1864 BDMs from the Otago Witness

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1864 BDM's Otago Witness

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The Otago Witness, newspaper published weekly, on Saturday mornings.  The shipping column is on page 12 and BDM's are usually found on page13 above the editorial. 

Saturday January 9 1864 page 4
Married. On the 31st December, 1863, at Hampden by the Rev. C. Connor, William Stewart, to Margaret Young, daughter of John Young, merchant, Hampden.
Died. On the 1st inst., at Hampden in her 17th year, Mary Pentland Young, daughter of John Young, merchant, Hampden

From an "Extra" of the Wellington Independent of 5th instant.
Ruarangi, the murder of Mrs Thompson and daughter has been apprehended by Mr Commissioner Naughton and two armed constables of the police. The murder was identified by Miss Florida Thompson

An attempt has been made to identify one of the prisoners on board the hulk Marion as the murder of Mr Sylvester Calvert who was shot on the 24th of July last. Captain Calvert, the father, was unable to recognise any of the Natives.
From Taranaki. The death of Peter Wilson, Esq., J.P., for many years Colonial Surgeon of that Province. Mr Wilson was a 22 years' resident in New Zealand. The deceased gentlemen served in the Navy till the year 1815, when he entered the 11th Regiment of Foot as surgeon. Appointed Colonial Surgeon in 1849, he held that appointment till his death, and, after a long and useful life, expired on the 18th ultimo, 72 years of age.

Saturday 13 February 1864 page page 13
Birth. On the 7th instant, at Kaikorai Mills, Mrs Allen King, of a daughter

Married. At the residence of John Miller, Stuart street, by the Rev. Dr. Burns, Thomas Stark, blacksmith, youngest son of James Stark, late of Kinross, Scotland to Helen Brodie, second daughter of Alexander Brodie, of Kilcardie. Home papers please copy.

February 27 1864 page 13
Married. On the 5tgh instant, by the District Registrar, Dunstan, Mr Jno. H. Smyth to Miss J. McLaren Bell of Manuherikia

Inquest at the Melbourne Hotel, on the death of Mr Henry Faulkner, formerly resident of Creswick, and upwards of four years an employe on the "Creswick and Cunes Advertsier" He was a member of the COE choir at Creswick. Attracted by the goldfields at Dunstan - October 1862. His relatives in this colony - Mr James Faulkner and Mrs William Roberts  - still at Creswick a beloved brother. At home -at Merthyr Tydvil - he was the shopmate of Mr B.G. Davies, M.L.A., for Tarnsgulla. Died at the Quarry in Maclaggan-street, by the overturning of a horse and dray upon a small tent.

March 12 1864 page 13
Married. On the 26th February, at the residence of the bridegroom, Sunderland street, Clyde, Otago, New Zealand, by the Rev. Father Doughey, Mr Edward Ryan, son of Mr James Ryan, of Limerick, Ireland, to Catherine Maria Lee, second daughter of Mr Richard Lee, of Tralee, Ireland. Home papers please copy

On the 3rd of March at St. John's Church, Waikouaiti, by the Rev. A. Dasent, Eliza McKinstry, Esq., of Armagh, Ireland, to Pierce, youngest son of the late James Power, Esq., of Cork, Ireland

March 26 1864
Saturday 26 March 1864 Birth. On the 24 inst. at Ocean Bank, Anderson's Bay, the wife of Mr Daniel Weir, of a son.
Died. On the 22nd December last, at Edinburgh, William Wilson, aged 35, eldest son of Mr J. Wilson, farmer, Blueskin

April 9 1864
Birth. On the 2nd April, at View Bank, Clutha, the wife of Mr John Harrie of a son.

April 16 1864
Married. On the 13th April, at St. Joseph's Church, Dunedin, by the Rev. Father Moreau, James second son of Mr James Downes, County Meath, Ireland, to Miss Mary, second daughter of Mr Patrick Nixon, County Kilkenny, Ireland.

April 23 1864
Births. On the 10th April, at the Grange, East Taieri, Mrs John Andrew of a daughter.
On the 22nd inst., at Princes-street south, Dunedin, Mrs John R. Smith, of a daughter.

June 4 1864: Died.
On the 24th instant, at Lambourne, on the Pomahaka, Eliza West, the faithful servant of R.G. Wilson, Esq., aged 19 years. & OW  May 28 1864
On the 28th May, at Milton, Tokomairiro, Peter, youngest son of Mr Peter McGill, aged 4 years and 7 months.
On the 28th May, at Mary Hill, Waihola, Jessie Duff, aged 5 years 11 months; also on the 30th May, Joseph Duncan Duff, aged 7 years 3 months. Friends requested to accept this intimation.

June 18 1864
Birth. On the 30th ult., at Lambourne, on the Pomahaka, the wife of Richard G. Wilson, Esq., of a daughter.

July 9 1864
Died. On the 26th June, at her father's residence, Munro's Gully, Tuapeka, Ann (aged seven years and three months), the beloved daughter of George and Helen Munro.

July 16 1864 
Births. On the 14th inst., of the North Taieri, Mrs Robert Gibson, of a son
Married. On Saturday, July 9th at Saint John's Church, Invercargill, Moses Crewdson, storekeeper, Arrow River, Wakatip, to Catherine Smidt, late of Clark street, Geelong.
Died. On the 15th inst., at Maori Hill, Jessie, the beloved wife of Richard A. Con don, aged 33 years. The funeral is appointed to move from her late residence on Monday 18th inst., at 2 pm. Friends will please accept of this invitation.

July 23 1864
Married. On the 21st inst., at St. Paul's Church, Dunedin, by the Rev. E.G. Edwards, John Robertson, only son of John Jopling, Esq., surgeon, Ballan, Victoria, to Margaret Maria, second daughter of the late Mr William Redden, East Kent, England.

Died. On the 21st inst., Great King-street, Dunedin, Thomas, fifth son of William Hutten, late of Dumferline, Scotland, aged 7 years. Home papers please copy.

Otago Witness  -  June 25 1864

July 30 1864
Birth. On the 19th inst., at Long Valley Station, Teviot, the wife of Captain W. Baldwin, of a daughter.

Died. On the 26th June, at her father's residence, Munro's Gully, Tuapeka, Ann, the beloved daughter of George and Helen Munro, aged seven years and three moths.

6 August 1864 page 13
Died. On the 3rd May, at his residence, Cefn-y-Coed, near Carnarvon, David Jones, Esq., late High Sheriff of Carnarvonshire, aged 84.

Saturday September 3rd 1864 page 13
Died. on the 26th August, at her residence, George-street, Elizabeth, aged 3 years and 9 months, only daughter of Elizabeth and of the late Alexander Chamlers, sen., late of Chalmerston, Halfway Bush, Otago. Home papers please copy.

Saturday September 10 1864 page 13
Birth. On 27th August, at Lambhill, Waikouaiti, the wife of Mr James Henderson of a son

Saturday September 17 1864 page 14
Birth. On 13th Sept. at the residence of Mr James Gibson, Cargill-street, Dunedin, Mrs Andrew Rankine, Taieri Lake, of a son

Died. On the 8th inst., at Tea Tree Valley, Waihola, George, second son of James Mackay, formerly of Reay, Caithness. N.B. Home papers please copy.

Saturday September 24 1864 page 13
Birth. On the 11th inst. at Mount Ida, the wife of Percy E. Champion, Esq., of a son

Died. On the 20th inst., at her residence, Hampden, Moeraki, Margaret Murdock, aged 51 years, wife of Robert Wilson, late of Coatbridge, Scotland. Home papers please copy

On the 19th inst., at Hampden, Isabella Pentland, wife of John Young, storekeeper aged 51

On the 22nd inst, at Fern Hill, Sarah, the beloved wife of John Jones, Esq. The funeral will leave Fern Hill on Thursday next, at 11 o'clock. Friends will kindly accept this invitation.

Saturday October 1 1864 page 13
Died. On Sept. 26th at Ardmore Station, Pomahaka, Margaret, the beloved and only daughter of John Ross, shepherd, aged 14.

Obituary of Mrs John Jones. Final resting place - Church of England Cemetery

Saturday October 15 1864 page 13
Birth. On Oct. 3rd at Mornington, the wife of A. Riach, of a son.

Saturday October 23 1864 page 13
Married. On the 6th October, at Mayfield, Inch Clutha, by the Rev. J. Kirkland, Agnes Archbald Smaill, only daughter of Andrew Smaill, Esq., to John Johnston, of Tokomairiro.

On the 12th inst., at the residence of E. Gibson, Esq, Waitangi, Reginald Julius, Esq., to Catherine, daughter of Robert Cameron, Esq., late of Perth Scotland

On the 14th inst. at Filleul-street, by the Rev. J.L. Parsons, Robert Brown Jenkinson, to Jessie Hay, relict of the late James Caydzien

Saturday October 29 1864 page 13
Birth. On the 22 October, at Tramore Cottage, Canonagte, Mrs William Craig, of a son

Died. On the 9th August, at Edinburgh, Joseph Maitland, Esq., of the Crescent, Otago, New Zealand, third son of the late Adam Maitland, Esq., of Dundrennan.

Nov. 12 1864 page 1. Inquest page 7
Obit. for Mr John McGlashan.  He arrived in Otago in 1853. For several years he was Provincial Treasurer and Solicitor. Died from a concussion of the brain, accompanied with laceration caused by a fall from a horse. Aged 62.

Saturday November 19 1864 page 13
Married. On the 15th Nov. at Waikari, by the Rev. D.M. Stuart, R.A. Lawson, Esq., architect, to Jessie S. Hepburn, second daughter of George Hepburn, Esq.

Died. On the 31st August, at 11 Skinner's Row, Greenwich, England, Susan Garvie, widow of the late Alexander Garvie, Esq., District Surveyor, Otago, and one of the earliest settlers. 

Saturday December 10 1864 page 13
Birth. On the 4th inst., at her residence, Leith street, the wife of Captain James Heron, of a daughter.

Saturday December 31 1864 page 13
Married. On the 26th December, by special license, at St. Paul's Church, by the Rev. E.G. Edwards, Thomas Henry Downes, eldest son of Captain Downes, Tasmania, to Rosetta, eldest daughter of John Elmer, Esq., Port Chalmers

On Wednesday, 28th December, at Caversham, by the Rev. Dr. Burns, John Marshall Brown, late of Kinross, Scotland, to Janet, only daughter of Mr Benjamin Harvey, late of Rothsay, Scotland. Home papers please copy.

Otago Witness Friday January 20 1865 pg13
Died. On the 8th inst., Agnes Blanche Wilson, aged 12 years, eldest daughter of Richard G. Wilson, Esq., of Lanbourne on the Pomahaka, Molyneux.

Otago Witness Saturday 19 January 1878 pg13
Birth. On the 16th January, at Dunstan Creek, the wife of G.W. Small, of a daughter.

Married. On the 31st January, at the Wesleyan Church, Dunedin, by the Rev. John Aldred, William, eldest son of Michael Good, Esq., County Cork, Ireland, to Jane Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Richard Charles Matthews, Esq., of Dublin.

Died. On the 24th January - killed at Munro's Gully, by an accidental fall of earth, James McLean, aged 27, native of Canada; deeply regretted. Queensland and Sydney papers please copy.

Otago Witness Saturday 25 February 1865 pg13
Birth - On the 19th inst., at Water of Leith Hotel, Dunedin, Mrs Thomas Curran, of a daughter.

On the 15th February, at Pateroa Station, Otago, by the Rev. E.G. Edwards, W.A. Low, Esq., of Galloway Station, Manuherikia, to Fanny Chaytor, third daughter of Dr. Buchman, M.L.C.

Otago Witness March 4 1864 pg12
Birth - At Pukeioi, Maniatoto, on the 22nd February, Mrs James Murison of a daughter.

At Inch Clutha Manse, on Wednesday, the 22nd February, by the Rev. James Kirkland, assisted by Rev. William Bannerman, John Blair, M.P.C., Green Island, to Martha, third daughter of Andrew Dougall, merchant, Glasgow.

Otago Witness March 4 1865 pg13
During the passage of the William Miskin from the Molyneux the boiler burst, and one unfortunate fireman named James Wilson was scalded to death. The engineer and a fireman were also seriously injured, and have since removed to the Hospital. The latter we regret to say is scarcely expected to survive.

Otago Witness March 4 1864 pg15
The funeral of the late Mr J.M. Wolfe took place on Thursday afternoon. As a last mark of respect for their late employer, the band of the Princess Theatre, strengthened by a number of friends, preceded the hearse and played the "Dead March in Saul" at intervals on the way to the Cemetery. The Rev. D. Moreau officiated at the grave. Shops and offices were temporarily closed while the funeral cortege passed.

Otago Witness March 4 1864 pg15
On Thursday the son of William Brown, settler, Saddle Hill, was gored to death by a cow. Charles, a young boy of 13 months followed Mrs Brown into the byre and got in the way of the head of the cow which his mother was milking.

Otago Witness
Saturday 18 March 1865 pg11
Birth On 9th March, at the Lake Hotel, Waihola, Mrs E.H. Grey, of a daughter.

Otago Witness Saturday 18 March 1865 pg12
The Southland Times says The bodies of the two men recently drowned at Tois Tois by the capsizing of a boat have been recovered. The first is about five feet six inches, middle aged, thin light-brown hair; sandy beard and moustaches; dressed in moleskin trousers, old watertight boots, blue worsted socks, white flannel shirt, blue check shirt, brown tweed jumper with pocket in the side and bone buttons, and a check handkerchief. The two latter articles have been kept for identifying.

The second is about five feet ten inches in height; thirty years of age; hair nearly black; brown beard on chin and very little on cheeks; thin features and thin built; mark on the left arm, 28430, A.B., with flag between and two broad arrows pointing different ways; wore blue guernsey, white canvas trousers, blue check shirt, dark check coat with horse, dog, and foxes' heads on the buttons. This man's neck was broken, and his feet much cut - probably by the boat in the surf. The bodies have been buried in the sandhills, near the scene of the accident, and the spot marked with a piece of timber at the head and foot of each grave. There seems to be a doubt as to there having been three men drowned. McGowan, one of the crew of the Struggler, who saw the accident, said there were men and dogs in the boat when it capsized. see 24 March pg14. Another body.

Otago Witness 21 July 1865 pg10
A learned coroner being asked the other day how he accounted for the great mortality this year exclaimed, "I cannot tell; there are people dying this year that never died before."

Otago Witness January 20 1866 pg10  Birth
At Warepa, on 5th January, the wife of the Rev. John Waters, of a son.

Emigration and Colonisation
Otago Witness 24 Feb. 1866 pg13
How it is viewed in England.
"Ma, said a young lady to her mother, "what is emigrating?"
Mother: "Emigrating, my dear, is a young lady going to New Zealand."
Daughter: "What is colonising, Ma?"
Mother: "Colonising, dear, is marrying there, and having a family."
Daughter: "Ma, I should like to go to New Zealand."

The Otago Medical School opened in 1875, but for its first eight years provided a two-year course only and students were required to go abroad to complete their training usually to London or Edinburgh. The first student to complete the full four-year course was William Ledingham Christie in 1887. Since 1920 the course has been six years long.

Otago Witness Jan. 23 1890 pg 37
The Rabbiter's Tent, Inch Valley, 1890 by Wych Elm.
Alone by Cynic
A Memory of Mihiwaka by D.A. Strachan Port Chalmers, January 15. 1890

Otago Witness 10 August 1872 pg 20.

The Exile's Grave
A Walk in Dunedin Cemetery

We wandered slowly round the graves,
With soft and reverend tread;
And spelt the names upon the tombs -
The records of the dead!

Here, marble urn, enriched by art,
There but a rough-hewn stone:
And further on a lonely mound -
No mark, save verdure's own.

We, pausing gazed upon the heap
That his some unknown clay
The very grass seemed murmuring
A sad and solemn lay....

by Lancelot Booth, Dunedin.