'Otago Witness' arrivals 1883 -  September

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Shipping News  to Otago - September 1883 
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Transcription Otago Witness Saturday September 1st 1883.

The New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company (Limited) have received advice by cable from their London office that the frozen sheep per s.s. Ionic are all believed to be in good order, and that they have placed 100 carcasses out of their consignment at 7 and 3/4d per lb.
The New Zealand Refrigerating Company have received the following cablegram from London, dated 28th inst., regarding the sale of the Ionic's cargo of frozen mutton:-
"The meat is turning out in very good order, and is realising an average of 7 and 3/4d. The market has a declining tendency".

No other shipping for this date.

Transcription Otago Witness Saturday September 8th 1883. Page 15

Thursday. Arrival.
Per Dunedin from London-
Nicholson 	Mr
Rayner 		Mr
Shepperd 	Mr

Second cabin:
Larner 		Mr
Myhill 		Mr and Mrs
Nicholls 	Mr and Mrs and 2(?) children

Atwell 		Mr and Mrs and 4 children
Cowling 	Mr and Mrs
Farmer 		Mr
Grogan 		Mr and Mrs
Knight 		Miss
Knight 		Mr
M'Meekan 	Mr
Mills 		Mr
Thomas 		Mr
Tibbitts 	Mr and Mrs
Thursday. Departures.

Per Wairarapa for Lyttelton-
Brown 		Mr
Carrighan 	Mr and Mrs
Coombes 	Mrs
Cornish 	Mr
Cowie 		Mr
Forsyth 	Mr and Mrs
Haines 		Mr
Korupshoroa 	Mrs
Popperhill 	Mr
Thomas 		Mrs

Per Wairarapa for Napier-
Bell 		Mr Dillon
D'El__ 		Mr and Mrs and servant

Per Wairarapa for Auckland-
Arnold 		Mr
De Berg 	Mr
Graham 		Mr
Hoff 		Mr (2)
Hopkins 	Mr
Huxtable 	Mr
Robertson 	Miss (3)
Robertson 	Mr (3)
Thomas 		Mrs
Thompson 	Mr
Watson 		Mrs

Per Wairarapa for Russell-
Blundell 	Miss

Per Wairarapa for Sydney-
Blackadder 	Mr
Blackadder 	Mrs
Cowie 		Miss
Hitch 		Mr
Lynott 		Mr
M'Gillivray 	Mr
Roy 		Mr
Stubbing 	Mr
Wilkie 		Mr

Per Waihora for Melbourne-
Barron 		Mrs
Fogerty 	Mr
Kennedy 	Mr
Lacey 		Mr
Mackenzie 	Mr
Marshall 	Mr
Mosley 		Mr
Nicholl 	Mr
Robertson 	Mr
Sample 		Professor
Scott 		Mr

Friday. Arrival.

Per Hawea from the North-
_enwick 	Mr
Cameron 	Mr
M'Gregor 	Mr
Millar 		Mrs and child
Wilcocks 	Mr
And 1 steerage

Saturday. Arrivals.

Per Wakatipu from Sydney-
Barlin_ 	Mr
Brown 		Mr
Hudson 		Mr
Issacs 		Mrs
R__se[t?t?] 	Mr
Scott 		Mr
Spence 		Mr
Stout 		Mr
Sullivan 	Mr
Sullivan 	Mrs
And 7 steerage

Per Waitaki from Timaru-
Baird 		Miss (2)
Christie 	Miss
Gabites 	Mr
Hoare 		Mr
Lawrence 	Mr
Pitt 		Mrs
Sparrow 	Mr

Monday. Departures.

Per Hawea for Akaroa-
Bailey 		Miss
Simpson 	Mr

Per Hawea for Lyttelton-
Fish 		Master (2)
Simpson 	Mr F

Per Hawea for Wellington-
M'Guian 	Mr R

Per Hawea for Picton-
Tolfie 		Mr

Per Hawea for Nelson-
Mears 		Miss

The brig Thomas and Henry is to be used as a receiving vessel at Port Chalmers for the steamers for the New Zealand Shipping Company. She is undergoing an overhaul prior to being employed on her new service.

The ship Dunedin has put out 260 tons of cargo, which is turning out in splendid order.
The barque Gleniffor is discharging the last of her deadweight cargo.
The ship Auckland is rapidly filling up, and has already taken in 321 bales wool, 184 bales rabbitskins, 7 bales leather, 6 bales basils, __16 sacks grain, 15_6 cases meat, 400 casks tallow, 362 hides, 6pkgs sundries and a quantity of horns.

Tuesday. Arrival.

Per Tarawera from Melbourne-

Brown 		Miss
Brown 		Mr (2?)
Burke 		Mr
Farley 		Mr
Gardiner 	Miss
Lecky 		Miss
M'Ilreath 	Mr
M'Kenzie 	Miss
Mitchell 	Miss
Mitchell 	Mr
Mitchell 	Mrs
Parsons 	Miss
Parsons 	Mrs

The ship Waimate has met quick despatch. She is entirely clear of her inward cargo, and has taken in 4700 sacks of grain. Weather permitting, she will be towed round to Timaru today.
Besides the cargo taken in at Port Chalmers by the British King (says the Press), there was shipped at this port 754 bales and 267 pockets of wool, 554 casks tallow, 6439 sacks wheat, 37_ sacks grass seed, 398 sacks beans, 60 casks pelts, 1826 carcasses mutton, 26 bales leather, 27 bales basils, 37 bales flax, 2 bales tow, 26 cases rennet, 4 cases hematite, 106 cases preserved rabbits, 47 tierces beef, and 350 cases meats.

The steamer Wanaka showed up on Sunday morning, at half-past 8 o'clock, from Wellington, after a fearful passage, the head seas encountered being, as Captain Neville describes them, about as bad as they make them. The steamer left Wellington at 3.15. p.m. on Friday, but did not pass Cape Campbell until 10 o'clock at night. She was kept at it, however, until 1 o'clock on Saturday afternoon, when it was found impossible to make any further safe progress against the fearful weather, and the vessel had to shelter under the Kaikoura Peninsula. There she remained for six hours, when a fresh start was made, and Lyttelton Heads sighted yesterday morning, the vessel reaching the wharf as above stated. She brought three passengers and mails for transfer to the s.s. British King, but that vessel would be then in the neighbourhood of 200 miles on her journey to Rio Janeiro, having left 16 hours before the Wanaka arrived.

Wednesday. Arrival.

Per Waitaki from Timaru-
[B?H?]oughton 	Mr
Burnett 	Mr
Freeman 	Mr
Hayes 		Mrs
Muskar 		Miss
Slater 		Mr
Stour 		Mr
And 8 steerage

Wednesday. Departures.
Per Tarawera for Wellington-
Atkins 		Mr
Bl[o?e?]igh 	Mr
Bl_kerstaff 	Mr
Cubbins 	Mr and Mrs and family
Hutchinson 	Mr
Mo[o?]ford 	Mr

Per Tarawera for Napier-
M'Gregor 	Master
Saunders 	Mr

Per Tarawera for Gisborne-
Kirkpatrick 	Mr D

Per Tarawera for Auckland-
Brown 		Mr
Fraser 		Rev J M
Paisley 	Mr
Rose 		Mr
Str_in 		Mr and Mrs and child
Thomas 		Miss
Toug 		Ching

Per Tarawera for Sydney-
Greenwood 	Mr
Monk 		Mrs and family (2)

Transcription Otago Witness Saturday September 15th 1883. Pages 14 & 15

Thursday. Arrival.

Per Ringarooma from the North-
Co___ad_ 	Mr
Doull 		Mr
Drake 		Mr
Dyson 		Mr
Gow 		Miss
Hagg_tt 	Miss
Joseph 		Mr
Kempthorne 	Mrs
M'Phaill 	Mr
Miller 		Mr
Montague 	Miss
Montague 	Mr
O'Brien 	Miss
Proctor 	Mr
Pyke 		Mr
Rowbotham 	Mr
Rowbotham 	Mrs
Stevens 	Mr
Wood 		Mr
Ziegel 		Mr
And 1 steerage
Thursday. Departures.

Per Wakatipu for Wellington-
Bell 		Mr
Ga__le 		Miss
Gal__ 		Mrs and child

Per Wakatipu for Sydney-
Alves 		Mr
Fod__ 		Mr
Gilchrist 	Mr
Johnson 	Mr and Mrs and child
M'Culloch 	Mr
M'Glashan 	Miss
Murphy 		Mr


Captain Greig, of the Government Schooner Kokeno, employed in the preservation of sealing during the close season, reports to the Secretary of the Marine Department, under date August 16, that he had been detained at Port Pegasus, Stewart Island, from August 8, waiting for the weather to moderate sufficiently to enable him to start on a cruise to the Auckland Isles. This detention was caused through strong gales of wind, blowing principally from between south and west. Occasionally the wind would back round to north-west for an hour or two, with heavy rain and falling barometer, and then would change again to the south-west, and blow with great violence. At 2 a.m. on the 16th it was from the south, and at mid-day was blowing a heavy gale from the north-west, with pouring rain, and barometer at 29.0. All was well on board the vessel.

Saturday. Arrivals.

Per Hauroto from Sydney-
Bathgate Mr J
Bathgate 	Mrs
Campbell 	Mr
Cowie 		Mr M H R
Downey 		Mr
Downey 		Mrs and 2 children
Kerr 		Mr

Per Wanaka from the North-
Quelch 		Mr
Simpson 	Mr
Smaill 		Miss
Stevenson 	Mr
Weston 		Mr
And 7 steerage


The clipper ship Auckland was taken clear of the Heads at 5 a.m. on the 8th inst. by the s.s. Plucky, and sailed for London with the following cargo-

304 	bales wool 		6,080
235 	bales rabbitskins 	 5,355
10 	bales basils 		   100
7 	bales leather 		   140
2 	bales sheepskins 	    49
361 	casks tallow 		 1,805
878 	hides 			   400
6219 	sacks wheat 		 6,219
4 	pkgs sundries 		   140 
1598 	cases meat 		 3,188

Total value 		       23,476

Tuesday. Departures. 

Per Wanaka for Taranaki- 
Evans 		Miss 
Evans 		Mrs and 2 children

Per Wanaka for Auckland-
Robertson 		Mr

Per Wanaka for Sydney-
Millington 	Mr

The periodical inspection of the U.S.S. Company's steamer Hauroto took place yesterday, when Mr Crawford, Government inspector of machinery, made a searching examination of the vessel. The crew were exercised in boat drill, in which they showed considerable efficiency. All the boats are fitted with Douglas' patent lowering apparatus, and were put over the side in a very smart manner. Mr Todd, chief officer, is to be congratulated on the discipline he maintains. It is almost unnecessary to add that her engine-rooms were in splendid order, and that she passed a very satisfactory examination.
The repairs to the s.s. Rotomahana are progressing very rapidly, and it is quite possible she will be hauled out of dock towards the end of this week. The whole of her bottom plates, which were injured, have been furnaced and placed in position, while the boss of the sternpost is being rapidly proceeded with. When her repairs are finished, we shall be able to say that this is undoubtedly the biggest job ever turned out in New Zealand.
The ship Dunedin has met with excellent despatch. Her fore and main holds are clear of cargo, and she has only some 400 tons of deadweight left on board. It is probable she will commence taking in frozen mutton today.

Wednesday. Arrivals.

Per Manapouri from Melbourne-
Bayly 		Miss
Bayly 		Mrs
Campbell 	Miss (2?)
Culver 		Mr
D'Arcy 		Mrs
Engel 		Mr
Haggitt 	Mrs
Iken 		Mr
Ingram 		Mrs
Parr 		Miss
Pettit 		Mr
R[?]ison 	Mr
And 21 steerage

Per Manapouri from the Bluff-
[P?F?]e_court 	Mr

Per Te Anau from Northern ports-
[D?B?]arling 	Miss
Adams 		Miss
Brown 		Miss
Brown 		Mrs
Brown 		Mrs J B
Carter 		Mr
Cowie 		Miss
Davidson 	Mr
Ful___ 		Mr
Gifford 	Mr
Gorrie 		Mr
Harker 		Mr
Holmes 		Miss and 2 servants
Holmes 		Mrs
Holo__ 		Hon Mathew
Jones 		Miss
Larnach 	Miss
Larnach 	Mr
Larnach 	Mrs, child and nurse
Macandrew 	Mr
Patterson 	Captain
Sleigh 		Mr
W___ 		Miss
Waddell 	Mr
Warren 		Miss
And 12 steerage

Wednesday. Departures.

Per Hauroto for Lyttelton-
Crompton 	Mr

Per Hauroto for Wellington-
Mackie 		Rev Mr

Per Hauroto for Sydney-
[illegible] 	Mr
Cottle 		Mr
Kenelly 	Mr
Parker 		Mr
Sweet 		Miss
Turnbull 	Mr
And 8 Chinese

The ship Dunedin took in the first of her cargo of mutton yesterday, in the shape of 240 splendid carcasses.
The Oamaru Mail states that the dredge is now doing good work in deepening the site for the new wharf, and having broken through a hard superficial bed of shingle, is working well into the bine(?) clay beneath. A portion of the ground has been deepened to 20ft at low water.

Westport, September 11.

The s.s. Grafton still lies where she first stranded, on the flat on the north side of the river, a considerable distance inside the bar. She is high and dry at low tide, but the surf causes her to roll a little at high water. In all cases where hawsers have been passed to her from other steamers(?) they have parted. Other suitable appliances have now been telegraphed for to Wellington, and will arrive in time for use during the spring tides, which will be of very little practical use until the end of the week; consequently nothing can now be done until then. Fifty tons of cargo still remain on board, 40 tons having been thrown over the side, including Greymouth stu_, and the balance has been landed and stored. The jettisoned cargo, consisting of flour, bran &c, was collected by the residents on the beach as it came ashore and taken possession of by them, but the agents of the ship now advertise that the goods must be accounted for. A general average bond has been prepared, and freight and 1[0?6?] per cent of the invoice value of the consignment collected from the local consignee. Some, however, decline to pay, and the goods are therefore detained. The steamer is leaking slightly.

Greymouth, September 11.

The mate, cook, and two hands, comprising the crew of the schooner Dunedin, refuse to go to sea in the vessel, on the ground, as they allege, that she is unseaworthy, and making too much water. It appears that the crew are shipped by the month, and have not signed articles, their month having just expired. There is some difficulty in getting them to go to sea, and it is not easy to get a crew here. The harbour-master got the vessel pumped out, and after being allowed to stand for an hour, found she had made an inch and a half of water. So pronounced the vessel, but the crew still declined to go in her. She has about 100 tons of coal on board. The master has declined to pay the crew off, but from the way they have been shipped there appears to be no power to compel them to go to sea.

(Timaru Herald)

The barque Rewa being now 15[?][2?] days from this port for the United Kingdom, considerable anxiety is felt for her safety. She left Timaru on the 15th of April under the command of Captain D G Thomson, who had his wife with him. Her consisted of G. W. de la Mare, chief officer; [B?] Thomson, second officer; T. Verge, [S?] Kongbe(?), T. Jeffrey; W. Berry; . W. Rodn_y, H. Foxall, P. Westpenny, [P?F?] Moore, J. Tippie, and A Johnson. The Rewa (formerly named the Hope) is an iron barque of 494? Tons register. Last year, besides changing her name, she changed owners, Messrs [G?] Bethell and Co. being the purchasers, and we believe this firm are her present owners. The Rewa loaded a cargo of grain at this port last April on account of Messrs Roberts, Paxton and Co, of Christchurch, clearing at the Customs, Timaru for Queenstown or Falmouth for orders on April 1_, and sailing the same night. Although the Rewa has now been over five months at sea, we still hope that she will arrive safe, especially as more powerful vessels which left about the same time have made exceptionally long passages, extending in on instance to over 130 days.


At Lloyd's a premium of 70 guineas has been paid effect fresh insurances upon the ship Loch [Dee?], which left Lyttelton, New Zealand, on March 9?, with a cargo of wheat, and has not since been heard of.

Per Messrs P. Henderson and Co.'s Helen Denny, Captain James, from Glasgow July [3?8?], and Greenock July 9, for Port Chalmers (consigned to the British and New Zealand Mortgage and Agency Company)-

Breskenridge 	John
Daly 		Elizabeth
Ewart 		David
Ewart 		Isa
Ewart 		Jane
Ewart 		Jessie
Ewart 		Mrs Elizabeth
Ewart 		Robert
Ewart 		William 
Gray 		James [C?G?O?]
Miller 		R
Morrison 	A
Moultry 	Henry
Moultry 	J D
Moultry 	John
Moultry 	Mary
Phillian 	James J
R_m_ey 		D and Isa
Risk 		W
Tulloch 	Margaret

Per New Zealand Shipping Company's steamer Doric, from London, July 26.
Passengers: For New Zealand-
Ballantyne 	Mr and Mrs J and family
Bowman 		Mr F W
Brown 		Mr W
Ca__mel 	Mr Wm
Cameron 	Mr W
Cameron 	Mr D
Christie 	Mrs M A
Clements 	Mr G A
Caselberg 	Mr and son
Downes 		Mr A
English 	Mr and Mrs A and family
Galway 		Miss K O
Galway 		Miss M B
Gifford 	Mr
Hanlon 		Mr M
Harper 		Mr B
Hawkins 	Miss _
Hill 		Mr C W
Ho_d 		Miss M
Jackson 	Mrs and child
Joel 		Miss S?
Johnston 	Dr and Mrs and family
Jones 		Mr W
Kelsey 		Mr J G
Kennedy 	Captain and Mrs and child
King 		Mr and Mrs W
Leighton 	Mrs
Levien 		Mr and Mrs
Lyon 		Miss C
Lyon 		Mr and Mrs W _
Maddox 		Mr F
Parkhouse 	Mr O E
Pickering 	Mr F H
Piner 		Mr B?
Place 		Mr John G
Porrett 	Mr L
Pourie 		Mrs and child
Pre__ 		Mrs and family
Robin 		Mr Leonard
Roper 		Mr _
Ross 		Mr and Mrs and child
Runm___n 	Mrs and family
Shonnan 	Miss Kate
Shonnan 	Mr Robert
Smith 		Mr W H
Stackpoole 	Mr H M
Stephenson 	Miss E
Turner 		Mr J
Vaux 		Mr W E
von Newmann 	Miss A
Walker 		Mr and Mrs A
Whitcombe 	Mr and Mrs
Bates John 	Mr
Webster 	Mr G
Welsh 		Mr R Dawson 

Transcription Otago Witness Saturday September 22nd 1883. Page 15.

Thursday. Departures.

Per Manapouri for Lyttelton-
Firth 		Mr
Hadfield 	Mr
Kerr 		Mr
Snider 		Mr

Per Manapouri for Wellington-
Corrada 	Mrs
Findley 	Mr
James 		Mr
Snowden 	Mr

Per Manapouri for Auckland-
Doyle 		Rev J
Kennedy 	Mr
M'Alpin 	Mr
Rothschild 	Mr
Sievwright 	Mr (2)

Per Te Anau for Hobart-
Cousens 	Mr
Green 		Mr
Reid 		Mr

Per Te Anau for Melbourne-
Anderson 	Mr J
Gill 		Miss
Pearson 	Mrs
Scott 		Mrs


On Wednesday morning, during the height of the storm encountered by the s.s. Rotorua, some of the passengers enjoyed a very grand sight, the steamer being lighted from stem to stern by St. Elmo's Fire. The lights from the top of each mast head and the peak were doubtless looked upon by old salts as reassuring, but the somewhat rare phenomenon was viewed by others with admiration, not wholly untinged by uneasy apprehensions.- Nelson Colonist.

Monday. Departures.

Per Rotorua for Lyttelton-
Pennycuik Mr J
Per Rotorua for Akaroa-
Batchelor Master
Wright Master (2)

Per Rotorua Wellington-
Hanlon Mr P


The s.s. Rotorua left for Port Chalmers for Northern ports yesterday afternoon.
The ship Dunedin has taken 1440 sheep into her freezing chamber, and has also 800 bags wheat and 5 casks tallow.

There was an accident at the Port Chalmers Dock yesterday forenoon, when by some means or other the top of the large crane attached to the steam-hammer broke off. Luckily, none of the workmen were injured. Until the crane is repaired, very little can be done in the way of repairs to the Rotomahana.

The barque Norway will discharge at Dunedin Wharf. She was towed up the harbour yesterday afternoon by the s.s. Plucky.

Wednesday. Arrivals.

Per Waihora from Melbourne-

Brydone 	Mr
Carroll 	Miss
Edwards 	Mr
Harries 	Miss
Lord 		Mr
Murdoch 	Mr
Tolmie 		Miss
Tolmie 		Mrs
And 15 steerage 

Per Tarawera from the North-
Coates 		Mr
Collier 	Mr
Denham 		Mr and Mrs
Fulton 		Miss
Glover 		Miss
Hull 		Mrs
Hutchinson 	Mr and Mrs
Kerr 		Mr
M'Farlane 	Mr
M'Kenzie 	Captain
Marks 		Mr
Matheson	Misses (2)
Patterson 	Mrs
St. John 	Miss
Stevenson 	Mrs
Thompson 	Mr
Wales 		Miss
Watson 		Mr and Mrs

After incessant demands for years past that proper life-saving appliances might be placed at the Port Chalmers wharves, grapnels, lifebuoys, and other similar apparatus have been placed on the Bowen Pier. This is a step in the right direction, but there still exists the necessity of fixing chains along the whole of the hawser piles on the different piers.

A wreck chart for Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand, for the year 1882, has been published by the Merchant, Shipping and Underwriters' Association (Limited) Melbourne, by whom it was compiled. It is excellently got up, and the particulars of the several casualties are well shown. By it we find that in 1882 154 casualties occurred; of these 58 are set down as total loss, 75 more or less damaged, and 21 as not damaged.
During the year 1882 the number of casualties to vessels in New Zealand amounted to 53. Of these, 19 vessels were totally wrecked and 34 partially injured.

Transcription Otago Witness Saturday September 29th 1883. Pages 14 & 15.

Thursday. Departures.

Per Waihora for Lyttelton-
Gardner Mrs

Per Waihora for Wellington-
Blair Mr W N
Gourley Master
Rankin Mr

Per Waihora for Nelson-
Williams Mrs

Per Waihora for Napier-
Steers Mr

Per Waihora for Auckland-
Ah Chung Mr
Murdoch Miss

Per Waihora for Sydney-
Henderson Mr

The New Zealand Shipping Company's chartered steamer Fenstanton, from London, arrived at Port Chalmers, and made fast to the George street Pier, at 5 a.m. on the 20th, drawing 20ft 6in of water aft, and 15ft forward. The Fenstanton brings 2_00 tons of cargo, the greater part of which is for Dunedin.

Friday. Arrivals.

Per Tarawera from Melbourne-

Benjamin 	Mrs
Biggon 		Mr
Blair 		Mr
Connor 		Mr
Farquhar 	Miss
Farquhar 	Mr
Fergus 		Mr
Hart 		Mrs and 2 children and servant
Haworth 	Mr
Hooper 		Mrs
Hunichan 	Mr (2)
Hunter 		Mr and Mrs and family (?)
Issacs 		Mrs and 2 children and servant
M'Ivor 		Miss
Mackerras 	Miss
Macrow 		Mr
Madden 		Mr
Masterton 	Mr
Munn 		Mr
Sewell 		Mrs
Sing 		Mr
Starr 		Mr
Sullivan 	Captain
Turner 		Mr

Per Hawea from the North-
Curry 		Mr (2)
Hawood 		Miss
Issell 		Mrs and family (2)
M'Carthy 	Mr
Mackie 		Rev A
Procter 	Mr
And 6 steerage


Quicker despatch than that experienced by the steamer Fenstanton has never been equalled in the Port, nor, we believe, in any other New Zealand port. By noon today she will be clear of her Dunedin cargo, 3000 tons. Her refrigerating chambers were clear yesterday, and were at once cooled down, in order that she might commence taking in carcasses today.

Monday. Arrival.
Per Embleton from Glasgow (May (30?)-

Fergus 		Miss
Oughton 	Miss (2)
Oughton 	Mr
Oughton 	Mrs
Watt 		Mr

Second class and steerage:
Bruce 		Mrs and children
Cameron 	Miss
Cameron 	Mr
Clelland 	Mr
Clelland 	Mr and Mrs
Goldie 		Mr
M'Beth 		Miss
M'Caskill 	Mr
Macallister 	Mr and Mrs and 2 children
Meenan 		Mr
Mitchell 	Mr and Mrs and (2?) children
Paterson 	Miss
Smith 		Mrs and child
Tennant 	Mr and Mrs and family (6?8?)
Watson 		Mr and family (8?)

Monday. Departures.

Per Hawea for Littleton-
Backman 	Mr
Crawl 		Mr

Per Hawea for Wellington-
Ah 		Chung
Hall 		Mr
M'Naugh 	Mr

Per Hawea for Auckland-
Sedgwick 	Mr

Tuesday. Arrival.

Per Ringarooma from Melbourne-

Atkins Mr
Bell Mr
Boyd Mr
Coates Mr
Craig Mr
Creed Madame B E
Glance Mr
Martin Miss
Wright Mrs
And 10 steerage

The steamer Fenstanton is entirely clear of her Dunedin cargo, and has taken in 2248 carcasses of mutton and 900 sacks of grain. Her discharge has been the quickest on record, and her cargo has turned out in splendid order.
All claims against the ship Dunedin are to be sent in to her agents today. She has taken in 260 bales wool, 60 bales rabbitskins, 234 casks tallow, and 3809 carcasses of mutton. The whole of her outward cargo is engaged, and she will probably sail for London about the middle of October.
The splendid iron ship Loch Fyne, which left this port in command of Captain Martin on May 14 (138 days since), has not yet reported as having arrived at Queenstown or Falmouth, for which port cleared for orders. The cargo consisted of 15,200 sacks of wheat shipped by Roberts, Paxton, and Co. Captain Martin had as passengers on board, his wife and three children.-Press.

Wednesday. Departures.

Per Ringarooma for Lyttelton-
Cuthrie 	Mr
Doyle 		Mr
Gorrie 		Mr
Herbert 	Mrs

Per Ringarooma for Wellington-
Fergus 		Miss
Hunt 		Mr
Jenkins 	Mr
O'Brien 	Mr
Pettigrew 	Mr
Sellars 	Mr

Per Ringarooma for Napier-

Gossege Mr
Knowles Mr
Muir Mr

Per Ringarooma for Gisborne-
Goldie 		Master
Goldie 		Mrs
Herbert 	Mr

Per Ringarooma for Auckland-
Blenkinson 	Mr
Brien 		Mr
Carter 		Miss
Dryden 		Mrs and family
Keating 	Rev L
Turner 		Mrs
Weston 		Mr

Per Ringarooma for Sydney-
Glance 		Mr
Pullar 		Mrs
S_tmarsh 	Mr
Simpson 		Miss

Wednesday. Arrivals.

Per Wairarapa from Sydney-
Morrison Mrs
Whelon Mr Mrs Miss

Per Wairarapa from the North-
Barker 		Mr
Macvean 	Miss
Scolan 		Mr and Mrs
Veal 		Captain

Ex Doric from London-
Christie 	Miss
Place 		Mr
Riner 		Mr
Runciman 	Mr and family
Smith	 	Mr
Turner 		Mr
Wood 		Miss
And 60 steerage


Per Messrs P Henderson and Co.'s Nelson (Captain Bannatyne), from Glasgow July 31, Greenock August 2- For Otago, New Zealand, consigned to the National Mortgage and Agency Company of New Zealand (Limited):

Ferguson 	Mr J
Ferguson 	Mr T
Forsyth 	Miss
And 310 steerage adults

Per Messrs Shaw, Saville, and Co.'s Canterbury (Captain M'Millan), from London August 4- For Otago, New Zealand:

Adam 		W K
Blain 		Jos
Campbell 	Mathew
Craignee 	Ann
Craignee 	William
Darling 	[R?E?] H
Darling 	W
Ennis 		Joseph
Ennis 		Sarah
Ennis 		Thomas
Fielden 	Ann
Fielden 	Betsy 
Fielden 	Crossley
Fielden 	Eli
Fielden 	Frederick
Fielden 	Hannah
Fielden 	Jane
Fielden 	Sam
Fielden 	Susan
Fielden 	William
Fielden 	William
Flannelly 	Anne
Flannelly 	Belinda
Flannelly 	Michael
Flannelly 	Owen
James 		Annie
James 		Ronald
Johnstone 	John
Mallin 		Alexander
Mallin 		John
Mallin 		Martha
Mallin 		Walter S
Martin 		Agnes
Martin 		Annie
Martin 		Charles
Martin 		Harry C
Martin 		Mary A
Martin 		Nelly J
Maynard 	Jephson
Plummer 	Herbert
Thompson 	Agnes
Thompson 	Andrew J
Thompson 	George E
Thompson 	Robert
Thompson 	Robert A
Thompson 	W J
Todd 		A
Todd 		Andrew
Todd 		Eliza
Todd 		Ellen
Todd 		Mary 

Per New Zealand Shipping Co.'s Pareora (Captain Donaldson), From London August 7, for Otago, consigned to the New Zealand Shipping Company (Limited):

Bower 		Bertha
Bower 		Blanche
Bower 		Elliott
Bower 		Harold
Bower 		Harold
Bower 		Nellie
Bu_rows 	Edward
Callick 	David
Callick 	Eliza
Chisholm 	Alexander
Cohn 		Mr Max
Guisberg 	Bernard
Jones 		Benjamin
Jones 		David
Jones 		Rebecca
Kaminer 	Mr William
Lucas 		Christopher
Lucas 		Jennie
M'Leod 		William
Paplett 	Harriet
Stevenson 	Annie


The barque Embleton, whose arrival has been anxiously looked for during the past three weeks, was signalled from Cape Saunders at 4 p.m. on Monday. She was promptly tendered by the s.s. Plucky, which towed her across the bar at 5.30 p.m., and brought her to the anchorage off Mansford Bay at 7 p.m. The Embleton's passage from Glasgow to Port Chalmers has occupied 117 days, and from land to land 112 days- a very long passage for smart a ship as she evidently is, but easily accounted for by the fact of her meeting strong adverse winds for 12 days off the Western Isles, meeting very light N. E. trades, and no S. E. trades, but, on the contrary, getting S. W. monsoons, which detained her fully 12 days off Pernambrico. The Embleton is a fine iron barque, 1196 tons net register, and was built at Sunderland in 1881 under special survey by Messrs R. Thompson and Sons for Messrs P. Iredale and Co., of Liverpool, the owners of the barque Lizzie Bell and other well known traders to this port. Her dimensions are: Length, 226ft 5in; breadth of beam, 36ft 2in; depth of hold, 21ft 5in. She has a raised quarter-deck 41ft long, and appears in every respect a well-equipped vessel. She brings 45 passengers and 1800 tons of cargo, of which nearly 1700 are dead weight, and the rest general, and is consigned to Messrs Dalgety and Co.

"We are all immigrants and that while our journeys and experiences are different, we all crossed oceans to get here."