The 'Rotorua' Melbourne to NZ January 1880

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New Zealand Bound

The Star Monday 5 January 1880 page 2
Bluff, Jan. 5.
The Rotorua left Melbourne on Dec. 31, at 2.45 p.m., cleared the heads at 5.30 pm., passed the Sisters on Jan. 1, at 10 a.m., and the Solanders on the 4th, at 9.30. p.m., and arrived at the Bluff on the 5th, at 4 a.m. Experienced fresh north-west winds and fine weather until her arrival. 

Passengers for the Bluff - 
Mr R.B. and W.H. James
Mr Mitchell
Mr Pim
Mr Tanner
Rev. W.H. Pearce
Mrs Pierce
Miss Dickinson
and six in steerage.

For Dunedin
Mr Barr
Mr Mayne
Mr Beadle
Mr and Mrs Dawson
52 in the steerage
90 tons cargo

For Lyttelton
Mr C. F. Money
Mr Woods
Mrs Money
Master Bowman
Mrs Wilson
Mr and Mrs Bowman
Misses Bowman (3)
80 in the steerage and 45 tons cargo

For Wellington
Mr and Mrs Orr
the Rev. F.J. Cosser
Mr Dowling
Mr F. Wigg
Mr W. Wigg
Mr Wilks
20 in the steerage
45 tons cargo

For Nelson
Mr Price
Mr E. Buxton

For Gisborne
Mr and Mrs Peek

For Auckland
Mr Collins
Mr Moroney
four in steerage 
15 tons of cargo

Otago Witness Saturday 10th January 1880 page 14 column 3
The Union Company's steamer Rotorua, arrived at Port Chalmers at 5 a.m. Tuesday. The s.s. Rotorua left Port Chalmers on Wednesday afternoon, with cargo and passengers for Northern ports.

The Star Thursday 8 January 1880 page 2
The Rotorua, from Melbourne and South, arrived this morning. She leaves for Sydney, via North this afternoon.

The Star  Jan. 8. Rotorua, s.s. 633 tons, Tozer, from Melbourne via South. Passengers:
Saloon Mrs Money, Mr and Mrs Bowman and family, Mrs Wilson, Captain and Mrs Burmeister, Messrs John McKay, J.R. Scott, Kuowsley, C.F. Money, Woods, Captain McFarlane; 80 in steerage.

The Star Friday 9 January 1880 page 2
Sailed. Jan. 8 Rotorua, s.s., 576 tons, Tozer, for Auckland, via East Coast. R.Paflett, agent. 

For Wellington - Miss Lemon, Messrs Lumsdon, Allen, Remenschneider, Rowe;

For Nelson- Messrs Webley and Cowles; 

For Auckland - Mr and Mrs Horton, Mr and Mrs Harper, Revs. Whyte and Macfarlane, Messrs Jones, Watson and Wilson; 14 steerage.