The "Commodore Perry" Melbourne to Otago, New Zealand, 1862

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"Commodore Perry"

New Zealand Bound

Otago Witness Saturday January 18, 1862 page 5

Shipping Intelligence 

Entered Inwards Port of Dunedin, New Zealand
January 18 - Commodore Perry, 2017 tons, Williams, from Melbourne. 
Passengers - Saloon:

Anderson	 J.W.
Bell		 Mrs
Bridge 		 E.W.
Chambers	 Mr
Dodds 		 Mr and Mrs
Edminstone	 Mrs
Graham		 Mrs
Gray 		 Mrs and 4 children
Hayman		 Mrs
Jones		 Mrs
Jones		 Mary, Elizabeth, Emmanuel and Rebecca
Lambeth		 Mr
Luhning		 Mrs and 2 children
McIiwick	 Mr and Mrs
Newton		 Mary A
Pilmore		 W.
Pilmore		 Mrs and infant
Robinson	 Mr
Ronane		 W.H.

Second Cabin:
Amsberg		 Mr
Best		 Mrs and 3 children
Brown		 Mr
Cox		 Mrs
Dyke		 Mr
Duncan		 Mr
Dunbar		 Mr and Mrs
Farley		 E
Griebell	 S
Hamilton	 Mr
Hume		 Mr
James		 Miss B
Klien		 Mr
Kummisch	 Mr
Lawson		 Mr
Lundsbald	 Mr
Lyons		 Mr
Rodgers		 Mr
Roskring	 Mr
Shaw		 Mr
Sherberg	 Mr
Sigastrom	 Mr
Sullivan	 Mr
Sutherland	 Mr
Tweddle 	 Mr
Vale 		 Mr, Mrs Vale and child
Watts		 Mr
Wendel		 Mrs and child
Williams	 Mr
Young		 Mr

and 632 in steerage. W.C. Young, agent.

Otago Witness February 8 1862 page 7
On the evening 31st January, a man "John" ?McNamara drowned while attempting to swim across the Waipori River which was flooded at the time. He was 15 miles distant from the Exhibition Tent, and 10 miles from Wetherstone's Gully.  Sergt. Pasehen went to the scene. He was 23 years of age and that he arrived in Otago by the Commodore Perry, about five weeks ago. He was lately working with a party of 24 others, known as the Ballarat Sluicing Company, and engaged in turning the river to work the bed. He had no property with him. 


Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 30 November 1861, Page 2
Passengers for New Zealand. Per Commodore Perry, from Liverpool, August 27: James A. Whitfield, Mr. Mackenzie, Mr. Hill, Mr. Whitfield, Mrs Margaret Mackay, Mr. James Clarke, Mr. Proudfoot Mrs. Rosser, Mr. Isaac Hemming, Mr. Joseph Manley, Mr. Walter Kennedy, and Mr. Charles Ingrain.

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