Arrival of the "Royal Stuart" from England to Lyttelton in 1861

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Arrival of the "Royal Stuart" 1861

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T. Cornwall

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Daily Southern Cross, 11 October 1861, Page 3
It is expected, now that the war in New Zealand has ceased, that the tide of emigration will soon flow vigorously to that colony. The 'Royal Stuart,' one of Willis, Gann, & Co.'s regular line of packets, left Gravesend on July 2, with 210 chief cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, and a full and valuable cargo of merchandise, for Canterbury, New Zealand. Several influential colonists return in this fine ship. The next vessel will be the Sebastopol, of 2,000 tons burthen, under engagement to the provincial government.

The Lyttelton Times  9 October 1861 page 4
The Ship Royal Stuart, 761 tons, Capt. Cornwell, one of Messrs. Willis, Gann & Co.'s line, arrived in harbour at 10 a.m. yesterday, having made a good passage of 96 days from the Downs, which she left on 3rd July.  She brings 190 Government immigrants, besides several cabin passengers, all whom have arrived in good health, and speak well of the treatment they have received on the voyage. The Royal Stuart is an English ship of ten years standing, and has proved herself a good seagoing vessel. She brings a moderate amount of cargo suitable for this market. One death from decline, that of a young woman named Jane Beatty, and six births occurred during the voyage.

Oct. 8. ship, Royal Stuart, 761 tons, T. Cornwell, master, from England.
[total passengers 210]
Cabin passengers - 33
Hall 		Mr and Mrs John
Collison 	Mr J.E.
Colson 		Miss
Crosby 		Mr H
Dale 		Miss
Farquahar 	Mr J
Fulton 		Mr L
Haiston 	Mr G.A.  [Hariston]
Ivroine 	Mr C
Money 		Mr C
Reed 		Mr J.W.
Rhodes 		Mr and Mrs George and 3 children
Rogers 		Mr J
Tenant 		Mr A  [Tennant]
Wood 		Miss
Steerage 190 [177]
The following is a list of the Government immigrants: -
Married Couples: -
Beatty 		John	wife and seven children [Beattie]
Benny 		Joseph 	wife and three children
Brown 		William and wife [Browne]
Burnett 	Andrew 	and wife
Camrie 		David 	wife and child
Carter 		John 	wife and five children
Collie 		Donald 	and wife
Duff 		Daniel 	wife and three children
Duff 		James 	wife and seven children
Davis 		William and wife
FitzGerald 	William and wife
Forrest 	Robert 	wife and child
Grant 		Donald 	wife and six children
Grant 		James 	and wife
Harding 	John 	wife and child
Hayes 		P. 	wife and child
Horsfield 	Charles wife and two children
Johnstone 	Robert 	and wife
Kennedy 	Robert 	and wife
Keree 		James 	and wife [Kerry]
Kerr 		John 	wife and three children
[Lamare 	Mr and Mrs and one child]
MacRay 		A. 	and wife  [Mckay]
McClure 	James 	wife and child
Nicolls 	Robert 	and wife
Pepperell 	John E 	wife and five children
Richardson 	Samuel 	and wife
Rogers 		John 	and wife  [Rodgers]
Watson 		Robert	wife and three children
Wildermoth 	John 	wife and two children
Whitby 		James 	wife and two children
Single Men:-
Allan 		James
Atkinson 	Robinson
Banks 		Donald
Barton 		John
Beatty 		Alexander
Brown 		Charles
Caffery 	John
Carter 		Andrew
Carter 		W.N.
Chalmers 	Alexander
Cliff 		George
Dale 		William
Davis 		Israel 
Devlin 		John
Doly 		George [D'Oyly}
Duff 		Alexander
Ferguson 	Malcolm
Flood 		John
Hennelley 	Denis
Hibbert 	John
Grant 		Alexander
Graham 		Samuel
Gray 		Michael
Gunn 		Gordon
Heron 		James
Hooper 		Stephen
Hoyg 		Thomas [Hegg]
Innes 		Alfred [2]
Manchester 	William
Mangin 		John
Manson 		Donald
Mint 		James
Missen [Misson] Alfred & Edwin [Musson]
Mitchell 	David
Mitchell 	George 
Moran 		Patrick [Morgan]
Munro 		Dugald
Musson 		William
McGregor 	H
McKee 		Alexander [McKay]
McLean 		William
McLeod 		Duncan
O'Brien 	Dennis
Pepperell 	Thomas and Robert [Pepparell]
Richardson 	Thomas
Thompson 	Robert
Thomson 	William [2]
Singles Women:  -
Beatty 		Margaret and Jane [Beathie]
Caffery 	Sarah [Caffrey]
Carter 		Helen, Margaret and Eliza
Conway 		Mary
Dobson 		E
Doherty 	Anne and Bridget
Duff 		Mary and Margaret
Harding 	Eliza
Mangin 		Jane
Meddings 	Eliza
McFisk 		Harriet [McFish]
McKay 		Catherine
Stephenson 	Mary Anne and Eliza Jane
Thompson 	Mary
Whitby 		Anna

Analysis of Trdes
Men -
Land 59
Stock 11
Wood 4 
Leather 1
Miscellaneous 2

Single Women - 
Cooks 2
Domestic Servants 11
Dairy Women 2
Matron 1
[count above - 182 steerage passengers, 
 missing 8 names]
        [Men Women 
Cabin    22  8
Steerage 86 53
        108 61

Children under 12
3 Cabin
38 Steerage
Total 41]
[Press, 12 October 1861, Page 4]
The BENNY, family came out to NZ on-board the Royal Stuart - London. Listed were: 
Benny     Sarah 33, 
Benny     Joseph 31, Ploughman Middlesex
Benny     Elizabeth M 5 
Benny     Ellen 3 
Benny     George E. 1 
Another son Joseph Benny was born 25 Sep 1862 in Lockley, Canterbury, New Zealand. 

On the 1861 St Pancras, Marylebone, Middlesex 
Census living at what looks like St Anns, Great Hill: 
RG 9/124 Page: 36.
Joseph Benny 		Head, Mar, 30 "Gardener" from SCOTLAND
Sarah Benny 		Wife, 34 from Bethnal Gr, Middlesex
Elizabeth M. Benny 	Daur, 5 from Middlesex, Henden
Ellen Benny 		Daur, 2 from St Pancras, Middlesex
George Edgar 		Son, 1 as above
Elizabeth DOVE 		Visitor, Mar, 66 "Monthly Income" from Whitechapel, Middlesex. 

BURNETT: Andrew Burnet with his wife Catherine took up Mt Cook Station, in the Mackenzie in 1864 and raised eight children and she lived to a good age, her husband lived to 89. The station is still held by descendants. He was a Highland shepherd and was manger at Simons pass Station when he forest saw the block of land between the Jollie and Tasman Rivers still unclaimed. St David's Church, behind hill at Cave, South Canterbury. "This church is erected to the Glory of God and in loving remembrance of Andrew and Catherine Burnett, who took up the Mount Cook sheep run, May 1864, and in the wilderness founded a home."

, 25 November 1918, Page 9
Mr Andrew Carter, who died at Waimate on Thursday, came to New Zealand with his parents in 1861, going to Waimate in 1862. A year later the family settled upon a farm at Hook, which was afterwards known as the "Meadows Farm," and held it until three years ago. when Mr Carter and his two sisters went into Waimate to live. The deceased was one of the original members of the Waimate Caledonian Society, and a past president, and gave a good deal of attention to the interests of the A. and P. Association from its inception. He was a member of the Waimate Advisory Committee to the Efficiency Board, a J.P., and a leading member of Knox Presbyterian Church, Waimate.

DALE, William, sometime proprietor of the Doncaster hotel, was born in Doncaster, England, in 1838, and came to New Zealand in October 1861, with Mr. George Rhodes, and settled in the Timaru district. He was at the West Coast diggings for a short time, on his return he conducted a carriage, cab and express carrier business from his section at No. 308 in Theodosia St., Timaru for a number of years. In 1882 Mr. Dale acquired the Doncaster Hotel, where he remained up to the time of his death. He was very fond of sporting generally, and was particularly interested in angling. Mr. Dale married in 1879 [sic] to Charlotte, daughter of the late Mr. T. Timpson, of Richmond, Surrey, England, and at his death left two sons and three daughters. Reference: Cyclopedia of New Zealand, Canterbury edition. Vol. 3 pages 928. photo page 1115  Published 1903. [1871, is the correct marriage year not 1879. It is not unusual to find errors in the Cyclopedia of NZ.

William DALE who owned the Doncaster Hotel had a younger sister named Mary Abbott DALE. There was a Miss Dale travelling as a cabin passenger on the same ship, a servant girl, Miss Martha Dale, engaged to help look after the three children of the George Rhodes family, is not Mary Abbott Dale a sister to William. Martha Dale's fare was paid for by George Rhodes. The Rhodes family came from The Levels near Doncaster. They subsequently named their home in NZ The Levels. Stevan Eldred-Grigg wrote - quoted Charles Money in 1861 found half the first-class cabins on the Royal Stuart were occupied 'by a wealthy Canterbury squatter'. 'His wife, sister-in-law, niece, children and their nurse, accompanied him, and formed a little court of which the worthy man was autocrat.'

The Doncaster in August 2006. Back.

The Doncaster in August 2006. Front.
August 2006. The Doncaster Hotel, Hilton Hwy, Washdyke, Timaru still stands.

The "Donc" was located on the left just past the Washdyke Creek heading out of Timaru towards Temuka on the Hilton Highway - State Highway 1. The original Doncaster building was erected in 1861 by the first proprietor, George T W Mason. The original part of the building is the middle part which is now the restaurant, with the accommodation above the north side of the building added in the 1960s or 1970s.  The original bar was in the restaurant. Typical of the pubs in South Canterbury -two story square building and the rooms upstairs small and cold. The additions on either end and the back not part of the original accommodation house. George Thomas Weems Mason had the Doncaster Hotel at Washdyke and he sold to Mr John McBeth.
    Dec. 2008. The Doncaster's licence will be transferred to a new tavern and restaurant across the road. Doncaster Tavern will remain open until the new tavern is up and ready to take over the licence.
The hotel closed at the end of August 2010.  'Like any hotel, your regulars are your bread and butter," said Darren Holden, the last leassee. The Doncaster has long been a favoured drinking spot for those involved with or fans of the horse racing industry as it was close to the racetrack.

John Mason and Ann Weems were married in Godmanchester on the 31st July 1810. Mary Elizabeth Palmer, was born in 1821 and married Thomas George Weems Mason (born 1820) in St. Peters, Pimlico on the 19th July 1851. On the marriage cert. Mary's father was listed as James Abiah Palmer. Thomas father was listed as John Mason. A witness was a Martha Mason. Thomas George Weems Mason born 1820 was a member of the Grenadier Guards and at the time of his marriage to Mary Elizabeth Palmer was living in Chester Square, London. They had two sons George John and James and the family sailed for New Zealand in 1857 arriving Lyttelton in 1858. Mary died in 1859 and Thomas married Elizabeth Hayhurst in 1860 in Canterbury, NZ. George Thomas Weems Mason had the Doncaster Hotel at Washdyke, he sold in 1865 to a Mr John McBeth. After the Doncaster Hotel they lived at Green Hayes in Temuka.  How is she related to John Hayhurst?  Unsure if George and Elizabeth had any children. George or Thomas as he went by sometimes had three children with Mary - George, James and Annie. Annie died at Washdyke in 1863. Mary Elizabeth Mason died Feb. 1858, aged 37 years, also their daughter died Jan 14 1852 age 5 years.

Mason, Thomas George Weems
Occupation SADDLER
Address Temuka
Age at Death 56 Years
Date of Death Friday, 24 December 1875
Date of Interment Monday, 27 December 1875
Cemetery Temuka Cemetery
Section General
Block Plot 183 Beam
New Row 142 New Plot 183

Advertisement 20 August 1864
The Timaru Herald

G. W. Mason begs to inform Station holders and parties driving stock that they can be accommodated with good substantial Stockyards, sheep and goat-proof Paddocks. Also a paddock of 200 acres for sheep only.

Timaru - May 2, 1865 Resident Magistrate's Court : This being the Annual licensing day, the following General licences were granted:- G.W. Mason, for Doncaster Hotel, Washdyke

Birth: COMPTON - At Doncaster Hotel, Washdyke, near Timaru, on April 13, 1876 the wife of W. B. Compton, of a son.
Birth: McBETH - At Washdyke, Doncaster Hotel, on the 18th July, 1877, the wife of John McBeth, of a daughter
Birth: McBETH - November 16th 1878 at the Doncaster Hotel, Washdyke, the wife of John McBeth, of a daughter.
Death: DALE. On the 31st August, 1890, at the Doncaster Hotel, Washdyke, William Dale, aged 51 years.

Timaru Herald
7 June 1895 Marriage
ANDERSON - DALE. On June 5th, at St. Mary's Church, by the Ven. Archdeacon Harper, Samuel, eldest son of T. Anderson, Esq., to Lillian, eldest daughter of the late Wm. Dale, Esq.
NZ Births Surname, Christian	 Mother   Father
1872 Dale Alan William 		Charlotte William d 25 July 1874 (accident)
1874 Dale Lilian		Charlotte William m. Samuel ANDERSON, St. Mary's Timaru 5 June 1895
1876 Dale Charlotte Annie	Charlotte William 
1878 Dale Edith Mary 		Charlotte William d. in 1966. She m. Samuel Dale b. in 1870 Port Chalmers. 
1880 Dale Frederick Sydenham 	Charlotte William d. 6 Aug. 1860. Married Lavinia Florence Elizabeth BLACK
1882 Dale William Charles 	Charlotte William d. 1967

Sam Dale is buried in the Hamilton East Soldier's Cemetery, having died in 1955, and Edith is buried in the Hamilton Park Cemetery. She died in 1966. He was appointed as stationmaster at Washdyke in 1902.
Samuel Dale Serial No. 3723 South African War, 1899-1902 - Otago Section - No. 20 Company of the sixth contingent.
Apollos DALE  married Ann McKURDY 9 Oct. 1867 Knox Church, Dunedin. They had seven children.
1870 Dale Samuel m. Edith Mary DALE (her father ran the Doncaster at Washdyke) in 1907 child Allan Balfour Dale b. 1907.
1876 Dale Sarah m. December 24, 1907, at Auckland, William, s/o the late Peter GIBSON, Dunedin, to Sarah, daughter of the late Apollos Dale, Port Chalmers.
1878 Dale Alice m. William COUPER in 1910 (Wm. went to school in Albury). James Duncan Couper b. 29 May 1917 died 1991
1880 Dale Anne m. Dec. 2 1907 at Auckland, Leslie James, s/o the late James THOMPSON, Rangiora
1882 Dale William

William COUPER bc. 1879  m. Alice (Allie) Dale at Knox Church, Invercargill 18 Nov. 1910, had two children: Ruth Eleanor and James Duncan, then William d. 26 Nov. 1918 at age 40 and buried New Cemetery at Wallacetown, Southland. Allie remarried (John CARTWRIGHT) and she died in 23 Oct. 1965 aged 87, and is buried in the same cemetery, with her second husband. James (Jimmy) Duncan COUPER d. in 1991, buried Calcium Cem. Southland, 18905 2nd NZEF L/Cpl NZCS,

Otago Daily Times 23 April 1892, Page 1
Flags were hoisted half-mast high on board the shipping at the Port, also at the flagstaff, Observation Point, and other buildings yesterday in respect to the memory of Mr Apollos Dale, late stationmaster at Port Chalmers, who was accidentally killed on Wednesday evening.

Star 31 October 1896, Page 7
Sunday Trading. At the Magistrate's Court at Timaru yesterday, Charlotte Dale, licensee of the Doncaster Hotel, Washdyke, was fined 40s for Sunday trading, and the conviction was endorsed on the license. A second charge of supplying beer to four men who were not travellers, on the same date, was withdrawn.

Otago Witness, 1 March 1900, Page 29
Valedictory. A large gathering of friends and settlers entertained Mr Dale, our late stationmaster, at a smoke concert prior to his taking a hurried departure from our midst. Mr Dale received many compliments, and was presented with a slight token of the esteem in which the public hold him. Mr Dale has been transferred south. I understand his successor hails from Invercargill. Mr Dale was exceedingly popular socially, and the Misses Dale will be equally missed with their brother

DOHERTY : Ann Doherty, age 22, a house servant and Bridget Doherty, age 20, a house servant, were from County Donegal, Ireland.
James Keree, aged 22,  farm labourer, and his wife Susan, age 25, were also from Donegal.

FORREST, James, farmer, Thornybank Farm, St. Andrews, South Canterbury. Mr Forrest is the eldest son of the late Mr Forrest, of Messrs Forest and Geddes, who was an old and respected colonist of South Canterbury. Mr James Forrest was born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1861, and came to New Zealand with his family in the ship "Royal Stuart," the same year. He was brought up in Waimate. Reference: Cyclopedia of New Zealand, Canterbury edition page 1042

RHODES: George Rhodes first came out to New Zealand in December1843 to join his brothers in farming ventures. He first settled at Red House Bay, Akaroa. He moved over to Purau from Akaroa. Then went to start the Levels Station, just outside of Timaru. George Rhodes married Elizabeth Wood at the Church of Lyttelton, Lyttelton 31 May 1854. George Rhodes, wife and children had been on holiday in England and was coming back on "Royal Stuart." George Rhodes looked after the Levels Station until his death 18 June 1864. His 1853 slab and cob cottage built of totara slab walls with a thatched roof and earth-lining packed against the inside walls to keep out the draughts still stands on the Levels Station. In 1958 the Levels Cottage was taken over by the NZ Historic Places Trust.

Timaru Herald June 25 1864 page 4
Death. June 18, at Purau, Port Lyttelton, G. Rhodes, Esq.
Funeral of Mr Rhodes took place yesterday afternoon. Comprising about eighty principal persons of Lyttelton, with several from Christchurch, left the Court-house at half-past three, passing London-street, and Canterbury-street to the church. The pall was borne by Messrs Stoddart, Buchanan, Aynseley, Coster, Hargraves, and Byrne. Rev. F. Knowles read the Burial Service. Captain W.B. Rhodes very opportunely arrived by the Rangitara from Wellington about an hour previously.


The Royal Stuart, 723 tons, of wooden construction, built by Sutherlands, England, in 1851, official #21899, length 45.4m, beam 9.75m, draft 6.4m, was wrecked on the Capricorn Reef, Torres Strait, in May/June 1864, while on passage from Auckland to Madras. On the 12th June 1864 the Marie Laurie put into Port Louis, Mauritius, with the crew of the Royal Stuart, which had been wrecked in Torres Strait.

1855 passage to Lyttelton

The Lyttelton Times  9 October 1861 page 4

English Shipping

Ships loading for New Zealand
At London -
For Auckland, the Black Eagle, Mermaid and Queen of the Clyde
for Nelson, the William Brown
for Wellington, the Albermarie, Arabella, and Wild Duck
for Canterbury, the Sebastopol, and Evening Star
for Otago, the Chili and Eleanor
At Liverpool - For Auckland, the
Commodore Perry

Departures for New Zealand
July 3, the Asterope, from Gravesend, for Wellington
July 3, the Royal Stuart, from the Downs, for Canterbury
July 7, the Gladiator, from the Downs, for Nelson
July 7, the Gananoque, from the Downs, for Auckland
July 12, the Robert Henderson, from the Clyde, for Otago
July 21,the Derwentwater, from the Downs, for Canterbury
July 21, the Hound, from the Downs, for Otago

Arrivals in England
July 8, in the Downs, the Wild Duck, sailed from Wellington, March 22
July 10, the Bride, sailed from Nelson, March 14
July 23, the John Bunyan, sailed from Wellington, April 19
July 25, H.M. ship

Shipping Intelligence -  Lyttelton

Oct. 7, brig Burnett, 136 tons, Foreman, master from Otago. Passengers: cabin - S. Richmond, John Armstrong, B. Jenkins, E. Currie. Steerage - 25.
Oct. 7, brig Reliance, 118 tons, Smith Master, from Hobart Town, via Otago. Passengers.
Oct. 7 - schooner, Elizabeth, 12 tons, Malcolmson, from Akaroa.
Oct. 7. s.s. Prince Alfred, 704 tons, Bowden, master from Dunedin. Passengers: saloon -  Messrs H. Dowling, W. Gibson, H. Webber, W. Hunter, Hon. Mr C. Ward.
2nd cabin - Messrs Swinbourne, J. McDonald, Williams, J. McLeod, J. Graham, W. Graham, John, James and Owen Lynch; T. Hodgson, W. Bray, J. Hunter, P. Conner, J. Stevens, T. Jenkins, J. Williams, J. Cowling, R. Green, Mrs Hodgson and infant.

Oct. 5 - s.s. Lady Bird, 220 tons, Rolls, master, for Melbourne. Cabin passengers - Mr Faithowen, C. Martin, T.H. Baird, McMilty, W. Sanders, J. Hood, J. Lancaster, J. Moiy, Mr and Mrs Elden, Capt. Gay. Steerage, 66

Oct. 7, s.s. Prince Alfred, 704 tons, Bowden, master, for Wellington. Chief cabin - H.G. Gouland, Esq., A.J. Alport, J.F. Wright, Mrs Allan, Mrs and Miss E. Willcox.
2nd cabin - J. and P. Williams

Heathcote River

Oct. 2, schooner Ebenezer, 10 tons, Whitby, from Pigeon Bay, with 6 cords firewood, J.C. Aikman & CO.
Oct. 2, schooner, Eagle, 20 tons, T. Clarkson, from Pigeon Bay, with 13 cords firewood.
Oct. 3, schooner, Ada, 20 tons, Jiwersen, from McIntosh Bay, with 20 cords firewood, order.

Oct. 2 - cutter, Midge, 17 tons, Cameron, for Pigeon Bay, in ballast
Oct. 4 - schooner, Ocean Queen, 18 tons, Simmons, for Wellington, with 15 tons potatoes, G. Simmons. Passengers - Mr Bean, Mrs Henry, and 4 children