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Obituary Lookup Volunteers

Please follow these guidelines when making a lookup request:

  • If this is your first request, read Making a Request.
  • To find the county for your lookup request, use the USA County Lookup.
  • Before making a request, do a quick Web Search in case the obituary is available there.
  • If you find a volunteer for your area, use the listing's Email link to send your request directly to him or her.  If you don't find a volunteer, send your request to the mailing list (see OBIT-LOOKUPS-L Mailing List for subscription information).
  • After receiving a lookup, post or publish the obituary or an abstract to help other researchers.
  • Please do not send the same request to more than one volunteer.

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS - Please consider volunteering
for your area, even on a limited basis, because every lookup
helps someone. 
Becoming a Volunteer has more information.

Volunteer listings are by county, with statewide listings last, and related statewide links below.  The areas the volunteer covers and the resources available are listed along with the volunteer's name and e-mail address, and web page if any.  Entries in green are web sites for libraries, newspapers, death records, cemeteries, and genealogical/historical societies.  Many library web sites have information about local obituaries and newspapers. 

County City or Town/Newspapers/Libraries, Etc. Volunteer
Butler Butler County Genealogy Society - Research Services WebPage
Douglas Obituaries from the Omaha Public Library Nancy M -
Douglas Greater Omaha Genealogical Society obituary index - links at bottom of right column WebPage
Frontier Farnam Cemetery - Online Information WebPage
Gage   Maryann W -
Gage Beatrice Public Library - Beatrice Daily Sun (1902 - present); Beatrice Daily Express (1886 - 1920s); Liberty Journal (1887- 1911) Angie M -
Garden Garden County News 1920 to present. Possible lookups with Garden Co. Genealogy Society Rosalie O -
Hall Grand Island Public Library WebPage
Holt Atkinson/Atkinson Graphic, Saint Joseph Cemetery, Atkinson Cemetery Michael D -
Holt Atkinson Graphic, O'Neill Frontier, O'Neill Independent.  Limit 3-4 lookups per week total. Doris C -
Jefferson   Maryann W -
Keith Keith Co. News(1885-Present), Early Ogallala News(1888-1918), Paxton Times(1892-1965), Brule Citizen(1937-1941) Rosalie O -
Lancaster Nebraska Historical Society of Lincoln, Obit Lookups Le S -
Lincoln North Platte Genealogy Society Obituary Lookups - FEE WebPage
Sarpy Bellevue Leader, Papillion Times, Gretna Breeze, Springfield Monitor (late 1890s present) Kathy M -
Sarpy Obituaries from the Omaha Public Library Nancy M -
*Statewide* Obituary Lookups at the Nebraska Historical Society -
Please provide death date and county - this is REQUIRED
Carman M -

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or for other comments or questions,
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