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Passenger Ship Queries 1999-98

New Zealand Bound

c.1860 vessel?     Bob Hedley  AUS     27 Dec. 1999
I am looking for information on my ancestor Charles Herbert HEDLEY. I have been told he was born on a ship during its voyage from England to New Zealand c.1860. I am also seeking information on his parents/siblings, their names and so on. They left New Zealand for Australia. Charles married Frances (surname unknown) and settled in the Narrabri area.

c.1867 vessel?    Debbie McLeod    NZ      3 Dec 1999
I am looking for any information at all regarding Mary Lusey (Lucy). She married Robert William Day at Timaru 16 Dec 1870, and gave her age as 21, and declared she had been in NZ for 3 years.  Mary and Robert had 8 children and Mary dies 26 March 1923.  I am looking for any information about her arrival, and family she may have come with.

  South Canterbury site. Go to the lookups page, anyone listed on that page will be keen to assist.

Have you checked at the Canterbury Museum?
Rolleston Avenue, Christchurch 8001
Hours: 1pm- 4.30pm Monday to Friday
ph (03) 366-5000     fax (03) 366-5622        email
If you are unable to do your own family history research at the Museum, a special family history researcher is available.  Cost: $NZ 20 per family name, plus photocopying.

1862 CELESTIAL QUEEN     Pauline Clifford       NZ      2 Dec 1999
Seeking info on the journey to NZ and the ports of departure and arrival - presume Lyttelton. Passengers Frederick McSherry and his sister Sarah. Frederick was born in Leitrim, Ireland.

The Celestial Queen, ship, 843 tons, made seven average runs to New Zealand between 1868 and 1875.  She was later rigged as a barque.

To Auckland

Sailed Arrived
Sep 11 1869 Jan 3 1870
April 26 1869 July 30 1872
To Lyttelton
June 27 1873 October 4 1873
At Dundein
Jan 20 1868 May 3 1868
via Auckland Feb 20 1870
July 9 1874 Nov 1 1874
Aug 26 1875 Dec 9 1875

To Nelson

Nov 3 1877 Feb 26 1878

1877/1878  WINDSOR CASTLE      Kay Bastin    UK   30 Nov 1999
Did this ship come to NZ/Wellington in these years?  My ancestor James Awdry served on her for several years becoming first mate in 1873 or 1875 and received a discharge on medical grounds in late 1870's just before he came to NZ.  We suspect he worked his passage in 1877/8 or got it free as a member of the Merchant Navy.  With him was his wife Katharine (nee Chittenden).  The other possibility is that he took the WINDSOR CASTLE to Australia and another ship to NZ in those years...

The Windsor Castle, 1175 tons, clipper ship with a bottom copper plated, made six voyages to Queensland from London and Plymouth between 1876 and 1881. Passenger lists were published by the Genealogical Society of Qld in Bicentenial Record Seris B., Vol 2 "19th Century Voyages to Queensland - Winsdor Castle" from records in Queensland Archives, Oxley Library, and Moreton Bay Courier. Ref: Log of Logs. 

1849 LALLAH  ROOKH      Carol L-F     27 Nov 1999
I have been told that my ancestor Albert William Hansard arrived in Auckland on the "Lallah Rookh" on April 18, 1849 but I have not been able to confirm this.  I would also like to find out who else travelled with him.

The Lalla Rookh, bark, 372 tons, of London built at St Helier, Jersey 1839 by Edward Allan. Made her maiden voyage to Sydney Aug 1841 ?1840. Her Captain was Henry Kenney and the surgeon Mr L.Moore. There was a Lalla Rock, ?steamer, 530 tons, Captain Hains, from London, sailed November 8, 1848, arrived March 15 1849 at Wellington.  Called in at Table Bay on January 18th, and resumed the voyage four days later.  Ref: White Wings.  The Lalla Rookh departed Sydney in 1852 for San Francisco. There was another vessel by this name built in 1876.  There was a steamer "Lalla Rook" totally wrecked at Shanghae, on 13th July 1865. Passengers and crew saved.

  Dawn Pocock      NZ     23 Nov 1999
Can you confirm that this ship did in fact arrive - possibly in Lyttleton - in or around 1903 ? I am looking for Robert John BELL - also known as John Robert BELL born 4 Feb 1880 - also claimed 1882 as his birth date - from Co Tyrone, Ireland. He worked on a farm at Rangiora in Canterbury when he first arrived and married in 1912 in Dunedin to Esther Mabel DAWSON.

1869 Unknown vessel  Maureen Sharp    NZ       17 Nov 1999
I am trying to find information about my great grandfather, Patrick O`Connor. He married in Wellington in 1877, so may have arrived there. He would have been aged about 20 at time of arrival.

1874 CARISBROOK CASTLE    Aliceson Scott     NZ     3 Nov 1999
I believe my Great Grandparents came out on the Carisbrook Castle vessel.  Mary & Thomas Cadwallader and perhaps some children.  The year 1874.  Landed in Timaru.

The Casrisbrooke Castle, ship, 1415 tons, built about 1868 at Glasgow by Barclay and Curle for Donald Currie, of London, arrived in Lyttelton on September 2 1874, after a passage of 93 days under the command of Captain Freebody.  Ref: White Wings Vol. 1. The Canterbury Library does not have the passenger list so it means it did not appear in the local papers, The Lyttelton Times and The Press.  You will have to try the Archives. The Reference Section of the National Archives of New Zealand accepts reference requests by electronic mail.

BALARAT   RANGATIRA     Nancy Myles     AUS    28 Oct 1999
George Summers BARLOW arrived on the ship BALARAT first port of call Napier, then transported on steamer RANGATIRA landing in Auckland October 1872.  I am unable to find any details of these ships.

The barque, Ballarat, 685 tons, made several voyages to Australia before being chartered for the New Zealand trade by Shaw, Savill Company with a voyage of 124 days to Wellington arriving Dec. 30 1864 under Capt. J. Allan.  He was also in command when she sailed into Nelson Aug. 18 1868 and Auckland  August 9 1869 in 99 days.  She arrivred in Napier Sep 16. 1872 under the command of Capt. Grant, a voyage of 92 days having left the UK June 15.  Ref: White Wings Vol. II .

Hawkes Bay Museum, 9 Herschell Street P.O. Box 284 Napier.  might have more details. There maybe an account of the voyage in 'The Hawkes Bay Times'.   Try The National Library, Wellington newspaper room. 

Ballarat dimensions: 150 feet long, 30 foot beam and holds 20.1 feet deep.  Construction: 1852 Duthie of Aberdeen for Duncan Dunbar ; partial new keelson and some repairs in 1865; repairs to damages in 1867.   Sheathed in felt and yellow metal in 1867. Owners: Vanner & Co. in 1867. Home port: London

RANGATIRA: 1863, steamer, 196 tons, built in Scotland of iron, she sank on 7th September 1880 on Pefferies Rock en route Manakau to New Plymouth with passengers and mail. Wreck Book

1869 vessel?     Jo Boyes     AUS     26 Oct 1999
I am trying to find the arrival date and name of ship of James Benyon sometime in 1869 and whether he arrived in N.Z. from the Victorian goldfields with a wife and her name.   James Benyon went on to become the  Mayor of Kumara on the West Coast of the South Island.

1858  Agra     Steven McLaren     14 Oct 1999
Chasing passenger list information showing Alexander McLaren. Any help is appreciated.

1839/40 Bengal Merchant      Kay Bastin     UK      8 Oct 99
I'm looking for more information on James WILSON who travelled on this with wife Mary Ann and children.  Not sure if this is the right one. James WILSON who travelled with wife (no name) and 2 very young children Robert, ?2, and Thomas, ?younger. We are told he arrived at Wellington. The names don't match for the 'Bengal Merchant'.  They lived in Wellington for a while and Robert went to school there. Then moved to Turakina to farm in 1860s.

1870's ship AUCKLAND or CALLISTRA    Kay Bastin      UK   6  Oct 1999
Looking for Kenneth MCLEOD and wife Annie (nee McKenzie) with baby, Joseph, travelled to Otago.

c.1878 ?ship     Kay Bastin     UK     6 Oct 1999
Looking for James AWDRY and wife Katharine (nee Chittenden) who travelled from England ?London to NZ.  Also Thomas AWDRY who came out in approx. 1872.

?1883   Pat Costelloe    NZ    6 Oct 1999
I am seeking information on the arrival of my Grandfather, Patrick Costelloe. Acording to his death cte he had been in NZ 24 years at his early death in 1907.  It is possible he arrived in Nelson, going on to the Inangahua.  It is possible that the vessel may have been the "Chile".

Years don't match.  The Chile made 22 voyages to New Zealand including three to Nelson arriving Oct '74, Sep. ,75 and July '86.  Vessels arriving in Nelson in 1883 included the Centurion, Rockeby Hall, Dunscore, Dragon, Kingdom of Sweden and the Auriga.  When and where does he first appear on an electoral roll or in Wise's?

BEBINGTON    Chris Bartlett    NZ    1 Oct 1999
I think I found my ship today in the National Archives Assisted immigrants list. It was the Bebington and arrived in 1874 with James, Richard, Emma, Susan and Sarah Bartlett aboard. My grandfather believed two of his brothers died on the trip out.   Does anyone know about this voyage and if illness caused the loss of lives. James, about 18 when he arrived in 1874 was a baker in Napier.

The Bebington, bark, 924 tons, built in 1859, later purchased by the Shaw, Savill Co.  The "old tub" made eight voyages to New Zealand between 1873-1884 including a July 26 departure with a call into Dartsmouth on August 2 to repair the condenser.  She experienced a severe gale on the Oct. 29 causing damage to the ship and injuring two sailors at the wheel when a heavy sea broke on board and arrived Napier Nov. 20 1874 under the command of Captain Knight. "Very few passengers of the many hundreds who came out in the Bebington had a good word to say for her".  Passages were unusually long and conditions in board were rough.  Reference: White Wings Vol. 1. She made two voyages to Napier.  Look in 'The Hawkes Bay Times' c. 20th Nov. 1874 for an account of the voyage, try the The National Library, Wellington newspaper room downstairs.  For vessel dimensions check the Lloyds Register of 1874 at the The Maritime Museum, Wellington.

c.1862, vessel?     Peter Dillon    NZ      28 Sept 1999
I am trying to discover the means of arrival in New Zealand by my greatgrandfather Samuel FURNESS and his brother George FURNESS, also whether another brother John FURNESS arrived also.  Sam & George were goldminers on the West Coast of the South Island.

The FURNESS family farm at Burwain, Kings Meaburn near Appleby-in-Westmorland, England was sold in March 1860 and I have just discovered that several of the FURNESS siblings, under the name FURNISS, went to Australia with the proceeds arriving at Melbourne Sept 1860 on the CHAMPION OF THE SEAS which was a famous clipper on the Liverpool-Melbourne route.  They were Sam, George, John, their sister Eleanor & Eleanor's daughter Harriet.  Eleanor & Harriet were back in England in 1862.

According to Sam's 1902 death register entry he had been in New Zealand 40 years which gives an arrival year circa 1862.  There was a Mr FURNESS arrived at Lyttelton from Otago on the CITY OF NELSON in 1862.

A common route by miners to the West Coast diggings was firstly from the Victorian goldfields to the Otago goldfields in the early 1860s, thence from the Otago goldfields to the West Coast goldfields later in the 1860s.  Therefore I am extremely interested in any FURNESS entries in passenger lists should anyone happen upon them.

Unknown Vessel     Pam    NZ       23 Sept 1999
Looking for the ship my ggrandfather William Charles BETTERIDGE and his wife Elizabeth, children Henry, Rose, Ellen and Charles came to NZ from Australia approx. 1900 - 1906. They settled in Helensville North of Auckland so I assume they arrive in the Auckland Port, but have no proof.  The last piece of information I have is they were living in Orange N.S.W. Australia, so they would have left from Sydney.

1857    Unknown Vessel       Pam Thomson      CAN    22 Sept 1999
William & Mary Ann O'Hara came to NZ about 1857 possibly with some or all of these children: Amelia, Elizabeth, William, Henry.  They were married in Stepney,   London, England and lived at one time in Dunedin where Mary Ann died in 1876 but William Sr. died in Wellington in 1901 so it's possible they lived there initially. William Jr. married Agnes Ogilvie in Nelson in 1879. Amelia married Daniel McKain in Wellington in about 1872.

Unknown Vessel, Greta Gordon      NZ     21 Sept 1999
I am seeking info on Catherine SOLAN/SOLON.  She was in Hokitika in 1869, and on her intentions to marry under "persons giving consent" noted "no persons in the colony". She was approx. 18 at the time of her marriage in 1869.

BROTHER'S PRIDE     Marlene O'Neil   NZ      21 Sept 1999
I have read the entry for my ancestor, Malcolm Campbell, in the Brother's Pride Log Book but I need more information to determine the identity of his family on the Isle of Skye. When these immigrants came to NZ did they have fill out departure papers and give family details before leaving to come here.  If so, what were they called and where would I find them please.

Malcolm Campbell who arrived at Lyttelton in the Brother's Pride was a 27 year old single man from Inverness.

I don't know about Canterbury schemes application forms.  The Nelson Provincial Museum Library in Stoke has on microfilm "Register of Emigrant Labourers applying for a Free Passage to New Zealand" Includes name, wife's Christian name, trade and residence with street addresses for only. Many of the applicants did not come out to N.Z. (register for early New Zealand Co. applicants only) also a form "Form for Persons desirous of obtaining a Free Passage to New Zealand, sent (free of Expense) to the Secretary of the New Zealand Company, No. 9, Broad Street Buildings, London." In 1842 included the name of man and his wife, and their children under fifteen, ages, and Address of some late Employer, with the time the Applicant worked for him. Name and Address of the Clergyman, or Minister of whose Church the Applicant is a Member. Name and address of a Physician or Surgeon, to whom the Applicant's state of Health is known. State whether vaccinated or had smallpox. I have a copy of Register No. 4123 for Thomas, 30, and Elizabeth, 33, Bright and their seven children reside at No. 6 Pread St. Paddington, a carpenter and joiner. Worked for William Scantlebury, Esquire, Builder, No. 117 Oxford Terrace, has been employed by him for the last ten years. Two of the children had been vaccinated, the rest had had smallpox.

Unknown vessel. John Abernethy   
My grandmother Jessie McLachlan MCKENZIE was born in Greymouth in 1869.  Her father Duncan MCKENZIE was a miner and presumably was part of the West Coast gold rush.  He and his wife Mary MCLEAN later settled in Dunedin. They presumably came from SCT and perhaps arrived as a married couple.  Information on their means of transport would be appreciated.

Many West Coast miners came across from Melbourne on steamships, the intercolonial traders direct to the West Coast, South Island ports. The West Coast Historical Museum, Tancred Street, PO Box 180 Hokitika.  Phone/fax +643 755 6898 Email: has indexed shipping arrivals & departures  Jul.- Dec. 1865 from their local newspapers. They are working at indexing arrivals from 1867 to 1870. These references will only give surnames of cabin passengers.   Immigration increased during the gold rushes so the practise of publishing full passenger lists was abandoned.

Unknown Vessel     Craig Gunn     NZ      21 Sept. 1999
I am seeking info on Susan (or Suzie) KEARINS.  It is thought she arrived in Wellington New Zealand in 1875 when aged about 16 years. She later married Frank LAPHAM.

JURA  Roger Shirley   AUS    16 Sept. 1999
Does a passenger list exist for the JURA's second visit to New Zealand arriving in Auckland on 16 Jan 1860.  I am seeking confirmation of arrival of two families who were supposed to be on this ship, they being the SIDWELL and SHIRLEY families.

PUDSEY DAWSON   Jenny Vincent      NZ    1 Sept 1999
I am having difficulty searching for the ship the "Pudsey Dawson". I believe it arrived in Wellington in approx. 1883-86. My great grandfather Robert Taylor was apparently on board.  I would love to know if anyone knows of this ship and where I could obtain a passenger list.

There was a vessel the Pudsey Dawson, 761 tons, from London under the command of Captain Davies, that arrived in Port Chalmers Dec. 15 with 21 passengers then onward to Wellington arriving Dec. 23 1854. Ref: White Wings Vol. II

PLEIADES   Lana Pennington      NZ    1 Sept 1999
The Pleiades, under captain Setton, arrived in Lyttelton 21 September 1885 (departed London 24 June 1885).  The Lyttelton Times of 22 September mentions that there were 12 passengers aboard.  I believe that amongst that 12 were my ancestors, Dora Emma WILDSMITH, Hillaria WILDSMITH and possibly their cousins with the surname of AVISON.  Family oral history says that my ggrandfather was aboard as a crew member, Arthur John PENNINGTON.  I think he had a shipboard romance with Dora Emma WILDSMITH as they married a year later (1886) in Timaru. I am after a passenger list and a crew list for this voyage.  Is anyone able to help? 

A large collection of crew lists, agreements and official logs 1861-1938 are held at the Memorial University of Newfoundland.  If given the name of a vessel(s) will search for a fee as they have a research and photocopying service. The Christchurch Public Library does not have the passenger list.  They do have a passenger list for a 1872 arrival.  The Pleiades, 1020 tons, built in Scotland, a Shaw, Savill and Albion iron ship made 25 voyages to NZ .  There is a photograph of the vessel in White Wings Vol. I and an account of her history.  She was wrecked on Akitio beach, east coast of the North Island 31st Oct. 1899 enroute Port Chalmers to Napier in ballast. Ref: Wreck Book.

Auckland City Libraries- Social Sciences Dept holds on fiche - a list of  Crew Lists and Agreements held at the Maritime History Archives, Memorial University of Newfoundland in a coded grid based on the vessels unique number.

Unknown Vessel    Chris Scott      AUS    18  Aug 1999
I am seeking info on Andrew Oliver SCOTT b 1 April 1850 at Greenhaugh England.  It is thought he arrived in New Zealand in 1874.  Worked for the Rutherford family in North Canterbury before driving 200 sheep to the West Coast.

SUMMERSET?     David Morel      NZ    10 Aug 99
In the Murchison Museum there is a note about my great grandmother, Christime Margaret Hettler, saying that she came to New Zealand from Germany in 1863 on H.M.S. Sumerset. Can anyone tell me anything about the Sumerset, or point me to a research source where I might find more information?

FORFARSHIRE  Sally-Anne Thomas      UK     8 Aug 99
I am trying to track the arrival in New Zealand of two brothers, Henry Cave Vaughan and Frank Vaughan, and of Frank's wife, Charlotte Lucretia French.  They came from Gloucestershire; Charlotte and Frank married in Amberley, New Zealand in 1874.  Henry married in Masterton in 1882.  I suspect that they travelled separately.  A 'Mr Vaughan' appears on the passenger list for the Forfarshire, which arrived in Wellington from Gravesend in 1872. Could have been either of them or someone else entirely.  Also, does anyone know where I might records of people returning to the UK? Henry went back.

Obtain the 'Intention to Marry Notice' for each marriage, available from the National Archives,  gives length of residence so it could be a clue.

National Archives hold details of passenger lists returning to the UK but they are not indexed.

Unknown Vessel     Noelene Hughes         AUS    1 July '99
I am trying to research my great grandfather who came over from Scotland to New Zealand about 1863. His name was David Robertson Stewart born 13 Nov. 1842 in Dundee, Angus Scotland.  His parents were James and Susan Robertson Stewart. David married Miriama Kiritahanga in Thames and had a son about 1870.  Can you tell me where I could perhaps look to find more about my ancestor?

Unknown Ships     Helen Moody   NZ    24 June '99
I am trying to find out when my ancestors arrived in New Zealand.  One family is the CRAWLEY family (Thomas & Margaret) between the dates of 1877 and 1882.  They had a baby daughter, my grandmother, in 1882 in South Invercargill.  They were married in Scotland.  The other family is DURSTON (Edward & Fanny) from Somerset, possibly between 1852 and 1894. Finally James MEADOWS and Mary DARCY, James from Brisbane and Mary from Londerry.  They married in Invercargill 1876.

Unknown Vessel  Hugh Lavery      AUS 17 June '99
Great G'Father Andreas Tycho CLAIRSTROM aka De LANDGRAFFT believed to have emigrated to New Zealand between 1825 -1872.  CLAIRSTROM/De LANDGRAFFT then moved to South Australia where he had 3 chn (1872-1876) to Elizabeth Jane POLLOCK.(b.??? -d.1896?) Apparently Andreas was 54 yo and Elizabeth was 16 yo -which may explain a quick exit to Aust. from NZ and a change in name!  I have searched the online resources for the travels of these two ancestors without success.  CLAIRSTROM/DE LANDGRAFFT is believed to have come from Alsace-Lorraine and POLLOCK from Scotland.  Any information on CLAIRSTROM / De LANDGRAFFT or POLLOCK would be appreciated. TIA

Unknown Vessel  Laraine Dyer     15 June '99
My mother and her family arrived from Glasgow possibly at Lyttleton before 4 July 1922. They are:William CROOKSTON 25yrs, Sarah Ann CROOKSTON 36yrs, Ellenor RUSSELL 11yrs, Thomas Charles RUSSELL 9yrs, David Hogg CROOKSTON 3yrs. Sarah's brother was already living in Christchurch. I wish to know date of departure, date of arrival and the ship.

The parents probably applied for the Old Age pension.  Checked Social Security Lists to find out date they actually arrived in NZ.  The microfilm can be obtained through Family History Centres. 

Another option is to check the School Admission Registers, most of the Canterbury area have been indexed and see what is mentioned.

 Henrietta   Alison de Caen   Kiwi in CAN    15 June '99
James Paton Litster and his wife Agnes sailed from Glasgow 1865/1866 to New Zealand. He finally settled in Fairlie, South Canterbury.

BTW: Gladys Litster Riddle 1903 - 6 Sept. 1991 was born in Fairlie.  Her father, a builder, died when Gladys was barely five years old.    I remember Miss Riddle, she became a school teacher and taught my father at Sherwood Downs and Fairlie.  She is featured in an article and photo in Notable South Canterbury Woman.

Henrietta    Alison de Caen   15 June '99
David and Margaret Hamilton arrived in New Zealand from Australia (lived in Port Adelaide where David was listed as a mariner) around 1864/65 and settled in Fairlie, South Canterbury.

David William Hamilton probate is at the Christchurch archives filed 9th June 1887 #1420
BTW: Fairlie Creek School opened 6 Oct. 1879 with a roll of seventeen pupils including Jane and James Hamilton. There is a street in Fairlie on the way to the show grounds called Hamilton St.  James Litster built a hotel on the banks of Fairlie Creek in 1865 and sold it shortly afterwards to his sister and her husband David Hamilton.   Mrs W.H. Cook, their grand daughter said Fairlie Creek was named by the Hamilton's after the Scottish village of Fairlie in the parish of Largs in the north of Ayrshire Co.  Ref: High Endeavour by Vance

Alison located the listing for the Henrietta. Other Hamilton emigrants, not related:
David Hamilton age 24, single from the UK arrived on the ship Gresham from Melbourne 30 Jan. 1864 and landed at Taranaki, NZ.  His accommodation was in the forecabin. Mr Hamilton, 30, married, Mrs Hamilton, age 28, child Stephen arrived Port Chalmers 4 July 1863 on the Edina
Hamilton, C. H. arrived in Auckland in the Surat 3 Oct. 1864
Hamilton, Charles arrived in Auckland on the Devonshire 3 Feb. 1863.
Mr. C. Hamilton arrived on the Alice Cameron in Auckland 19 Aug 1864. She was a intercolonial trader.

LONDON     Oriel & David Lockwood     AUS    15 June '99
The vessel LONDON  departed from Gravesend 17/11/1841 for Nelson New Zealand arriving there 10/4/1842. We know that my great grandparents, Richard & Sarah Langford and some of their children were aboard. We would like to obtain the passenger list. I believe this information is available in the books
Pioneer Passengers - March 1842-1843 Author June E. Neale - Anchor Press Nelson
Landfall Nelson by sailing ship 1642-1842 Author June E. Neale same publisher.
I have been unsuccessful in obtaining an inter library loans.
Try BookFinder

Nelson Provincial Museum & Library at Stoke has the newspaper Nelson Daily Examiner 1842-1872.  Appointments are necessary for photographic or library research at the NPML. Best to contact them several weeks in advance if you are researching a particular surname.   Pioneer Passengers by Neale does include the passenger list for the "London", also lists the children names.  In the New Zealand Company passenger lists held at the National Archives in Wellington and the Nelson Provincial Museum Library in Stoke does not mention the children's names so there must be another passenger list for Neale to obtain the children names. Yes, list located at the NPML. 

I checked the application number microfilm at the NPML and gives the UK addresses of the passengers.   
Register of Emigrant Labours applying for a Free Passage to New Zealand page 262

Application #1290,
Entry 1841
Name Langford, Richard
Wife's Christian name Ann
Trade or Calling Chair & cabinetmaker
Residence 24 Gravel Lane, Southwa?rk
Married or Single
Man's age 25
Woman's age 25
Boys No. 2
Boys Ages 2          4 mo's
Girls No. 1
Girl age 4
Embarkation No. #2102

"London", barque, 388 tons sailed from Gravesend 17 November, 1841 under the command of Captain Joseph Gibson and arrived Nelson 10 April, 1842 after a comfortable passage. 162 emigrants and 23 cabin (15 adults & 8 children) landed two days later including seven French priests bound for Wellington.   The surgeon-superintendent was Joseph Wilson and he came out with his wife and six children. Deaths: 8 males and 4 females. Births: 1 male & 1 female. Wilson was the superintendent/surgeon. pages 23 & 24 Pioneer Passengers.

J.A. Langford, general store keeper and grocer Bridge St, Nelson. The New Zealand Directory 1867-68

AURORA We are also interested in the passenger lists of the "ARORA" (not sure of spelling)
which sailed from Gravesend to Petone N.Z in 1840  on board was  John Alfred Langford and his new bride Harriet (nee Bates).

JURA    Carole James     NZ      5 June '99
My Great Grandparents came out to New Zealand from Scotland and married in New Zealand.  My mother believed my Great Grandfather came out on the vessel "Jura".  I have not been able to substantiate this.  His name was Peter McKay.  He was born 15 April 1840 in Tongue, Sutherland, Scotland, he married Jessie MacMillan on 12 September 1871 in Roxburgh Central Otago New Zealand.  Jessie MacMillan was born in Portree, Isle of Skye, Scotland on 17 April 1851.  I can only assume they came out here on different ships and met here and married.  I imagine Jessie would have travelled out to NZ when about 18 or 19 years of age. I would very much like to know what vessels brought them to New Zealand.  They would have arrived at Port Chalmers or Dunedin. Is anyone able to assist me with this? 

Peter McKay, Ardoch, contractor d. 4 Jun 1880 probate #90 Invercargill
Peter McKay, Wyndham, contractor, d. probate 14 Sept. 1881 Invercargill.

Write the Otago Settlers Museum P.O.Box 840, Dunedin 9031. The staff at the museum are very helpful and busy and things take a little time.  They will research shipping lists for up to three different families for a fee. $NZ10 for twenty minutes.

What year did they come out? 'Intention to Marry Notice' will have 'length of residence' in NZ.

Jura, ship, 792 tons, under Capt. Chambers. Made three voyages out to NZ.
From Glasgow arriving Port Chambers 23 Sept. 1858 Passenger list
From Deal arriving Auckland 16 Jan. 1860 with 87 passengers including 13 Scottish migrants.
From Lamlash Bay. Arrived at Port Chalmers 6 Oct. 1862  with 284 Scottish migrants. The Otago Settlers Museum has a diary by David Miller for the 1862 voyage.

Unknown Vessels    Carole James     NZ      5 June '99
I have scarce information about my mother's paternal grandparents who came out to New Zealand from Scotland.  They married in Otago in 1871 and they probably made their way to New Zealand on different vessels and met and married in New Zealand.  My Great Grandfather's name was Alexander Bennett FARQUHARSON thought to have come from Perthshire in Scotland. His wife's maiden name was Isabella Rutherford MOIR.  All that is known about her is that she was thought to have come to New Zealand from Scotland via Ballarat in Australia. I would be most grateful for any assistance in finding the name of the vessels which brought them to New Zealand.  Given that they married in Otago in 1871 they were probably in their twenties.

Write the Otago Settlers Museum P.O. Box 840, Dunedin 9031. The staff at the museum are very helpful and busy and things take a little time.  They will research shipping lists for up to three different families for a fee. $NZ10 for twenty minutes.

Unknown Vessels     Brian Morley     NZ      1 June '99
My gg grandfather James MAULDER was born in Kent England in 1828. He arrived in NZ about 1852/53 and married Elizabeth Cook in Napier approx. 1871. He died 25 Jan 1908 and is buried at Otane Cemetery, Hawkes Bay.

Also his wife Elizabeth COOK (formerly Sheppard or Shepherd) was born in Westbury, Somersetshire, England. She arrived in NZ approx. 1856,died 14 June 1901 and is also buried at Otane, Hawkes Bay. Any information on shipping etc much appreciated.

Some indexed passenger lists are at Hawkes Bay Art Gallery and Museum. The Hawkes Bay Museum, 9 Herschell Street P.O. Box 284 Napier.  Phone: 64-6-835 7781 Fax:64-6-835 3984

Unknown Vessel   Timo Stewart     FIN  23 May '99
My great-great grandparents James and Mary Stewart and their three year old son James, arrived in Port Chalmers, Dunedin, in 1872 or 1875. They came from somewhere in Scotland, possibly Edinburgh. James (the father) died perhaps in 1879 or 1882. The widowed Mary (maiden name Douglas) then married Ezra Newel. I'm trying to find out whether they arrived in 1872 or '75, what ship they arrived in and what port they set sail from in Scotland. Any additional information would also be greatly appreciated.

Write the Otago Settlers Museum P.O. Box 840, Dunedin 9031. The staff at the museum are very helpful and busy and things take a little time. 

HARVEST HOME    Alex Gill      NZ     22 May '99
I'm looking for a ship called the Harvest Home.  I've found one reference to it coming in to Port Chalmers, NZ in 1868.  My information is the family came in 1874 but that could be wrong. The family were the Walkden's coming from England they included the father and five daughters. The Walkden's settled in Christchurch and I believe the father became the City Engineer. The father later moved on to South Africa and died in Cape Town.  Does anyone have a passenger list for it?

The Harvest Home, built in Liverpool in 1855, barque, 547 tons, made five voyages from England to the South Island 1868 -73 under charter to the New Zealand Shipping Co.

Arrival Date Arrival Port
23 Dec. 1868 Port Chalmers
17 Feb. 1870 Port Chalmers  
23 Feb. 1871 Port Chalmers
30 Dec. 1871 Lyttelton   passenger list in the Lyttelton Times
23 Dec. 1873 Nelson

KUMARU    Bill Matheson    NZ     16 May '99
Information if possible please, on a ship named `Kumaru' which I believe my grandfather came to New Zealand on with his parents. Family name `Hill`in early 1900s.

Shaw, Savill and Albion Co. S.S. Kumaru was a cargo streamer that sailed from London 26 July 1906 via Cape of Good Hope and arrived Wellington 15 September 1906.  The Alexander Turnbull Library in Wellington has a copy of a diary written by John Beavan. MS Papers 2056.   Ref. Log of Logs.

Unknown Vessel    Denise and Dave     AUS     7 May '99
My great grandparents- William and Euphemia Foster - travelled to NZ, in the late 1880's, possibly travelling from Canada or the U.S.A.   Between 1890 and 1895 they added four sons to their large family while living at Shag Point near Palmerston.  They returned to Scotland around 1900.  If that was their destination at what port would they most likely have disembarked/ departed from?  Where can I find information of boats from these periods and also, does anyone have any idea what sort of occupation would be undertaken in a remote spot like Shag Point?  My Great grandfather was a manual worker (miner, railway worker). Thanks for any help you can give.

Shag Point about halfway between Moeraki Boulders and Palmerston.  More than likely they arrived and probably left from Port Chalmers, Dunedin but any main port.  Shag Point was a coal mining area.  In 1895 there were two companies Shag Point Coal Company and Allandale Coal Mining Company.

From the 1893 Waihemo Electoral Roll:
William Foster, Shag Point, Miner
Euphemia Foster, Shag Point
James Foster, Shag Point, Miner
Mary Jane Foster, Shag Point

The birth certificates of the sons born there would give father's occupation.  Also check Electoral Rolls and Wises Directories.  Or searching the Appendices to the Journals of the House of Representatives (AJHR) which contains annual list of Permanent Railway employees.  Searching the local School Admission Registers could prove quite beneficial.

Write the Otago Settlers Museum P.O. Box 840, Dunedin 9031. The staff at the museum are very helpful and busy and things take a little time.  They will research shipping lists for up to three different families for a fee. $NZ10 for twenty minutes.

Unknown Vessel   Grahame James     AUS      20 Apr. '99
I am looking for a Christopher Harris who arrived from England to New Zealand in 1879 he was then 19 yrs old. He lived in New Zealand until 1882 in which he left to come to Australia. I am trying to find where he was living during the three years.  I do not know the name of ship he arrived on.

Christopher Harris age 21, farmer from Wiltshire arrived on the ship 'Orari' which sailed 25 Apr 1879 and arrived Lyttelton 26 July 1879.

Unknown Vessel  Brian Morley   NZ    23 Mar. '99
I am trying to find information of my Greatgrandfather John Lewis Morley born in Ipswich, England.  He is believed to have come to NZ aged about 20 and apparently was first married to a Maria Henrietta Smith in Christchurch who died at childbirth in July 1870. His second marriage was on August 1871 in Collingwood to Fanny Williams aged 29 and seemed to spend some years in the Nelson area

According to his second marriage certificate in 1871 he was aged 29 which would make his birth year about 1842. But he died in Gisborne in 1916 and his death certificate states he was 87 and was in NZ for over 60 years. This would make his birth year about 1829.

We checked at the Canterbury Museum Library.  Only found a Mr Morley for Canterbury was on the ship 'Strathallan' which sailed 12 Oct 1858 from Gravesend and arrived Lyttelton via Timaru 21 Jan 1859.   Morley disembaked at Lyttelton.  Obtain the 'Intention to Marry Notice' of the first marriage for 'length of residence'.

SS VICTORIA   Jackie Cunningham  NZ     20 Mar. '99
I am enquiring about a  ship SS Victoria which arrived in Lyttleton on March the 30th 1862 under Captain Fross, do you have any information on the ship and its passengers. Researching : Daniel Bell (35yrs) from Renfrewshire, Scotland, Jane Bell nee Smith and their two children James & Jane Bell.

The passenger names did appear in The Press (Christchurch) , Lyttelton Times 2 April 1862 and in Immigrant ships to Canterbury, 1853-1885 (microfilm).   The above items can be found at the Canterbury Public Library, New Zealand Collection.   Sailed 5 Dec.1861 and arrived Lyttelton 30 Mar. 1862.  The National Archives, Christchurch office has the passenger list.

Victoria: Full rigged ship, 524 tons, of London, master A.C. Forss, London- Lyttelton - Ceylon - London.  Official log, 5 Dec. 1861 to Dec 1862 at the National Library, Canberra.  Reference: Log of Logs by Ian Nicholson

IRONSIDES  Lindel Buckley (Kiwi in Oz)    27 Feb 99
I am looking for the ship the 'Ironsides'. The information I have so far was that it was 899 tons, built in 1862, and made 6 round voyages between the UK and NZ ports. Apparently there is information on the passages in White Wings Vol. 1, but I don't have access to that book. The reason I need it is I am trying to find the immigration information for the following, who arrived on the Ironsides in 1864 (I think!): Joseph and Ann BUCKLEY (both about 41 years old) and their children: Herbert Thomas, Edward Astbury, Albert Joseph, and Alfred. I think they arrived in Auckland or Thames, so any information would be most appreciated.

The first Ironsides built in 1838, was the first large vessel constructed of iron. The second Ironsides, built in 1862, had several voyages out to New Zealand with at least two stormy passages in 1867 and 1879.

Sailed Arrived Captain Days
May 6 Aug 24, 1864 Vaux 110
Feb. 6 June 17, '67 Hedley 114
Apr. 2 Aug. 16, '79 Spencer 105
Jan 10 Apr. 24, '82 Embry 103
May 6 Sep. 9, 64. Vaux via Auckland
Mar. 7 June 18, '72 Vaux 102
Jan. 5 Oct. 21, '78 [?] Hill 108

Among the passengers arriving at Auckland by the Ironsides in 1864 were Mr. and Mrs. S. Hemus and family.   Two years after arrival, one of the sons, Mr. Harry Hemus, entered into Government service, and held responsible positions in the Telegraph Department, for many years being in charge of the Auckland branch. He retired in 1905.  His brother Charles Hemus, was for many years in business as one of Auckland's leading photographers.... Reference: 'White Wings' Vol 1. page 160 by Brett

Unknown ship "Andrew Jackson" - Tom Element  AUS    27 Feb. 99
My ancestors George ELEMENT [ELLEMENT; ELIMANT, etc.] and Mary DAVI(E)S left England after a son was born in 2nd qtr of 1864.  Their next son was born in Auckland in Nov 1866.   I am trying to discover just when, on what vessel, did they arrive in NZ, how many children they had with  them, and then of course, every detail of their time there.

Approved Applications for Assisted Passengers (Ref. National Archives, Wellington)
"Andrew Jackson 1865"
Element Family A/P 68, 28 #1615    November. 28th 1864
#142 George Element, joiner, Auckland, nominated:
Mrs Element
William Element (9)
Clara Element (5)
Thomas Element (1)
Address: Oldbury Road, Auckland
?Inethowick, Birmingham

'nominated' by someone already living in New Zealand. The nominator paid some of the fare and the provincial government some

The Andrew Jackson was an American built clipper, 1252 tons. Left Glasgow 14 April 1864 for Port Chalmers and arrived 12 July with 162 passengers.

She left Dover (London) 18 May 1865 under Capt. J. McCallum and arrived Auckland 24 Aug 1865 (96 days from Dover) with 269 passengers. There were three deaths (adults) and two births. Struck two severe gales and met icebergs. She made a run of 1,234 miles in four successive days, 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th July with runs of 296, 311, 306 and 321 miles respectively and average of 308� miles per day or nearly 213 knots per hour - an excellent record. Page 170 White Wings Vol. II by Sir Henry Brett

Andrew Henry Element b. Auckland 1866.

PAPAROA     Neil Lang  NZ    21 Feb. 99
I'm looking for a passenger list for the "Paparoa" arrived from Southampton in 1922 including the McCormick family.

GERALDINE PAGET / ORARI     Geoff Gilligan   NZ (email bounced) 29 Dec. 98
I love your site, two ships I couldn't find, any help would be most welcome. "Geraldine Paget" from London 18 September 1874 arrived in Lyttelton on December 1874 and the "Orari" that left London and arrived in Lyttelton on 28 July 1879

White Wings. Vol.1. Sir Henry Brett 1924 page 200
The Geraldine Paget was a full-rigged ship of 1200 tons, built in Glasgow and owned by I. and C. Campbell. She came to New Zealand on two occasions only.  Her first voyage was to Lyttelton, arriving at the port on December 27, 1874, with 380 Government immigrants. She experienced light and variable winds to the Equator. After passing the Cape she had a good run of north-west winds, and sighted the snares on December 19, having made the Cape in 28 days. Thence she was delayed again with light northerly winds until arrival, the passage occupying one hundred days from port to port, or 87 days land to land. One of the immigrants, John White, while doing gymnastic feats on the jib guys shortly before reaching Lyttelton, fell into the sea and was drowned.   The Geraldine Paget had a very rough passage out to Wellington.  She sailed from Plymouth on February 25, and arrived at Wellington on June 5, 1880, in command of Captain Wilkinson...

"Orari" Built 1875. 1014 tons, breath 34.2', length 204.1'. depth 20.0', builder Palmers Co. Newcastle. New Zealand Shipping Co. vessel. Reference: Colonial Clippers by Basil Lubbock, 1921.

White Wings Vol. 2 has multiple snippets regarding the Orari including a photograph of the vessel under full sail and a photograph of Captain Richard Mosey.  The N.Z. Shipping Co. ship Orari completed 18 voyages to New Zealand.  She visited all the principal ports, making her first appearance at Lyttelton in 1876 a new ship.  The passages made by the Orari were consistent and only on two occasions did she exceed 100 days, her best performance being the passage out to Lyttelton [1875-76], under Captain Fox, which occupied 84 days land to land. The Orari was later sold to a Liverpool firm and rigged as a barque.  In 1906 she passed into the hands of the Italians for 2350 pounds, and in 1909 was converted into a hulk.  Sailed April 25, arrived July 26 1879, Captain Mosey. Days 92.

Log of Logs Vol.2 by Ian Nicholson page 376
Photo of the Orari moored at Gravesend, July 1876, outward bound for Auckland under the command of Captain Richard Mosey.  Photograph courtesy of Captain Dick Sturmey of Rose Bay, Tasmania.

WILD DEER,      Monica Stanway   NZ   22 Dec. 98
We are looking for John GUY, believed to have landed Pt Chalmers 1873, aged 18, from Glasgow.  Worked for Cobb & Co and later station master for Govt. Railways in Otago /Southland. Died Bluff 1909. Any record in passenger lists?

EAGLE / OCEAN QUEEN       Kevin Bland  UK  14 Dec. 1998
My great great great grandfather, Mr. Joseph Napoleon Bland (b1819) left England in 1854 with his wife Jane (Dulling) Bland and 7 children. They arrived in Nelson in March 1854, upon the Eagle. They had a further child whilst in New Zealand. They left New Zealand in 1858 upon the Ocean Queen and we understand that he died onboard before reaching England. Can you offer any information or is their any information on the net regarding these two ships?  Diary

Nelson Provincial Museum & Library
'The Colonist Passenger Notices 1857-1859'
No. 409 BLAND Mr., Mrs. & 8 children, ship 'Ocean Queen', to Sydney, date 4 Mar 1858

He appears in the Nelson Jury list 1855-1858 at Waimea East, farmer.

1) Try  Wallace Ship List.
2) A passenger list appears in "The Lyttelton Times" for an "Eagle" 27 May, 1854 arrival. The Times is on microfilm at (Canterbury Public Library) Christchurch.
3) Check the Sydney papers for arrivals and departures and also check if there are any passenger lists when the ship sailed Sydney for England.
4)Check the England papers for the ship arrival info..

'Ocean Queen', dated July 16, 1870, Illustrated London News
    "The Board of Trade had sent L200.00 to Sir Harry Parkes for distribution among the Japanese who recently rendered humane  service to the crew and passengers of the British steamer 'Ocean Queen' which was lost on the coast of Japan last Dec."

'Eagle' dated July 20, 1861, Illustrated London News
    " A gold pocket chronometer, of exquisite workmanship, has been presented to the Rev.W.R. Scott, incumbent of Saint Mary Magdalene, Harlow, in acknowledgement of his courageous  and successful efforts in rescuing a large quantity of gold from the wreck of the steamer 'Eagle', off Gothland, in November, 1857."

Remember it was common in those emigrant shipping days to have two or three vessels traversing the oceans with the same name.

SHUN LEE  Barry Jackson  USA  3 Nov. 98
I think that the "Shun Lee" was a  Chinese Tea Clipper that landed at Port Chalmers in 1870.  On board were one of my ancestors Emily Hannah CARPENTER b. 1852 and her family (possibly parents and siblings).  I haven't been able to track down anything on this ship to confirm this information.

The "Shun Lee" from London on 15th May the guaranteed passengers are
James E Carpenter,  35 Berwick St, London
Mrs Helena                                "
Emily                                          "
Kitty                                            "

Note the address. The passenger list was in the "New Zealand Gazette".

"Shun Lee", 674 tons, Captain Langlands, sailed May 18th, arrived Port Chalmers, Otago, New Zealand Dec 2nd 1871. Passengers, 23. Reference: White Wings Vol. 2 by Sir Henry Brett. 1928.  BTW: White Wings is available through the interlibrary loan service in the USA. The U. of Houston library loans it out.

CASTLE EDEN       Doug Ward  26 Oct 98
I am looking for any information about George Whitney, or Witney, his father was Daniel Whitney.  George and twin brother, Henry, were b. ca 1820, but christened February 27, 1825.  George married Lucy Ellis about 1842 or 1843. George and his family were relocated to New Zealand in 1849 at the "Castle Eden."
Children of George and Lucy Whitney:
1. George Whitney (Witney) immigrated to the USA in 1890
2. Lucy Whitney(Witney), married Joseph Wood
3. Mary Whitney (Witney), Assistant Matron of the Auckland Hospital
4. Susan Whitney (Witney) born in Collingwood, Nelson in 1856, arrived at the "Castle Eden" Feb. 7th 1851, from England
5. Sarah Whitney (Witney) (My Grandmother)

The Castle Eden, 930 tons, departed Plymouth, England, and arrived Lyttelton 14th February 1851, with 204 passengers.  Reference: White Wings Vol. 2 by Sir Henry Brett. 1928.
Passenger list appears in Passenger lists of Canterbury Association Ships. 1900. By Old Colonists Committee contains passenger lists of
Canterbury Association Ships arriving before 15 March 1853.  Spelling of surname for in the above book:Whitney.
The Christchurch National Archives  does not hold the passenger list but George Witney's name was noted on the list (along with
Robert Hamlett who was a passenger on the "Castle Eden") applying for a timber cutting licence in 1851/52.

In the Parish Register index at the Christchurch  Archives there is Daniel Whitney born Feb 1852 baptised 1 March 1852 at Lyttelton (private baptism at home). Daniel was buried on the 3 March 1852 aged 3 days.

Try LDS Family History Center loan service: Lyttelton shipping list (microform).   Copy of passenger lists of some Canterbury Association emigrant ships, 1850-1866, held in the Canterbury Museum.  Contents: include the 'Castle Eden' (1850).

JOHN WICKLIFFE      Jacky Walker   AUS  26 Oct. 98
Did the vessel "John Wickliffe" which arrived in Port Chalmers, NZ in March 1848 make any previous trips to NZ?  I am looking for a young Scotsman named Robert Graham, and can't find him on the Pt Chalmers list in 1848 - I don't know if he was an assisted emigrant or a cabin passenger.  I know he went to NZ on the John Wickliffe, but am not sure of his port of disembarkation or year of arrival. Was he a crew member?

Robert Graham does appear on the Otago settlers pre 1861 Val Maxwell index.

I didn't find any other voyages by the 'John Wickliffe'. The Otago Settlers Museum, staff  will research shipping lists for up to three different families for a fee. $NZ10 for twenty minutes or $NZ30 for an hour. The public pay $10.00 per day for a research ticket. E-mail: include your snail mail address for a reply as they prefer to reply that way.  The John Wickliffe called at Wellington on 23rd of May after Otago and left for Bombay on 7th of June.

Unknown Vessel     Greg Baldwin  AUS 18 Oct 98
Trying to find out what ship William James BALDWIN arrived on in 1851.  I presume he arrived at New Plymouth as he married and lived in the area. 

The Te Henui Burial Records, New Plymouth states William James Baldwin 85yrs buried 12-5-1903. 

Ships arriving at New Plymouth
Oct 11,   1850  Mariner
Oct 29,   1850  Eden 42 passengers
May 1st, 1851 Victory
Oct 10,   1851  Cashmere
Oct 12,   1851 Simlah
Reference: White Wings Vol. 2 by Sir Henry Brett

Rutherford's and Skinner's book The Establishment of the New Plymouth settlement in New Zealand, 1841-1843 has a list of vessels arriving at New Plymouth.

NORTHUMBERLAND  Barry Jackson  USA 31 Oct 98
My gr-gr-gr Grandfather Henry Jackson apparently arrived on the Northumberland, Sep 13 1861, Auckland.  So far I haven't been able to track down anything on the voyage (passenger lists etc).

Henry Jackson does appear on the Norththumberland in database at the Auckland Martime Museum.

The Northumberland, 1000 tons, visited Auckland in 1861.  She left Portland on May 21 and crossed the Line on June 13.  On the 24th of the following month, during a S.W. heavy gale the ship's rudder head gave way and she was completely wrung off.  Captain Hawkins put the ship under easy canvas while repairing damages as well as circumstances would admit.  On August 3 the rudder head gave way again during another hard gale which continued for 36 hours.  Under the circumstances the ship did well in making the voyage in 114 days. Reference: White Wings Vol. 1 by H. Brett. 1924. Arrived Auckland c. 11 August 1861. Reference: Log of Logs by Nicholson. 

NORTHUMBERLAND   Erin Freeman   NZ 15 Sept 98
My Great Great Uncle left his home in Scotland in 1877. He arrived in New Zealand aboard the "Northumberland" (destination unknown as he managed to disembark at Castle Point and headed off to Akitio on foot!) I have been unable to trace this voyage so far but would be curious to know where the voyage originated as family knowledge states that he may have stopped off in Australia for a short time.  Are there shipping lists for the 'Northumberland' available anywhere and do you have any idea where its destination might have been around this time?

NORTHUMBERLAND Iron ship, built in England in 1871 of 2095 tons. She sank on 11th May 1887 after running ashore on Bay View Beach, Napier in a severe storm.  No lives were lost. "The Wreck Book" by Steve Locker-Lampson & Ian Francis published 1979.

There were two vessels by this name. One built in 1861, 1000 tons, which arrived in Auckland in 1861 and the other a Shaw, Savill Co. ship, 2095 tons, built in 1884 which met its end at Napier in 1887, had left London 3 Jan 1887 and arrived recently in Lyttelton Apr. 11, 1887 under the command of Capt. Todd and from here to Napier.  The figurehead, a life size crowned soldier with sword, off the Northumberland was acquired by a sheep farmer, Armstrong, from Akitio.  Reference: White Wings Vol. 1 by H. Brett.

From Castle Point to Akitio, straight down the coast is approx. 35km but today by road you must go inland and the drive would take 120kms.   Castle Point is a picturesque place to visit and still has a lighthouse.  It is not unusual to find inconsistent dates as with any transcribed material errors may occur.  Victorian State Library Multimedia Catalogue has two good images of the Northumberland in full sail flying the N.Z. S.C. house flag but not sure which Northumberland vessel.

ARETHUSA  Erin Freeman  NZ 14 Sept 98
My great, great grandparents and their family travelled from Plymouth and arrived in Wellington aboard the 'Arethusa' on December 7th 1879.  I would be very interested to know more about their voyage if possible. Their names were Charles and Euphemia Cowan and their children were Elizabeth, George, Charles, Euphemia and Robert.  Euphemia (the mother) died of consumption 7 weeks after arriving in New Zealand.

The Wellington Maritime Museum holds a diary, item 2188/87, and there is a transcript in the Taranaki Museum Archives of a letter and diary by Charlotte Couchman, a passenger on this Arethusa voyage, possibly the same item. The Alexander Turnbull Library has part of a journal by J. Harper also related to this voyage.  Reference: Log of Logs by Ian Nicholson.

BRITISH QUEEN  Sue Clarke  NZ 1st Aug. 98
I am trying to trace Walter I. Robinson family (wife and 4 children Freddie, Lizzie, Sophie and Tom) who sailed from Plymouth, England on the 'BRITISH QUEEN' August 23rd 1883 and arrived in Lyttelton Oct 23rd 1883. I have copies of several letters to his aunt in Yorkshire describing his new life in NZ and would like to find any descendants. I do not have his wife's name or full names or ages of the children so hope a passenger list will help. He lived in Wellington after arrival so assume they disembarked in Lyttelton. Walter's middle name may have been Illingworth. The aunt he wrote to in Yorkshire was my great, great grandmothers sister. I arrived in NZ in 1968 and want to find if I have relatives descended from this family.

This is from the Canterbury Museum but the passenger list is held at the Christchurch Archives.
Robinson Walter J.  age 43 mechanic Yorkshire

Esther 37
Sophia  11
Thomas   9
Elizabeth    5
Frederick W.   2

The 'British Queen' sailed 23 Aug 1883 and arrived 11 Oct 1883 to Dunedin. From Dunedin they travelled to Christchurch by train.

WHITE ROSE     Patricia Taggart  NZ 5 Mar 1998
Left London on 21st Feb 1875.  It could have stopped in at Lyttelton as verbal (my GG Grandparents were on board) stories say it was placed into quarantine there.  The only reference I have found of it was one only saying it stopped at Bluff.  The date I have was 21st July 1875 but I don't know if that was Lyttelton or Bluff.  My Grandparents were Richard Bennett TRELOAR and his wife Josephine.  Their little daughter Sabina died of diarrhoea on board on April 6th.
    I would like to hear from anyone who may have access to more details of the voyage and possibly the passenger list.  I feel they may have travelled with some other relatives or friends.

The White Rose records are at the Archives in Wellington, NZ (the original documents).

Found the following:
1. Christchurch Library has account of voyage from the Lyttelton Times .
2.  The National Archives in Christchurch holds the surgeon's journal and a copy of the passenger list. Copies are 50 cents per page.  There are 23 pages on the passenger list.
  TRELOAR Richard B  Age 23, from Cornwall, Labourer
                Josephine   age 20
                Sabina        age 8/12  (notation died)
Beside this family was a notation Bluff.  Quite a few others had Timaru.  No other passengers had Bluff.  The ship left Lyttelton for Bluff and arrived there 21 October 1875. There where 20 adults who came from Cornwall. The WHITE ROSE had a lengthy and adventurous passage. First it sailed from London 14 Feb 1875 to Plymouth to pick up her 166 passengers then on 14 April the captain was found dead in his bunk (apoplexy (stroke)). The ship hit rough weather, as she had alot of railway material in her hold, it constantly moved in the rough weather also her mast was damaged. The White Rose pulled into Port Louis, Mauritius for repairs on 22 May and sailed again 10 June.  Again hit rough weather then on 9 July and a fire broke out amongst the cargo but was put out.  There were six births (two being stillborn).  Three deaths occurred (two children, one adult). " When the vessel left Mauritius tropical fever and ague (used to define the recurring fever & chills of malarial infection) existed and during the voyage one man died from fever and plague.  When the vessel reached Lyttelton there was a apparently no disease on board but the authorities decided to land the passengers at Ripa Island.  They were released after a stay of seven days".

Graham Wilson's Bluff site