"Three Bells" from Glasgow to Port Chalmers. Arrived 13th July 1858

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"Thrre Bells"

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Otago Witness Saturday July 17, 1858 page 4

Shipping News 

July 17 1858
Arrived. July 13, Three Bells, 602 tons, W. Rowley, from Glasgow. Passengers -

Adam		T
Aitken		J 	wife 4 sons
Bannerman	D
Bethune		George
Black		John
Braid		R 	2 sons and 1 daughter
Brash		W 	wife and 3 children
Briss		C
Bryson		Robert 	and wife
Cameron		James
Chirnside	A	wife and 2 children
Chishlom	J
Chisholm	Alexander, James, Robert, and John
Christie	Sarah, Jessie, Robert, and Donald (?John)
Clark		A 	wife and 4 children
Crocker		S 
Cranston	J	and wife
Crosbie		J
Dawson		George 
Dewar		W 	wife and 2 children
Dickson		J 	and 4 children
Donie		D 	wife and child
Dunlop		P
Duncan		Ann and Janet
Duncan		J 	wife and 3 sons
Dunlop		P
Dunn		James
Edmond		J 	wife and child
Fairley 	Elizabeth, Grace, Christina and George
Farquharson	D.S. 	wife 4 children
Findlay		John 	and wife
Fisher		Jane and Grace
Frisken		J 	wife and 2 children
Forbes 		Euphemia
Forbes		William
Fowler		J 	wife 4 sons and 3 daughters
Gall		J
Given		R
Goodsman	Janet, Mary and Williamina
Gow		T 	wife son and daughter
Grant		Elspeth
Grant		L
Grigor		Alexander, Agnes, Robert, and Jessie
Hamilton	A
Hay		Helen and Elizabeth
Hay		R and Ellen
Henderson	Andrew and wife
Henderson	John 	and wife
Hendry		R
Hutton		Peter
Ingram		W 	wife and 2 sons
Jackson		J 	and wife
Johnston 	A 	wife and four children
Johnston	H 	and wife
Johnston	Grace
Johnston	H 	and wife (?Johnstone, H. jr.)
Johnston	Elizabeth, Jane and Euphemia
Johnston	W 	and wife
Johnston	Janet, Isabella, Margaret, John, and E.T. Johnston
Keith		W 	and wife
Kerr		J 	wife and 2  children
Lamber		James and Margaret
Laing		D. 	and wife
Laing		Helen, Andrew, Mary, David and Isabella
Lochart		W
Macfarlane	D
Macintosh	R
McCallan	J
McCowan		F
McGowan		M
McGrigor	Jane
McInnes		L 	wife and child
McLeay		J
McLennan	A	wife and 2 daughters
McLeod		G
McLeish		D
McLiskey	E 	wife 1 son and 2 daughters
McNaughton	J
Malloch		D
Milne 		J.W 	and wife
Miller		W 	wife and 3 children (?William Millar) (Archibald Muir paid  �46 passage money Sept. 2 1859 to the Provincial Government of Otago)
Mainland	J
Marshall	R 	wife and 3 sons and 2 daughters
Mitchell	R
Moffat		W 	wife 2 sons and 2 daughters
Morton		T
Mowbray		W 	and wife
Munro		William
Murdoch 	R	and wife
Murray		J and Margaret
Murray		Janet
Nicol		Mrs(2) 	and 3 children
Nicol		J	wife 3 sons and 2 daughters
Nisbet		Agnes
Paterson	J 	wife and 2 children
Purves		Isabella and James
Reid		Alex., Janet and Elizabeth
Reid 		D
Reid		Margaret
Ramage		Eliza
Ritchie		Ann 
Ritchie 	A.J.
Robertson	Mrs
Robertson	A 	wife and child
Robertson	D 	wife 2 sons and 2 daughters
Roger 		R	wife 4 sons and 3 daughters
Saunders	W
Sutherland	A
Swanston 	A	wife and child
Smith		Jas.
Smith		W 	and wife
Symon		A	wife 1 son and 2 daughters
Telfer		Isabella and Robert
Thomson		Catherine
Trumbland	J
Tulloch		W
Watson		Margaret
Williamson	J 	and wife
Wilson 		Matthew
Wintruss	J
Woods		J
Young		Joan

Summary 48 married couples, 66 single males, 52 single females, 74 children under 12, and 9 infants. - 297 souls, to equal 251 statue adults. 

The above list includes
19 ploughman
42 labourers
 2 shepherds
17 carpenters
5 shoemakers
1 baker
4 tailors
1 bricklayer
2 streamstress
34 domestic servants
4 masons
1 gardener
1 coachbuilder
1 upholsterer
2 gamekeepers
2 warehousemen
2 sawyers
2 teachers
1 smith
1 clerk

Saturday July 31 1858 Otago Witness

Cleared Out. July 27, Three Bells, 603 tons, Captain Rowley, for Batavia - in ballast.

May 8 1858 page 6. Otago Witness

Mr Alexander Grigor, who has teaching with acceptance for a number of years in the Circus Place School, Edinburgh.

Hawera & Normanby Star, 8 April 1907, Page 8

DUNEDIN, April 8. Dr Robert Burns, who arrived here by the ship Three Bells in 1858, is dead. Deceased was one of the first members of the Otago University Council and was a surgeon in Dunedin for many years.

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Making Three Ends of it.
A young fellow, wishing to turn sailor, applied to the captain of a vessel for a berth. The captain, wishing to intimidate him, handed him a piece of rope, and said, "If you want to be a good sailor, you must make three ends of that rope." I can do that," readily responded the lad; "here is one, and here is another- that makes two. Now, here's the third," and he threw it overboard.