Canterbury Association Shipping Papers for the "Labuan"

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Canterbury Association Shipping Papers for the "Labuan"
New Zealand Bound

Shipping papers are found at the Canterbury Museum Archives as will as Archives New Zealand in Christchurch for each of the Canterbury Association vessels. The information below will give you an idea what to expect in shipping papers.

Part of Accession CH290' at Archives New Zealand, Christchurch. Information courtesy of Garth Cockerill
Shipping papers for 'Labuan, 1851'  included -
#  246    Passenger list
    247    List of Chief and Second Cabin passengers
    248    Passenger list - Steerage
    249    List of Passengers landed
    249a  Summary of passengers numbers
    250    Barrack arrangements
    251    Instructions to Schoolmaster
    252a  Instructions to Chaplain
    253    Instructions to Surgeon
    255    Storekeeper's report to Godley
    256    Memo of goods transshipped to the Halcyon for Nelson
    257    Invoice of slops
    258    List of stores
    259    Wm Chapman - ref. for William Bayliss as constable      
    261    Wm Chapman - ref. for Harriet Broadhurst as matron
    260  & 262  Wm Chapman - ref. for Henry B. Grisbrook as intermediate steward
    263    Wm Chapman to Fitzgerald - sends list of names for Capt. Scott's hearing
    264    Thomas Rich to Godley - enquires about his goods
    265    Cptn W Scott to Godley - complains about quality of stores
    266    R D'Oyley to Godley - payment of Wm Bayliss as constable
    267    Wm Chapman - statement re Wm Bayliss & Joseph Braodhurst
   268    J S Stayner to Godley - sends bill of lading
    269    Wm Chapman - certifies that Wm Kennin & Thos. Gaskell emptied the water closets during the voyage
    269a  Wm Chapman - ref. for Jas. Broadhurst as surgeon's assistant & Mrs Broadhurst as nurse
   270     Cptn W Scott - ref for Benjamin Trew as ship's cook
    271    Wm Chapman to Fitzgerald - sends lists of those wanting to enter barracks
    272    Wm Chapman - ref. for Jas. Gaskell & Wm Knowles as constables 
    273    Cptn W Scott - ref for Jas Chas Gamester as assistant cook
    274    Fredk Young to Godley - sends list of passengers & information about Canty Assn items aboard Labuan 

No 249 - List of Passengers landed - states -
Page 1. Chief Cabin - Chapman, Wm    Surgeon   50
                                            "      Sarah    Wife      41
                                            "      Mary     Dau        18
                                            "      Alice     Dau        17

Page 4. Chief Cabins   29
             Intermediate     34
             Steerage            74
             Total                137 Souls

CH290 4/253 - Instructions to surgeon written on 2nd April 1851, before they left UK.
Office of the Canterbury Association
9 Adelphi Terrace
2nd April 1851

I am directed by the Committee of Management of the Canterbury Association to inform you that they have appointed you to be the Surgeon to their Passenger Ship the "Labuan" intended to be despatched from the East India Docks on Tuesday the 8th instant and I now do myself the honour to call your attention to the following detailed instructions.

On Friday the 4th inst, at 11 o'clock A.M. you will be good enough to place yourself in communication with Mr Frederick Young the Manager of Shipping and under his instructions assist in the inspection of the Provisions and Stores - conduct the Medical Examination of the Free and Assisted Emigrants sent out by the Association - and finally join the Ship on the morning of the day fixed for her departure from the docks, with the view of your being on the spot, should any accident unfortunately occur while working down the river, and of your becoming familiarised with many of your duties while the Shipping Officer of the Association is on board

Your attention is called to the under-mentioned documents transmitted for your information and guidance; viz,
    Instructions to Surgeons
    Copy of the Charter Party of the ship "Labuan"
    Passenger arrangements, showing the Chief Cabin, Fore Cabin and Steerage Dietaries.
    Copy of the Passenger Act of Parliament (12 & 13 Victoria. cap 33d)
    Statement of Emoluments allowed o yourself
    Copy of the instructions issued to the Commander

In forwarding these documents the Committee desire me to state that they attach much importance to the adoption and observance of every measure that may conduce to the comfort and well being in every respect of the Passengers while on board as well as their physical health, and I am therefore to request your particular attention to this point. The Poop is to be appropriated to the Chief Cabin and Fore Cabin passengers and the Quarter Deck to the Steerage passengers and Emigrants.

In the Charter party paragraphs 17 to 19 you will perceive that provision is made empowering the Association or its Officers under certain conditions to direct the Ship to proceeds to Gravesend and some one port in the Channel "and also to order her to touch at any additional port in the Channel, at the Cape de Verde Islands and on the Coast of Brazil or the Cape of Good Hope." (As this power is easily capable of abuse it is necessary to state that you are at liberty to avail yourself of it only in the event of its being rendered indispensibly necessary in consequence of serious sickness or contagious diseases breaking out among the passengers on board - for the sake of which alone it is inserted - but upon no other ground whatever. The proof of such necessity you will embody in the Certificate with which you furnish to Commander and afterwards procure thereto the approval of the Chief Resident Agent; failing which the owners will be charged with all expenses and you yourself will forfeit your gratuity.

After your departure from Gravesend you are to address to myself and deliver to the pilot just previous to his quitting the ship, a complete nominal list of all the Passengers on bard signed by yourself and countersigned by the Commander, independent of a similar list to be forwarded by the Commander to the Owners.

If found necessary you are authorised to make the following appointments from the most intelligent of the Steerage passengers viz, A Surgeon's Assistant whose duty it will be to render you whatever aid may be required in carrying out the regulations to be observed on board; His remuneration will be #10: A matron to take charge of the Single woman, her remuneration will be #5- and a Steward to the Intermediate Passengers, whose remuneration will likewise be #5. These persons will receive their respective gratuities from the Associations Resident Chief Agent upon the production of a Certificate from yourself that they have performed their duties to your satisfaction. If it should be found necessary you are authorised to suspend any of them during the voyage and to appoint others in their place.  I am particularly to draw your attention to the 8th Paragraph of your printed instructions relative to the form of balance sheet of provisions and Stores alluded to in Paragraph 13 of the Charter Party.

A packet will be furnished to you containing Vaccine Lymph, on the importance of which, the care taken of it, and the expediancy of distributing it amongst the several Settlements it is unnecessary to give any detailed instructions.

I am further to request that by every opportunity which may occur at sea, you will transmit to me for the information of the Committees brief report of the General progress of the vessel and stated of the passengers.

And that at the Conclusion of the voyage you will transmit to me a detaied report of everything that may have occured to you as worthy of your attention, especially any improvement that may have suggested itself in the Dietary, Classification, Arrangements, or general mode of carrying out the intentions of the Association in its plans of Colonisation

I am also to request you to submit this Letter and its Enclosures to the Resident Chief Agent.
Wishing you a speedy, pleasant and prosperous voyage,

                                                        I have the honour to be
                                                        Your obediant servant
                                                        (sd) H.F.Alson.

P.S. Altho Cholera has for some time disappeared n England, at the suggestion of Sir John Doratt, an extra supply of Medicine for this particular Disorder has been put on board. -

N.B. The Charter party not being executed I am unable to enclose a copy - but will furnish you with one ina day or two.

CH290 4/260 - Wm Chapman - ref for Henry Grisbrook as Intermediate steward
Lyttelton Septr 5th 1851

I hereby certify that Henry Grisbrook the bearer of this acted as intermediate Steward on board the Labuan from London to this port and performed his duties Zealously.

Wm Chapman,
Surgeon Superintendent

CH290 4/263 - Wm Chapman to Fitzgerald - sends list of names for Capt. Scott's hearing
Ship Labuan 19 Aug 1851

I beg to [illegible] you a list of names as required in Capt'n Scott's case

No 1. case James Harnett now in barracks

No 2. Tenants of )Anne Smith ) On board of
          C. Dudley ) Mary Jones ) Ship
          M.D.         ) Mr Best. --- Do

No 3. Mr White, 2nd Mate,
          Douglas         )
          Thomas Jno  ) Sailors
          Dunn Andrew)
          Dickinson Mr in Barracks,

No 5. ) The Carpenter of Ship
          ) Mr Smith 3rd Mate.

No 6. Mr Dodds in Barracks

By securing to me the attendance of these witnesses you will much facilitate the necessary enquiries.

I am Sir,
Your obedt. Servt
Wm Chapman

CH290 4/267 - Wm Chapman - statement re Wm Bayliss and Joseph Broadhurst

Lyttelton, 18, Sept 1851

I have already named William Bayliss as having acted throughout the Voyage as Constable on board the Labuan in conjunction with James Gardner, he now lives with Mr D'Oyley at [illegible] as stated in the Letter you enclose me - --- The bearer of this Joseph Broadhurst, I also reported as having acted as my Assistant, and can without hesitation state that he performed his duties to my entire satisfaction, and moreover I beg to state that he is not addicted to partake of fermented drinks as some base calumnicator has asserted.

Your obedt Servt
Wm Chapman

CH290 4/271 - Wm Chapman to Fitzgerald - sends list of those wanting to enter Barracks
16 August 1851
The following are the Intermediate passengers who wish to be accomodated in Barracks
Joseph Dodds & wife
T Finnimore wife & 2 children Schoolmaster
Mrs. Jones & 2 children
Messrs John, Paul, & M Studholm
G P Leach
Cyril Greaves
Mrs Hodgson & son
P Hetherington & child. J Harding
Chas Blacklee left from Steerage
Wm Chapman wife & 7 children

I think it right to mention that the man Gaskell is working for wages

I have the honor to remain Sir
Your obedt Servt
Wm Chapman

J E Fitzgerald

CHO290 4/269 - Wm Chapman - certifies that Wm Kennin & Thos Gaskell emptied the water closets during the voyage.
Lyttelton Septr 1st 1851

This is to certify that William Kennison was employed by me to empty twice daily the [two words illegible] for the Water Closets after they became incapable of use. Their duties commenced on the 7th July and continued daily till our arrival in port on the 11th August. I gave him an [illegible] that I would recommend the payment of one shilling per day -

Memorandum, Thomas Gaskell, was similarly employed during the same period and the same rate of pay,
Wm Chapman, Surgeon Superintendent
[This payment disallowed {initialled by ?}]

SHIPNAME ex-Workington     (formerly named Greenock)
SHIPNAME ex Workington     (sailing from Greenock)
SHIPNAME ex Workington     (Registry or Homeport Greenock)