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Sebastian County, AR
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in
Sebastian County, Arkansas.
Andrews Brookshire, Kenneth01/04/192779Fort Smith, AR06/22/2006
Bartels Battefeld, Georgine 95Fort Smith, AR10/07/2004
Bennett Hutsell, Sharon Sue [ Smith ]07/07/194363Fort Smith, AR11/26/2006
Bonser Rice, Weston Garrett10/08/198518Fort Smith, AR08/25/2004
Bozeman O'Roark, Virgil06/06/191294Fort Smith, AR03/09/2007
Harrison, Charles Franklin "Pat"07/03/195153Fort Chaffee, AR01/11/2005
Hoover Boardman, Mary Kim [ Pickett ]05/13/195250Fort Smith, AR10/24/2002
Johnson, Gregory Dewayne12/16/1955 Fort Smith, AR01/22/2007
Lewis Cook, Diana L. [ Truman ] "Dani"12/08/194360Fort Smith, AR08/22/2004
Lux Werner, Mildred L. [ Berry ]05/12/192082Fort Smith, AR11/04/2002
Materazzi Balbiano, Mary E. [ Gustinucci ] 87Midland, AR08/24/2008
McGee, Robert E. Lee "Bob"06/18/191390Fort Smith, AR02/26/2004
McKinney, Ruby J. [ Calabrese ] 72Hackett, AR02/28/2002
Mince Rucks, Robert Lee08/07/193279Fort Smith, AR01/19/2012
Pendleton, Donald Gene11/10/1943 Fort Smith, AR03/16/2007
Peters, D. Darrell "Arky"08/27/1941 Fort Smith, AR03/08/2004
Pogue Hall, Betty [ Garner ]06/19/193670Fort Smith, AR04/29/2007
Porter Case, George Thomas03/08/192680Hackett, AR11/17/2006
Ray Shreckengaust, Mildred O. [ Bogard ]01/08/192678Fort Smith, AR11/09/2004
Reese, Sarah Jane08/23/192086Fort Smith, AR02/13/2007
Searle Wagner, Edna Louise [ Hand ]05/28/191387Fort Smith, AR01/02/2001
Silence, Michael E.10/22/194364Fort Smith, AR02/17/2008
Skaggs Beals, Tennie c. [ Ratledge ]11/22/196447Fort Smith, AR02/23/2012
Smith, Geneva Pearl [ Martin ]08/25/191983Bloomer, AR07/08/2003
Williams, Doris Jean08/08/193864Fort Smith, AR04/04/2003
Withers King, Emery Harney "Butch"03/12/196244Fort Chaffee, AR12/14/2006
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