Port Taranaki bound

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Vessels arriving at Port Taranaki, New Plymouth, New Zealand

Rutherford, James, The Establishment of the New Plymouth Settlement in New Zealand, 1841-1843: 1940. New Plymouth, N.Z.:  [2d ed.] New Plymouth, Thomas Avery & Sons.  Compiled and edited by Rutherford, James, and  W. H. Skinner (William Henry 1857-1946) 274 p.  [1969]  DJ. From the introduction:  "The Plymouth Company of New Zealand was initiated at a public meeting held in Plymouth, England, on the 25th January, 1840. It was an association of Devon and Cornish gentlemen, with the Earl of Devon as governor, and a strong body of influential men as directors. The aims of the Company, as set out in its prospectus, were 'to render available the resources of Devon and Cornwall, and to present to their inhabitants the means of participating in the favourable prospects offered by this new field of colonization.' The Company's life as a separate body was brief for it became merged into the New Zealand Company of London in 1842. Before the Company became involved in financial difficulties which led to the merger with the New Zealand Company, six ships were dispatched to New Plymouth.  These six vessels with the BROUGHAM, a barque of 250 tons, which sailed from Port Nicholson (Wellington) with surveyors and staff for laying out the settlement and landed them at Moturoa on 12th February, 1841, constitute the fleet bring the pioneer founders of the 'Colony of New Plymouth' to these shores."

Being the journals of Henry Weekes (1814-1894), surgeon on the 'William Bryan'; John Newland, passenger on the 'Amelia Thompson'; Josiah Flight, passenger on the 'Timandra'; together with extracts from the log of the 'Blenheim'; brief notes of voyages of the 'Oriental' and the 'Essex'; accounts of the settlement of New Plymouth; the official passenger lists of the six pioneer ships of the Plymouth Company of New Zealand; and list of other arrivals between 1841-1860 with lists as best possible gathered from newspapers etc (see below). It also has a list of naval & military settlers, members of the British Forces stationed in NZ, of the Navy and Army who between the years 1850 - 1860 settled in New Plymouth or its immediate vicinity.

Vessel Arrival date Comments
William Bryan 31 Mar 1841 New Plymouth Company  311 tons with 148 passengers
Amelia Thompson 3 Sep 1841 New Plymouth Company  477 tons with 187 passengers
Oriental 7 Nov 1841 NPC Wellington 26 Oct    506 tons with 130 passengers
Timandra 23 Feb 1842 New Plymouth Company  382 tons with 202 passengers
Blenheim 19 Nov 1842 New Plymouth Company  374 tons with 138 passengers
Essex 20 Jan 1843 New Plymouth Company  392 tons with 115 passengers
Partial list
Speculator Jun 1841 from Wellington
Regina Oct 1841 from Plymouth
London Dec 1840 arr Wellington with N.P. settlers
Phoebe Mar 1843 arr Nelson with NP pass
Tyne Aug 1843 arr Wgtn & transferred to Brig Victoria to NP
Thomas Sparks Feb 1843 from London via Nelson
Victoria Dec 1843 arr from Bay of Islands
Himalaya Dec 1843 from London
Bella Marina May 1844 from London via Hobart
Raymond Aug 1844
Louisa Campbell July 1845 arr Wellington with NP pass.
Madras Sep 1846
Carbon Nov 1846 arr from Sydney
Ralph Bernal Dec 1847 from London via Nelson
Bernica Nov 1848 from London
Cornwall Aug 1849  from Gravesend
Kelso Oct 1849 from London
Berkshire Jan 1850 from London via Nelson
Pekin Feb 1850 from London via Otago
Poictiers Jun 1850 from London
Mariner  Oct 1850
Eden Oct 1850 from London direct
Phoebe Dunbar Oct 1850
Sir Edward Paget Jan 1851
Isabella Hercus Apr 1851 1856
Cresswell Apr 1851
Victory Apr 1851
Cashmere Nov 1851
Fatima Feb 1852 from London via Wellington
William Hyde Mar 1852 from London via Lyttelton
Gwalior 1852 pass arr Auckland & to NP by schooner
Joseph Fletcher Oct 1852 from London via Auckland
Camilla Oct 1852 from NSW
St Michael Dec 1852 from London via Madeira
Tasmania Apr 1853 from London via Wellington
Simlah Aug 1853 from London via Auckland
Sir Edward Paget Aug 1853 from London via Auckland
Cresswell Aug 1853 from London direct
Joseph Fletcher Sep 1853 from London direct
John Taylor Nov 1853 from Eng. via Canterbury & Wellington
Hamilla Mitchell Feb 1854 from London via Auckland
Lady Clarke Apr 1854 from London via Auckland
Eclipse Jun 1854 from London
Cashmere Aug 1854 from London direct
Joseph Fletcher Oct 1854 from London direct
Monarch Oct 1854 from London via Auckland
Josephine Willis Jan 1855 from London direct
Vixen Feb 1855 from Melbourne
Cresswell Jun 1855 from London direct
Rock City Jul 1855 from London via Auckland
Duke of Portland Aug 1855 from London via Auckland
Egmont Nov 1855 from London via Auckland
Cashmere Nov 1855 from London via Lyttelton
Mary Jane Nov 1855 from Wanganui
Ashmore Mar 1856 from London via Auckland
Sandford July 1856 arr Auckland & tsf to NP
Gypsy Oct 1856 from London
Cashmere Apr 1857 from London
Dinapore Oct 1857 from London via Auckland
Sporting Lass Apr 1858 with pass from the Joseph Fletcher
Sporting Lass Oct 1858 with pass tsf from Mary Ann
Kate Kearney Nov 1858 from Sydney
Lord Worsley Jan 1859 from Sydney via Nelson
Eclipse Mar 1859 from London

White Wings Vol. 2 by Sir Henry Brett also contains a list detailing emigrant vessel arrival dates an for New Plymouth, 1843 to 1885 and other vessels are mentioned in that list.

Otago Witness, 7 January 1903, Page 21
TARANAKI. Obituary: Levi Sarten, aged 62, said to be the first European child landed at New. Plymouth from the first ship on March 1, 1842. Deceased was well known as a member of the Harbour Board.

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