new products.

The modern form of steamers' bows, perpendicular, and without a bowsprit, is proved to add to the risk of damage in cases of collision, and many English underwriters are so impressed with this that they are taking into consideration the desirability of making differential rates between these steamers and those having the former and far more sightly overhanging bow and bowsprit.

Otago Witness 9th June 1883 pg 11
Albany, June 5th
The P. and O. Company's Indus arrived at King George's Sound last night with the inward mails via Brindisi and Suez, dated London, May 4th. The Rev. W. Jervois and Miss Jervois are passengers by the Indus for New Zealand.

Otago Witness 9th June 1883 pg 9
James Clark, late principal lighthouse keeper at Dog Island on the 22nd ult, was killed accident by falling 76ft while in the execution of his duty. Wife Harriet Clark. He was called by William Collie, assistant keeper, to go on duty at 4 a.m. Harper an assistant keeper.

Transcriptions from Otago Witness Saturday June 16th 1883. Pages 14 & 15.

Thursday. Departure.

Per Waihora for Melbourne-

Bootemus 	Mr
Drummond 	Miss
Gill 		Mr
Goodyear 	Mr and Mrs
Green 		Mrs
Heath 		Mr
Higgins 	Mr
Kitchen 	Mr
M'Callum 	Mr
M'Kirdy 	Mr
Ross 		Mr
Stewart 	Mr
Trott 		Mr and Mrs

Friday. Arrivals.

Per Star of the South from Greymouth-
Easson 		Mr
Ferguson 	Mr and Mrs and family (4)
Sinclair 	Mr
And 1 steerage

Per Hawea from the North-
Clare 		Miss
M'Gavin 	Mrs and family
Mabin 		Mr
Menzies 	Mrs
Smaile 		Mrs
Todd 		Mr
Trouton 	Mr

Monday. Departures.

Per Hawea for Lyttelton-
Jolly 		Mr

Per Hawea for Wellington-
James 		Mr
Kinsley 	Mr and Mrs and child

Per Hawea for Taranaki-
M'Give_ 	Mrs

Per Hawea for Manukau-
M'Haine 	Miss
M'Haine 	Mr

Per Hawea for Auckland-
Lawrie 		Mr (2)

Monday. Arrival-

Per Wakatipu from Sydney-
Albertson 	Mr
Clarke 		Mr
Jacobs 		Mr
Meads 		Mr
Rhodes 		Mr
Roseby 		Rev Dr
Siegel 		Mr
Southern 	Mr
And 5 steerage

Tuesday. Arrival.

Per Tarawera from Melbourne-
Goodheim 	Miss
Rutherford 	Miss
Rutherford 	Mr
Snider 		Mrs
Thomson 	Miss
Wilson 		Mrs

The ship Caroline has discharged about the half of her cargo, which is turning out in splendid order. She proceeds to Valparaiso to load for Europe.
The barque Alastor has discharged about 200 tons of cargo at the Export Pier.
The Indian Empire is rapidly discharging cargo into lighters. The whole of her 'tween-decks are clear.
The ship Northern Monarch only requires about 1200 bags of grain to complete her complement.
The ship Wellington is nearly full, and is to sail about Thursday. She only requires about 150 bales of wool and 5_0 sacks of grain to fill her up.
The ship Beucleugh has only about 300 tons of her inward cargo left.
The s.s. Koputai was floated out of the Graving Dock yesterday afternoon, and her place taken up by the s.s. Plucky, which went in for overhaul.

The New Zealand Shipping Company's list for June gives the following news:-
Despatched from London for Lyttelton- Rakaia, April 12th; Waikato, loading.
For Port Chalmers- Caesares, March 10th; Cooleen, April 7th; Waimate, May 16th; Hurunui, loading.
For Wellington- Estrella, February 10th; Dora Ann, March 10th; Margaretta April 13th; Ionic s.s. April 29th; Wairoa, May 16th; Waitara, loading.
For Auckland- East Lothian, March 17th; Glance, April 8th; Buttermere, May 16th; Grassmere, loading.

The new electric light at Sydney Heads has been seen clearly from a distance of 45 miles.

Wednesday. Departures.

Per Tarawera for Lyttelton-
Fells 		Mr
Findlay 	Mr
Morrison 	Mr
Watson 		Mrs and 2 children

Per Tarawera for Wellington-
Bathgate 	Miss (2)
Calcott 	Mr
Downey 		Mr and Mrs and 2 children
Holland 	Miss
Holmes 		Hon M
Holmes 		Miss
Holmes 		Mrs and servants

Per Tarawera for Picton-
Steel 		Mr

Per Tarawera for Auckland-
Demuth 		Mr
Dick 		Mrs J
Innes 		Mr
James 		Mr
Patullo     	Mr

Per Tarawera for Fiji-
Guthrie         Mr Mrs and Miss

Wednesday. Arrival.

Per Rotomahana from Northern ports-
Barnard 	Mr and Mrs
Calvert 	Mrs
Dowling 	Mr
Jefferd 	Mr
Lyons 		Mr
M'Fadyen 	Miss
M'Fadyen 	Mrs
Morrison 	Mr
Pearce 		Mr
And 11 steerage

The Star Thursday June 14 1883 pg2
Lyttelton - Arrived
June 13 - Celestia, barque, 225 tons, Dyball, from Westport. Cuff and Graham, agents.
June 14 - Wakaiu, s.s., 78 tons, Willis, from Wellington and Kaikoura. Kinsey, ward, and Co., agents.
June - 14 - Tarawera, s.s., 1276 tons, Sinclair, from Melbourne via south. E. Puflett, agent. Passengers - Miss Fulton, Mrs Garrett, Messrs Morrison and Swabey.

Cleared -
June 13 - Alert, schooner, 45 tons, Bissett, for Wellington.
June 14 - Ocean Bird, ketch, 33 tons, Williams, for Anahan. Master, agent.

June 13 - Grafton, s.s., 243 tons, Wood, for Wellington. NZ Grain Agency and Mercantile Company, agents.
June 11 - Stirlingshire, ship, 1221 tons, Alexander, for Cork or Falmouth, for orders. NZ Grain Agency and Mercantile Company, agents.

Shipping Telegrams
Wellington, June 13
Sailed - Wanaka, for the South.
Waimea, barque, for London.
Wallace, for West Coast.

Wellington, June 14
Arrived - Barque Cambris, Nicholson, from London. Passenger - Mr Inn. An uneventful passage of 122 days was experienced.

Dunedin, June 13
Arrived - Mahinapua, from West Coast.
Caerea, ship, from London (March 10th), Captain Barrett.
Rotomahana, from the North.
Sailed - Mahinapua, for the West Coast.
Elibank Castle, for Hokitika.
Tarawera, for the North - passengers for Lyttelton - Mesdames Morrison and Garrett.
Sailed - Wellington, for London, with 12 passengers.

Transcription from Otago Witness Saturday June 23rd 1883. Pages 14 & 15.

Thursday. Departure.

Per Wellington for London-
Halliday 	Mr G W
M'Fadyen 	Miss
M'Fadyen 	Mrs

Barriss 	Mr R A
Smith 		Mr J
Smythe 		Mr and Mrs A B
Very 		Mr and Mrs and 3 children

Friday. Departures.

Per Wakatipu for Lyttelton-
Na_den Mr

Per Wakatipu for Sydney-

Blair 		Miss
Blair 		Mrs
Cole 		Mr
Hargraves 	Miss
Isaacs 		Mrs
King 		Mr
Kitt 		Mrs and 2 children
Macintosh 	Miss
Malgren 	Mr and Mrs and 4 children
Peters 		Mr
Stewart 	Mr
Thomson 	Mr W
Walker 		Mr and Mrs and child
And 14 Chinese

The Albion Company's clipper ship Wellington was towed to sea on Thursday morning by the p.s. Koputai, and sailed for London, taking 12 passengers and the following cargo:-

1002 		bales wool 		20,040
  34 		bales sheepskins 	    680
  95 		bales rabbitskins 	  3,185
   6 		bales basils 		     60  
  37 		bales leather 		    740  
  18 		casks pelts 		    180
 277 		casks tallow 		  1,385
1200 		cases meats 		  2,400
   8 		bags hides 		     38
8863 		sacks wheat 		  8,863
1200 		sacks flour 		  2,400
  18 		pkgs sundries 		     36
  39 		bags antimony ___ (type illegible)

Total value 39,056

The Wellington left the port in splendid trim and should make a good passage Home.

Saturday. Arrival.

Per Wanaka from the North-

Bruce 		Mrs
Bryan 		Mr
Charters 	Mr
Davis 		Miss
Handley 	Mr
Hume 		Captain
Levinso[h?n?]n 	Mr
Robertson 	Miss
Wilkinson 	Mr

The ship Northern Monarch was towed to sea yesterday morning by the p.s. Koputai, and sailed for London, taking 14,594 sacks of wheat, valued at 14,694.
The Melbourne Harbour Commissioners have just had a screw dredger built by Simons and Co., of Renfrew, capable of dredging to a depth of 30 ft and raising 400 tons per hour. She measures 800 tons, and has 100 horse-power nominal.
Captain Stannard, of the barquentine Jasper, of the C.W._ line of this port, pays the Dunedin Harbour Board the compliment of having effected such improvements in the channel between the Port and Dunedin that the Jasper, which less than 2 months since was compelled to lighter ashore part of her cargo at Port Chalmers, so as to reduce her draught to 10 ft before she could get up to Dunedin, was enabled on her last visit, the other day, to go up direct to Dunedin from sea with her full cargo, and drawing 13 ft 6ins, and this, says Captain Stannard with emphasis, at little better than half tide, to the astonishment and chagrin of the Port people.- Press.

Monday. Departures.
Per Wanaka for Wellington-
Du__eg 		Mr O

Per Wanaka for Nelson-
Coventry 	Mr J

Per Wanaka for Taranaki-
Harries 	Mr E

Per Wanaka for Auckland-
Brien 		Mr H W

Tuesday. Arrivals.

Per Manapouri from Melbourne-
Cotter 		Master
Cotter 		Mrs
Flyger 		Mr
Grainger 	Mr
Macfarlane 	Mr
Macnaughton 	Mr
Williams 	Mr
And 5 steerage

Per Manapouri from Hobart-
D'Abbidighil 	Mr J L
Tolson 		Mr H
And 2 steerage

Per Manapouri from the Bluff-
Harris 		Mr H
Southern 	Mr J

The steamers Omapere and Plucky were floated out of the Graving Dock yesterday, and the Maori taken in for her periodical overhaul.
The barque Alastor has discharged about half of her cargo.
The ship Caesarea has discharged about 450 tons of cargo into lighters.
The ship Indian Empire has discharged about 1000 tons of cargo.

Wednesday. Arrival.
Per Lyttelton from London, (April 2nd)-

Maclaurin 	Mr G S
Scott 		Mr D S
Strang 		Mrs and 2 children

Second cabin and steerage:
Amiers 		Mr
Bankier 	Mr
Brown 		Mr
Crowhurst 	Mrs
Cruickshanks 	Mr
Gilmour 	Miss (2)
Huggins 	Mr
Paterson 	Mr
Ward 		Mr

Per Te Anau from North-
Chapman 	Mr
Forbes 		Mr and Mrs
Hackworth 	Mrs and child
Ingleson 	Mr
Kennedy 	Mr
Longman 	Miss and servant
Matheson 	Mr
Maxwell 	Mr
Nutsey 		Mr
Read 		Mr
Seccombe 	Mr
Taylor 		Mr
White 		Mr
Whitson 	Mr
And 8 steerage

Wednesday. Departures.

Per Manapouri for Lyttelton-
Glossop 	Mr
Gollatly 	Mr
Jones 		Mr H S

Per Manapouri for Wellington-
Bayliss 	Mr
Mitchell 	Mr R
Jack 		Mr A

Per Manapouri for Napier-
Snider 			Mr
Turner 		Mr and Mrs

Per Manapouri for Auckland-

Brough 		Mr
Finlay 		Mr R jun
Finlay 		Mr R sen
Proctor 	Mr J E
Rutherford 	Mr and Mrs

Per Manapouri for Fiji-
Finch 		Mr

Per Manapouri for Sydney-
Brown 		Mr
Carey 		Mr [K?R?]
Clark 		Mr
Clark 		Mrs

Passenger List.
Per Messrs Gracie, Beazley, and Co's Arauco (Captain T B M'Kay); from Liverpool (April 19th) for Wellington and Otago, N.Z. (consigned to Messrs Neill and Co., Limited).

For Wellington-
Harper 	Alexander H

For Otago-
Pugh 	Ann
Pugh 	Edward
Pugh 	Jane
Pugh 	John
Pugh 	Margaret
Pugh 	Mary
Pugh 	Rose
Pugh 	Sarah
Pugh 	Thomas

Arrival of the Ionic

No Shipping Otago Witness Saturday June 30th 1883.