New Zealand Bound

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Once you have a ship's name, check out the on-line image collection at the National Library of New Zealand at Timeframes and their brief historical notes.

Partial alphabetical listing of ship images available from Timeframes.



Makura S
Accrington Eastern Monarch Madagascar  Saint Lawrence
Agnes Muir Elginshire (wrecked Timaru) Malay Senorita 
Aldergerone  E.P. Bouverie Mairi Bhan Shropshire
Aldergrove E. R. Sterling SS  Malwa  SS  Lawrence
Alexa HMS Esk SS  Mantangi SS Somerset
Alumbagh Euterpe Mamori Southern Cross


Manurewa Star
R.M.S. Aorangi Fanny Fisher SS Maporika Star of India
Arawa   Fernglen Maori Sterling
Arethusa  Fiery Cross Margaret Galbraith Stormbird
Asterion Flying Cloud  Marmion  Govt. p.s. Sturt
R.M.S. Athenic Forfarshire Mataura
Auckland  Fulwood May Queen   T
G Melita Tamarou
Audny HMS Galatea Metropolis Tararua (wreck)
 Auriga Ganges Misken Tepsichore
Auroa   SS  Gertic Mokoia Timaru
Avalanche Gertrude SS Morea Tongariro 
Avon Gladbrook Munter Tutanekai s.s.
Ayrshire Gothic N Tweed


Goya SS  Navua Trevelyn
Bella H Nelson Tainui
La Belle Halcione Norfolk Victoria
Ben Venue (wrecked Timaru) SS  Hawera  Ocean mail W
Blair Athole Helen Denny Oamaru Wallace
Black Swan Heather Belle Opawa & S.S Wakatipu s.s.
Blenheim Hesperus SS  Opouri Waikato
Blue Jacket Himalaya Oriental Waimea
Braemar Hollinwood Otago Waipa
Brahmin Hurunui Port jackson Wairarapu


Hydraspres Pamir Wairoa
Camille Hyderabad Pampa Waitangi
Camperdown ss Haupiri Parsee Waitaru
Canterbury  I  SS Penguin Waitemata
Caroline  Ilma Peter Denny Wakatipu
Castle Holme Indiana  Piako Wasdale
Charles Edward Invercaul Pleiades  Wellington
Christian McCausland Invercargill  Polly Woodside Westland
City of Dunedin Inverurie Poneke Wild Deer
City of Lahore   SS  Ionic Port Jackson Wild Duck
Clarence  SS Putiki William 
Cockermouth J Rangitikei William Manson
Collingwood James Nicol Fleming Rialto  Wimmera
Commonwealth Joseph Craig (stranded) Rakaia SS Wotton
SS Coptic Rangi Waverley
Cragmour K Rangitiki 
Crusader Kaikoura SS Rangikei
Kelso Raupo
Red Jacket s.s. Y


La Hogue Rewa Ysabel
Dechmont SS  Ladybird Rira
Delphic Lady Jocelyn  Riverton
Delaware (wreck) Laira Robert Henderson Z
Doric Loch Dee Rodney
Douglas Loch Garve  Rona Zealandia
Duke of Edinburgh (beached) Loch Ness SS Rotarua
Dundonald Loch Tay Rotomahara
Dunedin Louisa Campbell SS Ruahine
Lyttelton Ruapeha / Ruapehu

The Alexander Turnbull Library is the research library within the National Library of NZ. TAPUHI provides access to descriptions of the unpublished Manuscripts and Pictures Collections of NZ and Pacific material in the Alexander Turnbull Library.  You need to visit the National Library in Wellington, NZ to access the material. Their photographic collections contains photos of the following vessels:

Australian Resources

Locating Maritime Paintings

They do have a few paintings of paintings of  New Zealand-bound immigrant ships.   I list them below, along with their registration numbers.  If you wish to order photographs of them or find out further information about the works, it will be useful to quote the registration numbers in any correspondence with Te Papa.

William Allsworth  "The immigrants"  844   Oil on canvas 1992-0022-1 
This painting shows the charter ship Slaines Castle which took the Mackay family to Nelson, NZ

William James Forster  S. S. Rotokino, 2004 tons   1891 watercolour 1992-0035-1704

Thomas Robertson   The full-rigged ship "Carabou" off the Otago Coast, Taieri Head on starboard quarter c.1867  oil on canvas 1996-0023-1

Other shipping related books with illustrations of NZ-bound immigrant vessels


I am eighty years old and somewhat,
But I give to God the praise
That they made a sailor of me
In the good old clipper days.

Then men loved ships like women
And going to sea was more
Than signing on as a deck hand,
And scrubbing a cabin floor,
Or chipping rust from iron,
And painting - and chipping again.
In the days of clipper sailing
The sea was the place of men.

You could spy our great ships running
White-clouded, tier upon tire;
You could hear their trampling thunder
As they leaned-to, racing near;
And it was "Heigho and ho, my lad!"
And we are "Outward bound."
And we sang full many a chantey
As we walked the capstan round.

Aye, we sand full many a chantey
As we drove through wind and wet,
To the music of five oceans,
That rings in memory yet!
Go, drive your dirty freighters
That fill the sky with reek -
But we - we took in the skysails
High as a mountain peak!

Go, fire your sweaty engines,
And watch your pistons run -
We had the winds to serve us,
The living winds, my son!
And we didn't need propellers
That kicked a mess about;
But we hauled away with chanteys,
Or we let the great sails out.

And I'm eighty years old and somewhat,
And I give to God the praise
That they made a sailor of me
In the good old clipper days.

Harry Kemp "Cassells Magazine"