'Steadfast' to Lyttelton 1851

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List of Persons whom the Canterbury Association, have authorized to embark for Canterbury.  Passengers, per Ship 'Steadfast', Thomas Spencer, Commander, John Gundry, Surgeon-Superintendent.  Age of each person at the time of Embarkation. Sailed 27 February, arrived Lyttelton 8 June, 1851from London. Account of Voyage photo

Chief Cabin

Bowler, W'm, Jun'r
Commins, Charles L.
D'Oyley, Robert
Dysant, Charlotte
Fooks, Charles
Fooks, Cath
Francis, Lloyd
Griffiths, L.H.S.
Gundry, John, S.    Surgeon Superintendent
Gundry, Isabella   
Hodgkinson, Rev. H.    Chaplain
Jares, Robert
Luck, Isaac
Muter, D.D.


Anderson    Alexander      25   M      Agriculturist                                                          
Boyer       Elizabeth      34   F  Y 2                                                                        
Boyer       Frederick      10   M                                                                             
Boyer       Jane           4    F                                                                             
Boyer       Robert         38   M  Y 2 Bricklayer                                                             
Bryan       Elizabeth      25   F  Y 1                                                                        
Bryan       Thomas         2    M                                                                             
Bryan       Thomas         28   M  Y 1 Laborer                                                                
Comber      Amelia         3    F                                                                             
Comber      Helen          24   F  Y 2                                                                        
Comber      James          2    M                                                                             
Comber      Michael        34   M  Y 2 Agriculturist                                                          
Davidson    Jane           24   F      Domestic Servant                                                       
Drake       Mary           19   F      Domestic Servant                                                       
Frecoer     Frederick      26   M  Y                        Paying steerage                                   
Frecoer     Maria          25   F  Y                        Paying steerage                                   
Fummell     Charlotte E.   24   F  Y                        Elizabeth                                         
Fummell     Henry          35   M  Y   Farm Laborer                                                           
Fawcett     Jane           21   F  Y                                                                          
Fawcett     Peter          22   M  Y   Farm Laborer                                                           
Goring      John           31   M                           Paying steerage                                   
Grabham     George         19   M                                                                             
Hammond     Charles        16   M      Farm Laborer                                                           
Hammond     James          22   M      Farm Laborer                                                           
Harris      Amy            5    F                                                                             
Harris      Anne           19   F      Domestic Servant                                                       
Harris      Jane           9    F                                                                             
Harris      John           3    M                                                                             
Harris      Mary Anne      10   F                                                                             
Harris      Mary Anne      39   F  Y 6                                                                        
Harris      Richard        inf  M                                                                             
Harris      Robert         41   M  Y 6 Laborer                                                                
Harris      Robert         13   M                                                                             
Harris      Sarah          17   F      Domestic Servant                                                       
Harris      William        14   M      Laborer                                                                
Hodgson     Anthony        35   M      Agriculturist                                                          
Iles        Albert         32   M  Y   Shoemaker                                                              
Iles        Eliza          32   F  Y                                                                          
Kemp        John           21   M      Farm Laborer                                                           
Moore       Anne           10   F                                                                             
Moore       Anne           32   F  Y 4                                                                        
Moore       James          4    M                                                                             
Moore       John           7    M                                                                             
Moore       John           33   M  Y 4 Shoemaker                                                              
Moore       Richard        1    M                                                                             
Oxberry     William        21   M                           Paying steerage                                   
Sheeter     Anne           3    F                                                                             
Sheeter     Jane           6    F                                                                             
Sheeter     Richard        39   M  Y 5 Farm Laborer                                                           
Sheeter     Sarah          13   F                                                                             
Sheeter     Thesia         40   F  Y 5                                                                        
Sheeter     Thesia         11   F                                                                             
Sheeter     William        8    M                                                                             
Small       Frederick      5    M                                                                             
Small       George James   15   M      Farm Laborer                                                           
Small       James          44   M  Y 6 Agriculturist                                                          
Small       Louisa         inf  F                                                                             
Small       Martha         42   F  Y 6                                                                         
Small       Martha	   12   F                                                                                
Small       Mary           9    F                                                                             
Small       Robert         7    M                                                                             
Small       Sarah          3    F                                                                             
Smith       Clarissa       11   F                                                                             
Smith       Elizabeth      15   F      Domestic Servant                                                       
Smith       Jane           20   F      Dcmestic Servant                                                       
Smith       Jane           44   F  Y 5                                                                        
Smith       Louisa         8    F                                                                             
Smith       Maria          8    F                                                                             
Smith       Mary           13   F                                                                             
Smith       Stephen        18   M      Laborer                                                                
Smith       Stephen        45   M  Y 5 Carpenter                                                              
Smith       William        6    M                                                                             
Spatlard    Andrew         35   M  Y   Carpenter                                                              
Spatlard    Elizabeth      27   F  Y                                                                          
Stewart     John           25   M                           Paying steerage                                   
Taylor      John           8    M                           Paying steerage                                   
Thornton    John           47   M      Farmer                                                                 
Vale        William George 16   M      Farm Laborer                                                           
Vines       Anne           30   M  Y 5                                                                        
Vines       Elizabeth      8    F                                                                             
Vines       Ellen          10   F                                                                             
Vines       Michael        11   M                                                                             
Vines       Michael        34   M  Y 5 Miller                                                                 
Vines       Richard        3    M                                                                             
Vines       Thomas         14   M      Miller                                                                 
Vines       William        inf  M                                                                             
Waller      Alfred         2    M                                                                             
Waller      Elizabeth      30   F    2                                                                        
Waller      James          4    M                                                                             
Waller      Mary Ann       25   F      Domestic Servant                                                       
Wallis      Jane           24   F  Y                                                                          
Wallis      William        26   M  Y   Mason                                                                  
Watt        Robert         25   M                                                                             
Webb        George         20   M      Farm Laborer                                                           
Wright      Joseph         26   M  Y                        Paying steerage                                   
Wright      Mary Ann       25   M  Y                        Paying steerage                                   
Adults Souls
Married Couples 14 2 8 28
Single Men 14 14 14
Single Women 8 8 8
Children 35 17� 35
Infants 3 - 3
Free & Assisted Total 67� 88
Paying Steerage
Married Couples 2 4 4
Single Men 3 3 3
Child 1 1
Total in Steerage 75 96

Free Passages

Miller, Elizabeth     30      ?surname Isles
Miller, James     4
Miller, Alfred     2
Miller, Eliza Steadfast     infant     born at sea

Reference: Canterbury Association Shipping Office (London, England) Lyttelton Shipping List  Published: Salt Lake City, Utah : Genealogical Society of Salt Lake City, 1973. Copy of passenger lists of some Canterbury Association emigrant ships held in the Canterbury Museum.  Available on microfilm at Family History Centres worldwide through their loan programme. Item #1066515


Dr. Gundry's Diary published Nag's Head Press, Christchurch, 1982. Dr. John Seager Gundry [broken link]  b.1814-5.  Limited ed. of 300 copies, 2 vol's. Part 1. Surgeon-superintendent on the 'Steadfast,' 25 February-June 1851.- Pt 2. Commencing practice in Christchurch, June-31 October 1851. The 'Steadfast', 524 tons, full rigged ship, was built in 1847. cottage 

I did not find this family in the passenger list but they did arrive. Brother to John S. Grundy, Samuel arrived on the 'Steadfast' with his wife Elizabeth who with wife, Margaret, aged 30, and family arrived
Mary Eliza              aged 13
Emma Jane             aged 11
Helen                      aged 09
Charles Edward     aged 02

The Wake of the Steadfast
: the pioneer family of Robert and Mary Harris. Author: Pashby, Jenni. [Christchurch, N.Z. : J. Pashby], 1981. 209 p., [1] folded leaf of plates. Includes bibliographical references 

Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, 13 September 1921, Page 2 OBITUARY.
E. W. HARRIS. The death occurred on Friday, at Okain's Bay, of Mr Edward William Harris, a well-known dairy farmer, at the age of eighty-six years. Mr Harris landed at Lyttelton in 1851 from the ship Steadfast, having come with, his father and mother from Norwich, England. As little more than a boy he lived in the barracks at port, and for four years earned his living as a baker's apprentice. Then he took up pit sawing at Okain's Bay, where the hills were covered with bush. There are many houses in Christchurch to-day built of timber cut by the late Mr Harris and his mates in the early days. There was neither rail nor road, and the cargo was freighted by boat round to Sumner and up the river. When a big patch of timber had been cut, Mr Harris burnt up the rubbish and put the country down in grass. That must have been the start of dairy farming on the Peninsula, and until his death Mr Harris took a prominent part in the industry which he had fostered. He was chairman of the Okain's Bay cheese factory for eighteen years, and a director for twenty-seven years. In various other spheres he was well- known throughout North Canterbury. In Okain's Bay itself he was familiarly known to all and sundry as "Uncle Bill." He was for thirty odd years chairman of the Okain's Bay School Committee, as a member of the City of Norwich Lodge of Oddfellows, Lyttelton, he held all the offices; and he took keen interest in the work of the 'Church England.'' Mr Harris's first wife died forty-one years ago. They had eight children, seven of whom are still living Frederick William Harris, Springston; Alfred Edward Harris, Christchurch; George Harris, Okain's Bay; Mrs G. Mason, Okain's Bay. Mrs L. Graham, Okain's Bay; Mrs R. Hartley, Okain's Bay and Mrs E. Bacon, Gore. His second wife, who was a widow of the late Mr Ambrose Harris, survives him. Mr Harris was buried at Okain's Bay on Saturday when a large number attended to pay him their last respects. The Okain's Bay and other Oddfellow Lodges were represented at the funeral.

SMALL :  Small family from Nelson arrived in Lyttelton in 1851. I don't know how they got to Nelson but we presume that it was unlikely that they travelled overland. George James SMALL was the eldest child of James and Martha SMALL nee CANNING or CANNINGS? (George's death certificate gives his mother's maiden name as CANNON). He was born about 1836 in Newbury, Berkshire and came to New Zealand at the age of 15 on the Steadfast. Rumour has it that his father's family were of Scottish decent but this has yet to be proven.   I am slightly unsure of where the family actually lived as various documents give Waimea South, Spring Grove, Brightwater and Wakefield. On arrival his occupation was given as farm labourer however in New Zealand he was a sawyer. On Nov. 8th 1860 he married Emma Elizabeth Sarah HARGRAVE at St Paul's Church, Spring Grove, Waimea South, Nelson. His occupation was given variously as a sawyer and a farmer. Emma was the daughter of David HARGRAVE a compositor from London and his wife Sarah SOUTHALL. In October 1841 David and Sarah Hargrave left London on the Clifton, with their young son John William who was born the previous year, and arrived at Port Nicholson (Wellington) on the 17th February 1842. Their son John William died shortly after arrival. Information courtesy of Christine. G.J. Small was her Great Great Grandfather and Ivy Agnes Small her paternal Grandmother. Posted 23 Feb. 2005

Success to the "Steadfast",
Success to her crew;
May she sail many years,
Safely and true.
May her good commander, long
Live to enjoy,
The fruits of his labours
In Neptune's employ

words of one of her passengers
The Lyttelton Times, June 21 1851

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