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'Taranaki' to Canterbury, N.Z. October 1883

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The Timeball Station, Lyttelton, in Nov. 2009, built 1876. From 1876 to 1934 a ball dropped at 1 p.m. from its mast on its stone tower, signalling the time to ships in Lyttelton Harbour
22 October 1883, Page 2
Oct 21 — Taranaki, ship. 1139 tons, Herd, from London, via Plymouth. John Inglis, agent. Passengers-340 Government immigrants.

The Shaw, Savill and Albion Company's clipper ship Taranaki, 1130 tons register, which was reported off Cape Saunders two days ago, was signalled early yesterday morning, after an uncommonly smart passage of seventy- five days from land to land, and seventy-eight from Plymouth to Lyttelton. This fine ship is a stranger to Lyttelton, her previous voyages having been made under the flag of the Albion Company to Port Chalmers. Her owners and the Immigration Department are to be congratulated on the splendid run made by the Taranaki She brings 310 passengers, all of whom are either nominated or assisted immigrant and the fact of their being landed safe and sound at their port of destination is very satisfactory to all those entrusted, not to mention the saving in stores effected by the shortening of the passage by some twenty days from the length of the usual voyage. The immigrants are under the care of Dr Parker, who has previously officiated in the same capacity to other ports. But one death was recorded on the log— that of a young man, nineteen years of age, Thomas Judson by name, who succumbed on Oct. 9 to inflammation of the lungs. The ship on her arrival in harbour yesterday, was boarded by the Health Officer, Dr Tweed, Mr J. E. March, the immigration officer, and the representatives of the Custom House. Though there was no sickness on board the ship, a little delay occurred before the representative— of the Press were allowed on board to see the ship and obtain the usual report of the trip. The immigrants, who are situated as usual— single men at the fore end of the ship, married people and families amidships and the single girls in the after part of the vessel —an a healthy, intelligent class of persons, and are in each department amongst them, nothing but unqualified praise of their treatment by captain, doctor, and other officers, on the long sea journey, was heard. Satisfaction was also expressed at the quantity and quality of the food furnished to them, their quarters seemed comfortable, airy, and clean, which speaks for the supervision of the matron and constable on board. 

Dr Parker states that one birth, Mrs Ward of  a male child, took place on Sept 6, and that the general health of the passengers was extremely good throughout the voyage. No infectious diseases and very few disorders of a serious nature troubled the passengers. The chief complaints were various inflammatory affections (such as rheumatism, plerisy, peritonitis, &c. ), brought on by want of exercise, clothing, and protection from draughts during the coldest part of the voyage. On the other aside, however, the absence of the more serious infectious diseases maybe accounted for by the fact that the run through the hot weather of the tropics was of the shortest duration, and the consequent unavoidable discomfort attendant on a crowded vessel was therefore reduced to a minimum. Boat and fire drill were carried out on every available Saturday ; a few concerts were held, but not so many as might have keen expected from the number of musical instruments on board. A Volunteer corps was organised, but collapsed for want of an energetic drill sergeant. Athletic spots were held on crossing the Line; and a very successful bazaar on another occasion in aid of a Seamen's Hospital. The weather was fine enough to allow of school being held during every week of the voyage, though during the first and last weeks it was dispensed with. The children had an efficient master in Mr James Gilboy. The Taranaki is an iron ship, and is commanded by Captain Hird, who makes his first voyage in her to port. She comes consigned this voyage to Mr John Inglis, of Christchurch. Her cargo consists of 800 tons, half of which are measurement goods, and the other half dead, and her freight is in equal portions for Lyttelton and Port Chalmers. Captain Bird has been fortunate this voyage in making a very fine weather passage, as never but once was the royal off the ship. She will probably be berthed to-day.

Reference: Family Search - Immigration passenger Lists
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Sailed 4th August 1883 Arrived 19th October 1883
Names of Emigrants 		Age Country 		Occupation

Families & Children
Austiss 	James G 	42 Middlesex 		Engine Fitter
		Sarah J 	32 Essex
		Louisa E 	15 Middlesex 		General Servant
		Alice J 	11
		Arthur 		 7
		Sidney O 	7½ mths

Bradley 	John 		43 Yorkshire 		Painter
		Sarah 		39
		George N 	14
		Mary E 		13
		Alfred 		10
		Edgar A 	 8
		Ada A 		 7
		Harold G 	 5

Carrigan 	Bryan 		45 Roscommon 		Farmer
		Catherine 	42
		Michael 	14
		John 		11
		Jane 		 6
		Bernard 	 4

Corrigall	Wm 		30 Orkney 		Farm Labourer
		Mary 		22
		William 	11mths
Dearness 	Jane 					General Servant

Crook 		Arthur 		28 Middlesex 		Painter
		Fanny 		32
		Arthur 		 4
		Annie 		 4

Crighington 	John 		42 Devon 		Labourer
		Mary 		40
		Rebecca 	22 General 		Servant
		Samuel 		13
		Robert 		11
		James 		 9

Dittmer 	Heinrich 	36 Denmark 		Labourer
		Sophie 		34
		Mina 		18
		Meta 		11
		Heinrich 	 9

Everatt 	William 	21 Berkshire 		Blacksmith
		Delia L 	23

Farviell 	Thomas 		49 Roscommon 		Farmer
		Mary 		44
		Thomas 		19 			Labourer
		Theresa 	19 			General Servant
		Honoria 	16
		Patrick 	11

Flower 		Matthew 	24 Yorkshire 		Porter
		Annie 		23

Gilboy 		James 		31 Roscommon 		Farmer
		Annie 		28
		Mary A 		 8
		Margaret 	 6
		John 		 4
		Ellen 		 2
		Kate 		3mths

Graham 		Robert 		40 Yorkshire 		Stoker
		Rebecca 	45
		Myrus 		18
		Joel 		16
		John 		12
		Samu. L		 9
		James 		 6

Hammett 	John 		26 Devon 		Carpenter
		Esther 		23

Hardaker 	Eri 		21 Yorkshire 		Engine Driver
		Annie 		20
		Gilbert 	6mths
McNaulty 	Maud 		11
		Alice B 	 9

Hughes 		James 		45 Tyrone 		Blacksmith
		Elizabeth 	41
		James 		14
		Jane 		11
		Michael 	11

Hurst 		Stephen 	42 Sussex 		Shepherd
		Ellen 		36
		James 		11
		Alice 		 9
		Stephen 	 7
		George 		 5
		Henry 		 3
		Ellen 		 2
		Eliz’th Ann 	 1

Johannseen 	Mathias 	27 Prussia 		Labourer
		Caroline 	30
		Marie 		10
		Hermine 	 8
		Mathias 	 7
		Bothilda 	 4
		Anna M 		2mths

Lavin 		John 		44 Roscommon ?
		Catherine 	42
		Mary 		18 			General Servant
		Bridget 	16
		Teresa 		 9
		John 		11

McLuskie 	Robert 		28 Dumbarton 		Labourer
		Mary 		24
		William 	 3
		Mary 		10 mths

Mann 		George 		39 Norwich 		Labourer
		Mary Ann 	30
		Lizzie 		11
		Sarah Ann 	 6
		Caroline 	 3

Mapplebeck 	Wm 		39 Yorkshire 		Saddler
		Emma 		39
		Ernest A 	 6
		Walter P 	 4

Nuttall 	Richard 	39 Lancashire 		Miner
		Jane 		41
		Thomas 		10
		Richard 	 5
		James Hy 	1

O’Neil? 	Alexander 	43 Forfar 		Miller
		Johanna 	43 Perth
		Margaret 	20 			Housemaid
		Ann 		18 			Housemaid

O’Neil? 	Alexander 	22 Perth 		Engine Fitter
		Elizabeth 	22
		Elizabeth 	4mths

Scott 		William 	34 Roxburgh 		Farm Labourer
		Jane 		33
		William 	 6
		Thos M 		 4
		James 		 2

Smart 		Solomon 	28 Gloucester 		Gardener
		Mary A 		34
		Alice R 	 5
		Louisa A 	 4
		Thomas W 	 3
		James 		22 			Gardener

Sydenham 	Lewis 		22 Devon 		Carpenter
		Eliza 		29

Sykes 		David 		31 Yorkshire 		Cabinet Maker
		Jane 		30
		Joseph Hy 	 7
		Arthur 		 5
		Willie 		 3

Thaklher 	Mathias 	26 Berkshire 		Cowman
		Jessie 		29
		Eveline 	 3
		Matty E 	 1 9male)

Tindall 	Jacob 		37 Yorkshire 		Bricklayer
		Annie 		36
		John 		17 			Bricklayer
		Charles 	15 			Bricklayer
		Arthur 		13
		Nathan 		11
		Robert 		 6
		Esther 		 3
		Henry 		 1

Ward 		Fred’k W 	21 Surrey 		Plumber
		Florence 	22					[gave birth to a boy]
		Florence L	 2

Webster 	John 		31 Stirling 		Iron Moulder
		Marion 		24
		James 		 5
		Elizabeth 	 2

Williams 	Walter Wm 	25 Hauts 		Labourer
		Sophia 		27

Single Men
Angland 	Wm 		17 Cork 		Labourer
Walsh 		Hannah 		15 			General Servant

Bohan 		David 		26 Cork 		Labourer
Campbell 	Wm 		18 Cumberland 		Cabinet Maker
Clarke 		Ernest TJ 	18 Hertfordshire 	Carpenter

Clealand 	James 		19 Devon 		Labourer
		Robert 		21
		Ann B 		24 			General Servant
		Mary J 		17

Cockburn 	James 		25 Down 		Miller

Conway 		James 		20 Edinburgh 		Carpenter
		Jane M 		18 			General Servant

Cunningham 	David 		24 Tyrone 		Labourer
		Samuel 		20 “
		Eliza 		22 			General Servant
		Mitilda 	18

Davis 		James 		19 Lancashire 		Spinner

Dennehy 	John 		15 Kerry 
		Patrick 	13
		Mary 		35
		Ellen 		16
		Johanna 	 9
		Michael 	 8

Dunbar 		Wm 		20 Inverness 		Shepherd
Eaglesham 	John 		19 Ayrshire 		Ploughman
Eustace 	James 		24 Fennaugh 		Labourer
Gilmour 	George 		19 Renfrew 		Labourer
Grose 		Thomas 		16 Cornwall 		Labourer
Hagreaves	Thomas		20 Yorks		Cowman
Harris 		Frederick 	18 Glamorgan 		Labourer
Harvey 		George 		20 Somerset 		Stonemason
Harvey 		James 		13 Argyle ?
Haydon 		Richard 	21 Devon 		Carpenter
Judson 		George 		20 Leicester 		Labourer
		Thomas 		18					[died on voyage]
Macdonald 	Hugh 		19 Inverness 		Shepherd
Michael 	Robert 		23 Londonderry 		Labourer
		Margaret 	25 General 		Servant
McIlwraith 	Henry 		20 Galway 		Labourer
		David 		18 			Labourer
		Elizabeth 	54
		Jane 		24 			General Servant

Murray 		William 	18 Aberdeen 		Grocer

Overend 	Wm J 		24 Armagh 		Labourer
		Mary 		17 			Dresser

Page 		John 		45 Suffolk 		Labourer
Quealy 		William 	20 Waterford 		Labourer
Richards 	Albert 		19 Wexford 		Labourer
Stewart 	Andrew 		20 Tyrone 		Labourer
		Maggie 		15 			General Servant
Swallow 	Andrew 		15 Yorkshire 		Millhand
Thompson 	Albert 		20 Hertfordshire 	Ass. Farm
Wilkins 	John 		23 Derby 		Labourer
Wilhelmson 	Ludwig 		22 Norway 		Labourer
		Petra 		15

Wilson 		Alexander 	17 Aberdeen 		Labourer
Wilson 		Samuel 		18 Down 		Labourer

Single Women
Elliott 	Elizabeth 	42 Middlesex 		Nil
Abel 		Rose 		26 Russia 		Tailoress
Arnold 		Sarah 		21 Middlesex 		General Servant
Ashley 		Mary 		50 West Indies 		Washerwomen
Ball 		Mary 		22 Dublin 		Nurse
Beecroft 	Mary 		28 Yorkshire 		General Servant
Bennett 	Jane 		19 Meath 		General Servant		Timaru 
Berrow 		Hannah E 	19 India 		Housemaid
Berry 		Alice 		30 Yorkshire 		Nurse
Bolus 		Georgina 	28 Pembroke 		Nurse
Brosher 	Clara 		24 Staffordshire 	Housemaid

Buckingham 	Ellen 		23 Cornwall 		Cook
		Selina 		21 			Housemaid

Burgess 	Sarah 		23 Armagh 		Weaver
		Susannah 	20 

Cahill 		Annie 		18 Wicklow 		General Servant
		Mary 		19 			Housemaid

Callaghan 	Ann 		22 Tyrone 		General Servant

Callewall 	Isabella	25 Edinburgh 		General Servant
Campbell 	Rachael 	20 Derry 		General Servant 	Timaru

Cleary 		Honore 		20 Clare 		General Servant		Timaru
		Mary 		18 			General Servant

Colquborne 	Catherine 	23 Tyrone 		General Servant
Copland 	Mary A 		27 Aberdeen 		Housemaid

Crawford 	Annie 		27 Fennaugh 		General Servant
		Rebecca 	21 			General Servant

Crate 		Bertha 		19 Devon 		Nurse
Cunningham 	Mary 		22 Waterford 		General Servant
Curtis 		Emma R 		23 Sussex 		Nurse			Timaru 

Doyle 		Mary A 		21 Wicklow 		General Servant
Dulug 		Mary 		18 Limerick 		Dairymaid

Dunbar 		Margaret 	45 Caithness 		Nurse
		Jemima 		23 			General Servant
		Catherine 	20 			General Servant
		Georgina 	18 			General Servant

Edward 		Eliz’th 	23 Surrey 		Housemaid		Timaru 
Ennis 		Margaret A 	27 Middlesex 		Kitchenmaid		Timaru 
Evans 		Annie 		21 Armagh 		Nurse			Timaru 
Fitzgerald 	Mary 		17 Jersey 		Cook
Floate 		Annie M 	19 Middlesex 		General Servant
Fraser 		Ellen 		21 Banff 		General Servant
Frend 		Grace O 	19 Kent 		General Servant

Gallagher 	Mary 		21 Dougal	 	General Servant
		Hannah 		19

Gibson 		Mary E 		18 Roscommon 		Housemaid

Gunther 	Emily C 	20 Middlesex 		Housemaid
		Ellen J 	21 			Housemaid

Harlow 		Sarah 		43 Kent 		Nurse
		Eliza 		17 			General Servant
		Francis 	15 			General Servant
		Esther 		12
		George 		 9

Harvey 		Eliza 		34 Argyle 
		Annie 		 9

Higgins 	Mary A 		21 Kent 		General Servant
Holden 		Sarah A 	27 Staffordshire 	General Servant
Inglis 		Margaret 	22 Edinburgh 		General Servant
James 		Eliz’th M 	18 Cornwall 		General Servant
Johnson 	Lizzie 		20 Staffordshire 	General Servant		Timaru 
Jones 		Alice E 	21 Middlesex 		General Servant

Ladd 		Annie C 	20 Kent 		Kitchenmaid		Timaru 
		Louisa 		18 			General Servant
		Ellen 		15 			Nurse

Last 		Sarah 		38 Yorkshire 		Weaver
		Sophia 		11
		Harry 		10

Lem 		Mary 		20 Kerry 		General Servant
Little 		Mary 		20 Ayrshire 		General Servant

Lomas 		Lavima? 	33 Yorkshire 		General Servant
		Maria 		13

Ludlow 		Polly 		28 Hereford 		General Servant
Lyons 		Margaret A 	19 Armagh 		General Servant

McArthur 	Christina 	42 Edinburgh 		General Servant
		Helen 		21 			General Servant
		Anna 		19 			General Servant
		Christina 	12 			General Servant

McCain? 	Lucinda 	25 Armagh 		General Servant
McClelland 	Margaret 	28 Armagh 		General Servant
McCosker 	Mary 		23 Devon 		General Servant
McCullock 	Helen 		25 Ayrshire 		General Servant
McDonald 	Flora 		28 Fife 		Housemaid

McKay 		Jessie 		27 Inverness 		Parlourmaid
		Annie 		20

McKay 		Margaret 	28 Edinburgh 		Housemaid

McNally 	Maggie 		22 Armagh 		General Servant
		Lizzie 		18

Mason		 Kate 		16 Meath 		Nurse
Milne 		Jane 		42 Aberdeen 		Milliner
Moroney 	Mary 		19 Limerick 		General Servant
Muret? 		Clara 		23 Jersey 		Nurse
Neville 	Kate 		22 Tipperary 		General Servant		Timaru 
O'Connor 	Mary 		18 Kerry 		General Servant
Peat 		Jane 		51 Leicester 		Charwomen

Ratcliffe 	Emma 		19 Berkshire 		General Servant
		Sarah 		44

Richards 	Eliza G 	20 Cornwall 		General Servant

Richards 	Frances 	15 Monmouth 		General Servant
		Joseph 		 9 

Richards 	Eliz’th 	30 Cornwall 		General Servant
		Edward 		 5

Roach 		Elizabeth 	25 Gloucester 		Cook
Rutledge 	Mary 		35 Wexford 		Housekeeper
Saunders 	Mary 		33 Worcester 		General Servant
Searley 	Eliza 		32 Leicester 		Cook
Serplus 	Elizabeth 	22 Armagh 		General Servant
Singer 		Frances 	16 Lanark 		General Servant
Smith? 		Elizabeth 	24 Gloucester 		Housemaid
Spellman 	Margaret 	15 Roscommon 		General Servant
Spellman 	Bridget 	17 Roscommon 		General Servant

Surgine? 	Ellen 		17 Kerry 		General Servant
		Catherine 	15

Sutherland 	Catherine 	27 Caithness 		Cook

Sweeney 	Ellen 		22 Limerick 		General Servant
		Margaret 	18

Taylor 		Janet 		22 Kinross 		General Servant
Theaker 	Hierza? 	26 Nottingham 		Cook
Todd 		Elizabeth 	18 Isle of Man 		Cook
Wall 		Mary 		19 Kilkenny 		Housemaid		Timaru 
Were 		Charlotte 	20 Devon 		General Servant
Whitty 		Frances 	20 Dublin 		Nurse
Blacksmith 	2
Bricklayer 	3
Cabinet Maker 	2
Carman 		1
Carpenter 	5
Cowman 		1
Engine Driver 	1
Engine Fitter 	1
Farmer 		11
Finisher 	1
Gardener 	2
Iron Moulder 	1
Labourer 	32
Miller 		2
Millhand 	1
Miner 		1
Painter 	2
Pilcher? 	2
Ploughman 	1
Plumber 	1
Porter 		1
Saddler 	1
Shepherd 	3
Spinner 	1
Stoker 		1
Stonemason 	1
Weaver 		1 
Cook 		7
Dairymaid 	1
Dressmaker 	1
General Servants 80
Housekeeper 	1
Housemaids 	15
Kitchenmaids 	2
Milliner 	1
Nurses 		13
Parlourmaids 	2
Tailoress 	1
Washerwomen 	2
Weavers 	2  128
English 		Scotch 			Irish
Berkshire 	2 	Aberdeen 	2 	Armagh 		1
Cornwall 	1 	Ayrshire 	1 	Cork 		2
Cumberland 	1 	Dumbarton 	1 	Down 		5
Derby 		1 	Edinburgh 	1 	Fennaugh 	1
Devon 		3 	Forfar 		1 	Galway 		2
Glamorgan 	1 	Inverness 	2 	Londonderry 	1
Gloucester 	2 	Orkney 		1 	Roscommon 	5
Hauts 		1 	Perth 		1 	Tyrone		4
Hertfordshire 	3 	Roxburgh 	1 	Waterford 	1
Lancaster 	2 	Stirling 	1 	Wexford 	1
Leicester 	1 			12 			23
Middlesex 	2
Somerset 	1 
Suffolk		1 
Surrey 		1
Sussex 		1 
Warwick 	1 
Yorkshire 	14 
Foreign 			Totals
Denmark 	1 		E 39
Norway 		1 		S 12 
Prussia 	1 		I 23
		3 		F  3   
English 		Scotch 			Irish
Berkshire 	2 	Aberdeen	2 	Armagh 		9
Cornwall 	5 	Ayrshire 	2 	Clare 		2
Devon 		2 	Banff 		1 	Cork 		1
Gloucester 	2 	Caithness 	5 	Derry 		1
Hereford 	1 	Edinburgh 	8 	Dougall 	2
Jersey 		2 	Fife 		1 	Down 		11
Kent 		8 	Inverness 	2 	Dublin 		2
Leicester 	1 	Isle of Man 	1 	Fennaugh 	2
Lincoln 	1 	Kinross 	1 	Kerry 		11
Middlesex 	7 	Lanark 		1 	Kilkenny 	1
Monmouth 	1 	Orkney 		1 	Limerick 	11
Nottingham 	1 	Perth 		2	Londonderry 	1
Pembroke 	1 27 				Roscommon 	7	
Staffordshire 	3 				Tipperary 	1
Surrey 		1 				Tyrone 		5
Sussex 		1 				Waterford 	1
Worcester 	1  				Westmeath 	2				
Yorkshire 	5				Wexford 	1			
		115 				Wicklow 	3
Russia 		1 
West Indies 	2
Total 128

Thames Star, 17 December 1883, Page 2 DUNEDIN.
This day. The Charine has arrived from Mauritius; also the Marlborough, from London, 94 days out, Capt. Anderson. Capt. Anderson leaves here to become Marine Superintendent to the Albion- Shaw Saville Co. at Port Chalmers ; Capt. Hird takes command of the Marlborough; Mr London, chief officer of the Taranaki, being promoted to the command of that vessel.

Emma Rosina Curtis, 23, from Sussex, a nurse 
Written beside Emma's name on the passenger list was this comment "Sent to Mrs Morris, Fairlie Creek and afterwards in Destitute Ward at Timaru with illegitimate child."
The NZBMs has registered two births with Emma as the mother and no father listed.
Two births were registered without a father's name listed.
1884 Curtis, Rosina Florence       Mother:  Emma                 Father: NR
1885 Curtis, Frederick George     Mother:  Emma Rosina     Father: NR

Timaru Herald, 25 October 1883, Page 2
Arrival of Immigrants. — A number of nominated and Government immigrants per British Queen and Taranaki arrived from Christchurch by yesterday's Express. There were twenty-four single girls (nine nominated and fifteen Government immigrants) for Timaru, and two families for Waimate. Most of the girls were taken to the Barracks, where they will be open for engagement at ten o'clock this morning. Some of the nominated ones joined their friends, but others decided to seek engagements at once. The names of the arrivals are — Frances Singer, Mary Gibson, Margaret Stewart, Margaret and Ellen Sweeney, Mary Leen, Sarah Burgess (2), Eliza Richards (the foregoing nominated), Margaret Ennis, Jane Bennett, Emma Curtis, Kate Neville, Mary and Hannah Cleary, Rachel Campbell, Elizabeth Todd, Mary Fitzgerald, Mary Wall, Elizabeth Johnson, Eliza Edwards, Louisa, Ellen, and Anna Ladd. The girls are of neat and respectable appearance, and should have no difficulty in obtaining situations. One of the families bound for Waimate, went on yesterday, the other, Mrs Denihey and six children whose husband and father is an old Waimate resident, remained in Timaru at the barracks.

Timaru Herald, 7 December 1888, Page 1
Lost and Found. LOST— Between Levels Station and Washdyke on Sunday last, a R.C. PRAYER BOOK, name inside Mary Leen. Finder will be suitably rewarded on application to MARY LEEN, Levels Station.