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Outward Bound - out of New Zealand

New Zealand Bound
    "Show me the way to go home ..."

Lyttelton Times, 4 March 1857, Page 6
March 2 Ship Oliver Lang, 1224 tons, Mundle, for Liverpool, via Wellington. Passengers: Mrs. Mundle and two children, Mrs. Hervey and child, Mrs. Dampier, Mrs. Teschmaker, Messrs. Studholme, Kennaway (2), Haylock, Rogers, Acland, Pike and Rickman. March 3.—Barque Philip Laing, 500 tons, Cadenhead, for Singapore, in, ballast.
Exports: In the Oliver Lang. Cookson, Bowler, & Co., agents, N. Z. produce shipped at Wellington and Nelson for Liverpool. Shipped at Port Victoria, 194 bales, 67,627 lbs. wool. Gould & Milies, 377 bales, 124,692 lbs. wool, Cookson Bowler, & Co. 398 bales, 135,255 lbs wool, Robert Waitt & Co,; 197 bales 64,810 lbs. wool, F. Banks, in all 1,166 bales, 392,384 lbs. wool, value £24,377; 1 case N.Z. daguerreotypes, 1 case curiosities, Cookson, Bowler, and Co.

 Wellington Independent 27 May 1859 Page 4
May 26,, ship, Clontarf, 1001 tons, John Allan master, for Loudon, Passengers, cabin—Mr. and Mrs. and the Misses Hort, Mr. and Mrs. Scholefield, Miss Haynes, Mr. and Master Mace, Masters Levin, and Johnson, Mr. Richard Duncan, DrJ. Stokes; Steerage, L. Phelp, W. Poole, William Powell.

Timaru Herald 30 October 1867 Page 2 ENGLISH SHIPPING.
ARRIVED. August 10 — Motoaka from Canterbury.
August 14 — England from Auckland.
August 17— Volocidade from New Zealand.
August 19— Himalaya from Canterbury.
July 23 — Melita for Canterbury.
July 29 — Cesarea for Nelson.
August 2 — William Davie for Otago.
August 13 — Timaru for Otago.
August 19 — Glenmark for Canterbury.
August 22- Water Nymph for Auckland.
Per Himalaya: cabin — Mr Dunlop and Dr Gaye. Second cabin — Messrs Robson, Howe, Dalzel, Virtue, Manley, Cartwright, Ewart, Houghton, Grey, Neighbours, Hamlyn, and Dunlop.
Per Matoaka : Mr and Mrs Duckworth, Mr and Mrs J. Gillespie, Messrs F. G. Brittan, C. Wylie, E. A. Alington, D. Greig, J. Birch, L. Smith, S. Smith, P. Mirehouse, J. F. Poole, T. R. Cooper, J. Fry, R. S. Jackson, T. Smith, L. Kennedy, W. Swinnerton, and R. Cloughley.
For Auckland — Alexandria.
For Canterbury — Mermaid, Matoaka.
For Nelson — Queen Bee.
For Otago — Robert Henderson, Celasno, Chile.
For Wellington — Wild Duck, Leichhardt.

Press, 9 February 1875, Page 2
CLEARED. Feb 8, Duke of Edinburgh, ship, 1117 tons, R. Mosey. for London. New Zealand Shipping Company agents. Passengers—saloon: Rev J. and Mrs Pember, Masters Pember (2), Miss Pember, Miss Ann de Baux, Mrs Savage. Second cabin: Mrs Armstrong, Misses Armstrong (4), Master Armstrong, Mrs Bell, Masters Bell (2), Miss Bell.

Evening Post, 27 September 1875, Page 2
SAILED. April 13 - Hereford, ship, 1440 to tons M'Carthy for London. Passengers-
Mr and Mrs Saxton, Masters Saxton (3), Miss Saxton,
Miss Mary Hawett, and servant.
Mr and M Way, Mr and Mrs Marten,
Miss Wilson,
Dr Hugh Marriner,
Mr Arthur Hope.
Intermediate Mr and Ms Connell. Masters Connell (3), Miss Connell, Messrs Reuben, Johnson, and W.F. Croxton. Steerage Mr and Mrs Groves, Mr and Mrs Jackson, Master Jackson, Mr and Mr Russell, Mr and Mrs Waldron, Masters Waldron (3), Mr and Mrs Terbett, Mr and Mrs Hammond, Masters Hammond (2), Mr and Mrs Benson, Masters Benson (2), Mrs A. M. Wolfenden, Mrs Mary Johnson, Messrs Thos. Miller, John Nicholl Martin, George Broderick, Joseph Crawford, Charles F. Lemonier, John Pentelon, Wm. Harris, Dennis Macmahon, John O'Neill, and Corcoran.

The Star, Christchurch, Saturday 24 August 1878
Sailed - August 24 - Duke of Argyll, ship, 960 tons, Davidson, for London. Passengers: saloon Colonel Langley, Messrs A and E. Tulk; second cabin - Mr John Simpson; steerage - Mr John Pooley.

The Star April 24 1879
Sailed - April 24 - Piako, ship, 1075 tons, Boyd, for London. Passengers, saloon: Miss Kirkwood, Dr Green, Messrs J. Taylor and M. Coleman; steerage Messrs D. O' Neill, and W. Lloyd. Her cargo of wheat, wool and tallow, represents a value of £70,500.

The Star Wednesday 23 April 1879
Sailed April 23 - Marlborough, ship, 1191 tons, Anderson, for London. John Inglis, agent. The Albion Company's clipper ship Marlborough, Capt. Anderson was towed out from the wharf and anchored in the stream yesterday afternoon. She cleared customs with a large and valuable cargo of wheat, wool and sundries, representing a total valve of £57, 320. She also takes 4 saloon and 10 steerage passengers.

Passengers - saloon
Farrington 	Mr
?Gilmore 	E.C.D.
Hazard 		Dr
Rennie 		Thomas
Ellie 		G.
Godfrey 	Mr and Mrs and family (6)
Meesham 	John

Timaru Herald, 12 March 1881, Page 2
The barque Elizabeth sailed last evening for Capetown. She took from here a quantity of oats and cheese and two passengers, in addition to wheat and butter shipped at Lyttelton.
Sailed March 11 — Elizabeth, barque, 349 tons, Lovett, for Capetown. Passengers — Messrs G. Alexander and J. Doyle.
Exports: In the Elizabeth, Master, agent : 4214 (17,150 bushels) oats, 66 cases cheese. Shipper— C. W. Turner.

Evening Post, 29 August 1885, Page 2
R.M.S. RUAPEHU, FOR LONDON. The New Zealand Shipping Company's R.M.S. Ruapehu, H. E. Greenstreet, commander, leaves Wellington at 4 p m . to-morrow for London, Via Rio de Janiero, Madeira, and Plymouth. She takes a large cargo, including- 12,200 carcases, 374 hindquarters, and 74 legs mutton, and 374 hindquarters beef. The following are the names of her passengers :— Saloon— Mrs Anderson, Messrs Samuel Sleigh and Robert de Montmollin ; second saloon— Misses Leete, Dennis and Buckhurst, Mesdames Washington. Crook, Dods, Muntz and infant, Mr and Mrs Huykers and 2 children, steerage— Misses Hetherington, M'Grath, Price, Mary and Isabella Fleming, Mesdames Schossler, Price, Sarah Low and 3 daughters, Lister and family (8), Mr and Mrs G. E. Triggs, Mr and Mrs William Budd and 2 daughters, Mr and Mrs Chas Dawson and family (8), Mr and Mrs Louis Zambuhl and 2 daughters, Messrs D. Wingate, Gilroy, G. Augustennsen, D. Cullen, Thos. Buchan, Thos. Jackson, Alfred Wilkinson, Middlebrook, and Master Fleming.

Evening Post, 9 December 1885, Page 2
Our readers will remember the case of the lad Alfred Wilkinson, who was sent Home in the Ruapehu on her last trip in hopes that in the Epileptic Hospital in London he might find some means of relief. By yester- day's mail we received a long letter from young Wilkinson, dated London, 20th October, and giving an interesting account of bia voyage and subsequent proceedings. The Ruapehu, he Bays, hod splendid weather all the way, the water being no rougher than it sometimes is in Wellington Harbour. He did not suffer from sea sickness at all, but had several fits before reaching Rio. Captain Greenstreet had appropriated the second-class smoking-room to his use and a steward to look after him. The captain, officers, and servants, he says, were extremely kind to him throughout, and he describes Captain Greenstreet as "a thorough Christian and God-fearing man," adding that he can never forget the kindness with which he was treated by all on board. Wilkinson's uncle in London, Mr. W. Huid Smith, is secretary to the Exeter Hall Young Men's Christian Association, and he received his nephew very kindly, although he was much engaged at the time.

Papers Past Star 9 April 1887 Page 2 DEPARTURE OF THE KAIKOURA.
Wellington, April 8. Sailed— R.M.S. Kaikoura, Captain Crutchley, for London, at 6 p.m. to-day. Passengers saloon —
Misses K Grigg, Kebbell, Rosa M. Larkins. C. Mitchell, Alice Moorhouse, May Neal, Alice Musgrave, Anne Robinson, Isabella Ross Sinclair (2), E. Uran Kennedy, M. Oddie, and Rodney.
Mesdames Taine, Lake and infant, Kennedy, Blackie, Bridge, Eyre, H. Higginson, Northey and boy, Pritchard, Randall, Rodney and infant. Lady Orde, Sir J. C. Orde. Rev W. Harper, Captain H. Gillou, Dr J. O'Reilly, Hons. H. Astley and R. Rodney, Messrs James Oddie, Fulbert Archer, G. Asquith, J. Barker, Berens, H.P. Higginson, Jas. T. Taine, Kennedy, J. Mill, Lake, G. Northey, Paul Pritchard, Randall, Henry W. Vivian and Robert Wilson.
Second saloon Misses G. O. Chadwick, E. Cole, C. Ewenson, Emma Fernley, Wise, and Annie Williams, Mesdames E. Chadwick, Cole, Booth, Eastham, Ravenhill, Smalley, Schauz and Veun, Revs C. Butler, J. Smalley and W. Taylor, Messrs S Abbott, Matthew Alexander, Otto Ascherole, B. Jorngaard, Thomas Clark, Alfred Cole, Samuel Duffield. S. Gillas Eastham, John C. Grierson, Thomas McLaughlan [McLaughlin], Charles Monroe, Joseph Murgatroyd, Hugh Ravenhill, George Tabor, Weston (2), and Timothy A. Ward
Steerage— Misses Annie Komstedt, Eleanor Newham, Eliza Powell, Nellie Rogers, Maude Sexton, E. Warner, Elizabeth Williams, Ethel Young, Elizabeth and Gertrude Day, Mesdames M. Athol, Darley, Day, Knight, Komstedt, Powell, Rogers and two boys, Sexton and boy, Willis, Young, Williams, Cashman [Wewnham], Loader and infant, Messrs Ackerman, W. Atcheson, Ernest Bard, William Buttforth, Robert Carr, George Clark, William Darby, James Day, Daniel Duncan, James Dibsdall, Joseph Falcon, Charles Forde, John Grant, John Single, William Hill, George A. Jamieson, Anton Jestedt, Thomas Knight Anders, J. Onal, William Lillies, William Marden, John McColl, J Moore, Thomas Morgan, Charles Newland, Luke O'Brien, James and Charles E. Powell, John Punygor, J. Rogers, A. and E. Sanlez, James Sexton, F. and J. Shaw, Francis Skelton [Skilton], Edwin Smith, William Stewart, Thomas Thompson, Andrew Taylor, Robert Walker and Michael Young.  Booked in Auckland Penguin, ss. 442 tons, Allman from Onehunha via Taranaki arrived in Wellington on April 7 with  at least 6 of these passengers.

Otago Daily Times 11 April 1887, Page 2
A COOL ABSCONDER. Wellington, April 9. An architect named Charles Lahl, [Charles Zahl] who recently arrived from Sydney, held a private meeting of his creditors on Thursday afternoon, and while the meeting was proceeding left the room on some pretext. He subsequently look a boat and went on board the R.M S Kaikoura which was just about to sail for England and took his departure by her. It is believed he took between £800 and £900 with him.

Star 4 April 1887, Page 3 Short, Sharp, and Decisive.
Wellington, April 4. An instance of prompt justice occurred this morning. At 10.45 fireman John Ross, of the s.s. Kaikoura, jumped into the hold and smashed the nose of the second officer, against whom he had a grudge. He also tried to kick the captain. He was put in irons, taken up to the Court, and at 11.45 received a sentence of three months' imprisonment.

Grey River Argus, 19 May 1887, Page 2
The s s Kaikoura arrived at Plymouth yesterday afternoon with a cargo of frozen mutton in good condition.

Timaru Herald, 2 April 1888, Page 2
Port of Lyttelton. March 31— The Coptic sails to-night. Passenger First saloon
From Napier Messrs A. C. Lang, James Torre, Mrs Torre, Miss L. and G. Torre.
From Auckland— Mr P. H. Gibson.
From Melbourne— Mr A. C. Talbot, George J. N. Wenley, Edward Aikin, Alfred Hay and family (6). Pougher, Read, Lohmann, Briggs, Pilling, Ullyett, Preston, Newham, Braun, Smith, J. Alderson. J. Carnegie. Major J. E. Harris, Mrs Alderson, Mrs and Miss Carnegie, Mrs Harris.
From Christchurch Mr Rushton, Miss Clahering, Miss Helen Proctor.
Second saloon From Wellington Mr and Miss Norbury, Mrs and Master Middleton, Messrs B. H. Brotherton, H. Newbould.
From Dunedin— Mrs W. A. Todd. Mrs Sinclair and family (3), Mr G. Gray, Mrs Johnston and family (6).
From Melbourne Messrs T. T. Burrell, H. W. Bannister, L. T. Young, E. H. Maxwell, Rev. W. MacRae. From Auckland Captain E. B. Wilson, Mrs and Miss Alexander.
From Invercargill Mr John Jewell.
From Sydney Miss E. B. Davies, Mr F. Gladwyn.
From Nelson - Mr T. S. Hanger.
From Christchurch— Mr J. Murgatroyd, and 37 in the steerage.

Evening Post, 5 May 1888, Page 2
Amongst the passengers who left by the Ruapehu was Mr. James McIntosh, a very old and highly respected resident at Marton, who now, after 28 years spent in the colony, has left on a visit to his native country. Mr. McIntosh had a regular levee on his departure, a great number of friends attending to wish him bon voyage.

Star 28 November 1890, Page 2 Lyttelton
Sailed— R.M.S.S. Rimutaka, for London, with a full cargo and the following passeagen: Saloon— Misses O. Falckner, K. Darcy, M. King, A. Spooner, Mesdames K. Handyside, P. M'Connell, M. Spooner, H. Haigh, Drs Alex. Clark and Thos. King, Messrs W. Barth, A. Hartey Hodge, E. and P. M'Connell, L. M'Tavish, H. Haigh, J. Wright, Masters King and Haigh; steerage — Misses Burton (2), M. Darcy, Warham (2), Mesdames M. Burton, Hntchinaon, Pattinson and infant, L. Warham, L. Mosch, Messrs A. Boise, L. Mosch, J. Margerson, T. Geoghegan, T. Vicars, W. Hutchinson, C. Pattiaon, Master Pattison.

Otago Witness, 25 January 1905, Page 33
Mr R. H. Rhodes, of Bluecliffs, who leaves on a trip to the Home Country this week, was entertained at Timaru on Wednesday. Mr Rhodes leaves by one of the direct boats, but instead of going straight to London will spend about six weeks ia the Argentine, then travel up the coast of Brazil, and cross over to Portugal and Spain, thus making an unusual tour on the Homeward journey. He will be accompanied by Mrs Rhodes and family, and expects to be absent from the colony about 12 months.

Otago Witness, 25 January 1905, Page 33
James McIntosh, who has been in the employment of the New Zealand and Australian Land Company continuously for a period of 38 years, has severed his connection with the company, and contemplates a trip to the Old Country. Of the period mentioned nine years were spent at the Waitapeka Estate and the rest at Clydevale. Mr McIntosh has known no other employer since he came to the colony.

Evening Post, 26 June 1897, Page 4
IONIC, FOR LONDON. Lyttelton, 25th June
The Ionic, which sailed for London last night, took the following passengers :— Misses Bannister, Dymock (2), Fowlor, Johnston (2), Boyle, Izard, Turnbull, Vincent (2), Hope (2). Croxfon, Rattray, Henley (7), Dobbie (2),Rutland(3), Barr, Weaver (2), Mesdames Bannister, Beaumont, Hering, Dymock, Johnston, Steel, Hope, Topham, Gilpin, Dobbie (2), Adams, Lean, Rutland, Dr Scott, Messrs Spencer, Stanhope, Lawrence, Scott (2), Leighwood, Hering, Dymock, Savoury, Wybourn, Hodge, Steel, Mowat (2), Rea, Turner, Herron, Adamson, Hornby, Hayden, Hope, Orchard, Topham, Johnsberg, Clark, Holland, Brock, Holt, Richmond, Lynes, Henley (3), Borderlich, Adams, Black, Pigon, Browning, Berrow, Towers, Riley, Balston, Butland (2), Ingram, Buist, Masters Bannister, Hope (3), Henley (2), Rutland (2) : for Rio- Mr McDoanld.

Evening Post, 14 April 1899, Page 6
FIFESHIRE, FOR LONDON. With a full cargo of Australian and New Zealand meat, wool, &c, for the English markets, the Shire Co's new cargo steamer Fifeshire sailed for London via Las Palmas (for coal) shortly after 4 this afternoon. She shipped the following freight from Wellington :— 6500 carcases sheep, 3323 do lambs, 883 quarters beef, 40 sacks oxtails, 445 cases butter, 540 do preserved meats, 232 casks tallow and pelts, and 563 cases cheese. Her passengers were Misses Stanford (2), Pinkney (2), Sale, Mesdames Bacon, Pinkney, Scott, Messrs Pinkney (2}, Stanford, Lightfoot. The Fifeshire should he heard of at London in about 45 or 46 days from date.

Evening Post, 15 January 1908, Page 8
The following have booked passages by the New Zealand Shipping- Company's steamer Paparoa, which is advertised to sail to-morrow for London, via Monte Video and Teneriffe :— First saloon : From Auckland — Miss D. Ware, Mr. Wm. and Mrs. Ware.
From Christchurch — Miss C. Gossett.
From Dunedin— Mr. Graham.
From Ashburton— Miss Wlieeley.
Second saloon : From Wellington — Miss G. Smith, Mr. S. J. Gill.
From Christchurch— Mr. A. E. and Mrs  Flowed, Mr. A. C. B. Bettle.
From Auckland— Mr. W. Glanville.
From Patea— Mr. J. Hotblack.
From Napier— Mr. D. Marshall.
Steerage : From Wellington— Messrs D. Cartledge, H. Baily, P. Blackedge, Fritsch, F. Clifford, Win. Wilkinson.
From Auckland — Mr. A G. Finlav
From Christchurch— Mr. H. Morby
From Timaru— Mr. H. C. Holden
From Waimate--Mr. D. M'Pherson

Evening Post, 29 April 1908, Page 6
The steamer Ayrshire, which is expected to leave Wellington at 1 p.m. to-morrow for London, is taking the following saloon passengers :— Misses C. Chayton, S. Chayton, E. Mullin, D. Dall, Meedames Chayton, Latham, England, T. M. Pattullo, Matthews and 3 children, S.R. Dall, Dr. Matthews, Captain England, Meeers. J. C. Chayton, A. C. Latham, P. Shears, L. Lee, Reid, Master Dall. The Ayrshire on her voyage is to visit Monte Video and Madeira.

 Evening Post, 28 August 1908, Page 8
BY THE RIMUTAKA. The New Zealand Shipping Company's steamer Rimutaka, which is to leave at 6 o'clock on Sunday morning for London via Monte Video, is carrying the following passengers :—
First saloon :
From Wellington — Miss H. McMaster, Messrs. A. D. McMaster, E. G. D. McMaster, D. Cunningham, J. A. Haig.
From Christchurch— Misses I. C. Peache, F. Lankon, Mr. M. Walker.
From Auckland— Messrs. G. Bennecke, H. Northcote, A. Hewitt.
From Napier — Mr. R. Hoare.
From Dunedin — Mr. A. W. Brailsford.
Second saloon :
From Wellington — Rev. C. H. Platt.
From Auckland - Miss M. H. Worsley, Mr. A. Broard.
From Christchurch — Miss E. Shillito.
From Timaru — Miss H. Gibson.
From Invercargill— Mr. W. N. H. Hall.
From Wellington — Miss N. E. Nicol, Messrs. F. Challenger, J. Bass.
From Auckland — Messrs. G. Sumich, A. Phillips, R. Topley, W. Smith.
From Dunedin — Miss A. Kelly, Mr. A. Fraser.
From Timaru — Messrs. R. McAlister (2).
From Greymouth — Mr. M. Joyce.
From Lyttelton — Mr. F. Goodman.

Evening Post, 20 October 1910, Page 8
DEPARTURES. October 20 — Tongariro, s.s. (3 p.m.), 7600 tons Whyke-Parsons, for London, via Monte Video and Teneriffe.
Passengers :— From Auckland : Saloon — Misses H. and E. Neligan, Mr. E. Pulling, Mrs Neligan, Right Rev. Dr. Neligan, Major C. Scott, and Master D. Neligan.
From Wellington — Mr Dourdette and Rev. J. A. Buttriss.
From Christchurch — Mr W. G. Ramsay.
Second saloon — Misses A. E. Sumner, E. Smith, L. Smith, M. Cholmondeley, Curtis, Mesdames Sumner, M. A. Tweedie, Batterly, Russock, Weiss, W. L. Steele, Messrs. J. C. Sumner, F. S Battley, F. H. Weiss, C. Russock, J. R. Bartlett, A. W. Cattanach, M. G. McLellan, J. F. Walsh, T. Flemming, R. Paterson, Duggan, Vicars, T. Jones, H. W. Insull, McDonald, and C. Cotgill.
Third-class — Misses Ashford, Long. Mesdames Russell, Ashford, Messrs Power, Russell, McLean, Linsay, Graham, Hotchkis (2), Webb, Cross, Scott, and Morris.

Evening Post, 6 April 1911, Page 8
"Let go aft!"
"All gone, sir."
The Ruahine, homeward, bound, swung out into the stream this afternoon, giving three short sharp blasts of the syren. There was a large crowd on the wharf, to &cc the liner 'off. The Ruahine- carried away quite a contingent of New Zealanders for the Coronation and a general good time in London and thereabouts. To mention a few of them: — Mr. Wm. Watson (ex-president of the Bank of New Zealand), Mr. Jas. Kirker (general manager of the South British Insurance Co.), Mr. W. B. Layland (Leyland-O'Brien Co.), Mr. J. L. Mackie (Seatoun), Mr. E. Opie (the Canterbury, New Zealand athlete), Mr. Sidney Thompson and Mr. Babbage (Christchurch artists), Mr. W. C. Deller (Wairarapa), Major Dean Pitt (Wellington), and other well-known New Zealanders. Captain Bowring (late of H.M.S. Powerful; and Colonel Stuart, who have been touring the North Island, were returning by the Ruahine. The Ruahine is a full ship with a most valuable cargo (considered in the gross) of meat, wool, hemp, tallow, butter, cheese, and. other New Zealand products.

Evening Post, 20 March 1912, Page 6
29th April. LEAVING BY THE IONIC. The Shaw, Savill and Albion - liner  Ionic, which is fixed to leave Wellington, for London at 4 pm. to-morrow, is taking the following passengers from the Dominion: —
First saloon — From Wellington: Misses Peacock (2), Blackman, Jackson, M Knox, H L. and E. Porter, M. E.Robson, V. Robertson, Weston, Mesdames Alexander, Bridge, Clift, Coghill-Peacock, Finlay, Hayhurst, Herries, Jackson, A. Jonas, Major W M. Doyne, Messrs A. Alexander, K. S. Barton, . H and J. R. Black, H. H.. Bridge, K. S. Clift, D. Coghill-Peacock, W. Finlay, W. H. Herries, M P., E. Rayney Jackson, Captain. McCamley, G. H. Moore-Brown, Van Doosselaere, W J. Younger, Master Bridge.
From Auckland — Missea C. Brown, M. Macdonald, Mesdames Brown, M. Macdonald, Messrs T. G. Brown, J. Marshall.
From Gisborne— Messrs A. R. and B Muir.
From Christchurch — Misses Julius, Pratt (3), Mesdames Pratt, T. E. Ross, Messrs J. H Guthrie, A. T. Pratt, K. Pratt, C. W Purnell, W. V. Robinson, J. Wolfram.
From Timaru — Mr and Mrs A. Elworthy, Misses Elworthy (2), Masters Elworthy (2), Miss Ford, Mr and Mrs W. R. McLaren.
From Dunedin — Colonel and Mrs Goring, Mrs E J Smart and Misses Smart (2).
Second saloon: From Wellington — Misses M. Chrystal Lawford, Perry, Selby, M and K. Simpson, B. Taylor, Worsell, Mesdames L Anderson, Bond, Carney, Rabone, Roberts, Selby, S. Taylor, B. Taylor, Thompson, Tompsett, Whyte, Messrs Anderson, Bond, Chennells. Rev. C. Cooke, W. W. and H. L. Fitzherbert, P. C. Holmes, Leggatt, W. T Mack, Perry, J. W. Steedman, R. Balmain, Taylor, Thompson. Tompsett, E. B Whyte, H. H. Wilson, Rev. Williamson.
From other ports — Misses Brierley, Gallvln, Gales, Knox (2), Kennedy, Mesdames Bennett, Cocker, Knox, Kennedy, Maxwell, Rawnsley, Stewart, Messrs M. Alexander, F. H. Bennett, Matters Bennett (2). Messrs Blake, A. Harvey, A. Kennedy, W. Maguire, E. G. Rawnsley, J. Stewart, Dr. A. Stenhouse.
Third-class — From Wellington: Misses Forrester, Gough, Oliver, Johnston, Rust, E L Smith, Waugh (3), Mesdames Darby, Forrester, Gore, Gough, Oliver, Johnston, Knight, Moorby, Waugh, Messrs P. Boyle, Brinkman, J. Campbell, Craven, Duckett, Gallen, Gore, Gough, Jensen, Jones, Knight, Moorby, Palk, Roberts, Thomas, Waugh, West, Masters Oliver and Gough.
From other ports: Misses F. Hill, Mason, Staples (3), Mesdas Attrill (2), Baird, Giirrington, Howie, McKay, Patton, Staples, Whitney, Messrs Attrill (8), Blackburn, Brown, J. Brownlee, Christey, Clack, Cleeg, Hoheneck, Hook, Mclntyre, Howie, Jackion, Lawson, McCormick, McFarlane, Newton, Oldeld (2), Purvis, Robinson, Rose, and ,Ross.

Evening Post, 11 February 1915, Page 6
Sailing for London, via way ports, the R.M.SB. Remuera has on board the following passengers: — Fist saloon- From Wellington : Misses A. Batten, B. Temperley, J. A. Griffen, Mesdames Barber, M. Temperley, Messrs Barber, H. P. Langehenning, McCarthy, and Master W. N. Temperley.
From Auckland— Miss M. Schultz, Mesdames Buddle, Gouldsmith, and Sternfieid, Messrs. C, B. Buddie. J. M. Gouldsmith, L. C. Gouldsmith, and J. L. Sternfield, Master G. L. Sternfield.
From Christchurch— Miss Buller, Sister E. Mellish, Mrs Burdon, Messrs R M. Burdon and J. P. Bourke.
From Timaru — Misses Jensen, A. Elworthy, J. Elworthy, and Masters S. and A. Elworthy.
From Blenheim — Mrs. Brownlee.
From Napier— Miss E.J. Tanner, Mesdames E. Brown and M. G. Locking, Messrs F. and L. Gordon.
Second saloon—From Wellington : Misses D. Bates, M. Fowler, McPherson, M. Werder, Mesdames Bates, Balcombe Brown, Messrs F. Bates, E. Balcombe Brown, H. W Rainford, Masters H. Bates, F. Bates, E. Bates.
From Auckland. Misses A. L. Lane, C. K. Dinneen, Mrs K. Parkinson, Messrs. J. W Dinneen, B. Muirsmith.
From Christchurch : Mr C. Buchanan.
From Timaru: Mr E. Moreton.
From Dunedin Misses M. Campbell, A. Turnbull, and M. B. Tannock, Mrs Tannock, Mr P. Tannock, Master D. G. Tannock.
From Gisborne: Mrs M. Mummery.
From Blenheim : Mrs I. Baggett.
There are 71 third-class from all parts. The Remuera is due at London about the 24th March.

Samuel Butler sailed from Lyttelton for London on June 15 1864 with three friends, Charles Paine Pauli, a lawyer, James Selfe, a son of the London Stipendiary Magistrate, and Mr. William Aubrey Willes of Astrop, Northamptonshire. Arrived London 28 August, 1864. What was the name of the vessel? The vessel was only 400 tons, a sailing bark of American build and ownership, and a Captain [Jas. or William H.] Lunt commanded her via Callao. Travelled across country via Panama. "We arrived in Callao harbour on the 25th July. The early morning of the first day in harbour was memorable for the occurrence of a severe earthquake. We were awoke in our bunks at 5 A.M. by the vessel giving a great lurch and every timber in the ship sounded as though it was going to fall to pieces. "