My family history - Kim Oatley
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My family history - Kim Oatley

Photo - my christening, October 1966, with mum and dad.

My married name is Hayes, but this is not a Hayes history! I'll leave that to someone more qualified to the job...!

I would love to hear from anyone who knows anything about the people I have mentioned - especially Oatleys.

Dedicated to Rhys, my future, who memorably said at the grand age of 7 that this was all very interesting - "not"!! With all the love in the world...

And in memory of my mum, whose sudden death in 2001 made me realise I had to do this sooner rather than later. She inspired me in life, and continues to do so now.

Thanks to my cousin Judith for starting me off in all this, and Alan for letting me do it!

Kim, August 2005
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