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R.M.S.S. Papanui

New Zealand Bound


The Evening Post, Monday 16th June 1902 pg4
Arrived - June 15 - Papanui, ss, 6372 tons, Weston, from London, Capetown, and Hobart.

The following are the Wellington passengers:
Broadhead 	Mr
Buckley 	Mr
Dickson 	Mr
Firth 		Mr
Goodall 	Misses (2)
Grainger 	Mr
Herbert 	Mr
Houghton 	Mr
McNaughton 	Mr
Read 		Mr
Richardson 	Messers (2)
Selkirk 	Miss
Selkirk 	Mr
Whitehead 	Mr
Williams 	Mr

The Papanui will leave for London on the 10th July from Lyttelton.

The Star Thursday 10th July 1902 pg3
Sailed: July 10th - Papanui, s.s., 4099 tons, Weston, for London, via Monte Video. New Zealand Shipping Company Agents.

The Evening Post Monday 1st December 1902 pg 4
Arrival - Nov. 29 - Papanui, s.s., 6372 tons, Weston, from London, Capetown and Hobart. The only change in the list of officers is that Mr R.R. Neale is third navigating officer in place of Mr Piper, transferred to the Ruapehu.  The following is her passenger list:

From London: For Wellington - First saloon:
Hole 		Mr
Woodbridge 	Mr
Second saloon:
Blythe 		Mr
Burton 		Mr
Cachemaille 	Misses (2)
Cachemaille 	Mrs
Derry 		Mrs
Field 		Miss
Field 		Mrs
Field 		Mr
Hutchin 	Mr
Isaacson 	Misses (2)
Isaacson 	Mrs
Isaacson 	Rev.
Isaacson  	Mr
Nelson 		Mrs
Nelson 		Mr
For Nelson - First Saloon:
Randolph 	Mrs
Randolph 	Master
For Port Chalmers - First Saloon:
Dunbury 	Mrs
Roberts 	Mr
Second saloon:
Laughton 	Miss
For Lyttelton: - 
Second saloon:
Dixon 		Miss
Gorton 		Miss
Gorton 		Messrs (2)
Lewis 		Mrs
Lewis 		Mr
Matson 		Messrs (2)
Piggott 	Mr
For  Picton - Second saloon:
Ashton 		Mr
Mills 		Miss
Mills 		Messrs (2)
For Gisborne - Second saloon:
Crowley 	Miss

For New Plymouth - - Second saloon::
Bates 		Mr
Smith 		Mrs
For Auckland - Second saloon:
Boys 		Miss
Cakebread 	Miss
Davies 		Miss
James 		Mr
Kearns 		Mr
Ruddock 	Mrs and family
From Capetown
Fitzgerald 	Rev.
Major 		Lieut
and 7 third-class.

From Hobart - 
Watchorn 	Mrs
Watchorn 	Master

She brought 73 third - class passengers for all New Zealand ports.

Otago Witness, 18 November 1908, Page 66
From London. Papanui, October 3; due November 23 direct
PAPANUI's PASSENGERS. The Papanui, which is now almost due at Port Chalmers from London, carries 72 saloon passengers and 178 third class, most of the latter being at reduced rates. The following are the saloon:
Mrs M. Allen
Mr P. G. Bartlett
Mr W. W. Bell
Mr E. W. Benson
Mr S. P. Blandy
Mr P. J. Boswell
Mr R. Boulby, Mrs Boulby
Mr G. Brown, Mrs Brown, Master G. G. Brown, Master D. G. Brown
Mr C. Reading Bucknill, Mrs Reading Bucknill, Mr H.C. Reading Bucknill, Miss Reading Bucknill
Mr E. Carbis
Mr J. Carroll
Mr G. H. Chadwick
Mrs N. A. Chapman, Miss K. N. Chapman
Mr A. Cleland, Mrs Cleland
Mr J. O. Coaker
Mr R. Collins
Mr C. F. Corps
Mr J. L. Cryer
Mr T. Durant, Mrs Durant
Mr H. J. Edwards
Mr R. Essex
Mr R. Galloway, Mrs Galloway, Miss B. M. Galloway, Master J. R. Galloway, Master J. D. Galloway
Mr J. Gilbert, Mrs Gilbert
Mr L. T. Griffin, Mrs Griffin,
Miss P. Harley
Mr W. E. Holmes, Mrs Holmes, Miss E. V. Holmes, Mr G. C. Holmes, Mrs Holme
Mrs Kisch
Mr A. S. Lang, Mrs J. Lang
Mr N. C. Leighton
Mr J. Letters
Miss C. Macphail
Mrs C. M. McLaren
Mrs J. W. Mawson
Mr R. Meikle
Miss L. P. Middleton
Mr R. S. Parrington
Mr S. G. Powell
Mr H. Shackleford
Mr H. S. Sherwood
Mr W. Z. Preston Thomas, Mrs Preston Thomas, Master Preston Thomas
Mr I. Walter
Miss L. E. White, Miss Q. A. White
Mr T. J. Wilson.

The Times, Friday, Apr 30, 1909
London, April 29.
About a thousand pounds' worth of damage is stated to have been done by the fire yesterday to the New Zealand Steamship Company's Papanui, lying at Victoria Docks. The Papanui is a steamer of 6,582 tons, built in 1898, and valued at 58,000.

The Times, Friday, Dec 17, 1909; pg. 18
Christchurch, NZ
The Papanui bound from Tasmania to Melbourne, has arrived at Beauty Point, and reports having struck an uncharted shoal to the north of Waterhouse Island, near Banks Straits, with the result that there is probably extensive damage to the bottom. The Papanui is is valued at 54,000. Divers report that all tanks are more or less damaged. The holds are dry.

The Times
, Thursday, Jan 06, 1910
The uncharted reef which the Papanui struck last month has been surveyed. The reef was found to have 10ft of water over it at low tide.

The Times, Monday, Feb 28, 1910; pg. 14
The settlement arising out of the Papanui amounted to over 30,000, being 56 per cent of the insured valued, 54,000, while the policy is cancelled.

The Times, Tuesday, May 30, 1911
The steamer Papanui has put into Perim on the voyage from Sydney and Melbourne with defective machinery and boilers leaking slightly. She brings passenger and cargo.

The Times, Wednesday, Sep 13, 1911
St Helena, Sept. 12
The steamship Papanui bound from London to Fremantle, Western Australia, with 347 emigrants on board (318 for W.A. and 50 for Victoria), arrived here yesterday evening with her bunkers on fire. The emigrants were landed at 5 o'clock this morning and the men were housed at Ladder Hill Barracks, while the women were taken to the military hospital. The crew report that one of the ship's bunkers caught fire on September 5 and took five days to extinguish. Another bunker caught fire after passing St Helens so the captain decided to return here. The ship is moored as hear the shore as possible and is discharging baggage and cargo. Volumes of smoke are issuing from here. Later. The Papanui is now on fire from stern to stern and is gutted. The ship has been abandoned and beached. The whole of the cargo was not landed. The Papanui is registered at Melbourne, and is a vessel of 6,582 tons, built in 1898 by Messrs W. Denny and Brothers, and now owned by Messrs H.C. Sleigh and H.B. Black. She is insured on a valuation of 40,000. For many years she was in the service of the New Zealand Shipping Company, but, as was pointed out at the end of May, when defective machinery caused a little trouble the vessel was sold under interesting circumstances. The cause of the fire is attributed to spontaneous combustion among the coals. The Opawa is present at Liverpool, and will be despatched at full speed. It has already been a fortnight. P.S. Destroyed by fire and towed out to sea and scuttled near St. Helena, September 1911.

The Times, Saturday, Sep 30, 1911; pg. 20
The Opawa, the gross tonnage of which is considerably more than that of the Papanui, was converted and equipped into an emigrant steamer in less than four days. Captain J.J. Cameron, left the Mersey yesterday for St Helena to pick up the emigrants.

Rounding South Africa.