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The "Witness," for the first Quarter, will be published but One a-Fortnight, deliverable on Saturday Morning.  BDMs are found on page two above the editorial and on the same page as the shipping column.

Otago Witness Saturday February 8, 1851
Birth. At Rattray Street, Dunedin, on the 19th ult, the wife of Mr James CULLEN, of a son.

Population per Census taken for the Company to 31st March. 1850, .... 1149 souls.

February 22 1851
Birth. At Princes Street, Dunedin, on the 14th inst. the wife of Mr John HEALEY, of a son.

March 8 1851
Married. At Singapore, on the 10th Sept., 1850. F.A. CARGILL, Esq., son of Capt. W. Cargill, Otago, to Miss Jessie Spottiswood.

Died. On the 28th, ult, at his residence near Port Chalmers, Mr H.B. GRAHAM, late Editor and Proprietor, of the "Otago News" deeply lamented, by his relatives and friends.

The foundation stone of a house at Forbury, the property of W.H. Valpy, Esq., was laid on the 214th ult. The design is extensive and commodious; and the work of Mr David Calder, the builder. The stone is the best yet found in the settlement, (a compact, fine grained limestone) and is procured from a new quarry, opened by the proprietor, at Caversham.

Appointed by his Excellency the Governor-in Chief; James Macandrew, Esq., Otago, to be a Magistrate of the province of New Munster.

March 22 1851
Births. At Princes Street, Dunedin, on the 27th Feb., the wife of Mr Thomas Bain, clothier, of a daughter.

At Saddle Hill, on the 5th March, the wife of Mr William Jeffrey, shepherd, of a son.

Married. On the 14th inst., at the Half-Way Bush near Dunedin, by the Rev. Charles Creed, Alfred Chetham Strode, Esq., Resident Magistrate at Otago, son of Admiral Sir E. Chetham Strode, K.C.B., of South-hill House, near Shepton-Mallet, Somerset, to Emily, second daughter of the late William Borton, Esq., of Cottenham House, near Banbury, Oxfordshire.

Died. On Friday, the 10th January, at Melbourne, of scarlet fever, Henry George Stephen, third son of Sidney Stephen, Esq., Judge at Otago, in his 22nd year. 

The following beautiful episode on the death of Mr Stephen is taken from the 'Melbourne Morning Herald' of the 14th January;_

'Yet even joy and beauty bloom,
And hope that dazzles in the eye,
Are blossoms gatherer for the tomb-
Soon, soon, to die.

'Just in the morning of his day
As young as we he died."

April 5th 1851

At Portobello Bay, on the 2nd instant, the wife of A.W. Shand, Esq., of the H.M. Customs, of a daughter.

At North-East Valley on the 24th March ultino, the wife of Mr Robert CHAPMAN, of a daughter.

Saturday May 17 1851
Birth. At Airlie Bank, on the 14th inst., the wife of Mr Louis Edwards, sawyer, of a son.

Married. At the Half-Way Bush, near Dunedin, on the 1st inst., by the Rev. T. Burns, Mr Edward Palmer, stockholder, Taieri, to Beatrice Fowler, youngest daughter of the late William Fowler, Haddington, Scotland.

At the Manse of Sandsting, Zetland, on the 3rd October, The Rev. Alexander Shand, minister of Nesting, to Helen Bruce Bryden, daughter of the Rev. John Bryden, minister of Sandsting.

June 7th 1851
Married. At Woodside Cottage, near Dunedin, on the 3rd instant, by the Rev. Thomas Burns, Daniel Macandrew, Esq., Architect, to Margaret Dundas Oswald, youngest daughter of the late George Hall, Esq., of Glasgow.

June 21 1851
Coroner's Inquest - An inquest was held at the Royal Hotel, Dunedin, on Monday, the 16th inst., by Mr Coroner Williams and a highly respectable Jury, on the body of Robert Scott, who died suddenly on Sunday the 15th. It appeared from the evidence of Mr William McDonald, with whom the deceased lodged, that while engaged in brushing a boot, he fell down suddenly; that he never spoke afterwards, but groaned once or twice, and died in about ten minutes. Medical aid was sent for, but was of no avail. The Jury returned a verdict of 'Died by the visitation of God.' The deceased was about 40 years of age, and came to this settlement in the 'Larkins,' and had since been working a boat in the harbour, in which business we believe he had acquired property. He had no relations in this colony.

June 21 1851
Birth. At Maungatua, on the 30th ult, the wife of Mr Francis M'Diarmid, of a son.

July 5th 1851
Birth. At Mavis Bank, near Dunedin, on the 19th ult., the wife of Mr Francis Marshall, of a daughter.

July 19 1851
Public Burying Ground of Otago. Rules.
John Falconer appointed grave digger.

19 July 1851
Birth. At Bellevue, near Dunedin, on the 11th inst., the wife of Mr A. Anderson, of a daughter.

2 August 1851
At Princes Street, Dunedin, on the 27th ult. the wife of Mr William White, shoemaker, of a daughter.

Death. At Maclagan Street, Dunedin, on the 21st ult., the wife of Mr James Wright, aged 37 years.

2 August 1851
Inquest. About three weeks since an inquest was held at Waikouaiti, before Mr Coroner Williams, on the body of a man who destroyed himself by tying the trigger of a gun to the stump of a tree, and discharging the contents into his heart. The deceased was a Greek, and came out from England in the emigrant ship 'Larkins,' in which vessel he was a sailor. Some time since he expressed a desire to return to his native country, and Captain Cargill procured him passage in the 'Phoebe Dunbar;' it appears, however he left that ship. The Jury returned a verdict of temporary insanity.

August 16 1851
Birth. At Pelichet's bay, on the 9th inst., the wife of David Bowers, gardener, of a Daughter.

Death. At Maclagan Street, Dunedin, on the 21st, ult. Mary Griffiths, aged 37 years, wife of Mr James Wright.

August 16th 1851 Coroner's Inquest. 
An inquest was held at the Royal Hotel before Mr Coroner Williams, on the body of William Underhill, late of Rattray St, Dunedin, Carpenter, who destroyed himself. ... He was about 26 years of age, and, arrived in this colony by the "Victory" upwards of three years ago. He has a brother somewhere in the neighbourhood of Christchurch.

August 30 1851 Births
At the Forbury, near Dunedin, on the 17th inst., the wife of Mr David Howden of a Son.

At Rattray Street, Dunedin, on the 20th inst., the wife of Mr Wm. Willocks of a Son. 

At the Silverstream Sheep Station, on the 25th inst., the wife of Mr William Gibson of a Son.

Death. At the Green Island Bush, near Dunedin, on the 8th inst., James SHAND, aged 46 years, late of Inveruary, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

September 6th 1851
Married. On Wednesday last, the 3rd., at Clifton Cottage, Dunedin, by the Rev. Thomas Burns, John Hyde HARRIS, Esq., late of Deddington in the County of Oxford, but now of Dunedin aforesaid, to Annie CUNNINGHAM, second daughter of Captain William Cargill, late of Her Majesty's 74th Regt., and Commissioner of Crown Lands for the District of Otago.

The Times, Monday, Feb 16, 1852; pg. 9
On the 3d of September last, at Clifton-cottage, Dunedin, New Zealand, by the Rev. Thomas Burns, John Hyde Harris, Esq., late of Deddington, in the county of Oxford, to Anne Cunningham, second daughter of Captain William Cargill (late of H.M.'s 74th Highlanders), Her Majesty's Commissioner of Crown Lands for the district of Otago.

Extract from a letter, dated Mollineux, New Zealand, March 1850
I wrote you a few lines in January, informing you of our safe arrival in this far-off land, after a passage of 104 days, having sailed on the 12th September 1849 and landed at Port Chalmers on Christmas-day. Since that period I have been knocking about all over the country, and examined the whole of the Company's block from end to end. Port Chalmers, the only present se-port of the settlement, is most beautifully situate in a small bay. It is distant from Dunedin about nine miles, the country being all forest, or what is here called "bush." The sail up the arm of the sea, here called a river, is certainly beautiful, until you come within sight of Dunedin, when one of the coldest, bleakest, and most wretched-looking countries opens out upon you that you could well behold. The site of Dunedin itself is actually pitched upon a mass of hills, having such gullies between them, nothing save an earthquake coming to level them could ever make it suitable for the site of a town. To give you some idea how the scheme works. The most respectable emigrants who come out are supposed to bring with them from 150 to 250 in cash. Of this sum 100 go to pay the heavy expenses of living in the town with their families until they can get a house upon their suburban section; next comes the expense of transport of their goods and chattels over a country where roads were promised, but where none exist;... 

September 13 1851
Births. At Claremont Lodge, Upper Kaikairi District, on the 7th inst., the wife of J.R. Johnston, Esq., of a daughter.

At Stafford Street, Dunedin, on the 31st ult., the wife of Mr Joseph Beale, of a son.

At the Half-Way Bush, near Dunedin on the 1st instant, the wife of Mr John Salmon, farmer, Carron Creek, Tokomairiro Plain, of a daughter.

At what date did you emerge from your "bark hut" into a suitable cottage? What the extent and cost for your cultivations, and the number of your cattle and sheep at present date?

October 4 1851
At Birnam Cottage, half-Way Bush on the 3rd inst., the wife of John Cargill, Esq., of a daughter.

At Riversdale Cottage, North-East Valley, on the 18th ultimo, the wife of James Gebbie, Gardener, of a son and a daughter.

October 25 1851
Births. At Home Farm, Taieri, on the 19th ult., the wife of Mr Neill J.B. M'Gregor of a daughter.

At Princes Street, Dunedin, on the 15 inst., the wife of Mr Alexander Garvie of a son.

Married. At Brighton, Melbourne, on Thursday the 17th of July last, by the Rev. Wm. Brickwood, Thomas Ferrier HAMILTON, Esq., third son of Col. Ferrier Hamilton and the Hon. Mrs Hamilton, of West Port and Cairn Hill, N.B., to Elizabeth Mary MILNER, second daughter of Mr Justice Stephen of Otago.

The area of New Zealand is 78,432,480 acres.

November 1 1851
Birth. At Karero, Molineux, on the 15th September, the wife of Mr Wm. Buswell, of a daughter.

November 15 1851
Birth. At Ambresbeg, Caversham Valley, on the 14th inst., Mrs John McGibbon, of a son.

December 6 1851
Married. At Halfway Bush, on the 28th inst., by the Rev. Thomas Burns, Lewis A. BERNAYS, Esq., son of Dr. Bernays, of King's College, London, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late William Borton, Esq., of Cottenham, near Banbury, Oxfordshire.

Original Poetry
"The Otago Witness was probably provided an important outlet for New Zealand writers by regularly publishing poetry and short stories."

May 3 1851 page 4
Homeopathic Broth (From the Two Worlds, American)

Otago Witness,  21 June 1851, Page 4
Oh ! how strong were those feelings which cheer'd us at times !
When we left our fond country for southern climes
In united and staunch little bands ;
When we forth from the land of our fathers did roam,
To adopt the bold isles of New Zealand our home,
And improve its uncivilised lands.
And how bright were the hopes which then burn'd in our breast,
When departing the country and those we love best,
For this foreign and primitive shore !
When we sought in the boist'rous Southern Seas,
That fair spot where in harmony, quiet and ease,
We might rest and our fortunes restore !
Thought we then that in leaving the land of our birth,
We were bidding adieu to all pleasure and mirth,
Good old friendship and brotherly love ?
That the vile seeds of discord were soon to be sown,
'Mongst a people whose bond of attachment had grown
E'en already so strongly unwove ?
But, alas ! that such feelings should ever be named,
Of a people whore almost proverbially famed
For their strong and unanimous mind ;
And may they who have thus by their actions abused
This community's peace, 'mongst themselves be confused,
And all who have with them combined.
Came we forth from our fatherland's peaceable realm
With no pilot to manage the difficult helm,
And point out the dangerous strand ?
Had we one quite indifferent as to our fate,
Or one likely his watchfulness soon to abate,
And obey while he's fit to command ?
"No ! the pilot who's guided our vessel so long,
Will grow careless indeed ere he see her go wrong,
And the course she shotild follow neglect :
And long, long may our trustworthy Captain remain,
Our bold cause to promote, his fond charge to retain,
Lest Otago's best hopes should be wreck'd !
The differences then which at present exist,
Let every one strive to o'ercome and resist,
And let Peace have unlimited sway ;
Let Unity's bond be made stronger than ever,
That nought may our little community sever,
Or lead its shrewd members astray.
Then this beautiful spot - when we 'cease to complain
Will bring forth the adventurous Britain again,
To people its lovely domains ;
Its broad plains will then" sing of Prosperity's days,
The green hills will give back the harmonious lays,
And rejoice in the lingering strains !
R. A. R.


Otago Witness, Issue 10, 21 June 1851, Page 4

The Emigrant's Song

My barque is afloat ! � I'm afloat on the wave,
The sky shines above me, below frowns the grave ;
My heart beats in sadness, but my hopes are still bright,
As I'm wafted along 'neath the moon's gentle light.
Then weep not, dear Mary, Oh ! weep not for me,
I'm sailing away to the land of the free ;
My heart shall be with thee wherever I roam,
And with good Old England, my own dearest home.
My barque is afloat ! � 'tis the frail barque of life,
And wildly I'm tossed on the waters of strife ;
But the haven appears o'er the far distant wave,
And welcomes the stranger from the land of the brave.
Then weep not, dear Mary, Oh ! weep not for me,
I'm sailing away to the land of the free, &c.
When Fortune has smiled on the work of my hands,
I'll wander no more in those far distant lands ;
But again o'er the waves of the ocean I'll ride,
And then, dearest Mary, I'll make thee my bride.
Then weep not, dear Mary, Oh ! weep not for me,
I'm sailing away to the land of the free ;
My heart shall be with thee wherever I roam,
And with good Old England, my own dearest home.

Dunedin, May 29th, 1851
L. A. M.

July 5th
To the Editor of the Otago Witness by XYZ

August 2 1851
Ladies Club

November 15 1851
The Gardener-in-Chief and his Otago Plants by MacPunchie

December 27 1851 page 3
To Otago by P.Q.R.

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