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Shipping News  to Otago March 1883 
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Transcriptions from Otago Witness, Saturday March 3rd 1883. Page 14
transcribed by Helen

Thursday. Arrival.

Per Benan from London (November 25)-

Ansley         	Mr
Brown 		Mr
Carey 		Mr
Gardner 	Mr
Gillman 	Mr
Hogan 		Mr
Mallan 		Mr
Peck 		Mr
Rendle 		Mr and Mrs
Staples 	Mr
Tyson 		Mr

Friday. Arrival.
The s.s Suva, lately purchased by the Union Company for their Fiji trade, arrived at Port Chalmers at 3 a.m. yesterday. The Suva is an iron vessel, built in 1876, by Messrs Blackwood and Gordon. Her dimensions are as follows:- Length 149 ft; breadth of beam,21 ft 6 in; depth of hold, 11 ft 9 in. She is fitted with compound surface-condensing engines of 65-horse power nominal, the diameter of the low-pressure cylinder being 20 in, and that of the high-pressure 36 in, the length of stroke 24 in. She has a pressure of 60 lb of steam, while her consumption of coal is under six tons per diem.

The ship Nelson was towed to sea yesterday afternoon, and sailed for London, taking the following cargo:-

5043 bales wool 	100,860
25 bales rabbitskins 	     575
28 bales sheepskins 	     560
18 bales leather 	     360
21 casks pelts 		     210
1605 bags grain 	   1,605
1679 bags flour 	   3,358
187 casks tallow 	     935
2 packages sundries 	      20

Total value 108,483
She also took 93 bags of antimony. The Nelson is in excellent trim.

Saturday. Arrival.

Per Waitaki from Timaru-
Agnew 		Miss
Cook 		Mr
Johnson 	Mr
M'Donald 	Miss
Napier 		Mr
Slater 		Mr
Slater 		Mrs
And 5 steerage

Monday. Departures.

Per Hawea for Lyttelton-
Hamlin 		Miss
Hawkins 	Miss
Hawkins 	Mr
Rhind 		Mr

Per Hawea for Wellington-
Lightburn 	Mrs

Per Hawea for Nelson-
De Beer 	Mr
Ewart 		Miss
Ewart 		Mrs
Fenwick 	Mr
Smith 		Mr R

Per Hawea for New Plymouth-
Binnie 		Mr
M'Queen 	Mr

Per Hawea for Manukau-
Jewiss 		Mr
Wearing 	Mr
Woods 		Mr

The barque Kiandra has only 150 tons of her cargo to put out. She proceeds from this port to Madras in ballast.
The barque Mennock has taken in 1100 bales wool, 48 casks tallow, 110 tons of scrap iron and 24 packages sundries.
The ship Westland has taken in 721 bales wool, 7 bales leather, 9 bales basils, 34 casks tallow, 9 casks pelts and 2900 sacks wheat.
The barque Queen of Cambria has discharged over 700 tons of railway plant.

Wednesday. Arrivals.

Per Te Anau from Melbourne-

Clarkson 	Mr W A
Deans 		Miss
Deans 		Mr F
Grey 		Mr J
Hawkins 	Mr and Mrs and child
M'Lean 		Mr S
Morris 		Mr R H
Smith 		Miss
Smith 		Mrs
Westwood 	Rev J
Wheeler 	Miss
Wheeler 	Mr and Mrs

Per Te Anau from the Coast-

Burton 		Mr
Edwards 	Mr
Huddlestone 	Mr
Rowley 		Mr
Williamson 	Mrs and 2 children
Per Wairarapa from Sydney-

Acton 		Mr
Allan 		Mr
Ashworth 	Mr
Bateman 	Miss
Brown 		Mr
Brownlie 	Miss
Clap 		Mr
Deacon 		Miss
Dumbell 	Mrs
Evatt 		Mr
Gibson 		Mr
Habens 		Mr
Habens 		Mrs
Hector 		Mr
Ketbell 	Mrs
Knox 		Mr
Leslie 		Miss
Logan 		Mr
M'Kenzie 	Mr
M'Millan 	Mr
Moffatt 	Mr
Moodie 		Mr
Oakden 		Mr
Palmer 		Miss
Palmer 		Mr
Pounds 		Mr
Rendall 	Mr
Sharp 		Mr
Sharp 		Mrs
Taylor 		Mrs
Tepper 		Mr
Watson 		Mr
And 21 steerage
The output of new shipping from the Clyde ship building yards in 1882, up to November, was a fleet of 250 vessels with an aggregate tonnage of 342,143, as against vessels of 290,000 tons in the corresponding period of 1881.

Transcriptions from Otago Witness Saturday March 10th 1883. Page 14

Thursday. Departures.
Per Te Anau for Lyttelton-

Cairns 		Mr
Collinson 	Mrs
Graves 		Mrs
Pownes 		Mr

Per Te Anau for Wellington-

Bell Miss
O'Niell Mrs
Wilson Mr

Per Te Anau for Nelson-
Hackworth 	Mr

Per Te Anau for Napier-
Gilmore 	Mr
Laing 		Miss

Per Te Anau for Gisborne-
Long Kin

Per Te Anau for Auckland-
Gale 		Mrs
Lubecki 	Miss
Wilson 		Mrs

Per Te Anau for Sydney-
Reid 		Miss
White 		Miss

Per Te Anau for Suva-
Miller 		Mr S A
Orr 		Mrs

Per Wairarapa for the Bluff-
Boyd 		Captain
Tremaglia 	Signor and Signora

Per Wairarapa for Melbourne-
Ad?[h?n?]is 	Mr
Agnew 		Mr
Chataigreer 	Mr
Clendennin 	Miss
Clendennin 	Mrs
Eastwood 	Mrs
Hale 		Mr
Jacobsen 	Mr
Lu[b?]ecki 	Mr
Melland 	Mr and Mrs
Nolan 		Mr
Thomson 	Miss
Willcox 	Mr
Wilson 		Mrs

Thursday. Arrival.

Per Invercargill from London (December 4th)-
[also see Otago Witness Saturday February 17th 1883. Page 14]

M'Cavee Mr
Pernot Mr

Arthur 		Mrs and child
Buchanan 	Mr
Cargill 	Mrs and 2 children
Carson 		Mr and Mrs and family (6)
Coe 		Mr and Mrs
Collick 	Mr
Fossey 		Miss
Horsey 		Mr
Morris 		Mrs and child
Piper 		Mr
Rowley 		Miss
Smith 		Mr
Sneyd 		Mr and Mrs and family (4)
Stewart 	Mr and Mrs
Friday. Arrivals.

Per Penguin from the North-
Brophy 		Mr
Brown 		Mr and Mrs Percy
Carmichael 	Mr
Goodson 	Mr and Mrs
Halliday 	Mr
Hirsch 		Mr
Irvine 		Dr
Marks 		Mr
Martin 		Miss
Martin 		Mrs
Nielson 	Mr
Robertson 	Mr
Sayer 		Mr
Sparrow 	Mr and Mrs
Taylor 		Master
Taylor 		Mrs

Tuesday. Arrival.

Per Rotomahana from Melbourne-
Boyd 		Mr
Bradbury 	Mr
Brisco 		Mr
Clapperton 	Mr
Cleveland 	Mr
Clifford 	Mr
D[o?a?]wning 	Miss
Gray 		Mr G
Grey 		Mr
Hogg 		Mr
Hutchison 	Master 
Hutchison 	Mrs
M'Ginty 	Miss
Macildouse 	Mrs
Neill 		Dr
Peacock 	Mr G
Phillips 	Mrs
Rignold 	Mr
Rolston 	Miss
Towsley 	Mr
And 24 steerage

Wednesday. Departures.

Per Rotomahana for Lyttelton-
Barnett 	Mrs
Grindley 	Miss
Irvine 		Dr
Liggins 	Mrs

Per Rotomahana for Wellington-
Stephenson 	Mrs
Trapp 		Mrs

Per Rotomahana for Napier-
Gav[i?]er 	Mr

Per Rotomahana for Gisborne-
Briggs 		Miss
Browne 		Mr

Per Rotomahana for Auckland-
Brown 		Professor
C[a?o?]llis 	Mr
Murray 		Master (2)
Murray 		Misses (2)
Williams 	Mr

Wednesday. Arrivals.

Per Waitaki from Timaru-

Carr 		Mrs
Drummond 	Mr
Marshall 	Mr
O'Connell 	Miss
Perkins 	Mr
Stumbles 	Mr
And 20 steerage

Per Manapouri from the North-
Brown 		Miss
Bruce 		Miss
Burns 		Mrs
Cook 		Mr
Cooke 		Miss
Duthie 		Mr
E[?]gar 	Mr
F[?]inn 	Mr
Flack 		Mr
Fulton 		Miss
Gibson 		Miss
Gibson 		Mrs
Lloyd 		Mr
M'Grath 	Mr
Mackillop 	Mr
Mears 		Mr
Orr 		Mr
Patterson 	Mrs
Patterson 	Rev. Mr
West 		Mr
Williams 	Miss
Williams 	Mr
And 20 steerage

Transcriptions Otago Witness Saturday March 17th 1883 Page 14

Friday. Departures.

Per Wanaka for Akaroa-
Thomson Miss Bella

Per Wanaka for Picton-
Muir Mr and Mrs

Per Wanaka for Nelson-
Fraser 		Mr

Saturday. Departures.

Per Hauroto for Lyttelton-
Baker 		Mr W
Ellis[d?]on 	Mr
M'Fedries 	Mr

Per Hauroto for Wellington-
Keath 		Mr
Newman 		Mr
Wills 		Mr (2)

Per Hauroto for Napier-
Cohan 		Mrs
Worthington 	Mr and Mrs

Per Hauroto for Auckland-
Hudson 		Mr
West 		Mr J G

Per Tairoa for Lyttelton-
Bro_ks 		Mrs
Byron 		Mrs
Heylock 	Mrs
Laing 		Mrs
Moodie 		Mrs
Reginald 	Mrs
Warren 		Mrs

Per Tairoa for Wellington-
Chester 	Mr
Coates 		Mr

Per Tairoa for Sydney-
Begg 		Mr
Dundas 		Captain
Halliday 	Mr
Hirsch 		Mr
Milne 		Mrs and family
Milne 		Rev Mr
Moffatt 	Mr
Plise 		Mr and Mrs infant and servant
Riley 		Mrs and family
Riley 		Rev Mr

Monday. Arrival.

Per Wellington from Glasgow (December 9th)-
Lochart 	Mr A
And 377 Steerage
Dr Parker medical officer in charge

The barque Queen of Cambria has discharged some 1100 tons of her cargo. Work could not be carried on yesterday in consequence of the bad weather.

The barque Mennock has taken in the following cargo:-
2520 bales wool, 13 bales sheepskins, 9 bales rabbitskins, 11 casks tallow, 81 pkgs sundries, 110 tons scrap iron.

The ship Westland has taken 2450 bales wool, 17 bales rabbitskins, 5 bales sheepskins, 154 casks tallow, 9 casks pelts, 21 bales leather, 29_9 sacks wheat, 8 bales glue pieces.

The ship Benan had about 800 tons of cargo left on board yesterday.

The ship Invercargill has discharged 800 tons of cargo, which is turning out in splendid order.

The barque Olive Thurlow has discharged 150 tons of cargo into lighters.

The ship Titania left on Saturday for the United Kingdom, close on the heels of the Centurion and the Dallam Tower. As all three are unusually smart vessels, and are sailed by masters each of whom has left with a determination to read the news of the other's arrival over his breakfast table in Cork, Falmouth, Queenstown or London in the morning papers, a fine ocean race is intended. It will be interesting to notice the result.- Christchurch Press.


Bunting was displayed yesterday by the shipping in Dunedin on account of the marriage Captain K[e?a?]_an of the Rio Grande.

Wednesday. Arrivals.

Per Waitaki from Timaru-
Austin 		Mrs
Barb_r 		Mrs
Cooper 		Miss
Cooper 		Mrs
Duthi_ 		Mr
G_ab 		Miss
Gillies 	Miss (2)
M'Laren 	Mr
Russell 	Mr
Simpson 	Miss
Urquhart 	Miss
Urquhart 	Mrs
And 10 steerage

Per Arawata from Sydney via the North-

Alexander 	Mr
Alexander 	Mrs
Beattie 	Mr
Elliott 	Mr
Gordon 		Mrs
Jeff_ey 	Mr
Lawrence 	Mr
Mackie 		Mrs and 3 children
Mackie 		Rev Mr
Madam 		Mr
Mitchell 	Mrs
Paterson 	Mr
Rees 		Mrs
Renton 		Mr
Sutherland 	Rev Mr
Wil_on 		Mr
Wil_on 		Mrs
Wilton 		Miss
And 6 steerage

The s.s. Mahinapua and prison hulk Esther and Ann were floated out of the Graving Dock this morning, and the s.s. Suva taken in for overhaul, scraping and painting.

Transcriptions Otago Witness Saturday March 24th 1883 Page 14

Thursday. Arrivals.

Per Wakatipu from Sydney-
Baker 		Mr
Blair 		Mr
Chapman 	Mr
Cooke 		Mrs
Demel 		Mrs
Downes 		Mr
Lloyd 		Mr
M'Downey 	Miss
[R?]ashford 	Mr
Roche 		Mr
Wooward 	Mrs
And 4 steerage

Per Wairarapa from Melbourne-
Crawshaw 	Miss A
Donelly 	Mr J
Gordon 		Mr and Mrs
Horne 		Mrs T
Lieber 		Mr N
Marshall 	Mr W E
Mi_burn 	Mr J
Potter 		Mr H
Rich 		Miss (3)
Rich 		Mr and Mrs
Ringwood 	Mr A
Stockwell 	Mr and Mrs
And 24 steerage

Per Wairarapa from the Bluff-
M'Kenzie 	Mr
Satchler 	Miss
And 2 steerage

Thursday. Departures.

Per Wairarapa for Lyttelton-
Day 		Mr and Mrs and 2 children
O'Rorke 	Sir M

Per Wairarapa for Wellington-
Cumming 	Mr
Deans 		Mr
Moore 		Master
Nyhon 		Mr 
Patrick 	Mr

Per Wairarapa for Nelson-
Henderson 	Miss

Per Wairarapa for Napier-
Hodgins 	Mrs and nurse

Per Wairarapa for Gisborne-
Alfred 		Mrs and family (8)
Smith 		Mr

Per Wairarapa for Auckland-
Baxter 		Mr
Bro__e 		Mr
Dick 		Mr
Downes 		Mr
Durnel_ 	Mrs
Jones 		Mr
Newman 		Mrs
Robertson 	Mr

Per Wairarapa for Sydney-
Elliott 	Miss
Hannah 		Mrs and 3 children
Hoggins 	Mr
Proctor 	Mr
Wes_wood 	Rev Mr

Per Arawata for the Bluff-
Crisp 		Mr

Per Arawata for Hobart-
Ainslee 	Mrs

Per Arawata for Melbourne-
Allen 		Mr and Mrs J
Andrew 		Mr
Britain 	Mr
Cobarth 	Mr
Croon 		Miss
Hanlan 		Mr
Marks 		Mr E M
Ottr_y 		Miss
Richards 	Mrs (3?5?) children and nurse

Friday. Arrival.
Per Hawea from the North-

B[illegible] 	Mr and Mrs
Broughton 	Miss (2)
Broughton 	Mr
Broughton 	Mrs
Connor 		Rev Mr and Mrs
Cotram 		Mr 
Hamilton 	Mr and Mrs
Hickson 	Miss (4)
Hickson 	Mrs
Irwin 		Miss
Kennedy 	Mr
Longson 	Miss
Mi_ls 		Mrs
Raphael 	Mr
Wheeler 	Miss
Wheeler 	Mrs
Woodward 	Mr and Mrs and family
And 2 steerage

Tuesday. Arrivals.

Per Tarawera From Melbourne-

?ox 		Mr
Ba[b?]_antyne 	Miss
Begg 		Miss
Chapman 	Mrs
Earl 		Mrs
Howell 		Mr and Mrs
Hutton 		Mrs
Lemuir 		Mrs
M'Kissock 	Miss
Ridgman 	Miss
Rintel 		Mrs

Per Tarawera from Hobart-
Adams 		Mr
Clark 		Miss
Gaylor 		Mr and Mrs
Nicholls 	Mrs
Poynter 	Mr and Mrs
Wilkins 	Mr

Wednesday. Departures.

Per Tarawera for Lyttelton-

Abfield 	Mrs
Higgins 	Mr
Knight 		Mrs and infant
M'Lean 		Mrs
Marshall 	Mr
Prictor 	Miss
Prictor 	Mr

Per Tarawera for Wellington-
Cameron 	Mr and Mrs and family
Easther 	Mrs
Lloyd 		Mr

Per Tarawera for Napier-
Miller 		Mr

Per Tarawera for Auckland-
Cotterill 	Mr
Darby 		Mr
Dawson 		Mr
Fielding 	Mr
Foster 		Mr
Graham 		Miss
King 		Mr
Saunders 	Mr

Per Tarawera for Sydney-
Edwards 	Mrs

Wednesday. Arrival.

Per Rotomahana from the North-

Beal 		Mr
Beal 		Mrs
Brown 		Mr
Brown 		Mrs
Chipman 	Mr
Cumming 	Mr
Hawk_s 		Miss
Hawkes 		Mr (2)
Hill 		Mr
Irwin 		Mr
Murray 		Mr and Mrs infant and nurse
Nelville 	Miss
Parry 		Mr
Rankine 	Mr
Sibbald 	Mr
Slesinger 	Mr
Spicer 		Mr
Whyte 		Mr and Mrs
Wilkinson 	Mrs and child
Williams 	His Honor Justice and Mrs
And 13 steerage

The barque Queen of Cambria has received her sailing orders. She proceeds to Valparaiso for orders to load nitrate at a South American port; her rate of freight is 50s a ton.

The barque Mennock is almost a full ship. She will block off her hatches today, and is to sail for London on Saturday.

Transcriptions from Otago Witness Saturday March 31st 1883 Page 14

Saturday. Arrival.
The s.s. Waitaki arrived at Port Chalmers at 9.30 a.m. yesterday.
She left Timaru at 4 p.m. on Thursday, and encountered strong S.S.W. winds and a high sea during the passage. Captain White reports that about 1 p.m. on the 22nd a strong S.S.W. squall passed over Timaru, and did considerable damage to the shipping there. The stern mooring of the Waitaki first gave way, and she swung on to the ship Ugglan's moorings, doing considerable damage to the Waitaki's rail. Next the barque Rewa broke adrift from her moorings and fouled the Ugglan, carrying away that vessel's rudder, spanker-boom, and steering gear, doing at the same time considerable damage to her own head-gear.
An attempt was made by the steamers Titan and Waitaki to tow the Ugglan closer in, but owing to the strong gale and heavy sea the attempt was given up, as the ship was riding steadily; while the Waitaki was compelled to slip her anchor with 75 fathoms chain, together with her rope moorings, and stand to sea as above.

Monday. Arrivals.
Per Waitangi from London (December 22nd)-

Beaven 		Mr
Brown 		Mr J H
Maychurch 	Mr
Mumford 	Mr G B
Procter 	Miss (2)
Robins 		Miss
Skinner 	Mr
Squires 	Mr
Squires 	Mr and Mrs
Tucker 		Mr and Mrs and family (5)
Catte 		Mr and Mrs and family (2)
Coll[e?a?o?]r 	Mr and Mrs
Conwan 		Mr
Gutschladt 	Mr and Mrs and 2 children
Horrax 		Mr
Kind 		Mr and Mrs and infant
Legg 		Mr
Moran 		Mr
Phelan 		Mrs and family (2)
Rotherell 	Mr
Smith 		Mr and Mrs G and family (4)
Stephens 	Mr
Walters 	Mr
Monday. Departures.
Per Penguin for Akaroa-
Gillow 		Mr
Porter 		Mr

Per Penguin for Lyttelton-
Daws 		Miss

Per Penguin for Wellington-
Charters 	Mr

Tuesday. Arrival.
Per Manapouri from Melbourne-
Burt         	Mr T
Jones 		Miss
Jones 		Mr W
Kelly 		Mrs
Moss 		Mr F
R_wn 		Mr M
Smith 		Miss
Smith 		Mr J
Wertheim 	Mr H
Per Manapouri from Hobart-
Cooper 		Miss
And 14 steerage

The barque Monarch has taken in over 10,000 sacks of grain.

The ship Benan put out the last of her cargo yesterday, Her destination is at present unfixed.

The barque Mennock is rapidly filling up. She is to sail for London on Wednesday.

The ship Wellington has discharged about 600 tons of cargo.

The ship Invercargill was towed up from the stream yesterday afternoon, and berthed at the pier.

The ship Westland was towed to sea yesterday afternoon by the s.s. Plucky, and sailed for London, taking four passengers and the following cargo:-

3640 	bales wool 		72,800
5 	bales sheepskins 	    100
33 	bales rabbitskins           759
37 	bales leather    	    740
38 	bales basils 	   	    380
1 	bale 8 casks pelts   	     85
342 	casks tallow 	 	  1,710
29_0 	sacks wheat 	 	  2,910	
300 	cases meat 		    600
8 	bales glue pieces  	     24
30 	drums glycerine dip          35

Total value 80,143

The Westland left the port in splendid trim, and will no doubt make a rapid passage Home. We trust Captain Moffatt may have bon voyage.

As some comments have been made as to the length of the British King's passage out to Wellington, it is only fair to point out that she has come out to New Zealand in shorter time than any previous steamer. Even the Mongol's famous passage to Port Chalmers - 49
Days net steaming time-was nearly two days longer than that of the British King, which was slightly under 48 days. This is not bad work, especially considering the adverse weather.-Post.

Wednesday. Departures.
Per Manapouri for Lyttelton-
Beaven 		Mr
Catte 		Miss (3)
Catte 		Mr
Keesing 	Mr
Morrison 	Mr
Spence 		Mr

Per Manapouri for Wellington-
Butterworth 	Mr
Gallagher 	Mr
Wishart 	Mrs

Per Manapouri for Napier-
Burnett 	Mr and Mrs and family (3)
Fitchett 	Rev A R
Headly 		Mr
Kerkham 	Rev R A
Nevill 		His Lordship Bishop
Nevill 		Mrs
Newman 		Mr
Quick 		Mr E
Ronaldson 	Rev W

Per Manapouri for Auckland-
Alister 	Mrs
Brown 		Mrs
Far_ie 		Mrs
Hilton 		Mr
Lonie 		Mr
Marychurch 	Miss
Matheson 	Mr 
Pope 		Mr T
Procter 	Miss (2)
Robins 		Miss
Rottwell 	Mr J
Tucker 		Mr and Mrs and family (5)
Walters 	Mr
Wise 		Mr

Per Manapouri for Sydney-
Fergusson 	Mr
Hitch 		Mr
Millington 	Mr and Mrs and child
Poscock 		Mr

Wednesday. Arrival.
Per Te Anau from Sydney-

Binnie 		Mr
Campbell 	Miss
De Beer 	Mr
Ellingham 	Mr
Fagan 		Mr
Fulton 		Miss
Fulton 		Mrs
Grey 		Mr
Hindmarsh 	Mr and Mrs
Johnstone 	Mr
Kirkcaldy 	Mr
Livingstone 	Miss
M'Loy 		Mr
Michaelis 	Mr
Morrison 	Mr
Owen 		Mr
P[illegible]skill 	Mr
Pizey 		Mr
Rattray 	Mrs
Ross 		Mr
Roughton 	Mr
Skinner 	Mrs
Smith 		Mr
Sutherland 	Mr
Walter 		Mr H J
And 9 steerage

The ship Waitangi is to discharge in the stream. Her passengers were disembarked yesterday morning in the s.s. Shag.

The barque East Lothian has been sold by Mr W. Duthie of Melbourne on account of Captain Charles Clark, to Mr Norman M'Leod at a satisfactory price.
Captain Edward Kidney, formerly commander of the s.s. Albion, who was injured in the Hawthorn railway accident, has been awarded 1350, of which 1200 was compensation, and 150 medical fees.

The ship Waitangi commenced discharging cargo into lighters today.

The brig Risoe was towed up to Dunedin this morning.

(European Mail)

Per Union Steam Ship Company's Waihora, s.s. (Captain Orkney), from Glasgow January 29th; and Greenock 31st, for Australia and New Zealand.

For Melbourne-
Hargraves 	Mr
Jackman 	Mr and Mrs T? J
M'Robbie 	Miss
Moore 		Mr A M
Paterson 	Mr W[m?]
Sheath 		Mr Alfred
Stewart 	Miss C J
Stewart 	Miss E E
Townsend 	Mr C W

Second Cabin:
Allison 	Mr James
Borland 	Mr
Copland 	Mr G
Granger 	Mr and Mrs Jas
Johnston 	Mr James
Lowe 		Mr Samuel and family
Moore 		Mr H H
Murray 		Mr P M

For Adelaide-
Kennedy 	Mr John S

For Dunedin-
Campbell 	Mr P M
Hume 		Miss Agnes
Hume 		Miss Bessie
Maguire 	Mrs
Orme 		Miss Janet
Sleigh 		Mr S E
Stokes 		Mr P J

Second cabin:
Bathgate 	Miss
Leitch 		Mr Thomas
M'Laws 		Mr D
M'Laws 		Mr J
Milne 		Mr A
Murray 		Miss
Robbie 		Mr J
Rodger 		Mr Wm
Scott 		Miss S
Stewart 	Mr G E

For Akaroa-
Hemming 	Mr C M

For Wellington-
Foster 		Miss
Hislop 		Miss Isabella
Hislop 		Mr and Mrs John
Howden 		Mr and Mrs D B

Second cabin:
Ske[??] 	Mr Allan

For Napier-
Findlay 	Mr and Mrs
M'Lean 		Miss Helen
M'Lean 		Miss Margaret
M'Lean 		Mr and Mrs J A

For Auckland-
Comins 		Rev Mr and Mrs
Young 		Mr and Mrs W

Second cabin:
Hanson 		Miss
Henderson 	Miss B
Knox 		Miss
Knox 		Mr James
Lion 		Mr E A
Nicoll 	Mr Frank

For Sydney-
Second cabin:
Bennett 	Mr and Mrs F
Bevan 		Mr John
Gordon 		Mr and Mrs Robt
Mil_en 		Mrs Robert and children
Naylor 		Mr J

For Hobart-
Second cabin:
Ferguson 	Mr Wm jun

For Lyttelton-
Second cabin:
Dodds 		Mr Thos
Hay 		Mr J
Hay 		Mr R S
Jacobs 		Mr J B
Per Messrs Shaw, Savill, and Co's Bencleuch (Captain Cromarty), from London February 3rd. 
For Otago-
Second cabin:
?ow 		Mr Edward A
Mellor 		Mr Joseph
Michelly 	Alfred

Arbery 		F C
Burgess 	Mr Fredk
Jones 		Elizabeth