'Otago Witness' arrivals 1883 -  May

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Shipping News  to Otago - May 1883 
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Transcriptions from Otago Witness May 5th 1883. Page 14
transcribed by Helen

Friday. Arrival.

Per Hawea from the North-

Alymer 		Master
Batchelor 	Master
Cotterell 	Mr
Dobson 		Mr
Fitzgerald 	Master
Fleming 	Miss
Fothergill 	Mr
M'Lean 		Master
Messon 		Mr
Rowe 		Mr
Wallcott 	Master
Williams 	Master(2)
Wright 		Masters (2)
And 3 steerage
For Melbourne -
Doyle 		Mr
Duncan 		Mr
Elvin 		Mr and Mrs 
Fairburn 	Mr
Freeman 	Mr and Mrs and 4 children
Halcott 	Mrs
Hale 		Mrs
Le Cren 	Mr
Matheson 	Misses (2)
Maxwell 	Mrs
McLeod 		Mr
McManus 	Mr
Pritchard 	Mr
South 		Mr
Stephenson 	Mr and Mrs
Storer 		Mr
Thompson 	Mr and Mrs E A
Twopeny 	Mr
Yanskopley 	Mr


Per Manapouri for Hobart-
Kennedy 	Captain
Maddon 		Miss
Skinner 	Mr

Per Manapouri for Melbourne-
[H?R?]ale 	Mrs
Doyle 		Mr
Duncan 		Mr
Elvin 		Mr and Mrs
Fairbairn 	Mr
Freeman 	Mr and Mrs and 4 children
Halcott 	Mrs
Le Cron 	Mr
M'Leod 		Mr
M'Manus 	Mr
Matheson 	Miss (2)
Maxwell 	Mrs
Pritchard 	Mr
South 		Mr
Stephenson 	Mr and Mrs
Storer 		Mr
Thompson 	Mr and Mrs E A
Twopeny 	Mr
Yanskopley 	Mr

Monday. Departures.

Per Hawea for Wellington-
Wilkinson 	Miss

Per Hawea for Greymouth-
King 		Mr

Per Hawea for Taranaki-
Brach 		Master

Per Hawea for Manukau-
Loughton 	Mr
Reuter 		Mr

Tuesday. Arrivals.

Per Wairarapa from Melbourne-
Bell 		Mr
Brown 		Dr
Brown 		Mrs
Cargill 	Master
Cargill 	Mrs
Clark 		Mrs
Cook 		Mr
Currie 		Mr
Davenport 	Mr
Dixon 		Mr
Edwards 	Miss
Edwards 	Mr
Edwards 	Mrs
Fenwick 	Mr
Fogo 		Mrs
Garrett 	Miss
Hopkins 	Mr
Lilley 		Mr
May 		Mr
Milne 		Miss
Murdoch 	Mrs
Parsons 	Mr
Scott 		Dr
Scott 		Mrs
Sievwright 	Mr
Swan 		Mrs
And 22 steerage

Per Wairarapa for the Bluff-
Brown 		Mr
Edwards 	Mr
Roy 		Mr

Wednesday. Departures-

Per Wairarapa for Lyttelton-
Coxon 		Mr
Holmes 		Mr
Innes 		Mr
Kirkcaldy 	Mr
Ramsay 		Mr K

Per Wairarapa for Wellington-
Cox 		Miss E
Hall 		Mr
M'Kinnon 	Mr
M'Lean 		Mr J
Menzies 	Mrs
Rattray 	Mr J
Stokes 		Mr
Von der Heyde 	Miss

Per Wairarapa for Napier-
Ross 		Mrs
Turton 		Mr
Walsh 		Constable

Per Wairarapa for Gisborne-
M'Neill 	Mr

Per Wairarapa for Tauranga-
Carroll 	Mr P

Per Wairarapa for Auckland-
Dale 		Mr
Foster 		Miss
Lyons 		Mr E
Snowden 	Mr
Wales 		Mr

Wednesday. Arrival-

Per Te Anau from the North-
Binnie 		Mr 
His Lordship the Bishop of Dunedin 
Black 		Misses (2)
Baume 		Miss
Butterworth 	Mr
Crowe 		Mrs
Fraser 		Mr
Gow 		Mr
Hankinson 	Mr
Kerkham 	Rev Mr
Lang 		Miss
Murray 		Miss
Neville 	Mrs
Perry 		Mr
Pollard 	Mr
Robertson 	Mr
Ronaldson 	Rev Mr
Sims 		Mr W H
Strachan 	Miss
Strange 	Mr
Telfer 		Mr
Trappe 		Mrs and infant
Winter 		Miss
Winter 		Mr
Wretmann 	Captain
And 8 steerage


The Westmouth sailed on March 15th for Auckland and Otago -
Saloon: passenger for Port Chalmers-
Williams 	H W

Second cabin:
Baxter 		Harold
Howe 		Frank H
May 		Charles
May 		Susan L
Merrick 	Elizabeth
Merrick 	Henry L

Barber 		Ernest
Barber 		Leonard
Carroll 	L
Connolly 	Bernard
Divey 		Pellscarn
Feldman 	N
Generton 	Robert
Irving 		Alexander
Irving 		Mary
Mahon 		H L
Midgley 	Frank
Midgley 	Henry
Moore 		Alice P
Peck 		Richard
Ripley 		Clara
Ripley 		Robert
Sanford 	William
Ward 		Harriet
White 		George A A

Per Messrs Shaw, Saville and Co.'s Indian Empire (Captain Watson), from London March 2nd. For Otago, New Zealand (consigned to the British and New Zealand Mortgage Company)

Smith 		C O
Wilson 		George

Boolaghty 	Eliza  (Doolaghty)
Boolaghty 	James
Boolaghty 	John
Boolaghty 	Margaret
Boolaghty 	May
Boolaghty 	Michael
Boolaghty 	Patrick
Boolaghty 	Peter
Lawrie 		William
Marner 		George
Tallent 	Benjamin
Winstanley 	Samuel

The barque Johan Theodor has discharged about 200 tons of her Dunedin cargo. It is turning out in splendid order.

The refrigerating chambers on the Fenstanton were completed on Saturday night, and steam got up. The machinery works splendidly and she will commence taking in carcasses tomorrow. She has taken on board 2137 bales wool, 28 bales sheepskins, 16 bales rabbitskins, 64 casks tallow, 12 casks skins, 31 bales leather, 430 sacks wheat, 466 sacks oats, 32 pkgs sundries.

The barque Abbey Holme has finished loading. She has taken 6500 bags wheat.

The B. and N. Z. M. and A. Company received a cablegram yesterday announcing the arrival of the ship Canterbury at London on the 25th inst., after a good passage of 80 days.

The fine 100 A1 ship Lyttelton, owned by Shaw, Savill and Albion Shipping Company (Limited), has been fitted with a Bell-Coleman refrigerator and chamber, with all the recent improvements, and was to be despatched from London about the 23rd inst., for Otago, to arrive there in June. The capacity of the chamber is limited to 10,000 carcasses, which will doubtless be early taken advantage of, not only on account of the high class of the vessel, but of the favourable outturn of recent cargoes of this article. The vessel is consigned to the National Mortgage and Agency Company.

A vestige of the unfortunate schooner Hannah Barratt seems to have turned up at Island Bay. Mr H Thomson informs me (New Zealand Times) that he found yesterday afternoon, a quarter of a mile eastward from the hotel, a spar broken off at the cap, and evidently part of the foretopmast of a schooner. He left the spar at Mr Moody's hotel. The dimensions are- 14 ft from paint (just visible), 10 ft 6 in from paint to slings; 1 ft 6 ins in circumference at the butt end, which is also broken off. This kauri spar has probably not been in the water more than a fortnight.

Transcriptions Otago Witness Saturday May 12th. Pages 13 & 14.
Saturday. Arrival.
Per Waitaki from Timaru-
Campbell 	Mr
Collins 	Mr and Mrs and 6 children
M’Kinnon 	Mr
Munro 		Miss
Proctor 	Mr
Wilson 		Miss
And 3 steerage
Saturday. Departures.
Per Oamaru for London-
Anderson 	Mrs
Cameron 	Mr and Mrs J H
Carmichael 	Mrs W
Harris 		Mrs
Cargill 	Miss
Gallie 		Mrs and 2 children
Harris 		Miss
Hawsen 		Miss
Lister 		Mr H
Taylor 		Mr D
White 		Mr and Mrs and 2 children
Per Hauroto for Lyttelton- 
Lees 		Mr C
Morrison 	Mr
Strang 		Mr
Per Hauroto for Wellington- 
Bacon 		Mr
Burns 		Mrs and Miss
Elwood 		Mr
Howie 		Mr
Lee 		Mr
Per Hauroto for Sydney- 
Foster 		Rev Dr
Frobister 	Mr
Green 		Mr W
Robertson 	Mr
Roseby 		Mrs
Roseby 		Rev Dr
Scott 		Mr G
Snodgrass 	Mr
Sullivan 	Mr
And 6 steerage

The Albion Shipping Company’s ship Oamaru was towed to sea on Saturday afternoon, and sailed for London, taking 17 passengers and the following cargo-

 2858  bales wool                  	£53,160
   69  bales rabbitskins            	  1,587
   27  bales sheepskins              	    740
   19  bales basils                         190
  160  casks tallow                         800
    8  casks pelts                           80
    4  bags seeds                            12
 1100 cases preserved meat    		  2,200
   11 bales rags                             55
 5191 sacks wheat                 	  5,191
 1638 sacks oats                          1,688
Total value   £64,9063

The s.s. Penguin is being scraped, cleaned and repainted in the Port Chalmers Graving Dock.
The barque Johan Theodor has landed about 400 tons of her Dunedin cargo.

Tuesday. Departures.
Per Penguin for Lyttelton- 
Bardsley 	Mr
Nugent 		Mrs A
Parker 		Mr
Per Penguin for Picton- 
Smaile 		Miss
Per Penguin for Manukau- 
Berry 		Mr
Milne	 	Mr
Tuesday. Arrival.
Per Arawata from Melbourne, via Hobart and the Bluff-
Blankinsee 	Mr
Adams 		Mr
Brown 		Mr
Clark 		Mrs
Cotter 		Mr
Craig 		Mr
Ferdinando 	Mr
Gibson 		Miss
Gibson 		Mrs
Hammond 	Mr
Hill 		Mrs
Hobbs 		Mr
Irvine 		Major-general
Irvine 		Miss
Irvine 		Mrs and child
Jardine 	Dr
Jones 		Mr
Kappell 	Mr
Kay 		Mr
Ralston 	Mr
Smith 		Mr
Smith 		Mrs and child
Steele 		Mr
Stewart 	Mr
Victorsen 	Mr
And 15 steerage
Tuesday. Departures.
Per Waihora for Lyttelton- 
Binnie 		Mr
Isaacs 		Mr
Madden 		Mr
Per Waihora for Wellington- 
Cameron 	Miss
Cook 		Mr
Farrant 	Mr
Per Waihora for Napier- 
Asheton 	Mr
Campbell 	Miss
Wilson 		Mr
Per Waihora for Gisborne- 
Sandiland 	Mr and Mrs and family (6)
Per Waihora for Auckland- 
Douglas 	Mr
Per Waihora for Sydney- 
Hall 		Mr
The ship Waitangi will meet with quick despatch. She has already over 1230 tons of cargo engaged and being a favourite vessel, will take a large number of passengers. She has now on board 120 bales wool, 200 bags wheat, 2000 bags oats.
The ship Wellington is to be rapidly loaded. She has now taken on board 114 bales wool, 2__bales rabbitskins, 42 casks tallow, 300 cases preserved meats, 1650 sacks wheat.
Wednesday. Arrival.
Per Rotomahana from Sydney-
Boothe 		Mr
Bowen 		Mr
Byrne 		Mr
Carr 		Mr
Colbeck 	Mr
DeLatour 	Mr
M’Callum 	Mr
Macandrew 	Mr
Philips 	Master
Philips 	Mr
Philips 	Mrs
Rattray 	Mr
Rich 		Mr
Simpson 	Mr
Stevenson 	Mr
Stevenson 	Mrs
And 4 steerage
Wednesday. Departures.
Per Arawata for Lyttelton- 
Mackerras 	Miss
Per Arawata for Wellington- 
Houghton 	Mr
Darling 	Mr
Telfer 		Mr
Per Arawata for Gisborne- 
Maginity 	Miss
Per Arawata for Auckland- 
Scott 		Mr
Per Arawata for Sydney-
Williams	Mr

The s.s. Fenstanton has now completed her loading. She has taken in 7840 carcasses of mutton and will sail on Thursday.
The barque Norman M’Leod, of 834 tons, left London for Timaru direct on April 17th. She was to be followed by the barque Lurline of 761 tons.
A cablegram has been received by the agents, (the National Mortgage and Agency Company) advising the arrival of the ship Nelson from Port Chalmers at London on the 6th inst., having made the passage in 73 days.
The Timaru Herald, in a leading article, has some very strong remarks upon “the uncommendable way, to put it mildly, in which the Christchurch papers gloat over and advertise to the fullest extent in their power every accident which occurs to a vessel while crossing the Port Chalmers bar. No matter (says the Herald) whether it is of a serious or trivial nature- whether the vessel has knocked her keel off and is leaking badly, or whether she has only ‘smelt’ the sand so faintly that it is a question if she really stirred it up at all- the result is the same: it is another ‘Accident at the Port Chalmers bar,’ in big letters. It sometimes seems to us that our Christchurch contemporaries must employ a special staff of spies, whose sole duty it is, or at any rate whose most lucrative work it is, to ferret out every possible thing which by hook or by crook can be twisted or turned into a damaging statement against Port Chalmers in general and its bar in particular.”

Transcriptions Otago Witness Saturday May 19th 1883. Page 14

Friday. Departure.

Per Rotomahana for Melbourne-

Alexander 	Mr
Arnold 		Miss
Bent 		Mr
De Beer 	Mr and Mrs, 5 Children and nurse
Denniston 	Mr
Fletcher 	Mr
Joel 		Mr, Mrs and Miss
Kerr 		Mr
Laidler 	Mr and Mrs
Rodgers 	Mr
Woolf 		Mr

Saturday. Arrival.

Per Wakatipu from Sydney-

Cheever 	Mr
Boyd 		Mrs and 2 children
Cook 		Mr
Dutton 		Mr
Dutton 		Mrs
Logie 		Mrs
M'Farlane 	Mr
Williamson 	Mr
Woodroffe 	Mr
And 8 steerage

Monday. Departures.

Per Wanaka for Wellington-
Costello 	Mrs and 5 children
Gibson 		Mr
Hooper 		Mr
Manning 	Mr
Tait 		Mr

Per Wanaka for Nelson-
Snodgrass 	Mr

Wednesday. Arrivals.

Per Manapouri from Melbourne-
Aitken 		Mr
Cargill 	Mr J W
Curtayne 	Mr
M'Carthy 	Mr
Puddy 		Mr J
Puddy 		Mr E
Ross 		Mr
Stelli_ 	Mr
And 18 steerage

Per Wairarapa from the North-
Boyd 		Mr
Brown 		Mr
Campbell 	Mr
Coates 		Mr
Fenwick 	Mr
Galloway 	Miss
Lucy 		Mr
Mackay 		Mr
Ness 		Mr
Richards 	Mrs
Shaw 		Mr
Simons 		Mr
Spence 		Mr
Stanford 	Master
Steward 	Mr
Stewart 	Mr
Tarrand 	Mr
Waddell 	Rev Mr
Wales 		Mr
And 5 steerage

The New Zealand Shipping Company's steamer Fenstanton sailed for London on Thursday afternoon. During her stay here she has taken the following cargo on board: 2392 bales wool, 28 bales sheepskins, 39 bales rabbitskins, 38 bales leather, 430 sacks wheat, 466 sacks oats, 100 sacks oatmeal, 64 casks tallow, 12 casks skins, 44 pkgs sundries, 4 bags ducks, and 7840 sheep.
That in fair weather, vessels of an ordinary size, such as generally visit the port, can enter or leave with perfect safety, was instanced on Thursday evening, when Pilot Kelly took out the Fenstanton at 5.15 o'clock. She drew 20 ft 6 in of water forward and 20 ft 8 in aft, and crossed to the entire satisfaction of Captain Bray.
The ship Serapis, which left Port Chalmers on February 10th, arrived at London on April 30th having made the passage in 79 days.

page 12
London, May 10th
Arrived: Ship Jessie Readman from the Bluff (January 31st)l Nelson from Port Chalmers (February 22nd)

London May 12th
Arrived: Ships Blitz, from Port Chalmers (January 20th)
Waitara from Wellington February 17th
Coromandel from Napier January 22nd.

May 10th
The cargo of frozen meat by the Dunedin has realised an average of 6½d.

No Shipping Otago Witness May 26th 1883.

page 11
London, May 16th
Arrived: Unicorn, ship, from Oamaru (Jan. 30th)
Orari, ship, from Wellington, January 30th