"Star of India" Melbourne to Auckland, N.Z. 1863

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'Star of India'

New Zealand Bound

The following is the complete transcript from the "Southern Cross" newspaper for 14th September 1863. Most of the passengers on this trip were recruits for the Militia that had signed on in Melbourne for service in the Maori Wars. Further details of their service and subsequent grants of land in New Zealand are available elsewhere. The "Star of India" left Melbourne on 31st August 1863 under the command of Master P. Duncan bound for Callao via Auckland. The enlistments into the Militia can be viewed at Auckland War Memorial Museum Library on film reel number 99. The LDS library film number 284494 lists men outward bound from Victoria. Another source is "Australians in the Waikato War" by Barton.  Another passenger listing. Another 'Star of India'  My count 417 plus five in the saloon equals 422 volunteers.

Taranaki Herald, 3 October 1863, Page 3
The first detachment of volunteer military settlers from Victoria, consisting of four officers and 403 men, under the command of Captain Goldsmith, arrived by the Star of India, on Saturday night, after a passage of twelve days. They are a fine lot of men, of all trades and callings : and we need hardly say that they will be a valuable acquisition to our volunteer force here. Our readers will be glad to learn that the recruiting movement in Melbourne, and on the gold-fields of Victoria has been a complete success. The total number enrolled up to Saturday, the 29th — one weeks work only — was 620.

Daily Southern Cross, 14 September 1863, Page 2
PORT OF AUCKLAND ARRIVALS. Star of India, from Melbourne. SALOON.— Captain C. Smith, Lieutenants Lomax, Norrington, W. Smith, Percival. Full passenger list follows:
DEPARTURES. Sept. 18th  Star of India, ship, for Callao.

            ADAMS, Samuel               HICKEY, J				JEFFS, Henry
            ALLEN, Frederick		HILL, R					KING, G
	    ALLEN, W.E.			HOBBS, J				LEAHER, J
	    APPLETON, John              HODGSON, J. E.      				
            ASHEAD, G.A.                HODGSON, William			THOMPSON, J	
            AVENT, J			HOLLYMAN, C				THORN, W.A.
	    				HOLMAN A				TOPHAM, James
	                		HOULCHON, John				TREWEN, J
           				HOWARD, Edward				TUCKER, George
	     				HUDD, James				TURNER, William
	    				HUGHES, J				TULLEY, James
					HUNTER, B				VAIL, R.K. (Richard Knight)
	    BAILEY, W.H.                IBBOTSON, William			VINCKLER, K
            BAILLIE, Daniel		JANE, J.H.				VIRLIN, John	    
	    BAINES, J			JONES, C				WALL, W.H.
	    BAKER, S                 	JONES, F.				WALLACE, James
            BALSON, J			JONES, Frank
	    BARRAS, W.H.		JONES, J.W.
	    BATES, C                    KEALEY, Daniel 				WALMSBY, W
            BAMMIDGE, J                 KEELAN, Thomas				WALSH, J.P.
            BATTYE, Robert              KEER, W.J				WARD, D.A.
            BAXENDALE, T                KELLEY, William				WADSWORTH, J
            BELL, George                KELLY, CHARLES				WATSON, Joseph
	    BENSON, P			KELLY, Henry				WATSON, W
            BENTLY, John		KELLY, P.F.				WAY, J
	   				Kelly, J
	    BICKER, H			KELLY, William
	    				KENNEDY, D
	    BLACKMORE, John		KENNEDY, D				
	    				KENNEDY, J.H.
	    BOOTH, James		KENNEY, W				
	    				KENNY, John				WELLINGTON, S
	    BOWDELL, James              KERVAN, W				WHITE, D
            BRADLEY, M			KILL, Thomas				WHITE, J
	    BRADY, J                    KING, Richard				WILDS, James
            BRENNAN, Thomas		KINIBA, John				WIGNEY, Frederick
	    BRICKHOLT, Earnest		LACEY, E
	    BROADBENT, H                LAKE, F					
            BROOK, Robert		LAMB, Frederick
	    BROUGHTON, R                LARVIN, M				
            BROUND, W			LATTIN, George
	    BROWN, L. 			LEA, E
	    BROWN, William              LEARY, B				WILLIAMS, J
            BUHEKIN, William            LEE, F					WILLISON, G
            BULEVEN, J.			LEES, J.R.				WILSON, James
	    BUTLER, J             	LEVY, B					WISBADEN, W
            BYRNE, H                	LITTLEWOOD, Thomas			WOOD, E
            CAHILL, Phil.               LLEWELLYN, G.M. 			WOOD, J
            CALLAGHER, F                LLOYD, Isaac 				WOODCOCK, J.T.
            CALLAGHAN, D                LOVE, H.V.				WORTHINGTON, H.C.
            CAMBIE, D.S.		LOW, W.G.				YARDLE, R
	    CAMERON, W                  LUTRELL, Robert				YOUNG, George
            CAMPBELL, James             LYNCH, E
            CAMPBELL, W			MADDEN, J
	    CANNON, William		MADDEN, M
	    CARMEN, Fred.		MAIN, A
	    CARROLL, Pat.		MALONE, Thomas
	    CARSTAIRS, David            MANN, G
            CASTLE, H                   MANN, J.S.
            CHAMPNESS, F                MARKHAM, J
            CHAMPNEY, F			MARONEY, James
	    CHAPLAIN, Samuel		MARTIN, T
	    CHISTALE, William		MATHEW, H	
	    CLARK, Robert		MAYNARD, H
	    CLENNAN, Michael		McCALL, T
	    CLIBOURN, J.B.		McCREA, Alexander
	    CLINTON, Patrick            McCUSKEN, P
            CLOUGH, William            	McDonald, D
            COCHRANE, J               	McDOUGALL, A
            COLBERT, E.J.		McDUFF, John
	    CONRAY, Michael		McEWEN, John
	    COOK, George		McGURT, J
	    COOK, J                  	McGrath, J
	    COOK, J.G.			McHale, Edward
            COOPER, G 			McINTYRE, D
	    COOTES, William             McKEE, F
            CORBETT, M			McKENNA, R
	    CORIE, A               	MacKENNA J
            COUCHER, F.H.		McKENZIE, A
	    COURT  F			McKINLEY, George
	    COURT, W			McLEAN, D
	    				McLEAN, James
	    COWAN, Anthony              McMULLAN, Charles
            CRABBLE, George		McMURRAY, J
	    CUMMING, Samuel		MacNAMARA, Michael
	    DALE, C			McPherson, Colin
	    DALE, William               McSHAFFY, John
            DALH, Charles [DALLI]	MEREON, J.C.
	    D_llachy?, J		MILL, H.C.
	    DAMAT, Charles       	MILLER, H
            DANA, F.			MILLER, J.L.
	    				MILLER, P
	    DANICH, F                   MILLS, W
            DARRAN, J                   MILTON, J.S.
            DARRET, J			MITCHELL, Edgar
	    DAVIS, F.                   MOEN, J
            DAWSON, James               MONAGHAN, P
            DEAL, T.P.F                 MONTAGUE, John 
            DENKIN, James		MOOR, J
	    DICKSON, John		MORLE, P
	    DIETTRICH, George		MORRISON, James
	    DENNING J			MULMAN, Robert
	    DICKSON, John		MURPHY, Patrick
	    DLECKIE, T			MYERS, Philip
	    DOLAN, Patrick		
	    DONALLY, Edward		
	    DOODY, James                
            DRYANT, J
	    DREED, W			
	    DUNN, J			NAGLE, William
	    DUNN, T			NAPIER, Robert
	    DWYER, G.S.                 NEILL, I
            DWINFORD, G			
	    EARLE, Stephen
	    EASTWOOD, Charles
	    EDEN, George
	    EMBERNE, W                  NICHOL, W
            FARRELL, James              NICHOLS, Richard
            FERNAby, John		NICOLL, James 
	    FERRIS, Isaac		O'Connor
	    FIFE, J			O'KEEFE, M
	    FLANAGAN, C.             	PATERSON, E
            FLYNNE, William		PAYNTER, Thomas
	    FOLKARD, T.M.               PAYTON, Samuel
            FORBES, Robert              PEARMAN, George
            FORD, A.S.			PENNELL, Philip
	    FOSTER, James               PEERS, Robert
            FOSTER, William             PEET, George
           				PHILIPS, G.O.
	    				POUTON, Robert
	    FOX, Godfrey 		PRIOR, J.H.
	    FRANSHAM, T              	PROSSER, Henry
            FRAZER, T 			PROVO, Bartlett
	                    		PURRELL, P
            				QUINLAN, James
	   				RAMSAY, R
	    				RAMSEY, Robert
					Ran, William
	    GAFNEY, J			REDE, Wiliam
	    GALLON, T
	    GARNER, W 			REDMOND, John James
	    GIBBONS, J 			REID, H
	    GILLETT, F                  RICHARDS, William
            GLOVER, E                   RICHARDSON, W.F.
            GLOVER, Jabez		RICKETTS, Albert
	    GOLDIE, Edward              RIDGE, C.M.E.
            GOLDING, John 		ROBERTS, W.J.
	    GOLDING, John               ROBERTSON, Joseph
            GOODWIN, John               ROBINSON, W.J.
            GOODWIN, Richard		ROLLINGS, T.W.S.
	    GOSLING, Robert             ROONEY, A
	    GOUDIE, John		ROSE, E
            GRANT, Henry		ROSE, W
	    GRANT, Peter		ROSS, Edward
	    GRATTAN, T.A.		ROY, Charles
	    GREKLER, Jacob             	RYAN, James
            GREY, J 		
	    GRIFFITHS, C.E.            	SADLER, H.W.
            GUARD, John             	SCALES, John
            GUTCH, John			SCHUKENUER, R
	                     		SCOTT, G.C.
            				SCOTT, S.L.
	                      		SHANNANY, P
            HAGARTY, J 			SELL, F
	    HALL, W			SELLERS, Robert
	    HANLAN, James		SIMON, John
	    HARDY, T               	SIMPSON, E
            HARPER, R                   SINCLAIR, J
            HARRINGTON, D		SKENE, George
	    HARRIS, D               	SMALL, J.S
            HARRIS, George D		SMALL, J.W.
	    HARRISON, G			SMITH, Angus
	    HARVEY,C                  	SMITH, James
            HAWORTH, George             SMITH, L
            HAWTHORNE, Thomas		SNOWDEN, T
	    Hay, James			SPILLARD, J
	    HAYCROFT, G.H.             	SPURLING, J     
            HAYES, R                    STACK, John
            HAYES, T 			STARTUP, Charles
	    HEARD, Edward		STEADMAN, Robert
	    HEARD, W			STEEL, Alexander
	    HES_EY, E			STEELE, A 
	    HEMRIGHT, Timothy           STENHORNE, J
            HEMSLEY, William            SULLIVAN, J
            HERBERT, P                  SULLIVAN, F
					SULLIVAN, M  
                                        SULLIVAN, P					  

Daily Southern Cross, 14 September 1863, Page 2
PORT OF AUCKLAND. September ARRIVALS. Star of India, from Melbourne.
DEPARTURES. Star of India, ship, for Callao.

FROM MELBOURNE, WITH VOLUNTEERS The ship signalled on Saturday afternoon got up to an anchor in the harbour about eight o'clock in the evening, and proved to be the Star of India, Captain Peter Buchan, from Melbourne having on board the first detachment of volunteers from Victoria, numbering officers and 403 rank and file, under the command of Captain Goldsmith She left Melbourne on the 1st instant and made the North Cape on Friday last, having had strong weather from the SW and N W the whole way. The names of the officers and men, with other particulars, will be found elsewhere. The Star of India sails under the White Star flag, and is a fine vessel of 1,697 tons.

The Ensign of the Star of India being hoisted half-mast high yesterday morning, it was supposed by many that there was a death on board, which was not the case, the captain had ordered it to be done, having heard that the funeral of Captain Swift was to take place in the afternoon.

Daily Southern Cross, 24 May 1862, Page 3 Vessels spoken with.
, London to Queensland, Nov 15 Star of India, Liverpool to Melbourne, Jan, 23, lat. 43 45 S. long, 31 6 W.

Tuapeka Times, 3 January 1874, Page 3 Lyttelton
The Star 31 December 1873
The ship Star of India, 1045 tons, Holloway, arrived 31st December 1873, from London, with 10 saloon passengers and 317 immigrants. Eight deaths of infants occurred on board, and four births. She sailed for Lyttelton on 26th September. 45 families, 47 single men, 85 single women. The nationalities of this ship are -
English 165
Scotch 14
Irish 68
Welsh 9
Channel Islands 10
Austrians 5
Germans 24
Danes 18
Norwegians 4.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 1 January 1874, Page 3
Lyttelton, December 31. Arrived — The Star of India, 93 days from the Start, with ten saloon passengers and 317 immigrants. There were eight deaths of infants, and four births.

Evening Post, 16 March 1874, Page 2
LYTTELTON 14th March. Sailed —
, for Adelaide, with grain.
, for London with passengers, seven adults and nine children ; cargo, 4190 bales wool, 6520 sacks wheat, 75 sacks flour, 64 casks tallow.
Star of India
, the New Zealand Shipping Company's first ship, with 3206 bales wool, 3620 sacks wheat, 84 bags bones, 472 sacks flour, 222 casks tallow.
Flirt, for Auckland 5000 bushels of wheat, 3000 bags of bran, and 25 kegs butter.

Otago Witness, 29 August 1874, Page 11
From Canterbury, at Gravesend Star of India, 25th June.

Evening Post, 10 November 1874, Page 2 Port of Wellington
Nov 10 — Star of India, ship, 1004 tons, Holloway, from London. this afternoon. The ship Star of India, 1004 tons, Capt. Holloway, was worked into harbor this morning very skillfully by Pilot Holmes and anchored a short distance from the wharf. She has made the passage out in. 104 days mid experienced fine weather throughout.

Evening Post, 10 November 1874, Page 2
Arrived Nov. 10. Star of India, ship, 1004 tons, C. Holloway, from London.
The Star of India has had a remarkably fine, although rather long, passage of 104 days. She bring 374 immigrants, who are reported in excellent health. Five deaths occurred during the passage, two being those of a father and child, the former committing suicide by jumping overboard with the child in his arms.

Waikato Times, 19 June 1875, Page 2 BIRTH.
On January 11, at Sydney, New South Wales, the wife of Charles Holloway, Commander of the ship Star of India.

Evening Post, 15 January 1875, Page 2
SYDNEY. Arrived —From Wellington, Strathnaver, on the 7th ; Star of India on the 8th.

West Coast Times, 15 October 1879, Page 2 Lyttelton Oct. 14
Sailed — Bulwark, for San Francisco; Star of India and Island City, for Newcastle;

North Otago Times, 28 November 1879, Page 2
Port Chalmers, Nov. 27
Arrived — Star of India and Sunbeam, and Emily, from Newcastle

West Coast Times, 8 March 1880, Page 2
Lyttelton, March 5. Arrived — Star of India, from Newcastle;

West Coast Times, 7 August 1880, Page 2 Port Chalmers
August 5 Arrived — Nebo, from Lyttelton, April 30; Star of India, from Lyttelton.

Evening Post, 24 September 1910, Page 5
LONDON, 23rd September. At the yards of Messrs. Workman, Clark, and Co., Ltd., Belfast, a new steamer, the Star of India, intended for the Australian and New Zealand frozen meat trade, was launched. The Star of India —the latest addition to the fine fleet of Messrs. o. P. Corry and Co.'s "Star" Line, of Liverpool — is a twin-screw cargo carrier similar in general design to the Star of Canada, which made her maiden appearance in. these waters in January last. The new steamer is the tenth vessel built by Messrs. Workman, Clark, and Co. for the Star Line fleet, and represents the high-water mark in construction of the modern cargo carrier, with accommodation for a limited number of saloon passengers. It is significant of the expanding sea-borne commerce of Australia and New Zealand that such extensive additions have been made in recent years to the mercantile fleets trading to Australasia the Tyser line — the flag of which the Star of India will fly. There are two steel decks, with shelter deck, and the vessel is expected to leave London on her maiden voyage about the end of the year. Her length is about 47lft, beam 58ft, and depth 32ft; tonnage about 7500 gross. A steel deckhouse amidships will contain several staterooms, and a commodious dining saloon, while superior quarters are provided for the officers, it is expected that the Star of India will develop a sea-going speed, on a fully loaded draught, of about 13.5 knots an hour.

Barton, L Australians in the Waikato war, 1863-1864 Sydney, Library of Australian History, 1979. 119pp. Australians in Maori land wars.

Another 'Star of India', official No. 43,925, tonnage 1064,  a 3-masted, square-rigged ship, built at Dundee by  Alexander Stephen & Sons for the London ship owners Somes Brothers, and launched in July 1861 was in New Zealand waters 1873-74.  It was common in those days to have two or three vessels sailing the oceans with the same nameWhite Wings Vol. 1 has an article and photo of this vessel at Port Chambers and a list of its voyages. There was also another vessel named "Euterpe" that was renamed the "Star of India" in 1906 and she is the vessel at the San Diego Maritime Museum

Passengers on the ship 'Star of India'   from MLB to NZ 1863, most of whom were recruits from Melbourne for service in the Maori Wars. Compiled in 1989 by the NZGS Computer Group. From the AGWeb site.