John Frederick Rayner - NZ lighthouse keeper and artist

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John Frederick Rayner 
Lyttelton Harbour , Canterbury, N.Z. at Sunset, 1894 by F. Rayner.  1999 Olwyn Whitehouse
Lighthouse Keeper - an Artist

The Star Saturday 11th August 1894 page 4
A number of friends of Mr F.R. Rayner, who for nearly eleven years, has been in charge of the lighthouse at the Godley Head, having heard that he was about to be removed to Cape Maria van Dieman Lighthouse, took the opportunity on Thursday of wishing him "good-bye" and presenting him with a handsome gold lever hunting watch suitably inscribed, as a mark of their esteem. Several of those present spoke of the hospitable manner in which Mr Rayner had treated all visitors to the lighthouse, and wished him success in his new house in the north.

Aug. 13. 1894 page 3 
The Government steamer Hinemoa, which left Lyttelton to-day for Akaroa, took Mr Smith, one of the keepers of the Akaroa light to Farewell Spit, to which light he is being transferred, and also Mr Rayner, from Godley Heads.
John Frederick Rayner died 19 November 1919 at Pukekohe, NZ.

Occupation: Lighthouse Keeper:

Brothers Island 
Dec    1877 	- Feb    1878
Moeraki Lighthouse built 1878. Assistant keeper
2 Feb  1878 	- 1 Jul  1882
Godley Head Lighthouse
Dec    1883	- Aug    1894
Cape Maria van Dieman Lighthouse
Sep    1894	- Jul    1897
Nugget Point 
Jul 1  1897 	- Jun    1902
Puysegur Point
Jun    1902 	- Nov    1906
Nelson Boulder Bank Lighthouse
Nov    1906 	- Apr    1909
Kaipara Harbour Light
May    1909 	- Nov    1909
Tiri Tiri
Nov    1909 	- Dec    1912
Pencarrow Light
Dec    1912 	- Aug    1915
Tairoa Head
Aug 31 1915 	- Jun 12 1919

Evening Post,  4 June 1897, Page 6
The following changes in the lighthouse service have been decided upon ;
Mr. Fowler, of The Brother is to become assistant keeper at Somes Island,
vice Mr. Fletcher, who is to take a similar position at Cape Palliser under Mr. Voyle, at present principal keeper at Nugget Point.
Mr. Rayner, from Cape Maria Van Diemen, is to succeed Mr. Voyle at Nugget Point.
Mr. Sinclair, assistant keeper at Godley Head, is to be promoted to the charge of Cape Maria Van Diemen lighthouse, and Mr. McLean, second assistant at Stephen's Island, will also be removed to that part of the colony, his place on Stephen's Island being taken by Mr. Broughton from Taiaroa Head.

Otago Witness, 5 June 1901, Page 67
A trip I had to the Nuggets lighthouse The first place of interest we pass is the famous Kororu Creek. The next place is Mrs Campbell's boarding house. About a mile farther along is Mrs Ottaway's boarding house; next come the fishermen's huts, which seem to be composed of pieces of beards and old kerosene tins, and which look odd compare with Mrs M___nley's boarding house, which stands on the side of the hill above. After about a mile and a-half of winding road we arrived at Roaring Bay, where we intended to have lunch after making a fire we put the billy on, but, alas when it was nearly boiling, the handle came off, and of course the billy and water tumbled into the fire. The next time we fixed the handle better, and were more successful, but no sooner had we started our lunch than the sandflies seemed to think it was time for them to have their lunch too and I can tell you they seemed to have good appetites by the way they bit. After we had had what lunch the sandflies would let us eat, we proceeded to the lighthouse, where we were shown the new flagstaff, and then Miss Rayner showed us the tower, and as it was getting late by this time, we went home, after having spent a most enjoyable holiday.

Grey River Argus, 1 October 1906, Page 2
It is announced that this trip the Hinemoa will transfer Keeper Arthur from TaTaroa Heads lighthouse to Dog Island - exchanging places with Keeper Burgess, who transfers to Taiaro Heads. After visiting Preservation Inlet the Hinemoa returns to Bluff, afterwards shifting Keeper Rayner and Assistant-keeper Lee from Pugsegur Point to the Boulder Bank, Nelson, and to the Brothers lighthouse respectively, Mr, Kent, proceeding from the latter to Puysegur Point.

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