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This particular page exists for the purposeof indexing obituaries of individuals born in Willimantic, Connecticut. 
Aldino, Leonard P. 77Willimantic, CT02/09/1999
Anderson Parke, Eugene Atwood11/12/1924 Willimantic, CT02/22/2004
Archambault Lamoureux, Philip Cyril03/31/194459Willimantic, CT06/03/2003
Aubin Marcil, Rose H.06/28/1900102Willimantic, CT08/01/2002
Aubin, Therese [ Cox ]  Willimantic, CT07/06/2005
Axelrod Shurin, Bessie 86Willimantic, CT01/31/2003
Axelrod Shurin, Bessie05/15/191686Willimantic, CT01/31/2003
Ayer Burnham, Eugene Lloyd05/21/1922 Willimantic, CT08/20/2002
Ayer, Eugene L.05/21/1922 Willimantic, CT08/20/2002
Babcock Woodworth, Edwin P.11/21/183685Willimantic, CT10/02/1922
Bass Matoon, Marian Louise [ Hicks ]03/30/191092Willimantic, CT03/26/2003
Belisle Billings, Harold J.03/28/191490Willimantic, CT09/28/2004
Bergeron Beaulieu, Edward Henry11/28/192778Willimantic, CT11/24/2006
Bergeron Loughlin, Ethel Lorraine06/21/191490Willimantic, CT02/02/2005
Bernet Lincoln, Faye H. [ Fitts ]10/06/191886Willimantic, CT08/18/2005
Bernier LaPalm, Helen C. [ Shea ]01/31/190594Willimantic, CT09/06/1999
Briere, Rose T. ( Mrs. )05/22/191884Willimantic, CT07/01/2002
Brindamour Fortier, Germanie L. [ Harris ] 98Willimantic, CT09/03/2004
Brittan Harris, Margaret R. [ Paskavitch ]05/01/191290Willimantic, CT11/30/2002
Brooks Baker, Clifford Arthur 85Willimantic, CT12/27/2006
Brown Dubina, Tracy Dayton04/04/194064Willimantic, CT08/28/2004
Bryant, Elizabeth A. [ Martin ] 82Willimantic, CT07/02/2003
Bunting, Robert B. "Bob" 76Willimantic, CT12/28/2004
Burdick Powe, Zilp;ha Marion [ Booth ]06/16/1920 Willimantic, CT04/07/2004
Caisse Caisse, Paul G.03/28/191987Willimantic, CT02/08/2007
Chaisson McAfee, Gordon Michael06/09/195846Willimantic, CT10/09/2004
Chandler, Donald Martin 67Willimantic, CT08/02/2005
Chappell Faircloth, Frank R.03/20/194357Willimantic, CT04/16/2000
Chesko Mathieu, William J. 59Willimantic, CT10/31/2002
Curol Lach, Eugenia [ Trainor ] 84Willimantic, CT04/21/2002
Cyr, Rita C. [ Tessier ]12/19/193665Willimantic, CT 
Deeb, Peter A.09/16/194260Willimantic, CT04/13/2003
Doiron Morrissette, Helen [ Audette ]09/25/191587Willimantic, CT08/08/2003
Dube Clune, William E. 68Willimantic, CT04/01/2000
Fabian Chism, Richard E.05/18/194359Willimantic, CT07/09/2002
Falat Zaklukiewicz, Mary [ Malinowski ]08/05/191684Willimantic, CT03/31/2001
Fegault Poirier, Roland H. 83Willimantic, CT06/08/2003
Fellows Neff, Wayne A.03/08/195352Willimantic, CT12/30/2005
Fontaine Paree, Raymond J.01/30/1921 Willimantic, CT12/20/2004
Galipeau Giard, Annette Gertrude [ Primeau ]06/03/191091Willimantic, CT10/06/2001
Gannon Brown, David06/21/194359Willimantic, CT10/31/2002
Gaudreau Monte, Dorothy J. [ Barr ]04/23/191887Willimantic, CT01/20/2005
Gauthier Ferris, William Joseph "Bill"10/09/192975Willimantic, CT01/03/2005
Giallombardo Lidestri, Angelo A.10/09/192480Willimantic, CT02/22/2005
Gialluca Lorello, Marie A. [ Buttero ] [ DeLucco ] "Babe" 72Willimantic, CT05/31/2003
Grady Mullen, Josephine A. 85Willimantic, CT10/23/2001
Grant, David Earl11/21/195647Willimantic, CT03/13/2004
Griffin Olin, Evelyn Louise [ Latham ]07/02/193765Willimantic, CT06/12/2003
Guzman Rosado, Gladys Iris06/30/197034Willimantic, CT09/28/2004
Haddad Gibran, Nedda [ Touma ]04/30/1932 Willimantic, CT09/07/2005
Haddad Haddad, Paul11/01/193565Willimantic, CT07/31/2001
Haggerty Vandenhole, Robert Joseph07/06/192782Willimantic, CT12/25/2009
Hall Lewis, Brian Gregory09/24/197328Willimantic, CT09/24/1973
Hanson Munsel, Patricia E. [ Coderre ]06/26/194069Willimantic, CT07/21/2009
Herbert Moore, Doris B. [ Bourey ]12/05/191882Willimantic, CT03/24/2001
Herrick Chasse, Russell R.12/05/191786Willimantic, CT02/28/2004
Herrick, Roderick E. "Pete"09/11/191982Willimantic, CT06/06/2002
Hevrin Sullivan, Ruth M.05/09/190993Willimantic, CT03/21/2003
Huguley Ford, Sonia Lynette [ Huddleston ] 33Willimantic, CT05/29/2002
Ives Gobin, George A.02/20/194657Willimantic, CT04/06/2003
Ives Gobin, Irene R. [ Flaherty ]03/06/193567Willimantic, CT08/22/2002
Jensen Romanik, Peter H.02/05/195153Willimantic, CT10/01/2004
Johnson Nelson, Helen J. [ Battey ]05/25/1899102Willimantic, CT10/13/2001
Jones Tapley, Carolyn J. [ Stocking ]02/08/192774Willimantic, CT01/04/2002
Jordan Pierson, Elizabeth P.12/26/191690Willimantic, CT02/25/2007
Kasperkiewicz, Helen Catherine [ LaCroix ]07/23/192187Willimantic, CT03/28/2008
Kelley King, Annalise Rose07/09/19973Willimantic, CT03/30/2001
Kelley McGraff, Pauline R. [ Parkhurst ] [ Gulowsen ]11/01/1933 Willimantic, CT06/15/2005
Kilburn, Alice J. [ Abel ] "Nana"06/05/191587Willimantic, CT07/02/2002
Kogut, Katherine [ Sawyer ]02/20/191093Willimantic, CT04/13/2003
Kuchta, Josephine [ Niemiro ] 88Willimantic, CT11/11/2001
Laboy Kusmierczak, Helen R. [ Waitkevicz ]11/27/191982Willimantic, CT03/08/2002
Lamie Cumming, Paul Douglas11/25/195649Willimantic, CT04/15/2006
Lamirande Dansereau, Joseph A.04/19/191685Willimantic, CT10/01/2001
Lavigne, Ddoris [ Anderson ]  Willimantic, CT10/26/1999
Ledoux Rioux, Mary Alice [ Brooks ]08/31/191586Willimantic, CT12/11/2001
Lemire Richards, Steven Jon05/09/196931Willimantic, CT06/03/2000
Lincoln Rose, Melvin E. 96Willimantic, CT10/31/2004
Lisee Martin, Bertha L. [ Littlehale ] 78Willimantic, CT03/27/2004
Lombardo Longo, Josephine [ Boroski ]05/15/191090Willimantic, CT12/22/2000
Loucks Roberts, Marilyn Barhydt "Lyn" 61Willimantic, CT12/29/2005
Loucks Roberts, Marilyn Barhydt "Lyn" 64Willimantic, CT12/29/2005
Lucas Romanoff, John H.02/07/191195Willimantic, CT06/15/2006
Maheu Greenwood, Lillian M. [ Cote ]05/25/191985Willimantic, CT04/10/2005
Makara Rozmus, Walter09/03/192674Willimantic, CT03/23/2001
Maltempo Pompei, Samuel Salvatore08/03/191884Willimantic, CT03/06/2003
Manning Tompkins, Thomas A.10/04/195249Willimantic, CT08/29/2002
Marcoux, John Ulric03/25/191092Willimantic, CT04/27/2002
Marrotte Cloutier, Albert E.06/27/191685Willimantic, CT04/09/2002
Marrotte Gaudreau, Agnes M. [ Chidester ]06/13/191584Willimantic, CT11/10/1999
Marrotte Moran, Marylee [ Mainville ]05/08/194855Willimantic, CT06/23/2003
Marrotte, Thomas A.07/28/195051Willimantic, CT07/28/1950
Maynard Peck, Marion Helen [ Campbell ]10/19/191386Willimantic, CT02/21/2000
Mazzola Boutin, James M.10/11/196040Willimantic, CT12/25/2000
McDaniels Marvonek, Jeanette A. [ Lee ]09/11/193170Willimantic, CT08/05/2002
McNamee Walter, Thomas A.02/14/194855Willimantic, CT09/02/2003
McVeigh Duclos, James F. 60Willimantic, CT08/20/2002
Moffitt, Geraldine P. [ Parks ]01/25/193368Willimantic, CT12/08/2001
Moran Conway, Edward F. "Red"04/19/192184Willimantic, CT03/03/2006
Morin Bulger, Gladys [ Topelius ]01/08/191683Willimantic, CT05/25/1999
Morris, Christopher "Chris" 84Willimantic, CT10/20/2001
Moseley, Robin Lee12/22/196039Willimantic, CT01/31/2000
Mullaney Costello, John T.10/09/194852Willimantic, CT09/12/2000
Musial, Helen Irene [ Bednarz ]01/10/1915 Willimantic, CT12/04/2005
Nahas, Elizabeth [ Talge ]08/08/191586Willimantic, CT12/28/2001
Nasinka Kolbekie, Anne N. [ Ptak ]03/07/192377Willimantic, CT03/22/2000
Noel Anthony, Harriet May [ Lucas ]01/29/192479Willimantic, CT01/26/2004
Nowak Hudyka, Teofila [ Kennison ]01/26/192084Willimantic, CT08/14/2004
Obara Nowak, Leona [ Bodurtha ]03/20/191386Willimantic, CT08/07/1999
Ouellette Nasin, John D.10/01/196637Willimantic, CT06/10/2004
Ouellette, Joseph E. "Joe O"02/22/193762Willimantic, CT02/16/2000
Peterson Gummnia, Rose A. [ Harrigan ] 94Willimantic, CT01/13/2003
Piechta Keiss, John E.03/22/192775Willimantic, CT12/04/2002
Plante Dumais, Roger L.03/23/192187Willimantic, CT10/30/2008
Plesz, Edward B.05/22/191983Willimantic, CT10/16/2002
Plourde Tremko, Lynette R. 39Willimantic, CT03/24/2004
Pointek Szalankievicz, Anna [ Willis ] 91Willimantic, CT01/16/2005
Potter, Robert A. 52Willimantic, CT02/18/1999
Quey Laurentina, Ernestine A. [ Mitchell ] 67Willimantic, CT10/03/1999
Rijs Sklarski, Eugene F.07/25/193073Willimantic, CT10/04/2003
Rivard, Rose A. [ Young ] 82Willimantic, CT07/20/2002
Rivers Hilton, Mildred A. [ McDermott ]03/19/191885Willimantic, CT05/15/2003
Robinson Clarke, Harriet [ Lyman ]03/31/191792Willimantic, CT07/23/2009
Rogoff, Bernice T. ( Mrs. ) "Bill" 70Willimantic, CT09/28/2001
Rogoff, Bernice Theresa ( Mrs. ) 70Willimantic, CT09/28/2001
Rogoff, Bernice Theresa ( Mrs. )09/07/193170Willimantic, CT09/28/2001
Rood Brown, Gladys E. [ Bray ] 95Willimantic, CT10/29/2002
Ryan Worden, James Henry10/12/191588Willimantic, CT01/17/2004
Sadeski Duda, Joan A. [ Ouellet ]11/26/193171Willimantic, CT06/09/2003
Samuels, Eva Mae [ Merrill ]02/17/194160Willimantic, CT12/05/2001
Schenck, Germaine Aline [ Masnicki ]10/13/191388Willimantic, CT12/27/2001
Schulz, Bernadette S. [ Risley ] 93Willimantic, CT09/28/2004
Shashok Postemski, Raymond George07/22/194753Willimantic, CT12/20/2000
Shashok Postemski, Timothy Michael05/23/194653Willimantic, CT08/29/1999
Sikorsky Belitzky, Anne M.03/09/191884Willimantic, CT07/27/2002
Sloat Bugbee, Barry F.05/06/194453Willimantic, CT11/09/1997
Solenski Chaslak, Joseph 84Willimantic, CT11/26/2001
Stearns MacLauchlan, John R.01/16/195349Willimantic, CT05/28/2002
Stearns Sochier, Alice-Mae Ruth [ Nelson ]02/01/193960Willimantic, CT06/20/1999
Stebner Zahn, Arthur08/04/192080Willimantic, CT03/20/2001
Stewart Yacker, Pamela [ Cleary ]10/01/194659Willimantic, CT03/27/2006
Stone, Pamela J. ( Mrs. )04/13/195644Willimantic, CT03/26/2001
Stygar Delorme, Terri Marie [ Lewis ]01/09/195945Willimantic, CT12/31/2004
Sullivan Founier, Claire [ Chapman ]05/12/191985Willimantic, CT09/14/2004
Sypher Carli, John Irving03/20/195052Willimantic, CT11/08/2002
Syzdek Niemiec, Ann F. [ Kansek ]09/14/191288Willimantic, CT01/18/2001
Tellier Beaulieu, Marcel J. "Joe"02/15/192674Willimantic, CT07/04/2000
Ternullo Campo, Jennie [ Melo ]03/06/192279Willimantic, CT01/13/2002
Tew Bentley, Martha L. [ Lester ]12/03/191487Willimantic, CT07/08/2002
Therriault Bushey, Joyce Ann [ Miner ]06/20/194758Willimantic, CT10/10/2005
Thompson Chasse, Everett E.06/11/192673Willimantic, CT01/01/2000
Tompkins Light, Lucia [ Lundy ]07/11/192278Willimantic, CT08/30/2000
Trahan Burski, Lee C.07/08/198218Willimantic, CT05/30/2001
Truska, Rayann [ Seidman ] 53Willimantic, CT01/01/2003
Vertefeuille Whitehouse, Charles "Chuck"09/20/194753Willimantic, CT03/28/2001
White Hopkins, Grace E. [ Hebert ]03/25/192874Willimantic, CT07/03/2002
White, Robert C. 84Willimantic, CT08/02/2002
Whitney Sage, Richard A. "Dick" 58Willimantic, CT07/31/2002
Wojick Lambert, Mary Joseph12/21/194458Willimantic, CT03/17/2003
Wood O'Connell, John T.07/17/192976Willimantic, CT04/16/2006
Zanowiak Chupick, Mary [ Tilki ]11/12/191290Willimantic, CT04/10/2003

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