"William Hyde" arrived Lyttelton, NZ January 1852

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"William Hyde"

New Zealand Bound

William Hyde, 533 tons, barque, sailed from London 21 Oct. 1851 and arrived Lyttelton 5 February, 1852 with passengers and cargo and later proceeded to New Plymouth, arriving there in early March.

Lyttelton Times � February 7, 1852

Shipping News and Notes 

Arrived � February 5, barque William Hyde, 532 tons, Applewaite [Applewhaite], from London and Plymouth, October 24. Passengers, 18; and in steerage 88. Passengers: Rev. A. Cotton, Mr Joseph Brittan, Mrs Brittan and four children, Mrs Fookes, Miss Louisa Fookes, Miss Mary Fookes, Miss Curtis, Messrs Greenstreet, Alstitt, Moore, Cuff and __, Cuff and 88 in steerage.

Arrived � February 5, schooner Marmora, 135 tons, Kelly from London.   

The "William Hyde" and the "Marmora" have proved how accurately the �highway of the seas� to New Zealand is known. The schooner " Marmora" sailed, we believe, three days before the barque; they came into company a few degrees south of the line, since which they saw nothing of each other until they anchored, on the same day, in Port Cooper.  The passages appear to be have been unvaried and unbroken by any occurrences of remarkable pleasantness or unpleasantness.   

The fawn brought by the "William Hyde." the longest survivor of two sent out to Mr Godley's care, unfortunately died in bringing it ashore, either from fright or strangulation, it having been lively enough until removed from the vessel. Of the other live stock, some fine geese and Muscovy ducks, a single hen pheasant, and a goat, remain. The fine schooner "Marmora", late of Dover, is, we learn, the property of Mr Duke of Wellington, and is about to proceed to Wellington and New Plymouth, and thence to Sydney, in the trade between which port and Canterbury she will then be regularly employed.

Lyttelton Times � February 14, 1852

Shipping News and Notes 

The William Hyde

We briefly noticed last week, the arrival of this ship from England, and we are now enabled through he courtesy of a passenger to add the following particulars:- 

The William Hyde weighed anchor at Deal on the morning of Tuesday, October 21, 1851, and having a favourable wind went at once down the English Channel, and across that terror of English landsmen, the Bay of Biscay, where the wind and sea were both somewhat rough. On October 31 we passed Maderia at midnight, bearing S.E. by E. On November 8 we caught a shark, from which some excellent steaks were cut. On the 14th we sighted San Antonio (Cape Verds), bearing E. by S. and distant by about 40 miles. From thence to the Line the N.E. trades were very light, and it was not until November 25, thirty-five days from Plymouth that we passed the Equator. On the following day, Wednesday we sighted (lat. 1.48S.), the schooner Marmora, which had been taking in cargo alongside us in the East India Docks, and sent off a boat to her which brought back Captain Kelly and the two Messrs. Rochfort, her passengers to dine with us. From this day we saw no more of her till the day we entered Port Victoria, the Marmora dropping her anchor within an hour of the William Hyde. The Marmora sailed from England two days before the William Hyde. From this point to about lat. S. 42.2 and E. long. 54.8 our course was slow and uninteresting, the S.E. trades entirely failing us. To beguile the time, however, the play of the �Merchant of Venice� was got up, and performed before the passengers and crew. The costumes, thanks to the taste and industry of the ladies were most appropriate and even elegant, and the female roles, were sustained by ladies and not as was the case in the performance of �The Rivals� on board the Randolph by gentlemen. (Heavens! Lydia Languish by a gentleman). This incident proved to be a great source of amusement, and furnished the topic of conversation for what else would have proved many a weary hour. On December 19, 47 days from Plymouth, we passed the meridian of Greenwich, lat. 34.19. On Xmas Day we were off the Cape, and the day was spent as nearly as possible after the Old English fashion.  On New Year�s Day the children of the cuddy and the forecabin had an entertainment in the cuddy, and the children of the steerage passengers were regaled with fruit, tarts, cakes and wine on the quarter deck. On Saturday, January 3, we made our best run during the voyage, having gone over 281 miles in twenty four hours, and from this time a good pace was kept up to Stewart Island, which we sighted on Saturday January 30, at break of day, lying N.E. by E., passing it so close as not to see the �Traps. At noon of the same day, we were off Otago where the wind headed us and kept us out till the 5th, when we safely anchored in Port Victoria, having accomplished our passage under the protection of a merciful Providence without a single casualty or serious disagreement and all in good health. 

The live stock brought on board were a pure Devon cow, six pheasants, six partridges, two rare geese, two muscovy ducks, a couple of wild ducks of a peculiar breed and some lopped eared rabbits, the property of Mr Brittan, the surgeon and two fawns and a goat consigned to Mr Godley. Of these the only survivors are the cow, one hen pheasant, the geese, the muscovy ducks, one doe rabbit, and the goat. (The unfortunate death of the fawn we noticed last week.) Lyttelton Times items courtesy of  Judy Clark. Posted 24 Nov. 2001

15 October, 1851
List of Persons whom the Canterbury Association have authorized to embark for Canterbury, New Zealand per Ship "William Hyde" , J.S. Applewaite, Commander, Mr Brittan, Surgeon- Superintendant, Frederick Young, Manger of Shipping

Chief Cabin

Alldritt    Mr            24   M   [Alsitt]                                                     
Applewaite  Mrs           unk  F                                                        
Brittan     Arthur        8    M                                                        
Brittan     Frances       4    F                                                        
Brittan     Joseph        45   M  Y 2                                                   
Brittan     Joseph Jr.    15   M                                                        
Brittan     Mary          6    F                                                        
Brittan     Sophia        45   F  Y 2                                                   
Cotton      Rev'd Arthur  34   M      Chaplain, New Plymouth  [Colton]                          
Cuff        Mr            27   M                                                        
Cuff        Mr            23   M                                                        
Curtis      Miss          25   F      for New Plymouth, her family being there [Curtin]                                               
Fooks       Louisa        15   F      [Fookes]                                                  
Fooks       Mary          14   F                                                        
Fooks       Mrs           47   F    2 Married                                           
Greenstreet Mr            22   M                                                        
McNealey    Mary          unk  F      Infant & nurse                                    
Moore       A             22   M                                                        

Second Cabin

Berridge    Ann            36   F   Y 1                                                   
Berridge    John           38   M   Y 1                                                   
Berridge    William        15   M                                                         
Broughton   Eliza          15   F                                                         
Broughton   Emily          8    F                                                         
Broughton   Horace         15   M                                                         
Broughton   John           4    M                                                         
Broughton   Mr             56   M   Y 4               New Plymouth                                      
Broughton   Mrs            37   F   Y 4                                                   
Brunsden    Jr. R.         25   M   Y                                                     
Brunsden    Mrs            23   F   Y                                                     
Deloes      Mr             28   M                                                         
Fisher      J.             18   M                                                         
Gillman     Hall John      27   M                                                         
Gillman     John Lawrence  17   M                                                         
Grieve      Elizabeth      72   F       Married                                           
Hawksley    Mrs            37   F       Married       New Plymouth                                    
Hetherington Mr            34   M                                                         
Hollis      E.W.           28   M   Y   Schoolmaster, New Plymouth                        
Hollis      Mrs.           25   F   Y                                                     
Parry       C.             18   M                                                         
Parry       E.             17   M                                                         
Radcliffe   Gladys         22   F                                                         
Sunley      R.M.           29   M       New Plymouth                                      
Thomas      Elizabeth      2    F                                                         
Thomas      George         42   M   Y 1                                                   
Thomas      Mrs C.E.       29   M   Y 1                                                   
Wright      David          5    M                                                         
Wright      Edward         15   M                                                         
Wright      Elizabeth      10   F                                                         
Wright      Elizabeth      48   F   Y                                                     
Wright      Henry          50   M   Y   New Plymouth                                      
Wright      Mary Ann       12   F                                                         
Wright      Samuel         7    M                                                         
Wright      William        16   M                                                         

Cabin & Paying Steerage

Brown      Alfred J       inf  M      Steerage paying                                   
Brown      Elizabeth H    26   F  Y 1 Steerage paying                                   
Brown      W.G.           24   M  Y 1 Steerage paying                                   
Iggulden   Alfred         5    M      Steerage cabin                                    
Iggulden   Caroline       34   F  Y 5 Steerage cabin                                    
Iggulden   Caroline       7    F      Steerage cabin                                    
Iggulden   Edward         9    M      Steerage cabin                                    
Iggulden   Edward         36   M  Y 5 Steerage cabin     New Plymouth,               
Iggulden   Laura          inf  F      Steerage cabin                                    
Iggulden   M. Ellen       4    F      Steerage cabin                                    
Mayo       Cecily         17   M      Steerage cabin                                    
Mayo       Eleanor        inf  F      Steerage cabin                                    
Mayo       Frances Thomas 2    M      Steerage cabin                                    
Mayo       Gilbert        25   M  Y 2 Steerage cabin                                    
Mayo       Hugh           13   M      Steerage cabin                                    
Mayo       Mary Ann       27   F  Y 2 Steerage cabin                                    
Mayo       Maurice        26   M      Steerage cabin                                    
Norman     W.G.           21   M      Steerage paying                                   
Watts      Francis        22   M      Steerage paying                                   
Williamson Alexander      50   M  Y 5 Steerage paying     New Plymouth                
Williamson Alexander      1    M      Steerage paying                                   
Williamson Henry          12   M      Steerage paying                                   
Williamson James          14   M      Steerage paying                                   
Williamson Maria          6    F      Steerage paying                                   
Williamson Sarah          44   F  Y 5 Steerage paying                                   
Williamson William        5    M      Steerage paying                                   

Assisted Steerage

Bradley  Eliza         6    F                                                                           
Bradley  Hannah        35   F   Y 5                                                                     
Bradley  Maria         2    F                                                                           
Bradley  Samuel        31   M   Y 5  Ag. Laborer                                                        
Bradley  Susan         4    F                                                                           
Bradley  Thomas        inf  M                                                                           
Bradley  William       9    M                                                                           
Brundell Alfred        22   M   Y                                                                       
Brundell Mary Ann      21   F   Y                                                                        
Durant   Mary Ann      24   F        Domestic Servant                                                   
Felton   Jane          inf  F                                                                           
Felton   Jane          25   F   Y 2                                                                     
Felton   Joseph        23   M   Y 2  Ag. Laborer                                                        
Felton   Mary Ann      2    F                                                                           
French   William       27   M        Ag. Laborer                                                        
Hill     William Henry 24   M        Gardener                                                           
Lloyd    Diana         5    F                                                                           
Lloyd    Jane          2    F                                                                           
Lloyd    John          6    M                                                                           
Lloyd    Joseph        37   M   Y 6  Gardener         Passage paid in full                              
Lloyd    Lydia         inf  F                                                                           
Lloyd    Lydia         35   F   Y 6                                                                     
Lloyd    Martha        7    F                                                                           
Lloyd    Mary          3    F                                                                           
Shepherd Thomas        24   M        Carpenter                                                          
White    Elizabeth     25   F   Y 2                                                                     
White    Leonard       inf  M                                                                           
White    William       26   M   Y 2  Gent. Laborer                                                      
White    William       2    M                                                                           
Willis   Elizabeth     26   F   Y 3                                                                     
Willis   Elizabeth     4    F                                                                           
Willis   James         27   M   Y 3  Printer                                                            
Willis   James         3    M                                                                           
Willis   William       1    M                                                                           
Winter   Thomas        26   M        Ag. Laborer                                                        
Wooduck  Anneley       20   M        Ag. Laborer     


Married Not Married Boys Girls     
Men Women Men Women 7 to 14 years 1 to 7 years Months 7 to 14 years 1 to 7 years Months No of adults Souls
Chief Cabin 1 2 7 3 1         2   14� 16
Second Cabin 6 8 9 2 1 3   3 1   29 33
Steerage Cabin 2 2 1 1 2 2     2 2 9 14
Steerage paying 2 2 3   1 2 1   1   8� 12
Steerage assisted 6 6 5 1 1 4 2   9 2 25 36
  17 20 25 7 6 11 3 3 15 4 86 111
Applewaite and McNealy add-ons in chief cabin 2 adults 4 5
Gillman (2)add-ons in second cabin 2 adults 90 116


Canterbury Association Shipping Office (London, England) Lyttelton Shipping List  Published: Salt Lake City, Utah : Genealogical Society of Salt Lake City, 1973. Copy of passenger lists of some Canterbury Association emigrant ships held in the Canterbury Museum.  Available on microfilm at Family History Centres worldwide through their loan programme. Item #1066515


The Canterbury Museum Archives has the passenger list, Canterbury Association Shipping papers and a diary by Rev. A.O. Cotton.


June 19th 1852 Otago Witness
The barque William Hyde, Capt. Applewaite, a regular trader between New Zealand and England, grounded while crossing the bar of the Hokianga river at Auckland. Her cargo has been ordered to be discharged.


On her second voyage to New Zealand she sailed from Newcastle, England, on 26 February and arrived at Lyttelton 9 April 1853 and landed 125 head of cattle, 35 horses and 712 sheep.  She then proceeded to Bluff and when leaving the port ran aground and was wrecked.  She was sold and refloated in 1856 after laying ashore for two years and turned into a hulk.  Reference: White Wings by Brett


Prominent Canterbury family to hold 150-year reunion
    A 150-year reunion will be held in Rangiora next year for the prominent North Canterbury Bradley family. On January 19 to 20 2002, the arrival of Samuel and Hannah Bradley and their five children - William, Eliza, Susan, Maria and Thomas - will be celebrated at the Rangiora Rugby Clubrooms. 
    The family came from South Collingham in Nottinghamshire, arriving at Port Cooper, now Lyttelton, on January 5, 1852. After their arrival, they had five more children. Samuel Bradley first bought land in St. Albans, then Ohoka, on the corner of Ohoka and Oxford Roads, now Bradleys Rd. In 1865, Samuel and Isaac Wilson, along with helpers, built a church in Ohoka. All of Samuel and Hannah's family were married in the district. Inquiries about the reunion can be made to Mrs Gwen Nuttall, 15 Ashmore Lane, Christchurch, phone (03) 354-1021, or to Mrs Jean Bradley 

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