The "Royal Albert" Otago and Wellington, 1853

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Arrival of the 'Royal Albert'

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(from the "Otago Witness", March 12, 1853)

The "Royal Albert," from London direct, arrived at the heads on Saturday night, the 5th inst. She sailed from London on the 1st November, and from the downs on the 9th. She brings 120 passengers, about 50 of whom are for this place, Owing to some difficulty which we are unable to explain at present, she is still lying off the native village, inside the heads.

Dunedin, Saturday, March 19, 1853
The "Royal Albert" has been unable to come higher up the harbour than the Native Village, off which she is now lying discharging her cargo, to the serious inconvenience of all concerned. It would appear that the "Royal Albert" is of a peculiar construction, drawing a great depth of water, 18 ft.4in., in proportion to her tonnage, 650 tons. We also learn that a bank has been for some time forming off the Native Village, upon which there are but 18feet 6 inches of water at high water, rendering it unadvisable to bring up a vessel drawing so much water as the "Royal Albert" does. 

Arrived.  March 6th, ship Royal Albert, 662 tons, Norris, master, from London. Passengers:

Hall		George
Hall		Agnes
Hall		Miss
Johnson		Fanny
Lang		Joseph
MacDonald	Mr and Mrs
Natress 	Mr and Mrs
Natrass		Ann
Ogilvie		Mr. Mrs and Miss
Oxford		Sarah
Smith		John
Williams	George D.

Intemdiate and Steerage
Aitken		Mr and Mrs
Atiken		William
Ayson		Mr and Mrs
Ayson		Miss
Ayson		Ann, William, John 
Ayson		Alexander, Elizabeth, Robert and Hugh
Ayson		James
Ayson		James, senr. and 
Ayson		Peter 
Bannatine	Mr and Mrs
Bott		Thomas
Botterill	Thomas
Buck		James
Couty		Mr and Mrs
Couty		Emily and John
Crossman	Mrs
Crossman	Ann, George, and Samuel
Couper		John
Davidson	Mr and Mrs
de Lacy 	Corbett Thomas
Dixon		Mr and Mrs
Dixon		Catherine, George, and Eliza
Dixon		M.
Fawcett		Isaac
Farmer		William
Hall		Edward
Helburne	Joseph
Henne		Mr and Mrs and child
Hunter		John
Hunter		Margaret
Johnson		Mr and Mrs
Johnson		Eliza
Kennedy		John
Lindsay		Mr and Mrs
Lindsay		Ann and William
Levi		Mr and Mrs
M'Cabe		James
McLeod		Christina
Nichol		Mary
Nicholas	James
Reid		Mr and Mrs
Reid		Jane
Reid		Mr and Mrs James
Reid		Catherine, James, and William
Reid		James
Rutland		Mrs
Rutland		Julia Ann, Joshua, George, Dudley, and Henry
Sedcole		Elizabeth
Speid		Alexander, James, and William
Speid		Mary, Jean, Helen, John, Agnes and Eliza
Stevens		Mr and Mrs
Stevens		Sarah, Mary, and Emma
Stevens		Edward
Sutherland	Donald
Styles		Mary
Tucker		Stephen
Walker		James
Watson		William
Williams	Mr and Mrs
Williams	Lewis F
Williams	Henry

J.Macandrew and Co., agents.

March 26 Otago Witness
Sailed. March 24, ship Royal Albert, 662 tons, Norris, master, for Wellington.

Ogilvery	Mr and Mrs 
Nattress	Mr and Mrs 
Nattress	Miss
Oxford		Miss
Johnson		Miss
Macdonald	Mr and Mrs 
Smith		Mr John 
Hall		Mr George
Hall		Mrs and Miss
Williams	Mr George

and 61 in the steerage. J. Macandrew & Co., agents.

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