'Sir George Pollock'  to Nelson, N.Z. 1861

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'Sir George Pollock'

New Zealand Bound
1861 to Nelson

Reference: 'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website.
Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 4 September 1861, Page 2
ARRIVED. August 31, ship, Sir George Pollock, 571 tons, Frost, from London.

The Sir George Pollock. This barque of 570 tons, Captain Frost, arrived in our harbour on Saturday, August 31, with seventy-nine passengers. She cleared the English channel on May 5, and on the 12th July, while rounding the Cape of Good Hope, her mizentop was carried away in a very severe gale. She sighted land on the 25th August, and arrived at an anchorage in our Bay on the 31st.

Passengers : cabin

Mr Addinell
Mr Bashford
Dr. Beale
Mrs. Beale
Rev. J. E. Herring, Mrs. Herring
Mr Herring
Mr. and Mrs. Pearse and 2 children


Mr. Abbott
Mr. Anstey
Miss Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong
Mrs. Devenport, Miss Devenport
Mr. and Mrs. Elson and 2 children
Miss Fitzgerald
Mr. Fitzgerald
Mr. Fowler
Miss Girrish
Mr. Healey
Mr. and Mrs. Heath and 3 children
Mr. J. Heath
Mrs. Hickley, Misses Hickley (3), Mr. Hickley
Mr. and Mrs. Holdsworth
Mr. O'Brien
Mr. Deacon
Miss Mahoney
Mr. and Mrs. Moran, 2 children
Mr. and Mrs. Nation
Mr. Osborne
Miss Oxley
Mr. and Mrs. Pollock
Mr. and Mrs. Purkiss
Mr. Roberts
Miss Sanders
Mr. J. E. Skilton, Mr. R. W. Skilton
Mr. Spicer
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and 3 children
Miss Vickers
Mr. and Mrs. Webb and 3 children
Mr. J. Webb
Mr. and Mrs. Webley, Miss Webley, Mr. H. Webley, Mr. J. Webley, and 2 children
Miss Wright