Emigrant ship 'Victoria' arrived  Lyttelton 1862

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Departed London 5 Dec. 1861 and arrived Lyttelton, New Zealand 30 Mar. 1862. 

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The emigrant ship S.S. Victoria, Capt. Forss, arrived in Lyttelton on Sunday morning after a rather protracted passage of 109 days from the Downs.  She lands her passengers in good health, who appear to be above the average stamp of immigrants.   The Victoria made a bad start, meeting with contrary winds in the Channel, which caused her to be over 40 days before crossing the line. She was afterwards detained by putting into Pernambuco for fresh water, the water in the casks on board being unfit for use.  She brings 139 adults passengers.

Lyttelton Times, 2 April 1862, Page 4
March 30, ship Victoria, 524 tons, Forss, from London.
Passengers - cabin:
Mr. and Mrs. Knight
Rev. H. and Mrs. Cocks
Rev. L. Williams
Messrs. Moor, Eckersley, Welsh, and Maling.
Second cabin Messrs. Hiorns and Grimes.
Steerage: John Patterson and wife;
William Arnott, wife and child
Alfred Denman and wife
Henry Fletcher and wife
John Gow
Donald, John and Duncan McIntyre
John Mahoney
Francis J. Bennett,
Samuel Stewart
Jacob Pepper
Samuel Little
William Crozier
David McKenzie
William Deakin
Mary Morrison
Isabella, Jeannie, Christina, Catherine, and Margaret McIntyre, Isabella McKenzie.

The following is the

Married Couples -
Alexander, John		21 Down Farm Labourer	wife & infant
Alexander, Alice	19
Bailey, Francis		48	Kerry 		Farm labourer	
Bailey, Margaret	48      [wife & five children] 
Bailey, William		26
Bailey, Robert		22
Bailey, Anne		20
Bailey, Eliza		18
Bailey,	Margaret	16
Bailey, Cornelius	13
Bailey, Sarah		10
Bailey, Frances		 8f
Bailey, Ellen		 6
Bailey, Jane Mary	 4
Bailey, Francis		 infant
Barnard, Wilte		39	Galway 		Carpenter
Barnard, Mary		28
Barnard, Barnard	 6
Barnard, Mary		 2
Barnard, Eliza		 2
Barnard, Jane		infant	
Bell, Daniel		35	Renfrewshire	Carpenter
Bell, Jane      	28	Wife
Bell, James      	 7
Bell, Jane       	 5
Clarke, Alexander	30	Aberdeenshire	Gardener
Clarke, Mary		25
Crawford, Malcolm	32	Renfrewshire	Ploughman
Crawford, Janet		32
Davison, Hugh Robert	22	Antrim 		Farm labourer		
Davison, Karrey		22 	[wife] & child
Davison, Alexander	infant
Davison, George		15	brother
Dobbin, Charles		26	Antrim 		Farm labourer
Dobbin, Catherine	22	[wife]
Dobbin, Edward		 4
Dobbin, Eliza Jane	 2
Falloon, Robert		25	Armagh 		Farm Labourer wife & 3 children
Falloon, Matilda	25
Falloon, Ann Jane	 5
Falloon, Sarah Matilda   3
Falloon, John		infant
Halliday, John		22	Kirkcudbrightshire Farm labourer		
Halliday, Henritta	26      [wife]
Halliday, Mary		 3
Halliday, Marion	 1 f
McFarlane, Archibald	27	Lanarkshire 	Labourer
McFarlane, Isabella	27	[wife]
McFarlane, Stewart	31	Lanarkshire 	Millwright
McFarlane, Jane		30	[wife]
McFarlane, Ann		 8
McFarlane, James	 5
McFarlane, Ann		infant
McGregor, Peter		29	Perthshire	Farm laborer
McGregor, Ann H.M.	27	wife
McGregor, Jane		 5
McGregor, Margaret	 3
McGregor, John J.	infant
Pattison, Robert	29	Renfrewshire	Laborer
Pattison, Jane		34
Pattison, Robert	 4
Pattison, Jane 		 8
Pattison, Thomas	infant
Preudeville, Ellen	48  travelling with the Bailey family
Rainey, Hugh		21	Down		Farm labourer
Rainey	Eliza		19 	[wife]
Tibbott, David		29	?? 		Labourer	
Tibbott, Margaret	28      [wife]
Smith, Edward		23	Lanarkshire 	Labourer
Smith, Margaret		19	[wife]
Stevenson, John		26 	Lanarkshire 	Millwright		
Stevenson, Margaret	24 	[wife]
Wilson, Daniel		24	Antrim		Farm labourer
Wilson, Sarah A.	21 	[wife]
Witte, Bernard			wife & four children
Single Men
Banks 		William 	19 Caithness 		Carpenter
Baunerman	George 		20 Caithness 		Farm Labourer
Bealty 		John 		22 Down 		Farm Labourer
Birnie		William 	26 Aberdeenshire 	Ploughman
Boyce		Nathaniel 	26 Down 		Farm Labourer
Burns		Robert Crosbie 	23 Kirkcudbrightshire 	Farm Labourer travelling with Halliday 
Close 		James 		25 Atrium 		Farm Labourer
Davison		George
Dunn		Patrick 	23 Lanarkshire 		Ploughman
Fraser		Alexander 	25 Aberdeenshire 	Farm Servant
Fraser		Charles 	23 Aberdeenshire 	Farm Servant
Grant		John 		23 Invernessshire 	Ploughman
Gunson		Jeremiah 	29 Dunbartonshire 		Farm Labourer
Hawkins		Robert 		22 Lanarkshire 		Joiner
Hislop 		William 	23 Rewfrewshire 	Blacksmith
Joyce		John 		32 Down Farm 		Labourer
Kane		Samuel 		21 Antrim 		Ploughman
Kirk		Andrew 		23 Lanarkshire 		Blacksmith
Magee		John 		21 Down 		Farm Labourer
Magee		Thomas 		17 Down 		Farm Labourer
McFarlane	Donald 		18 Lanarkshire 		Joiner
McWilliam 	Alexander 	24 Wigtown 		Farm Labourer
Menzies		Thomas  	25 Lanarkshire 		Joiner
Morrison 	James 		31 Rewfrewshire 	Joiner
Morrison	James 		22 Aberdeenshire 	Farm Labourer
Morrison	David 		19 Aberdeenshire 	Farm Labourer
Overend		Thomas 		25 Armagh 		Farm Labourer
Smith		Robert 		29 Lanarkshire 		Labourer
Smyth		Hugh 		20 Atrium Farm 		Labourer
Stewart		James 		33 Banffshire 		Ploughman
Whiteside	John
Wilson		James 		21 Down 		Farm labourer travelling with John Joyce
Single Women
Boyle		Mary		24 Kerry		Domestic Servant
Boyle		George		infant Kerry		
Broadley	Ann		20 Lanarkshire		Dairy Women
Caldwell	Mary Ann	21 Atrium		Farm Servant	
Campbell	Ellen		28 Lanarkshire		Cook
Campbell	Betsy		24 Lanarkshire		Domestic Servant
Connor		Margaret	28 Lanarkshire		Dairy Women
Dalziel		Florence	18 Surrey		Nursery Governess
McFarlane	Jean		19 Lanarkshire 		Domestic Servant
McFarlane	Janet		47 Lanarkshire 		Domestic Servant
McGregor	Isabella	20 Perthshire		Farm Servant
McNair		Christina	24 Argyllshire		Domestic Servant
Major		Julia		22 Middlesex		Nursery Governess	
Major 		Jane		20 Middlesex		Nursery Governess

Bills sent from Colony.
References: One page of passenger list from Archives New Zealand, Christchurch Office.
"Lyttelton Times" 2 April 1862
Family Search Canterbury 1862



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